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He says he's ready to talk
— Chase to Bellamy regarding Sinclair. [src]

Chase was a minor character in the third season. He was portrayed by actor Jared Kurtenbach and debuted in Terms and Conditions.

Early Life

Chase was born on the Ark and was trained to be a member of the Guard.

Throughout the Series

In Terms and Conditions, Chase is on lookout duty in an Arkadian observation tower and armed with a machine gun. Hannah is monitoring the radio in the same outpost and when Chancellor Charles Pike and his right-hand man, Bellamy, climb the tower she briefs them on a missing reconnaissance team. Chase spots movement at a treeline and gestures to Pike to take a look, passing him a pair of binoculars. A pair of messengers from the Coalition approach Arkadia on horseback and Pike passes the binoculars back to Chase before climbing down the tower to hear the Grounder’s demands. In the tower, Chase watches the negotiations at the gate below and witnesses Bellamy kill the two messengers.

Later, Chase is on guard duty at the prison section when Sinclair is put in the cell with the interred Grounders on charges of treason. Eventually, Sinclair tells the guards that he is ready to talk and Chase informs Bellamy of this when he arrives. As Bellamy is negotiating with Sinclair, one of the Grounders, Lincoln, grabs Sinclair and beats him to the ground, calling him a traitor and a coward. Bellamy and another guard rush into the cell to break up the tussle, but it is revealed to be a ruse and Lincoln, Sinclair and the other prisoners swarm towards the still open cell door. Chase and two other guards attempt to close the door, but to no avail and the Grounders push their way out of the compartment and begin to brawl with the guards in the hallway. Realizing the situation is out of control; Chase hits the manual alarm button and then personally fights with Lincoln during the riot. Lincoln gets the better of Chase, punching him several times in the face until reinforcements arrive. With Lincoln distracted by the new-comers, Chase is able to pick up a dropped shock-baton and jab Sinclair in the back with it, incapacitating him. The rest of the prisoners are in turn, eventually overpowered and placed back in lock-up.

After Kane is sentenced to death for trying to smuggle Pike out of Arkadia during the riot, Chase is one of the guards to escort him from the interrogation room to the prison section.

In Stealing Fire, Chase is seemingly acting as part of Pike’s personal bodyguard and accompanies him to the prison section. Pike decrees that all the Grounders who took part in the break-out will be executed, but Lincoln and Bellamy are able to convince the Chancellor to back down from this decision. However, Pike still determines to execute Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair for being the leaders of the small rebellion. When Pike leaves, Chase attends him.

Pike allows Kane to visit with Abby, Chase and another guard escort him to the meeting room, telling him he has five minutes. Chase and his fellow guardsman then wait outside until the time is up and then enter the room to take Kane back to lock-up.

When the time arrives for the executions to be carried out, Chase guards the three convicted traitors on their way to the place of their deaths. The escort also comprises of Pike, Bryan, Gillmer and three other guards. When Pike is warned by Hannah via radio that a plan might be in place to rescue the prisoners, Pike stops the group and is advised by Bryan to not go any further until the route is confirmed as being secure. Pike heeds this advice and orders the prisoners to be garrisoned inside a nearby cabin compartment with two guards at the door. Chase helps shove the prisoners into the room and then moves on with Pike to check their path, leaving Bryan and Gillmer to guard the prisoners.

Chase aids in searching the hangar bay for danger and having done so, reports to Pike that the area is secure. Pike then radios to check in with the guards protecting the prisoners but receives no reply. Hurrying back to where the prisoners were being held Pike and his men, including Chase, discover that the two guards at the door are unconscious. Pike orders Chase to check on the guards’ condition and to contact medical, which Chase does so immediately, while the Chancellor discovers that the prisoners are missing. Chase informs Pike that the men are alive and appear to have been drugged, a frustrated Pike just replies, “we did what they wanted us to do”.

Upon hearing over loudspeaker that the fugitives are heading to the main gate, Chase enters the Chancellor’s office with Pike, who asks Monty and Hannah how many men they have at the main gate. When Pike hears that the loudspeaker announcement was a false report, he orders Chase to lock the camp down and tells him that they are going, “door to door”.

In a desperate measure to make sure not all three fugitives escape, Pike uses the loudspeaker to announce that he will execute the other grounder prisoners if the “traitors” don’t turn themselves in. Sacrificing himself for his people, Lincoln gives himself up and Chase and several other guards apprehend him in a hallway. Chase and another guard manhandle Lincoln outside to his place of execution, then step back and keep watch over the proceedings. Lincoln kneels on the muddy ground and Pike executes him with a single shot to the head.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), having been chipped by A.L.I.E., Chase and two other Sky People, as well as two grounders capture Bellamy, Octavia, Bryan and Miller who were attempting to set an ambush.

Having taken the prisoners to the tunnels under Polis, Chase is beating Miller, trying to get him to take the chip, but stops when he receives a message from A.L.I.E. ordering them to take Bellamy to the top of the tower. However, as the chipped soldiers begin to transport Bellamy they hear a voice in the tunnel ahead, shining his flashlight, Chase reveals that it is John Murphy. Suddenly, Indra and Pike appear from the shadows behind Murphy and gun down the chipped soldiers, including Chase, with automatic rifles.


Chase appears to take his job as a guardsman seriously and follows Pike's orders without question.

Physical Appearance

Chase is a white male of average build easily recognizable by his nearly shoulder length dirty blonde hair.


Chase obeys commands from Pike, like a soldier and general. Pike trusted Chase so much that Chase was appointed as his personal bodyguard. Pike was however forced to kill him alongside Indra to save members of a resistance from being executed after Chase became chipped.


Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
Ye Who Enter HereAbsent
Watch the ThronesAbsent
Bitter HarvestAbsent
Terms and ConditionsAppears
Stealing FireAppears
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent


Chase (to Pike): Sir, you need to see this.
Chase (to Bellamy regarding Sinclair): He say's he's ready to talk.
-- Terms and Conditions

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