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Three Primes, a pile of guns, the child with royal blood, and a girl from Earth. Not bad for a day's work.
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The Children of Gabriel is a mysterious, cult-like militant group in conflict with the Sanctum Citizens. They are interested in killing the Primes.

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The Children of Gabriel was founded sometime after the Mission Team Alpha landed on Sanctum. They became a cult-like rebel militia group. The group was founded by their leader, Gabriel Santiago, who is also known as the Old Man.

In The Children of Gabriel, they successfully raided the Gagarin and stole guns from the ship. They beheaded the corpses of the three Primes, Victor, Faye, and Daniel, that were killed on Eligius IV and took the heads with them. They successfully infiltrated the Sanctum settlement and attempted to kidnap two Hosts, Delilah and Rose. Clarke Griffin with Sanctum guards were able to successfully recover Delilah, but another abductor got away with Rose. Outside the perimeter, they successfully captured Octavia Blake after she tried to attack them.

In The Face Behind the Glass, the Children of Gabriel are torturing Octavia for information about any other Royal Blood they might have had on the ship besides Clarke. However, Octavia refuses to comply. Tosh suggests killing Octavia and Rose but Xavier disagrees with her. Tosh argues that the most important thing is stopping the Primes from getting another host. On the other hand, Xavier wants them to take the royal blood child (Rose) and the Earth girl (Octavia) to impress "the old man." To help settle the argument, Tosh and Xavier meet up with more members. While the Children of Gabriel are arguing among themselves, Octavia manages to escape with Rose. The Children of Gabriel run after them and apprehend them. Luckily, Diyoza arrives and shoots them all. Tosh fakes being dead, waiting for her chance to attack. While Octavia is double-checking to confirm they're all dead, Tosh gets up and kills Rose. Octavia then kills Tosh instantly. After that, Octavia and Diyoza team up to go hunt and kill the remaining Children of Gabriel, along with their "old man."

In Memento Mori, Xavier reveals to Diyoza that the Children of Gabriel was founded by a Gabriel Santiago, after his lost his stomach for immortality. So, Gabriel became the group's leader to kill the Primes after a "Moral Awakening."

In Nevermind, while exploring Josephine Prime's memories, Clarke discovered that in the past, Isaac, the lover of Kaylee Prime, saved several fellow Null infants by secretly giving them to Gabriel after Josephine abandonned them in the forest outside Sanctum to die. Oblation was instaured by Josephine, to get rid of those with no Nightblood dormant genes and to prevent those Nulls from further "muddying" the bloodline and diminishes the chance of Nightbloods to be born to serve as hosts for the Primes.

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The Children of Gabriel is a cult-like militia group. They serve a mysterious figure known as the Old Man – who is actually their founder, Gabriel Santiago, the former thirteenth Prime, referred to as the demon Gabriel by the Sanctum Citizens.

Their goal seems to be to kill all the Primes. After beheading corpses of three Primes, the group chants "Death to Primes!", over and over. They also want to kidnap, and possibly kill, any Hosts, that is, those having the Royal Blood and thus potential to be future Primes. In order to do this, they patrol the radiation shield and look for opportunities to get inside and to watch out for any Primes walking out. The Sanctum Citizens are aware of them and use the radiation shield to keep them and other dangers out.

The Children of Gabriel know a lot about Sanctum plants. They use the forest as their weapon, like Xavier did by spraying Octavia with spores.

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  • The group has some similarities with Grounders. They hide in the woods, wear camouflage clothes, and are in conflict with a more technologically advanced society.
  • The credits at the end of the episodes and the characters themselves, referred to the Children of Gabriel as terrorists.

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