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Clarke Griffin is a major character and point of view in The 100 book series. 

Early life

Clarke was born to Mary and David Griffin, raised on Phoenix, the richest station on the Colony, her family's home for generations since the Exodus starting with David Bailey Griffin.

Growing up Clarke was very eager to learn, as she was interested in history of Earth and she did a medical apprenticeship. She meets Wells Jaha in the library and they quickly become friends, and, even start dating. She was witness to her parents child testing and became friends with a captive girl, named Lilly, who she later on killed to end her suffering. However, Clarke was unaware that Bellamy and Lilly were involved in a romantic relationship.

Throughout the Books

Flashback Scenes (chronological): Main storyline :

Flashback Scenes (chronological): Main storyline :

Flashback Scenes (chronological): Main storyline :

Flashback Scenes (chronological): Main storyline : At the end of chapter 33, Bellamy Blake proposed to Clarke and she said "Yes".


Clarke is described as brave, incredibly smart, and caring. These are shown through Clarke's medical activities. Clarke is also known to be very stubborn and nothing can change her mind once she has made a decision she will stick by it.

Physical Appearance

Clarke is described as having long wavy strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and a generally fair appearance.


Throughout the books it is mentioned that Clarke was romantically involved with Wells Jaha on the ship, but their relationship ended when Clarke told Wells her secret about her parents and Wells told his Father the Chancellor Jaha.

But Clarke now on Earth gets romantically involved with Bellamy Blake, even though he started out as someone she wasn't sure she could trust but she later trust him more than anybody. They are now engaged to be married at the end of Rebellion.


Notes and Trivia

  • In the first book, Clarke was told that her parents were floated.
    • Her parents are named Mary and David (in the TV series, they are Abigail Griffin and Jake Griffin).
    • It was later discovered in Day 21 that, instead of being executed, Clarke's parents were sent to Earth, on a mission similar to that of the 100's, meaning that they could be alive.
    • In Homecoming, Clarke makes contact with them in the middle of the book via the radio in Mount Weather. Mary and David then travel back there, arriving in the book's last chapter and reuniting with Clarke.

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