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"Diyoza" redirects here. For Charmaine's daughter, see Hope Diyoza.

Don't waste it little one. Be better than me.
— Diyoza's last words to Hope [src]

Charmaine Diyoza was a recurring character in the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. She is portrayed by Ivana Miličević and debuts in "Eden".

She was a major criminal before the Nuclear Apocalypse. She was the most wanted terrorist in the world until she was captured in 2043 and became a prisoner aboard the Eligius IV. She and her fellow inmates successfully led a uprising and took over the vessel in 2047. She was aboard the Gagarin that landed on Earth in the Season 4 finale. Initially, she is the leader of the Eligius prisoners and thus the primary antagonist of the first half of Season Five. However, many of the prisoners were more loyal to Paxton McCreary and the two subgroups clashed with McCreary coming out as the victor almost near the end of Season 5. After that, she helps Spacekru for a bit before going with Kane to McCreary with Wonkru's plan of attack, presumably to protect her unborn child. However, after McCreary's death and the prisoners' surrender, she is forced to stay with Wonkru, due to the Damocles Event.

The former members of Mission Team Alpha, who would later be known as the Primes, knew about her, since she was put in their history books for her own reputation of being a war criminal. She was banished from Sanctum, so she continued surviving outside the barrier. During Season Six, among with Octavia, she mostly spent her time in the forest investigating Children of Gabriel and The Anomaly.

In "The Old Man and the Anomaly", she enters the temporal anomaly on Sanctum, leaving her status unknown. It is later revealed that Diyoza was transported to the planet Skyring. While giving birth to her daughter Hope, she was joined by Octavia and they lived together on Skyring for 10 years. At some point, Diyoza and Octavia encountered the Disciples who took them to the planet Bardo. Diyoza was being held captive by Anders, although she was able to escape and reunite with Hope and Octavia. Diyoza later gave her life to save her friends and family and to stop Hope from committing genocide, and is crystallized by Gen-9, killing her in process.

Early Life[]

Diyoza was born before the Nuclear Apocalypse. She served in the US military, rising to the rank of colonel, and, at one point, a member of the Navy SEALs. During her service, she earned a bronze star and was decorated for valor three times. Shaw remembers watching her on TV in the aftermath of the Battle of San Francisco; she was giving orders to evacuate thousands of refugees into aircraft carriers and to push helicopters overboard to make more room for more evacuees.

Diyoza went AWOL after an IED explosion. She eventually resurfaced and became a terrorist, committing and ordering numerous bombing campaigns and assassinations for a terrorist group, known as the United Liberation Army. She claims that the government had become fascist and fought against them. Her crimes also include torture and wrongful imprisonment. At the time of her arrest, she was the most wanted criminal in the world.

In December 2043,[1] a SEAL team that she herself trained was sent to arrest her. Her father was helping her hide from them and was shot twice in the head. Diyoza attempted to commit suicide by slashing her own throat but survived. She was sentenced to life without parole for terrorism and homicide.

Diyoza was one of the prisoners on Eligius IV sent to an Asteroid Mining Penal Colony. On April 4, 2047, she led a mutiny on board killing all the crew except Miles Shaw, who had assisted her.

Throughout the Series[]

In Eden, she lands on Earth onboard the Gagarin and exits the ship with Miles Shaw. While she heads prisoners towards the village, they hear gunshots, which means that they are not alone.

In Sleeping Giants, she along with Shaw interrogates Clarke after she was captured by Paxton McCreary. At first, Clarke refuses to talk but decides to co-operate after realizing that Diyoza's prisoners are closing in on Madi. Clarke agrees to tell them everything and in return Diyoza orders her people to spare Madi's life. Clarke makes it clear that there's no one else in the valley besides her and Madi. Diyoza then asks Clarke to bring her up to date on how the world ended, which Clarke replies how first Nuclear Apocalypse ended the world. When Spacekru landed on the ground, they meet Madi who appeared from the bushes, she tells them that they need to hurry because Clarke is in trouble. However, they were spotted by prisoners patrol who reported to Diyoza that there are other people. Diyoza intensifies her torture for Clarke, claiming that she lied to her. Madi and Bellamy arrive just when Diyoza is dragging Clarke outside to torture her. Bellamy asks Diyoza to spare Clarke's life or else all the 283 prisoners in the ship would die. To prove that he's not bluffing, he shows Diyoza a mug that he carried from the ship. Diyoza agrees with the deal.

In Pandora's Box, she and Shaw notice that someone has hacked into the Eligius IV computer system. Shaw tries to hack back but Raven proves to be a challenge. Then she asks Shaw if he able to open the docking bay door to depressurize the ship. But its inhabitants manage to open all cryopod with the rest of the prisoners. She cancels her order meaning that Raven and Murphy are trapped on the ship. Later, she orders Shaw to launch missiles and attack the bunker to kill Octavia and her people. But Shaw refuses to launch the missiles, telling her that the hacker, has blocked the missile launch codes.

