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List is incomplete & missing all book 4 characters.

The following is a list of characters that have appeared on The 100 book series.


Current and former members of the space habitat, The Colony.

Main characters:

  • Clarke Griffin – A former medical student, she was charged with assisting her parents with radiation experiments on children. Works as a doctor for the kids in camp, Wells' ex-girlfriend, fell in love with Bellamy
  • Wells Jaha – The son of the Chancellor and Clarke's ex-boyfriend. He intentionally got arrested to be sent to Earth with Clarke.
  • Bellamy Blake – The paternal half-brother of Wells and maternal half-brother of Octavia. He became the primary hunter for the delinquents and fell in love with Clarke.
  • Glass Sorenson – Best friend of Wells, she was arrested for getting pregnant through the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. In the commotion of Chancellor Jaha getting shot, she ran off the dropship and remained on the Colony for the first two novels.

Other delinquents:

  • Octavia Blake – Bellamy's 14-year-old sister who was arrested for stealing drugs. She grew up in the Walden care center after being born as an illegal second child.
  • Graham – Phoenician boy, a bully, and one of the leaders at the delinquents' camp. He claims he was arrested for murder. He often accused Wells of spying on behalf of his father. In the fourth book, he was captured by the Protectors. After Graham broke one of the Protectors' rules, Wells was sent to kill him. But, when Wells could not go through with it, Graham pulled the trigger himself. Graham is most likely the inspiration for the TV-character John Murphy.
  • Thalia – Clarke's best friend in confinement. She got severely hurt during the dropship landing, after which Clarke found her. When her condition worsens, Clarke has to find more medicine that got lost. The medicine improves Thalia's condition, but when the medicine gets stolen, her life is in the balance again. Clarke saves her life, but Thalia remains too weak to leave the infirmary tent. Despite Clarke's attempt to save her friend, Thalia dies in the fire set by the rogue Earthborns, which Clarke blames herself for.
  • Asher – Arcadian boy killed by Earthborns' arrow. He was the first delinquent to have a fatal encounter with the Earthborns.
  • Priya – An 18-year-old girl that was helpful around camp. She was later found hanged with "Go Home" carved into her feet.
  • Eric – Arcadian boy who is helpful around camp. This character could possibly be the inspiration of TV-show character Nathan Miller.
  • Felix – Eric's boyfriend who became ill from eating wintershade berries.
  • Molly – Thirteen-year-old girl who became ill from eating wintershade berries.
  • Lila – Waldenite girl who sleeps with Graham.
  • Tamsin – A blond girl who is friends with Lila.
  • Dmitri – Arcadian boy and one of Graham's followers.
  • Azuma – Arcadian boy and one of Graham's followers.
  • Antonio – Waldenite boy with acne.
  • Darcy – Arcadian girl.
  • Eliza – A girl briefly mentioned that worked on building the tents in the first book.

Other teens and young adults:

  • Luke – Glass's boyfriend and a Lieutenant in the Guards. He served in the engineering division. He had a brief relationship with Camille while Glass Sorenson was in lock-up.
  • Lilly Marsh – Bellamy's childhood friend and ex-girlfriend. She was one of the children in the radiation study and became friends with Clarke. As her radiation poisoning worsens she convinces Clarke to give her a lethal dose of drugs.
  • Carter Jace – Luke's best friend who was executed after Glass lied that he got her pregnant. He is very self-centered, and is also known to have stolen from the exchange. Glass believes Carter only took Luke in for the extra benefits he got from it.
  • Camille – Luke's childhood friend and ex-girlfriend. She dated Luke while Glass was in lock-up
  • Cora Drake – One of Glass' best friends and the daughter of the Resources Chief.
  • Huxley – One of Glass' best friends.
  • Lise – One of Clarke's former cellmates while in Confinement. It is unclear if she was one of the 100.
  • Colton – Bellamy's former friend who became a prick when he became a guard. Bellamy bribed him for information about Octavia since her arrest.
  • Scott – A Waldenite Guard who has a creepy fascination with Clarke.
  • Lina – A girl captured by the Protectors


  • Mary and David Griffin – Clarke's parents. They were forced by the Vice Chancellor to do radiation experiments on unregistered children. Clarke thought they were executed but they were actually sent on a secret trip to Earth.
  • Sonja Sorenson – Glass' mother who got her pardoned.
  • Chancellor Jaha – The Chancellor of the Colony. He is the father of Wells and Bellamy. He was shot right before the delinquents' dropship launched.
  • Vice Chancellor Rhodes – The Vice Chancellor on the Colony. It is implied that he had feelings for Sonja. According to Bellamy, Rhodes is "the most corrupt leader the Colony had ever known".
  • Officer Burnett – A middle-aged guard and Rhodes' second-in-command.
  • Dr. Lahiri – The Council's chief medical advisor. He was Clarke's mentor when she was a medical apprentice and one of her father's closest friends.
  • Melinda Blake – Mother of Bellamy and Octavia. She had mental problems, eventually committing suicide.
  • Mr. Drake – The Resources Chief in the Colony and Cora's father.
  • Mr. Peters – Biology tutor on Phoenix. He died due to the rough landing on Earth.
  • Marin – An older woman whose leg was injured in the rough landing on Earth.


  • Keith – A boy with broken ribs who is treated by Clarke. His parents didn't make it to Earth, leaving him orphaned.
  • Leo – A little boy who survived the trip to Earth but was left orphaned. He is one of the children who Octavia takes care of.
  • Thomas – Son of an injured Colonist who Glass tries to help.
  • Cressida – A young Waldenite child Clarke treated when she was a medical apprentice on the Colony.


The Earthborns are a group of people who inhabited Earth since the Cataclysm. They survived within Mount Weather and moved to the ground 50 years before the start of the series.

  • Kendall – A faux-Phoenix girl who turns out to be a spy from the violent faction of Earthborns.
  • Sasha Walgrove – An Earthborn girl who helps the delinquents. She falls in love with Wells but is later killed by Colonist Guards.
  • Max Walgrove – Leader of the Earthborn village and father of Sasha. He was the last Mount Weather baby before the Earthborns moved to the ground.
  • Tommy – A young boy who died while taking the Colonists fishing.
  • Delphine – A pregnant Earthborn in Max's village.
  • Jane – An Earthborn woman Max leaves in charge when he leaves to find Sasha.
  • Anna – Captured by the Protectors, became Octavia's girlfriend during the fourth book.


The Protectors are a auxilary group made of people from The Colony and Earth. The Protectors lifestyle was about following what Earth wanted, capturing people to join their group and help them surive.

  • Soren – The leader of the Protectors. Trapped under rubble in the explosion of the gazebo, left by Glass to die.
  • Oak – A high-ranking guard who ordered Wells to kill Graham.

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