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Bellamy "Previously on The 100..."
Abby "Thelonious is gone. He took twelve people, twelve guns."
Jaha "We're going to the City of Light. Take this leap of faith with me, John Murphy, and let me show you there is so much more for you... than this."
Quint "Biggest army we've ever had waits for us to give it a mission."
Clarke "We will, after Bellamy turns off the acid fog."
Emerson "If this is an alliance between the outsiders and the Ark, we shouldn't take this threat lightly."
Cage "There's a war council meeting happening tonight and all the leaders are gonna be there. We're gonna use a missile."
Clarke "We have to start evacuating. "
Lexa "If we evacuate, they'll know we have a spy inside their walls. We slip away. Right now."
Cage "Fire."
Abby "You knew and you let this happen?"
Monty "Some of them aren't wearing hazmat suits."
Jasper "Means they're cured. Marrow treatments work."
Bellamy "They've started taking them from the dorm, one at a time."
Jasper "They're not taking anyone else out of this room without a fight."
[JASPER yelling]
Cage "Find them."
Maya "We're going to hide you. Not everyone here agrees with Cage."
Vincent "Come with me. You're safe now."
Richards "It'd sure be nice to have some sign that we're not just marching to our own deaths."
Jaha "We're not."
Harris "Hey, tell me if you know this one."
Murphy "Not again, please."
Harris "A Grounder and a Reaper walk into a bar. The bartender looks to the Grounder, he says, 'We don't serve your kind around here.' The Reapers gets up and leaves." [HARRIS chuckles] "You get it? Reapers eat Grounders."
Murphy "I will take Jaha's staff and beat you to death with it."
Jaha "John."
Harris "Or this one. Uh, an Arker, a Grounder, and a Mountain Man walk into a bar. Arker says 'I'll take some moonshine.' Grounder says 'I'll take some, too.' The Mountain Man, he says--"
[click] [explosion] [woman screams] [click] [explosion]
Jaha "No one move! We're in the middle of a minefield."
Murphy "Anybody else want a sign?"
Cage "It's about time, Lieutenant."
Emerson "Yes, sir."
Cage "Brief me on the forty-four."
Emerson "I have soldiers going from room to room. It's only a matter of time."
Cage "So, you have nothing."
Emerson "Yes, sir."
Cage "Those kids are the key to everything, Lieutenant. And forty-four people don't just vanish inside of a sealed bunker."
Emerson "They could if they had enough help."
Cage "My father?"
Emerson "It's unclear, sir. But he's not the only one with moral reservations about what we've done to survive."
Cage "What they don't realize is that those kids are dangerous. They irradiated an entire level."
Emerson "I agree, sir. And now that level five has been decontaminated, we can tell the truth about that. Those kids killed ten of our soldiers. We can use that to flush them out."
Cage "Do it."
Emerson "Yes, sir."
Cage "Now let's talk about the outside threat. Look at them. Her entire army stopped just outside the veil's range. Why?"
Emerson "They're learning, sir. I told you this commander was different."
Cage "What's she gonna do? Wait us out? We've been safe down here for ninety-seven years. She's gonna lose patience, and when she does, deploy the fog."
[indistinct shouting]
Clarke "What if we're wrong and cutting the power doesn't disengage the locks?"
Lexa "You people said it will. You should rest, Clarke."
Clarke "We could blow the doors manually."
Lexa "Plans don't last very long in battle. Tiring yourself with questions already asked and answered is a waste of energy."
Clarke "People died for this, Lexa. It has to work."
Lexa "You're doing what I did when I first took command. We can't move forward and it's giving you too much time to think. Once Bellamy shuts down the acid fog and the battle beings, everything will be clear."
Clarke "What if he can't? What if it was too dangerous and I sent him in there anyway?"
Lexa "You care about him."
Clarke "I care about all of them."
Lexa "But you worry about him more."
Clarke "I couldn't have kept us alive all this time without him. We need him. And now I might be the one who gets him killed."