In Shifting Sands, she, Shaw, and Paxton McCreary on the Gagarin spot Wonkru marching to the desert towards Shallow Valley. After unlocking the missiles they fire it at the Wonkru camp. However, some of the Wonkru members survived the sandstorm.

In Acceptable Losses, she interrogates Echo. Echo tells her that it was Shaw who disabled the missiles. Raven then confirms it by showing system logs. Charmaine order to beat up Shaw for his betrayal and put a shocking collar on him because they still need a pilot. Later she gets a call from Clarke, she asks her what would it take to Diyoza to share the valley. Diyoza tells that the only way is unconditional surrender.

In How We Get to Peace, she receives another radio call, but this time from Murphy. He proposes her a deal to exchange McCreary for Raven. However she doesn't need him at all and rejects the deal saying that they can kill him. After solving both problems with Wonkru and McCreary, she takes a walk with Kane. She tells him about the future trading posts and settlements and then reveals that she is pregnant and that she would like to build a school. She then names her unborn child, Hope.

In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Paxton comes back with imprisoned Murphy and Emori. Diyoza knows that he knows about the rejected deal. This leads to a showdown between McCreary and Diyoza's people. Diyoza tries to avoid a fight by coming clean about the cure and telling them her plans for the valley. This calms both sides down. Out of options, Murphy decides to incite a fight by throwing a stone at the crowd. This instantly causes both sides to break into a fight. Charmaine goes to the medical center to get Abby and escape together, however she gets interrupted by McCreary and his people. She successfully defeats all of them except one, but here Kane comes to save her from a shot. Together they escape in the woods.

In The Dark Year, she along with Kane, Raven, Echo, Shaw, Murphy and Emori hides in a cave. They begin working on plan to stop McCreary. Spacekru decides to go to scan the area. They comes back telling that they found an outpost with a lot of deadly weapons. Diyoza figures out that McCreary is using the battle plan she wrote. She tells them that it was very thorough and no loopholes. However, she says that she has a plan. So, Echo calls Bellamy and Indra to tell them about the plan. Just before Wonkru's arrival, Diyoza and Kane surrender themselves to McCreary. Diyoza tells him that she knows he's using her battle plan and they've used a loophole in it to tell Wonkru how to get inside the valley. Kane offers to help him stop Octavia if he lets him and Diyoza back in. Kane then justifies his position by saying that he would never let the devil (Octavia) inside that valley.

In Damocles (Part 2), Diyoza is imprisoned aboard Gagarin when Clarke enters her cell. Clarke takes her to the captain's bridge and threatens McCreary to kill his unborn daughter if he won't surrender. Realizing Wonkru are about to win, McCreary deploys the Damocles bomb with the words that if he can't have they valley - no one can. Diyoza shouts at Clarke to stop him, but it's too late, he already entered the launch code. Clarke, Raven, and Shaw kill McCreary and his men, but there is no way to stop the bomb. In the Shallow Valley village, McCreary's group surrenders. Just then, the sirens sound and Raven broadcasts a message that the valley is about to be destroyed. She orders everyone to get to the Gagarin, and the survivors, Wonkru, Spacekru, and the prisoners, run to the ship. As the bomb is about to destroy Shallow Valley, the Gagarin lifts up and escapes to space. Below them, the bomb explodes and destroys the valley. She later talks to Octavia about them being two serpents fighting over the Eden. She says she understands her hunger for power. Later they all go into the cryosleep.

In Red Sun Rising, Raven wakes her up in need of help taking control of the ship from Prime Kaylee and her family. She quickly takes two of the invaders out and leverages their dead bodies. She then has Raven put on the smaller invader's suit and pose as him. With the help of Madi, they successfully take the ship back. She is then with the crew that went down to help the initial exploration crew, but stayed back at the transport ship, by the command of Abby. She then listed her reason as staying in order to keep it from being stolen again.

In The Children of Gabriel, she is guarding the Gagarin while Gaia is trying to get Madi to learn more about the Flame. She laughs at what Gaia is saying and Gaia asks her why it's funny and Diyoza responds "it's not funny, it's sad". The Children of Gabriel silently approach the ship in an attempt to steal the bodies of Kaylee's family. Diyoza heard them, while the others didn't, she stands up quickly and takes one of the men out with a throw of her knife, but they are disabled by the poison darts before they can mount any further resistance. Diyoza later reveals to Madi and Gaia and that she hasn't actually been hit by the darts, as her bulletproof vest protected her. Soon after, Bellamy, Echo, Raven and Octavia come to their aid, and Diyoza quickly executes one of her captors. When they arrive back to Sanctum, Diyoza reveals that she is six months pregnant, and is offered pre-natal care by Simone Lightbourne. Gratefully, Diyoza accepts. Madi then says "Diyoza took out the terrorists" which causes Russell Lightbourne to ask if she is the same Charmaine Diyoza in their history books, next to Hitler and Bin Laden. He is shocked. When she confirms, she is swiftly denied sanctuary and banished to beyond the radiation shield. Madi tries to go with her, but Clarke Griffin stops Madi and Diyoza tells the girl to "stay frosty" as she is escorted away by two guards.

