Clarke: I love you, too.

Finn: I'm scared.
Clarke: You're going to be okay. You're okay.
Finn: Thanks, Princess.


Clarke and Finn is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Finn Collins. They are portrayed by starring cast members Eliza Taylor and Thomas McDonell, and début in the first episode of Season One.


Their romantic relationship started in the fourth episode of Season One. It ended in the fifth episode of season one, due to Finn's girlfriend coming to Earth. However, they began growing back together at the end of season one and first half of Season Two (They had romantic feelings for one another). Their relationship officially ended in the eighth episode of season two, due to Clarke mercy-killing Finn.

Throughout the Series


Notes and Trivia

  • Finn Collins and Clarke Griffin first met in Pilot.
  • Finn is first to nickname Clarke "Princess" in the series. However, it is Bellamy Blake that comes up with the nickname in the books.
  • Clarke and Finn kiss for the first time in Murphy's Law. Clarke and Finn kiss for the final time in Spacewalker.
  • They sleep together for the first time in Murphy's Law. The next morning, Clarke learns that Finn has a girlfriend.
  • Clarke saves Finn's life once when she performs surgery on him by removing a poisoned knife from his side in Contents Under Pressure.
  • Finn saves Clarke's life twice. Once when he helped lead her away from the bridge in Unity Day after the Grounders and Delinquents begin to fight at the bridge. The second time was when he killed a Reaper that tried to kill her in We Are Grounders (Part 1).
  • Finn confessed his love for Clarke, but she rejected him because he broke her heart in We Are Grounders (Part 1).
    • Finn confessed his love for Clarke a second time in Spacewalker.
  • Finn became mentally unstable (suffering from symptoms of PTSD) when he believes the Grounders have already killed Clarke, killing 18 Grounders in Human Trials.
    • His dark path scared Clarke.
  • Clarke confesses her love for Finn and mercy-kills him, stopping the painful death the Grounders had planned for him in Spacewalker.
    • Finn is Clarke's first love and in Clarke's mind, she has killed her one true love. [1]
  • Finn is the second character and second Delinquent Clarke has mercy-killed. The first one being Atom.
  • Clarke suffered from the guilt of killing Finn, leading her to hallucinate him multiple times.
  • After sharing a kiss with Lexa, Clarke claimed to not be ready for another relationship. The cause of this is most likely Finn's recent death.


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