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Three Primes, a pile of guns, the child with royal blood, and a girl from Earth. Not bad for a day's work.
Tosh [src]

The Children of Gabriel, also known as simply C.O.G., were a mysterious, cult-like militant group of revolutionaries in conflict with the Primes. They are referred to as "terrorists".


The Children of Gabriel was founded in 2211 by their leader, Gabriel Santiago, who is also known as the Old Man. It began when Gabriel was about to be punished for destroying the Nightblood embryos. He escaped with the help from Ryker Desai, who refused to let him die. After escaping from Sanctum, Gabriel formed a rebellion to stop the Primes. As his followers went with him into exile after escaping from Sanctum, they became a cult-like rebel militia group. The Children of Gabriel consists of those who defected from Sanctum, and the Nulls who were left to die in the Offering Grove as part of Oblation.

According to Josephine Lightbourne, they've killed exactly no Primes in the 70 years since Gabriel left Sanctum, implying that the Children of Gabriel has failed many times to overthrow the corrupt Prime family. However, when Wonkru arrived on Sanctum, they helped them overthrow and kill most of the Primes, thus succeeding in their mission and gaining control of Sanctum. However, after the Children of Gabriel refuse to kneel before him, they are slaughtered by Sheidheda. The only survivor is Luca who is found alive amongst the corpses by Indra and secretly taken to safety. Shortly thereafter, Gabriel himself was killed, leaving Luca as the only surviving member of the group. He eventually transcended with most of the Human Race.

Throughout the Series[]

In The Children of Gabriel, they successfully raided the Gagarin and stole guns from the ship. They beheaded the corpses of the three Primes, Victor, Faye, and Daniel, that were killed on Eligius IV and took the heads with them. They successfully infiltrated the Sanctum settlement and attempted to kidnap two future hosts, Delilah and Rose. Clarke Griffin with Sanctum guards were able to successfully recover Delilah, but another abductor got away with Rose. Outside the perimeter, they successfully captured Octavia Blake after she tried to attack them.

In The Face Behind the Glass, the Children of Gabriel are torturing Octavia for information about any other Royal Blood they might have had on the ship besides Clarke. However, Octavia refuses to comply. Tosh suggests killing Octavia and Rose but Xavier disagrees with her. Tosh argues that the most important thing is stopping the Primes from getting another host. On the other hand, Xavier wants them to take the royal blood child (Rose) and the Earth girl (Octavia) to impress "the old man." To help settle the argument, Tosh and Xavier meet up with more members. While the Children of Gabriel are arguing among themselves, Octavia manages to escape with Rose. The Children of Gabriel run after them and apprehend them. Luckily, Diyoza arrives and shoots them all. Tosh fakes being dead, waiting for her chance to attack. While Octavia is double-checking to confirm they're all dead, Tosh gets up and kills Rose. Octavia then kills Tosh instantly. After that, Octavia and Diyoza team up to go hunt and kill the remaining Children of Gabriel, along with their "old man."

In Memento Mori, Xavier reveals to Diyoza that the Children of Gabriel was founded by a Gabriel Santiago, after he lost his stomach for immortality. So, Gabriel became the group's leader to stop the Primes after a "Moral Awakening."

In Nevermind, while exploring Josephine Prime's memories, Clarke discovered that in the past, Isaac, the lover of Kaylee Prime, saved several Null infants by secretly giving them to Gabriel after they were left in the Offering Grove to die. Oblation was instated by Josephine to get rid of those lacking the black blood gene to prevent those Nulls from further "muddying" the bloodline and diminishes the chance of Hosts being born.

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, Charmaine Diyoza discovers that Xavier is in fact Gabriel Santiago himself in a new host. Gabriel explains that after leaving Sanctum, he had no one to remove his Mind Drive until he met someone named Eduardo who became like a son to him. By the time Gabriel was ready to die, the real Xavier was born, a Nightblood who was born free. Thinking that Xavier would make the perfect host for Gabriel without moral concerns, Eduardo wiped Xavier's mind and used him to resurrect Gabriel who subsequently killed Eduardo in anger. Rather than reveal himself to his followers, Gabriel chose to hide amongst them as Xavier out of shame. As a result, none of the Children of Gabriel know that their founder is still alive and think that he abandoned them.

