"I don't want us to survive, Clarke. I want us to live."
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Clarke and Jasper is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Jasper Jordan. They are portrayed by starring cast members Eliza Taylor and Devon Bostick, and début in the first episode of Season One.

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Clarke and Jasper mostly interacted in Season One. In the Earth Skills, after Jasper was speared in the chest, Clarke cared for him and treated his wounds till he got better.

Later on, in Season Two, Jasper falls in love with Maya Vie. However, in order to save the Sky People from Mount Weather, Clarke is forced to irradiate level 5, killing Maya. Jasper hated Clarke and wasn't ready to forgive her.

By the end of Season Three, it was implied that Jasper finally forgave her when he was apologetic to Monty for blaming him and Clarke and that he was done blaming. However, he was chipped at the time. So whether he meant this is unclear.

In Season Four, despite most of the conversations between the two were them having disagreements with each other, Jasper's anger towards Clarke for Maya's death seemed to be completely gone.

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In Earth Kills, in the drop ship, Clarke is checking Jasper's pulse after he was speared by Grounders. She tells Monty to keep an eye on Jasper while she goes to get him some water.

Later, in the drop ship, Clarke is inspecting Jasper's wound and realizes the Grounders saved his life by cauterizing the wound. She notices that the wound is infected and worries that he might be septic and tells Wells to hold Jasper down. Just then, Jasper's cries turn to screams as Clarke tries to cut away Jasper's infected flesh. Bellamy arrives and tells Clarke she cannot save Jasper's life and his screams are making people uncomfortable. Clarke tells Bellamy that this is not the Ark and down here every life matters. Bellamy calls Jasper a "lost cause" and tells Clarke if Jasper is not better by tomorrow, he will kill Jasper.

Bellamy tells Octavia to leave with him but she refuses. Finn tells Clarke that Bellamy happens to be right. Clarke tells Finn that he and Bellamy are wrong and that Jasper is not a lost cause. She takes apart the poultice the Grounders had used on Jasper and Wells recognizes the red plant as seaweed.

In The 48, Monty and Jasper are enjoying their food when Clarke comes in. She says it's weird that they gave them a map without any exits. She also refuses to eat their food. They dismiss her as being paranoid. Jasper goes to talk to Maya and Clarke also comes over and apologizes to Maya before leaving.

Maya realizes that Clarke had stolen her access card and she and Jasper start to chase after Clarke. An alarm goes off and Clarke sees guards running towards her. She runs and makes her way through a restricted area, locking a door behind her and breaking the lock. She finds herself at a set of stairs leading up. Once she gets to the top, she finds a massive, sealed door. She figures out how to unlock the door and is about to pull the lever that will open the door when Jasper and Maya appear and beg her not to open it. If she does, then all the Mountain Men will die from radiation exposure.

Maya even goes so far as to get a gun out and is prepared to kill Clarke if she opens the door. Jasper pleads with her, telling her that she saved lives when she pulled the lever that fired the rockets and to not make a mistake by pulling this lever now. Clarke allows herself to be taken into custody.

In Inclement Weather, the Delinquents are having a good time in Mount Weather and Jasper tells Clarke he likes it there. Miller returns from medical and joins the rest of the Delinquents in their dorm on Level 5. Jasper and Maya Vie begin to flirt with each other when an alarm goes off and Maya tells Clarke it is for someone needing medical attention. Clarke and Jasper follow Maya to medical where people are donning protective gear. Clarke snatches a key card and runs out, saying it is not dangerous for her.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Clarke reaches for the lever and Bellamy places his hand on top of hers, saying, "together," and they pull the lever. Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty then walk through the Mess Hall and past all of the deceased residents of Mount Weather. They walk past Jasper with a dead Maya in his arms, he looks at Clarke in utter disbelief.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Jasper is visiting Abby in medical who claims to understand him. Abby tells Jasper she doesn't want him to end up like Finn before Jasper comments "and your daughter killed him too."

In Watch the Thrones, Jasper steals Finn's ashes from Abby. When Monty confronts him and tells him Abby likely still had the ashes to give to Clarke, Jasper remarks "screw Clarke," showing his continuing anger. After a talk with Monty, he agrees to give them back to Abby, however, he drops them and spills them over the Camp

As Jasper was running from the "chipped" Arkadians with Raven in Fallen, he is accompanied by Clarke when he finds her by surprise.

In Nevermore, Jasper argues with Clarke about Maya's death showing his great hatred towards Clarke and how he doesn't forgive her, even after three months.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Jasper is listing all the Delinquents who have died and blames Clarke for many of them showing even when he is chipped, he still is upset by Clarke's actions

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  • Even though both Clarke and Bellamy pulled the lever that killed Maya and Monty enabled them to use it, Jasper doesn't argue with Bellamy but despises Clarke and blames Monty. The only time Jasper showed a little bit of his anger against Bellamy was when he gently slapped him in the face in the Pilot of Season 3.

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