Lexa "That's what it means to be a leader, Clarke. The truth is, we must look into the eyes of our warriors and say, 'go die for me'."
Clarke "If only it were that easy. Can we please just get back to the plan?"
Lexa "No. You could be a leader your people look to. Pour their hopes and dreams into. Someone they would fight and die for."
Clarke "I never asked for that. I'm just trying to keep us alive."
Lexa "You were born for this, Clarke. Same as me."
Raven [over radio] "Bellamy. Come in."
Bellamy "Yeah, I'm a little busy here, Raven."
Raven "You missed check-in. Did you find the source of the acid fog yet?"
Bellamy "I'm making my way there now. It's taking longer than I thought."
Raven "I don't know enough to crack it on this end. You gotta give me something."
Bellamy "I'm working on it." "Something's wrong."
Raven [over radio] "What?"
Bellamy "My key card isn't working."
Raven "That's not good."
Bellamy "I need to find another way in. I'll call you back."
guard "Stay right there! Hands in the air." [into radio] "Eastbound. In pursuit of the target. It's not Lovejoy. Repeat, it's not Lovejoy."
man "Split up."
Garza "Checking in. We're heading down to the next level. You're surrounded! There's no way out!"
man on radio "Keep your eyes open. Garza, do you see him? Garza what's your status? Garza. Garza. Do you see him?"
Wick "I've been summoned? Really?"
Raven "Yeah. Thanks. I need your help on this acid fog deal. Bellamy will radio again when he gets eyes on the dispersal system, but I want to talk it through first. I think-- what's funny?"
Wick "Oh, come on. It's a banner day. You gotta see that. Raven Reyes asking for help? It's one for the history books."
Raven "Never mind. I'll do it on my own."
Wick "Hey. Joke. Humor. It's just what I do."
Raven "There are a thousand Grounders camped in the woods waiting to go get my friends, and they can't move because-- because I can't figure this out."
Wick "Hey. No one could. It's a tough ask, not without more data. Okay. So, they make fog that melts people. What are we talking? Nucleation? Oh, please tell me it's Brownian diffusion. I'll have you know I was a god a fluid dynamics."
Raven "You think you were a god at everything."
Wick "Empirical evidence doesn't lie. All right. Let's get out stoichiometry on."
[indistinct chatter]
Clarke "Everything okay?"
Octavia "I've been going over it and over it in my head, just trying to figure out how you're still alive."
Clarke "What are you talking about?"
Octavia "I saw you in Tondc before the missile hit. I know you, Clarke. Something was wrong. And then you and Lexa disappear and just happen to survive. Tell me you didn't know it was coming."
Clarke "Octavia..."
Octavia "You let all those people die. You were gonna let me die."
Clarke "Hey. I did it to save Bellamy. So that we could win this war. Don't you see that? If we'd evacuated Tondc, Mount Weather would've known that someone tipped us off. They would have found your brother."
Octavia "No. Bellamy would have never told you to do that. He would've found another way."
Clarke "I couldn't take that risk."
Octavia "Right. Because you're in charge now, and you decide who is disposable. You'd have fit right in on the council."
Clarke "Hey. Octavia."
Octavia "What?"
Clarke "You can't tell anyone. If people found out--"
Octavia "The alliance will break. I'm not an idiot, Clarke."
Lexa "Octavia"
Ryder "It is time for the southernmost guard post's rotation. You should relieve them."
Octavia "Indra expects me to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln."
Ryder "Now you're needed at the guard post. Indra will join you there shortly."
Clarke "She won't say anything."
Lexa "You can't be sure of that. Too many people know, Clarke."
Clarke "You worry about your people, I'll worry about mine."
Lexa [speaking Trigedasleng] "Frag em op" (Kill her)
Bellamy "Vincent, I need your help."
Vincent "It's all over the radio. They know about you. Did anyone see you come here?"
Bellamy "No. Been keeping to the vents and unmonitored halls, like you said."
