Your mistake was liking it. Power. It's the kiss of death. That's okay. I liked it too.
— Diyoza to Octavia [src]

Charmaine Diyoza is a recurring character in the fifth and sixth seasons. She is portrayed by Ivana Milicevic and debuted in Eden.

Diyoza was a prisoner aboard the Eligius IV who successfully led a coup and took over the vessel in 2047. She was aboard the Gagarin that lands on Earth in the Season 4 finale. Initially, she is the leader of the Eligius prisoners and thus the primary antagonist of the first half of Season Five. However, many of the prisoners are loyal to Paxton McCreary and the two subgroups clash with McCreary coming out as the victor. After that, she helps Spacekru for a bit before going to McCreary with Wonkru's plan of attack. However, after McCreary's death, she stays with Wonkru.

Eligius III, and their decendents knew about her and she was put in their history books for her own reputation of being a war criminal.

Early Life Edit

Before the Nuclear Apocalypse, Diyoza reveals that she fought a fascist government when they tried to take her home, in which she finally wiped them out and killed them.[1] A former US Navy SEAL who earned a bronze star and was decorated for valor three times before going AWOL after an IED explosion. She eventually resurfaced and became a terrorist, committing and ordering numerous bombing campaigns and assassinations for the United Liberation Army, a terrorist group. Her crimes eventually made her the most wanted criminal in the world at the time of her arrest. She was eventually imprisoned for life without parole for terrorist homicide, later sent on a prison ship to a remote mining station before the nuclear holocaust. [2] Before her imprisonment, Diyoza's father was helping her hide from the SEAL team sent to arrest her for terrorism. As a result, her father was shot in the head two times, and Diyoza attempted to commit suicide by slashing her own throat, but survived.

On April 4, 2047, she led a mutiny on board the Eligius Corporation's fourth station. Her followers included former Eligius crew member, Miles Shaw.

Throughout the Series Edit

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Second half of the season

In Eden, she lands on Earth onboard the Gagarin and exits the ship with Miles Shaw. While she heads prisoners towards the village, they hear a gunshot, which means that they are not alone.

In Sleeping Giants, she along with Shaw interrogates Clarke after she was captured by Paxton McCreary. At first, Clarke refuses to talk but decides to co-operate after realizing that Diyoza's prisoners are closing in on Madi. Clarke agrees to tell them everything and in return Diyoza orders her people to spare Madi's life. Clarke makes it clear that there's no one else in the valley besides her and Madi. Diyoza then asks Clarke to bring her up to date on how the world ended, which Clarke replies how first Nuclear Apocalypse ended the world. When Spacekru landed on the ground, they meet Madi who appeared from the bushes, she tells them that they need to hurry because Clarke is in trouble. However, they were spotted by prisoners patrol who reported to Diyoza that there are other people. Diyoza intensifies her torture for Clarke, claiming that she lied to her. Madi and Bellamy arrive just when Diyoza is dragging Clarke outside to torture her. Bellamy asks Diyoza to spare Clarke's life or else all the 283 prisoners in the ship would die. To prove that he's not bluffing, he shows Diyoza a mug that he carried from the ship. Diyoza agrees with the deal.

In Pandora's Box, she and Shaw notice that someone has hacked into the Eligius IV computer system. Shaw tries to hack back but Raven proves to be a challenge. Then she asks Shaw if he able to open the docking bay door to depressurize the ship. But its inhabitants manage to open all cryopod with the rest of the prisoners. She cancels her order meaning that Raven and Murphy are trapped on the ship. Later, Diyoza orders Shaw to launch missiles and attack the bunker to kill Octavia and her people. But Shaw refuses to launch the missiles, telling Diyoza that the hacker, Raven has blocked the missile launch codes.

In Shifting Sands, she, Shaw, and Paxton McCreary on the Gagarin spot Wonkru marching to the desert towards the Valley. After unlocking the missiles they fire it at the Wonkru camp. However, some of the Wonkru members survived the sandstorm.

In Acceptable Losses, she interrogates Echo.

In Red Sun Rising, Raven wakes her up in need of help taking control of the ship from Prime Kaylee and her family. She quickly takes two of the invaders out and leverages their dead bodies. She then has Raven put on the smaller invader's suit and pose as him. With the help of Madi, they successfully take the ship back. She is then with the crew that went down to help the initial exploration crew, but stayed back at the transport ship, by the command of Abby. She then listed her reason as staying in order to keep it from being stolen again.

In The Children of Gabriel, she is guarding the Gagarin while Gaia is trying to get Madi to learn more about the flame. She laughs at what Gaia is saying and Gaia asks her why it's funny and Diyoza responds "it's not funny, it's sad". The Children of Gabriel silently approach the ship in an attempt to steal the bodies of Kaylee's family. Diyoza heard them, while the others didn't, she stands up quickly and takes one of the men out with a throw of her knife, but they are disabled by the poison darts before they can mount any further resistance. Diyoza later reveals to Madi and Gaia and that she hasn't actually been hit by the darts, as her bulletproof vest protected her. Soon after, Bellamy, Echo, Raven and Octavia come to their aid, and Diyoza quickly executes one of her captors. When they arrive back to Sanctum, Diyoza reveals that she is six months pregnant, and is offered pre-natal care by Simone Lightbourne. Gratefully, Diyoza accepts. Madi then says "Diyoza took out the terrorists" which causes Russell Lightbourne to ask if she is the same Charmaine Diyoza in their history books, next to Bin Laden and Hitler. He is shocked. When she confirms, she is swiftly denied sanctuary and banished to beyond the radiation shield. Madi tries to go with her, but Clarke Griffin stops Madi and Diyoza tells the girl to "stay frosty" as she is escorted away by two guards.

