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TheOmegaWerewolf wrote: Definitely the best episode of the season so far.

I wonder how many people the bunker can hold, though, I feel like even if members of SP and and other Clans live there together, there will only be arguing and no real cooperation. Also, based on next episode's trailer, it looks like some people might not even want to survive in a bunker and would rather die.

Food and water, even if it does exist in the bunker, most likely wouldn't be enough to sustain hundreds or thousands of people for many years, especially if everyone kept reproducing (which would only add to the struggle to survive). The radiation might still be in the air before the next generation can leave, forcing everyone to stay holed up in the bunker, but supplies and food might run out before it's safe to leave. There are too many issues associated with the plan to hide a small part of the human race in the bunker, and I feel like everyone is overestimating the safety of the plan. I doubt it would work long term between the limited resources (if any), fighting between different Clans, and just being confined for so long.

Do you think the writers would throw a curveball at us and have people already living in the bunker? People could have entered it pre-nuclear war (with another "key", like Jaha had) and just never left.

I wonder what they will going to do in those bunkers? How long they have to stay here? Why do some people rather to die instead of survive?
It was stated earlier in the season (while they were outfitting Arkadia to be survivable) that they only needed to stay inside for 5 years before radiation levels reverted to levels considered safe for Arkadians who have solar radiation tested blood. 5 years is certainly do-able, assuming that there is enough food and water, the biggest problem however... is the different groups. Azgeda, Trikru and Arkadia all in the same bunker is an underground massacre, set up like a ticking time bomb, especially if resources become scarce. 

I still think that they will need additional options. Space maybe (They promoted the return to space too much, and featured the rocket too prominently to abandon it entirely), assuming they happen upon more fuel. :)

Going back into space will be the insurance policy for humanity if no on survives on the ground.

It would be an Adam and Eve kind of scenario with only 1 rocket and very limited resources.

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