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You did the right thing. Kill or be killed.
— Pike to Monty [src]

Charles Pike was a recurring character in the third and sixth seasons. He was portrayed by actor Michael Beach and debuted in "Wanheda (Part 2)".

A former Earth Skills teacher, Pike led the Ark survivors of Farm Station out of Azgeda territory and served as the main antagonist of the first half of Season 3. He was elected Chancellor of Arkadia after Mount Weather disaster, but was later captured and sent to be executed for his crimes against the Grounders after a group within Arkadia handed him over. After assisting in defeating A.L.I.E., he was stabbed to death by Octavia, avenging Lincoln's death.

Early Life

Teaching the delinquents

Pike was born on the Ark. At some time in his adult life, he became the Earth Skills teacher. Earth Skills was a mandatory course which passed down skills and knowledge necessary for survival on Earth from generation to generation. He was good friends with Kane and at some point in his career, he taught both Bellamy and Abby.

In the two weeks before the delinquents were sent to ground. Pike was tasked by the Council to prepare them with an Earth Skills crash-course. After realizing that the delinquents are unknowingly being sent to the ground, seeing their lack of interest in learning, and failing to persuade Chancellor Jaha to let him go with them, Pike takes graver measures. He hits Murphy, forcing the class to stand up for him. The key to survival on Earth, he says, is to never stop fighting, this is life or death, no one is coming to help any of you.

During the Exodus, Pike was on Farm Station. The station made landfall in Azgeda territory. His knowledge in Earth Skills allowed him to adjust to the ground quickly and made him leader of the Farm Station survivors. He was able to lead his people and help them successfully defend themselves from the Azgeda Grounders for months.

Throughout the Series

In Wanheda (Part 2), Bellamy, Monty, Indra, and Kane have been trapped in Sector 7 in the rover for three hours waiting for something to happen. Bellamy pokes his head out the moon roof and suddenly has a knife to his throat. The rest of them are ordered out of the rover as Bellamy is yanked out through the moon-roof. Indra, Kane, and Monty are quickly taken hostage by what appear to be Azgeda warriors who find the Farm Station beacon on Monty. Monty tries to fight them and Bellamy calls out his name to get him to stop. One of the warriors repeats Monty's name and Monty recognizes her voice as his mother's. Monty's mother, Hannah, removes her face mask and she and Monty embrace. Pike orders the rest of them to stand down and greets Kane and Bellamy. Monty asks where his dad is and Hannah tells him that he didn't make it. Kane asks Pike how many of them from Farm Station survived and Pike says only 63 have survived and the rest of them are camped in the mountains to the north. He calls them "Grounder killers" and everyone cheers, "Hoo-rah!" Bellamy interrupts and tells them they need to find Abby. Pike recognizes Clarke's name as a former student of the Earth Skills class that he taught on the Ark. They go to move the trees blocking the rover and Bellamy asks Monty if he is okay. Monty replies that he has to be. Pike tells Kane that everyone from Farm Station survived the landing, three times as many as the 63 who are still alive. Indra tells Pike the Azgeda can be ruthless and he should take pride in those he saved. Kane introduces Indra and Pike. They get the trees out of the way of the rover and Kane sends the Farm Station warriors to collect the rest of their people and head to Arkadia. Pike and Hannah go with Kane, Bellamy, and Monty after Abby.

At the trading post, Niylah is getting beaten up and interrogated by Roan's bounty hunter partner as he asks her where Roan and Clarke went. He is about to cut off her hand when Bellamy shoots him dead. Indra tells Niylah in Trigedasleng they are there to help. Pike demands she speak in English and Kane orders him to scout the perimeters with Monty and Hannah.

Pike and Bellamy are walking through the same field where Roan and Clarke were previously Pike asks Bellamy why they seem to be getting along with the Grounders and Bellamy tells him it was because they had a common enemy and they won. Indra calls for everyone to be quiet as they hear war drums coming from a distance. Indra recognizes them as Azgeda by the three dead scouts in the field. Pike tells everyone they need to get the bodies off the field before the army arrives or they will be blamed for it. Bellamy spots Roan and Clarke far on the other side of the field as Kane spots the incoming army advancing from another end of the field, separating them from Clarke. Monty points out a cave for them to hide in until the army passes through and Indra leaves to warn the Commander because Azgeda has just marched into Trikru lands. Bellamy wants to go after Clarke but they are stuck in the cave with the corpses of the three Azgeda scouts as they wait for the army to clear out. Monty asks Hannah what happened to his father. Hannah tells him how Farm Station landed in snow, absorbing some of the impact. She starts crying and Pike takes over the story, telling Monty that the children were playing in the snow and were the first to die. Monty's father saved four of fifteen kids but was killed when he went back for the fifth and he died a hero. Kane tells Pike that not all Grounders are the same as the Azgeda and Pike says they are to him. Later, Monty finishes telling them how forty-two people got out of Mount Weather alive and they did what they had to do. Pike tells Monty he did the right thing and asks if Mount Weather belongs to the Sky People now. Kane tells him they use it for supplies because of the established truce. Pike warns Kane the Grounders will break the truce and they need the Mountain. Monty notices that Bellamy had stolen a scout's uniform and was no longer in the cave. They find Bellamy limping along, still trying to follow after Roan and Clarke. Kane and Pike try to get Bellamy to give up but he is worried about losing Clarke. Monty convinces Bellamy to head back and try again later.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Bellamy, Raven, Gina, and Octavia arrive in the dining room on Level 5 of Mount Weather, finding it filled with Farm Station survivors, eating and having fun. Pike welcomes them and both Raven and Octavia are uncomfortable with how they made themselves at home. Pike tells them there are thirty-six people there. Octavia warns the Grounders are going to think the Sky People have moved into Mount Weather before leaving in disgust. Sinclair arrives and tells Raven to get working on the electrical problems. Later, after Echo is captured and brought into the mess hall Pike and Bellamy question her as other Farm Station members are grabbing weapons and arming themselves. Echo tells them the summit is a trap. Bellamy tells Pike they can trust Echo because she saved his life. Sinclair arrives and he and Pike get into an argument about using the missiles in Mount Weather. Raven says she might be able to help get the launch codes.

