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I bear it, so they don't have to.
Clarke Griffin [src]

Clarke Griffin is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. She is portrayed by starring cast member Eliza Taylor and debuts in the series premiere.

Clarke was part of the 100, a group of juvenile delinquents from the Ark who were sent to Earth. Prior to being locked up, Clarke was a medical apprentice, following in her mom's footsteps, and used those skills to serve as the medic on the ground. After several deaths on the ground, Clarke became a co-leader alongside Bellamy Blake. While in charge, she tried to negotiate a peace treaty with Anya and helped lead the defense against the army of Grounders attacking their camp.

After successfully defending the camp, Clarke and 47 other delinquents were taken by the Mountain Men. She escaped Mount Weather and found her way to Camp Jaha, the new settlement set up by The Ark. Clarke helped create an alliance with the Grounder Coalition, led by Commander Lexa, to fight the Mountain Men. However, the Grounders broke the alliance, forcing Clarke and Bellamy to irradiate Mount Weather. Unable to come to terms with what they did, Clarke sets off on her own.

Among the Grounders, Clarke's reputation spread, eventually gaining her the moniker of Wanheda, the Commander of Death. Three months later, she was captured and brought to Polis, where she became the Sky People's Ambassador. After the death of Lexa, Ontari became the Commander by ruse. Clarke escaped Polis, and began looking for Luna with several others. They found Luna's clan, but she refused to become the Commander. Meanwhile, A.L.I.E. had taken over Arkadia and Polis. To stop A.L.I.E., Clarke entered the City of Light and pulled A.L.I.E.'s kill switch, but not before learning that the nuclear power plants were melting down.

Following A.L.I.E's defeat, Clarke warned everyone about the impending nuclear apocalypse, as she began to prepare for the survival of the human race. On Becca's Island, Clarke and company tried to create a Nightblood serum which was revealed to give immunity to radiation. To test for the serum's success, they performed trials on subjects by exposing them to radiation, but when Emori was forced to be a subject, Clarke injected herself with Nightblood to carry out the experiment personally. After escaping to the Second Dawn Bunker, Clarke and others left to bring Raven back from the island, but ended up running out of time. Their group decided to use a rocket to go to space. Unfortunately, Clarke was left behind in order to save her friends and suffered from severe radiation poisoning. However, she survived due to her Nightblood. For six years, Clarke lived in the valley with another young Nightblood, named Madi, whom she cared for.

Clarke and Madi were living happily together in the valley when a prison transport ship landed there. It became clear that they were hostile and Clarke was taken prisoner before being rescued by Spacekru. After the bunker is opened, Clarke spent most of season five trying to protect Madi and stop her from becoming Commander, since that would put her in danger. Clarke betrays Spacekru, Wonkru, and eventually the Eligius Prisoners as well, all to keep Madi safe. At the end of the season, Clarke finally allows Madi to fulfill her destiny of becoming Commander and leading Wonkru to victory over the prisoners. When Paxton McCreary realized he had lost, he sent a bomb containing Hythylodium to destroy the valley. Clarke killed him and joined the remaining survivors as they took off to safety aboard Eligius IV. She made amends with her friends and went into cryosleep with the others. She and Bellamy were awoken by Jordan Green 125 years later while Eligius IV hovered around the habitable moon, known as Sanctum.

Clarke went down with the others in a group to explore Sanctum. Meanwhile, some of Clarke's friends, including Raven, were still angry with Clarke for her previous betrayal. Later, they explored the settlement on Sanctum. She talked with Russell Lightbourne about staying. Soon after Russell found out that she's a Nightblood, he put Josephine Lightbourne's Mind Drive into Clarke. However, while Josephine had control over her body, Clarke's mind continued to exist thanks to her experiences with A.L.I.E. As she wrestled for control of her body, Clarke faced her demons and reflected on her past actions that had broke her. Josephine later relinquished control to Clarke out of self-preservation, but Clarke continued her quest to get rid of Josephine for good. Though the two briefly worked together, Clarke ultimately killed Josephine when she proved impossible to remove from Clarke's body. Clarke subsequently led the effort to defeat the Primes and succeeded, but ended up losing her mother in the process.

With the Primes defeated, Clarke reconciled with her friends and briefly became the de facto leader of Wonkru, trying to keep the peace among the different groups in Sanctum. Following the news of her missing friends, Clarke led a group to rescue them and encountered the Disciples. After arriving in Bardo, Clarke discovered that the Disciples believe she still bears the Flame which they need to start a "war". Clarke refused to help them but was too late to stop Bill Cadogan, though the "war" turned out to be the Judge's test.

When the human race achieves transcendence, Clarke is left behind due to her murder of Cadogan during the test. Settling on a restored Earth, Clarke is joined by her surviving friends, all of whom chose to give up transcendence so that she wouldn't be alone.

Early Life[]

We Are Grounders (Part 1) 056 (Young Clarke and Wells)

Young Clarke and Wells Jaha practice for the Unity Day Celebration

Clarke was born and raised by two loving parents in a comfortable living situation on The Ark. Her mother, Abby, was the chief of medicine and her father, Jake, was the chief engineer. Clarke's parents were good friends with Chancellor Thelonious Jaha and she was best friends with the Chancellor's son, Wells Jaha. Following in her mother's footsteps, Clarke became a medical apprentice.

In a video from Clarke's childhood, Clarke and Wells practice for the Unity Day Celebration. As Thelonious records their practice, Wells asks his father how the Ark stays in space. Clarke mentions that her dad told her it is the thrusters. Thelonious tells her that her father is correct.

A year before the delinquents are sent to earth, Clarke overhears a conversation between her parents, discussing a flaw in the Ark's life-support system and that it is failing. Later that day, Clarke plays chess with Wells. Clarke, distracted by the news, starts losing the game. Wells notices something is wrong with Clarke and questions her. Clarke swears him to secrecy and tells him about the flaw as well as her father's plan to go public.

After coming home, Clarke overhears her father making a video revealing the truth about the Ark's oxygen crisis. She confronts him about the truth and yells at her father, calling him suicidal or dumb because he plans to break into the communications mainframe. Clarke insists on helping him but her father tells her no. Moments later, the door to their home opens and the Ark Guard arrest Jake for treason. Clarke hugs him and promises to warn the people. She struggles with the guards who hold her back as her father is taken away.

Earth Kills 085 (Clarke and Jake)

Clarke hugs her father one last time.

Clarke finds her father before his execution and is able to say one final goodbye before Jake is floated for his crime. Clarke watches as her father is sucked out of the airlock and cries in her mother's arms. Clarke repeatedly apologizes, thinking her father's death was her fault. Her mother insists it was not her fault. After her father is floated, Clarke is immediately arrested for treason and sent to solitary confinement in juvenile lockup.[1]

Throughout the Series[]

Pilot 005

Clarke in her cell on the Ark

In the Pilot, in 2149 CE, Clarke draws a picture on the floor of her room on the Ark. Two Ark Guards enter her room, one of whom orders Prisoner 319 to face the wall. One of the guards opens up a metal box containing wristbands. When Clarke sees the wristbands, she states that she does not turn 18 for another month. When the guard orders Clarke to remove her watch, she protests stating it was her father's. The guard grabs for her wrist and Clarke fights back. Overcoming both guards, Clarke escapes her cell. Outside of her cell Clarke sees guards escorting other juvenile Delinquents out of their cells. Clarke's mother, Abigail Griffin, appears and hugs her daughter. Clarke believes The Council is reducing the population to buy more time for the rest of the citizens. Abigail reassures Clarke that they are not being executed. Instead, they are being sent to the ground, all 100 of them. A guardsman shoots Clarke with a tranquilizer.

Pilot 012

Clarke wakes up next to Wells.

When Clarke awakens, she finds herself on a dropship headed for Earth. Clarke discovers that Wells Jaha is also on the dropship and demands to know why. He reveals he got himself arrested. When they hit Earth's atmosphere a message from Chancellor Jaha appears and explains to them that they were sent down to Earth because they are expendable. He also mentions that if they cooperate their crimes will be forgiven and their drop site is a military base called Mount Weather. While watching the video, Finn Collins gets out of his seat and performs aerial stunts near Clarke and Wells. Glen Dickson and another Delinquent follow Finn's lead and try to get out of their seats. Clarke yells for them to stay in their seats but they all ignore her. Finn realizes Clarke is the one who has been in solitary for over a year and she recognizes him as the idiot who wasted a month of oxygen on an illegal spacewalk. He defends himself by insisting it was fun. The two Delinquents break free from their seats and Clarke again urges them to sit down. Moments later the parachutes deploy sending the two Delinquents and Finn flying. They realize the drop ship is coming in too fast. Wells worries because the retrorockets should have fired but have not. Clarke reassures that they will. Wells admits that he has something he wants to say to Clarke. Wells apologizes for getting her father arrested. Clarke tells him not to talk about her father. Wells persists stating he does not want to die with Clarke hating him. Clarke declares her father was executed so she does hate him. The retrorockets fire and the drop ship lands on Earth. The Delinquents begin to recover from their landing and unstrap themselves. Clarke gets out of her seat and checks on one of the two Delinquents who followed Finn out of their seats. Clarke asks if the other is breathing. Finn exchanges a look with Clarke, indicating that both Delinquents are dead.

Pilot 025

Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke take in Earth.

Clarke descends from the ladder to the ground level of the drop ship and stops Bellamy Blake from opening up the drop ship door, explaining the air could be toxic. Bellamy tells her that if the air is toxic they are all dead anyway. Bellamy goes to open the door when a young woman hesitantly calls out his name. A Delinquent shouts out the young woman is Octavia Blake, Bellamy's sister and the girl they found hidden in the floor. This angers Octavia, causing her to try attacking the Delinquent who made the comment, however, Bellamy stops her. Bellamy offers Octavia something else for people to remember her by: the chance to be the first human on the ground in over 100 years. This excites Octavia. Bellamy opens up the drop ship door and Delinquents experience their first breath of fresh air. Octavia steps out of the drop ship and savors the feeling of being on Earth. Bellamy blocks the others from leaving the drop ship as Octavia jumps onto the ground and smiles. Behind her, the Delinquents and Clarke take in the sights of Earth. Octavia throws her fists into the air and shouts in excitement.


Clarke sees Earth for the first time.

The rest of the Delinquents smile, shout, and cheer as they race out of the drop ship to explore their new world. Clarke jumps onto the ground and her face lights up in excitement. Clarke's excitement is short lived when she realizes they are not on Mount Weather and that a radiation-soaked forest sits between them and their next meal. Clarke is plotting a route to Mount Weather when Wells informs Clarke that the communications are down. Clarke decides they need to worry about getting to Mount Weather and shows him the path they need to take. Wells asks her where she learned to do that. When Clarke does not answer, Wells realizes her father taught her. Jasper Jordan approaches and playfully flirts with Clarke. Wells roughly grabs his arm and pushes him away. John Murphy sees this and confronts Wells, stating Jasper is one of them. Wells tries to talk Murphy down but is interrupted by Bellamy. Wells explains that they need to find Mount Weather. Octavia mocks Clarke and Wells because they are considered privileged. Clarke informs the Delinquents that she doesn't care who is in charge. She warns them they need to go because the longer they wait, the hungrier they will get. Bellamy proclaims Clarke and Wells should go, while the rest wait for them to return with food and supplies. Wells tries to make Bellamy understand that they all need to go. John Murphy shoves Wells trying to start a fight while John Mbege holds Clarke back. Before the two can fight, however, Finn intervenes and tells John Murphy to wait until it is a fair fight. Octavia approaches and suggestively hints for Finn to save her next. He flashes Octavia a smile before walking away.


Clarke tells Finn they are not on Mount Weather.

Clarke goes to check on Wells' injured leg and Finn approaches them and asks when they leave. Clarke tells him "now" before turning to Wells and stating that they will be back tomorrow with food and supplies. Wells questions how two people are going to carry enough food for 100 people. Finn turns, pulling Monty and Jasper into the group and mentions there are four now. Octavia invites herself along for the journey even as Bellamy tries to stop her. When Clarke spots a scuff mark on the side of Finn's wristband she scolds him and tells him that the wristbands transmit vital signs to the Ark. If they take them off the Ark will think they are dead, unknowingly giving Bellamy an idea. Clarke sets out for Mount Weather with Finn, Jasper, Monty, and Octavia.

Pilot 045

Octavia, Jasper, Finn, Clarke and Monty gaze at a two-headed deer.

Walking through a lush forest, the group takes their time admiring Earth. Clarke asks them to hurry up and Finn asks how she can block it all out. Clarke wonders why they have not seen any animals and that maybe there are none because they might have been exposed to enough radiation to kill them. They continue walking and Finn asks Monty and Jasper how they got busted. They tell him they were arrested for stealing from the Ark's garden and forgetting to replace what they took. Jasper asks Octavia what she was arrested for. She replies for being born and rushes off to join Clarke, who motions for everyone to join her. In front of them is a deer grazing in the field. Finn snaps a twig and the deer turns to them, shocking the group with its two heads.


Finn, Clarke, Monty, and Jasper watch Octavia go swimming

As they continue on their journey to Mount Weather, Finn asks why all of a sudden they were sent down to Earth after 97 years. Clarke tells them it is because the Ark is dying and only has three to four months of life support left and that is the reason she was locked up in solitary and her father was floated for it. Monty asks if they are going to kill more people and Octavia says they should all float after what they did to her. Octavia then takes off to the edge of a stream and strips off her pants as everyone ogles her. Clarke asks Octavia what she is doing just before Octavia leaps into the water below. Monty reminds Octavia they don't know how to swim and Octavia laughingly stands up, showing them it is shallow water. Clarke is confused because a river is not supposed to be right there but they all start taking off their clothes to join Octavia. Jasper spots something in the water and shouts at Octavia to get out of the water. Octavia is suddenly pulled under by a river snake. She comes up a bit farther downriver, screaming. Clarke, Monty, and Finn toss a boulder into the water to distract the river monster but Octavia is left in too deep water and is unable to swim to shore. Jasper jumps in and grabs her just as the creature comes back and he is able to pull Octavia to shore in time.

Pilot 079

Finn offers Clarke some Earth water

Clarke awakens while it is still dark out. Jasper, Monty, and Octavia are asleep behind her as she sits up and witnesses the trees and plant life aglow with bioluminescence. Finn approaches her with a leaf filled with water for her to drink from. He then shows her some tracks in the dirt and says he thinks there might be monkeys. The next morning, down by the river, Finn is holding onto a vine, about ready to swing across the river to the other side. Jasper tells him to let go at the apogee. As Finn is about to take off, Jasper asks if he can go first so he can impress Octavia. Finn agrees and Jasper goes soaring across the river, letting go as he screams, "Apogee!" and lands safely on the other side. They all begin cheering and Clarke is up next. Jasper picks up a sign reading, "Mount Weather," and holds it above his head, telling them they had reached Mount Weather. He is suddenly knocked off his feet and propelled back, pinned against a tree with a giant spear protruding from his chest. Clarke, Finn, Monty, and Octavia all duck down in fear as they realize they are not alone.

Earth Skills 002

Clarke finds a misshapen skull

In Earth Skills, Clarke, Finn, Octavia, and Monty flee through the woods after witnessing Jasper getting speared by the Grounders. Monty trips and falls and they see a misshapen human skull on the ground. They hear Jasper screaming and race back to the river bed to find Jasper gone. When they return to The Camp, Wells and Murphy are in the middle of a fight. Wells holds a knife against Murphy's throat when Clarke arrives and stops the fight. Bellamy rushes over to Octavia when he sees she was injured and asks where the food is and what happened. They tell him about the Grounders and all the Delinquents gather around to listen as Clarke explains how the Grounders took Jasper. Clarke then sees Wells' wristband is missing and tells them they are idiots because life support on The Ark is failing and taking off their wristbands is killing everyone on the Ark as well as all the Delinquents because they need the people from the Ark to come down and help them. Bellamy then tells them that they do not need the people on the Ark because they are not criminals but fighters and survivors. Clarke tells Monty it is time to go after Jasper.

1503334 643083735739334 799224381 n

Clarke asks Bellamy to go with her to find Jasper

Later, Wells finds Clarke in the drop ship gathering supplies and wants to go with her to find Jasper. She tells him she does not want him around. Monty tells her that they also need him to search because no one else has volunteered. Clarke tells Monty he is not going either because he has to figure out how to communicate with the Ark. Finn arrives and she asks if he is ready. He tells her he is not going because the spear was thrown with "pinpoint accuracy." Clarke calls him a coward and leaves. Outside the drop ship, Clarke approaches Bellamy who is tending to Octavia's injury. Octavia tells Clarke she is coming but Clarke tells Octavia her leg will just slow them down. She wants Bellamy to join them because he has a gun. She tells him he will go because he wants the rest of the Delinquents to follow him and they will think he is scared if he does not go. Bellamy tells Murphy to come with him and orders Atom to watch Octavia. Wells warns Clarke about Bellamy and Murphy being dangerous criminals and Clarke tells him she is counting on it. Bellamy tells Murphy that he is getting Clarke's wristband so the people on the Ark won't come down if they think both Clarke and Wells are dead. Bellamy grabs Clarke's wrist and says she needs to take her wristband off. Clarke tells him the only way that is happening is if she is dead. Finn arrives just then and says they should split up to cover more ground and he walks off with Clarke.

As they walk, Finn asks Clarke why the Grounders did not attack Jasper until after they crossed the river. Clarke tells him the river is a boundary, meaning Mount Weather is off-limits. They discover a trickling waterfall spilling into a pond and Clarke is relieved they do not have to worry about fresh water. Finn pulls her into the water and they splash around for a moment and discuss her father before Clarke sees Jasper's blood on some rocks on the other side of the pond and tells Finn they need to get the others. Murphy asks if they are going in the right direction and Finn spots some more blood before they hear someone moaning in the distance. They head toward the sounds and they find Jasper strung up to a tree. Clarke hurries up to him but falls into a covered pit with Bellamy grabbing her arm just in time. He seems to contemplate letting her go for a brief moment before they all manage to pull Clarke up. Finn offers to climb up and cut Jasper down. Finn and Murphy are cutting Jasper down from the tree when they hear a low growling coming from a black jaguar. Clarke calls for Bellamy to use his gun but when Bellamy reaches for it, he finds Wells had stolen it. Wells uses the gun and fires multiple times at the jaguar, grazing it once. The jaguar pounces toward Bellamy and Wells fires the last bullet, killing the jaguar. Bellamy tells Wells that now Clarke sees him. Clarke, Finn, and Wells return to The Camp with Jasper while Bellamy and Murphy return with the dead jaguar for dinner.

10014643 643083822405992 565325838 n

Clarke and Finn watch the Delinquents remove their wristbands

Later, while Clarke is tending to Jasper in the drop ship, Finn presents her with a metal two-headed deer trinket. Clarke and Finn leave the drop ship and find the Delinquents are removing their wristbands for food. Finn walks up and grabs some jaguar meat with Murphy stopping him and asking if he plays by different rules. Finn tells him he thought there were no rules before walking off. Clarke also grabs some food and walks off. As they eat their dinner, in the trees up above the Delinquents, a Grounder watches the Camp silently.

Earth Kills 009 (Clarke and Charlotte)

Clarke comforts Charlotte after her nightmare

In Earth Kills, in the |drop ship, Clarke is checking Jasper's pulse after he was speared by Grounders. She tells Monty to keep an eye on Jasper while she goes to get him some water. Once outside the drop ship, she hears a 13-year-old-girl, Charlotte, crying out in her sleep and goes to wake her from her nightmares. Charlotte tells Clarke that she sees her |floated parents in her dreams. Clarke tells her that her dad was floated, too and she asks Charlotte what got her locked up. Charlotte tells her that she assaulted an Ark Guard who took her parents' things to the redistribution center. Clarke points out a bright star in the night sky and tells Charlotte that the Ark up there is something they can move past and the ground is their second chance.

Later, in the drop ship, Clarke is inspecting Jasper's wound and realizes the Grounders saved his life by cauterizing the wound. She notices that the wound is infected and worries that he might be septic and tells Wells to hold Jasper down. Just then, Jasper's cries turn to screams as Clarke tries to cut away Jasper's infected flesh. Bellamy arrives and tells Clarke she cannot save Jasper's life and his screams are making people uncomfortable. Clarke tells Bellamy that this is not the Ark and down here every life matters. Bellamy calls Jasper a "lost cause" and tells Clarke if Jasper is not better by tomorrow, he will kill Jasper. Bellamy tells Octavia to leave with him but she refuses. Finn tells Clarke that Bellamy happens to be right. Clarke tells Finn that he and Bellamy are wrong and that Jasper is not a lost cause. She takes apart the poultice the Grounders had used on Jasper and Wells recognizes the red plant as seaweed. Clarke, Finn, and Wells then leave to go find the seaweed. On their hike, Wells tries to discuss their relationship but Clarke refuses. They stumble across an old vehicle buried in the dirt and Clarke tells them they can look at it later because Jasper can't wait.

Earth Kills 038 (Clarke, Wells, and Finn)

Clarke gets the seaweed for medicine right before they spot the Acid Fog

Once Clarke, Wells, and Finn reach the riverbank, Wells points out the red seaweed floating in the water. Finn starts discussing a way to retrieve the seaweed while Clarke wades in and grabs it. A flock of birds suddenly swarms overhead as a foghorn is heard. They look up into the sky and see a massive, yellow storm cell bearing down on them. Clarke tells them to run. They flee the Acid Fog and take shelter in the abandoned vehicle. In the vehicle's glovebox, Finn finds some whiskey and he and Clarke begin drinking from it. Clarke gets tipsy from the whiskey and grumpily complains how she can be fun. Wells tells her she is fun and then tries to reminisce with her before Clarke interrupts him, saying, "remember that time you betrayed me and got my father executed?" She then goes on to ask him why and Wells admits he made a mistake. Clarke tells him she wants an explanation and Wells says he can't give her one beyond trusting his father. Wells grabs the whiskey from Finn and takes a swig.

Earth Kills 073 (Clarke and Atom)

Clarke mercy-kills Atom

Once the fog has cleared, they head back to the camp with Clarke walking ahead. Finn tells Wells that he knows Wells is covering something up. Finn later tells Clarke that Wells isn't giving her a straight answer about Clarke's dad and he wants to know how sure Clarke is that Wells is the one who told about Clarke's dad. Clarke eventually comes upon Bellamy. His is holding a knife, trying to work up the courage to mercy-kill Atom who had gotten trapped in the Acid Fog when he notices Clarke arrive. Clarke kneels on the other side of Atom and shakes her head at Bellamy that she will not be able to save him. She tells Atom she is going to help him and begins humming to him as she takes the knife from Bellamy's hand. She gently pushes the knife into Atom's carotid artery and continues to hum to him as he expires. Meanwhile, Charlotte observes, hidden from view.

Later that night, they return to camp with Atom's body. Bellamy orders them to get Clarke whatever she needs as Wells tells Bellamy he will go dig Atom's grave. Back in the drop ship, Clarke has made a tea from the seaweed and is forcing Jasper to drink it. She tells Octavia that she is sorry about Atom and Octavia says they will have to get used to people dying, but not Jasper. Clarke then finds Wells digging Atom's grave and asks him if it was her mother who told his dad about Jake's plan to go public with the life-support failure on the Ark. She did not want to believe her father's death was her mother's fault and this whole time Wells had let her believe it was him to protect her from that. Clarke asks if he can forgive her and he tells her it is already done and they hug.


Finn gives Clarke a colored pencil

In Murphy's Law, at The Camp, all is quiet as Clarke leaves flowers at Wells' grave. Finn approaches and tells her she should not be out all alone because that is how the Grounders got Wells. He then produces a colored pencil and tells her he got it at the Art Supply Store. Clarke begins to reminisce how Wells was always getting her drawing materials by trading in his own stuff on The Ark. She tells Finn how Wells let her hate him so she wouldn't hate her own mother for killing her father and decides to make her mother feel what she is feeling. She heads to the drop ship and has Monty remove her wristband so her mother will think she is dead. Monty tells Clarke that he did it and was able to keep Clarke's wristband fully operational. Now all he needs to do is patch it into the drop ship mainframe and they will be talking to the Ark by nightfall.

Murphy's Law 026 (Murphy)

Clarke pleads with Bellamy to stop the Delinquents from lynching Murphy

Later, Clarke and Bellamy are approached by Octavia and Jasper who bring them Wells' fingers and the murder weapon: a knife. Clarke realizes the knife belongs to a Delinquent and that the Grounders did not murder Wells; it was one of them. Bellamy tells Clarke she needs to keep this quiet because fear of the Grounders is building the wall that is keeping them safe. Clarke points out the knife belongs to John Murphy and the Delinquents have a right to know that he murdered Wells. Clarke storms out of the tent and confronts Murphy about the knife. She tells Murphy he is going to pay for it and Octavia pipes up that Murphy also tried to kill Jasper. Murphy says he does not have to answer to anyone when Bellamy steps in. Murphy tells Bellamy he did not do it. Clarke asks the crowd if they want a society with no rules. Connor shouts out that they should float Murphy and the crowd agrees. Connor says it is justice but Clarke calls it revenge. Connor then begins a chant to float Murphy and the crowd attacks Murphy and beats him as he is bound and gagged. They string up a noose and wrap it around his neck as Clarke begs them to stop. They pull Murphy up on the rope, hanging him from a branch and Connor gets the crowd to chant for Bellamy to kick the crate out from under Murphy. Clarke pleads with Bellamy, telling him she saw him with Atom and knows he is not a killer. Bellamy shoves her away and kicks the crate out from under Murphy, yelling at Clarke that it is her fault for letting everyone know that the Grounders did not kill Wells. As Murphy twists and wriggles at the end of the rope, Finn comes running up and tries to put a stop to it but Connor holds him off. Charlotte pushes forward and admits that she was the one who killed Wells. Clarke grabs the ax from Bellamy's waist and cuts the rope holding Murphy as Finn unties him.

Murphy's Law 059 (Clarke and Finn)

Clarke and Finn in the bunker

Bellamy, Clarke, and Finn then take Charlotte inside a tent to protect her from the angry Delinquents. Charlotte tells them she was trying to slay her demons. Outside, Murphy is calling for Charlotte and to let him punish her like they wanted to punish Murphy. Bellamy tells Clarke and Finn to stay inside the tent with Charlotte while he goes outside to deal with Murphy. Clarke and Finn then escape with Charlotte. They are trekking through the woods when Charlotte reaches for Clarke's hand. Clarke jerks her hand away and calls Charlotte a killer and tells her she cannot just kill someone to make herself feel better. They hear Murphy and his followers calling out for Charlotte. Finn gestures to a hatch in the ground, revealing his Art Supply Store, or rather a pre-war bunker that the inhabitants never made it to. They tuck Charlotte into bed and Clarke tells Finn they should share all of the supplies with the group but he thinks they should keep it secret. Clarke thinks the original owners might have been better off dying before making it to the shelter. She tells Finn she doesn't know what to do about Charlotte and that it is all her fault as she should have listened to Bellamy about confronting Murphy. Charlotte listens to their conversation quietly from her bed.

Murphy's Law 069 (Clarke and Murphy)

Murphy takes Clarke hostage

Clarke awakens in the bunker to discover Charlotte missing and wakes Finn up. Meanwhile, Charlotte is running in the woods when Bellamy grabs her and tells her to keep quiet. Clarke and Finn hear Charlotte screaming for Murphy and think that Murphy might have her. Clarke arrives at the cliff-side where Murphy has Charlotte and Bellamy trapped. She tells Murphy it has gone too far. Murphy takes Clarke hostage and Charlotte begs him not to hurt Clarke. Murphy tells Charlotte if she comes with him he will let Clarke go. Bellamy stops Charlotte from going to Murphy and Charlotte says she can't let anyone get hurt anymore because of her before she turns around and jumps off the cliff to Bellamy's and Clarke's screams of protest. Bellamy turns and tackles Murphy, punching him over and over in the face until Finn pulls Bellamy off Murphy. Bellamy tells Clarke that Murphy deserves to die. Clarke tells him they do not get to decide that and she was wrong before and they need rules. She tells him they will make the rules and they should banish Murphy. Bellamy picks Murphy up and holds him near the cliff's edge, telling him that if Murphy ever comes back to The Camp, Bellamy will kill him. He then tells Murphy's four followers that they can either go back to camp or they can go with Murphy and die. The four followers head back to camp with Clarke and Bellamy while Finn tosses Murphy a knife before leaving.

Back at The Camp, Clarke and Bellamy explain the new rules to the rest of the Delinquents. Later at the drop ship, Monty has the wristbands ready to hook up to the drop ship Jasper the honor of making the final connection. As Jasper makes the connection, it fries everyone's wristbands and Eric Jackson in Earth Monitoring Station witnesses all of the remaining wristbands terminating at once. Finn takes off in frustration and Clarke follows after him. She catches up to Finn at the bunker where he is throwing things around in anger because he thinks everyone is now going to die on the Ark and they are now all alone on Earth. Clarke tells him he is not alone and they have sex as Raven Reyes descends toward Earth, her raven necklace from Finn floating weightless in the escape pod.

1235233 1480916908791576 6238425713780567720 n

Clarke finds Raven's pod

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Clarke and Finn are still in the bunker discussing the night before when they had sex and Clarke tells Finn she needed him and wanted it to be him. Finn jokes he just wanted to have his first Earth sex and Clarke was around and "passably cute." They start kissing again. Later, Clarke and Finn sit outside the bunker and Clarke tells Finn they should share the supplies with the other Delinquents but Finn tells her they should keep it a secret so they have someplace to hide if they need to. They kiss again just as Clarke sees Raven's drop ship falling to Earth. Finn tells her it is a shooting star and she should make a wish. As the drop ship continues to fall, Clarke realizes it is not a shooting star. Clarke and Finn get ready to leave the bunker to find out what might have been sent down from the Ark. Clarke is hopeful there is a radio.

Clarke and Finn arrive back at the camp and Fox approaches them, saying that Bellamy told everyone to wait until sunrise before looking for the drop ship. Clarke goes to look for Bellamy in his tent and finds Roma who tells her Bellamy already left a while ago. Clarke realizes Bellamy went after the radio in the drop ship and takes off after him with Finn following. Clarke blames herself for getting distracted by Finn.

Later, at the crash site, Raven awakens in the pod and removes her space helmet, discovering she has a head injury just as Clarke opens the pod door and sees Raven. Raven then steps onto the ground for the first time, twirling in amazement and asking if it is raining. Clarke nods with a smile on her face and welcomes Raven to Earth. Finn arrives and calls out to her. Raven runs up to him and they reunite and kiss passionately, much to Clarke's surprise. Finn asks Raven how she got to Earth and she tells him how she rebuilt the pod. Raven starts to feel light-headed and Clarke comes over to assist with her head injury. Finn introduces Clarke to Raven and Raven tells Clarke how it was all Abby's doing. She then tells them about the planned culling and how they need to alert the Ark that the Delinquents are alive. They discover the missing radio and Clarke tells Finn and Raven they need to find Bellamy.

Clarke catches up to Bellamy in the woods and orders him to tell her where the radio is. She tells him about the Culling and how they are getting ready to kill 300 people for oxygen. Finn and Raven arrive and Raven tells him that they have been looking everywhere on the Ark for him. Bellamy tells her to shut up as Clarke asks why. Raven tells them how Bellamy shot Jaha and Clarke realizes that is the reason why he took the wristbands. Raven demands to know where her radio is and Bellamy tells her he should have killed her when he had the chance. Raven challenges him to do it and he shoves her up against a tree as she pulls a knife on him and asks again where her radio is. Bellamy lets her go and tells them Jaha deserved to die. Raven tells Bellamy he was a lousy shot and that Jaha is not dead. Clarke tells Bellamy this means he is not a murderer; he was just protecting his sister. Now it is time to protect 300 people and give them back the radio. Bellamy tells her it is too late.