In The Face Behind the Glass, Diyoza is in the woods making a fire to keep warm, while trying to comfort her unborn baby that everything will be okay. Suddenly Jade and two other guards from Sanctum approach her on motorcycles. Jade offers Diyoza a deal - save Rose and bring Kaylee's family's decapitated heads home and Russell will let her baby be born and raised in Sanctum. Diyoza accepts the deal and takes one of the motorcycle to lead the search for Rose. Meanwhile, Octavia has escaped with Rose and the two are running in the woods from the Children of Gabriel. Diyoza arrives just when Octavia and Rose have been surrounded and have nowhere to run. Diyoza shoots all the Children of Gabriel in sight. When Jade tries to go get Rose, Diyoza warns that one of them could be still alive. This turns out to be true when Tosh gets up and quickly kills Rose. Tosh was then killed by Octavia. With Rose dead, Diyoza's deal with Jade is off. To avenge Rose, Octavia vows to hunt the remaining Children of Gabriel and kill them all including their leader, "the old man". Diyoza takes up the opportunity to join with Octavia and kill the Children of Gabriel's leader. And in return, Jade agrees to reinstate the deal to raise Diyoza's child in Sanctum. Diyoza asks Octavia to hop on her motorcycle and jokes about how the two enemies from Earth are now going to be working together.

In The Gospel of Josephine, she and Octavia are chasing after Xavier, who leads them to a swamp-like ground called "the crucible", where they get stuck and begin to sink. He offers to save them after they tell him who else of their people have Blood Alternation. Octavia asks Diyoza to tell him nothing.

While Diyoza remains calm, Octavia actively struggles to go free, which only causes her to sink faster. Diyoza asks Octavia to give up and tell Xavier but Octavia would rather die. Diyoza asks Octavia if she really wants to die and offers to kill Octavia. She points a gun at Octavia's face but Octavia is not scared at all. She figures out that Octavia wants to die because people in her life hate her. Diyoza advises Octavia to stop caring about whether her friends hate her. Being hated by her friends pales in comparison to Diyoza's situation where her face is placed next to the worst people of all time.

Just as Octavia is about to completely sink, they notice a bright flare in the sky. Xavier says it's a temporal flare and it's very dangerous. He throws them a rope to escape and run to safety. However, Octavia is too sunk to move. So, to avoid slowing Diyoza down, she asks Diyoza to run and save her baby. Diyoza promises to come back for her. As the flare hits, Octavia closes her eyes and goes underground. Afterwards, Diyoza comes back to check on Octavia. She starts looking around and notices Octavia's body frozen underneath the ground. She breaks the ice layer and pulls Octavia out. Luckily, Octavia regains consciousness, but her hand looks damaged. Diyoza concludes that Octavia went underground for cover from the flare because she didn't really want to die despite acting like it. Octavia and Diyoza resume their hunt for the Children of Gabriel and their leader.

In Memento Mori, Charmaine continues her journey with Octavia to find the Old Man. However, Octavia's hand is still hurting after being exposed to the temporal flare. Xavier finds them and says he can help with it. He and Diyoza retrieve tree sap which is supposed to be the cure but it doesn't work on Octavia. Instead Octavia's arm starts spiraling. After noticing the pattern, Xavier gives her a rock to let the hand draw freely on the ground. She draws a logarithmic spiral, which Xavier recognizes as the shape of The Anomaly where the temporal flare came from. He says that the temporal flare was a message for Octavia that The Anomaly is calling her. After revealing that he has a similar spiral too and Charmaine confirming it by showing her book full of spirals, they agree to go together to the Anomaly.

In Nevermind, Clarke and a projection of Monty Green enter one of Josephine Lightbourne's memories from before the First Nuclear Apocalypse. Monty finds a newspaper with a picture of Diyoza on it and the headline "Got Her! Inside the Trial of the Century." Putting the paper down, Monty sarcastically comments on how nice of a place it is.