Bellamy, Octavia, Echo, and Pike arrive at the outskirts of Polis and park behind the truck Kane and Abby arrived in. Octavia discovers the two guards Kane left behind had their throats slit and that is why they did not respond when radioed about the threat. Pike starts to go after Echo but Octavia steps in and tells him that Echo warned them. Octavia tells Echo she is not leaving her blade behind before entering Polis and Echo says she will take them through the tunnels so they can keep their weapons.Under Polis, Bellamy, Echo, Octavia, and Pike move through the tunnels toward the elevator shaft to the Polis tower. Two guards spinning the wheel that raises and lowers the elevator are in their way. Pike and Bellamy attack and kill the two guards running the elevator. Octavia is upset that they killed the guards when they did not have to. Bellamy insists they did. They proceed to climb the ladder up the elevator shaft to the top floor. Octavia, Bellamy, and Pike barge into the throne room, holding a guard captive. Bellamy warns everyone the summit is a trap.

In Watch the Thrones, he was elected to be the new chancellor of Arkadia. Pike was elected by a narrow majority, on a declared mandate of preemptive action against the Grounders, Arkadian independence from The Coalition, and militarization against a perceived Grounder threat. Pike officially declared his candidacy after being arrested for attempting to lead Farm Station, with illegally obtained weapons, in an attack on the Trikru peacekeeping force, though he had been campaigning for his policies for some time prior to entering the race for Chancellor. Pike's candidacy was notably supported by Bellamy Blake, Zoe Monroe, and a sizable portion of the Arkadian Guard.

His first official actions as Chancellor were pardoning himself, and his supporters, for their crimes, rejecting the brand that made Skaikru the Thirteenth Clan, and ordering an attack on the Trikru peacekeeping force camped outside Arkadia.

In Hakeldama, Pike addressed Arkadia, and announced his "one sacred goal", the creation of a self-sustaining, prosperous, and safe Arkadia. He then informed Arkadia of the attack he led against the Trikru peacekeeping force, proclaiming it a message to the Grounders, and a tribute to the fallen. Pike was met by thunderous shouts of approval as he declared Arkadian sovereignty over the surrounding land, and promised death to anyone who resisted.

Later, in a private meeting, Pike states his immediate goal as securing access to water and defensible terrain around Arkadia. In order to achieve this goal, Pike orders that a 15 kilometer perimeter around Arkadia be secured. Bellamy notes that there is a Grounder village located within that perimeter, causing Pike to worry that the village will be used as the staging ground for retaliatory attacks. Pike proceeds to order that the village be cleared, as the "first order of business" for the offensive. Upon being criticized by Bellamy for his lack of mercy for grounders, Pike cites logistical and strategic concerns involved with sparing wounded Grounders, and asks that Bellamy think of the lives saved, not taken.

It is revealed later on that Pike had implemented a ban on Grounders entering Arkadia, and that he has stripped Kane and Lincoln of their respective positions within the Arkadian Guard.

After hearing of the return of Thelonious Jaha to Arkadia, Pike calls him to meet. While Pike initially greats Jaha as a friend, he quickly becomes aggressive, demanding to know why Jaha has returned. A.L.I.E. perceives Pike as having felt threatened by Jaha. Against A.L.I.E's urging, Jaha informs Pike of the City of Light. While Pike is visibly confused and skeptical of the concept, he gives Jaha approval to do what he will, so long as he stays out of the way.

Pike later ordered the imprisonment of all Grounders, including Lincoln, still within Arkadia.

In Bitter Harvest, Pike was confronted by Kane (as a distraction for Nathan Miller, who was bugging the Chancellors office) regarding Jaha. Pike was quick to shove off any concern, stating that keeping an eye on Jaha "is Abby's department". Kane proceeded to ask Pike to release the Grounders he had imprisoned. Pike claimed that they were imprisoned for their own safety, as well as that of Arkadia, and refused, saying that grounders are the enemy. When Kane disputed his statement, Pike cited his victory in the election as having decided the matter. Kane responded by stating "Public opinion is a funny thing", to which Pike noted that his job is to keep Arkadia safe, not to be liked. Kane replied, as Pike stormed off, by shouting "then keep up the good work", referencing the disdain Pike had attracted from many Arkadians.

In a later meeting, Pike announced plans to commence deforestation around Arkadia, and develop the land, which had fertile soil, into Arkadian farmland, on which to grow crops including corn and soybeans. Pike was, once again, confronted by Bellamy Blake, now backed up by Monty Green, with regard to his plan to clear the Grounder village located on the proposed farmland. Pike retorted by calling the action necessary, and claimed that without those crops, Arkadia would starve within a year. Bellamy, reluctantly, agreed with Pike.