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Clarke confronts Bellamy about the ruined radio

Bellamy then has several Delinquents searching for the missing radio in the river where he tossed it. Finn tells Clarke he should have told her about Raven. Clarke tells him she gets it: she was around and "passably cute." Just then, Jones finds the radio. Raven tells them it will take at least a half day to dry it out to see what is broken. Clarke yells at Bellamy for what he did and that 300 people will die because of him. Raven interrupts and tells them they don't actually have to talk to the Ark; they just have to let them know they are alive. Raven begins organizing the Delinquents on stripping her pod for spare parts to create rocket launchers. Clarke asks if they will be able to see the rockets from the Ark and Raven tells her that Abby will be watching for them. The Delinquents set up the launchers for the flares. They start lighting off the rockets and watch as they go soaring into the evening sky. Bellamy asks Clarke if she thinks the Ark will be able to see the rockets. She tells him she does not know and wonders if they can wish on the flares as a shooting star. Bellamy tells her he would not know what to wish for.

Clarke and Bellamy talking

Clarke offers to help search for Octavia

In His Sister's Keeper, Bellamy is wandering around The Camp, looking for Octavia because he can't find her. Clarke offers to help search. Bellamy gathers a search party of Delinquents to help look for Octavia and asks for Finn specifically because they need a tracker. Clarke and Finn talk as a meteor shower appears overhead. It is actually the bodies of the 320 Ark citizens who were culled being returned to Earth. Raven tells Bellamy it's all his fault for taking the radio. Bellamy brushes her off, saying he needs to find his sister and the search party leaves. Clarke and Raven stay behind to go to the bunker to see if they can find a transmitter for the radio.

Clarke and Raven head to the bunker as they discuss their mothers. Raven tells her that it was because of Finn that she survived on the Ark. Once inside the bunker, Clarke and Raven start digging through the supplies and they find part of a remote control car that will work for their radio transmitter. Raven also finds the metal two-headed deer trinket that Finn had made for Clarke. Once back at the Camp, Raven confronts Clarke about the two-headed deer. Clarke tells Raven that she did not even know Raven existed. Raven asks Clarke if she loves Finn and Clarke replies that she hardly knows him. Later, as Bellamy carries an injured Finn back to camp and calls out for Clarke to save his life, Clarke tells Raven to fix the radio because she needs her mother's help to save Finn's life.

Contents Under Pressure 009 (Clarke and Raven)

Clarke and Raven make contact with the Ark

In Contents Under Pressure, The Camp is battening down the hatches in preparation for a hurricane while Raven tries to get through on the radio to The Ark and Clarke is tending to a severely injured Finn. Up on the Ark, Abigail Griffin is before the Council and is told that even though she had broken laws and should be floated, they need her medical expertise too badly so she's received a stay of execution. They suddenly hear Raven calling over the Ark-wide channel, asking for help from the ground. Jacapo Sinclair boosts the signal and Abby is able to talk to Clarke for the first time. Clarke asks for help with Finn and tells Jaha that Wells didn't make it. acapo Sinclair patches Clarke through to Medical so Abby and Eric Jackson can help Clarke with Finn's stab wound. The storm, however, temporarily disrupts the communications.

Octavia returns to the drop ship with Monty's moonshine to help disinfect Finn's injury. Bellamy, Miller, and Drew return, carrying the unconscious Grounder who had saved Octavia's life and stabbed Finn into the drop ship. Bellamy tells them to tie him up on the third floor while they send the rest of the Delinquents to the second floor to give Clarke room to work on Finn. Abby gets back on the radio and Clarke describes Finn's injury to her. Abby guides Clarke through removing the blade from Finn's side. As Clarke is doing so, the storm gets worse and debris hits the drop ship, knocking everyone down, including Clarke and Finn. Luckily, the blade was removed without doing further damage. Clarke finishes stitching up Finn's wound and realizes he is feverish. Abby wants to talk with Clarke but Clarke leaves to the third level.

Contents Under Pressure 061 (Clarke and Lincoln)

Clarke asks the Grounder for the antidote

Bellamy asks how Finn is doing and shows Clarke the Grounder's journal where he has a drawing of the drop ship and tally marks counting the Delinquents. He tells her they are fighting a war just as Raven calls up to Clarke that Finn has started seizing so Clarke rushes back down to him. Clarke is able to stop Finn from seizing and quickly realizes that the blade Finn was stabbed with had been poisoned. She heads back up to the third floor with Octavia following her. Bellamy remembers the vials they had found in the Grounder's bag and brings them to her. They ask the Grounder to tell them which one has the antidote but he refuses to speak. Bellamy tells Clarke she does not have to be there while he tortures the Grounder to find the antidote but Clarke stays. Octavia begs Bellamy to stop, telling him the Grounder had saved their lives even though Finn was dying downstairs. Bellamy brutally tortures the Grounder, whipping him with a seatbelt, yet the Grounder still will not speak. Clarke and Bellamy escalate the torture of the Grounder with Bellamy putting a spike through his hand. Raven comes into the room after Finn almost dies again and begins to electrocute the Grounder, causing him to scream in agony. Octavia puts a stop to it by slicing herself with the knife that the Grounder used on Finn, saying that the Grounder wouldn't let her die. The Grounder finally helps Octavia find the correct antidote to save her (and Finn). Clarke goes downstairs and gives the antidote to Finn while she sends Raven out for water. Abby comes on the radio and Clarke tells her she knows about her mother's involvement in her father's death before turning off the radio and sobbing in sorrow.

Later, Clarke tries to clean the Grounder's wounds but he sees Octavia enter the room and refuses to let Clarke do so. Octavia walks over to help and he allows her to clean up his wounds. Clarke tells Octavia that they tortured him to save Finn. Octavia replies that Clarke didn't even save Finn; Octavia did. Clarke leaves to check on Finn again. When Finn wakes up, Clarke tells Finn that Raven needs him and calls Raven over to him. Clarke leaves the drop ship and sees the Delinquents cleaning up the camp after the storm. Bellamy approaches her, taking the spike that had been in the Grounder's hand and tells her, "who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things," and that it is hard being in charge.

Day Trip 007 (Clarke)

Clarke attends a council meeting

In Day Trip, Clarke uses the Camp's newly established video chat to attend a Council meeting. Chancellor Jaha wants to know more about the Grounder in hopes he can provide insight on how to survive the winter. Clarke deflects the question by saying they are doing everything they can to prepare for the winter and admits that they will freeze before they starve. Marcus Kane believes he can help prevent that and shows Clarke coordinates to an old Emergency Aid Depot that is not far from their landing site. Kane and Jaha explain that it should have supplies and that it can be used as a shelter for the Delinquents and the citizens of the Ark during the winter. Jaha then asks for a moment alone with Clarke before telling her everyone is proud of what the Delinquents have accomplished on Earth; especially Clarke's mother, Abigail Griffin. Jaha tries to get Clarke to forgive her mother, however, Clarke does not believe she will ever forgive her mother or Jaha for betraying and killing her father. Clarke changes the subject to the kids who actually want to talk to their parents and leaves to find Dax.

Clarke then returns to the drop ship and calls out for Bellamy. Bellamy snaps at Clarke and tells her no, he still will not talk to Jaha. Clarke tells him about the Emergency Aid Depot and invites him along because she does not want to be around anyone she actually likes at the moment. Bellamy smiles at her honesty and agrees to go with her and Clarke leaves to check in on Finn who is still recovering from a stab wound. Raven is also there and things are awkward while Clarke cleans Finn's wound. She asks Raven to change his bandages in a few hours to make sure Finn stays in bed before she leaves with Bellamy. She notices Bellamy packing more rations than necessary for a day trip and comments, but he brushes her off by saying a lot can happen in a day.

Day Trip 026 (Clarke and Bellamy)

Clarke and Bellamy look for the Depot

As they are walking through the woods, Clarke mentions that the first drop ship will be coming down soon and that Bellamy cannot avoid Jaha forever. They reach the coordinates and see ruins amidst a swamp. Bellamy says there has to be a door and they split up but stay within shouting distance. Clarke soon shouts out that she found a door. As the two explore the depot they quickly realize that the place is ruined and disgusting. They realize that the Delinquents and Sky People will not be able to live down there. Bellamy finds a box of glow sticks and begins lighting them. Meanwhile, Clarke finds a box full of blankets. While Clarke is happy they found something Bellamy is not when he opens up a metal barrel only to find it full of grease. Angry, Bellamy kicks the barrel over. After the barrel topples over, Bellamy discovers a bunch of assault rifles and ammunition that were stored inside. Bellamy asks Clarke if she's ready to be a badass and insists on teaching Clarke how to shoot as he eats the Jobi Nuts. When he fixes Clarke's stance, Bellamy notices how close he is to her and gets flustered. Taking one of the rifles Bellamy decides to demonstrate instead. Bellamy pulls the trigger and the bullet is a dud. Bellamy tells Clarke to try hers. After she shoots for the first time, she is amazed by the feeling and questions if she should feel horrible for feeling that way. They then discuss the Delinquents and Bellamy tells Clarke to keep Miller close. Clarke realizes Bellamy is planning on running away and tries to convince Bellamy to stay, saying Octavia needs him. Bellamy tells her Octavia hates him and she'll be fine. Flustered, Bellamy tells Clarke to keep shooting and leaves to go get some air.

Clarke tries to shoot her weapon again, only she starts hallucinating and envisions that she is back in her cell on the Ark along with her father, Jake Griffin. Clarke starts hugging her father but pulls away when she realizes her father is not real. Jake tries to get her to forgive her mother. Clarke breaks down over the growing pressure of everyone counting on her and over her torturing the Grounder. Clarke says her mother doesn't deserve her forgiveness and her father tells her that forgiveness is not about what people deserve. Clarke is still reluctant, and then the hallucination changes as Jake calls her a crazy bitch. Clarke is confused as Dax stands behind her, calling her a crazy bitch just before he hits her on the head with one of the rifles and knocks her out.

Dax then goes after Bellamy who is suffering from his own hallucinations. Dax shoots at Bellamy but the bullet jams so Dax ejects it onto the ground and aims again. Just before Dax can pull the trigger and kill Bellamy, Clarke appears pointing a rifle at him. Dax tells Clarke she should have stayed down in the depot; he tried not to kill her but Commander Shumway said no witnesses. Clarke is confused and Bellamy explains Shumway set it up and gave him the gun to shoot the Chancellor. Clarke tells Dax to put the rifle down. When Dax refuses, Clarke pulls the trigger but her bullet is a dud so she runs and hides behind a tree as Dax fires at her. Bellamy realizes Dax is going to kill Clarke and tackles him, sending both of them to the ground as the two get into a fist-fight with Dax gaining the upper hand. Clarke is unable to figure out how to unjam her gun so she charges at Dax. Dax, however, thrusts the end of his rifle into Clarke's stomach, knocking her to the ground. Clarke's distraction allows enough time for Bellamy to grab the forgotten bullet and lodge it into Dax's neck. Dax dies quickly after.

Day Trip 074 (Clarke)

Clarke offers Bellamy forgiveness

Afterward, Clarke tells Bellamy that he is okay to which Bellamy replies that he is not okay. Leaning up against a tree, Bellamy breaks down and says he is a monster. Clarke consoles him, telling him that she needs him, that they all need him, and that he is forgiven. He can't run because he has to return with her face it. Bellamy asks if she means like how she faced her mom. Clarke admits that she does not want to talk to her mother or face any of it. All Clarke thinks about is trying to keep everyone alive but they do not have a choice. Bellamy still thinks Jaha will kill him when he lands on Earth. Clarke responds that they will figure something out. Bellamy asks her if they can do it another time. Clarke leans back on the tree and tells him whenever he is ready.

Day Trip 077 (Clarke and Bellamy)

Clarke and Bellamy bring back guns

When Clarke and Bellamy arrive back at The Camp, the Delinquents are worried about the Grounder having escaped. Bellamy announces that they have been scared of the Grounders for too long because of their knives and spears and he is done being afraid. Together, they show the camp the rifles. Clarke warns them they will have to be prepared to give them up to the Ark Guard when the drop ships come, but until then, they're going to help keep them safe. Bellamy tells them they will start training in the morning so that if the Grounders attack, they will be ready. Finn is not happy about the rifles in camp. Later, as Bellamy tries to make amends with Octavia, Clarke approaches the two telling Bellamy it is time to talk to Jaha. Back in the communications tent, Bellamy and Clarke face Chancellor Jaha through a video chat. Before Jaha says anything, Clarke defends Bellamy and asks for his crime to be pardoned. Jaha explains that it is not that easy. Bellamy tells Jaha it is that easy if he wants to know who on the Ark wants to him dead. Jaha then pardons Bellamy Blake for his crimes, much to both of their relief.

Later that night as Clarke checks on Finn's wounds, Finn vocally disapproves of bringing guns into camp. Finn does not want the guns in camp because he does not trust Clarke and Bellamy cannot predict what Bellamy is going to do. Clarke tells Finn she trusts Bellamy, shocking him and he tells her she is wrong to trust Bellamy. He also tells her she and Bellamy are leading the Delinquents down a dangerous road and wishes Clarke would have talked to him first. Clarke, however, replies that she wishes Finn would have talked to her about a lot of things but he didn't. Just then, Raven enters the tent and Clarke quietly leaves while Raven looks after her.

Unity Day 004 (Clarke and Finn)

Clarke and Finn discuss Unity Day (Events)

In Unity Day, at The Camp, the Delinquents are listening in through remote broadcast as Chancellor Jaha gives a Unity Day Celebration speech on The Ark about how everyone will be on the ground next year. Clarke walks up to Finn and he tells her how Unity Day is a lie because the Ark only came down after the 13th station was blown up. Clarke tells him that peace came out of that violence but Finn questions whether there even needed to be violence. Later, as the Delinquents are drinking and celebrating. Clarke approaches Bellamy and he tells her he has security covered in case Lincoln comes back with other Grounders. He tells her she could use a drink and reminds her that in two days, her mom is coming down and the party is over. Clarke agrees and tells him he also deserves some fun. She leaves and begins playing drinking games with Sterling, Fox, and Miller. Finn interrupts and pulls Clarke away. He tells her he set up a meeting with the Grounders. He tells her he thinks they can do better this time around and Clarke says they need to bring backup. Finn says the terms were no weapons. Clarke agrees and tells him she will meet him at the gate. She then seeks out Bellamy and tells him about the meeting, asking him to go as her backup without telling Finn.

Unity Day 060 (Clarke)

Clarke arrives at the bridge to meet with Anya

As Clarke and Finn walk through the woods, Clarke stops to check his stab wound. She tells him she's just trying to keep them alive. As they continue on to the meeting place, Clarke leaves behind a trail that Bellamy, Raven, and Jasper are following. When they arrive at the meeting place on a bridge, Octavia is there waiting for them. Clarke realizes it was Octavia who set it up and Octavia tells Clarke that she trusts Lincoln. Lincoln comes running up shortly thereafter and catches Octavia in a hug, which Bellamy, Raven, and Jasper witness from their hidden location under the bridge. Bellamy gets Lincoln in his sights just as the Grounders arrive on horses. Finn gets upset when he sees they are carrying weapons. Clarke crosses the bridge and meets Anya in the middle and offers her hand. Anya does not take it. Anya tells Clarke that she started a war she doesn't know how to finish when she burned a village to the ground with the flares they set off trying to alert the Ark they were alive. The Delinquents invaded their land and sent an armed raiding party to capture and torture one of their people. All acts of war. Anya asks Clarke if it's true that more warriors are coming down and Clarke tells her that yes, there will be the Ark Guard, but also farmers, doctors, and engineers. Anya asks if Clarke can promise that they will agree to the terms she and Clarke agree on but Clarke cannot promise that. Meanwhile, Jasper spots Grounders in the trees and shouts at everyone to run as he starts shooting at them. The Grounders shoot arrows back at the Delinquents. Anya takes out her knife and is about to stab Clarke when Bellamy shoots her in her arm. Finn runs across the bridge to drag Clarke to safety. Lincoln tells them to keep running till they get back to their camp.

After they return to Camp, they start blaming each other for everything. Finn blames Clarke for bringing guns and for not trusting him, blames Raven for being too preoccupied making bullets, and blames Jasper for firing the first shot. Clarke blames Finn for trusting the Grounders. Raven blames Finn for not telling her about it. And Octavia blames Jasper for ruining everything before she walks away. There is a sonic boom and Clarke and Bellamy look up to witness the Exodus ship coming down a day early, much too fast, and without a parachute. An explosion is seen in the distance and Clarke crumples in grief when she realizes her mother is dead.

I Am Become Death 014 (Clarke and Murphy)

Clarke realizes Murphy was tortured by the Grounders

In I Am Become Death, Clarke, Bellamy, and a group of Delinquents investigate the Exodus drop ship crash. There are no survivors. Raven tells Finn to help her find the black box to explain why the ship crashed. Bellamy warns everyone to keep on the lookout for Grounders in retaliation for the Unity Day bridge battle. Clarke discovers a pink, smelly liquid that Raven tells her to get away from because it is highly explosive hydrazine. She demonstrates by throwing some and creating a small explosion and tells Bellamy to clear the area.

When they return to The Camp, they discover Murphy has returned after having been banished. Murphy tells them he was running from the Grounders. Bellamy starts to point a gun at him for returning and Finn intervenes, telling Bellamy that Murphy might be able to tell them things about the Grounders. Bellamy tells Finn to get out of his way but Clarke tells him Finn is right. She sees that Murphy's fingernails were torn off and that he was tortured. Bellamy wants to know what Murphy told the Grounders and Murphy admits, "everything." Clarke tells Bellamy to let Murphy get better and then force him to leave again and if he doesn't, then they kill him. Clarke heads to the Communications tent and runs into Raven inside. Raven tells her she still has not been able to get back in contact with The Ark since the Unity Day Celebration and she has a bad feeling. As she is telling Clarke she is sorry about her mom, Clarke's eyes begin to bleed. Connor then calls out for Clarke because he's coughing up blood. As more Delinquents begin coughing and bleeding, Clarke tells Raven to stay away.

I Am Become Death 028 (Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia)

Clarke, Bellamy and, Octavia in the dropship.

In the drop ship, Murphy is puking up blood. Clarke asks him how he escaped and he tells her they forgot to lock his cage so he took off. Clarke realizes the Grounders purposefully let him go just as Bellamy enters the drop ship, asking what is happening. Clarke tells him it is biological warfare. Bellamy blames Murphy but Murphy tells them he did not know. Derek starts seizing before collapsing and dying. Clarke orders a quarantine. She asks Connor who else was with them when they found Murphy and Connor admits it was Octavia. Bellamy goes to check on Octavia and brings her to Clarke. Clarke tells Bellamy that she needs to quarantine her. Once Bellamy leaves, Clarke tells Octavia that she needs to talk to Lincoln to get the cure. Another Delinquent dies from the sickness and Bellamy orders everyone back to work. He checks in with Clarke at the drop ship to see if she needs anything and she jokes about needing some medicine. Bellamy then calls into the drop ship after Clarke and Octavia admits that she sent Octavia to Lincoln for a cure. Bellamy storms off and tells a Delinquent to get out of his way. The Delinquent turns and his eyes are bleeding. Everyone starts to panic as more kids fall sick. Clarke fires a gun into the air to get everyone to settle down. One Delinquent orders Clarke back in the drop ship and Bellamy knocks him in the face before telling Clarke that her quarantine isn't working. Clarke starts to collapse and Finn rushes over to catch her. Octavia arrives just then with the announcement that there is no cure and the Grounders attack at dawn. Octavia then helps Finn get Clarke into the drop ship. Murphy stands up and offers his spot because he's already starting to feel better. Octavia offers Clarke some water and Clarke asks her to help with the sick and Murphy volunteers to help as well. Clarke then tells Finn to flee camp with anyone healthy enough to go with him.

Later, Bellamy wakes up after having also fallen sick. He looks for Clarke and Octavia as Murphy approaches him with some water and Bellamy pushes him away. Clarke comes over and gives Bellamy some water. He asks where Octavia is and she tells him Octavia was up all night tending to the sick. Bellamy tells her he thinks they should get everyone inside the drop ship and lock them up because sick is better than dead by the Grounders if Finn and Jasper don't pull off their mission to blow up the bridge. They do pull it off and a massive explosion is seen and heard all the way back at the Camp. Bellamy is impressed they did it and Clarke quotes Oppenheimer. Monty and Jasper return to the Camp to cheers and applause while Finn drags in Raven (who has now also fallen sick). Clarke gets her set up in the drop ship and leaves Finn with Raven. She nods at Murphy in thanks for his help as she leaves the drop ship. Bellamy finds Clarke outside the wall at the graveyard and Clarke comments how there are 14 graves. Clarke tells Bellamy that Murphy was right about the bridge and Bellamy warns her about the so-called "Mountain Men."

In The Calm, Bellamy approaches Clarke outside The Camp walls and asks if she thinks the bomb on the bridge scared the Grounders off. She says no and he tells her that Jasper thinks he might be able to make some more gunpowder and Raven can make some landmines. There is still no word from The Ark since the Unity Day blast and they wonder if everyone ran out of air. Clarke does not think anyone is coming down to save them. Later, after a fire burned down the Camp's smokehouse, Clarke asks what happened and Bellamy explains that Del built the fire up too much because Octavia told him it was a bad idea. Clarke tells him they need to go hunting because they can't defend themselves if they are starving. Bellamy tells the Delinquents to go out in groups with one Gunner in each group and to use the bullets for the Grounders but the spears for their food. Myles asks Clarke if she would like to go hunting with him and she agrees. Finn then asks if she wants to go hunting and she says no just as Myles walks up and assumes Finn is coming and they all leave to go hunting together. As they are looking for prey to hunt, Myles is chatting when Clarke tells him to be quiet. Finn realizes the tracks they had been following were made by Grounders and they are the ones being hunted just as Myles is struck down by an arrow in his leg and one in his chest. Finn tells Clarke they have to leave Myles just before he is hit over the head by a Grounder. The last thing Clarke sees is Anya.

The Calm 035 (Clarke and Finn)

Clarke and Finn are held captive by Anya

Clarke and Finn are led into a room and Anya enters. She releases Clarke as another Grounder reveals a mortally injured Tris. She tells Clarke to help her; otherwise, Finn will die. Clarke asks Anya why she thinks she can save Tris. Anya says that Lincoln had told her about Clarke's medical expertise and since their healer is gone, they need Clarke or Finn dies. Clarke asks what happened and Anya tells her that Tris was on the bridge when the bomb exploded. Clarke asks Finn for help on lifting Tris up and listens to her lungs. She realizes that Tris is drowning and she needs to relieve the pressure. She asks for some tube and Caliban finds some for her. Clarke makes an incision in between Tris' ribs and inserts the tube. Anya returns to the room just then and asks what Clarke has done, shoving her out of the way to get to Tris' side. Anya tells Clarke that Tris is hot and Clarke says that she's probably septic and needs real medicine. Clarke asks how Anya could send a little girl into battle and Anya tells her that Tris was her Second and it's how they train them to be warriors. Tris starts gasping and Clarke says she needs a transfusion and asks for supplies. Finn sharpens a needle for Clarke and they get a syringe ready to do the blood transfusion but Caliban and Anya refuse to let her take their blood. Finn offers his blood up instead and Clarke preps him. She then looks for a vein on Tris and can't find one before Finn lets her know that Tris is dead. Anya takes out a knife and cuts a braid of hair from Tris' head before gesturing to one of her warriors to remove Tris' body. She then tells another warrior to take Finn and kill him. Caliban tells Clarke that if she proves her worth, she'll be welcome with them because their healer is gone. She asks if she will be able to visit the Delinquents and Caliban tells her after tomorrow there won't be anything to go back to. Clarke asks about the marks on Tris' and Lincoln's shoulders and Caliban tells her each scar is a kill in combat, meaning Tris had already killed five people. Caliban shows her the kill scars on his chest, saying half of them were after he hurt his knee. Clarke then kicks him in his knee and uses a scalpel to slice his throat open. As he is gurgling to death, Clarke covers his mouth to quiet him and watches as he dies. She then takes off into the forest and begins running back to camp. As she is running through the woods, she steps in a Grounder trap and is yanked upside-down and pulled high into the tree-tops.

We Are Grounders (Part 1) 013 (Clarke)

Clarke is held captive by Anya

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Clarke is Anya's hostage at a campfire in the woods. Tristan arrives and Anya asks Tristan if the Commander sent him and he tells her that her unit is now his. He brought his Rangers to complete what Anya failed to do, starting with Clarke. Just then, a signal fire is spotted in the distance, announcing Reapers. Tristan tells Anya to take care of Clarke and Anya asks one of her warriors if Finn is dead. The warrior nods and Anya tells him to finish Clarke as well and catch up with them when he is done. Clarke tries to run away and he grabs her chains, yanking her back hard enough that she hits her head and is knocked unconscious. When Clarke awakens, she is riding in front of a Grounder on a two-headed horse through the woods. They arrive at the hilltop signal fire and she is let down and released. Finn comes out from behind the fire and they hug. The Grounder removes his mask to reveal himself to be Lincoln, who had to kill one of his own people to save them. They see the signal fire that Anya lit in response goes out and Lincoln warns them it means that Anya knows Clarke and Finn are free and Lincoln tells them to run. They reach the Reaper tunnels just as Anya and Tristan arrive. Anya shoots arrows into the mines after them. Tristan tells Anya to let them go because they know where they are going if the mines don't kill them first.

In the Reaper tunnels, Lincoln lights a fire to make a torch and tells them they have to keep moving. Lincoln was hit by one of Anya's arrows and Clarke offers to help him with it. She asks Lincoln why he is helping them and pushes the arrow all the way through his side so he can break off the arrowhead and pull the arrow out. Lincoln tells them he is helping them because what his people are doing is wrong and Clarke cauterizes his wound for him. Lincoln then leads Clarke and Finn back toward The Camp by using a map he took off an enemy. Clarke hears noises ahead and Lincoln says it is the Reapers. They reach a tunnel blocked off by a group of Reapers and they see a mine cart filled with dead bodies. Lincoln gives Finn his book and his sword for Octavia and tells them to wait for him to lead the Reapers away and then they will need to run through the tunnel to get back to camp. He tells them to get all of the Delinquents out of there before Tristan's scouts arrive and tells Clarke to take the Delinquents to Luna's clan in the East. Lincoln then attacks a Reaper and kills him, making all of the other Reapers chase after him. Once the tunnel is empty, Clarke and Finn proceed down it with Clarke stopping at the mine cart. She pulls away a tarp and reveals a barely alive Grounder, reaching out for her help and realizes they are all still alive. A Reaper attacks them and has Finn by the throat when Finn grabs a rock and bashes the Reaper's head in. They make it out of the Reaper tunnels and stop by a stream where Finn begins washing the dead Reaper's blood off his hands. Clarke tells him he did what he had to do. He tells her he is in love with her and she tells him she is sorry, but he broke her heart and she can't. They hear a loud explosion coming from the camp and rush off.

We Are Grounders (Part 1) 083 (Clarke)

Clarke tells the Delinquents they need to flee the Camp

When they arrive at the Camp, Miller calls for the gate to be opened to let them in. Finn tells everyone that it is time to pack because they need to leave. Bellamy asks where they would go that it is safer behind the walls of the camp. Finn tells them about the tribe to the east. Bellamy tells the Delinquents that they built this home from the ground and that now they are on the ground, they are all Grounders now. Clarke says that Bellamy is right that their camp is safe but, if they stay, they will die and tells them to pack only what they can carry. As the Delinquents disband, Raven appears from underneath the drop ship after having been shot by Murphy. Clarke has Finn take Raven into the drop ship while Bellamy tells Clarke he thinks she is making a bad decision and leaders need to do what they think is right, not what is popular. Clarke tells him she is as the Delinquents prepares to leave.

We Are Grounders (Part 2) 013 (Clarke and Bellamy)

Clarke and Bellamy looking beyond the camp's wall

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), in the drop ship at The Camp, Clarke cauterizes Raven's gunshot wound caused by Murphy). Bellamy flips through Lincoln's journal and comes to a drawing of a Reaper and asks if the Reapers might help them fight the incoming Grounders. Clarke tells him it is not an option. She then tells Raven that she cannot walk with the bullet still inside her and Finn goes to get a gurney. Bellamy calls Finn a coward and Clarke interrupts, telling them it is time to go. Finn leaves and Clarke tells Bellamy she needs him with them because the Delinquents are willing to fight and die for Bellamy. Outside, on their way out of the Camp, Bellamy mentions there are eighteen dead and Clarke tells him there are eighty-two alive and they did good.

After the Delinquents have begun their march to the sea, Octavia brings everyone to a halt, sensing something. A blade comes flying out through the trees and embeds in Drew's head. Jasper screams out, "Grounders!" and all of the Delinquents flee back behind the walls of the Camp. Clarke realizes that they are doing exactly what the Grounders want them to do: returning to the camp so that they are back in place for the assault. With the Grounder scouts already outside, Clarke realizes it is not safe for them to try and leave camp again and they need to stay and fight.

Later, inside the drop ship, Bellamy and Raven tell Clarke and Finn that the main entrance has been booby-trapped with land mines and that Raven has built a couple of grenades. Bellamy plans to keep the Grounders at bay using guns, grenades, and the landmines to hold the gate. Raven notes that if the Grounders get through the gate, they will have to hide inside the drop ship and close the door and pray. Clarke suggests using the remaining rocket fuel from the drop ship, to fire its rockets once the Grounders have surrounded the drop ship, which would burn the Grounders alive. Raven says she can do it. Clarke and Finn head underneath the drop ship, looking for its ignition system when Raven reveals that she cannot feel her legs anymore. Clarke discovers that the bullet is in Raven's spine and that she is bleeding internally. Finn suggests going to Lincoln's cave to get some of the coagulant stuff the Grounders use and leaves to go get it. Clarke continues searching underneath the drop ship for an orange wire that is the drop ship's ignition. When Clarke finds the wire she discovers it to be broken. Raven asks Clarke if she knows how to splice a wire. Over the walkie-talkie, Jasper informs Clarke and Raven that the landmines are working. Raven realizes Jasper can splice a wire. Clarke calls for Jasper to get to the drop ship. Jasper joins Clarke underneath the drop ship and Clarke asks Raven to repeat the direction but receives no response. When Clarke goes to check on her, she sees Raven has lost consciousness. When one of the gunners announces through the walkie-talkie that the Grounders have broken through, Clarke tells Jasper to finish the wiring of the ignition system while she goes outside to check out the situation. She tells the gunners they need more time and to stay at their posts and hold off the Grounders while the others get inside the drop ship. A bright light suddenly lights up the night sky, distracting everyone on the ground. Clarke realizes that it is the Ark, entering the atmosphere.

Back inside the drop ship, Clarke injects Raven with the coagulant Finn returned with. Miller comes in and informs them that the Grounders are taking down the gate. Jasper announces that he is ready with the ignition system. The Grounders breach the gate and Clarke yells at the Delinquents outside to get inside the drop ship. She spots Bellamy returning through the secret entrance and watches as he picks up a gun to go after Tristan but there are no bullets. Tristan begins attacking him and Finn grabs a gun and runs to Bellamy's aid. Clarke reluctantly has to leave the two of them fighting Tristan as she goes inside the drop ship and closes the door as the Grounders breach the Camp walls. Anya, however, quickly jumps over the door and is locked inside with the Delinquents. Anya stands, ready to fight the Delinquents with two blades. Clarke tells Jasper to push the button for the ignition but it doesn't work. Outside, the Grounders are making their way up the sides of the drop ship while Anya begins to attack inside the drop ship. She is easily overpowered by the numerous Delinquents as Clarke stops Miller from killing Anya by reminding them they are not Grounders. Jasper realizes he forgot the magnet and reroutes the connection through a magnet, blasting the drop ship's rockets, incinerating the Grounders outside.