In The Face Behind the Glass, she in the woods making a fire with a stolen lighter when Jade and two guards from Sanctum approach her on motorcycles. Jade offers Diyoza a deal, save Rose and bring Kaylee's family's decapitated heads home and Russell will let her baby be born and raised in Sanctum.

Personality Edit

She is cold and sarcastic. She is the alpha wolf among the criminals and is fearless, confident and very calculating. She seems friendly towards her allies but most likely keeps them close for the sake of numbers not friendship. She's also very maternal and has displayed a softer side to her unborn daughter. As seen in The Children of Gabriel, she is seen to have been more calm and nice, for example Madi, and she tells her to "Stay Frosty," as Diyoza is banished.

Physical Appearance Edit

Diyoza has pale skin, blue-grey eyes, light brown hair with blonde highlights and hair done up with bangs. She also has a large scar on her neck. She along with most of the prisoners wears the armor of the former security guards including a stamped service badge on the right chest plate. She bears a tattoo on her shoulder of the flag of the former United States which is hardly recognisable as it has been burnt off and shows mostly scar tissue.

Relationships Edit

Paxton McCreary Edit

Not much is know about the relationship between the two, but Diyoza told him that he is her favorite mass murderer. It was later revealed that at one point, they were sexually involved and she is pregnant with their child. However, Diyoza and McCreary have a lot of disagreements about leading the Eligius Prisoners, even when Diyoza refused to trade McCreary for Raven Reyes after he was captured by John Murphy and Emori. This made McCreary very upset with her. When Murphy reveals to McCreary that Abby's medical treatment helped cure Diyoza's people, McCreary got angry at Diyoza for keeping this a secret from him. He then tries to kill her, but stops when he finds out that Diyoza is pregnant. However, when she surrenders herself to him, he tells her that after the baby is born he will kill her. In the season 5 finale he is killed by Clarke after making Earth uninhabitable. Due to his actions and his abusive nature, Diyoza doesn't appear to be upset by his loss.


Diyoza and Madi seemed to have become friends despite their talk while guarding the Gagarin. When Diyoza is banished and Russell asks if anyone else would like to join her, Madi tries to go with her. Diyoza then tells Madi to "Stay Frosty."

Appearances Edit

Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenAbsent
Sleeping GiantsAppears
Pandora's BoxAppears
Shifting SandsAppears
Exit WoundsAppears
Acceptable LossesAppears
How We Get to PeaceAppears
Sic Semper TyrannisAppears
The Warriors WillMentioned
The Dark YearAppears
Damocles (Part 1)Appears
Damocles (Part 2)Appears
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAppears
The Children of GabrielAppears
The Face Behind the GlassAppears
The Gospel of JosephineTBD
Memento MoriTBD

Quotes Edit

This is Colonel Charmaine Diyoza currently in orbit transmitting from the Eligius IV spaceshuttle in low Earth orbit. As we continue our descent to the surface i issue a critical warning: You lined your pockets with the profits from Eligius Corporation while they built their industry on the backs of prisoner slaves. Men and Women ripped from Earth... Stripped of their rights. Forced to mine poisonous gas to make your miserable lives on Earth more comfortable... then abandoned to die alone in space. But we refused to suffer that fate.
And today we bring you to reckoning.
Allow us safe landing and reintegration back into our former lives, or we will release the full payload of our mining operation onto every capital of every country that defies us. 1700 tons of fuel that will level and burn the cities where you hide behind policies and lies.
THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES hangs over your head, so choose your response wisely. Should you refuse, you and all of your profits will be reduced to dust when blue hell-fire rains from the sky. All we ask for is a second chance, peace is up to you.
Diyoza's speech to the so-called Free World from her book

Charmaine Diyoza: "See? One's alive. Happy?"
Red Sun Rising

Killed Victims Edit

  • Fascist government
  • 80 civilians (killed in plane bombing)
  • 19 civilians (killed in a metro suicide bombing she ordered)
  • One Eligius prisoner (mercy kill)
  • Several Eligius prisoners (shooting)
  • One Eligius Prisoner (indirectly, used him as a shield)
  • Daniel (shot)
  • Victor (shot)
  • Geo (shot)
  • Several Children of Gabriel (shoot)

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The character was announced on August 22, 2017.[3]
  • She is likely named after one of the series' writers, Charmaine DeGrate.
    • Several of the baby names she is considering are the first names of the female writers and writers' assistants for the TV series, including:
  • Blythe – Blythe Ann Johnson (writers' assistant)
  • Paula – Paula Sabbaga (writers' assistant)
  • Heidi – Heidi Cole McAdams
  • Maya – Maya Houston (writers' assistant)
  • Lauren – Lauren Muir
  • Julie – Julie Benson
  • Justine – Justine Juel Gillmer
  • Shawna – Shawna Benson
  • Kimberly – Kim Shumway

  • She was part of a terrorist group, known as the "United Liberation Army".
  • She is the second pregnant woman shown on the show. The first was Aurora Blake, seen in flashbacks pregnant with Octavia.
    • Due to cryosleep, she had been pregnant for 109 years and 5 months when she revealed it to Kane and Abby.  
    • Though still 5 - 6 months along in her pregnancy, after her second cryosleep Diyoza has been pregnant for roughly 234 years.
    • The actress portraying Diyoza, Ivana Milicevic, was actually pregnant during the filming of season 5.
    • Furthermore, Diyoza may be one of the chronologically oldest characters in the series. Logically, she would have been born somewhere in the early-to-mid 2000s. As of Season Six, This means that, despite being biologically in her mid-forties, Diyoza is close to three centuries old, around 277 - 281.
  • Diyoza, Jordan Green, and Brell are the only three characters that were introduced in Season Five who are known to be still alive.

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