During the offensive on the Grounder village, Pike was notably not present in the assault team, and the offensive failed, with the Grounders having been warned by Octavia, and burning down the village with flaming arrows as a surprise attack, resulting in the deaths of 2 Arkadians. Pike called on Bellamy, following the offensive, to discuss Octavia's role in the failure, and to ask where she got the information about the offensive, prior to it occurring. They concluded that Kane was responsible, though Pike acknowledged the lack of proof. Pike shared his frustration with Bellamy, telling him that the fire ruined much of the soil.

In Terms and Conditions, Pike met with Hannah Green and Bellamy Blake in a guard tower on the walls of Arkadia. Hannah informed Pike that a patrol had gone missing, and Grounders were being sighted around Arkadia, concluding that they had established a blockade. As Pike was digesting the news, he was informed that Grounder messengers were emerging from the woods on horseback, bound for the gates. Upon arriving at the gate, Bellamy (who was accompanying pike) demands to know what the Grounders want. They declared, in response, that they "seek the one you call Pike", before they stated that life must be taken in response to the attack on the peacekeeping force. Pike, having heard this, revealed himself, and asked to hear terms. In reply, the messengers stated that a blockade had been put in place, and anyone who crossed it would die (revealing that they had killed the missing patrol members). Pike ordered Bellamy to fall back behind the wall with him, however Bellamy refused, shooting the messengers, leaving Pike visibly both shocked and upset.

Later, in a meeting, Pike discussed plans for the immediate future, and declared that solving internal matters was to be prioritized over the Grounders outside the walls. Pike ordered rationing, camp wide surveillance, and closer guard of Grounder prisoners, and placed Monty Green in charge of surveillance activities. His main aim in this was countering the growing resistance movement led by former Chancellor Marcus Kane. Unbeknownst to Pike, Kane himself was listening to the meeting via a bug planted by Nathan Miller.

It is revealed later, by Raven Reyes, that Pike confiscated A.L.I.E.'s chip maker on the recommendation of Abby Griffin.

While sorting ammunition and weapons, Pike was encountered by Kane, who asked that he turn himself in to the Grounders. Pike replied by mentioning the death of Finn Collins, and the Grounders betrayal thereafter. Kane ridiculed Pike for becoming a dictator, but Pike remained unmoved.

After some time, Pike discovered the bug in his office, and staged a fake meeting, laying out plans to use Rover One to attack the blockade. Pike hoped to lure Kane into making a move on the rover, so that he could be arrested. Kane, suspecting treachery, recruited Sinclair to pretend to sabotage the rover. Sinclair was arrested for treason by Bellamy, and Pike proceeded to interrogate him. Sinclair refused to talk, so Hannah suggested that pike execute him, to which Pike refused, stating "we're not on the Ark". He ordered that Sinclair be locked up instead... allowing Sinclair to inform the Grounder prisoners of Kane's plan.

Later that day, Pike met with Kane, believing that Kane was going to negotiate the terms and conditions of surrender. Pike was stunned when Kane stood defiant, and stated his refusal to give up. Simultaneously, Kane's plan was implemented by Lincoln, Sinclair, and other members of Kane's Faction. Pike, hearing the alarm signalling the riot, sent his guards to help quell it. Now unguarded, Pike was dispatched by Kane, who shock lashed him, and knocked him unconscious. Kane tied Pike up, and threw him in the back of Rover One, intent on delivering him to the Grounders. Fortunately for Pike, Bellamy, alerted to Pike's situation by Monty, stopped Kane and the rover at the gate.

That night, Pike sentenced Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair to death, citing the terms of martial law and the Exodus Charter as giving him the authority to do so. Upon being questioned for this by Bellamy, Pike admitted to making Kane an example, angering Bellamy, who stated his opposition to killing other Arkadians. An enraged Bellamy would shortly thereafter change sides as a result.

In Stealing Fire, Pike visited the prisoners, announcing from behind the wall that all prisoners were guilty of the same crimes as Kane (for their participation in the riot), and as such they would be punished with death. Lincoln, from inside the cell, plead with Pike to let the Grounder prisoners live, stating that they know nothing (as many cannot even understand English). Bellamy Blake, accompanying Pike, supported Lincoln's argument, and asked Pike to spare the Grounder prisoners. Pike acknowledged the truth of Lincoln's statement, and relented, announcing that only the leaders, Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair, would face execution.

Later, Pike lead the guards to collect Lincoln, Kane, and Sinclair, and ordered they be tied up as they are marched towards execution. Harper, working with Octavia, intercepted Pike and the prisoners, relaying to Octavia via radio that the prisoners were on the move. This message was, itself, intercepted by Hannah and Monty Green. Hannah, not recognizing Harper's voice but identifying Octavia, radioed Pike to warn him of potential danger. Pike ordered the group to stop moving and to place the prisoners on their knees. Unable to verify a secure route, and unsure how many members of Kane's Faction he was facing, Pike ordered that the prisoners be locked in a room, and that two guards stay on the door, proceeding to go and search for Octavia and her collaborators. Pike was, however, unaware that Bryan (who he left to guard the prisoners) had switched sides to Kane's faction.