We Are Grounders (Part 2) 092 (Clarke)

Clarke and the Delinquents leave the drop ship

The Delinquents and a bound Anya leave the drop ship to find the ashes and skeletons that were a result of the rockets' ignition. All of a sudden, several red smoke grenades are thrown over the camp's walls as Anya fearfully says, "Mountain Men." The red smoke begins to knock out the Delinquents and Anya. Clarke's last image is of several men in gas masks and military outfits with laser-sighted rifles entering the camp and a Mountain Man pointing his gun and laser at her. When Clarke awakens, she is in a completely white room where she is being monitored. She pulls out her IV and goes to the locked door where she sees Monty banging on the door of a similar room across the hall but his door is also locked. A plaque on Monty's side of the hall says "Mount Weather Quarantine Ward".

DanteClarke 2x01

Clarke and President Dante

In The 48, Clarke breaks free of her quarantine room in Mount Weather and threatens Maya with a piece of broken glass, demanding she takes her to see Monty. The frightened girl screams "you'll get me contaminated!" Clarke continues to threaten her as Maya leads her into a dining hall filled with many people eating. A woman looks over and sees Clarke holding the girl hostage and screams out in fear that there has been a containment breach, causing panic as everyone starts running away from Clarke. Clarke looks around at the chaos she's just caused and asks "where am I?" in confusion. Clarke is later introduced to Maya, the girl she threatened earlier, who says she won't press charges. Clarke is then taken to a bed in the medical ward. Dante Wallace says he knows she's the leader (like him) and also a painter (like him). He tells her they're not prisoners and has a wardrobe brought out for her to choose from and leaves her to get dressed. She picks up a shoe and snaps the heel off, concealing it up her sleeve as a weapon. When Dante takes her to the other 47 Delinquents in Mount Weather, he stops her and tells her to give him the heel and she does so. She then discovers from the Delinquents that Raven, Bellamy, and Finn aren't there.

Monty and Jasper are enjoying their food when Clarke comes in. She says it's weird that they gave them a map without any exits. She also refuses to eat their food. They dismiss her as being paranoid. Jasper goes to talk to Maya and Clarke also comes over and apologizes to Maya before leaving. Maya realizes that Clarke had stolen her access card and she and Jasper start to chase after Clarke. An alarm goes off and Clarke sees guards running towards her. She runs and makes her way through a restricted area, locking a door behind her and breaking the lock. She finds herself at a set of stairs leading up. Once she gets to the top, she finds a massive, sealed door. She figures out how to unlock the door and is about to pull the lever that will open the door when Jasper and Maya appear and beg her not to open it. If she does, then all the Mountain Men will die from radiation exposure. Maya even goes so far as to get a gun out and is prepared to kill Clarke if she opens the door. Jasper pleads with her, telling her that she saved lives when she pulled the lever that fired the rockets and to not make a mistake by pulling this lever now. Clarke allows herself to be taken into custody.

After Clarke is arrested, she is taken to Dante where he is busy painting the outside world. He tells her how he got to see the outside once when he was seven for five minutes. The Mountain Men saw the first of the Outsiders and thought the Earth was survivable but 54 Mountain Men died within the week. He also tells her that they have found no survivors from either the drop ship or the Ark but he'll keep searching. He asks her to give herself time to grieve and that he doesn't want her to try leaving again. Later, in the Delinquents' dorm, she opens an envelope addressed to her with a painting set from Dante. They go out to the Mess Hall and Clarke allows herself to finally eat their food.

In Inclement Weather, the Delinquents are having a good time in Mount Weather and Jasper tells Clarke he likes it there. Miller returns from medical and joins the rest of the Delinquents in their dorm on Level 5. Jasper and Maya Vie begin to flirt with each other when an alarm goes off and Maya tells Clarke it is for someone needing medical attention. Clarke and Jasper follow Maya to medical where people are donning protective gear. Clarke snatches a key card and runs out, saying it is not dangerous for her. She finds a man (Sgt. Shaw) lying dead from an apparent gunshot wound just as another person (Sgt. Langston) is brought in with radiation burns across his body.

Clarke confronts the president of Mount Weather, Dante Wallace, about Sgt. Shaw's gunshot wound because Grounders do not use guns. Dante takes her to Medical where Dr. Lorelei Tsing shows her Sgt. Shaw's body and explains it was caused by an arrow that was pushed out in the field and she brings an arrowhead out for Clarke to inspect. Clarke tells Jasper that she thinks the Mountain Men are lying and are trying to make the Delinquents think that there are no Sky People outside the mountain. Jasper tells Clarke the only threat to their safety currently is Clarke.

Later, Clarke is on Level 5 with the rest of the Delinquents, studying the map of Mount Weather before scrunching it up and throwing it away. She sees Sgt. Langston, the man with the radiation burns appear, however, he is already almost completely healed. She overhears that he still needs another treatment and decides to get back into Medical by re-opening her arm wound. After Clarke has been treated again for her wound, she gets up from her bed in Medical and begins to snoop around. She follows the tubing used for the radiation dialysis and discovers it leads into another room. She climbs through a vent in the wall and discovers Grounders hanging upside down with their blood being circulated through the Mountain Men. There are hundreds of cages in the room and locked away in one of them, she finds Anya.

Reapercussions 041 (Clarke)

Clarke in the mines

In Reapercussions, Clarke tries to help Anya out of her cage in the Harvest chamber in Mount Weather. After ripping off a pipe, Clarke manages to break the lock on Anya's cage. Dr. Lorelei Tsing walks in and Clarke is forced to hide inside the cage with Anya. The doctor observes the group of Grounders in cages before backing away and leaving the room. After the doctor leaves, Clarke helps Anya out of her cage and they go through a door marked "End Containment Area" that abruptly shuts behind them. An alarm goes off and the ground opens beneath them, dumping them into a mining cart filled with bodies. Clarke manages to get out of the cart and spots piles of clothing. She tells Anya to get dressed and that they need to escape. Anya tells Clarke that she will not leave her people behind. Clarke explains that the Mountain Men have guns and they need to find help to save both of their people. Anya tells her there is no "we" just as Reapers come down the tunnel. They jump back into the cart and pretend to be dead. The Reapers toss a couple more Grounder bodies on top of them before pushing the cart down the tracks. When the cart stops, one of the weakened Grounders is taken out and fed on. With the Reapers distracted, Clarke is quick to escape the cart. Anya remains behind, realizing that one of the Grounders is still alive. Anya takes the Grounder's head in her hands and says in Trigedasleng, "Yu gonplei ste odon" ("Your fight is over") before breaking his neck. Anya escapes the cart and the two flee.

In the Reaper tunnels, Clarke gets frustrated because they are in a maze. Anya asks what the Mountain Men were doing to her people. Clarke explains that they were using the Grounders' blood to heal the Mountain Men from radiation exposure. Anya starts to go back toward the Reapers and Clarke tries to stop her, telling her the best way out is to work together. While she is talking, Anya takes off and goes her own way, leaving Clarke to fend for herself. Clarke is soon surrounded by Mount Weather guards. As they're about to bring her back into Mount Weather, Anya attacks and Clarke realizes that if they rip off their masks, the Mountain Men are exposed to radiation. Clarke and Anya are able to get free and take off running as more Mountain Men chase after them. They arrive at the end of a tunnel that opens out into the side of Philpott Dam. Anya jumps off the dam and into the waters below. Clarke turns toward the Mountain Men and appears to be surrendering before she turns and takes a running jump off the ledge and over the dam into the water below. Anya pulls Clarke out of the water and waits for her to regain consciousness before telling Clarke that she is now Anya's prisoner. Anya then knocks Clarke over the head with a rock.

In Many Happy Returns, Anya has taken Clarke captive and is bringing her back as a prisoner when they are discovered by the Mountain Men who shoot tranquilizers at them. Clarke and Anya take off with Clarke grabbing one of the tranquilizer darts that missed them. They make their way through the woods, however, the Mountain Men are easily catching up to them. Anya blames Clarke for being loud and smelling too much and slathers her in mud to try to cover her scent. As the Mountain Men continue following them, Anya keeps blaming Clarke. Clarke realizes that they are not really following them; they are tracking them. She tells Anya to look for a bump under her skin and Anya finds one in her forearm. Clarke asks Anya to untie her so she can remove it for her but Anya ignores her and tears out the tracking device with her teeth. They continue wandering through the woods when Clarke jabs Anya with the tranquilizer dart, telling her that she can find her way home from there and Anya is now her prisoner.

Clarke manages to drag Anya back to the drop ship and spots the faded and unrecognizable writing on the side of the dropship with only her name clearly legible. Anya wakes up from the tranquilizer and the two engage in a bloody, brutal, long-lasting brawl until Clarke finally gets the upper hand. As she is about to kill Anya, she spots a glinting light far in the distance and sees a weather balloon high in the sky and realizes other Sky People are out there still. As Clarke and Anya approach Camp Jaha, Clarke tells Anya that their only chance against Mount Weather is if they fight together. Anya says the Commander was her Second and that she can get an audience. They part ways with Anya heading back to her people when a gunshot rings out and Anya falls over. Clarke runs to her side and tries to help Anya, however, Anya ends up dying.

Human Trials 023 (Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia)

Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia

In Human Trials, a filthy and injured Clarke is dragged away from a dead Anya and carried into Camp Jaha by the Ark Guards. Abigail Griffin quickly recognizes through the mud and blood but Major Byrne tries to stop her from talking to the "prisoner." Abby tells her it is her daughter and they are reunited after Clarke had thought she was dead. Abby and Eric Jackson then treat Clarke's injuries as Byrne questions her about Mount Weather. Clarke asks who else made it and Abby tells her that Finn and Bellamy and four others (Sterling, Murphy, Monroe, and Raven) made it.

Clarke wakes up after having been asleep for 10 hours and goes outside and sees Raven and they hug. Bellamy, Octavia, Monroe, and Mel arrive at Camp Jaha and Clarke runs to greet them, giving Bellamy and Octavia hugs. Bellamy tells her Finn is still out looking for her. Abby tells Clarke that Murphy and Finn are not a priority and they are not going after them. Bellamy is outraged that Abby would just abandon them now that she has Clarke back and offers to go on his own instead. She refuses to allow it and Jackson pulls Abby away to deal with an emergency in Medical. Clarke and Bellamy meet Raven at a section of the gate surrounding Camp Jaha. Octavia arrives and they gear up. Raven then has Wick shut down the electricity to that area of the fence and Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke head out into the woods to go after Finn and Murphy.

Later that night in the woods, Bellamy is keeping watch over the campfire while Clarke and Octavia sleep. Clarke wakes up and they discuss her closing the drop ship door with him telling her that it had to be done. He then tells her how Finn has not been the same since Clarke disappeared and he let Finn go with Murphy and two guns. Clarke tells him she was sure it had to be done, too. They discuss getting the Delinquents out of Mount Weather and Octavia wakes up and makes them include Lincoln in their mission. Octavia leads Clarke and Bellamy to the Abraham Lincoln statue near Lincoln's village. She breaks down and begins to cry as she tells Bellamy about how the Reapers took Lincoln and she couldn't save him. They then hear machine gun fire and race off toward the village, arriving to see Finn massacring the people of Tondc. It is only when Finn spots Clarke that he stops shooting. As Clarke and Bellamy approach, Finn tells Clarke, "I found you."

In Fog of War, two days after the massacre at Lincoln's village, Clarke and Bellamy are sitting outside in the bar area of Camp Jaha. They are reviewing Clarke's map of the tunnels through Mount Weather and are discussing an action plan to get the Delinquents out. Finn and Murphy approach and Clarke admits she hasn't talked to Finn since they got back. Bellamy leaves to get drinks and Finn asks about the Mount Weather plan. Murphy tells Clarke they were cleared because the pardon the delinquents received for being sent to Earth includes their time on the ground. Clarke still won't really talk to Finn so Finn leaves. Raven arrives and tells Murphy to leave before she reveals to Clarke that she figured out why they had not heard from any of the other Stations: Mount Weather has been jamming their signals. Major Byrne witnesses the conversation and tells Abigail Griffin. Later, while Raven is explaining to Clarke how Mount Weather has been jamming their signals and even crashed the Exodus drop ship that came down on Unity Day, Abby interrupts them and tries to stop them. Clarke and Raven convince Abby that they need to take down the radio tower on Mount Weather so they can find any other Ark survivors to help build their army. Abby tells Byrne to stay behind and guard the camp because Abby will be going with them to Mount Weather.

Clarke, Abby, Raven, and several other Sky People and Camp Jaha Guards are hiking to Mount Weather to take out the radio tower. Clarke and Abby discuss Finn's situation and how the Council cleared him. They then stop to survey Mount Weather and look for the radio tower. Abby realizes that Bellamy and Octavia have taken off on their own to find another way into Mount Weather. She sends Sgt. Scott and two other Ark Guards off to go find them. Finn volunteers to go after them, too, but Clarke stops him. Finn gets upset because of the way everyone is acting toward him since the massacre and storms off with Clarke following after. Acid Fog suddenly starts rolling toward them and Clarke and Finn take off for the bunker. When Clarke and Finn get to the bunker, Clarke sees Delano's corpse still sitting there. Finn covers it up. They discuss the awkwardness between them and Finn gives Clarke back her father's watch that had been around the dead Delano's neck. As the Acid Fog lifts, Clarke tells Finn that she doesn't know who he is anymore and he says that he doesn't either. Once Clarke and Abby meet back up at Camp Jaha, Abby tells Clarke that they decided against blowing the radio tower because they're not sure if there are any Ark survivors but they are sure that there are 47 Sky People trapped in Mount Weather. Just then, Jaha approaches and tells them he has a message from the Commander: "leave or die. We have two days."

In Long Into an Abyss, with the threat of the Grounders attacking in retaliation for the massacre in Tondc, Abigail Griffin tells everyone at Camp Jaha that yes, the Grounders have threatened them but they haven't made any decisions yet. Jaha tells everyone to pack and be ready to leave if they need to. He will lead them across the Dead Zone and to the City of Light. Clarke interrupts and asks about the Delinquents still trapped in Mount Weather. Abby tells everyone that no decision has been made yet and they should all report to their station supervisors. As the meeting is breaking up, Bellamy grabs Clarke and tells her she needs to bring a Med kit and go with him to the drop ship.

When Clarke arrives at the drop ship, she sees Octavia and a chained-up Lincoln who had been turned into a Reaper by Cage. Clarke inspects Lincoln and discovers needle marks on his neck. Lincoln manages to break free and begins attacking everyone until Octavia is able to knock him out again. After Lincoln has been restrained again, Clarke tries to remove the bullet from his leg where Octavia had shot him. Octavia tries to give Lincoln some water and he thrashes at her, upsetting her. She goes outside to get more water but returns with Nyko, Lincoln's friend, instead. Lincoln begins seizing and Nyko kneels down with a vial to give to Lincoln. As he's holding the medicine over Lincoln's lips, he says, Yu gonplei ste odon ("Your fight is over"). Clarke recognizes the words from when Anya had said them and stops him from mercy-killing Lincoln. Nyko tells her that death is the only way just as Finn appears to warn them that everyone in Camp Jaha is about to leave. When Nyko sees Finn, he attacks him and strangles him for slaughtering his village. Clarke uses an Ark Guard's stun stick to knock Nyko off Finn just as Octavia realizes that Lincoln has stopped breathing. Nyko watches in awe as Clarke gives Lincoln chest compressions and gets him breathing again. Clarke realizes that the Grounders have been trying to bring Reapers back but have never been able to do so and she can use that to her advantage to stop the attack. Clarke goes down to the second level of the drop ship where Finn has been waiting alone. Finn tells her that even if Lincoln lives, he won't be the same. Clarke tells Finn that both he and Lincoln are saveable.

PromoLexaThroneClarke 2x07

Clarke meets Lexa for the first time

In Camp Jaha, everyone is preparing to evacuate when Clarke arrives and tells Abby that she knows how to stop the Grounder threat. In the distance, lights start to appear in the darkness of the night and everyone realizes the Grounder army has arrived. Abby then decides to head back to the drop ship to save Lincoln while Clarke goes to talk to the Commander. Clarke approaches the Grounder camp outside Camp Jaha and is stopped by Gustus who warns her he'll slit her throat at the slightest provocation. Clarke enters the Commander's tent and meets Commander Lexa who is seated on a throne with Indra on one side. Clarke tells Lexa about Mount Weather and about how she and Anya escaped together and presents Lexa with a braid from Anya's hair. Clarke lies that they can turn the Reapers back into Grounders because she has done it with Lincoln. Lexa demands Clarke to prove it.

Clarke leads Lexa and her Guard through the carnage outside the drop ship while Abby is trying to get Lincoln breathing again. Abby finally gives up and says that Lincoln is gone but Octavia refuses to believe her and continues chest compressions. Clarke and everyone else enters the drop ship at that moment and they are at a standstill with everyone going for their weapons. Abby picks up the shock baton and holds it in front of her before using it as a defibrillator on Lincoln, shocking him twice before he starts breathing again, much to the Grounders' surprise and the Sky Peoples' relief. Later, back in Lexa's tent outside Camp Jaha, Lexa tells Clarke that she is willing to have a truce as soon as Finn dies.

Spacewalker 092 (Clarke and Finn)

Clarke saying goodbye to Finn one last time

In Spacewalker, Clarke arrives at Camp Jaha after speaking with Lexa, the Grounder Commander, who has ordered Finn's death for the massacre of Tondc before their truce with the Sky People can begin. Most of the Sky People want to give Finn up to the Grounders, especially because he wasted three months of oxygen on The Ark for the spacewalk that got him imprisoned. Clarke blames Murphy for what happened at Tondc even though Murphy had tried to stop Finn. He tells Clarke to blame herself since Finn was looking for her. Clarke visits with Lincoln who is recovering from being a Reaper. Abigail Griffin asks Lincoln how to negotiate with Lexa in order to save Finn but he says there is no way out of it and Finn must die. Octavia asks what would happen to him and Lincoln tells them that because Finn killed 18, he will suffer 18 deaths as a result. Clarke asks how he can say that about his friend and Lincoln tells Clarke that some of the dead Finn had massacred were Lincoln's friends, too.

Clarke finds Finn gathering supplies to leave. He tells her he is in love with her and he has done everything to keep her safe. He asks her to forgive him and Clarke asks him not to leave. They then hear the Grounders chanting loudly, Jus drein jus daun! ("Blood must have blood!"). Clarke and Finn leave Camp Jaha and are headed to the drop ship when they are attacked by a Grounder who knocks Clarke out. Finn pulls a gun on the Grounder and begs the Grounder to leave so Finn doesn't have to shoot him. Finn arrives at the drop ship, carrying an unconscious Clarke. Bellamy and Murphy take care of Clarke while Raven tries to comfort Finn. Clarke wakes up and Finn tells her he thought she was dead because of him. Clarke tells him he is not defined by the things he has done. Bellamy shouts a warning to them that the Grounders have arrived and they're surrounded. Raven wants to give up Murphy instead of Finn because Murphy was also at the village. Finn steps between Raven and Murphy and tells them they need to stay and defend the drop ship. He instructs Murphy to go upstairs and watch the back while he takes the lower level of the drop shop and Bellamy, Raven, and Clarke will take the front gate. Finn then climbs out the bottom of the drop ship and Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy watche the front gate as they witness Finn step out in front of them and surrender himself to the Grounders.

Back at Camp Jaha, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and the rest of the Sky People watch as the Grounders start setting up for Finn's execution. Abby says there is nothing to be done. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy then meet up at Raven's Gate where Raven gives Clarke a knife so Clarke can kill Lexa because Raven owes Finn her life. Clarke approaches Lexa's tent and Indra stops her with a spear. Clarke presses against the spear, drawing blood. Lexa tells Indra to let Clarke through. Clarke begs Lexa to show how powerful she is by having mercy and that Finn killed those people for her. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn will die for her, then. Clarke asks if she can say goodbye and Lexa allowed her to. Clarke walks over to Finn and hugs him, telling him she loves him and that he will be okay. He says, "Thanks, Princess" and she steps away from him to reveal that she had killed him with the knife Raven gave her. Lexa tells her warriors that it is done and keeps them from attacking. Raven screams and crumples in hysterical grief while Bellamy catches her and holds onto her.

In Remember Me, Clarke is alone in Lexa's tent as she tries to scrub Finn's blood off her hands after having mercy-killed him. Abigail Griffin enters and hugs Clarke as she cries. Marcus Kane enters with Gustus behind him. Gustus tells Clarke the Commander is ready to talk. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn's body will be given to the people of Tondc since Clarke denied them their justice. Kane and Abby get into a disagreement with Indra over this but Clarke agrees to it. She says once it is done, they will then talk about getting all of their people, both Sky People and Grounders, out of Mount Weather. Clarke tells Abby that if the truce does not hold, then she killed Finn for nothing and walks away. Abby tells Kane that the Grounders are being led by a child and he tells her, "so are we." Clarke approaches Raven who is kneeling over Finn's body and tells Raven she is leaving with the Grounders and Raven needs to work on the radio. Raven tells Clarke she is coming, too and will bring the radio. Clarke then gestures to the Grounders to take Finn's body away. As they are doing so, Clarke sees Finn's eyes open and stare at her.

On the walk from Camp Jaha to Tondc, Clarke sees Finn standing in the woods off the side of the road. Bellamy asks if she is doing all right and tells her she did the right thing. Bellamy then tells her they are wasting time and what they really need is an inside man in Mount Weather. Clarke tells him she does not want him to go because she cannot lose him, too. While camping for the night, Clarke places her bedroll on the side of the Grounders. Bellamy tells her it is safer on their side but Clarke says they need to trust the Grounders. Bellamy places his stuff down on the Grounder side as well. After Clarke has fallen asleep, she is startled awake by the feel of Finn's of eyes watching her. She starts to turn around but doesn't. When they arrive at Tondc, everyone has to disarm before entering. Raven stubbornly forces Gustus to search her and disarm her. As they enter the village, Grounders shout at the Sky People, calling them murderers. One man stands in their way because he lost both his wife and child. Gustus fights the man and is about to kill him when Clarke begs Lexa to stop him so the Sky People will not get blamed. Lexa calls it off and announces to everyone that if anyone tries to stop the alliance, they will pay with their life.

During the funeral, Lexa gives a eulogy for the dead. She then passes the torch to Clarke who steps up and as she lights the pyre guided by Finn's hand, she says, Yu gonplei ste odon ("Your fight is over"), much to Indra's and Nyko's surprise. Clarke and Lexa then stand over the ashes of the funeral pyre as Lexa tells Clarke about Costia who was captured by the Ice Queen because she belonged to Lexa. They tortured her and cut off her head because they thought she might know Lexa's secrets. She got over the pain by recognizing that love is weakness. If Clarke does not do the same, then she puts the people she cares about in danger and the pain will never go away.

Later, at the Alliance banquet, Kane brings forth some liquor to share. Clarke and Lexa both take a goblet but Gustus stops Lexa and takes a sip first before giving it back to her. As they toast and are about to take a sip, Gustus falls over from having been poisoned. The Sky People are searched and they find the poison on Raven. She claims it is not hers and that Gustus put it there when he searched her. Lexa commands for all of the Sky People to be locked up. Clarke asks Raven if she really had tried to poison Lexa and Raven punches Clarke in the face. Clarke sees Finn standing behind Raven and begins talking to him. Abby tells Clarke she knows how she feels and Clarke does not like the comparison between Finn's death and her dad's death but she realizes they are the same. Kane goes over to talk to Clarke and tells her that they need to figure out who would want Lexa dead. They come to the conclusion that the prisoner had to be someone who was trying to break the alliance. Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. Indra tells them that Lexa is merciful and only wants Raven to die. The rest of them are free and they should run. Raven is then tied up outside to a pole where Lexa and Indra begin the "Death by a 1000 Cuts." Clarke remains seated in the alliance hall and sees Finn appear. He points to the goblet on the ground, making Clarke realize the poison was not in the bottle; it was in the cup. She runs outside and asks Nyko for the bottle and drinks from it, showing it was not poisoned. Bellamy realizes that it was Gustus who poisoned the cup because he was trying to protect Lexa from the alliance. Lexa commands Gustus to be tied up in Raven's place. That night, Raven gets the radio signal from Mount Weather and hears Jasper's message. Clarke tells Bellamy he was right and that they need an inside man. She tells him she was being weak and it is worth the risk for him to go. Clarke sees Finn again and tells him, "love is weakness," and he turns and walks away. Abby approaches Clarke to gives her ashes from the fire to say goodbye and Clarke tells Abby that she already said goodbye.

In Survival of the Fittest, Clarke is back in Tondc, planning with Lexa and her leaders a way to get both of their people out of Mount Weather. Quint gets argumentative with Clarke before storming off saying he can't be in an alliance with the Sky People. Lexa tells Clarke that waiting for Bellamy to get into Mount Weather is a prayer, not a plan. Clarke excuses herself for some fresh air and Major Byrne follows after. Clarke is wandering around outside when she spots Quint tracking her. He starts to taunt her and shoots arrows at her as she runs. Clarke pauses while running from Quint and sees Byrne whose arm has been ripped off. Byrne tells Clarke to save herself. Clarke begins running through the woods before she is again attacked by Quint. Lexa comes up and tells Clarke she can kill Quint when they hear a loud roar. Lexa says it's "Pauna" and slices Quint's leg while telling Clarke to run. The Pauna attacks Quint while Clarke, Lexa, and her guard look for a place to hide.

Survival of the Fittest 046 (Clarke and Lexa)

Clarke and Lexa defend themselves from Pauna

They quickly realize their hiding place is actually the feeding ground of the Pauna (a giant mutant gorilla) when she leaps over and attacks their guard. Clarke shoots at the Pauna but the bullets don't stop her and she chases after Clarke and Lexa, causing Lexa to injure herself. The Pauna grabs hold of Lexa but Clarke refuses to leave Lexa behind, saving her life even as they trap themselves into a room. Lexa tells Clarke that she is being weak by helping her escape the Pauna. Clarke tells Lexa that she needs her because she is smart. The Pauna finds them and begins beating against the door. Clarke has Lexa stand on one side of the door while they let the Pauna charge in and then race out the door, shutting it behind them and trapping the Pauna in the room. Later, Clarke awakens next to a campfire to find Lexa watching over her in the woods. The Pauna is still trapped and they are safe as long as the cage holds. This gives Clarke the idea of using all the caged Grounders trapped in Mount Weather as an army as long as Bellamy can get inside and release them.

Coup de Grace 019 (Clarke)

Clarke finds out she is the target of an assassination attempt

In Coup de Grâce, in the woods, two Mountain Men are hidden from sight as they watch Clarke riding with Abby and several Grounders on their way from Tondc back to Camp Jaha. One of them has his sniper rifle trained on Clarke just as the group stops. Abby tries to get Clarke to drink some puddle water but Clarke refuses, telling her she needs to get back to the radio to see if Bellamy has contacted them yet. As they are mounting up, Carl Emerson, one of the Mountain Men, tells the other one he has a shot. Just then, the sniper is hit by an arrow and the bullet misses Clarke, hitting a Grounder behind her instead. Indra and Octavia have found the Mountain Men. Octavia fights Emerson, tearing his radiation suit. Indra tells her to "finish it" just as Clarke rides up and stops her, telling Octavia they want to keep him alive and to check for a patch kit for his suit. Octavia digs through Emerson's bag and finds a picture of Clarke and Lexa on horseback, the intended targets. Indra sends a rider to go warn Lexa of the attempted assassination.

Back at Camp Jaha, Abby is trying to help the Grounder who was shot by the Mountain Men. Eric Jackson is helping Clarke with Emerson when Raven says she can hook up scrubbers to the airlock to make it safe to take off Emerson's protective outerwear. The Grounder ends up dying and Indra tells him, Yu gonplei ste odon ("Your fight is over") as she cuts a braid out of his hair. Clarke tells Abby to let her know when Emerson wakes up. After Emerson wakes up, Kane begins interrogating him but all Emerson will reply back is with his name and rank. Kane threatens to open the door to get Emerson to talk. Clarke tells Kane that torture doesn't work. Kane storms off and Abby puts Emerson under 24-hour guard.

Clarke joins Raven at the radio to see if Bellamy has checked in yet. Octavia enters and asks if there is any word from Bellamy and that Lincoln is still missing, too. Clarke tells her and Raven that Bellamy will get in. A PA announcement requests Clarke's presence at the airlock so Clarke leaves to deal with Emerson. Abby is waiting for Clarke and Kane and tells them that Eric Jackson found genetic anomalies in Emerson's blood that could have only come from a Sky Person. Clarke wants to kill him but Abby tells Clarke she is not in charge. Clarke leaves and tells Raven that Mount Weather has already started bleeding the Delinquents and that it is over. Raven tells Clarke she is not allowed to give up and it is her job to come up with something. Just then, Bellamy's voice rings through on the radio, asking if anyone can hear him. Clarke picks up the radio and Bellamy tells her that the Delinquents have been locked up and that things are going to get ugly. He tells her that they need a plan that doesn't kill everyone because there are kids in there. Clarke tells Bellamy that he needs to turn off the Acid Fog and free the imprisoned Grounders. Bellamy asks Clarke to buy him some time so they won't discover him inside the mountain just yet.

Coup de Grace 092 (Clarke, Indra, and Octavia)

Clarke, Octavia, and Indra free Emerson

Clarke brings Octavia, Indra, and several other Grounders with her to Emerson's airlock where Clarke makes the guard stand down and tells Emerson to get dressed. They take him outside and bring him to the gates where Kane and Abby try to stop her. Abby tells the Ark Guards to get the prisoner back inside but the Grounders behind Clarke step up threateningly. Clarke tells Abby, "you may be the Chancellor, but I'm in charge," and refuses to back down. Kane tells Abby that it's time they started trusting Clarke. Abby finally gives the order to stand down to the Ark Guards and Clarke makes her way through with Emerson. She tells Emerson to deliver a message to Mount Weather and that they have a secret Grounder army that the Acid Fog cannot hurt. With the tone generator they got off of Emerson, the Reapers can't hurt them either. Mount Weather has one last chance to let the Delinquents go and the Sky People will let them live. Clarke then releases air from Emerson's oxygen tank and tells him he has to make the eight-hour walk back to Mount Weather in six hours. Octavia asks how this will help Clarke and Bellamy tells her that it will make them look outside for this secret army instead of inside where they might find Bellamy and that Bellamy is the key to everything.

In Rubicon, at Camp Jaha, Clarke asks Raven if Bellamy has checked in yet. She is worried because he is late. Clarke sees that Raven has been working on plans for the dam and asks her how many tone generators have been created to stave off the Reapers. She gets upset when Raven tells her they only have two so far. Bellamy comes in over the radio and Clarke scolds him for being late. Bellamy tells Clarke about how the Delinquents are being taken away one at a time. Clarke tells Bellamy to find the missing Delinquents and leaves to tell Kane that she is no longer going to Tondc so he needs to go instead. Abby enters and Kane suggests that maybe the Chancellor should go to Tondc instead but Clarke says Abby is needed at Camp Jaha.