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, Diyoza grows more and more suspicious of Xavier as they approach the anomaly, making fun of a picture of Josephine Lightbourne and only reluctantly giving up her weapons. As Xavier goes to help Octavia, Diyoza sees a Mind Drive scar on the back of Xavier's neck and realizes that Xavier is in fact Gabriel Santiago himself in a new host. When confronted by Diyoza, Gabriel admits it and reveals his knowledge of her own scar from her suicide attempt. Gabriel leads the two women to the Anomaly, explaining that his adopted son Eduardo resurrected him in Xavier's body against Gabriel's wishes after his last host died. Diyoza helps the weakened Octavia walk and experiences hallucinations of her unborn daughter Hope. Upon reaching the Anomaly, Hope urges Diyoza to enter. Despite warnings that it could kill her, Diyoza enters, followed closely by Octavia. Octavia is spat back out moments later, fully healed, but Diyoza doesn't return, leaving her fate unknown.

In Ashes to Ashes, Octavia tells Bellamy that she had followed Diyoza into the Anomaly and while it spit Octavia back out, it didn't Diyoza. Octavia believes that Diyoza is dead, swallowed by the Anomaly.

In The Blood of Sanctum, after Octavia and Gabriel activate the symbols on the Anomaly Stone that appeared on Octavia's back, the Anomaly expands and a grown-up Hope emerges. Hope tells Octavia that she couldn't get out and that "he" has her mother. Hope stabs Octavia, and told her to tell "him" that it's done. Octavia vanishes as the Anomaly returns to normal and Hope collapses.

In From the Ashes, a halluctination of Octavia promises an amnesic Hope that "Mommy and Aunty O will come back for you" before ordering Hope to remain quiet and vanishing.

In The Garden, in a flashback, Octavia emerges from the Temporal Anomaly on another planet where she follows Diyoza's screams to a nearby cabin. To her surprise, Diyoza explains that it has been three months for her despite Octavia following only seconds after Diyoza and she is now giving birth to her daughter. Octavia delivers Hope for Diyoza who subsequently passes out from the effort. Diyoza later joins Octavia outside and breastfeeds her daughter, explaining to Octavia that the Anomaly is too deep underwater for them to survive trying to reach it to return to Sanctum. Having found peace on the planet, Diyoza enjoys her new life there.

Over the next several years, Diyoza and Octavia raise Hope together, forming their own family with Octavia becoming Auntie O to Hope. The planet is eventually named Skyring by Hope while Octavia continues to try to reach the Anomaly despite Diyoza's attempts to dissuade her. While planting a garden one day, Octavia finds the body of a man in a suit and suggests using the suit to reach the Anomaly safely, but Diyoza points out that the suit likely has biometrics and will alert the man's people when Octavia puts it on. Getting emotional, Diyoza points out that even if Octavia makes it to Sanctum and back with help, the time dilation means that Diyoza and Hope will be long gone by the time she returns and states that she needs Octavia. Octavia still attempts to leave so Diyoza smashes the helmet to prevent her from doing so. Restraining Octavia, Diyoza holds her as Octavia breaks down, admitting that she needs to explain to Bellamy that she gets why he abandoned her.

At first angry with Diyoza over her actions, Octavia tosses a message in a bottle to Bellamy into the Anomaly and settles down to life with Hope and Diyoza. Four years later, ten years after their arrival on Skyring, Diyoza teases Octavia about repairing her clothes from their arrival when men arrive on Skyring through the Anomaly from Bardo. The men reveal that they have the message Octavia tossed into the Anomaly and Diyoza futilely attempts to cover for her friend. Failing, Diyoza yells at Octavia whose reckless actions have led to their current situation. Octavia is captured as well, but manages to hide Hope from detection. The men, the Disciples, place helmets upon Diyoza and Octavia so that they will remember everything and disappear with them through the Anomaly to Bardo.

In the present, Hope returns to Skyring with Echo and Gabriel Santiago, though they arrive centuries after Hope left due to the time dilation. Hope explains part of her life story to the two as well as the fact that she had made a deal with the Disciples' leader Anders -- the "he" that she had previously mentioned -- wherein Hope would help to capture Octavia by tagging her so that she would be sent back through the Anomaly in exchange for Diyoza's life. Hope is confident that both her mother and Octavia will understand her actions.

In Hesperides, Hope is surprised to learn from Gabriel that her mother was a terrorist and a freedom fighter, explaining that she was only ten when Diyoza and Octavia were kidnapped and they had never told her. Remembering that her mother was adamant that Hope not be trained, Hope realizes that it was because Diyoza didn't want her daughter to end up like her. Hope later tells Echo and Gabriel that both Octavia and Diyoza fought the Disciples' Memory Capture device which is only torture if the victim fights it.

In Welcome to Bardo, after arriving on Bardo, Diyoza is dragged away by the Disciples, yelling at Octavia not to tell them anything. After arriving 11 days later, the now-adult Hope rescues Octavia and helps her escape back to Sanctum, but is captured while trying to rescue her mother and forced to make a deal. In the present, Echo, Hope and Gabriel rescue Octavia again, but their plan to use a hostage to reach Diyoza is ruined when Echo kills Kitsch in a rage over Bellamy's apparent death.