After some time searching, Pike radioed to check on the prisoners but received no response. After rushing to their last known location, Pike found the guards (presumably, though Bryan was faking) unconscious from being attacked and drugged, and the room empty. Concluding that Octavia freed the prisoners, Pike and his guards rushed off to find them. However, Pike had been tricked, and Octavia had hidden the prisoners under the floor within the room. Pike's guards however, unwittingly cut off Kane and his collaborators from escape. Monty Green however (having heard the escapees panic at this via radio messages he'd intercepted), in control of the guard radio and desperate to save his friends, relayed a false report to Pike and his guards, directing them to the main gate. A shocked and horrified Hannah Green rushed to alert Pike to the real location of Kane and his supporters, but covered for her son, telling Pike they had received a false report themselves. Pike, in response, ordered a door to door search of Arkadia, and broadcast a radio message telling the escapees that they must turn themselves in, or face the execution of all other prisoners in their place. Lincoln, hearing this, turned himself in to Pike in an effort to protect his people. Kane and the others escaped successfully.

While the others escaped, Pike took Lincoln to the front of Alpha Station to be executed. Pike told Lincoln that he could not free the grounder prisoners, but promised they would be cared for. Lincoln voluntarily went down on his knees, and Pike read the sentence to him, asking if he had any last words, to which Lincoln replied, "not for you". Pike proceeded to raise his pistol to the side of Lincoln's head, and pulled the trigger, executing him.

In Fallen, Hannah Green (on Pike's instruction) tricks her son Monty in to fleeing Arkadia, to seek sanctuary with Kane's Faction. Pike's aim in this is to follow Monty to his friends, and ultimately to Kane. Kane directs Monty (via radio) to meet him at the Dropship, and sets off to meet him there accompanied by Octavia and Bellamy (who he plans to trade for Monty, should a hostage situation ensue).

Upon arriving at the Dropship, Monty is seized by Pike, and held inside at gunpoint. When Kane arrived outside the Dropship, Pike emerged with Monty, still holding him hostage. Kane orders Pike to let Monty go, to which Pike refuses, and instructs a warning shot be fired near Kane's feet by a sniper. Octavia instructs Kane to shoot Pike, however Monty is in the line of fire so Kane cannot do this. Pike tells Kane and Octavia that it's over, and states that he promised Hannah he'd bring her son home alive, asking them not to make him a liar. Kane complies, and drops his gun. Pike instructs Octavia to drop her sword, but instead she swings around Bellamy, placing her sword at his throat. Pike, reeling back at the sight of this, instructs a sniper to shoot Octavia in the leg. However, she is disarmed by and held by Bellamy before this could happen. Pike tells his guards to come out from the Dropship and woods, and restrain Kane and Octavia. Pike remains hesitant, however, to remove Bellamy's restraints. Pike asks Bellamy to convince him he is still loyal, to which Bellamy offers the location of the cave in which Kane's remaining supporters are hiding. Pike demands coordinates, which Bellamy says he doesn't have. Bellamy, instead, offers to take Pike to the cave, which Pike accepts. While walking to (what he presumed to be) the cave, Pike offers Bellamy a pardon for Octavia's past crimes, but warns of consequences if she "screws up again".

After some time walking, Bellamy succeeds in leading Pike and his guards directly into the Grounder blockade. Pike, alerted by a Grounder horn sounding the alarm, scans around frantically, shouting to his guards to ask if anyone has eyes on the Grounders. As such, Pike is caught completely off guard when Bellamy steals his sidearm, and holds it to his head, demanding Pike drop his gun. Pike, enraged by the betrayal, demands Bellamy explain what he's doing. In the midst of the chaos, Octavia, still bound, dispatches Pike's guards and frees herself. Bellamy yells out to the Grounders, "we bring you Chancellor Pike of the Sky People", which Octavia translates into Trigedasleng. as Pike ridicules Bellamy, stating he has "killed us all", Bellamy shouts out to the Grounders to take Pike and lift the blockade, which Octavia again translates. Grounder warriors proceed to kill Pike's guards using arrows, and rush out from the woods. Octavia attempts to kill Pike, but is stopped by Kane, who notes that the grounders need him alive. Kane points out how Finn escaped Grounder justice (known for being harsh) and tells Octavia that they won't get away with that again. Pike, hearing this and knowing what it means, makes a desperate lunge at Bellamy, but is stopped by an arrow near the shoulder. Pike is then seized by the Grounders who, accompanied by Kane, march him back to Polis.

