Clarke: How can you forgive me?
Wells: This is already done.
— Clarke and Wells' reconciliation [src]

Clarke and Wells is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Wells Jaha. They are portrayed by cast members Eliza Taylor and Eli Goree.

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Clarke and Wells' relationship started out on The Ark, where they had been friends for years. However Clarke hated Wells after he allegedly gave out her father's secret, getting him executed. Eventually, Clarke and Wells were both arrested for committing crimes and were a part of The 100. At first, their relationship is bumpy, with Clarke trying to brush Wells off. However, after she discovers it was actually her mother who got her dad killed, Clarke forgives Wells. When Wells is killed shortly after, Clarke mourns her friend and tries her best to figure out who killed him.

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In Pilot, Clarke is very angry at Wells for joining The 100 on their mission. Clarke tells him he hates him and wants nothing to do with him. When they arrive on the ground Clarke tells Wells that he should not have come down. While on the ground John Murphy attacks Wells due to being the Chancellor's son. Clarke helps him on his feet after the fight ends, and tells him she can't and won't take Wells on their expedition to attain food from Mount Weather.

In Earth Skills, Wells, Clarke, Bellamy, Finn and Murphy go on a mission to find Jasper Jordan, who was speared and captured by Grounders. While on the journey Wells takes Bellamy's advice and tries to prove to Clarke that he can be a good man, by saving the group when a Panther tries to attack the group when saving Jasper.

In Earth Kills, flashbacks reveal Clarke and Wells past on The Ark. Wells is shown hanging out with Clarke and their fathers as they watch a pre-war football game on an old T.V. Later when Clarke and Wells are playing chess together, Clarke confesses to Wells that her father is going to tell everyone about the oxygen shortage on The Ark. Afterwards Wells can be seen at Clarke's father's execution, causing Clarke to hate Wells.

In the present, Clarke, Finn, and Wells go out on a mission to find supplies. While out they see a mysterious Fog, which appears to be very dangerous. The three run off and find a car buried in the ground, and the group jumps into it to take shelter from the fog. While in the car Clarke drinks rum, causing her to get drunk. Wells tries to make her happy, but Clarke only brushes him off telling him that she still hates him. Afterward, Finn tells Clarke that Wells is a nice guy, and questions whether or not he was the only one who knew of her father's secret. Clarke soon realizes it was her mother, and walks up to Wells at night who was digging a grave to those who were caught by the fog. Clarke hugs Wells and tells him that she forgives him.

The next day, Charlotte, a little girl walks up to Wells and when no one notices, she stabs him in the neck and cuts off two of his fingers in defense, watching Wells die a slow painful death in order to "slay her demons".

In Murphy's Law, Clarke can be seen mourning Wells grave. Clarke looks upon it in sadness and tries to avenge him by desperately trying to figure out who is responsible.

In Contents Under Pressure, Clarke informs Thelonious Jaha that Wells is dead and which she is visibly still upset about.

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Wells: "You remember that time-"
Clarke: "Remember that time you betrayed me and got my father executed? Yeah, I remember."
-- Pilot

Clarke: "You can't tell your dad I told you. You can't tell anyone."
Wells: "Your secret's safe with me. I promise."
Wells: "I wanted to-"
Clarke: "-to protect me. So you let me hate you."
Wells: "What are friends for?"
Clarke: "How can you forgive me?"
Wells: "This is already done."
-- Earth Kills

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  • Wells told Clarke that he loved her. It is unknown whether or not Wells actually loved Clarke in a romantic way, or just loved her as a friend.
  • Before Wells was killed, Clarke forgave him in Earth Kills.
  • Wells was murdered by Charlotte, ending their relationship.
  • In the Original Pilot Script, Wells and Clarke had been in a relationship that ended before the start of the show.

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