In Mount Weather, Bellamy is crawling through the air vents trying to find the missing Delinquents. He hears the sound of drilling and heads down a duct toward the noise and witnesses Dr. Lorelei Tsing drilling into the now-dead Delinquent she had chosen earlier and extracting bone marrow to give to Emerson. Cage Wallace asks Emerson about Clarke and Emerson gives him the message that they're supposed to release the Delinquents. Cage then tells Emerson that it doesn't matter because tonight, he's going to drop a missile on Tondc where all of their leaders are meeting. Bellamy asks Clarke if she heard everything through his earpiece and she tells Raven she is leaving for Tondc. Bellamy asks after Octavia and Clarke lies that she is not in Tondc anymore. Raven gives Clarke a hug goodbye.

Clarke rides into Tondc and is greeted by Octavia. She tells Octavia to take her to Lexa and Octavia asks what is wrong. In the woods outside Tondc, a Mountain Man (Whitman) reports back to Mount Weather that Clarke has arrived. Clarke and Lexa go someplace private and Clarke tells Lexa about the missile headed for Tondc. Lexa tells Clarke that they can't tell anyone about the missile because then Mount Weather will know they were warned ahead of time. Clarke wants to warn everyone but Lexa tells her that if she really did, then she would have done so before telling Lexa about the missile. Clarke and Lexa then leave. As they are sneaking out of Tondc, Clarke hesitates and tells Lexa they should find the spotter. She suddenly sees her mom in Tondc and goes back for her. Clarke gets Abby to leave with her while Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing. The missile lands on Tondc causing a massive explosion that knocks Clarke and Abby off their feet. Clarke's ears are ringing as she checks on her mom, telling her they have to go. Abby realizes that Clarke knew about the missile ahead of time and can't believe that Clarke would let it happen. She begs Clarke to tell her it was Lexa and it wasn't Clarke who did it, telling her she crossed a line but her secret is safe. Abby leaves in disgust and sadness and heads back into Tondc.

In Resurrection, Clarke witnesses the aftermath of the bombing in Tondc. A horse races past her, its mane and tail on fire. A woman stumbles out, holding her own amputated arm. Lexa grabs Clarke and shakes her to attention, telling her, "victory stands on the back of sacrifice." Clarke states that she wants all of the Mountain Men dead. Clarke tells Lexa that the spotter is the one who is shooting at the survivors and that she's going to find him and kill him. They begin hiking around Tondc as they look for the sniper, Whitman. Lexa keeps trying to convince Clarke that she did the right thing. They hear a noise ahead of them and run into Lincoln who is also going after the sniper.

Resurrection 007 (Clarke)

Clarke and Lexa look for the sniper

Lincoln is shocked to see both Clarke and Lexa are safe and not in Tondc. He goes with them as they search for the sniper. They start looking for Whitman on higher ground but he spots them first and fires at them. Clarke draws his fire while Lincoln sneaks up on him and attacks Whitman. The sniper uses a tone generator to incapacitate him and holds Lincoln hostage with a knife while pointing a gun at Clarke. Lincoln tells Clarke to let Whitman kill him and then shoot Whitman because her people need her. Clarke replies, "You are my people," and kills the sniper in one shot through Lincoln's shoulder.

Lincoln returns with Clarke and Lexa and reunites with Octavia. Lexa starts to give a speech about making the Mountain fall and avenging the dead when Abby interrupts and tells them there are still others who need saving and to get back to work. Clarke walks up to Octavia and Octavia tells her she's glad she's not dead to which Clarke replies, "you, too." Clarke then tells Abby she needs to go back to Camp Jaha with the wounded but Clarke will be marching on Mount Weather because the sniper wasn't wearing a hazmat suit which means they're killing the Delinquents. Abby asks her to not forget that they are the good guys. Clarke and Lexa then leave for Mount Weather with Octavia, Lincoln, Indra, and the rest of their army.

PromoOctaviaClarke 2x14

Octavia confronts Clarke about Tondc

In Bodyguard of Lies, in the Grounder camp outside Mount Weather, Clarke is stressing over the battle plans and Lexa tells her she should rest because she is wasting her energy. Clarke worries over whether or not Bellamy will be successful and Lexa tells her that's what it means to be a leader. Lexa tells her she was born to be a leader, just like her. Later outside, Clarke approaches Octavia across from a campfire. Octavia confronts Clarke about the bombing of Tondc and asks Clarke to tell her she didn't know it was coming. Clarke tells her she did it to save Bellamy and Octavia tells her that Bellamy would have never agreed to it and would have found another way. Clarke tells Octavia she cannot tell anyone and Octavia says she knows; the alliance would break. They are then interrupted by Lexa and Ryder, one of her warriors. Ryder tells Octavia to go relieve the southernmost guard position. Octavia tells them Indra expects her to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln. Ryder tells her that Indra will join her there shortly and Octavia walks off. Clarke tells Lexa that Octavia won't say anything and Lexa says she can't be sure of that. After Clarke leaves, Lexa tells Ryder to kill Octavia.

Clarke spots Indra seated near a fire and asks her why she is not on watch with Octavia. Indra tells her she doesn't stand watch and Clarke then asks where Octavia is. Indra tells her that she is with Lincoln, scouting as planned. Clarke then heads off to find Octavia and spots Ryder with an arrow aimed at Octavia. Clarke points her gun at his head and tells him to stand down and come with her and she leads him away from Octavia. Clarke brings Ryder back to Lexa and tells her that Octavia is not a problem. Lexa tells Ryder to stand down and sends him away. Clarke tells Lexa she can't kill anyone she doesn't trust. Lexa says yes, she can. She calls Octavia a threat and Clarke tells her that Octavia wouldn't ever endanger her brother's life. She then tells Lexa that she's a liar and really does have feelings, about Gustus, about Costia, and about the people who burned in Tondc. Lexa tells Clarke that she didn't let her burn. Clarke asks for Lexa to trust her that Octavia is not a threat and then warns Lexa that if she does anything to Octavia, Clarke will tell everyone about the missile.

PromoLexaClarke 2x14

Clarke and Lexa see the flare

Later, Lexa summons Clarke to her tent to tell her that Octavia has nothing to fear from Lexa because Lexa trusts Clarke. Lexa tells her that their ways may be harsh but it is how they survive. Clarke asks if maybe they deserve more out of life than just surviving and Lexa kisses Clarke. Clarke returns the kiss before breaking away, telling Lexa that she is not ready to be with anyone. The Grounders then raise the alert that a flare has been spotted and they prepare for battle. Lexa tells them to sound the horn and announces they are going to war.

As the Grounder Army marches on Mount Weather, Octavia is with Indra and the other Grounders when Clarke walks up and tries to assign Octavia to the Rear Guard where she'll be safe. Octavia tells her she does not take orders from Clarke; she takes them from Indra. She then breaks off their friendship. Indra tells Clarke Lexa is looking for her and Clarke takes off. Indra and Octavia then discuss the Tondc bombing and Indra tells Octavia that Clarke and Lexa didn't do anything; it was the Mountain Men. They then sound the battle cry as they continue their march.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Clarke and Lexa are in their Command Post tent with their military leaders when Monroe and Sgt. Miller arrive and Sgt. Miller gives her a package of hydrazine from Raven. Abby is not there because she stayed behind to help the wounded from the bombing in Tondc. Clarke and Lexa then begin to discuss the action plan and Clarke makes it clear that it is supposed to be a rescue mission and that they do not want to wipe out the Mountain Men. Clarke explains how there are four teams: one at the dam (Raven and Wick), one in the mines (Indra and Octavia), one inside the mountain (Bellamy and the caged Grounders), and Clarke's team who will take the front door. Clarke has found out from Maya Vie that the main door has a flaw if the power goes out. Raven and Wick will take out the power coming from the dam, causing a one-minute delay before the backup generator kicks in. This gives them one minute to blow the lock on the door. The reason they don't also want to blow the backup generator is because it would leave the Mountain Men without power for too long, killing them all. Clarke then admits that they've lost contact with Bellamy after he blew up the Acid Fog machine. She goes on to tell them that once they get the door open, they will be under heavy fire from Mount Weather and that's what they want. While they're distracting the Mount Weather Guards, Indra and Octavia will be getting the Grounders and Delinquents out the back door and through the Reaper tunnels. Lexa then gives an encouraging speech, ending in the chant of Jus drein, jus daun ("Blood must have blood") and all of the Grounders chant after her.

At Mount Weather's front door, Monroe drills a hole into it so Sgt. Miller can insert the hydrazine bomb to blow the lock. Lincoln follows him to provide protection in case any of the Mountain Men try taking any shots. Sgt. Miller's hands start to shake as he tries to insert the bomb and Lincoln tells him to do it for his son. Sgt. Miller replies that the Mountain has taken enough from both of them and steadily inserts the bomb. Clarke and Lexa then wait for the power to go out. Lexa invites Clarke to their Capitol, Polis, telling her it will make her change the way she thinks about the Grounders. Clarke tells Lexa that she already has. They soon hear gunfire coming from the dam and get ready to blow the door.

In Mount Weather, the power goes out all over the place and Cage Wallace tells Emerson over radio to start the clock for one minute. Emerson tells Cage he's not letting them get near the door. When the light over the door goes off, Sgt. Miller tells Clarke they have one minute to blow the lock. Clarke and Lexa hold the trigger and press the button together but nothing happens. Clarke realizes that Mount Weather is jamming the trigger signal and says she has to get closer. As she starts to approach the door, gunfire rains down from above and Lincoln grabs her to safety. Emerson and his men shoot at them from the ridge above the door, preventing them from getting close to the door. A group of Grounders create a shield to take Sgt. Miller to the door so he can trigger it manually. They are all shot down before they can make it. They only have a few seconds left when Lincoln comes up with the idea to use a flaming arrow to trigger the bomb on the door. He makes the shot with only a second to spare and the lock is blown. Lexa tells Lincoln to remain with Clarke while she takes a group up the ridge to take down Emerson's contingent so they can work on getting the door open. After the shooting has stopped. Monroe notices that Sgt. Miller is still alive underneath the Grounder shields and helps him. Lincoln then commands the other Grounders to start hooking lines onto the door so they can pull it open. As the door creaks open, Clarke gives the command to attack just as Lexa interrupts, telling them all to stand down.

PromoClarkeLincoln 2x15

Clarke and Lincoln

Lexa arrives from the ridge, towing Emerson along just as through the open door, harvested Grounders start stumbling out. Clarke asks if that means they surrendered and Emerson says, "not quite." Clarke asks Lexa what she did and Lexa tells her she saved her people but Clarke's people were not part of the deal. Emerson then heads back inside Mount Weather as Echo and the last of the Grounders are released. Lincoln asks Clarke what is going on and Clarke tells him what Lexa did. Lexa tells Lincoln the deal is done and orders the retreat to be sounded. Lincoln refuses to retreat and Lexa has him restrained. She then turns to Clarke and says, "may we meet again," before leaving with her army. Sgt. Miller, Monroe, and the rest of the Sky People tell Clarke it's time to go back to Camp Jaha to get reinforcements but Clarke refuses to leave, saying, "it can't be over," as she stands alone in front of the main door.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), down in the mines underneath Mount Weather, Octavia is waiting by herself for Bellamy to open the intake door. An alarm sounds and a body is dropped down a chute into a mining cart. Octavia sees Fox, dead from bone marrow drilling. Clarke comes running up, telling Octavia that Lexa and the Grounder army has left. Clarke and Octavia then get in a fight because Clarke is desperate to get into Mount Weather and will bring unwanted attention on them. Suddenly, the door opens and Bellamy appears with Monty, Jasper, and Maya and everybody hugs. Clarke asks Bellamy if he has a plan and he tells her no, but they can speak to Dante Wallace. Maya's oxygen tank beeps, warning her she is running low on oxygen. They split up with Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty going after Dante and Octavia going with Jasper and Maya to get her to Level 5 before she runs out of oxygen. In Dante's room in Mount Weather Quarantine, Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty come to him for help. Dante tells them that there is no one in the Command Center watching because everyone is trapped on Level 5. Clarke explains how they did everything they could to keep the Mountain Men safe and he needs to help them. Dante refuses to help but they take him with them anyway to the Command Center. Monty breaks them into the Command Center as Dante tells Clarke that he is not with his people because it is his responsibility to "bear it so they don't have to." Bellamy realizes that it was Dante who set up the alliance with Lexa.

Once in the Command Center, Clarke spots Emerson in the Mess Hall. She calls him over the radio and tells him to give the radio to Cage Wallace. Clarke tells Cage she has his father and tells him she'll kill Dante if he doesn't let her people go. Dante tells Cage to "stay the course" and Clarke raises up her gun and aims it at Dante. Cage tells his dad he will take care of their people and Clarke shoots Dante dead. Clarke then tells Cage she will not stop until her people are free and will irradiate Level 5 if he does not let them go. Clarke tells Monty to get it set up so they can irradiate Level 5 if they have to. Bellamy warns Clarke there is no going back if they do this. Jasper is walking over to kill Cage while Abby is unconscious on the table. Bellamy watches as Octavia and Maya get caught in the Mess Hall. Clarke reaches for the lever and Bellamy places his hand on top of hers, saying, "together," and they pull the lever. Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty then walk through the Mess Hall and past all of the deceased residents of Mount Weather. Clarke is reunited with her mother in the dorm and tells her she tried to be the good guy. Abby tells her, "maybe there are no good guys."

Bellamy and Clarke (Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2)

Clarke says goodbye to Bellamy

The next day, the Sky People return to Camp Jaha. Bellamy watches at the gate as Monty gives Clarke a hug before entering Camp Jaha. Clarke tells Bellamy to have a drink for her and Bellamy realizes she is leaving. He tells her, "if you need forgiveness, I'll give you that. You're forgiven." She tells him, "I bear it so they don't have to," before hugging him and kissing him on the cheek in goodbye, telling him, "may we meet again." As Bellamy turns back to Camp Jaha, he replies, "may we meet again."


Clarke and Niylah

In Wanheda (Part 1), Clarke is seen with a knife hiding at the top of a tree, preparing to attack and kill a black panther. She jumps from the tree and onto the panther, only to be thrown aside and clawed on the back of her shoulder. After a brief struggle, she manages to kill the animal right after muttering, "Yu gonplei ste odon" to it. Clarke later brings her kill to a trading post where Niylah is working at. The two seem to know each other as Niylah remarks that Clarke always comes right after her father leaves. When complimented on her kill, Clarke asks for the "usual supplies" and says she's in a hurry. Niylah gives Clarke's meat back from one of her previous kills after preparing it. Niylah assures Clarke that she owes her, so she allows Clarke to choose something at the trading post that she likes. At the moment, Roan and his fellow Grounders come into the trading post, looking for Clarke, also known as Wanheda. Clarke pretends to look at a blanket until Niylah lies for her, telling Roan that she left a couple of days ago. Roan then leaves but Niylah tells Clarke she should wait until he and his men clear out. Later on, Clarke allows Niylah to wash her wound. Niylah asks Clarke to tell her about the Mountain, but Clarke just simply says that she did what she had to do. Niylah admits that her mother was taken by the Mountain Men and praises Clarke for ending the reaping. Clarke asks Niylah to stop talking, and she obeys with a hurt expression on her face. However, Clarke reassures Niylah that she didn't mean it like that. The two share a kiss and end up sleeping together. Waking in the middle of the night, Clarke sneaks off when Niylah is sleeping. Once outside, Roan appears and takes Clarke hostage.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Roan is transporting Clarke along a riverbank when Clarke seems to pass out. Roan goes to the river to refill his water when Clarke attacks him from behind and tackles him into the river. She holds his head under water until he falls still, thinking he is unconscious. Roan takes his advantage and holds Clarke's head under water until she stops struggling. Clarke comes back up with the red berries rinsed from her hair to see that Roan's face has also been cleaned, revealing Ice Nation scars upon his face.


Clarke and Roan

In a vast field, Roan orders Clarke to be quiet as three Ice Nation scouts draw closer to where they are hiding. Clarke starts screaming through her gag and Roan tells her their deaths are on her as he puts a sack over her head. Roan approaches the scouts and tells them he has Wanheda to bring to their queen. One of the scouts removes the sack from her head to verify it is her and they discuss taking the Wanheda for themselves. Clarke starts running with one of the scouts chasing after her while Roan fights and quickly dispatches the other two, grabbing a bow and arrow along the way. He shoots the third scout in the back, causing him to collapse on top of Clarke. As Roan goes to retrieve Clarke, she sneaks a weapon from the dead scout and stabs him in the stomach with it but he quickly subdues her.

Roan takes Clarke to an abandoned subway station and warns her that if she screams this time, they will both be dead. He ties her up in the station and heats a blade over the fire. He takes off his shirt to treat his wound, showing impressive scars across his back. Clarke asks why he is hiding from his people and he asks her why she ran away from hers. He cauterizes the wound on his side and walks over to Clarke with the heated blade. He calls her "the Great Wanheda, Mountain Slayer." She asks him why he is taking her to the Ice Nation when he isn't loyal to them and her people will offer him more. He tells her that he was banished and she is the way back to his people. Bellamy arrives at the subway station and finds Clarke tied up. They are briefly reunited before Roan has him pinned to the ground and is about to kill him when Clarke pleads for his life and promises Roan she will cooperate if he lets Bellamy live. Roan stabs Bellamy in the leg so he can't follow after them and takes off with Clarke again, leaving Bellamy behind.

Wanhead 2 - Clarke, Lexa & Roan

Clarke, Lexa and Roan

Roan brings Clarke into a room with a bag over her head. The bag is removed, revealing Lexa seated on a throne with Indra and Titus flanking her. Roan tells Lexa to lift his banishment as payment on the bounty. Lexa tells him his mother's army is marching on Polis and she will honor the deal when Roan's queen honors her coalition. She commands "Prince Roan of Azgeda" to be locked away and orders Indra and Titus out. Lexa's two guards help Clarke to her feet as Lexa removes the gag from Clarke's mouth and apologizes for the kidnapping but she had to keep Clarke out of the Ice Queen's hands because she needs her. Clarke spits in Lexa's face and starts screaming, calling her a bitch and threatening to kill Lexa as the guards drag her away.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Clarke overlooks Polis from her prison cell in the tower. Lexa enters and tells her she has allowed Clarke to refuse to see her for a week but she is holding a summit at sundown with the Skaikru and will be returning Clarke to her people. She tells Clarke she saved her and Clarke gets angry about Lexa leaving her at Mount Weather, saying the difference between them is that Lexa had no honor and Clarke had no choice. Lexa tells her she wants the Skaikru to become her people and join the Coalition as the thirteenth clan. If Clarke bows before Lexa, the Skaikru will be safe. Clarke tells her to kill her for the power of Wanheda and refuses to ever bow before Lexa.

Clarke is approached by Roan, who is also being kept prisoner by the Commander. Roan tells Clarke that Lexa broke the deal with him by not lifting his banishment when he delivered Clarke to her and now he wants to strike a deal with Clarke. He bought off some of the guards and has left a knife under Clarke's bed to kill Lexa and with Lexa dead, the Ice Queen will become ruler of the Coalition. Clarke says she sounds worse than Lexa but Roan tells her it is because she only has heard Lexa's side of it.

Clarke sits in her room, contemplating the knife Roan left behind for her. Lexa enters and Clarke whirls around, pressing the knife to Lexa's throat. Neither move for a moment before Lexa apologizes. Clarke drops the knife in defeat. Lexa tells Clarke she is free to go and will be escorted to her mother. Clarke tells Lexa she has a better idea.


Clarke threatens Lexa

Kane and Abby are in Lexa's bedroom, waiting for her to arrive. The door opens behind them and Clarke walks in. Abby is overjoyed to see her and hugs her. Clarke gets down to business and tells them the terms of the summit have changed because of the Ice Nation. They are no longer there for a treaty but to join the Coalition to avoid a war. Abby refuses and Clarke calls it their new Unity Day where the Sky People can either be the thirteenth station or the thirteenth clan. Abby asks Kane's advice and he agrees with Clarke.

At sundown, the summit begins with the Grounder Anthem as Clarke strides into the throne room and takes a stand before Lexa. Clarke pauses in front of Lexa before dropping down on one knee and bowing to her. Roan is the first to bow to Lexa after Clarke and the rest of the people follow suit with Kane and Abby and the rest of the Skaikru as the last kneel. Lexa orders everyone to rise and welcomes the Skaikru and Clarke to the summit. She tells the rest of the clans she is initiating them into the Coalition and the leader of the Skaikru will bear the mark. Abby passes the leadership over to Kane and he offers his forearm to be branded with the mark of the Coalition.

Octavia, Bellamy, and Pike warn everyone the summit is a trap. Ivon, the Ice Nation representative, accuses Skaikru.Octavia realizes Echo is no longer with them. Bellamy realizes Echo betrayed them. Raven comes across the radio and tells them that the Grounders attacked Mount Weather. Ivon tells them that is what they get for moving their people back into Mount Weather and the Ice Nation did what Lexa was too weak to do. Lexa declares war and orders the Ice Nation delegation along with Prince Roan to be arrested. Abby worries that Arkadia might be under attack next and Lexa commands them to go. Indra offers to escort them. Bellamy tells Clarke they need to leave while Lexa offers Clarke protection if she remains as Skaikru ambassador. Clarke tells them she is staying to make sure Lexa keeps her word. Bellamy warns Clarke that Lexa will always put her people first and tells her to come home but Clarke apologizes and stays.

Titus leaves Clarke and Lexa alone in the summit room. Clarke questions how the Ice Nation got the launch codes. Lexa thanks her for staying. Clarke tells her she stayed for her people and Lexa had better not betray her again. Lexa tells her she won't and then kneels before Clarke, swearing fealty to Clarke. Clarke offers her hand and helps Lexa rise back to her feet.

In Watch the Thrones, Clarke is first seen in the throne room as one of the Ambassadors of the Coalition while Lexa brings in Nia before she is challenged to a battle. The Ambassadors put forward a vote of no confidence, but as Clarke doesn't agree, the vote isn't unanimous so it fails. Later, Clarke walks in on Lexa and tries to convince her not to fight Roan. Clarke then sneaks up behind Roan while he is training and suggests that he should kill his mother instead of Lexa and Roan explains that he can't do that, but he can help Clarke do it.

Later, Clarke visits Queen Nia and Ontari to first explain that she wants to change her vote, but it is really an attempt to poison the Queen, by putting poison on Nia's knife, so that Lexa won't have to fight, but Ontari soon figures out what Clarke is planning and flips her onto the table while Nia tells Clarke that she and the Sky People are now enemies of Azgeda. Clarke then visits Lexa with Ontari's Nightblood on her face and warns Lexa of Queen Nia's plan for Ontari to become the next Commander.

While Lexa is preparing for battle, Clarke appears in the crowd to watch and support her during this scene after she explains to Lexa that she is glad she came. After the battle is over and Lexa has killed the Queen, Lexa visits Clarke in her room and Clarke helps Lexa with her bandages before wishing her a good night.

In Hakeldama, Clarke is travelling on a horse with Lexa and some of her army through the woods with the intention of bringing Nia's body back to Arkadia. The journey gets cut short as Clarke and Lexa come across the Trikru army that Charles Pike and his group massacred. After Lexa calls upon the armies of the Coalition, Clarke convinces Indra to radio Kane to figure out what happened to the Grounder army.

Octavia later arrives to explain to Clarke and Lexa that Pike is now the Chancellor before agreeing to sneak Clarke into Arkardia so that she can speak with Bellamy. When Clarke and Bellamy reunite the discussion becomes heated as Bellamy is mad at Clarke for staying in Polis. This all leads Bellamy to handcuffing Clarke to the table before attempting to take Clarke to Pike. Fortunately, Octavia is able to distract Bellamy so that Clarke can use a shock baton on him and escape with Octavia. Before leaving, Clarke and Octavia meet Abby and Kane and they explain to Clarke that they know what Pike did.

In a final bid to save her people, Clarke returns to the site of the massacre and is able to convince Lexa to change from "Blood Must Have Blood" to "Blood Must Not Have Blood" and war is averted.

In Bitter Harvest, Clarke first appears at the beginning of the episode drawing a picture of Lexa as she watches over Lexa sleeping on the couch in the Commander's chamber. She then comforts Lexa after Lexa wakes up from a nightmare. Titus then enters the room with a large chest sent from Azgeda which is revealed to have Carl Emerson inside. After the box is opened, Emerson leaps out and attacks Clarke before Lexa has him taken away by the guards.

Later, we see Clarke enter the throne room as Lexa requested to speak to her about the fate of Emerson. As Emerson committed crimes against the Sky People, Clarke has to choose his fate, and she agrees with Titus that he should be killed by "49 cuts" from her own hand. Before the execution is about to take place, Clarke goes and talks to Emerson while he is restrained in the throne room and confronts him about blowing up Mount Weather and killing some of her people. Emerson reminds Clarke that she had earlier killed 381 of his own people, including his two children.

After leaving Emerson in the throne room, Clarke returns to her own room in the Polis tower where she is met by Titus. Titus tells Clarke that he needs her help to convince Lexa to abandon "Blood Must Not Have Blood" as he fears it'll get Lexa killed. Clarke explains that she can't help him as it may lead to war against her own people so Titus says that they are enemies before leaving.

Back in the throne room, the execution process has begun and Clarke steps up to take Lexa's knife. However, before doing this she changes her mind and decided that instead of death, Emerson should be banished from Lexa's lands for good. She does this because she felt that it wouldn't bring justice to her own people, and Clarke was the person who convinced Lexa to follow the idea of "Blood Must Not Have Blood". Before the end of the scene, Clarke turns to Emerson and says "may you live forever."

In Thirteen, we first see Clarke in the throne room with Lexa, the Ambassadors and the young Nightbloods as Lexa is honouring the previous Commanders who came before her. The ascension day ceremony is rudely interrupted as members of Trikru barge in to demand justice for what happened to their village in the previous episode. Clarke watches over as Octavia is brought forward restrained and interrupts to ask what happened as she is unaware of the attack on Semet's village.

Clarke is then seen following Lexa and Titus into Lexa's room. Lexa asks Clarke for her opinion on the matter and Clarke explains to Lexa and Titus that not everyone at Arkadia agrees with Pike. Clarke and Octavia then watch over in the throne room as Lexa calls upon the armies of the Grounder Coalition to march on Arkadia and form a blockade around the camp. Clarke watches as Titus kills Semet for trying to attack the Commander.

Later, Clarke and Octavia go back to Clarke's room and Octavia tries to convince Clarke to return to Arkadia with her before it's too late. Clarke then visits Lexa in her room where Lexa explains to Clarke that she could stay in Polis if she would like, however Titus interrupts before Clarke leaves to let Lexa and Titus talk.

After another flashback to Polaris, we then see Clarke in her room again and Octavia joins her. She tells Clarke that Pike won't abide by the blockade and Octavia explains to Clarke that everyone back at Arcadia needs her. Clarke then agrees to leave Polis with Octavia in an hour. After agreeing to this, Clarke once again visits Lexa to say her good byes, which develops into something that both Clarke and Lexa didn't expect. After Lexa says "May we meet again" to Clarke, they share an intimate moment. After this initial scene, we see Clarke and Lexa both in Lexa's bed and Clarke begins to ask Lexa about one of her tattoos and Lexa explains that she got it on her ascension day. Both Clarke and Lexa are seen smiling before the frame zooms out.

Clarke then returns to her room but is confronted with Murphy tied up and Titus with a gun. Titus begins to fire at Clarke but after several shots of missing, he accidentally shoots Lexa as she walks in. Clarke and Titus both panic and Clarke tries to help Lexa, but as she doesn't have her medical equipment, unfortunately it is too late. In a very emotional scene we see Lexa make Titus promise he'll never attack Clarke again and Clarke reciting the Traveller's Blessing to Lexa in her final moments. Clarke is heartbroken and leans in to give Lexa one final kiss before she loses the woman she loves. Clarke watches over as Titus removes the Flame/A.L.I.E. 2.0 from Lexa's neck. The episode ends with Clarke and Murphy trapped in the room while Clarke is looking hopelessly over Lexa's bed.

Clarke does not appear in Terms and Conditions.

In Stealing Fire, Clarke is first seen still trapped in Lexa's bedroom with Murphy. Clarke is looking out the window over the city of Polis, but then notices Lexa's blood on the bed and so she goes to the door to try to get out. Murphy comforts Clarke, but she explains that they need to make sure Aden wins the Conclave as he vowed to protect the Sky People. Titus enters the room carrying two long coats for Clarke and Murphy to wear so they can escape, but Clarke tells him that she has to speak with Aden first.

Titus takes Clarke and Murphy to the throne room where they meet Aden and the other Nightbloods undergoing the ritual. Aden reminds Clarke that he will protect the Sky People and the other Nightbloods also pledge this, as Lexa made them vow it. The ritual is interrupted as Roan and Ontari enter the room before Ontari attacks Clarke, as she believes that it is Clarke's fault Nia is dead. Finally, Ontari explains that if she wins, everyone from Skaikru will be killed.

Clarke and Murphy walk in on Titus in the Flame Keeper room and try to ask Titus how they can get Aden to win. They are interrupted by the victory horn. In the throne room, Clarke watches over as Ontari reveals that she has already killed the rest of the Nightbloods and so now she is the Commander. After, Roan takes Clarke and Murphy to a tunnel so they can escape Polis without being harmed, however Clarke decides to go and find the Flame instead.

While Clarke is attempting to steal the Flame, Titus finds her and says that Lexa getting killed was Clarke's fault. Titus pushes Clarke and explains to her that you can't just put the Flame in anyone, it has to be in someone with Nightblood. Titus is ready to kill Clarke, but she remembers the eighth circle on Lexa's tattoo, she remembers that there is another Nightblood. Titus reveals to Clarke that Luna is the last remaining Nightbleeder. Titus gives Clarke the Flame and says that she is now the Flame Keeper. Finally, Clarke is on her horse in the woods looking at the Polis tower as the red smoke emerges from above and she rides off with the Flame.

In Fallen, Clarke is only seen briefly at the end of the episode as Jasper steals the Rover to get Raven away from A.L.I.E.. Clarke gets into the Rover with Jasper and Jasper says to Clarke "you really are the Angel of Death, aren't you?" As one of the Guard is about to take Raven, Clarke kicks him off of her and Jasper drives off with them both in the Rover. Clarke sees Abby in the distance and says "Mom" before the Rover is gone.

In Nevermore, Clarke is first seen travelling in the rover through the woods with Jasper and an unconscious Raven. Jasper tells Clarke to stop talking and look for the cave where the rest of her friends are. When they arrive, Clarke goes with the rest of her friends into the cave to help Raven. When they enter the cave, Jasper explains to the group what happened to Clarke and Raven takes out the Flame/A.L.I.E. 2.0 to ask if they recognise it. At the same time, Raven wakes up and so A.L.I.E. sees version two of her code and gets Raven to run out side to find her location. Clarke and the others chase after her. Clarke tells everyone that they have to leave because she knows where they can find one of the wristbands.

The group arrive at Niylah's cabin in the woods and Clarke goes to talk with Niylah. She tells Niylah they need to keep Raven there before Niylah tells Clarke that her father was killed because of Pike's army. When they make it inside, Clarke directs the group to put Raven in the back of the cabin and helps to tie Raven to the bed. After securing Raven, Clarke goes to talk to Niylah and apologises for the death of her father, as well as asking Niylah if she still has one of the wristbands.

When Clarke receives the wristband, she takes it to Monty and Jacapo Sinclair so that they can figure out how to use it and save Raven. When A.L.I.E makes Raven dislocate her shoulder to free herself, Clarke comes rushing back to help, along with the others. Clarke tells Raven to stop fighting. Clarke talks to A.L.I.E through Raven and tells her that if she kills Raven, Clarke will never give her the Flame. After they secure Raven again, Clarke volunteers to watch over Raven first. While helping Raven, A.L.I.E makes Raven blame Clarke for the deaths of the Mountain Men, Wells Jaha and Finn Collins. Clarke brushes her off but gets mad when Raven brings up Lexa and her father's deaths. Clarke tries to gag Raven but ends up getting bitten on the arm before telling A.L.I.E that she's going to "fry" her. Bellamy has to come in to drag Clarke away.