In Nakara, after her capture, Diyoza is repeatedly tortured in the M-Cap machine, but manages to resist its effects using pain. The Disciples continue to torture Diyoza and she continues to fight back, ultimately having to be chained up and spoon fed. On one such occasion, Diyoza gets her teeth on the jugular of the Disciple bringing her food, forcing him to release her before she tears the man's neck open, killing him. Dressing herself in the Disciple's clothes, Diyoza removes his eye and uses it to at the retinal scanner to escape her cell before discarding the eye and continuing on.

Eventually discovered by three armored Disciples, Diyoza kills them all and throws her knife into the helmet of an approaching Disciple. To Diyoza's shock, its Hope who has finally found her mother alongside, Echo, Gabriel and Octavia. Diyoza is saddened to learn of Bellamy's apparent death from Octavia, but the group is dissuaded from entering the Stone room by Levitt who warns that there are a dozen Disciples waiting for them and instead directs them to the planet's dangerous surface.

Encountering an old man at the oxygen farm, Diyoza asks him how to get outside, but he warns them that it is too dangerous to go to the surface without rebreathers as they won't survive. Octavia is convinced that Levitt wouldn't tell them to go to the surface if it wasn't survivable before Echo kills the old man. Though Gabriel objects, Diyoza recognizes that Octavia had said Levitt's name, thus putting him into danger if the man had lived while they might still need Levitt on the inside. Unwilling to take the risk, Gabriel stuns the others and surrenders to the approaching Disciple guards.

In Anaconda, when Clarke demands to see her friends, Diyoza, Echo and Octavia are sent into the Stone room wearing full Disciple armor and seemingly fully brainwashed to their cause.

In A Little Sacrifice, Echo and a Disciple guard arrive to send Hope back to Skyring. Angry at Echo's complicity, Hope tries to attack her friend, only to be restrained by the Disciple who chokes her from behind. Suddenly, Echo kills the Disciple from behind and comments to a surprised Hope that she never really believed "this garbage." Echo reveals that she intends to kill all of the Disciples and that after "some convincing", Levitt helped her to set it up. However, there has been a complication in the form of the arrival of Clarke Griffin, Jordan Green, Nathan Miller, Raven Reyes and Niylah. Echo orders Hope to put on the guard's uniform and her watch while Echo gives Hope exactly an hour to get everyone they care about off the planet before she enacts her plan. Echo warns that if their friends are still there in an hour, they will die too and she won't tell Hope what she's doing as she knows that the others will want to know what her plan is.

Returned to their room, Octavia becomes annoyed with Diyoza's pacing and anger over Hope's unwillingness to play along, reassuring her friend that they will get Hope out before she is sent to Skyring. As Diyoza wonders how, Clarke, Nathan Miller and Raven enter and Clarke and Octavia immediately share a hug. The two apologize to each other while Diyoza expresses surprise at the lack of guards. Raven explains that Clarke threatened not to help with the Flame if the Disciples got in their way. Raven compliments Octavia on not telling the Disciples the truth about the Flame and she explains that she thought it was good leverage since they were bound to show up eventually. Looking at a silent Miller, Octavia tells her old friend that they're glad that they did before hugging him. After a moment, the surprised Miller returns the hug at Octavia's insistence.

Hope suddenly arrives, causing everyone to turn their guns on her before Diyoza reassures them that Hope is not one of the Disciples. Hope instantly recognizes Clarke, Raven and Miller from her mother's descriptions of them and Diyoza explains that Hope is her daughter and that "time dilation's a bitch." Hope insists that they need to get off of Bardo immediately and that there is currently no time for explanations or introductions.

As they leave the room, Clarke realizes that Echo is missing and Hope brushes it off, stating that Echo will catch up which no one believes and Octavia quickly realizes that Echo is getting revenge for Bellamy. Hope warns them that they only have 45 minutes to get off of Bardo and that she doesn't know what Echo's plan is, just that Levitt helped her with it and didn't tell Hope more because Echo knew they'd get it out of Hope and try and stop her. Worried about Levitt, Octavia heads off to check on him followed by the others. Diyoza angrily confronts her daughter who admits that she wants Echo's plan to work since the Disciples took everything from her. Diyoza, knowing what it's like to kill innocent people for a cause, berates her daughter, stating that it won't make her feel better and that only her family can. Hope is unrepentant, feeling that there are no innocent people on Bardo.

Clarke's group discovers a tied-up and beaten Levitt who admits that he broke after Echo killed two people in front of him. Levitt states that he was forced to help Echo get Gen-9, the bioweapon that wiped out the native Bardoans and will deploy it through the central humidification system on the Machine Level. Raven realizes that it will take time to go from its entry point to the vents and Echo will make a run for the Stone room. Hope insists that they should too while they still have time. Levitt begs Octavia to release him so that he can get help, but Hope warns Octavia that if they do, the Disciples will kill Echo. Octavia decides to replace the gag in Levitt's mouth as she and the others go after Echo.

