Anya: I told you there is no "we".

Clarke: I saved your life.


Clarke and Anya is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Anya. They are portrayed by cast members Eliza Taylor and Dichen Lachman, and début in the ninth episode of Season One.

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The two first meet in "Unity Day", where they discuss peace between their people. Anya has a negative view of Clarke and treats her harshly. However, even though Clarke isn't fond of Anya, she still tries her best to respect her and be kind to her. When they first meet, Clarke wants peace between the 100 and the Grounders but Anya refuses on the grounds that the 100 had already committed acts of war upon the grounders. The attempt at peace is ruined when Jasper misinterprets the Grounders' actions as a threat and shoots at Grounders in the trees, ruining Clarke's attempt to negotiate.

Learning of Clarke's previous efforts to heal others, Anya captures Clarke and Finn to try and force them to heal Tris, one of her warriors who was injured in the bridge's destruction, but Clarke's failure angers her further. Although Lincoln saves Clarke from being executed by Anya, Anya continues to pursue her vendetta against Clarke.

Despite Anya's anger at her, when Clarke learned that Anya was being held captive in Mount Weather by the Mountain Men, she risked her own life to release Anya in the hope of negotiating a new alliance with the grounders against the greater threat of Mount Weather. Anya initially took Clarke hostage to deliver back to her tribe as a prize but began to respect Clarke's abilities after Clarke revealed that Anya had been planted with a tracker and managed to take her by surprise in a fight. Unfortunately, their brief peace never had the chance to develop further after Anya was shot by Ark guards, Clarke later referring to Anya as the only grounder who might have been willing to listen to them.

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In Unity Day, The two meet on the bridge to discuss peace between the Grounders and Delinquents. For the eternity of the meeting, Anya harshly accuses of Clarke and the other Delinquents of starting a war that they don't know how to finish. Just when the peace meeting seems like it's coming to a head, some of the Delinquents begin to shoot at Anya's unit members. Anya quickly leaves with a couple other unit members, and the peace meeting fails.

In The Calm, Anya captures Clarke and Finn. She demands Clarke saves Tris, and if she fails, Finn will die. Anya blames Clarke for Tris' injuries because it was her people who put the bomb on the bridge (see "I Am Become Death"). Anya is upset when Clarke fails to save Tris and orders Finn to be killed.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Anya captures a runaway, Clarke, after she accidentally steps into a trip wire. Anya takes Clarke prisoner and later orders a fellow Grounder to have her killed. Anya is enraged when she finds out Clarke isn't dead because Lincoln saves her.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), in the dropship, Anya attempts to kill the other Delinquents, even after Clarke told her she couldn't win. The other Delinquents almost kill Anya, but Clarke stops them. Clarke takes Anya as a prisoner instead.

In Inclement Weather, Clarke is shocked to see Anya among the Grounders locked up in Mount Weather to be drained of their blood.

In Reapercussions, Clarke helps Anya escape Mount Weather's Harvest Chamber. However, Anya doesn't seem to appreciate Clarke's help very much when the pair escape the Reaper tunnels together. They both jump off of a cliff into water to avoid being captured by the Mountain Men. Clarke is pulled to shore by Anya, who then hits her on the head with a rock, claiming that Clarke killed 300 of her warriors and that she can't go back to her camp without Clarke as a prize.

In Many Happy Returns, Anya continues to force Clarke, who is now her prisoner, to go back to her clan's camp. The Mountain Men interfere with this by tracking down the pair through the woods. Clarke tells Anya that the tracker needs to be removed from her arm so the Mountain Men will stop following them. Anya removes it after picking up a big rock and getting ready to kill Clarke, believing that the Mountain Men were after them because Clarke couldn't walk in the woods properly. Clarke turns the tables on Anya and takes her prisoner by drugging her with one of the sedative darts the Mountain Men shot into a nearby tree. When Clarke drags Anya back to Camp, she manages to get her hands untied and begins to fight with Clarke. Clarke manages to best her and Anya congratulates her saying that she fought well. Before Clarke has the chance to kill Anya, she sees a signal balloon in the air from Camp Jaha. She begins walking towards the new camp with Anya. Clarke releases Anya as she promises to get the Commander to team up with the Ark citizens to take down Mount Weather. However, a guard from Camp Jaha begins shooting at Clarke and Anya. As Anya is dying from being hit by a bullet, she claims to Clarke, who is trying to stop her wound from bleeding, that her fight is over, and then dies.


Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Clarke and Anya is the third Grounder/Delinquent relationship.
  • Anya blames Clarke for Tris' death and the war between the Grounders and Delinquents.
  • Anya has threatened, tried to, and ordered others to kill Clarke countless times throughout the series.
  • Despite Anya's attitude towards Clarke, Clarke seems to respect Anya and recognize that she could have potentially agreed to peace if circumstances had not been working against them.
  • Clarke has saved Anya's life twice.
  • Anya has saved Clarke's life once.
    • She saved Clarke by attacking the Mountain Men, who tried to take her to the Harvest Chamber in Reapercussions.

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