Monty: I know you think people will freak out, but if you just tell everyone the truth, maybe they'll surprise you.

Clarke: Monty, it's too risky.
Monty: Jasper was right. You're not God.

A Lie Guarded

Clarke and Monty is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Monty Green. They are portrayed by starring cast members Eliza Taylor and Christopher Larkin.

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Clarke and Monty have been close friends since Pilot, they were shown deeply care about each other, even when Clarke looked upset when she found out that Monty is missing in We Are Grounders (Part 1), and Monty seemed upset when Clarke was not going to The Ark with rest of Spacekru in Praimfaya .

These two almost never disagree with each other until after they reunited in Season 5 where Monty doesn’t like the way Clarke’s plan to stop the war.

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  • The only time they disagree with each other is in A Lie Guarded, where Monty find out that he, Jasper, and Harper are not on Clarke's list to survive. Monty tried to encourage Clarke to tell everyone in Arkadia the truth about Clarke's list and tell them that only 100 people can survive in ship, but Clarke refused to do it, so Monty had to tell everyone himself before Clarke could stop him.
  • In Eden during the six years, Clarke found Jasper’s letter to Monty, but she didn’t finish reading, so she decided to give it to Monty in Acceptable Losses.

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