As Echo is about to release Gen-9, Hope and the others show up to stop her, upsetting Echo as Hope was supposed to get them all out. Raven ultimately manages to talk Echo down, but they are interrupted by Anders who is enraged at Echo killing three more Disciples, torturing Levitt and attempting to use Gen-9 to commit genocide. Diyoza, acting as the voice of reason, returns Gen-9 to and attempts to negotiate with. When Miller threatens Anders, Diyoza recognizes that he is not alone, confirmed when 4 Disciples decloak behind him. However, Diyoza points out how bad of an idea it is to fire their laser weapons in a room with a WMD. Anders agrees to send Echo to Skyring for 20 years for punishment unless Clarke fails to help them use the final code to begin the last war in which case Echo will die on Skyring instead.

Suddenly, Hope states that she has a better idea, "you die here" and slits Anders' throat, killing him. As Anders drops Gen-9, Hope catches it and attempts to release a single drop into the humidification system. However, Diyoza catches the drop in the palm of her hand and shuts the hatch on the humidification system. As Diyoza begins to crystalize from the bioweapon, Hope tries to rush to her mother's side but is restrained by Octavia while Diyoza orders the others to get Hope out. Octavia drags a desperate Hope from the room as she shouts apologizes at her mother for her actions. In her last moments, Diyoza tells Hope "don't waste this little one. Be better than me." Consumed with grief, Hope watches as her mother, Anders' body and the entire room is crystalized.

In The Stranger, Hope is consumed by grief over her mother's death and her role in it. Jordan Green insists that Diyoza died a hero since she saved everyone on Bardo with her sacrifice, but he doubts that's why she did it. Even though he wasn't there, Jordan believes that Diyoza did it not to save Hope's life, but her soul.

In The Dying of the Light, as Octavia is about to be transported back to Bardo, Hope tells her that she doesn't want to be alone again. Octavia states that "sometimes to do the right thing you have to take a risk. Your mom knew that too."


She is cold and sarcastic. She is the alpha wolf among the criminals and is fearless, confident and very calculating. She seems friendly towards her allies but most likely keeps them close for the sake of numbers not friendship. She's also very maternal and has displayed a softer side to her unborn daughter. As seen in "The Children of Gabriel" she is seen to have been more calm and nice, for example Madi, and she tells her to "stay frosty," as Diyoza is banished.

After her arrival on Skyring, Diyoza found a sense of peace that she never had before and enjoyed a chance at a much simpler life without war or conflict. Diyoza proved herself to be a great mother who greatly cared for the safety of her daughter and Octavia Blake with whom she had formed a familial bond.

However, Diyoza still has a reckless behavior and personality which led to her preventing Octavia from leaving the planet, and aggressively criticizing and arguing with Hope for rescuing her. This implies that Diyoza has a post-traumatic stress disorder when she was a military soldier and a terrorist, during the conflicts.

Diyoza later expresses remorse for her terroristic actions to her daughter. Diyoza tells Hope that innocent people died for her "right thing," including children and it was all for nothing.

It was also implied that she now wants redemption for her actions.

Physical Appearance[]

Diyoza has pale skin, blue-grey eyes, light brown hair with blonde highlights and hair done up with bangs. She also has a large scar on her neck. She along with most of the prisoners wears the armor of the former security guards including a stamped service badge on the right chest plate. She bears a tattoo on her shoulder of the flag of the former United States which is hardly recognisable as it has been burnt off and shows mostly scar tissue.


Paxton McCreary[]

Not much is know about the relationship between the two, but Diyoza told him that he is her favorite mass murderer. It was later revealed that at one point, they were sexually involved and she is pregnant with their child. She had sex with McCreary in order to get him on her side so she could do the uprising on Eligius IV. Due to this, she got pregnant with their child. However, Diyoza and McCreary have a lot of disagreements about leading the Eligius Prisoners, even when Diyoza refused to trade McCreary for Raven Reyes after he was captured by John Murphy and Emori. This made McCreary very upset with her. When Murphy reveals to McCreary that Abby's medical treatment helped cure Diyoza's people, McCreary got angry at Diyoza for keeping this a secret from him. He then tries to kill her, but stops when he finds out that Diyoza is pregnant. However, when she surrenders herself to him, he tells her that after the baby is born he will kill her. In the season 5 finale he is killed by Clarke after making Earth uninhabitable. Due to his actions and his abusive nature, Diyoza doesn't appear to be upset by his loss.

Madi Griffin[]

Diyoza and Madi seemed to have become friendly with each other despite their disagreement while guarding the Gagarin. When Diyoza is banished and Russell asks if anyone else would like to join her, Madi tries to go with her. Diyoza then tells Madi to "stay frosty".