Lee "Vincent."
Vincent "It's okay! Lee's with us."
Lee "Dante was like a father to me. Some of us don't agree with Cage's agenda."
Bellamy "Where's Jasper, Monty, and Maya?"
Vincent "They're okay. Thanks to Lee, we moved them to a wing that's already been searched."
Bellamy "Isn't that a risk?"
Vincent "We had no choice. They've gone public with what happened on level five. They're saying you killed ten soldiers. I don't know how much longer we can keep this shell game going. Did you take out the acid fog yet?"
Bellamy "No. No. That's why I'm here. I'm gonna need another route."
Vincent "Way ahead of you. You can get there through the retrofit zones. They're off limits. No cameras, no patrols. We used some to move the kids. And that's your other route. You're also gonna need this. An acetylene torch. Go to the NorthWest corridor."
[indistinct chatter]
Clarke "Indra. Aren't you supposed to be on watch?"
Indra "I don't stand post."
Clarke "Well, um, where's Octavia?"
Indra "With Lincoln. Scouting the mountain."
Clarke "Don't move."
Ryder "I have my orders."
Clarke "I don't care. This is not happening. Let's go."
man "It's clearing."
Murphy "There. We have the light and, oh, look. Footprints are gone. Sand. It blows."
Jaha "Do you see that? The City of Light."
Murphy "Emori was telling the truth."
Jaha "We are so close. You wanted a sign? There it is. We have to push forward."
Murphy "What about the mines?"
Jaha "We were meant to be here, John. These mines, they're just another test of our faith."
Murphy "Yeah, well, I was always crap at tests, so uh... please. After you Chancellor."
[CLARKE grunts]
Clarke "You sent him to kill Octavia? I told you she's not a problem."
Lexa "Leave us."
Clarke "No. I'm not letting him out of my sight."
Lexa "Stand down for now and wait for my command."
Clarke "What the hell is wrong with you? You can't just kill everyone you don't trust."
Lexa "Yes I can."
Clarke "Well, I won't let you."
Lexa "You were willing to let her die two days ago. Nothing has changed."
Clarke "You're wrong. I have. I can't do this anymore."
Lexa "Octavia is a threat. If you weren't so close to her, you'd see that."
Clarke "It's because I'm close to her that I know she's loyal. Her brother is more important to her than anyone. She would never endanger his life."
Lexa "And you're willing to risk everything on that? On your feelings?"
Clarke "Yes. You say having feelings makes me weak. But you're weak for hiding from them. I might be a hypocrite, Lexa, but you're a liar. You felt something for Gustus. You're still haunted by Costia. You want everyone to think you're above it all, but I see right through you."
Lexa "Get out."
Clarke "Two hundred and fifty people died in that village. I know you felt for them. But you let them burn."
Lexa "Not everyone. Not you."
Clarke "Well, if you care about me, then-- trust me. Octavia's not a threat."
Lexa "I can't do that."
Clarke "I can't sacrifice my people anymore. If you do anything to hurt Octavia, I'll tell everyone we knew about the missile."
Richards "Don't trip. Don't trip."
Murphy "It's four mines down, infinity to go, Jaha."
Jaha "We will make it, John."
Richards "I can't do this anymore."
Murphy "Calm down, Richards." [to JAHA] "What do you think it is, anyway? It must have power. A shower would be nice right about now. Wash off the rest of Harris."
[RICHARDS groaning]
Jaha "Sienna said it's a place where everyone is welcome."
Murphy "That'd be a first, wouldn't it?"
Richards "I can't take this. It's right there!"
Jaha "Hey! Richards, stop!"
Wick "Hydrochloric acid. Sulfuric acid. Um... perchloric acid."
Raven "Now you're just naming all the acids you know."
Wick "No, temperature would be an issue. Hey, it could be nitric acid."
Raven "Nothing exploded."
Wick "Fine. Ruin my fun."