Later, Bellamy helps Clarke to bandage up the bite marks and Clarke tells Bellamy that she let A.L.I.E get to her. Bellamy tells Clarke to take a break and Clarke apologises to Jasper for what happened to Maya Vie. She tells Jasper that she wishes he could have saved everyone in Mount Weather. Next, Clarke goes to talk to Jacapo Sinclair to tell him that Raven will be ok. When Niylah rushes in after hearing that Bellamy killed her father, Clarke chases after her. When Monty and Octavia return, Clarke helps to attach the device to Raven. To stop A.L.I.E from killing Raven, Clarke pulls out the Flame and says that she'll give it to her if she doesn't kill Raven, this is all just a distraction though. After they save Raven, Clarke tries to wake her up. Jasper tries to destroy the Flame but Clarke begs him not to because "it's Lexa". Clarke realises that they have to remove the leftovers of the chip from Raven's neck. After Raven wakes up, Jasper gives the Flame back to Clarke. Before leaving, Clarke tells Niylah that she has to leave for a few days. Clarke then consoles Bellamy and says "maybe there are no good guys", echoing Abby's words. Raven then tells Clarke that A.L.I.E. 2.0 is the only thing that can stop A.L.I.E.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Clarke manages to overcome her demons and successfully destroy A.L.I.E., thus freeing everyone's mind from control.

In Heavy Lies the Crown, at Arkadia, Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Monty try to find a way to ride out the radiation and are debating whether the masses should be told. Suddenly, Monty realizes that they can survive inside Alpha Station as long as they patch up the ship. Raven is briefing those who have volunteered to help fix the ship. Monty, Harper, Bellamy, Miller, and Bryan leave Arkadia while Raven and Clarke stay behind to patch up the ship. Raven expresses annoyance at the low turn out but Clarke reassures her more will come over time. Jaha then interrupts their conversation to offer help. Raven is against it, but Clarke convinces her to give him a chance.

Clarke is trying to find a solution to save everyone before hearing music and exiting the ship. She finds Jasper and a large group of Arkadians playing instead of working. Clarke asks Jasper what he's doing and Jasper tells her he'd rather live than just survive. Clarke is looking for Raven when Jaha confronts her about the radiation crisis. Clarke at first shows hostility towards him, but eventually allows him to give her leadership advice. The next day Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Miller, and Bryan arrive back in Arkadia to be met with by Clarke and Raven. Bellamy confesses they didn't get the machine and rather used it to save the slaves. This reduces the number of people who can survive inside of Alpha Station to only one hundred. Clarke finally agrees to tell their people of the radiation but lies informing them they all can survive and the Arkadians get to work.


Clarke while writing the list

In The Four Horsemen, Bellamy and Clarke are busy at work in Arkadia. Clarke and Raven start to talk about how food will be rationed. Raven smugly reminds Bellamy about what destroying the hydro-generator did. Due to his actions last week, the lack of water will affect their crops as well and their overall chances of survival. Outside the gates of Arkadia, Floukru Grounders show up with sick people coughing. Abigail comes out, investigates and tells Clarke that it's ARS (acute radiation sickness) due to their fever and vomiting. They decide to take them inside to Alpha Station to investigate further. Bellamy sees a bunch of the sick Grounders vomiting black liquid. The radiation is from fish that they ate. Luna asks if she deserves what she has for refusing the flame. Clarke says that they will do everything they can.

Outside of the med bay, Bellamy finds Thelonious Jaha getting into a vehicle and tells him to get out. After exchanging some words, Jaha explains that he may know of a place that can hold thousands of people instead of only 100. Raven doesn't trust him, but Clarke tells her that if Jaha is wrong then she will make a list of the 100 that need to survive. Clarke, Jaha, and Bellamy leaving to look for the bunker that was built by a doomsday cult, known as "The Second Dawn." Jaha informs them that the bunker will be at the lowest point. He also tells Bellamy that he keeps Clarke centered and that he made the right choices in the past despite the outcomes. Clarke finds something, and it's a staircase. They go down the stairs and after sifting through some cobwebs, they find skeletons. He knocks on a door and wants to know if anyone is there. Bellamy finally breaks a hatch off the door and they go inside. Bellamy lights a flair and they find thousands of skeletons. Sadly, it looks like the bunker won't be their salvation after all.

They return to Arkadia and Clarke starts working on her list of 100 designated survivors. She writes Bellamy's name as number 99 but is stuck on choosing the 100th person. She starts to cry and then Bellamy walks up to her. He says that if he's on the list, then she's on the list. Bellamy also warns that he'll write her name down if she doesn't. He then takes the list and writes Clarke's name on it as the 100th chosen survivor. After she asks about what they should do next, Bellamy says that they should put it away and hope they never have to use it. Clarke puts the list away and walks to the med bay. She sees Luna praying around more dead bodies and approaches her. Luna appears to be fine despite not receiving treatment. Abigail wants to run tests on her and Jackson asks what she did. Abby then realizes that Luna is different because of her Nightblood. It's the same blood that also happens to run through Clarke's veins. The show then ends with Clarke saying, "From the ashes, we will rise".

In A Lie Guarded, after Jasper pranked Jaha Clarke wants everyone to get back to work now that they've had their fun. Monty looks at Clarke and approaches her. He asks her about the look on her face since it reads, "everyone is going to die." Clarke explains that she feel useless, and Monty says that she's not a geneticist. He feels confident that her mom can find a radiation cure. Suddenly a cloud approaches and everyone fears that it's "black rain." Everyone in Arkadia evacuates into Alpha Station. lather on Jasper then discovers Clarke's list of 100 designated survivors. Monty wants them to leave, and Jasper questions him about it. Monty tells him that Alpha Station can only save 100 people, and he assures Jasper that Clarke has a plan. Jasper clearly doesn't like it and even calls out the fact that Monty isn't on the list. Suddenly, Clarke walks in and Jasper approaches her about the list. She explains that the list is a backup before security comes in. During the commotion, Clarke tasers Jasper and orders the guards to take Jasper away as she is acting in the place of Chancellor Kane. Once they take Jasper away, she attempts to explain herself to Monty, but he's hearing none of it. Clarke begins to explain to Monty why he's not on the list. He questions her about who she's become and how she can lock up one of her friends. Monty feels that she's going too far, but she feels that it's all for the sake of her people. He feels that she should tell the truth to everyone, but she feels that it's too risky. Monty ends the conversation by telling her that she's not God. He suddenly gets on the loud speaker and tells everyone that Clarke's been lying. Monty informs everyone that Alpha Station can only save 100 people, then starts reading off all of the names on the list while everyone in Arkadia starts to surround her in disbelief. Everyone in Arkadia is asking Clarke about the list. Jaha then comes to her defense saying that it's natural for Clarke and Bellamy to be on the list. He then asks for the list and tells everyone to consider it shredded. Jaha then proposes that everyone needs to earn their way on the list. When the time comes, everyone will attend a random drawing for the final 100. He then tells everyone that there's more work to be done. Afterwards, Jaha explains to Clarke that the random lottery idea is better than having people think they have no value. Clarke hopes that he's correct. Clarke approaches Jasper in his cell. He explains that if she feels she has the best idea, then she needs to convince people instead of lying. She then explains how she used to hate Jaha, but now understands that he may have been keeping them together. Clarke allows Jasper to leave his cell.

The Tinder Box (Clarke)

Clarke at the battle field

In The Tinder Box, back in Arkadia, when Ilian brings in Octavia. Niylah calls out for Clarke to help Octavia while Ilian explains that he found her on his way to Polis. Clarke tries CPR on Octavia, but it doesn't seem to work well. However, Octavia eventually regains consciousness and Clarke demands that she gets taken to the med bay. She also thanks Ilian for saving Octavia's life. Before Octavia gets taken away, she starts to mutter that "war is here." This leads to Clarke deciding to walk off and look into what Octavia's grim warning means. A few minutes later, we see Arkadia's army planning how to defend themselves against this oncoming attack. They know that it's Ice Nation approaching and Clarke decides that she needs to talk to Roan to find out what's going on. She feels that there's some sort of misunderstanding. Some of them disagree, but Monty says that they have the element of surprise. Therefore, it's a good idea and they proceed with the plan.

Afterward, we see Roan and Ice Nation walking toward Arkadia when they see Clarke. He realizes that Arkadia knew they were coming and that they were warned. Clarke says that she wants to talk and he says it's too late for that. However, Echo informs Roan about a few laser sights on his chest. Arkadia has them surrounded with snipers and it causes him to pause. Echo tells Ice Nation to bring the prisoners and they reveal them to be Bellamy and Kane. Roan then informs Clarke that it's her move now. She asks for 10 minutes to talk and Roan agrees to it. Echo warns that it may be a trap, but Roan responds by saying that they're already in the trap. Roan walks up to Clarke, She says that they're allies, but Roan disagrees. He also informs her that he's not going to Arkadia to kill them. What he actually wants is to take Alpha Station. He feels that there's a conspiracy against him, but she tries to convince him that there's not. However, he continuously brings up the Alpha Station situation while she tries to tell him about the Nightblood solution. He then demands that Arkadia gives him Alpha Station while they work on the solution. Clarke reminds him that they have more people and guns. They debate some more, but then Clarke asks what happens if they share Alpha Station. This seems to make Roan reconsider his original plan, they agree that 50 seats a piece is a good compromise. He asks how she will inform her people, but she claims that she'll figure it out. They then agree to it with a bond in blood. Clarke and crew return to the burning Alpha Station and want to know where Octavia is. They see Ilian walking with her and Niylah out of the station. Bellamy takes his sister and begins to tend to her. Octavia then tells Clarke and Bellamy that Ilian is responsible for the explosion. Suddenly a loud explosion happens and the station begins to collapse. Everyone looks on with somber faces as it seems like all hope is lost.

In We Will Rise, everyone is in shock over Alpha Station's destruction in Arkadia. Clarke wakes up in a room next to Niylah. She proceeds to tell her that she needs to bring rocket fuel to Raven and her mom in order to save humanity. Niylah tells Clarke that Lexa would be proud of her. Clarke tells her that she can stay in her room until she gets back. She wants to ensure that Niylah will be there when they come back with the Nightblood solution. Clarke departs after they embrace in a loving kiss.

Next, Monty tells everyone how bad the current damage is. The only good news about Alpha Station's destruction is that no one died. However, they'll need to deliver hydrazine to Raven and Abby. Roan offers his security detail as protection for their journey since it will be a perilous one. During the hydrazine delivery mission, Clarke and Bellamy discuss his relationship with Octavia. She tells him that it'll take more time for Octavia to forgive him. Suddenly, they approach a group of Grounders that looks to be a Trikru checkpoint. Clarke gets out of the truck and Bellamy follows. One of the members tells her that they're victims of an Ice Nation attack. As a result, one of their fathers has an injured leg and needs help. However, a curious boy starts to peek around the back of one of the trucks. He notices Roan and Ice Nation in the back of one of the trucks. He yells out to the group that Ice Nation is within the convoy and Trikru begins to attack. The convoy eventually escapes their attackers, but then approach a river that's clearly an obstacle. Roan says that he will find a path upstream. Clarke offers that Bellamy and Roan go in one of the rovers to move quicker. Everyone else is left with the convoy to protect the precious cargo. Afterward, Bellamy and Roan attempt to contact Clarke over the radio, however, they receive no response. when Bellamy and Roan speed through the fields and find their missing convoy. Clarke is driving it and notices them approaching. She begins to let her foot off the gas, but the Trikru member forcing her to drive tells her to speed up. During all of this, one of the Trikru members is trying to dump one of the barrels of hydrazine off the bed of a truck. However, Roan decides to jump onto the back of that truck to stop him, They begin to fight as one of the barrels gets dangerously close to the edge. Roan kills him and stops the barrel from falling. Bellamy then circles around the vehicle and blocks it. He kills the person forcing Clarke to drive with a well-aimed shot through the windshield. At this point, all is well and the hydrazine is once again secure. Clarke tells Roan that he's a good king. He doesn't seem convinced since he's running an errand instead of protecting his people. Clarke reminds him that the errand is the most important thing on the planet right now. Bellamy gets out and starts lamenting about how Octavia hates him. Clarke consoles him and says that she'll come around to see how special he is. Suddenly, someone says that there's a problem. There's an arrow in one of the barrels and it's empty as Roan kicks it over.

In Gimme Shelter, Clarke arrive at Becca's lab and meet with her mother. They begin to talk about how the hydrazine is the only shot they have. Abigail also tells Clarke that Raven is currently under sedation and that she needs to take it easy. She walks over to a microscope and begins looking at bone marrow. She then reveals to Clarke that injections with Luna's bone marrow can possibly give them Nightblood. However, they'll need a human test subject and they don't know who yet. During this, Emori overhears everything. Clarke and Emori are walking through the woods talking about black rain. She explains to Clarke that she's upset that everything is failing. Emori also tells Clarke that Skaikru is lucky to have her. They approach Becca's mansion where Murphy is listening to loud music. He is also cooking and shows Clarke that he's becoming a really good cook. Just as Clarke walks off to take a shower, Emori tells Murphy that they're leaving. She tells him that Skaikru is going to sacrifice a human in order to test a Nightblood solution. Emori feels that the sacrifice will be her. Clarke enters a bedroom in Becca's mansion and look at herself in the mirror. She then gets into the shower and cleans herself off. Following that, she lays in bed and closes her eyes. Suddenly, Clarke hears mysterious noises in the mansion. She grabs her gun to investigate and eventually enters an office. She lifts one of the blinds and notices a hole in the window. Murphy walks in and tells her not to be afraid, but Clarke warns that someone is in the mansion. Suddenly, while Emori is taking food in the kitchen. A mysterious man attacks her, but Clarke and Murphy show up to deter him. Once they stop him, Emori begins to question him and wants to kill him. Murphy stops her from doing it, but Emori suddenly asks about where the "others" are. They decide to tie him up for questioning. However, Emori tells Clarke that once he's done talking, then she gets to kill him. Emori swears that she's going to get revenge on their prisoner for his crimes against her family. Clarke claims that she understands Emori's plight, but she doesn't believe her. She explains her banishment from her clan during her youth and Clarke admits that she doesn't understand that. However, she does understand that killing isn't the only way. During their conversation, Murphy is talking to the prisoner, but then Emori comes in and starts punching him in the face. Clarke wants her to stop because she'll kill him. She says, "What if his death can save us all?" It becomes clear who Clarke wants to volunteer as the Nightblood solution guinea pig. Abby inject the mansion prisoner. Abby puts the needle inside of him as Roan, Clarke and Jackson watch. Murphy and Emori also watch. She admits that the prisoner is not anyone that she knows. Her plan was simply to get someone else experimented on instead of her.

In God Complex, Clarke, Abby, Jackson, Emori, Murphy, Raven, Miller, Roan, and Luna begin testing on an unnamed Grounder that Emori marked as "Baylis". It starts off well, he survives the amount of radiation of the black rain. However, when they increase the radiation levels, he dies a violent death, coughing up black blood. The test is deemed a failure. Emori's lie about the test subject's identity surfaces, resulting in her and Murphy getting locked up. Emori's fear for being the test subject resurfaces as she knows she is the next test subject. She knows that she's the outsider among them, thus making her expendable. In the lab, they are preparing Emori for the radiation chamber. Abby doesn't manage to inject her, so Clarke takes over. After contemplating, she injects herself instead. Her mother is not happy with this. After two hours have passed, Clarke's preparing to be tested. Abby doesn't want to let her go in. She explains that she saw Clarke with radiation poisoning her vision. Abby then smashes the radiation chamber until it's unusable.

In DNR, outside Polis, Abby is talking with Clarke and she tells her that Indra knows about Second Dawn Bunker. Additionally, she tells her that Trikru and Skaikru have an alliance and have agreed to share the bunker. However, Trikru refuses to share the bunker with the Ice Nation. Roan and Echo arrive, but Roan wants to speak with Clarke. His request makes no sense to her, but Echo leaves. Roan then cuts Clarke's ropes and thanks her for trying to warn him. Clarke tells him that the Ice Nation is surrounding the temple and they need to fall back in order to let people in. She begs Roan to seek an audience with Indra to work out an agreement. Roan reluctantly agrees. Clarke arrives at the temple and she meets Gaia. Gaia refers to her as Wanheda, but she's unhappy since she knows Clarke gave the flame to Roan. Roan and Clarke then enter the bunker followed by Indra and the Trikru war chiefs. This leads to Roan and Indra arguing. Clarke stops them and tells them that the radiation is coming. Roan and Indra don't care and continue to fight. Clarke tries to convince them not to go to war, but it doesn't work. Clarke approaches Gaia and tells her that she knows she has the flame. Gaia says that a commander can stop everyone from going to war, but only a Nightblood can do so. Clarke cuts her hand and shows Gaia that she is a Nightblood. This leads to Clarke demanding to be made commander. Gaia is beginning the ceremony. She introduces Clarke as the new commander. Indra refuses to believe it, but Gaia cuts her hand and she bleeds Nightblood. This causes everyone to immediately accept her as the new commander. However, just as Gaia is about to insert the chip into Clarke, Roan interrupts it. Roan then tells them to bring in the healer and to tell everyone how Clarke became a Nightblood. Abby then admits that it was through science. Roan says that since that's the case, they can no longer trust Nightbloods. As a result, he suggests a final conclave where each clan sends one champion for a final battle. The winner's clan will take full occupancy of the Second Dawn bunker. Indra agrees and Roan then asks Clarke whether she will fight or burn. Finally, in Polis, Clarke and Bellamy are discussing the stipulations of the final conclave. Bellamy feels that it's a hopeless cause, but Clarke gets him to accept it. Octavia shows up on a horse and she says that she's there for the war.

In Die All, Die Merrily Octavia walks out into a courtyard after Gaia summons her. It's official that Octavia will fight for Skaikru. After Gaia speaks a few more words, Luna forces her way through the crowd. She then accepts her sigil as the warrior of her clan. However, since she's the last of her kind, Gaia questions who is she fighting for. Luna claims that she's fighting for death. Clarke is speaking with Bellamy and Kane. Clarke expresses concern about Luna's entry since she's a specialist at this sort of combat. Clarke approaches Roan and tells him that they can't let Luna win. She asks if he can beat her and Echo chimes in by saying, "Of course he can." Roan then tells Clarke that he's done with alliances. He also tells her to get off of the battlefield before she dishonors her people once again. Gaia announces her as the winner and that the Second Dawn Bunker belongs to Skaikru. However, Octavia says that she's not only fighting for Skaikru, but for everyone. As a result, she announces that everyone will share the Second Dawn Bunker together. This leads to everyone chanting the word "Together!" However, Octavia is wondering where her brother is since Bellamy isn't around for her victory speech. after the battle is over Gaia announces Octavia as the winner and that the Second Dawn Bunker belongs to Skaikru. However, Octavia says that she's not only fighting for Skaikru, but for everyone. As a result, she announces that everyone will share the Second Dawn Bunker together. However, Octavia is wondering where her brother is since Bellamy isn't around for her victory speech. Bellamy wake up inside of Second Dawn. It then becomes clear that Jaha and Clarke are responsible for his abduction.

In The Other Side, inside the Second Dawn Bunker, Bellamy Blake is arguing with Clarke and Jaha. He is furious at both of them for stealing the bunker and more notably for leaving his sister outside. Abby enters and asks about Kane. Jaha explains to her that Bellamy is the only person that his search party found. Abby still insists on using her radio to contact Kane. Clarke tells Jaha that their decision to lock the bunker's door is wrong. Jaha then asks if it's worth it to open the hatch. Abby says no but also says that she's not able to live with herself for it. Jaha then tells Clarke that she's stronger than her mother and that they'll figure everything out. He also mentions that they need someone to guard the door and Clarke says that she knows the right person. Abby arrives to treat Bellamy's wounds. Bellamy then convinces Abby to help him escape. Clarke goes to Bellamy's cell, and she finds an unconscious Murphy. She starts running to stop Bellamy and pulls a gun on him. She then fires a shot at the ceiling and says that she's doing what she has to do. He then tells her that he needs to open the door, but Clarke believes that they're saving the human race. Bellamy then tells her that she'll have to kill him, but Clarke can't pull the trigger. Bellamy opens the door.


Clarke giving Emori her suit and helmet

In The Chosen, Skaikru meets in a room to discuss how many of their people will need to die to accommodate the bunker living stipulations. They realize that over 350 people will need to die and it doesn't sit well with anyone. Kane suggests that they conduct a lottery, but Jaha disagrees. Bellamy then chimes in and says that he wants to get Raven. Clarke agrees with him and insists on joining him. Kane accepts their wish and says that there will be a place for them when they get back. Abby tells Clarke that there's not much room for error. Clarke tries convincing her that everything will be okay despite Abby's grim vision from a few episodes ago. They continue to share loving sentiments, then embrace in a hug. Abby then looks at Bellamy and says to take care of each other. Suddenly, Murphy and Emori bust into the room asking to join. at the rover Clarke tells Bellamy that she didn't mean to hurt him and Bellamy accepts her apology with a smile. Suddenly, a figure jumps out into the road and Bellamy hits him, crashing the truck into a tree as a result. Grounders then ambush their convoy wanting their radiation suits and protective helmets. Just as things appear dire, we see Echo riding on a horse and put arrows through some of the attackers. She then kills more of them with a sword. Clarke and Bellamy finish off the rest. Bellamy tries to contact Monty. He gets in contact with him and asks for him to help them get to Becca's lab. Monty obviously obliges and Harper tells him that they should save their friends. Suddenly, Emori begins to cough up blood, and it's clear that she's suffering from radiation exposure. It appears that there's an issue with her suit, and Murphy intends to save her. He demands that Echo removes her suit, but that attempt fails. Suddenly, Clarke takes off her suit claiming that she has Nightblood. However, it's untested Nightblood and could prove to be a dangerous decision. However, they proceed with saving Emori by replacing her suit and helmet with Clarke's.

Raven is staring at a screen. Bellamy, Clarke, Murphy, Emori, Monty, Harper and Echo then arrive. They then mention that they need to go out to space and live on the Go-Sci Ring. Therefore, they ask if Raven can get them into space before the death wave hits. She stares at the spaceship and says that the death wave can kiss her ass. Clarke then concludes the scene by saying that they're going back to the Ark.

In Praimfaya, Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Monty, Murphy, Harper, Emori, and Echo are stranded on Becca's Island due to the approaching nuclear death wave. Once Praimfaya strikes Polis, the radio connection between the island bunker and the Second Dawn Bunker is broken, leaving Clarke heartbroken when realizing she will be unable to say goodbye to her mother. Bellamy comforts her before they focus on their survival plan in space. Outside the bunker, Raven instructs Clarke to access the satellite dish to transmit the signal to power the Ark. Upon reaching the tower, she discovers the dish is not aligned with the Ark, so she must access it manually - from the top. She attempts to radio Raven and Bellamy, telling them not to wait for her. She accepts that she may die today, then begins climbing the tower towards the dish. While ascending the tower, she notices the rocket launch in the distance, but still continues to climb. With the dish not aligned when reaching the top, she adjusts it physically. However, the computer loses signal, leaving the fates of her friends unknown to her. She quickly descends the tower and runs, narrowly escaping Praimfaya. She reaches Becca's Lab with her face covered with radiation burns, causing her to pass out.

Clarke radio praimfaya

Clarke calls Bellamy on the radio

Six years and seven days later, Clarke is revealed to have survived Praimfaya, thanks to her Nightblood. Her skin is perfect, clear of burns. Sitting on the hood of a rover, she admires the beautiful weather, while staring into the wasteland that once had many green trees. She calls Bellamy on a radio, despite knowing if he is dead or alive. She speaks into the radio, saying it has been 2,199 days since Praimfaya and has attempted to contact them ever since. Earth has been survivable for over a year, but she has not seen anybody she had known from the bunker since the death wave hit. She still has hope that she will reunite with the people she once knew. She continues talking, but then hears a booming sound in the distance. She looks up at the sky and notices a pod coming down, believing it is her friends. She runs over to the rover and tells a young Nightblood girl named Madi to wake up. Madi questions why the ship is so large if Clarke said it would be small. Clarke looks at the ship through a rifle, revealing the labels "Eligius Corporation" and "Gagarin Prisoner Transport". Clarke tells Madi to back up the rover, get it out of sight, and retrive all of their guns.

The 100 Eden Clarke

Clarke in "Eden"

In Eden, 42 days after Praimfaya, Clarke digs herself out of the ruins of the lab on Becca's Island and sees the devastation left in the radiation wave's wake. With the oceans dried out, she begins the 210 mile journey to Polis. On the way, she finds and digs Rover 1 out of the sand and drives the rest of the way. She finds Polis destroyed and the Second Dawn Bunker buried. She tries digging to gain entry but soon realizes that trying to dig would be useless. In her second month alone, Clarke drives to Arkadia to scavenge for supplies. She finds a radio and attempts to communicate with Bellamy and the others on the Go-Sci Ring. After leaving Arkadia, she is caught in a storm which damages the rover, forcing her to continue on foot. While traveling in the desert, she faints and awakens to find a vulture gnawing on her arm. She tries to follow it to its home but loses it. She breaks down and almost commits suicide before the vulture reappears and she follows it to a place untouched by the death wave. She explores and finds a village belonging to the Shadow Valley Clan. She discovers many people dead from radiation poisoning and burns the bodies. 58 days after Praimfaya, Clarke is trying to talk to the Ring again when she sees another survivor. The girl runs and Clarke chases after her. The girl lures Clarke into a trap and tries to kill her, thinking that Clarke is a Flamekeeper. The girl cuts Clarke, seeing that she is a Nightblood too, and runs off, leaving Clarke to extricate herself from the bear-trap. Clarke treats her wound and stitches herself up. She awakens in the night to find that the girl has stolen her supplies and gun. Later, Clarke finds the girl fishing and asks her to teach her before the girl runs off. Clarke proceeds to soak her wound in the river and draw. Sensing that the girl is watching her, Clarke leaves her drawing of the girl by the river for the girl to find.

Six years later, Clarke and the girl, Madi, are living happily together in the valley when a prison transport vessel lands there. Clarke has Madi hide and then goes back and watches as several armed people come out of the transport. Soon, she hears a gunshot and rushes to Madi's aid. She stops one from shooting Madi and is saved when Madi shoots him. Clarke shoots the other one, despite Madi's reservations, claiming that "there are no good guys."

In Sleeping Giants, Clarke manages to kill four of the prisoners before getting wounded. She shows Madi a place to hide and runs to divert the prisoners away from Madi. Unfortunately, she is captured by the prisoners. Paxton McCreary wants to kill her but Diyoza orders him to bring her alive for interrogation. At first, Clarke refuses to talk but decides to co-operate after realizing that Diyoza's prisoners are closing in on Madi. She agrees to tell them everything and in return Diyoza orders her people to spare Madi's life. Clarke makes it clear that there's no one else in the valley besides her and Madi. Diyoza then asks Clarke to bring her up to date on how the world ended, which Clarke replies how first Nuclear Apocalypse ended the world. When Spacekru landed on the ground, they meet Madi who appeared from the bushes, she tells them that they need to hurry because Clarke is in trouble. They are shocked to hear that Clarke is alive. Diyoza intensifies her torture for Clarke, claiming that she lied to her. Madi and Bellamy arrive just when Diyoza's group are dragging Clarke outside to torture her. Bellamy asks Diyoza to spare Clarke's life or else all the 283 prisoners in the ship would die. To prove that he's not bluffing, he shows Diyoza a mug that he carried from the ship. Bellamy makes it clear that he would trade all those lives for just one - Clarke Griffin.

Bellarke Pandora's Box 04

Clarke and Bellamy reunite

In Pandora's Box, Clarke, who is in a holding cell, hears the door open. Bellamy comes inside and they reunite for the first time in six years. After a bit of talking, he tells her that Diyoza agreed to open the bunker.

In Shifting Sands, despite being injured, Octavia is determined to lead Wonkru to take the Valley. Clarke, having learned the pattern of the sandstorms, advises against it. If they have to go, she suggests using a longer but safer path. But Wonkru doesn't have enough food to last more than six days. So, Octavia boldly rejects Clarke's idea and marches her people down the dangerous path. A journey that would take six days. However, on the way, they face not only a dangerous sandstorm but deadly attacks from an unknown species living in the sand

Clarke and Octavia Exit Wounds

Clarke and Octavia

In Exit Wounds, Clarke has been lying to Octavia and everyone else that Madi survived the Praimfaya because of synthetic nightblood. She doesn't want anyone to know that Madi is a Natblinda because then it would cause power struggle where the Grounders want her to replace Octavia as the Commander. This would put Madi in danger. She's just a child. Unfortunately, both Gaia and Niylah figure out that Clarke is lying. Clarke manages to stop them from taking any action but realizes that Madi is in danger. To save Madi, Clarke decides to sneak out with the defectors. Madi doesn't want to leave because she adores Octavia and knows that Clarke would be killed by Diyoza. So, while Clarke is talking to Bellamy, Madi runs away and goes straight to Octavia. She tells Octavia everything about her. Clarke finds them and tries to get Madi away from Octavia - only to be surprised that Octavia actually embraces Madi. Octavia performs a blood ceremony, officially initiating Madi into Wonkru. Octavia announces that Madi would start her training the following day, preparing her to eventually take over as the next commander. She also promises Clarke that she will protect Madi and her secret.

In Acceptable Losses, at the bunker, Madi has started her training with Wonkru. Clarke advises her to do bad on purpose so that no one will see her as a leadership threat. Madi follows Clarke's advice during the first training, but it is too obvious to Gaia. Gaia tells Madi that she agrees with Clarke's advice but Madi has to be less obvious. While Monty is looking at the dying hydrofarm at the bunker, Clarke brings him a letter that Jasper had written for him before dying. Before opening the letter, they notice Cooper bringing in a body and locking it up in a biolab. When Cooper walks out, they break in and find that she's breeding the worms that attacked them in "Shifting Sands". They inform Bellamy about it and figure out that Cooper is planning on infecting one of the defectors with the worms so that they can use them as a weapon to attack Diyoza and the prisoners at the valley. But that means their friends at the valley would die too.Since Octavia wouldn't listen to Clarke or Bellamy, they go to Indra about it. Clarke, Bellamy and Indra confront Octavia about her plan and the fact that it would kill their friends. Octavia refuses to listen to them saying that they have to do whatever it takes to survive. After realizing that Echo and Raven were successful in gaining control over the satellite, Clarke and Bellamy agree to hide the information from Octavia. If Octavia found out, she would go to the next phase of her plan: infecting a defector with the worms to kill everyone at the valley. Clarke and Bellamy agree to go with Monty, Harper, and Madi to rescue their friends at the valley before Octavia attacks the valley. When Clarke goes in to get Madi, she finds her sitting with the other children to show her fighting skills to Octavia. After Ethan wins a round, Octavia order Madi to go next. At first, Madi acts weak as she had agreed with Clarke and Gaia. But then, she changes her mind and fights with confidence, easily overpowering her opponent. Clarke is disappointed.Octavia tells Clarke that she needs to borrow Madi for a strategy session. Realizing that she can't leave with Madi and that she's tired of the endless cycle of wars, Clarke comes up with a new plan. She radio-calls Diyoza to ask for what it would take to share the valley with Wonkru.

