Clarke: Hey, Raven? I'd pick you first.

Raven: Of course you would. I'm awesome.

We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Clarke and Raven is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Raven Reyes. They are portrayed by cast members Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan, and début in the fifth episode of Season One.

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The two first meet in Twilight's Last Gleaming when Raven's pod crash-lands near the camp. Raven seems to admire Clarke, mostly because of her mother. However, later Raven discovers about Clarke and Finn's relationship and becomes cold towards Clarke. It is understandable to say that they were both stuck in a love triangle with Finn. In the second season, they seem to grow closer until Clarke mercy-kills Finn. They are able to repair their friendship after Finn's death and they truly care about each other.

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In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke and Raven meet when Raven crash-lands her pod near where the Delinquents have their camp. Raven takes a liking to Clarke immediately, mostly because of Clarke's mom, Abby. Clarke sees Finn, the guy who she likes, kiss Raven and claim they have known each other their whole lives and are dating, which makes Clarke jealous and upset. However, she helps Raven apply pressure to the head wound she got when her pod crashed. Clarke later breaks up an argument between Raven and Bellamy. She also helps Raven send signal flares up to the Ark, hoping that the citizens of the Ark will see them and know that Earth is survivable.

In His Sister's Keeper, they learn that the signal flares fail to reach the Ark when the ashes of the 320 Ark citizens return to the ground. Clarke assists Raven in finding parts to fix the damaged radio from her pod ship so that they can talk to the Ark. Later, Raven finds out about Clarke and Finn's relationship and is hurt and upset by it.

In Contents Under Pressure, Raven talks to Clarke's mom by using the radio she fixed in order to assist Clarke with Finn surgery after he was stabbed with a poisoned knife. She also helps Clarke and Bellamy torture a Grounder in order to get the antidote to the poison that was on the knife blade Finn was stabbed with.

In Day Trip, Raven promises Clarke that she will watch over Finn while she goes to look for supplies for the upcoming winter with Bellamy.

In Unity Day, Raven gets jealous when she finds out that Finn is with Clarke and she gets even more jealous when Finn holds Clarke's hand before the peace meeting. Raven is upset at Finn for telling Clarke about the peace meeting with the Grounders but not telling her.

In I Am Become Death, Clarke helps Raven when she is sick. Raven gets jealous when she sees Finn catch Clarke when she falls. Raven breaks up with Finn, believing that he loves Clarke more than he does her.

In The Calm, Raven seems slightly hurt when John Murphy tells her that Finn and Clarke went on a hunting trip together. However, later she expresses concern when Monty tells her that Clarke and Finn were with another guy, Myles, and none of them came back.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Raven insists on searching for Finn and Clarke; however, Bellamy doesn't allow it since the Grounders are coming.

We Are Grounders (Part 2), Clarke stops Raven's gunshot wound from bleeding. Raven and Clarke work together in order to create an explosion by using rocket fuel in order to win the war against the Grounders.

In The 48, after Clarke is reunited with most of the Delinquents in Mount Weather, she asks if anyone has seen Raven after the explosion that took place in the finale. Once the others tell Clarke that they haven't seen her since then, Clarke is saddened.

In Human Trials, Clarke returns to Camp Jaha and when she sees Raven she hugs her. Clarke is also saddened when she notices Raven's leg.

In Fog of War, Raven tells Clarke that Mount Weather and jamming their communications. They go on a mission with Finn, Bellamy, Abby, Sgt. Scott and two other Camp Jaha Guards to blow the tower. However, Clarke and Finn are separated from the group. Raven soon realizes that they can listen in on Mount Weather, something they won't be able to do if they blow the tower and in order to convince Abby of this she says "[she knows] what Clarke would do."

In Spacewalker, they work together to protect Finn before he turns himself in. When Clarke goes to Lexa to beg for her to spare Finn's life Raven hands her a knife and says if Lexa refuses Clarke should kill her. However, Clarke uses the knife to mercy kill Finn, devastating Raven.

In Remember Me, after Raven's suspected of trying to poison Lexa, Clarke goes to confront her by telling her that "if [she] tried to poison [Lexa], [she] needed to know". Raven, still saddened by Finn's death punches Clarke in the face and says to Clarke with disgust: "You're the only murderer here."

In Rubicon, Clarke asks Raven on her progress with the tone generators which Raven responds that "[tone generators] don't grow on trees" and she's working as fast as she can. Seeing that Clarke is clearly anxious and stressed, however, Raven hugs her and their relationship is seen to be improving.

In Nevermore, Raven who is being controlled by A.L.I.E. is used against Clarke blaming her for all the deaths of those she cared about including Wells, Finn, Lexa and her father. Clarke is furious and accidentally reveals to Raven that they intend on frying ALIE to free Raven.

In Demons, Raven, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, and Sinclair return to Arkadia in order to retrieve Lincoln's journal which contains information about Luna. Later, when Emerson puts Raven and the others in the airlocks and forces Clarke to watch them suffocate, Clarke puts the flame in his neck killing him and saving her friends. At the end of the episode, when Clarke, Bellamy, Jasper, and Octavia depart while Raven, Monty, Harper, and Miller stay behind, Raven hugs Clarke goodbye.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper return to Arkadia with Roan. Since they failed to convince Luna to take the flame, Clarke has a new idea, put the flame in Ontari. Raven hands her to EMP and she leaves with Bellamy, Octavia, Miller and Roan for Polis.

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  • Raven admires Clarke's mom, Abby, causing her take an immediate liking to Clarke.
  • Raven and Clarke were very hurt when Finn lied to them, about the other.
  • Their relationship is built on mutual respect.
  • Clarke says that she would "pick Raven first" if she needed help with something.
  • They share the first love triangle of the series. However, Clarke immediately stops her relationship with Finn once she finds out about Raven.
  • Clarke and Raven don't have much interaction, conversation, or eye to eye in season 4, except in Heavy Lies the Crown, where Raven tries to tell Clarke that she should warn everyone in Arkadia about Second Nuclear Apocalypse. In The Chosen, Clarke was willing to go to Becca's Island to rescue Raven.
  • Raven seemed hurt when she had to launch the rocket. She had to leave Clarke behind, as she went to The Ark along with a few others.
  • Season Four is only season that Clarke and Raven didn't kill or indirectly kill anyone.
  • Their friendship began to be strain when Clarke betrayed Raven and her friends in Season Five, having Raven show her hatred towards Clarke, accusing her and not forgiving her in Season Six but Clarke accept the blaming from Raven, due to her devastating remorse that caused her to become guilt-ridden. In The Blood of Sanctum, their friendship is able to be rebuild after Clarke hugs and thanks Raven for saving Madi, Raven then apologizes about her mother’s death.

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