Raven "This isn't helping. Like I said, we should just disable the machine itself."
Wick "Any machine like that has to have safeguards. They can't keep a boatload of acid around without any way to neutralize it. It's basic safety protocol. Let's use that."
Raven "Neutralization is too complicated."
Wick "Please. It's a bag of limestone in the corner."
Raven "Here you go again-- big ideas with no follow-through."
Wick "I'll have you know I have great follow-through."
Bellamy "Come in, Raven. I made it. I hope you have a plan."
Raven "Still working on it. Give us something to go on. What do you see?"
Bellamy "A huge steel vat. Looks like a submarine. Some other tanks with chemical formulas and warning labels. Bunch of pipes running into the wall. Monitor. "
Wick "Ooh, go to the monitor."
Bellamy "Hello to you, too."
Raven "Don't mind Wick. He's not really helping."
Wick "Hey, Bellamy. How's my boy Monty doing?"
Bellamy "Fine. But I don't know for how long."
Wick "Great. Pleasantries over. Listen, if that monitor is a control panel, we can use it to kill this thing. Look for a pH scale."
Bellamy "Right. It has a scale, but the rest... uh. S-3, V-2-O-5, H-2-S-2-O-7. Look, can I just blow this thing?"
Raven "No."
Wick "No, they'll know their defenses are down. They'll send a tech to fix it or reroute it or pull out some other weapon we don't even know about."
Raven "Plus, you'd probably melt your face off."
[BELLAMY sighs]
Raven "Look, you know I like a good explosion, but we gotta think our way through this one. We can do this. Here we go."
Jaha "Another test passed. We made it. Come on."
Murphy "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? This is it? This is what we crossed a desert to find?"
Jaha "It can't be."
Murphy "Well, guess what? You enlightened society? It's not a city. It's nothing."
Jaha "I flew down from space. I defied death. It was all for a reason. It has to be."
Bellamy "Okay, uh... level indicator."
Wick "Nope."
Raven "Do you see an actuator anywhere?" [to WICK] "One must be controlling the valves."
Bellamy "I have no idea what that is."
Wick "Norms." [to BELLAMY] "Come on, what else."
Bellamy "Internal pressure sensor."
Wick "No."
Bellamy "Uh, setpoint and alarm."
Wick "Let's avoid that one."
Bellamy "Maintenance and cleaning."
Raven "Wait. Corrosion. The protective oxide film would have to be restored in tanks this old. They'd need to be cleaned."
Wick "And neutralized. Bellamy, go to that subdirectory. See if there's anything there that says 'passivation'."
Bellamy "Okay, I'm on it. Got it. Says, uh, 'aqueous sodium hydroxide bath.'"
Wick "That's a base. That'll neutralize the acid. Select that."
Bellamy "It's doing something."
Raven "You should be able to hear the pump."
Bellamy "I can hear them. Needle's moving. pH is rising."
Wick "It's working."
Bellamy "Passivation successful"
[RAVEN laughs][they hug, and nearly kiss]
Bellamy "All right. Send a flare."
Raven "Roger that."
Clarke "You sent for me?"
Lexa "Yes. Octavia has nothing to fear from me. I do trust you, Clarke."
Clarke "I know how hard that is for you."
Lexa "You think our ways are harsh, but that's how we survive."
Clarke "Maybe life should be about more than just surviving. Don't we deserve better than that?"
Lexa "Maybe we do."
[CLARKE and LEXA kiss]
Clarke "I'm sorry. I-- I;m not ready. To be with anyone. Not yet."
grounder [from outside, speaking Trigedasleng] "The signal! Commander, come quick!"
Clarke "Bellamy did it."
Lexa "You were right to have faith in him. Now we fight."
various grounders [speaking Trigedasleng] "The Commander." 'Look, the Commander."
Lexa [speaking Trigedasleng] "Teik em laud tromon-de!" (Sound the horn."
[horns blowing, crowd cheering]
Lexa [speaking Trigedasleng] "To war!"