In How We Get to Peace, Clarke and Diyoza make a deal to share the valley as Clarke takes out Octavia even if it means killing her. Bellamy makes it clear that he won't kill his sister; but Clarke insists that it might be the only way they get to peace and save Madi who has now been promoted to Octavia's second in command. There must be another way to make Octavia surrender. They agree that Octavia might surrender if she didn't have her weapons - the worms. So, Clarke, Bellamy and Indra hatch a plan to kill Cooper with the worms; then destroy all the worms and make it look like an accident. Clarke, Bellamy and Indra's plan goes as planned. Indra calls Octavia to report that she found Cooper killed by the worms. Octavia quickly figures out that Clarke and Bellamy are the ones who killed Cooper trying to make it look like an accident. Octavia reveals that Cooper would have never gone back there because they were never planning on using the worms - they were going to use the eggs. So, the plan to go to the valley is still back on. Octavia orders for Clarke to be arrested.

In Sic Semper Tyrannis, after poisoning his sister, Bellamy tells Indra and Clarke about it but lies to Madi and everyone else that Octavia is just sick. They agree to leave Clarke tied up while they initiate their plans for peace. Since no one can listen to them, Indra and Bellamy devise a plan to have Madi become the commander. Madi doesn't want to take the flame because Clarke wouldn't want that. But Bellamy convinces her to take it, by lying to her that it would be the only way to save Clarke. After that, Bellamy goes to Clarke and tells her about the plan but Clarke refuses to accept it because Madi is just a child and they would be putting her in danger. So, Bellamy decides to keep Clarke chained until the ceremony is over. On hearing about Madi's ascension ceremony, Niylah goes to Clarke to ask why she would allow Madi to take the flame. Clarke then tells her that she is against it too. She also reveals that Bellamy and Indra are the ones who poisoned Octavia so that they can make Madi the commander. She convinces Niylah to release her from the chains because they both want the same thing - to stop Madi's ascension. Niylah agrees and steals a key from one of Indra's people to get access to the room Octavia is locked. Since Madi's ascension has begun, Clarke realizes that the only way to keep Madi safe is to kill Octavia. She goes into where Octavia and Indra are. She points a gun at Octavia. After a little argument, Octavia convinces Clarke that they're on the same side. They both don't want Madi to become the commander. So, Clarke and Octavia make a deal - Clarke would help Octavia stop the ceremony and Octavia would help Clarke and Madi escape to the valley.By the time they get to Madi's ascension ceremony, Clarke and Octavia find that Madi has already taken the flame and is unconscious waiting for the flame to take over. Octavia orders one of her guards to take Clarke and Madi to the rover. After getting to the rover, the guard tries to shoot them in Octavia's name. But then Madi wakes up and asks him to drop the gun. She recites the lineage, implying that the ceremony worked and she's now a rightful commander. The guard kneels down and calls Madi "Heda!" But then, Clarke shoots the guard and forces Madi into the vehicle against her will.

In The Warriors Will, on their way to the valley, Madi insists that she wants to go back to the bunker to help her people but Clarke forces her to stay in the rover. They find that Octavia had kept the worms inside a bottle in the trunk. Clarke drops the bottle, releasing the worms onto the ground. Madi then starts getting scary memory flashes of the commanders before her - including Lexa and even Becca - because of the flame. When she mentions her plans to remove the flame, Madi asks her to destroy it because otherwise she will put it back in. However, when Madi goes to sleep, Clarke is unable to remove the flame after noticing Madi crying. Clarke tells Madi that she thinks of her as her child and she doesn't want to see her die young and horribly like the other commanders. Upon arriving at the valley, Clarke and Madi are shocked to see McCreary's people killing the defectors. When one of the prisoners is left to bury the dead, Madi and Clarke approach him and force him to tell them what's going on. He explains that McCreary is in charge now and that Diyoza is in hiding. They ask where to find Abby. After that, Madi kills him immediately. Clarke and Madi head to the gas station medical room. They find Abby lying on the floor, unconscious, due to overdosing.


Clarke and Madi in The Valley

In The Dark Year, after finding Abby unconcious, Clarke and Madi start working to resuscitate her. Clarke makes her throw up to reduce the opiates intoxication, regaining consciousness. Just then, McCreary enters the room and wonders how Clarke and Madi got in without being detected by "the eye." Without hesitation, Clarke reveals that Wonkru worked with Raven and Echo to turn off the satellite camera and replace its feed with a video loop. Clarke and McCreary make a deal for him to let her and Madi stay as long as Clarke gets Abby back on her feet to treat McCreary and his people.

Madi confronts Clarke for betraying Octavia and Wonkru to McCreary but Clarke insists that it is the only way to keep her and Madi alive. Madi disagrees, arguing that they wouldn't be able to live with themselves. After waking up and hearing Clarke's plan, Abby opposes it too. She tells Clarke that McCreary is a horrible, dangerous. But Clarke insists that she and McCreary have to work together because they both want the same thing - to stop Octavia. As Clarke works on opiates detox process for Abby, Abby says that she's not worth saving. She starts telling them what really happened at the bunker during the dark year. After revealing this to Clarke and Madi, Abby starts crying, admitting that it was her fault. She is responsible for what Octavia has become. This gives Madi confidence to defend Octavia in front of Clarke. She tells Clarke that Octavia did what she had to do to save her people. Octavia bore the burden so that her people didn't have to - just like Clarke did at Mount Weather. Clarke is shocked that Madi knows about Mount Weather. Madi then calls out Clarke for pretending to be the hero. She says that the real heroes have always been Octavia, Raven, Bellamy and even Murphy. Madi declares that she is ashamed of Clarke. Clarke tries to justify herself and goes to help Abby treat McCreary and his people.

In Damocles (Part 1), Clarke insists that they made the right choice but Madi wants no part of that. When Madi gets a chance, she sneaks out to the rover to go help Wonkru. But Clarke runs after her and catches her. Madi asks Clarke to let her go because she's the commander and her people are dying. Clarke says she won't let her die. She goes in to hug her, before suddenly putting a collar on Madi. When Madi tries to run again, Clarke uses the collar to shock her.

That night, Madi and Clarke sleep in the church so that Abby can have some alone time with Kane. While Madi is sleeping, Echo, Raven and Shaw sneak in and grab her. Whispering, Echo asks Madi if she's the true commander and if she wants to go lead her people. Madi readily accepts and asks Raven to turn off her collar off before Clarke comes in. She is happy to finally meet Raven after hearing so much about her. Suddenly, Clarke walks in and points a gun at Raven to leave Madi alone. Raven calls out Clarke for betraying them. As Clarke insists on shooting them, Madi goes to Clarke and quickly knocks down her gun. Echo then runs in to beat up Clarke while Raven finishes turning off Madi's collar. Unfortunately, McCreary has been listening through Clarke's radio the whole time. He comes in just before they can escape. He orders his soldiers to take Shaw and Raven to the transport ship so that they can launch the missiles. He wants to kill Echo but Clarke asks him to let her interrogate her first so that they can figure out what their plan with Madi is. McCreary thanks Clarke for helping them destroy Wonkru. On his way out, he leaves two of his men to kill Echo once Clarke is done with her.

Clarke starts questioning Echo. Clarke thinks Bellamy was killed in Polis for treason but Echo reveals that he survived that - only to come to the valley and be betrayed by Clarke once again. Clarke feels guilty but blames Bellamy for putting the flame on Madi. But both Madi and Echo insist that Madi took the flame willingly. Clarke says Madi took it because she's brave and reckless. Madi tells Clarke that she loves her but Clarke says commanders believe love is a weakness. Madi says that Lexa doesn't believe love is weakness. She also reveals that Lexa keeps showing her the memory where she betrayed Clarke at Mount Weather. So, Clarke uses that to justify her betrayal, saying that she made a deal with the enemy just as Lexa made a deal with the enemy back then. Madi then corrects her by saying that Lexa is showing her that memory because it's her biggest regret. Lexa doesn't want Clarke to make the same mistake. At that point, Clarke breaks down and realizes that she's wrong. She decides to help Madi leave with Echo. She kills two prisoners. Madi wants Clarke to come with them but Clarke says she needs to stop the transport ship from taking off. She says goodbye to Madi and assures her that they will meet again.

In Damocles (Part 2), Clarke is determined to stop the Gagarin transport ship from taking off at all costs. She takes Diyoza hostage and threatens to kill her and McCreary's unborn baby if McCreary doesn't call his men to retreat. Realizing that Madi and Wonkru have already won, McCreary says that he would rather destroy the valley. So, he launches the hythylodium fuel destroy the ground. When McCreary orders Raven to fly the ship before the attack, Clarke pretends to be on his side. So, she orders Shaw to fly the ship and starts a countdown from three, while pointing a shock collar remote, threatening to fry Raven. After counting down to 3, knowing that Raven would be smart about the situation, Clarke electrocutes Raven, as Raven grabs McCreary, giving him most of the shock. Shaw takes McCreary's gun and began shooting the other Eligius prisoners in the room. Clarke kills McCreary and tells him that he will never live to see his daughter.

With only about ten minutes left before the impact, Clarke and Raven realize that the only way to save Wonkru is to bring them into the ship and fly away as soon as possible. Raven makes contact with Madi to bring her people to the transport ship. Clarke and Madi are thrilled to be reunited. Madi convinces Bellamy to forgive Clarke for her actions. She reveals to Bellamy that Clarke called him every day for six years. After everyone is on board the Gagarin, they manage to escape the destruction of the valley. Since the Earth won't be survivable for ten years, Clarke agrees to Raven and Shaw's plan for them to use the ship's cryogenic chambers to sleep until then. Before going into the cryogenic sleep, Clarke goes to help Madi sleep first. As she shuts Madi's chamber, it's shown that she entered Madi as "Madi Griffin", which officially makes Madi to be Clarke's adopted daughter.

Clarke is the first one to wake up from the cryogenic sleep. Bellamy wakes up right after. They are surprised to find Monty and Harper's son, Jordan Green who reveals that it has been 125 years. Jordan tells them that his late parents wanted Clarke and Bellamy to be the first ones woken up so that they can watch his video messages. In the video logs, Monty reveals to them that he found that Earth would never be habitable again. So, he decided not to wake them up and instead started researching on the Eligius III mission, which turned out to be a search for another planet. Monty set the ship's coordinates to the planet. Clarke looks outside and sees the planet. Their new home.

Clarke Sanctum 06x01

Clarke sees Sanctum for the first time.

In Sanctum, Clarke and Bellamy show Monty's video message about the "Alpha planet" to some of the key leaders. They lead the small group selected to first check out the planet. Clarke admits to Miles Shaw that she feels guilty for betraying her friends back on Earth. She wishes she could take it all back. Shaw advises her to make amends through her actions. While running from a swarm of angry bugs during an eclipse, they come across a radiation tower and Shaw accidentally gets hit by the radiation. Clarke is immune to the radiation because she's a Nightblood. She disables the tower and lets her friends in to say goodbye to the dying Shaw.

The group comes to a building that looks like an abandoned castle. They start looking inside and Clarke finds a children's book titled "Red Sun Rising." She soon realizes that the book seems to be talking about the "red sun" eclipse they're experiencing. Suddenly, Emori turns psychotic and starts trying to kill Murphy. Clarke then notices that in the next page of the book, it talks about friends and family turning against each other. She concludes that the book is a warning about the eclipse's effects on human behavior.

In Red Sun Rising, Clarke explains the book's warning about the eclipse to their friends. She convinces them that the only way to be safe is to chain themselves in cuffs until the eclipse has passed. She shares the same cabin with Bellamy and Murphy but Murphy keeps complaining about how Clarke betrayed them and how she's hurt him so many times. Clarke tries to apologize and admits that she's not a good person and that whenever she leads, people die. Soon after, the group starts getting affected by the eclipse and trying to attack one another. While running from Bellamy, Clarke starts hallucinating that her mom is calling her on the radio and advising her to kill herself as the only way to stop the harm she's done to her friends and other people who suffered. Clarke is about to kill herself when Murphy comes in and stops her. Since Clarke is only a harm to herself, she join forces to try to stop Bellamy. Eventually, Clarke blows up a gas grenade to knock themselves out until the eclipse has passed.

After the eclipse has passed, the group is woken up hours later by Raven, Octavia and their friends from the mothership, coming to save them after learning about the eclipse. Before catching up, they are surprised to see a group of children returning home. One of the little girls asks if they've come to take them home. Clarke is left wondering because she thought this was their home.

In The Gospel of Josephine, Josephine's parents have their daughter continue to pose as Clarke in order to learn how many people from Earth are Nightbloods. Russell also worries that if Clarkes friends and family learn that the Primes murdered Clarke, they will kill them all in revenge and burn Sanctum to the ground. However, Josephine's imitation of Clarke is imperfect and she nearly slips up several times. Bellamy eventually discovers the truth after Josephine can't understand Trigedasleng and Josephine reveals the truth to Murphy in order to get his help in posing as Clarke, offering him immortality in exchange.

In Memento Mori, Josephine continues her masquerade as Clarke, aided by Murphy explaining Clarke's entire history to her. Echo eventually deduces the truth on her own while Bellamy refuses to accept the Primes' deal to help build them a compound in exchange for not seeking revenge for Clarke's death. Russell expresses remorse for killing Clarke to resurrect Josephine and Josephine cuts Bellamy loose to kill Russell if it will satisfy his need for revenge. However, Bellamy stops and accepts the deal, deciding to do as Clarke would've wanted and survive. The news causes Madi to banish Gaia and accept Sheidheda's guidance.

That night, Josephine goes to sleep for the first time since taking Clarke as a host. After Josephine falls asleep, Clarke, still alive and trapped inside of her own body, awakens in a projection of her cell on the Ark. Confused and frightened, Clarke looks around as her memories echo around her.

In Nevermind, Clarke discovers that she survived due to having A.L.I.E.'s neural mesh inside of her from when she took the chip to enter the City of Light. A manifestation of the AI helps Clarke protect the memory of when Clarke used an EMP to free Raven from A.L.I.E.'s control which the Primes can use to get rid of Clarke for good. Meanwhile, Clarke is haunted by her past actions that caused her to become guilt-ridden. Later, Josephine told Clarke to give up her body, in order to prevent a war in Sanctum. Clarke, with so much guilt that has consumed her, gives the memory of the EMP to Josephine. After giving up, due to her past actions, Clarke is visited by a manifestation of Monty Green, who persuade her to overcome her past demons, and to stop the Primes from stealing people's bodies. With his encouragement, Clarke travels through Josephine's memories with a manifestation of Monty Green in an attempt to find a way to regain control of her body. Clarke ultimately fails, but manages to take control of one finger while Josephine is distracted to send Bellamy a Morse code message that she is still alive. Bellamy recognizes the significance and informs Nathan Miller while Josephine warns her father as well. However, Josephine claims to know how to get rid of Clarke for good.

In What You Take With You, Josephine gives up control to Clarke when the Children of Gabriel are about to decapitate her. Clarke dispatches her attackers, but is ordered by Bellamy to leave him behind, giving Bellamy the keys to his cuffs. Chased by the Children of Gabriel, Clarke runs towards Sanctum guards led by Jade by kill the Children and save her. As the other guards take off, Clarke knocks Jade out and is confronted by a manifestation of Josephine who she can now see as their condition is growing worse. Josephine urges Clarke to return control to her so they can go to Sanctum, but Clarke refuses in favor of calling to Gabriel Santiago through a radio and racing off on Jade's motorcycle, having gotten the knowledge of how to do so from Josephine's mind.

In Matryoshka, Clarke drives the motorcycle with Josephine providing commentary. However, Clarke's blurring vision causes her to crash. With more motorcycles approaching, Clarke suggests that the Children of Gabriel might've beaten the Sanctum guards to get Josephine to cooperate. Josephine leads Clarke to an old blind to hide where Clarke experiences another seizure.

After the seizure ends, Clarke awakens in her Mindspace to find that it has now been combined with Josephine's as the wall between their minds is completely gone. Clarke threatens to shoot Josephine, but Josephine warns that without the barrier between their minds, it could be permanent. Instead, Clarke comes up with the idea to begin floating Josephine's memories to buy them more time. Though Josephine is reluctant, she agrees when the Mind Drive goes into critical failure. Clarke and Josephine then begin searching for more memories to float, leading to them viewing a memory of Josephine and Gabriel dancing after their first resurrection. Clarke lets Josephine keep the memory and expresses sympathy for Josephine who admits she wasn't always the evil person she is now. Clarke expresses hope that Gabriel can save them both, but after seeing how bad their Mindspace has become, floats everything within, causing Josephine to disappear.

In the real world, vines surround Clarke's body, choking her as one of the minds wakes up. She is saved by Gabriel and Octavia, but Josephine reveals herself to be in control once again. After being rescued by Bellamy from the Sanctum guards, the group travels to the Verge where Gabriel has to stop Clarke's heart temporarily in order to be able to remove the Mind Drive. Though Josephine tries to talk Gabriel out of it, he stops Clarke's heart and removes the Mind Drive which causes Clarke to see Josephine's part of the Mindspace vanish in bright light.

However, Gabriel proves unable to revive Clarke who remains in her Mindspace. To Clarke's shock, she is greeted by Josephine whose consciousness used the neural mesh to remain inside of Clarke's body rather than leaving with the Mind Drive. Josephine slits Clarke's throat with the axe Russell had used to kill Josephine the first time and proclaims that Sanctum is hers and she believes Clarke will kill everyone there if Clarke is allowed to live. In the real world, Gabriel believes that Clarke's brain can no longer contain the two minds and she can't be saved. Bellamy desperately performs CPR on Clarke, urging her to fight. Hearing Bellamy, Clarke grabs the axe and swings it through Josephine, destroying her. In the real world, Clarke awakens and embraces Bellamy while Josephine's brain wave pattern flatlines on Gabriel's EEG.

In Ashes to Ashes, Clarke wakes up, recovering from the CPR. She thanks Bellamy, Octavia and Gabriel for saving her life. Then they are brainstorming on how to get back to Sanctum and save their people. Clarke suggests that Gabriel could walk through the radiation barrier at any point and lower the shields, but he says that he doesn't want to because of the innocents inside the city.

Some time later, tent is surrounded by remaining members Children of Gabriel. Gabriel trying to them his identity and that the girl next to him is not Josephine Lightbourne. They don't believe them but spare their lives, allowing Bellamy and Octavia to get the toxin. Inside the tent, Gabriel tells Clarke one of the reasons he was disillusioned with the Primes is that they were making a bomb just like this. They found that the aggression from the bomb made the people faithful to the Primes go after those who weren’t, thereby cementing their godlike status. That’s when Clarke realizes she’s facing Mount Weather all over again. She doesn’t want people to die, and she has a new plan: Use just enough of the toxin to make the insects freak out so the people will flee, but no one actually ingests it. Without the craze of the toxin though, this means they’ll have less time and will need the shield to be down beforehand meaning she has to imitate Josie for this plan to work.

Octavia and Bellamy return to the tent where Clarke reveals that they have shifted the plan so that they will only release enough of the toxin to simulate a Red Sun eclipse and cause an evacuation of Sanctum, preventing a potential massacre. However, this plan requires Clarke to pose as Josephine in order to be able to take the radiation shield down. While Bellamy argues against the plan as it risks Clarke's life, Octavia argues for it, stating that if they can spare innocent lives they should. When the Sanctum guards attack, the group is tied up until Jade arrives with Murphy. Clarke pretends to be Josephine to accompany the group and pretends to kill Layla to save her life. Clarke ungags Bellamy who promises to bring the cavalry once Clarke drops the radiation shield.

Clarke is brought before Russell and succeeds in tricking him into believing that she is Josephine, claiming that she has no Mind Drive as she hung on through the neural mesh and killed Clarke in the Mindspace. Clarke questions where Simone is and Russell shows Clarke her Mind Drive and mentions his plan to bring her back through Echo. However, Josephine's supposed return causes Russell to put this plan off to bring Clarke to Madi instead. Clarke sees Madi and acts like Josie in front of her causing Madi to go berserk leading Clarke to sedate her. Still keeping her cover, she's really disturbed seeing her daughter like that.

In The Blood of Sanctum, Clarke forces Indra to surrender by threatening Gaia. Sheidheda, possessing Madi, provokes the crew to attack the Primes, causing several people to be shot. Clarke knocks Madi unconscious and attends the Primes' meeting where they discuss finding a new home. When the Primes decide to mind wipe the sleeping Wonkru, Clarke agrees with the genocide to maintain her cover.

As Russell and Simone prepare for the mind wipe, Clarke tries to talk them out of it to no avail. Desperate, Clarke tries to see if anything of Abby survived, only to learn from Russell that he checked for a neural mesh and discovered that the EMP really did destroy it. Devastated, but unwilling to allow the genocide, Clarke is forced to drop the act and draw her gun. Russell is reduced to tears as he realizes the truth and Clarke admits that she truly is sorry for Josephine's death, but she can't let them kill everyone and runs away with the mind wipe serum.

Simone and the Masons track Clarke to an airlock using her Mind Drive where Clarke is securing herself to a wall. Clarke threatens to float the Primes if they don't surrender, causing Simone to grab a gun and tell Clarke that she's really Abby who survived and was pretending as well. However, Clarke demands to know the name of her father which Simone can't provide. As Simone turns on her, Clarke activates the airlock and floats the Primes. Simone grabs onto Clarke who remains tethered to the wall. After staring at her mother's body for a moment, Clarke decides to let Abby go and shoves Simone off of her. Simone is blown into space and Clarke closes the airlock.

Clarke returns to the mess hall, using Shaw's failsafe code to get in and knowing that Russell will want revenge for Clarke killing his entire family. Russell arrives with the Sheidheda-possessed Madi and Wonkru who are following their Commander. Clarke holds a gun to her head and threatens suicide after all that she has lost, telling Madi that she can't lose her daughter as well as her mother. At the last second, Madi regains control and orders Russell's arrest and Clarke and Madi embrace. However, Sheidheda tries to kill Madi in revenge, forcing Raven to delete the Flame to save her. With the Flame needing to be removed, Clarke tries to do it herself, but her hand shakes too much so Jackson finishes the job. Madi recovers, but the group discovers that Sheidheda managed to upload himself to an unknown location.

In the aftermath, Clarke returns to Sanctum where she embraces Bellamy. Clarke tells her best friend that she tried to do better until she lost her mother and begs Bellamy to tell her that it was worth it. Bellamy reassures Clarke that they did do the right thing and he has to believe that matters.

In Nakara, Raven examines her armor's HUD and learns that they are on Nakara which has a function of Ossuarium as Clarke calls for their missing friends and they realize that they are on the wrong planet though Niylah quips that she thinks the planet is "pretty cool" in a joke about Nakara's frozen state. Raven locates the Anomaly Stone 2 kilometers away in a cave using the armor's HUD. Clarke spots something in the snow nearby and she and Raven uncover a body wrapped in a burial shroud. Raven realizes that Ossuarium means a burial ground and recognizes the symbol on the shroud from the star map, giving them the right planet to travel to next. Uncovering the body's face, Clarke discovers that it is that of a human and not an alien as Jordan had hoped. The group sets out across the ice field to find the Anomaly Stone and get their friends back.

Reaching the cave entrance, Raven leads her friends inside, telling them that the Stone is 200 meters away. Raven activates a light in her helmet and begins making her way towards the Stone, commenting that she hopes none of the group is claustrophobic as they are forced to crawl through a narrow tunnel. The group realizes that it suddenly smells while Raven states that the temperature is up 50 degrees from the surface which she figures means that there is a thermal heat source of some kind down there. As the group approaches an opening, they begin hearing strange noises and Raven spots something moving ahead of her. As Raven stops, knowing that something is down there, a spider-like creature attacks, chewing at Raven's helmet. Finally, Raven deploys her armor's blade and strikes at the creature, forcing it to retreat, but leaving Raven's helmet damaged.

Needing to reach the Stone, Raven leads the others through the opening into a larger chamber where she removes her helmet and catches her breath. Raven brushes off Jordan's questions about the creature as she examines her damaged helmet, but Niylah discovers that the tunnel opening has suddenly sealed behind them, preventing the group from retreating to the surface. When Jordan touches the wall where the opening used to be, he discovers that it is acidic and Raven states that they aren't going that way anyway, puts her helmet back on and continues leading the group towards the Anomaly Stone.

Raven eventually leads the group to within 40 meters of the Stone, but reaches a dead end with the Stone on the other side of a wall. As Raven suggests backtracking to find another route, Jordan states that its not a good idea as the sounds of more of the creatures are heard. Suddenly, the ground shakes and another wall separates Raven and Clarke from Jordan, Miller and Niylah. Clarke attempts to move the wall, but removing her helmet and looking around closer, Raven realizes that they are not in a cave but a living organism and the acidic fluid that is dripping around them is digestive enzyme. Clarke and Raven realize that this means that they are the creature's next meal.

Trapped, Raven questions how Clarke always stays strong no matter what. Clarke states that that's not true, but Raven admits that she is haunted by the Eligius prisoners that she sent to their deaths in the nuclear reactor and the eight Disciples she killed later that night causing Raven to "feel like my soul is cracked open" while Clarke just continues on despite everything that has happened to her and everything that she is done. Raven suggests that they are experiencing karma for all of the people they've killed, but Clarke insists that the people they've killed has been to save the people that they love. Raven points out that the people they've killed loved people too and wonders when it ends. Clarke reassures Raven that it doesn't end there and Raven's soul isn't cracked, calling Raven probably the best person that she knows. Crying, Raven admits that she could've welded the reactor pipes herself but she was too scared to do it and instead sent Hatch and his people to die. As Raven breaks down, Clarke hugs and comforts her friend.

As Raven and Clarke embrace, Miller, Jordan and Niylah are forced to open fire on more of the spider-like creatures, causing the creature that they are inside of to shift again and reopen the wall between the two groups much to Clarke and Raven's pleasure. The group discovers that this latest shift has also opened the path to the Anomaly Stone. However, Raven discovers that her damaged helmet makes the map too blurry to read and struggles to identify the correct planet from the symbol discovered on the burial shroud. Raven attempts to think the map into focus and refuses to just pick another planet at random and risk ending up on the wrong one as Niylah insists that she should do. As Raven continues working, Miller discovers a piece of cloth with the symbol of the Second Dawn on it, suggesting a link between the cult and the Disciples.

As more creatures are heard approaching, Raven finally manages to bring the star map into focus and finds the symbol for the correct planet. As the others hold off the creatures, Raven enters the code into the Anomaly Stone, causing the Anomaly to open nearby and scare away the creatures. Ordering the others to have their weapons ready as they don't know what's waiting for them on the other side, Clarke leads her friends through the Anomaly.

In The Queen's Gambit, the group arrives on Bardo where, to their shock and grief, Gabriel reveals Bellamy's apparent death. With Clarke's arrival, Anders awakens Bill Cadogan, the Disciples' Shepherd, from cryo and announces that the Disciples now have the Key in their possession.

In Anaconda, Cadogan enters and Clarke recognizes him as the leader of the Second Dawn cult who had built the bunker in Polis. Cadogan is intrigued by Clarke and Niylah's use of Trig, revealing that his daughter Callie had created the language as a child. Cadogan asks Clarke if Callie is still in the Key in her head which Gabriel explains is the Flame. Due to Clarke's seemingly impossible knowledge, Cadogan believes that she must bear Callie's consciousness. After Cadogan explains the events that led up to that point, Clarke claims that Callie's mind is still in her head, but is disinclined to help Cadogan after Bellamy's apparent death. At Clarke's request, Cadogan calls in Octavia, Echo and Diyoza who all appear to be fully brainwashed to the Disciple cause.

In The Flock, Anders mentions in a flashback that Clarke will soon be on Bardo with the Key.

In A Little Sacrifice, a shocked Clarke demands that Cadogan allow all of her people to return to Sanctum in exchange for her help in using the Flame. However, Echo states that they aren't going anywhere as they have a war to fight. Echo leaves the room followed by Octavia and Diyoza with Octavia not saying a word as she leaves. When Clarke demands to know what was done to her friends, Anders simply states that they are now ready to serve mankind in the last war. After the Disciples, aside from Cadogan, are evacuated from the Stone room, Gabriel explains that the Disciples think that Clarke has the Flame due to seeing Octavia's memory of Clarke using it to destroy A.L.I.E. The group realizes that the fact that Echo, Octavia and Diyoza never told the Disciples the truth means that they are only playing along with the Disciples and have not really joined them.

Returned to their room, Octavia becomes annoyed with Diyoza's pacing and anger over Hope's unwillingness to play along, reassuring her friend that they will get Hope out before she is sent to Skyring. As Diyoza wonders how, Clarke, Nathan Miller and Raven enter and Clarke and Octavia immediately share a hug. The two apologize to each other while Diyoza expresses surprise at the lack of guards. Raven explains that Clarke threatened not to help with the Flame if the Disciples got in their way. Raven compliments Octavia on not telling the Disciples the truth about the Flame and she explains that she thought it was good leverage since they were bound to show up eventually. Looking at a silent Miller, Octavia tells her old friend that they're glad that they did before hugging him. After a moment, the surprised Miller returns the hug at Octavia's insistence.

Hope suddenly arrives, causing everyone to turn their guns on her before Diyoza reassures them that Hope is not one of the Disciples. Hope instantly recognizes Clarke, Raven and Miller from her mother's descriptions of them and Diyoza explains that Hope is her daughter and that "time dilation's a bitch." Hope insists that they need to get off of Bardo immediately and that there is currently no time for explanations or introductions. As they leave the room, Clarke realizes that Echo is missing and Hope brushes it off, stating that Echo will catch up which no one believes and Octavia quickly realizes that Echo is getting revenge for Bellamy. Hope warns them that they only have 45 minutes to get off of Bardo and that she doesn't know what Echo's plan is, just that Levitt helped her with it and didn't tell Hope more because Echo knew they'd get it out of Hope and try and stop her. Worried about Levitt, Octavia heads off to check on him followed by the others.

Clarke's group discovers a tied-up and beaten Levitt who admits that he broke after Echo killed two people in front of him. Levitt states that he was forced to help Echo get Gen-9, the bioweapon that wiped out the native Bardoans and will deploy it through the central humidification system on the Machine Level. Raven realizes that it will take time to go from its entry point to the vents and Echo will make a run for the Stone room. Hope insists that they should too while they still have time. Levitt begs Octavia to release him so that he can get help, but Hope warns Octavia that if they do, the Disciples will kill Echo. Octavia decides to replace the gag in Levitt's mouth as she and the others go after Echo.

As Echo is about to release Gen-9, Hope and the others show up to stop her, upsetting Echo as Hope was supposed to get them all out. Octavia attempts to talk Echo down, understanding her desire for revenge over the loss of Bellamy. Octavia insists that there are good people on Bardo, but Echo is dismissive of this, pointing out that Levitt stole Octavia's memories from her and in the process, put everyone into this situation in the first place. Clarke steps forward and tries to convince Echo that this is the wrong thing to do based on her own experiences with making choices when there was another solution and that they can learn to live with their grief, but deciding to commit genocide is something that will always stay with them.

However, Echo states that their situations are different as Clarke only takes lives to save the people that she loves while Echo is killing everyone on Bardo for vengeance "pure and simple." Echo believes that if the Disciples had killed any of them, that Bellamy would be doing the exact same thing. Raven insists that Bellamy wouldn't do it, that while the Bellamy that helped to massacre a sleeping army sent to protect Arkadia might've done it, the Bellamy that Spacekru spent six years on the Ark with, the one that Echo loved, would not. Raven calls Echo her sister and says that her sister wouldn't do it. Clearly conflicted, Echo states that Raven is wrong and moves Gen-9 over the humidification system again. Raven refuses to leave Echo, promising that if Echo releases the bioweapon, she will stay right there and Echo will have to kill her too. Breaking down in tears, Echo finally relents and Raven pulls her into a hug as Diyoza takes the Gen-9 from Echo's hand.