In Join or Die Pike is escorted into Polis by Marcus Kane and the warriors from the Grounder blockade. Upon arrival, the group witnesses mass torturing, people strung up on crosses, and pools of blood in the streets. This of course, is a result of A.L.I.E.'s takeover of Polis, and her efforts to force the cities populace to take the key to the City of Light. Pike, unaware of this, shows no real surprise, and utters the words "about what I expected", believing this to simply be Grounder barbarism as he had predicted. Kane urges the warriors to leave, but they refuse, bent on handing Pike over to the new Commander. Pike mocks Kane as he is observing the atrocities, asking "think you're going to find peace with the new Commander?". Upon arriving at the base of the Commanders tower, the group notices the vast number of people meditating, causing confusion even among the warriors. Pike seems both confused and mildly upset when Jackson appears among those meditating, why Pike asking Jackson why he's in Polis. Jackson, under A.L.I.E.'s influence, ignores the question and orders the warriors holding Pike prisoner to release him. They refuse, wanting the commanders permission. with that, Jaha emerges from the tower with Ontari, who orders the warriors to release Pike's restraints (as she has also taken the key). They comply, and then proceed to take the key themselves upon being ordered to do so by Ontari. Kane, confused,and upset demands Jaha tell him what this all is. Before he can do so, Pike interjects, stating "this is the chip", having dealt with Jaha's attempts to spread A.L.I.E.'s Cult previously, in Arkadia. Pike insults Jaha, calling him crazy, which Jaha ignores. Pike, no longer restrained, grabs a knife and takes Ontari hostage, stating that he will kill the Commnader unless everyone backs away.Upon seeing two Arkadian Guards pushing through the crowd, Pike shows relief, believing they are coming to help. Pike is shocked when Briggs, one of the Guards, hits him with his gun, releasing Ontari, and restrains Pike. Pike questions Briggs in complete shock and betrayal, and notes that Briggs is from Farm Station and should be loyal. Jaha interjects, telling Pike "there are no stations here, just the City of Light". Jaha then asks Pike to take the chip, which Pike immediately and bluntly refuses to do. With that, Pike is dragged off and locked in a cell with other Prisoners, chained to a wall as he shouts defiantly. As Briggs leaves the cell, Pike calls after him, begging him to fight the key, though this is in vain.

When the cell is empty of chipped guards, and has been locked, John Murphy (who has also locked up in the cell) reveals himself to Pike. Pike seems surprised, though positively so, to see his former student alive. However, before a conversation can be started between the two, Indra (who is in the cell as well) announces her presence, and reveals that she is free from her chains. Indra pulls a rusted and sharp piece of metal from the wall, at which point Pike shows signs of fear and attempts to fight his restraints. Indra makes her way towards Pike and states her intention to cut him 300 times, as revenge for the 300 Trikru warriors he had killed. Pike, trying to remain firm, stares her in the eyes and tells her to "get on with it". Indra responds by cutting open his shirt and cutting him several times. Pike makes an effort to hold back screaming, grunting from the pain, but after several cuts he gives in and cries out in pain.

Some time later, Indra is still cutting Pike, who appears to have been slashed all across his torso, and several times on the face, as well as on his arms and shoulders. Murphy attempts to convince Indra to let Pike live, telling her that he is strong and could help fight Jaha and A.L.I.E.. Indra is initially unconvinced, and Pike tells Murphy not to waste his breath. Murphy asks Indra, as she prepares to cut Pike's throat, whether she wants revenge, or her people to live. She replies "both", and states that she will have her revenge on Pike, but acknowledges Murphy's points and lets Pike live. Pike, proud of his once troubled pupil, smiles at Murphy, who sees this and tells Pike to "go float" himself, stating that everything he learned he learned on the ground. While Pike leans back to rest, he smiles again, knowing this to not be entirely the case.

Pike also appeared in several flashbacks. Six months earlier, Pike was called to meet with Chancellor Jaha, Councillor Kane, and Councillor Griffin on the Ark. After entering the room, and taking note of all the chairs and the desk set up within, Pike asked Chancellor Jaha what all this was. before answering the question, Jaha cautioned Pike that what he was about hear was classified. Pike finished Jaha's statement for him, acknowledging that he'd be floated if he shared any of it with anyone. Jaha went on to ask Pike to teach a crash course in wilderness survival to the delinquent prisoners on the Ark, as Pike was an Earth skill teacher. Pike was immediately confused by this and asked why. Abby Griffin, after some time of silence, told Pike that the delinquents were to be sent to the ground. Pike was angered and disgusted, worried for the safety of the prisoners, and stated that they would die the moment the Dropship door opened, as he believed the ground wouldn't be survivable for another century. Noticing the desperation of this whole plan, Pike demanded to know what the Council had found that would cause them to consider this an option. Pike looked to Abby, after Kane refused to tell him what was happening, and noted that Abby was in the Skybox, deducing that the evidence of a problem must have been compelling for Abby to risk her daughter's life. Kane noted that Clarke was in solitary, and as such Pike wouldn't be teaching her. Pike, having taught her before, stated that this was okay, as she had "paid attention the first time". With that, Pike warned Jaha and the Councillors that he had taught most of the delinquents already, and they weren't very receptive learners. He began to reason that they would listen this time, as they might be worried about going to the ground, but Jaha cut him off and informed him that the prisoner were unaware of their fate. Kane began to tell Pike that he would be floated if he told the prisoners, but Pike interrupted him stating that he got that. Pike told Jaha he could have them ready in three to four months, but Jaha told him that they were bound for Earth in in only two weeks. Pike laughed in frustration, but collected himself quickly and asked when he was to start teaching. Kane immediately walked to the door, and signaled the guards waiting outside to bring in the waiting students.

Pike is later seen trying to teach the prisoners how to make a fire, with mixed results. Many students were attentive, while others were visually bored or goofing around. After completing the lesson Pike received sarcastic applause from John Murphy, who seemed intent on being rebellious. Pike asked the class to tell him the key to survival, but none could answer the question. Pike told the class, in a speech which caught some of their attention, that the key to survival is to keep fighting at all costs, and to never give up, on the ground or the Ark. Though this had some success, Murphy continued to be disruptive, encouraging misbehavior from some of his peers.