Octavia Blake[]

Main article: Octavia and Diyoza
Diyoza and Octavia were enemies during the Battle for Eden, but became allies after they were both banished from Sanctum. When Octavia got caught in a Temporal Flare, Diyoza saved her. They also teamed up to hunt the Children of Gabriel. As seen in "The Garden," the two became extremely close during their ten years together on Skyring, forming a family with Diyoza's daughter Hope. Hope quickly came to call Octavia "Auntie O" and a big part of the reason Diyoza didn't want Octavia to leave is because she didn't want her to abandon them to die on the planet and the fact that she wanted Octavia to help her and her daughter survive on a planet.


Season Five
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The Dying of the LightMentioned
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This is Colonel Charmaine Diyoza currently in orbit transmitting from the Eligius IV spaceshuttle in low Earth orbit. As we continue our descent to the surface I issue a critical warning: You lined your pockets with the profits from Eligius Corporation while they built their industry on the backs of prisoner slaves. Men and Women ripped from Earth... Stripped of their rights. Forced to mine poisonous gas to make your miserable lives on Earth more comfortable... then abandoned to die alone in space. But we refused to suffer that fate.
And today we bring you to reckoning.
Allow us safe landing and reintegration back into our former lives, or we will release the full payload of our mining operation onto every capital of every country that defies us. 1700 tons of fuel that will level and burn the cities where you hide behind policies and lies.
THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES hangs over your head, so choose your response wisely. Should you refuse, you and all of your profits will be reduced to dust when blue hell-fire rains from the sky. All we ask for is a second chance, peace is up to you.
Diyoza's speech to the so-called Free World from her book[2]

Charmaine Diyoza: "I've been fighting the abuse of power, my whole life, Kane. I'm no dictator."
How We Get to Peace

Charmaine Diyoza: "See? One's alive. Happy?"
Red Sun Rising
Charmaine Diyoza (to Gaia): That wasn't my army. You beat a bunch of criminals led by a sociopath in a Battle for a Valley that burned to the ground, anyway. I call that a total failure to reach mission objective.
The Children of Gabriel
Charmaine Diyoza (to Gaia): "Calm down, Sensei. I'm too pregnant to argue."
The Children of Gabriel
Charmaine Diyoza: ""It seems my reputation precedes me."
Russell Lightbourne "You could say that. Your face is in our history books next to Hitler and Bin Laden."
Children of Gabriel
Gabriel Santiago (posing as Xavier): "Ah, so you're looking for Gabriel. What did Russell promise you?"
Charmaine Diyoza: "40 vestal virgins and a side dish of none of your damn business."
Memento Mori
Charmaine Diyoza (pointing a gun at Xavier): "You look pretty good for an old man. (to Octavia) Say hi to Gabriel."
Gabriel Santiago: "You saw the scar. I would ask about yours, but uh, the story of how you slashed your own throat was big news before we left Earth." (Gabriel begins leaving)
Charmaine Diyoza: "Where do you think your going?"
Gabriel Santiago: "To the Anomaly as planned. Time to find out what it wants with you. Oh, about the gun, if you bring it, you'll most likely kill all of us, yourself and the baby included. It's up to you."
Charmaine Diyoza (to Octavia after lowering the gun): "Come on."
-- in The Old Man and the Anomaly
Charmaine Diyoza: "How about we pass the time by you telling us how someone dedicated to the destruction of the immortal Primes took a new body? I mean dying sucks -- I get it -- but not being willing to die for your cause makes you a coward where I come from."
Gabriel Santiago: "I left Sanctum, but Sanctum didn't leave me."
Charmaine Diyoza: "What the hell does that mean?"
Gabriel Santiago: "It means I still had the Drive in my head but no one to remove it. I eventually taught someone -- Eduardo, a Null infant rescued from the Offering Grove. I loved him like a son. Unfortunately, once he learned to perform the procedure, he refused."
Charmaine Diyoza: "Why?"
Gabriel Santiago: "By then, Xavier was born. He had the blood. Eduardo believed it was a sign, a free-born host. I thought I convinced him otherwise, but when my last body died, he finally wiped Xavier and brought me back."
Josephine Lightbourne (hallucination): "He loved you too much to lose you. I know the feeling."
Gabriel Santiago: "Once I resurrected and realized what he did, I killed him in a fit of rage and assumed Xavier's identity out of shame."
Charmaine Diyoza: "No one else knew. That's why they think you abandoned them."
Octavia Blake: "They were right. He's a coward."
Charmaine Diyoza (hearing children laughing): "Did you hear that?"
Gabriel Santiago (as Octavia collapses in his arms) "Hey, hey."
Octavia Blake: "You didn't abandon your people. You were just afraid to lead them."
Gabriel Santiago: "I was trying to take down a system dedicated to the worship of false gods."
Josephine Lightbourne (hallucination): "A system you helped create."
Gabriel Santiago: "I became a false god all over again. Understand? (Octavia hums in agreement) Good. Come on. You don't have much longer, and we still got a ways to go."
-- in The Old Man and the Anomaly