Before the group can leave, they are interrupted by Anders who is enraged at Echo killing three more Disciples, torturing Levitt and attempting to use Gen-9 to commit genocide. The situation dissolves into a standoff when 4 Disciple guards decloak behind Anders who agrees to send Echo to Skyring for 20 years for punishment unless Clarke fails to help them use the final code to begin the last war in which case Echo will die on Skyring instead.

Suddenly, Hope states that she has a better idea, "you die here" and slits Anders' throat, killing him. As Anders drops Gen-9, Hope catches it and attempts to release a single drop into the humidification system. However, Diyoza catches the drop in the palm of her hand and shuts the hatch on humidification system. As Diyoza begins to crystalize from the bioweapon, Hope tries to rush to her mother's side but is restrained by Octavia while Diyoza orders the others to get Hope out. Octavia drags a desperate Hope from the room as she shouts apologizes at her mother for her actions. In her last moments, Diyoza tells Hope "don't waste it little one. Be better than me." Screaming in grief, Hope watches as her mother, Anders' body and the entire room is crystalized.

In Etherea, Clarke and her friends have been given Cadogan's quarters despite the murder of Anders and their other actions due to their control over the Flame. Sitting at the table with Gabriel, Echo and Octavia, Clarke acknowledges that if the Disciples didn't believe that she has the Flame, they would be in cells. Heading for the door, Clarke states that she is going to wake the others as it's time to go back to Sanctum, but Gabriel reminds her that they are under house arrest. Aware of that fact along with the fact that their leverage will disappear the moment that she's put in front of the Anomaly Stone, Clarke announces that she's going to offer to do it as soon as the rest of her friends are safely back on Sanctum. Octavia points out that the Disciples will kill Clarke once they know the truth and Echo refuses to let Clarke sacrifice herself for them.

The door opens and Cadogan enters escorted by Doucette and armed Disciples. Clarke starts to make her offer to Cadogan, only to have him usher in a still-alive Bellamy, much to the group's shock and pleasure. The Disciples prevent Octavia from approaching Bellamy and Echo questions how it's possible since they saw him die. Octavia comments that "it's hard to keep the Blakes down" and Clarke pulls Bellamy into a hug which Cadogan allows since she has the Key. Under cover of the hug, Clarke whispers into Bellamy's ear that the Key is the Flame and that the Disciples believe that it's still in her head and orders him to say nothing. As Clarke breaks the hug, Cadogan expresses hope that Clarke is now willing to help them, stating that too much blood has already been spilled and each death is a child of Earth who won't transcend. Cadogan begins leaving to give them time to reunite while the Disciples make preparations but, to Clarke, Octavia, Echo and Gabriel's shock, Bellamy, who is now completely loyal to the Disciple cause, reveals that Clarke doesn't have the Flame and that it has been destroyed, negating Clarke's group's leverage over the Disciples.

In The Stranger, Clarke is now held in a prison cell together with Octavia. They share their confusion about the massive change in Bellamy's personality and how they understand each others parenting problems. Then appears Bellamy himself, threatening her to reveal the location of the Flame. After an angry confrontation, Clarke refuses to tell him anything, leaving him with no other option than forcibly sending her to M-Cap.

During the session she actively fights the machine, keeping her memories hidden. Cadogan tells the Disciples to continue the procedure, continuing hurting Clarke, as it gets unbearable for Bellamy to see, he begs her to stop resisting, again threatening the lives of others. Eventually Clarke agrees to help Cadogan if he frees her friends, but he sends everyone but Raven and Gabriel to a different planet instead, to ensure Clarke's compliance. Clarke returns to Sanctum with Raven, Bellamy, Gabriel, Doucette and Cadogan and is shocked by the chaos that they discover.

In Blood Giant, Gabriel approaches Sheidheda, wondering what is going on. The Dark Commander demands to know who Gabriel is and Clarke realizes that it isn't Russell. Otis introduces Sheidheda and Raven comments that they now know where his code went. The Dark Commander demands that everyone either kneel or die, but Cadogan informs him that while he normally would relish the opportunity to recruit Sheidheda's forces to the cause, he has neither the time nor the patience to do so at the moment.

On Cadogan's signal, cloaked Disciples kill the Dark Commander's Wonkru guards, allowing Raven, Indra and Clarke to rush to help the tied-up Murphy. Murphy comments that he can accept invisibility and ray guns, but he needs an explanation for Bellamy's new status. Clarke asks if Madi is safe with Gaia, only to learn that everyone else had thought that Gaia was with her. Murphy reassures Clarke that Madi is safe for now and Cadogan orders Indra restrained with Sheidheda against everyone's wishes. Cadogan points out that Indra was standing by the throne and states that the only reason she isn't dead is that she was unarmed. Sheidheda charges Cadogan, but a still-cloaked Disciple stabs him in the gut. Cadogan has a Disciple bring the palace's microphone over and the the Dark Commander that his wound is deep and Cadogan has no interest in removing Sheidheda from his throne. Cadogan proposes that the Dark Commander gives him undisturbed passage to get what he came for, meaning that Cadogan sees not a single soul on their path and in exchange, Cadogan will leave Gabriel there to treat him. Once the Disciples are gone, Sheidheda is free to "continue the debasement of our species" until he is saved along with the rest of humanity once Cadogan completes his quest although the other option is for the Dark Commander to die. With Sheidheda agreeing, Cadogan orders the others that it's time to go after the Flame.

Outside, Cadogan derisively observes the state of Sanctum, but monologues about how thanks to the Disciples, humanity will transcend and reach the Promised Land, much to Clarke's annoyance. Clarke begins leading the group through Sanctum and Murphy approaches Bellamy, believing that he is only playing along with the Disciples and asking what his plan really is. Bellamy informs Murphy that it isn't an act and that it's real and he is trying to save them all. While Bellamy doesn't expect Murphy to understand, Bellamy tries to reassure Murphy that he is still Murphy's friend and Bellamy is looking out for him. Not at all reassured, Murphy walks away from Bellamy, much to his distress.

As they make their way through Sanctum, Cadogan suddenly orders the group to stop and Clarke tells him that she's in a hurry and that he has their friends and she would like to have them back and then to see her daughter. If Cadogan would like to see his, he has to follow her. Cadogan announces a new plan: Clarke goes while everyone else stays there. Bellamy objects, reminding Cadogan that as long as their friends are out there, Clarke won't risk their lives. Cadogan states that that's why Raven and Murphy are staying with them and orders Clarke to hurry along as Cadogan doesn't want to be on Sanctum for any longer than he has to be. After looking at Bellamy for a moment, a frustrated Clarke walks off alone to get the Flame from where it's buried at the farmhouse.

Suddenly, alarms begin going off warning that Red Sun toxin has been detected. Murphy and Raven join the Disciples and Bellamy urges Cadogan to get back to Bardo for his own safety. Cadogan refuses to leave without the Flame and suspects that it might just be another one of Clarke's tricks. Raven draws everyone's attention to the sky where the gas giant that Sanctum orbits has been turned red by the eclipse and affected bugs are attacking Sanctum's shield. The power goes out as people begin rushing for Ryker's Keep and Murphy suggests that they should join them unless Bellamy wants to drown him again in the pond. Raven realizes that the power being out means that the shield is down and spots a swarm of affected bugs coming towards them. Raven urges everybody to run which Bellamy agrees with, but Cadogan refuses to leave without the Flame. Doucette agrees that they should execute the hostages and get Cadogan home which Murphy points out isn't what Bellamy had said. Bellamy states that Clarke heard the alarm too and will go for Madi who Murphy states is in the reactor. Raven agrees that it's perfect as she can get the power back on and kill the bugs before the bugs kill them. The Disciples, Raven, Murphy and Bellamy all grab a torch and race towards the machine shop and the reactor.

The group arrives just after the swarm has killed Knight and two other members of Wonkru who were trying to break into the reactor. Using their torches, the group drives off the swarm and seals up the machine shop on Bellamy's orders in order to keep them out. Clarke arrives carrying a bag before they can finish sealing off the machine shop and explains that it contains anti-toxin from the farmhouse. Cadogan realizes she wants to use it on Madi, but Clarke states that there's enough for everyone, although Clarke was thinking of her daughter before Cadogan. Everyone takes the anti-toxin and Cadogan calls it "another lesson in the destructiveness of familial love." Clarke tries to get through the locked door to the reactor without any success and Cadogan questions if she got the Flame or not. Clarke promises that if Cadogan gets her through the door, she will give it to him without a fight. Cadogan agrees and has Disciple Kelly blast open the door. After everyone is reunited, Clarke hands the Flame over to a pleased Cadogan.

While they wait for Raven to restore the shield, Bellamy stands with Cadogan and Doucette as Cadogan examines the Flame and Madi warns Clarke that she shouldn't have given Cadogan the Flame, explaining that she has been remembering things. Clarke realizes that Madi is talking about her sketchbook and the memories of the Commanders she holds and warns her daughter not to ever tell anyone about it. As they wait for it to be safe to leave again, Nikki leaves the reactor in tears and the concerned Murphy, Emori and Clarke rush to Raven's side. Seeing Raven's emotional state, Clarke, Murphy and Emori comfort Raven together.

With the shield restored and the bugs gone, the Disciples, Bellamy, Clarke, Murphy, Emori and Raven make their way to the Great Hall where an armed Indra, having dispatched the Disciples left behind by Cadogan to guard her and Sheidheda, demands to know where her daughter is. Cadogan is confused as to who Indra is talking about and Bellamy tells Indra that nobody even knew that Gaia was missing until that day. Bellamy promises that they will get everybody back and orders Indra to put down the gun which Indra does after Clarke confirms his order. Urged on by a hallucination of Josephine Lightbourne, Gabriel reveals that he believes that he can repair the Flame's damaged code using a computer designed to repair broken Memory Drives, stitching together broken strings of code that, like the Flame itself, was created by Becca Franko. Cadogan gives Gabriel the Flame who inserts it into the computer and states that if Becca's memories are still inside, the computer will find them. The computer successfully begins repairing the Flame's code, but Gabriel suddenly changes his mind and destroys the Flame completely with a gunshot. Gabriel turns his gun onto Cadogan and orders the Disciples to take off their helmets and drop their weapons which they comply with. As Gabriel takes the anti-toxin, Bellamy attempts to calm him down, stating that they need Cadogan to get their friends back, including Echo and Hope. Taking advantage of Bellamy distracting Gabriel, Doucette attempts to attack him only to be shot in the chest by Clarke. Horrified, Bellamy catches Doucette who urges his friend not to lose faith before dying.

With the situation under control, Clarke orders Raven to fire up the Anomaly Stone so that they can get to their friends. Using a Disciple helmet, Raven is able to reactivate the Stone and demands to know which planet their friends are on. Cadogan informs Clarke that the planet if off-line and only he knows the code to it. Checking the star map, Raven determines that Cadogan is telling the truth and that there is one planet that they can't get to. Clarke demands that Cadgoan enter the code in exchange for getting to live and he complies, opening the Anomaly to their missing friends. Cadogan states that they have the Bridge to their friends, but Clarke orders Cadogan to come with them and he tells her that she should have more faith. As Bellamy approaches, Clarke orders him to remain behind as Bellamy has made his choice while Murphy really hopes that what he believes in was worth it. Bellamy asserts that it was and Raven leads Murphy, Emori, Jackson, Madi and Gabriel through the Anomaly with no one else saying a word to their former friend. Clarke leaves Indra to cover Cadogan while she approaches Bellamy and tells him that while Clarke had said that she wouldn't lose anybody else, she has: she's lost Bellamy. Clarke doubts that "Disciple Blake" even cares and with a parting shot of "so much for together", sends Indra and Cadogan ahead of her through the Anomaly.

As Indra and Cadogan pass through the Anomaly, Sheidheda weakly offers to help Bellamy if Bellamy helps him in return and directs Bellamy to the book on his throne. Hearing the Dark Commander, Clarke turns around and sees Bellamy look through Madi's sketchbook containing her drawings of the Commanders memories that she has in her head. In Trig, Clarke demands that Bellamy give her the book, drawing her gun on the remaining Disciples when they try to interfere. Spotting a sketch of the Anomaly Stone transformed into a ball of light, Bellamy realizes the significance of the drawings and Clarke threatens to kill all of the Disciples if Bellamy doesn't turn it over to her. Bellamy promises that Madi isn't in danger and to make sure of that, but Clarke tells Bellamy in Trig that the Disciples will kill Madi to get what they want and he knows it. Starting to cry, Bellamy insists that he's trying to save them all, but Clarke threatens to kill Cadogan and shoots a Disciple that tries to rush her.

Ordering the Disciples to stop, Bellamy insists that this isn't about Cadogan and is bigger than any of them. Clarke turns her gun on Bellamy and tearfully begs him not to make her do this. Bellamy believes that Clarke won't shoot him and tells her that the Bridge will close soon and she should go. Clarke refuses to leave without Madi's sketchbook and Bellamy continues to try to reason with her, stating that all of the suffering she is experiencing, which is making Clarke willing to kill her closest friend who she trusts and is telling her that the fate of the entire human race is at stake, can end, Madi's suffering too. Bellamy states that he has no choice but to share the information with the Disciples, but Clarke is unwilling to risk letting the Disciples hurt Madi. "This is how we do better. This is the only way. I'm sorry," states Bellamy and starts to hand the sketchbook off to another Disciple who he tells needs to keep it safe for the Shepherd. Tearfully stating that she's sorry too, Clarke shoots Bellamy in the heart, killing him instantly and causing him to drop the book. Clarke kills another Disciple, but runs out of ammunition and is forced to flee through the closing Anomaly, leaving behind the sketchbook and Bellamy's dead body.

In The Last War, Clarke, Octavia and Levitt board an elevator leading to the Stone room and Levitt warns the two women that Cadogan's unit will be with him guarding the door. Unconcerned, Clarke pulls out two grenades, upsetting Levitt that her answer is more killing. Clarke throws the grenades into the middle of a dozen Disciples before storming down the hall armed with two pistols, single-handedly killing all of the guarding Disciples. Entering the Stone room, the three discover that they are too late and that Cadogan has already entered the code, turning the Anomaly Stone into a ball of light.

Clarke enters the light in order to stop Cadogan and finds him as Cadogan starts the test to determine the fate of humanity. As the Judge, in the form of Callie, starts to ask Cadogan questions, Clarke shoots him through the head from behind and then several times in the back, killing Cadogan. Tossing aside her gun, Clarke declares "pencils down" to the Judge, believing that she has stopped the test.

A short time later, Clarke paces the pier in the Judge's realm, confused as to why she is still there. Stating that Clarke knows why, Lexa appears behind her and Clarke pulls Lexa into a hug. The Judge, who has taken on Lexa's form, informs Clarke that she's not Lexa which Clarke admits that she knows, but holds onto the Judge for a moment longer before letting go. Clarke realizes that the test isn't over even with Cadogan dead and the Judge confirms this, apologizing that they can't stop what has been set in motion and humanity must now be judged through Clarke.

Looking at the pool of blood left where Cadogan's dead body once lay, the Judge questions why Clarke killed him since Cadogan was unarmed and of no threat to her. Clarke states that Cadogan had killed her daughter and the Judge asks if Madi is dead. Clarke admits that Madi is not, but she will be because of Cadogan. The Judge questions if Clarke's need for revenge is greater than the fate of the entire human race, but Clarke insists that it's not revenge, but justice. Switching to Trig, the Judge reminds Clarke that no matter what Clarke calls it, it is still "blood must have blood." Clarke accuses the Judge of being unable to understand her pain, but the Judge tells Clarke that she is wrong: during the test, the Judge feels every part of her and is feeling Clarke's pain right now. Clarke demands the Judge feel her watching Lexa die, see someone else wear her mother's face and murder her best friend to save her child only to have Madi die anyway. The Judge tells Clarke that she suffers and inflicts suffering upon others in turn and that "pain begets pain" isn't justice. While Clarke claims to do these things to protect her people, they are all one people which Cadogan had right. "He created a world without love to get to you. He killed my child to get to you. Have you ever considered that you're the problem? How dare you judge me when you annihilate entire species because they don't live up to your ideals? Have I pulled the lever to commit genocide? Yes, I have. And did love make me do this? You're damn right it did! But what's your excuse? You play games with people and call yourselves higher beings. You are no better than the murderers I've killed, and you are no better than me!" Clarke snaps. The Judge expresses sympathy for Clarke's losses and suffering, but states that if Clarke is humanity, then the human race is not ready to take the next step. As Clarke begins crying, the Judge declares that humanity's fate has been decided, finishing in Trig "your fight is over." Both the Judge and Clarke are engulfed in white light and Clarke is returned to Bardo.

Emerging in the Stone room on Bardo, the devastated Clarke stares at Cadogan's dead body lying on the floor for a moment before being greeted by Raven who realizes from the look on Clarke's face that the news isn't good. In shock over her failure, Clarke begins to leave before Raven stops her and asks what happened. Clarke admits that she failed and that it should've been Raven to take the test, not her. Raven realizes that it means that humanity doesn't transcend that they are wiped out instead which Clarke confirms. Raven wonders if they can change the Judge's mind, but Clarke doesn't know and wants to be with Madi for what little time they have left. Clarke races out of the room, leaving Raven behind as the light from the orb turns red.

Clarke races back to M-Cap and Madi, crying and apologizing for failing Madi and everyone else. Sitting on the floor and holding Madi, Clarke suddenly sees her daughter glowing, although Madi fights it repeatedly. Clarke realizes that Raven went in and managed to change the Judge's mind. Knowing that Madi doesn't want to leave her, Clarke encourages her daughter to let go, stating that transcending gives Madi a chance to live and that Clarke will be ok. Madi finally transcends and Clarke promises her daughter that she will love Madi forever.

Left alone, Clarke discovers that everyone else has achieved transcendence with the Bardo oxygen farm full of the glowing forms left behind by everyone transcending. Clarke dons a Disciple helmet and uses the Anomaly to return to Sanctum where she discovers that everyone there has transcended as well, leaving behind more glowing forms. Clarke's calls for her friends draw Picasso to her and Clarke wonders out loud where they are going to live. Clarke then returns to Earth with Picasso, but finds the bunker empty too.

Emerging on the surface of humanity's restored homeworld, Clarke declares that she and Picasso will find water and shelter today and food tomorrow. However, Picasso suddenly takes off running and Clarke chases after her to a beach, calling out that she doesn't want to be alone after she can't find the dog. The Judge, in the form of Lexa, appears nearby and tells Clarke that she's not alone. Clarke is annoyed by the being's appearance even though the Judge wants to explain. Clarke gets it and comments that "I bear it so they don't have to. Again." The Judge calls humanity a curious species that has already added a great deal to the transcended and admits that she's glad to have been wrong about Clarke.

Clarke hopefully asks if it means that the Judge has come to take Clarke with her, but the Judge tells Clarke that she can never transcend and that Clarke's actions must have a cost. Clarke is the first test subject in any species anywhere in the universe since the dawn of time to have committed murder during a test which Clarke is unrepentant about. The Judge comments that Madi knew that Clarke would say that, exciting Clarke who asks if Madi is with the Judge. The Judge tells Clarke that Madi's consciousness has joined the rest of the transcended and she is at peace and she will never feel pain or die. Madi knew that living on Earth without someone her own age to love is something that Clarke wouldn't have wanted for her even if it meant that Clarke would be alone. "I suppose that choice was made easier with the realization you wouldn't be," comments the Judge. Clarke is surprised that transcendence is a choice and that you can choose to come back which the Judge confirms, stating that until now, no one had ever chosen to come back.

Hearing laughter and voices, Clarke is surprised to see Raven, Murphy, Emori, Indra, Gaia, Hope, Jordan, Jackson, Miller, Octavia, Levitt, Echo, Niylah and Picasso at a camp further down the beach. The Judge tells her that the group won't have any children and that they won't transcend again when they die, but none of them seem to care. Clarke's friends notice her presence and the Judge muses that humanity is "a curious species indeed," before vanishing. Clarke's friends happily greet her as Clarke joins them to enjoy their new peaceful life on Earth.


Clarke is headstrong, determined, dependable, and intelligent. As a natural born leader who is capable of inspiring all around her, Clarke will contemplate and ask questions before acting. However, she has been shown to make impulsive decisions. She is also fair, selfless, caring, and loyal to a fault. Even after her father's death, Clarke shows a high level of devotion and admiration towards him. She is quick to call people out on their behavior. She has a natural maternal instinct, as shown when she comforts Charlotte and later protects her and also seen when she took on the mother role for Madi. While she certainly has a good head on her shoulders, she is quick to accuse and has displayed poor judgment which resulted in Charlotte's death.

Ever since the first episode, Clarke suffers a post-traumatic stress disorder that resulted from her father's death, causing her to become rude, aggressive, and arrogant towards other people.

Despite the harsh world she lives in, Clarke is fiercely determined to save everyone's lives, even if they do not particularly deserve to be saved; which is evident when she helps John Murphy, who once tried to kill her and is partially responsible for Charlotte's death. Finn Collins believed her desire to save everyone comes from the fact that she could not save her father. Clarke has a strong moral compass; even to the point of stopping Miller and other Delinquents from killing Anya, their enemy.

Unlike Bellamy Blake, her co-leader, Clarke is idealistic and sees no reason for torture, cruelty, or violence. She does not wish for violence or war and tries to avoid fighting. However, she will betray her beliefs to protect those she cares for; like when she and Bellamy agree on the torture of the grounder, Lincoln to save Finn Collins. She also agreed with Bellamy on bringing guns into camp for protection, even if she didn't like the thought.

Clarke tried to make the best decisions for the camp, which often lead to her undermining Bellamy's authority and rule. Clarke has a surprisingly keen mind for warfare and strategy, a trait that took Bellamy, Finn, and Raven Reyes completely by surprise.

Clarke is described as a natural born leader, especially by her mother; who mentions Clarke got her leadership qualities from her father. Clarke's father once mentions she gets her stubbornness from her mother. She has often shown maturity and wisdom beyond her age. Though Clarke can be rather blunt and closed off, she does have a vulnerable side, which she only shows around those she loves and cares for. Like her mother, she is a healer and puts her skills to good use.

Clarke is also portrayed as artistic being one of her strengths, which was first seen as she drew along the walls of her cell in the first episode of the series.

In Season Five, the aftermath of the Second Nuclear Apocalypse causes Clarke to mentally and psychologically lose her own sanity and her hope in humanity, and begins to forget who she is, and only becomes interested in protecting Madi, thus leading her to become ruthless, selfish, reckless, and even less sadistic. The events of the aftermath of Praimfaya, also causes Clarke to lose her own humanity. Her actions damages her relationship with her friends, including Raven. It also implies that the deaths of her loved ones, and the deaths of many people at Mount Weather, made her a dark person.

In Season Six, Clarke's reckless actions has caused her to become haunted, remorseful, heartbroken, and even suicidal as some of her friends, including Raven, begins to get upset at her for her own ruthless ways. Because of this, Clarke wants to seek redemption for her ruthless actions, thus making her promise to protect everyone she cares for and the rest of humanity. It also helps her restore her mind and soul to never repeat the same mistakes again, bringing back her own humanity.

After Abby's death, Clarke becomes staunchly determined not to lose any more of the people she cares about, repeatedly risking her own life to save her friends. She initially tries to avoid unnecessary killing, but when the Disciples start targeting Madi, she becomes increasingly single-minded in her desire to protect Madi above all else. All this culminates with Clarke killing Bill Cadogan during her test with the Judge, in revenge for Madi's capture and torture. Despite Clarke's reckless behavior, the Judge acknowledges all the sacrifices Clarke has made and all the pain she has suffered. After most of humanity transcends, Clarke reunites with her friends on Earth, at peace with the knowledge that Madi is finally safe.

Physical Appearance[]

Clarke is a young woman with pale complexion, blue eyes, a round face, dimple chin, and blonde hair. Her hair is often pulled back in a half-up/half down style throughout season one. Clarke is 5'4" (1.65 m) and has a medium to slim physique. Clarke is also shown wearing earrings.

She usually wears thermal long sleeve shirts with crochet cuffs combined with a jacket, dark jeans, and boots. She is often shown in dark colors such as; black, gray, navy blue, dark green and tan.

While in Mount Weather Quarantine, Clarke was seen in stark white clothing, a tank top, and capris. After being released from quarantine, she was seen in pastel colored clothing, a pale pink singlet, a light blue jacket and light blue capris.

In Season Three, Clarke has adapted a style very similar to the Grounders, including braided hair and war paint. For a short time she disguised herself with red hair, but it was washed away when Roan tried to drown her.

In 2156, Clarke has shoulder length blonde hair with streaks of red.

On Sanctum, Clarke is seen wearing a black suit, as she wore it while posing as Josephine Lightbourne. She has since swapped the black suit for a black jacket and black skirt.


Abigail Griffin[]

Main article: Clarke and Abigail
"Earth, Clarke. You get to go to Earth."
- Abigail to Clarke[src]

Abigail Griffin, her mother.

Clarke is Abigail Griffin's daughter. Before Clarke is sent down to Earth in the "Pilot", Abigail tells her to be safe and that she loves her. After, Abigail closely watches over Clarke's vitals. While on Earth, Clarke learns the truth about her mother's involvement in her father's death in "Earth Kills". This causes a rift between Clarke and her mother. To punish her mother for her father's death, she takes her wristband off, letting Abigail believe her to be dead. When Raven Reyes makes contact with the Ark in "Contents Under Pressure", Clarke confronts her mother and tells her she knows the truth. Abigail tries to apologizes explain his death was never supposed to happen. Clarke truly believes she will never be able to forgive her mother for turning in her father. When Clarke believes her mother to be dead in the Exodus ship crash, she is devastated.

When they are reunited in "Human Trials", Clarke is happy to see her but their relationship is strained. Clarke goes behind Abby's back to the point of usurping her authority on numerous occasions. Abby often disagrees with the decisions Clarke makes in regards to the people. Tensions escalate in "Coup de Grâce" when Clarke tells her mother that even though Abby is the Chancellor, Clarke is the one in charge. In "Resurrection", when Abby finds out that Clarke knew ahead of time about the bombing of Tondc, she is appalled that her daughter would do such a thing and begs her to not forget they are the good guys. By "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)", Abby has come to realize the difficult choices her daughter has had to make are not so different than the choices she made on The Council and tells her daughter that maybe there are no good guys.

Abby and Clarke are reunited in "Ye Who Enter Here" when Abby and Marcus Kane travel to Polis to negotiate a peace treaty. When Azgeda blows up Mount Weather, Abby returns to Arkadia while Clarke stays in Polis to represent Skaikru. Abby and Clarke meet again in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)". At this point Abby has taken the chip and become a member of A.L.I.E.'s Cult, she tortures Clarke so she will tell them where the A.L.I.E. 2.0 is. When she refuses Abby hangs herself in order to force a confession, Clarke still will not divulge the location of A.L.I.E. 2.0. In "Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)" Clarke uses the EMP to fry Abby's chip. Abby helps connect Clarke to Ontari so Clarke may enter to the City of Light and defeat A.L.I.E.. While Clarke is in the City of Light Abby protects her daughter.

In "The Dark Year", Abby revealed that she was responsible for the cannibalism, during the "Dark Year" in the Second Dawn Bunker and for Octavia's dark nature. However, out of altruistic reasons, it appears that Clarke forgives her and does not hate her for it, suggesting that she only hated Abby for killing her family member, which was her father.

In "Adjustment Protocol," Clarke initially has to lie to her mother that she is dead due to her masquerade as Josephine Lightbourne, but later tells her the truth. Clarke is reduced to tears when she realizes that Abby has been mind wiped to become the new host for Simone Lightbourne. In "The Blood of Sanctum," Clarke maintains a degree of hope that Abby also survived due to a neural mesh, but this is dashed when Russell confirms that Abby's neural mesh was destroyed by the EMP. When Simone pretends to be Abby, Clarke doesn't allow her hope to blind her and tests Simone who fails. When Clarke floats the Primes, Simone grabs onto her and Clarke has the chance to potentially save Simone. However, Clarke accepts that her mother is gone and shoves Simone off so that she is blown into space, taking Abby's body with her. Losing Abby along with Madi's state nearly pushes Clarke to suicide when it appears impossible for Clarke to save her daughter. Clarke later tells Bellamy that she tried to do better until she lost Abby and seeks reassurance that they did the right thing.

Bellamy Blake[]

Main article: Clarke and Bellamy
"Her friends are her weakness. Start with Bellamy Blake."
- Abigail Griffin[src]

Bellamy Blake, her best friend.

The relationship between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake starts out antagonistic towards each other. In the beginning, Bellamy shows a great amount of animosity towards Clarke and considers her to be "privileged". Bellamy looked down on Clarke because of her upbringing on the Ark. Meanwhile, Clarke often disagrees with the decisions Bellamy makes.

As Season One goes on, however, their relationship develops into a partnership. Their partnership grows into a friendship filled with mutual respect and trust. They are both shown to care if the other lives or dies.

Clarke and Bellamy have been known to clash on many different occasions. This often leads them to be on the opposite sides of an argument. The two have also been known to contradict one another. One such occasion is when Bellamy makes a speech about staying at camp and fighting the Grounders. Minutes later, Clarke makes a contradicting speech about surviving to fight another day and that they should leave camp.

Clarke shows great concern for Bellamy during the fight with the Grounders. She refuses to close the door until Bellamy is back. When Clarke is forced to leave both Bellamy and Finn Collins outside to die, she is shown to be remorseful as she closes the Dropship door.

In Season Two they are reunited after Clarke escapes Mount Weather. They then set out to go find Finn along with Octavia. Bellamy is seen supporting Clarke and is worried when she gets injured close to the dropship. Shortly after Finn's death, Clarke agrees with the plan to send Bellamy to Mount Weather, stating she was weak by caring too much. Throughout Bellamy's mission, Clarke stays in contact with him, concerned about his wellbeing.

Together they make the decision to pull the lever, causing radiation to enter and killing all the Mountain Men. This action causes Clarke to feel a crushing guilt and opposed to returning to Arkadia she chooses to departure on her own after saying goodbye to Bellamy.

In the third season Bellamy is worried in learning that Clarke is being hunted. He goes to great lengths to find her and he is disappointed when she chooses to stay in Polis as an ambassador. Their relationship is strained for a while after that, and things get worse when Clarke learns that Bellamy was responsible for the grounder massacre. She tries to reason with him, which is where he expresses his pain over her leaving after what they did at mount weather.

After Clarke returns to Arkadia with the flame she teams up with Bellamy and the other members of the resistance to find Luna. After being rejected by her they come up with a plan to use Ontari, and they head to Polis together. In this conversation, Bellamy expresses his concerns about trusting Roan, to which Clarke replies she trusts him. Once in Polis, Murphy notes that he is not the only one trying to save someone he cares for, suggesting Clarke is important to Bellamy. This is confirmed the other way around when a chipped Abby says Clarke's friends are her weak spot, and she suggests they torture Bellamy. Later, Bellamy supports Clarke's decision to enter the City of Light after which Clarke reveals the truth about Earth's nuclear instability to him.

By Season Seven, Clarke and Bellamy consider themselves to be best friends. However, their friendship is destroyed when Bellamy betrays his friends and joins the Disciples. In "Blood Giant," Clarke reluctantly shoots and kills Bellamy in order to stop him.

Finn Collins[]

Main article: Clarke and Finn
"I love you, too."
- Clarke to Finn[src]

Finn Collins, her first love.

Clarke Griffin and Finn Collins quickly bond and become friends after the 100 land on Earth in the "Pilot". Finn figures out that Wells Jaha is in love with Clarke and encourages her to forgive him. He also helps Clarke come to the realization that Wells was not the one who turned her father in.