After some time, on the day prior to the launch of the 100 delinquents to the ground, Pike met with Chancellor Jaha. Pike told Jaha he was sorry to hear about the arrest of Wells, and asked if he'd be in class that day. Jaha stated that Wells would be kept in solitary, at which point Pike revealed to Jaha that he knew (having figured it out himself) the Ark was dying, and that is why Wells (and Clarke) were being kept in solitary. Pike, still worried for his students, ridiculed Jaha, asking "do you even care if they live or die?". Pike then begged to be sent down with the prisoners, so that he could protect them. Jaha refused, calling it out of the question. A desperate Pike pleaded with Jaha, stating that he couldn't reach the students, and they weren't learning enough. He told Jaha that most don't pay attention because they don't think they have a reason to. Pike then begged Jaha to let him tell the delinquents what they were in class for. Jaha, again, refused.

Entering his last class with the prisoners, Pike locked the door behind him, and ordered the students into their seats. Pike told the class that he was done talking about Earth skills, at which point Murphy got up to leave. Pike ordered Murphy into his seat, but Murphy did not comply. Pike asked Murphy if he'd like to help with the lesson. Murphy replied "sign me up", and Pike then punched Murphy hard across the face. Suddenly attentive, the class watched in horror as Murphy demanded an explanation, and was punched again. Murphy sat back down, at which point Pike recalled the deaths of Murphy's parents aloud, attempting to anger him. Pike hit Murphy again, demanding he say or do something. Murphy told Pike he got it, believing that Pike was trying to teach him to fight back. Pike sternly replied "wrong", before dragging Murphy to his feet, punching him in the gut, and throwing him through a row of chairs. Pike then proceeded to mercilessly beat Murphy. Other students yelled at Pike to stop, while Fox ran to the locked door and screamed for help. Pike, still beating Murphy, told the class that no one was coming to help them. Murphy, for the first time, attempted to fight back, aided by the kids from his station. Pike easily threw them off, telling Murphy (so the whole class could hear) that it would take more than his won station to save him. By that point, Kane had arrived at the door with guards and was trying to override the lock. Finally, the class rallied against Pike, pulling him off of Murphy after Nathan Miller hit him over the head with a pipe. Kane stormed into the room, demanding to know what was happening, and asking Pike if he was okay (believing Pike had been the defender). Pike told Kane that this was graduation, and congratulated the now unified class, dismissing them and leaving the room.

In Red Sky at Morning, Indra is able to kill the guards and free everyone. After Murphy informs them that Jaha's backpack acts as the power source for A.L.I.E.., Pike decides to team with Indra and Murphy to destroy it in hopes of destroying the AI. When Murphy can't bring himself to do it due to the danger to Emori's life, Pike does it for him. However, Emori informs them that they are too late as A.L.I.E. has already transmitted herself to the Go-Sci Ring in orbit. The three manage to escape just before A.L.I.E.'s cultists break in, led by Jaha.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Pike joins the remaining members of the Resistance Against A.L.I.E. in defending the Polis Tower throne room from the AI's followers so that Clarke can reach the kill switch in the City of Light. However, one of the other defenders is Octavia who is still angry over Pike killing Lincoln and tries to get him killed. As the throne room is overwhelmed, Pike saves Octavia's life, but is overpowered. As things seem hopeless, Clarke pulls the kill switch and destroys A.L.I.E., restoring everyone to normal. In the aftermath, Octavia stabs Pike to death with her sword in revenge for Lincoln's death to the shock of everyone else.

In Nevermind, Bellamy recalls Pike's lessons in Morse code to Nathan Miller which allow Bellamy to decipher Clarke's secret message that she is still alive.

In What You Take With You, Octavia experiences a flashback to killing Pike while under the influence of the Red Sun toxin. Octavia is later confronted by a hallucination of Pike in a hallucination of the arena in the Second Dawn Bunker. Pike suggests that Octavia killing him was what set her down the dark path that Octavia traveled. Pike confronts Octavia over his extensive sins and demands to know what she wants, something that has to be earned. Octavia shouts that she wants redemption which Pike acknowledges is the correct answer and states was something he'd been trying to get when Octavia killed him. Octavia's dark side Blodreina enters and demands that Octavia kills Pike again as she would have in the past. "I'll ask you again. Who are you now Miss Blake... your brother's sister? Or the monster who would've watched him die in this very arena?" As Blodreina prepares to execute Pike, Octavia flashes back on Pike's execution of Lincoln and sees herself saying the same words while Pike repeats Lincoln's words. Octavia blocks the attack and Pike vanishes as the two Octavia's fight.

In Welcome to Bardo, Octavia killing Pike is one of the memories viewed by Levitt through the Disciples' Memory Capture device. Having seen Octavia's other memories leading up to that point, Levitt cheers when Pike is killed.

In Etherea, as Bellamy treats Conductor Doucette's broken leg with tree sap, he states that if Doucette survives, they will have "a guy named Pike to thank." Bellamy explains that in Pike's Earth Skills class he taught them, amongst other things, that oozing tree sap from pine trees on Earth can make antiseptics, fight infection and heal wounds. Bellamy expresses hope that the same goes for the trees on Etherea which proves to be true and Bellamy uses the skills that Pike had taught him to survive the months he and Doucette are stranded on Etherea before they eventually manage to escape.