In What You Take With You, Bellamy and Josephine Lightbourne are captured by the Children of Gabriel. After Bellamy insists that they have important information for Gabriel regarding the Primes' new ability to create more Nightbloods, the Children of Gabriel spare them and send a message to Gabriel via radio as Gabriel's base at The Verge picks up all of the radio signals on the moon. Due to tending to Octavia, Gabriel doesn't get the message and respond. With Sanctum guards approaching, the Children of Gabriel decide to act but discover that Josephine is a Nightblood and a Prime. After Bellamy identifies her, the Children of Gabriel prepare to decapitate Josephine. Desperate, Josephine relinquishes control to Clarke Griffin who breaks free and kills two of the Children of Gabriel. Without enough time to free Bellamy, Clarke leaves him behind, but gives Bellamy the keys to his cuffs. The Children of Gabriel chase Clarke, but she is rescued by Sanctum guards led by Jade who mistake Clarke for Josephine. The guards kill one of the Children of Gabriel and drive off the rest. Aside from Jade, the guards chase after the Children of Gabriel while Jade stays behind to tend to "Josephine."

In Ashes to Ashes, the Children of Gabriel catch up to Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Gabriel at the Verge. Gabriel finally reveals to his followers his true identity, confirmed when they discover his Mind Drive scar. One of their members is enraged to learn that Gabriel was resurrected in Xavier's body and killed Eduardo as well hiding these facts for over ten years, despite the fact that Eduardo was the one who resurrected him against his will. The group convinces the Children of Gabriel to spare them so that Gabriel can help them use Red Sun toxin to attack Sanctum, defeat the Primes and save their friends. However, the group refuses to believe that Josephine is gone and Clarke is all that is left. That night, Sanctum guards led by Jade and John Murphy attack the camp to recover Josephine. Posing as Josephine, Clarke agrees to go with them to be able to infiltrate Sanctum and take down the radiation shield for the Children of Gabriel to attack. After sending out Murphy and Jade, Clarke frees her friends and pretends to kill Xavier's sister Layla to save her life. After seeing Clarke save her, Layla realizes that the group really was telling the truth about Josephine being gone.

In Adjustment Protocol, the Children of Gabriel wait outside the radiation shield for Clarke to take them down. However, after overhearing two guards discussing a Naming Ceremony for multiple Primes, Gabriel rushes in alone and sets off the bomb early, ruining the plan. When Clarke takes out the power, the group enters and Bellamy forces Priya to reveal the truth to Sanctum. As a result Russell unleashes a massive amount of Red Sun toxin, causing the crowd to go mad and attack each other. Unwilling to harm the innocent people, the Children of Gabriel and Clarke's friends take the anti-toxin and lock themselves in a container to wait it out.

In The Blood of Sanctum, a few members of the Children of Gabriel are captured by the Adjustors, including Layla. When Layla refuses to convert, she is killed by Tory before Clarke's friends are rescued by John Murphy and Emori. However, the Adjustors refuse to release the member of Children of Gabriel as well and Murphy and Emori are forced to leave him behind to maintain their cover as Daniel and Kaylee Lee. Later, Gabriel and Murphy return to the tavern where the surviving captives are being held as part of a plan to rescue the captives and incapacitate everyone else until the Red Sun toxin wears off. Gabriel and Murphy subdue everyone in the tavern, while the others outside prevent the Adjustors from burning it down and killing everyone inside.

The Children of Gabriel's goal is effectively completed with the deaths of Jasmine, Caleb and Miranda Mason and Simone Lightbourne at the hands of Clarke and the capture of Russell by Wonkru, leaving Russell and Gabriel as the only living Primes. The next morning, the Children of Gabriel are amongst those dealing with the damage caused by Russell releasing the Red Sun toxin upon the Sanctum citizens.