Clarke and Finn grow closer as they work together to protect Charlotte from John Murphy's vengeful wrath in "Murphy's Law". The same night, Finn learns that all of the wristbands have been fried and loses hope that they will be able to contact the Ark. Clarke tries to calm him down and the two end up having sex in the underground bunker. They sit under the stars afterwards and see a falling pod, believing it to be a shooting star. The next morning, Clarke is devastated when Raven Reyes appears from the pod and is revealed to be Finn's girlfriend from the Ark.

Throughout the rest of Season One, Clarke tries to distance herself from Finn although they still have romantic feelings for each other. In "I Am Become Death", Finn catches a sick Clarke when she falls, knowing full well that he may catch the virus Clarke has. Raven breaks up with Finn after this and sometime later, Finn confesses his love to Clarke. However, she rejects him because he broke her heart. During the final battle with the Grounders in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)", Clarke is shown to be very upset and regretful when she has to leave Finn outside the Dropship to die.

When Clarke and Finn reunite in Season Two, Clarke discovers that Finn has massacred a village of Grounders trying to find her. Clarke is horrified and has trouble facing Finn afterwards. Finn is remorseful for his actions and although Clarke tells him that he is savable, he has trouble believing it himself. Finn once again confesses his love to Clarke and though she is unable to say it back, she begs him not to run away. When the Grounders demand Finn's death in compensation, Clarke tries to save him by hiding him in the Dropship.

Finn ultimately gives himself up to the Grounders in "Spacewalker" to prevent the slaughter of his people. As the Grounders prepare to torture and kill him, Clarke tries to convince their leader, Lexa, first to show mercy to Finn, then to let Clarke take his place. Lexa refuses on both counts and Clarke asks to say goodbye instead. Clarke confesses her love to Finn before mercy-killing him to spare him from a painful death at the hands of the Grounders.

In "Remember Me", Clarke feels immense guilt over mercy killing Finn and begins seeing hallucinations of him. After coming to accept that "love is weakness" however, the hallucinations stop and she is able to move on.


Main article: Clarke and Lexa
"I want you."
- Clarke to Lexa[src]

Commander Lexa, her greatest love.

Clarke and Lexa start off as enemies as Clarke's people and Lexa's people are at war for the entire first season and the first half of the second season. They officially meet in "Long Into an Abyss", when Clarke approaches Lexa in order to put aside their differences and create peace between their people.

The pair are shown to be alike in some ways, and they grow closer as they work to save their people from a common enemy. They share a mutual respect and the task of leadership over their allied clans, often making hard decisions together. They kiss in "Bodyguard of Lies"; however, Clarke tells Lexa that she is not ready for a relationship so soon after Finn's death under Lexa's orders. Their relationship becomes strained after "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)", when Lexa betrays the Sky People by retreating from Mount Weather in order to save her own people.

They reunite in the third season, when Lexa has Clarke brought to Polis. As Lexa works to bring peace to their people, Clarke forgives her and they become allies again and later lovers. Lexa's Flamekeeper, Titus, disapproves of their relationship and during an attempt to kill Clarke, shoots Lexa by accident instead. Despite Clarke's desperate attempts to save her, Lexa's physical body dies from her wound in "Thirteen". Because Lexa's consciousness is saved in the Flame, Clarke is able to summon Lexa to aid her in the City of Light in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)". Lexa protects Clarke from A.L.I.E.'s Cult, and Clarke declares her love for Lexa before they are forced to part ways once more.

Clarke continues to mourn Lexa long after her death. Josephine Lightbourne, for example, notes in "Nevermind" that Clarke still cries when she thinks of Lexa, six years since her death. Other characters also bring Lexa up in conversations with Clarke, sometimes to try to sway her opinion or to taunt her.

In the fifth season, Clarke's adopted daughter, Madi Griffin, is given the Flame and Lexa's consciousness is thus able to communicate with Madi. In "Damocles (Part 1)", Lexa tells Clarke, through Madi, that abandoning Clarke at Mount Weather is her biggest regret in an attempt to keep Clarke from making the same mistake. Lexa's message helps Clarke decide to do the right thing in the end, while also driving her to tears.

The series finale sees Clarke take a test to determine the fate of the human race. During the test, the Judge takes on the form of Lexa because she was Clarke's greatest love[2].

Wells Jaha[]

Main article: Clarke and Wells
"How can you ever forgive me?"
- Clarke to Wells.[src]

Wells Jaha, her childhood best friend.

Clarke and Wells Jaha were best friends. They were best friends prior to being sent to Earth. It is shown that their families were close.

One day, Clarke told Wells that her father discovered that the Ark is dying. He promised he would not tell anybody. Later that night, Clarke's father was floated and she developed a hatred for Wells, believing him to have told his father.

In Earth Kills Clarke confronts Wells about whether or not it was really him who ratted her father out, suggesting that it was actually her mother who did it and that Wells took the blame so that she would hate him and not her. Wells confesses that he took the blame and Clarke and Wells make up. Their newly reestablished friendship is however cut short when Charlotte Kills Wells later that night.

In Murphy's Law Clarke is seen sitting by Wells’ grave mourning him.

Jake Griffin[]

"You get your stubbornness from your mother. That's what I love about both of you."
- Jake to Clarke[src]
Earth Kills 091 (Jake)

Jake Griffin, her father.

Clarke is Jake Griffin's daughter. They were very close while he was alive. Even after his death, Clarke speaks highly of her father and shows great devotion to him. Jake's death left her devastated and emotionally scarred. As a memento, Clarke continued to wear her father's watch.

Clarke overhears a conversation between her mother and her father and learns the Ark is dying. Clarke learns her father plans to tell the citizens of the Ark. Clarke offered to help with her father's plan but he refused her because he didn't want to involve her. When Jake was arrested and later floated Clarke blamed herself for his death. She believed she killed him by telling Wells Jaha of Jake's plans.

Clarke later learns, however, that his death was not her or Wells' fault. Clarke refuses to forgive her mother for the part she played in Jake's death.

Madi Griffin[]

Main article: Clarke and Madi
5x01 - Madi

Madi, her adopted daughter.

Madi is a young Nightblood that Clarke finds 58 days after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse. Their relationship started off combative due to Madi's belief that Clarke was a Flamekeeper. Eventually they are able to reconcile when Madi discovers Clarke is also a Nightblood.

During the 6 year gap, Clarke develops a strong maternal bond to Madi and treats Madi as her own daughter. From then on, Clarke is shown to be fiercely protective of Madi. In Season Five, she betrays her friends so as to prevent Madi from having to become a Commander. In Season Seven, Clarke kills her best friend Bellamy so as to protect Madi from the Disciples.


Main article: Clarke and A.L.I.E.

As the leader of the Resistance Against A.L.I.E., Clarke acted as the AI's archenemy, working tirelessly to thwart her plans. In "Nevermore," A.L.I.E. meets Clarke through Raven who she possesses and learns of the extent of the threat Clarke posed to her. Despite this, A.L.I.E. stated in "Red Sky at Morning" that she still intended to offer Clarke the choice to join her rather than killing Clarke as a threat outright. When the two finally met face to face in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 2),", A.L.I.E. revealed the truth about the coming Second Nuclear Apocalypse to Clarke in an attempt to get Clarke not to pull the kill switch. Despite the AI's actions, Clarke offered A.L.I.E. the chance to do the right thing and offer people a real choice instead of coercing them into the City of Light, something that Clarke promised would cause her not to destroy the AI. However, when Becca confirmed that A.L.I.E.'s programing prevented this, Clarke chose to terminate A.L.I.E. and find another way.

Despite A.L.I.E.'s terrible actions, Clarke still believed her warning which motivated Clarke's actions during Season Four. Over 130 years later, Clarke's interactions with A.L.I.E. saved her life when Russell Lightbourne tried to mind wipe Clarke. A manifestation of A.L.I.E. appeared to help protect Clarke, against Josephine Lightbourne, noting that all she had ever tried to do was to protect Clarke and everyone else from the pain of their pasts. Though thankful for A.L.I.E.'s help, Clarke admonished the AI for her past actions.

Josephine Lightbourne[]

Main article: Clarke and Josephine
Josephine Lightbourne is one of the Primes on Sanctum whose parents attempted to sacrifice Clarke in order to bring back. Originally, it appeared as if Clarke died so that Josephine could be resurrectedmforcing Josephine to pose as Clarke amongst her friends and family. After learning Clarke's history from Murphy, Josephine shows a respect for Clarke's actions, calling Clarke "fairly awesome." However, Clarke survived due to A.L.I.E.'s neural mesh and fought Josephine for control of her body, even trying to kill her at first. As their condition deteriorated, Clarke and Josephine were forced closer together, gaining access to some of each others memories and knowledge. After Josephine relinquished control of her body to Clarke, Clarke refused to give control back, instead seeking out Gabriel Santiago for help. As the two worked together to separate their minds, Clarke began to see herself in Josephine and desired to save them both. However, when Josephine hung on inside of Clarke through the neural mesh, she left Clarke no choice but to destroy her. Clarke later realized that Josephine was right about how their plan would get a lot of innocent people killed and adjusted her tactics to try to avoid that. When Josephine's parents realized that their daughter was dead, Clarke expressed genuine remorse for having to kill Josephine and for Russell and Simone's loss.


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Clarke Griffin: "I feel the sun on my face. I see trees all around me, the scent of wildflowers on a breeze. It's so beautiful. In this moment, I'm not stranded in space. It's been 97 years since a nuclear apocalypse killed everyone on Earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors. 12 nations had operational space stations at the time of the bombs. There is now only the Ark, one station forged from the many. We're told the Earth needs another 100 years to become survivable again. Four more space-locked generations and man can go home, back to the ground. The ground, that's the dream. This is reality."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "You're the idiot who wasted a month of oxygen on an illegal spacewalk."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin (to Wells Jaha): "They didn't arrest my father, Wells. They executed him. I do hate you."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin (to the 100): "Do you think we care who's in charge? We need to get to Mount Weather. not because the Chancellor said so, but because the longer we wait, the hungrier we'll get and the harder this'll be. How long do you think we'll last without those supplies? We're looking at a 20-mile trek, okay? So if we want to get there before dark, we need to leave now."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "Well, I don't know. Do you want the people you love to think you're dead? Do you want them to follow you down here in two months? Because they won't if they think we're dying."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin: "The Ark is dying. At the current population level, there's roughly 3 months left of life support, maybe."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin: "We're not alone."
-- in Pilot
Clarke Griffin: "Everything we thought we knew about the ground is wrong."
-- in Earth Skills
Clarke Griffin: "Spacewalker? What a joke. You think you're such an adventurer, you're really just a coward."
-- in Earth Skills
Clarke Griffin: "You idiots. Life support on the Ark is failing. That's why they brought us down here. They need to know the ground is survivable again, and we need their help against whoever is out there. If you take off your wristbands, you're not just killing them. You're killing us!"
-- in Earth Skills
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Because you want them to follow you, and right now, they're thinking only one of us is scared."
-- in Earth Skills
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake]): "The only way the Ark is gonna think I'm dead is if I'm dead. Got it?"
-- in Earth Skills
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "They're taking off their wristbands for food? No way. I-I won't do it."
-- in Earth Skills
Clarke Griffin (to Charlotte): "See that bright star up there? That's the Ark orbiting above us. I think whatever happened up there, you know, the pain maybe we can move past that now. Maybe being on the ground is our second chance."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Sorry if Jasper's an inconvenience to you, but this isn't the Ark. Down here, every life matters."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Octavia Blake): "Octavia, I've spent my whole life watching my mother heal people. If I say there's hope, there's hope."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins and Wells Jaha): "While we're on the subject, why is it that everyone thinks me wanting Jasper to not die is a bad thing? Like I'm such a downer. I can be fun."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Wells Jaha): ""I made a mistake, Clarke." Not good enough. You know, I bet you couldn't wait to run to daddy. Tell him everything so that he'd finally believe you were the perfect son he always wanted."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Jake Griffin in a flashback): "You're making a video, so, what? You're gonna break into the communications mainframe? Making you either suicidal or incredibly dumb."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Wells Jaha): "Wells? I know I probably don't deserve it, but I need to know the truth. It was my mom. Wasn't it? She's the one who told your dad. I didn't want to believe it. I-I couldn't. I blamed you because my father's dead and it's my mother's fault. Isn't it? Wells Please."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Jasper Jordan): "Thank you for not dying. I don't think I could've taken that today."
-- in Earth Kills
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "My mother killed my father."
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to John Murphy): "You son of a bitch!"
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to the 100): "Is this the kind of society that we want? You say there should be no rules. Does that mean that we can kill each other without punishment?"
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake):"No! No! You can stop this! They'll listen to you!"
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Charlotte): "You killed someone, Charlotte. Ended his life. Did you stop to think about that for even one second? Look at me! You can't just kill someone to make yourself feel better."
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "If I hadn't confronted Murphy, none of this would have happened."
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Bellamy, stop! You'll kill him!"
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "No! We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake):"No, I was wrong before, okay? You were right. Sometimes it's dangerous to tell people the truth. But if we're gonna survive down here, we can't just live by "whatever the hell we want". We need rules."
-- in Murphy's Law

Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "You're not alone."
-- in Murphy's Law
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "Finn, that's not a shooting star."
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "I screwed up. Let myself get distracted."
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "Welcome home."
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "That's why you took the wristbands. Needed everyone to think we're dead."
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Bellamy, don't you see what this means? You're not a murderer. You always did what you had to do to protect your sister. That's who you are. And you can do it again, by protecting 300 of your people. Where's the radio?"
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "But you wouldn't take off your wristband. You had hope. It's okay, I get it. I was around, passably cute, and now it's over."
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "I don't know. I hope so. Can you wish on this kind of shooting star?"
-- in Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "It's Octavia. She's probably chasing butterflies."
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Don't thank me. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for Octavia."
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "You have a girlfriend, Finn. There's really nothing left to say."
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "I'm nothing like my mom."
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Uh, we saw this two-headed deer our first day on the ground. Welcome to paradise, right?"
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "Do you think I wanted this? I didn't even know you existed. Look, as far as he knew, you were dead, Raven. Or you would have been soon enough. My mom, too, and everyone we ever knew on the Ark, and there was nothing we could do to stop it."
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "I hardly know him."
-- in His Sister's Keeper
Clarke Griffin (to Abby Griffin): "Mom, I need your help. One of our people was stabbed by a grounder."
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Clarke Griffin (to Thelonious Jaha): "I'm so sorry. Wells is... Wells is dead."
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Look, this is not who we are."
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Clarke Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "This isn't blood. It's something else. I did everything she told me. I've seen this before. Shortness of breath. Fever. Seizing. It's poison."
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Clarke Griffin: "He poisoned the blade. All this time, you knew Finn was gonna die no matter what we did."
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Abby Griffin: "I am so proud of you. Clarke, your father would be so proud of you, too."
Clarke Griffin: "Don't talk about him."
Abby Griffin: "Clarke? Baby, I know something else is wrong. Please tell me what it is."
Clarke Griffin (crying): "Dad's dead because of you. You turned him in. I know it. Wells told me everything before he-- He let me believe that he did it... so that I'd hate him instead of you."
Abby Griffin (crying also): "Clarke... Clarke, I want you to listen to me. That was never supposed to happen. Jaha was supposed to talk him out of it."
Clarke Griffin: "I'm done talking to you!" (disconnects the transmission)
Abby Griffin: "Clarke. No."
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Bellamy Blake: "We'll get it cleaned up."
Clarke Griffin: "I wish this was our only mess."
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke. Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different thing."
Clarke Griffin: "What are we gonna do with him? We can't keep him locked up forever."
Bellamy Blake: "If we let him go, he'll be back and not alone next time. It's not easy being in charge, is it?"
-- in Contents Under Pressure
Clarke Griffin: "We're doing everything we can to prepare here. We're gathering nuts and berries, curing meats, digging for roots, but the truth is, we'll freeze before we starve."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to Thelonious Jaha): "I know you both think that betraying my dad, killing him, was an unavoidable tragedy, but I don't see it that way, and I never will. So just tell me who's next and let someone who actually wants to talk to their parents have a turn."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "Well, because right now, I don't feel like being around anyone I actually like."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "I'm not gonna fight you on bringing guns back to camp. I know we need them, but don't expect me to like it."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "That was amazing. Ha! Am I horrible for feeling that?"
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to Jake Griffin in a hallucination): "You want me to say mom did the best she could. This is about what you want. You're dead because of her. She doesn't deserve my forgiveness."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin: "You're okay."
Bellamy Blake: "No, I'm not. My mother . . . if she knew what I've done, who I am. . . . She raised me to be better, to be good, but all I do is hurt people. I'm a monster."
Clarke Griffin: "Hey, you saved my life today. You may be a total ass half the time, but I need you, we all need you. None of us would've survived this place if it wasn't for you. You want forgiveness? Fine, I'll give it to you: you're forgiven, okay? But you can't run, Bellamy. You have to come back with me - you have to face it."
Bellamy Blake: "Like you faced your Mom?"
Clarke Griffin: "You're right. I don't want to face my mom. I don't want to face any of it. All I think about every day is how we're gonna keep everyone alive. But we don't have a choice."
Bellamy Blake: "Jaha will kill me when he comes down."
Clarke Griffin: "We'll figure something out."
Bellamy Blake: "Can we figure it out later?"
Clarke Griffin: "Whenever you're ready."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to The 100): "These are weapons, okay, not toys, and we have to be prepared to give them up to the guard when the Dropships come, but until then, they're gonna help keep us safe."
-- in Day Trip
Thelonious Jaha: "Mr. Blake, I've wanted to talk to you for some time now."
Clarke Griffin: "Before you do, uh, I... I'd like to say something. When you sent us down here, you sent us to die, but miraculously, most of us are still alive. In large part, that is because of him, because of Bellamy. He's one of us, and he deserves to be pardoned of his crimes just like the rest of us."
Thelonious Jaha: "Clarke, I appreciate your point of view, but it's not that simple."
Bellamy Blake: "It is if you want to know who on the Ark wants you dead."
Thelonious Jaha: "Bellamy Blake, you're pardoned for your crimes. Now, tell me who gave you the gun."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins about Bellamy Blake): "I trust him."
-- in Day Trip
Clarke Griffin (to the 100): "If we leave, we may never find a place as safe as this. And God knows, in this world, we could be faced with something worse tomorrow. But that doesn't change the simple fact that if we stay here, we will die, tonight. So pack your things, just take what you can carry. Now!"
-- in We Are Grounders (Part 1)
Clarke Griffin (to the 100): "We are not Grounders!"
-- in We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Clarke Griffin (arriving in the Mount Weather mess hall): "Where the hell am I?"
-- in The 48
Clarke Griffin (about Mount Weather): "This place is too good to be true."
-- in The 48
Clarke Griffin (to Anya): "Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back."
-- in Reapercussions
Clarke Griffin (to Anya): "Why not kill me and get it over with?"
-- in Many Happy Returns
Clarke Griffin (to Anya): "If I'm such a burden, then cut me loose."
-- in Many Happy Returns

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Clarke Griffin (to Anya): "It looks like you're my prisoner now."
-- in Many Happy Returns
Clarke Griffin (to Anya): "I knew it. He lied. My people are out there."
-- in Many Happy Returns
Clarke Griffin: "What I need is to save my friends."
-- in Human Trials
Clarke Griffin: "If you wanted peace, you shouldn't have killed the only Grounder who was going to help us!"
-- in Human Trials
Clarke Griffin: "We're gonna need guns."
-- in Human Trials
Clarke Griffin: "You said we don't have enough soldiers to fight a two-front war. Mom, we're already fighting one."
-- in Fog of War
Clarke Griffin: "Just because they pardoned you, doesn't mean I have."
-- in Fog of War
Clarke Griffin (to Lexa): "You're the one who sent them there to kill us."
-- in Long Into an Abyss
Clarke Griffin (to Finn Collins): "Lincoln's saveable. And so are you."
-- in Long Into an Abyss
Clarke Griffin (to Abigail Griffin): "You may be the Chancellor; but I'm in charge."
-- in Coup de Grâce
Clarke Griffin (to Carl Emerson): "I have a message for your leader. We're coming for him. You're watching us, but you haven't seen a thing. The Grounder army is bigger than you think, and even if you could find it, your acid fog can't hurt them, and now, thanks to you… Neither can the Reapers. So you have one last chance. Let our people go, and we'll let you live. It's just that simple."
-- in Coup de Grâce
Clarke Griffin (to Lexa): "I want the Mountain Men dead. All of them."
-- in Resurrection
Clarke Griffin (to Lincoln): "You are my people."
-- in Resurrection
Clarke Griffin (to Lexa): "Maybe life should be about more than just surviving. Don't we deserve better than that?"
-- in Bodyguard of Lies
Clarke Griffin: "This can't be over."
-- in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)
Clarke Griffin (to Abby Griffin): "I tried. I tried to be the good guy."
-- in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)
Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "I bear it, so they don't have to."
-- in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Clarke Griffin: "Why are you hiding from your own people?"
Roan: "Why'd you run away from yours?"
Roan: "The Great Wanheda, Mountain Slayer."
Clarke Griffin: "I'm no one."
Roan: "Lot of people out there right now looking for no one."
Clarke Griffin: "You don't know anything about me."
Roan: "I know you took the coward's way out."
Clarke Griffin: "Like you're so different? You're in disguise, same as me. You're on the run, same as me, in the wilderness, same as me."
Roan: "I was banished, nothing like you. You had a choice, and, no, I can't take you home to your people because you're the way back home to mine."
-- Wanheda (Part 2)

Clarke Griffin: "You went to all that trouble to capture me just to let me go?"
Lexa: "I went to all that trouble to save you."
Clarke Griffin: "You know when I could've use saving? When you abandoned me in Mount Weather."
Lexa: "Clearly, you didn't need my help."
Clarke Griffin: "Clearly."
Lexa: "You're angry Clarke, but I know you. What you've done haunts you and it's easier to hate me than to hate yourself."
Clarke Griffin: "Oh, I can do both."
Lexa: "What would you have done if their leader had offered you the deal? Save your people at the price of mine. Would you really have chosen differently?"
Clarke Griffin: "I don't betray my friends."
Lexa: "But you did. You had friends in Mount Weather.
Clarke Griffin: "Those deaths are on you, too. The only difference is, you have no honor and I had no choice."
Lexa: "You can't run away from who you are, Clarke. Join me. Bow before me and your people will be safe."
Clarke Griffin: "Bow before you? You don't give a damn about my people. I know why you're here - I made you look weak at Mount Weather, and now the Ice Nation is exploiting that. Well, if you want the power of Wanheda, kill me. Take it. Otherwise, go float yourself because I will never bow to you."
Clarke Griffin: "And why should I trust her? From what I hear, she's worse than Lexa."
Roan: "That's because you've been talking to Lexa. Look. We're all trying to do what's right for our people. This is what's right for yours."
Clarke Griffin: "This is our unity day, Mom. You can be the 13th station, or you can be the 13th Clan."
-- Ye Who Enter Here
Clarke Griffin (to Lexa): "In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey on the ground. May we meet again.

Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "I'm sorry for leaving. I knew I could because they had you."
Clarke Griffin (to Lexa): "If it ends a cycle of violence, yes. If it brings about peace, yes. Someone has to take the first step. Let it be you."
-- Hakeldama

Clarke Griffin: "I don't know if your death would bring me peace. I just know I don't deserve it."
Clarke Griffin: "I wouldn't be killing you for what you've done. I'd be killing you for what I've done. I give this man his life. Blood must not have blood."
-- Bitter Harvest

Clarke Griffin: "Titus is right. I will do anything to save my people. You know that."
Clarke Griffin: "Maybe someday, you and I will owe nothing more to our people."
Lexa: "There's nothing you can do now. The next Commander will protect you."
Clarke Griffin: "I don't want the next Commander. I want you."
Clarke Griffin (to Lexa): "In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey on the ground. May we meet again.
-- Thirteen

Clarke Griffin: "Wait, the eighth circle. Lexa had markings on her back for every life she took at her conclave. Seven circles. Only she told me that there were eight novitiates in her class. What happened to number eight? There's another natblida isn't there?"
-- Stealing Fire

Clarke Griffin: "You'll recover."
Bellamy Blake: "Will I? What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy."
Clarke Griffin: "Maybe there are no good guys."
-- Nevermore

Clarke Griffin: "Bellamy, this is my fault. I'm not letting anyone else die for my mistake, ok? So take it."
-- Demons

Clarke Griffin: "You're not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe we'll get that someday. but we need each other, Bellamy. What we're doing now, the only way we're gonna pull this off is together."
-- Join or Die

Clarke Griffin: "I'm talking about putting this into her head without asking."
Clarke Griffin: "Some causes are worth killing for."
Luna: "Not to me."
-- Red Sky at Morning

Clarke Griffin: "We're not putting the Flame in Ontari's head. We're putting it in mine."
Clarke Griffin: "I've tried running away from my pain. It doesn't work."
Clarke Griffin: "We'll figure something out. We always do."
Clarke Griffin: "You don't ease pain. You overcome it. And we will."
-- Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)

Clarke Griffin (to Abigail Griffin): "None of us like what we're doing here. Not even to someone like him. But if this works, we survive. Simple as that."
-- Gimme Shelter

Clarke Griffin: "I bear it so they don't have to."
-- God Complex

Clarke Griffin: "If anything happens to me…"
Bellamy Blake: "Nothing is happening to you."
Clarke Griffin: "Please, Bellamy, I need you to hear this. We've been through a lot together, you and I. I didn't like you at first. That's no secret. But even then, every stupid thing you did, was to protect your sister. She didn't always see that, but I did."
-- Praimfaya

Clarke Griffin: "You've got such a big heart, Bellamy. People follow you. You inspire them because of this. (points to his heart) But the only way to make sure we survive, is if you use this too." (points to his head)
Bellamy Blake: "I've got you for that."
-- Praimfaya

Clarke Griffin: "Always, I still have hope."
-- Praimfaya

Clarke Griffin: "Up until this point, I believed I'd lived in the bunker with the others, with my mom. I can't bear the thought of leaving her down there, but the hard truth is I could dig for years and never reach that door."
-- Eden

Clarke Griffin (to Bellamy Blake): "I doubt you can hear me on this piece of crap radio, but in case this is the last time I get to do this, I just want to say please don't feel bad about leaving me here. You did what you had to do. I'm proud of you."
-- Eden

Clarke Griffin: "I'm done! Do you hear me? I've lost everything! I've lost my friends, my father, my mother! I've got nothing left."
-- Eden

Bellamy Blake: "Clarke!"
Clarke Griffin: "Yeah."
Bellamy Blake: "She gave you control?"
Clarke Griffin: "It was either that or get her head cut off."
-- What You Take With You
Josephine Lightbourne: "What else of mine have you stolen?"
Clarke Griffin: (in Mandarin) "Sucks, doesn't it? (可怜,对吗?)"
-- What You Take With You
Clarke Griffin: "The head and the heart."
-- Matryoshka
Clarke Griffin: "I'm proud of you Murphy."
-- Adjustment Protocol
John Murphy: "Unless they ask about the end of the world, in that case, maybe don't tell them you fired the first shot."
Clarke Griffin: "Don't worry Murphy, hell is big enough for both of us."
-- The Children of Gabriel

Clarke Griffin: "Sanctum is free! There are no kings or queens or Primes here. We have no use for a palace. We are the last of the human race, and we've all made mistakes. Tomorrow, Russell Prime dies for his."
-- in From the Ashes
Clarke Griffin: "Why am I still here?"
The Judge (as Lexa): "You know why."
Clarke Griffin: "Lexa." (hugs the Judge)
The Judge: "I'm not her, Clarke."
Clarke Griffin: "I know. (releases the Judge after a few moments) The test isn't over?"
The Judge: "No. I'm sorry. We can't stop what's been set in motion. Your species must now be judged through you. (walks over to Cadogan's pool of blood) This man was unarmed, no threat to you, yet you killed him. Why?"
Clarke Griffin: "He killed my daughter."
The Judge: "Is Madi dead?"
Clarke Griffin: "No, but she will be because of him."
The Judge: "So your need for revenge is more important than the fate of the entire human race?"
Clarke Griffin: "It's not revenge. It's justice."
The Judge: "Clarke... (in Trigedasleng) A rose by any other name is still... blood must have blood."
Clarke Griffin: "You don't know my pain."
The Judge: "You're wrong. During the test, I sense every part of you. I'm feeling your pain right now."
Clarke Griffin: "Really? Then feel me holding Lexa as she dies. Feel me seeing someone else wear my mother's face. Feel me murder my best friend to save my child, only to have her die anyway. Feel that."
The Judge: "You suffer and inflict suffering on others. Pain begets pain. That's not justice, Clarke. You say you do these things to protect your people, but you're all one... people. That much Cadogan had right."
Clarke Griffin: "He created a world without love to get to you. He killed my child to get to you. Have you ever considered that you're the problem? How dare you judge me when you annihilate entire species because they don't live up to your ideals? Have I pulled the lever to commit genocide? Yes, I have. And did love make me do this? You're damn right it did! But what's your excuse? You play games with people and call yourselves higher beings. You are no better than the murderers I've killed, and you are no better than me!"
The Judge: "I am sorry for all you have lost. You've borne so much... but if you are humanity, then I'm afraid humanity is not worthy of taking the next step. It has been decided. (in Trigedasleng) Your fight is over."
-- in The Last War
Raven Reyes (seeing Cadogan's body and the look on Clarke's face): "Oh, that can't be good."
Clarke Griffin: "What have I done?"
Raven Reyes: "Clarke, wait! Did you take the test? Tell me what happened."
Clarke Griffin: "I failed. It should have been you, not me. They should have picked you first."
Raven Reyes: "So that's it? We don't transcend? We're wiped out? It's over? (Clarke nods) Well, can we change their minds?"
Clarke Griffin: "I don't know. I need to be with Madi. There's not much time."
Raven Reyes: "Clarke, wait! (the Anomaly Stone turns red) Ah. Touching a pulsar. What could go wrong?"
-- in The Last War
Clarke Griffin: "Is anyone here? Murphy? Emori? (Piccaso runs to Clarke) Hey girl! Where are we gonna live girl? Where are we gonna live?"
-- in The Last War
Clarke Griffin: "I don't wanna be alone."
The Judge (as Lexa) "You're not."
Clarke Griffin: "What do you want?"
The Judge: "To explain."
Clarke Griffin: "There's no need. I get it. I bear it so they don't have to. Again."
The Judge: "Such a curious species. You've added so much to us already. I'm glad to have been wrong about you."
Clarke Griffin: "Wait. Does that mean... you're here to take me with you?"
The Judge: "No. You can never join us, Clarke. Your actions must have a cost."
Clarke Griffin: "Just mine? Am I the only human being who ever sinned?"
The Judge: "Of course not. But you are the only test subject from any species anywhere in the universe since the dawn of time who committed murder during a test."
Clarke Griffin: "I'd do it again."
The Judge: "Madi knew you'd say that."
Clarke Griffin: "Madi's with you then?"
The Judge: "In a manner of speaking, yes. Her consciousness has joined ours. She's at peace. She'll never feel pain, she'll never die. She knew that living here without anyone her own age to love is something you wouldn't have wanted for her even if it meant you being alone. I suppose that choice was made easier with the realization that you wouldn't be."
Clarke Griffin: "Transcendence is a choice? You can choose to come back?"
The Judge: "Of course. Though, until now, no one ever had. (Clarke sees her friends nearby) There won't be offspring, and they won't join us when they die. None of them seem to care."
John Murphy: "Hey. There she is."
Niylah: "Clarke!"
The Judge: "A curious species, indeed."
-- in The Last War

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