Pike is a "tough and charismatic member of the Ark with a staunch moral code."[1] He is shown to be pragmatic in fighting Azgeda and protecting his people, willing to do morally ambiguous things to survive.

Pike's overall demeanor is stern and unyielding, and he fully commits himself to his work, never resting or participating in recreation. Like Marcus Kane, Charles is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his people, even if his methods are seen as draconian, such as massacring grounders, and waging war to establish Arkadia's independence and security. Charles is very stubborn and steadfast in his own beliefs, often rejecting conflicting evidence to preserve his own beliefs. This is shown when he does not want to work with the Woods Clan, despite their oath to protect the Sky People. His irrational excessive hatred for grounders stems from the fact that Farm Station, which was separated during its crash landing, had to fend for itself against Azgeda marauders, who killed approximately two-thirds of Farm Station by the time they were found by an Arkadian search party consisting of Bellamy, Kane, Monty, and Octavia. As a result, he is strongly prejudiced against all grounders, regardless of their history or intentions.

His dominant and hard-working personality give him strong leadership skills, evidenced by the fact that he is able to rally large numbers of Arkadia residents to support his anti-grounder movement with their lives and convince Bellamy to grant him access to automatic rifles that were to be used against the 300 grounders who were sent by Lexa to protect them from Azgeda aggression. His leadership skills were even strong enough to win him the majority of votes for the most recent chancellor election.

When Pike became Chancellor, he become a ruthless, authoritarian leader. Pike restores the Exodus Charter and places Arkadia under martial law. Using the power given him by the charter, he sentences Kane, Sinclair, and Lincoln to death for treason after they attempt to deliver him to the Grounders to be executed.

Physical Appearance

Pike is a middle-aged African-American of average height, with a shaven head, Van Dyke beard and a solid build.


Pike and Bellamy bond over the loss of people closest to them inside of Mount Weather. Pike served as sort of mentor to Bellamy although Bellamy later betrays Pike. Bellamy later expresses remorse for their actions together, but continues to hold onto and use Pike's lessons for the rest of his life.

Pike and Kane reunited on the ground

Pike and Kane were very good friends on the ark. They were close, respected one another and really cared about each other's points of view. However, on Earth with fate of their people at hand, they found themselves on opposite sides, each guided by drastically different experiences on the ground.

Due to Pike's execution of Lincoln, Octavia grows a deep hatred for Pike as well as a desire for vengeance. In turn, Pike works to keep from having to kill as much as he can in order to keep Bellamy on his side. During the final battle with A.L.I.E., Octavia goes so far as to betray Pike in order to get revenge, but Pike later saves her life. Once A.L.I.E. is dead, Octavia kills Pike in revenge for Lincoln's death and walks away.

Years later, Octavia shows signs of remorse for her actions. While under the influence of the Red Sun toxin, Pike manifests in Octavia's subconscious to challenge who she has become and the things that Octavia has done, causing Octavia to admit that she wants redemption for her actions. When Blodreina demands Pike's execution, Octavia sees a parallel between her actions as Blodreina and Pike's and saves Pike, causing him to disappear.

When Levitt views her memory of Pike's death via M-Cap and cheers, Octavia is shown to be uncomfortable with the reminder and expresses remorse for all of her actions to Levitt, believing that she is a monster.


Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Absent
Wanheda (Part 2)Appears
Ye Who Enter HereAppears
Watch the ThronesAppears
Bitter HarvestAppears
Terms and ConditionsAppears
Stealing FireAppears
Join or DieAppears
Red Sky at MorningAppears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Appears
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownMentioned
The Four HorsemenAbsent
A Lie GuardedMentioned
The Tinder BoxMentioned
We Will RiseFlashback
Gimme ShelterAbsent
God ComplexAbsent
Die All, Die MerrilyAbsent
The Other SideAbsent
The ChosenAbsent
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenAbsent
Sleeping GiantsAbsent
Pandora's BoxAbsent
Shifting SandsAbsent
Exit WoundsAbsent
Acceptable LossesMentioned
How We Get to PeaceAbsent
Sic Semper TyrannisAbsent
The Warriors WillMentioned
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Absent
Damocles (Part 2)Absent
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAbsent
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAppears
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoFlashback
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAbsent
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Monty Green: "Forty-two of us got out alive. We did what we had to."
Charles Pike: "You did the right thing. Kill or be killed."
-- in Wanheda (Part 2)
Charles Pike (to Abby Griffin): "So, now we're trusting Grounders to punish Grounders? I'm sorry Madam Chancellor, but I lost more than half of my remaining people yesterday. And four times the many since we landed. In my experience, Grounders understand one thing - strength. It's simple, we need to hit them now, we need to hit them hard.
-- in Watch the Thrones
Charles Pike (to Arkadia residents): "All that's certain is that we die. How we die is up to us."
-- in Watch the Thrones
Abigail Griffin: "We're all grieving. This has been hard on all of us. But, we can't let anger drive our policy.
Pike: " our policy."
-- in Watch the Thrones
Pike: (to Arkadia residents): "We do not attack our own. Fighting each other only makes us weak. The enemy is not in this camp. The enemy is out there."
-- in Watch the Thrones
Charles Pike (to Bellamy): "Every life we honored at the memorial was lost because we trusted a Grounder."
-- in Watch the Thrones
Abigail Griffin: "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
Charles Pike: "What you didn't have the guts to."
-- in Watch the Thrones
Marcus Kane: "Our people are now your responsibility Charles. I hope you take that seriously.
Charles Pike: "Thank you, Marcus. I certainly intend to."
-- in Watch the Thrones
Charles Pike (to Arkardia residents): This morning on the muddy field, our people paid tribute to those who have been taken from us by sending a message to the Grounders. This land is ours now. Resist and you will be met by force. Fight and you will be greeted by death. Today is a new beginning. Mark it down, remember it, just like the Grounders will remember it."
-- in Hakeldama
Marcus Kane: "Public opinion is a funny thing, Charles."
Charles Pike: "My job is to keep us safe. Not to be liked."
-- in Bitter Harvest
Charles Pike: "As you know, the terms of martial law and of the exodus charter give me both latitude and ultimate authority in determining your punishment. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"
Marcus Kane: "I admire your adherence to the law, I really do. But these are times where we have to look beyond the rules, to realize they were established to serve a world of the past, not of the future. I beg you one last time, to see the world as it is, not as it was, or as you want it to be."
Charles Pike: "And I hope you believe that if I thought for one minute that turning myself over to the enemy would secure the safety of our people, I would do it. But only a deluded man would believe that. And only a guilty man would try and tell him so."
-- in Terms and Conditions
Charles Pike: "Marcus Kane, for the crimes of treason, kidnapping, and attempted murder, I hereby sentence you to death."
-- in Terms and Conditions
Charles Pike (to the Delinquents): "The key to surviving on the ground and on the Ark is to keep fighting at all costs against all odds. The minute you give up, you're dead."
-- in Join or Die
Charles Pike: "If we're gonna survive this, we'll need to stand together."
Octavia Blake: "Now you say that."
-- in Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)
Charles Pike: "Wasn't the wrong side. If the Grounder army was still there when Lexa died, they would have attacked, and you know it."
Bellamy Blake: "I wanted to see things like you. I needed that, to believe that they were bad and we were good. I don't know what I believe anymore. I just know I have to live with what I've done."
-- in Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)