In From the Ashes, the Children of Gabriel are one of the various factions inhabiting Sanctum that are making things tense. The Children of Gabriel repeatedly push for the execution of Russell Lightbourne, but Clarke refuses to allow it. Nelson later asks for Russell in exchange for peace, stating that his parents are still alive somewhere in Sanctum but he doesn't even know who they are as he was thrown out like garbage. While sympathetic, Clarke refuses as she feels that the people of Sanctum deserve to decide what to do with Russell. Nelson threatens to kill Murphy and Emori, still posing as Daniel and Kaylee Lee if they refuse, but Miller points out that Nelson knows they aren't really Daniel and Kaylee. Nelson reiterates his demand and gives Clarke until the next day's second moon to decide.

However, after an angry Clarke beats up Russell for his own actions and indirectly burns down the Palace, Clarke declares a liberation to Sanctum and that Russell will be sentenced to death the next day, as the Children of Gabriel begins cheering with Nelson gladly watching her speech of freedom.

In The Queen's Gambit, Emori attempts to reunite the Children of Gabriel with their families, something that Kaylee had believed in. However, after his father tries to kill him, Nelson has the Children of Gabriel join with the Eligius prisoners in taking everyone hostage.

In The Flock, the Children of Gabriel continue to hold everyone hostage alongside the Eligius prisoners. Nelson then forces Murphy and Emori to reveal the truth about Daniel and Kaylee to the gathered Sanctumites. Eventually, Wonkru manages to get in through a secret tunnel, killing two of the Children of Gabriel and one prisoner. Nikki, Nelson and the remaining prisoners and Children of Gabriel surrender without a further fight and are imprisoned for their actions.

In The Stranger, after the Children of Gabriel refuses to kneel to Sheidheda, the Dark Commander massacres them, leaving Luca the only survivor, who went into hiding with John Murphy, Emori, Madi Griffin, and the others.


The Children of Gabriel were a cult-like militia group. They served a mysterious figure known as the Old Man – who is actually their founder, Gabriel Santiago, the former thirteenth Prime, referred to as the Demon Gabriel by the Sanctumites. None are aware that Gabriel is in fact still alive and hiding amongst them in the host of Xavier after Gabriel was unwillingly resurrected following his last death.

The group was originally created by Gabriel as a non-violent resistance in order to stop the Primes peacefully. Gabriel wanted to end the Naming Day to stop the resurrections, due to the killings of the Hosts as his own philosophy reveals that "without death, life is meaningless." However, after Gabriel went into hiding, things got worse when the Children of Gabriel takes things too literal and became aggressively militant and rebellious. They were also radicalized, due to his "disappearance". According to Josephine, the Children of Gabriel consider themselves enlightened, freeing minds one at a time.

Their goal is to kill the Primes. After beheading corpses of three Primes, the group chants "Death to Primes!", over and over. They also want to kidnap, and possibly kill, any Hosts, that is, those having the Royal Blood and thus potential to be future Primes. In order to do this, they patrol the radiation shield and look for opportunities to get inside and to watch out for any Primes walking out. The Sanctumites are aware of them and use the radiation shield to keep them and other dangers out.

The Children of Gabriel know a lot about Sanctum plants. They use the forest as their weapon, like Gabriel did by spraying Octavia with spores.

The reason why the Children of Gabriel are against the Primes is because the Hosts were sacrificed by the Primes for immortality, and the people with red blood, known as the Nulls are discriminated and their infants are sometimes being fed to the trees. Also, the Nulls are forbidden from having children. This was the reason why Tosh and the other Children of Gabriel wanted to kill the Hosts to prevent them from becoming the future Primes, due to the inhumane treatment of the Nulls, since some of the Children of Gabriel members were left abandoned at the Offering Grove as Null infants.





Notes and Trivia[]

  • The group has some similarities with Grounders. They hide in the woods, wear camouflage clothes, and are in conflict with a more technologically advanced society.
  • The ending credits of some of episodes and the characters themselves, referred to the Children of Gabriel as terrorists.
    • The Primes designated and branded the Children of Gabriel as terrorists.[1]
  • Xavier/Gabriel does not want to kill anybody just to stop the Primes from acquiring new hosts.
    • The group was peaceful under Gabriel's lead, a non-violent revolution simply to stop the Primes from mind-wiping the new hosts.
    • After Gabriel went into hiding, the Children of Gabriel took things too literal and became rebellious and aggressive militants.

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