[crowd cheering]
Wick "When I said, 'let's get our stoichiometry on,' not what I meant."
[he is cut off by RAVEN kissing him]
Wick "Ah. Um, it's probably a bad idea."
Raven "We're going to war. Stop talking."
Wick "I'm just saying, the brace I made would've been easier to take off."
Raven "That brace was tragic. What did I say about talking, Wick?"
Wick "I think you can call me Kyle."
Bellamy "Raven, we've got a problem. Dammit, where are you? I don't think the acid fog is down. Get word to Clarke. We have to stop the army. Raven!"
Emerson "Confirmed, sir. Intruder's radio has been cut off."
Bellamy "Raven, what's going on?"
Cage "Reset the panel. The army's almost in range. Good job finding the radio, Lieutenant. Do a sweep and make sure they have no more."
Emerson "Yes, sir."
Cage "And bring me the intruder."
[alarm sounding]
guard "Drop your weapon!"
Garza "On my lead. He's armed. Don't be a hero. Show yourself. Hands first. Cease fire! Don't hit the tanks."
Emerson "The veil is ready on your command, sir."
Cage "Wait until they're all inside of the kill box. Ten more seconds."
Emerson "Roger that. Deploying in ten... nine... eight... seven..."
Garza "He's out."
guard "You go after him. We'll check the tanks."
Emerson "Six.. five... four... three... two... one."
Cage "We're go for veil."
[explosion][GARZA screams]
[BELLAMY coughing]
Cage "Well?"
Emerson "We are negative on veil deployment."
Cage "What happened?"
Emerson "Soldiers report an explosion in chemicals deployment. Multiple casualties. The veil is down. I repeat, the veil is down."
Cage "What else can we use?"
Emerson "The Reapers can't take a force this large."
Cage "Don't tell me what we can't do. Tell me what else we have."
Emerson "Nothing. All we have is the doors."
Wick "Hey."
Raven "We have to meet the strike team."
Wick "You kind of shut down on me there. What's up?"
Raven "What? Nothing."
Wick [sighs] "Right. This was too much. Look... if you want to do this, I'm in. But I'm not gonna play games. So, figure it out."
Raven "We have a war to win."
[indistinct chatter]
Clarke "Hey."
Octavia "What do you want?"
Clarke "I'm changing your mission. You're not going to the mines with Indra. I'm placing you in the rear guard, where you'll be safe."
Octavia "Like hell you are. I don't take orders from you. I take orders from Indra."
Clarke "I'm trying to protect you, Octavia."
Octavia "Protect me."
Clarke "One day, hopefully, you'll understand what I did."
Octavia "Never. I'll fight this war with you now because I want our friends back. But after that, we're done."
Indra [to CLARKE] "The Commander's looking for you." [to OCTAVIA] "What was that about?"
Octavia "Clarke's trying to reassign me to the rear guard."
Indra "You're a warrior. You'll be in the mines with me. I know it bothers you. They knew about the missile."
Octavia "How could you not hate them? Indra, they almost killed you."
Indra "They didn't do anything. The enemy did. Lexa's a great Commander because she's ruthless. That's why we'll win this battle."
Octavia "That's wrong."
Indra "That's war." [yells - a battle cry]
[grounders shouting]
Octavia [joins in - lets out a battle cry of her own]
Murphy "What a joke."
Jaha "It doesn't make any sense. The rest of the world is broken, but these panels are intact."
Murphy "Well, we can fix that."
Jaha "John."
Murphy "What the hell is that?"
Jaha "It's a drone. Don't lost sight of it."
Murphy "Where's it going?"
Jaha "I don't know... but we're gonna follow it. In this."
Murphy "Tell me, what level of crazy is too much for you? I'm just curious."
Jaha "We need a boat... and a boat appears. This is our destiny. The City of Light is out there and we are gonna find it. Now, get in the boat."
Murphy "You heard the man."
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