Octavia Blake: "What do you want? Leave me alone!"
Charles Pike: "I'm sorry, I can't do that. We've got unfinished business you and I."
Octavia Blake: "Wrong, Pike. You killed Lincoln, and you died for it. End of story."
Charles Pike: "Was it? You think murdering someone in cold blood, even someone you have reason to hate, is justifiable?"
Octavia Blake: "Yes."
Charles Pike: "And yet it turned you into this."
Octavia Blake: "Think what you want, I'm not here for you."
Charles Pike: "No. You're here because of me. The path to the future goes through the past, Miss Blake. Psychology 101. We are what we've done and what's been done to us. Now, you've had a rough go, I'll give you that. And it's made your dark side strong. I suppose you needed that to protect yourself under the floor. But what about now? Who are you now? What do you want, Octavia?"
Octavia Blake: "I want you gone."
Charles Pike: "You tried that. Didn't take. It has to be something else."
-- in What You Take With You
Charles Pike: "Ok. Because class is in session, allow me to facilitate the discussion. How does it feel to know that... everyone hates you, everyone you care about, even your brother?"
Octavia Blake: "Not good."
Charles Pike: "Oh, I expect not. But that's not the worst part, is it? You hate yourself too. Good. One more time. What do you want?"
Octavia Blake: "Forgiveness."
Charles Pike: "Deeper. Much, much deeper. Forgiveness is for minor offenses. You murdered people to get them to eat their friends and families. And then you burned the farm to get them to march because you couldn't live with the idea of not getting to that valley, even when there was another way. You got 400 people killed in that gorge. You caused the world to be destroyed. What you want needs to be earned. Now say it!"
Octavia Blake: "Redemption."
Charles Pike: "What's that? I can't hear you."
Octavia Blake: "Redemption!"
Charles Pike: "Ding, ding, ding! A gold star for Miss Blake. I was trying to earn mine when you put a sword through me. Which brings us to big question number two -- what are you willing to do to get it?"
Octavia Blake: "What if I don't deserve it?"
Charles Pike: "Deserves got nothing to do with it."
-- in What You Take With You
Blodreina: "Pick up the sword and strike him down. Do what you know has to do be done."
Charles Pike: "Here we go again. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Einstein said that."
Blodreina: "And I say you are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose!"
Charles Pike: "I'll ask you again. Who are you now Miss Blake -- your brother's sister, or the monster who would have watched him die in this very arena?"
Octavia Blake (starts muttering to herself): "I am not afraid."
Blodreina: "Yes, you are. You always have been. My God, your pathetic. I guess she needs me after all. Charles Pike of Farm Station, you have been sentenced to death in accordance to the laws of Wonkru.
Charles Pike (flashback): "You have been sentenced to death in accordance with the Exodus Charter."
Blodreina: "Any last words?"
Lincoln (flashback) and Charles Pike: "Not for you."
Charles Pike and Lincoln (both in Trigedasleng to Octavia): "May we meet again."
-- in What You Take With You

Killed Victims

Notes and Trivia

  • Pike's was the second leaked audition tape, although a different actor than the one who had auditioned was chosen to portray him.[citation needed]
  • Pike was an Earth Skills teacher on the Ark and knows many of the delinquents from when he taught them. The lessons he taught helped them on the ground.[2]
  • He was the first elected Chancellor on Earth.


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