Hope Diyoza: "I know you were trying to do the right thing!"
Charmaine Diyoza: "Doing the right thing the wrong way isn't doing the right thing! I know that now."
— in The Queen's Gambit
Charmaine Diyoza: "I do love me an unwinnable war."
— in The Flock
Charmaine Diyoza: "Wait! She's not one of them."
Hope Diyoza: "Clarke. Raven. Miller. You described them well."
Charmaine Diyoza: "This is Hope, my daughter. Time dilation's a bitch. How'd you get out?"
Hope Diyoza: "Doesn't matter. Right now, we need to get ourselves to the Stone room and get ourselves out of Bardo. We can get acquainted later. Let's go!"
— in The Queen's Gambit

Killed Victims[]

  • Unknown number of civilians
    • 80 civilians (killed in a plane bombing)
    • 19 civilians (killed in a metro suicide bombing she ordered)
  • 1 Eligius Prisoner (mercy kill)
  • Several Eligius Prisoners (shot)
  • 1 Eligius Prisoner (indirectly; used him as a shield)
  • 2 Primes (shot)
  • Geo (shot)
  • Several Children of Gabriel (shot)
  • 1 Disciple (jugular ripped out with her teeth)
  • 3 Disciples (stabbed)
    • Scar

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The character was announced on August 22, 2017.[3]
  • Charmaine Diyoza is Gen-Z as she is said to be born in the 2000s.
  • Her first name, "Charmaine", was only mentioned three times in the series. Once by Raven Reyes in Season Five and twice in Season Six.
  • Russell Lightbourne mentioned that her face in the picture is next to Hitler and Bin Laden in their history books.
  • She is likely named after one of the series' writers, Charmaine DeGraté.
    • Several of the baby names she considered are the first names of the female writers and writers' assistants for the TV series, including:
  • Blythe – Blythe Ann Johnson (writers' assistant)
  • Paula – Paula Sabbaga (writers' assistant)
  • Heidi – Heidi Cole McAdams
  • Maya – Maya Houston (writers' assistant)
  • Lauren – Lauren Muir
  • Julie – Julie Benson
  • Justine – Justine Juel Gillmer
  • Shawna – Shawna Benson
  • Kimberly – Kim Shumway
  • She is the second pregnant woman shown on the show. The first was Aurora Blake, seen in flashbacks pregnant with Octavia.
    • Due to cryosleep, she had been pregnant for 109 years and 5 months when she revealed it to Kane and Abby.  
    • Though still 5 - 6 months along in her pregnancy, after her second cryosleep she had been pregnant for roughly 234 years.
    • The actress portraying her, Ivana Milicevic, was actually pregnant during the filming of Season Five.
      • Originally, the character was going to be as bad as Paxton McCreary but, when Miličević informed the production team that she was pregnant before shooting Season Five, her storyline was changed.[4]
  • Being born before the first Nuclear Apocalypse, Diyoza is chronologically one of the oldest characters in the series.
  • When she and Kane escaped with Spacekru after Paxton McCreary took over leadership of the Eligius Prisoners, Diyoza, along with Kane betrayed Spacekru and Wonkru, presumably because Diyoza wanted to prevent Octavia from killing her, which will result in the death of her unborn child, Hope.
  • In the sixth season, she is seen wearing Miles Shaw's jacket.
  • In "The Face Behind the Glass," she mentions the US Marine motto, "improvise, adapt, overcome". She also says, "Good thing there's no Marines left. I'd never hear the end of it for stealing that. Cocky bastards." This may mean she was once part of the Marines, before or after her time with the Navy SEALs. This would explain why she got the rank of "Colonel", which is not a rank in the US Navy.
  • Diyoza appears in beginning of “Welcome to Bardo”, but Ivana Miličević did not appear in the credits.
  • In an interview with TVLine about "A Little Sacrifice," Ivana Miličević revealed that Diyoza was originally supposed to be "a McCreary type -- a really bad prisoner, a full-blown terrorist -- and she was absolutely going to die at the end of Season 5." However, the actress' real life pregnancy changed Diyoza's storyline with Jason Rothenberg working a maternal element into Diyoza's arc to give Diyoza's motivations more nuance.[5]
    • In the same interview, Miličević confirmed that she was informed about Diyoza's coming death ahead of time and her reaction was "of course! This is beautiful. This is perfect. Thank you. I’m ready to go" and she thought that it was an "amazingly beautiful" death for Diyoza.[5]
  • In "A Little Sacrifice," Clarke calls Echo, Octavia and Diyoza "the three most dangerous women on this or any other planet."


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