I'm wondering if there is any way to figure out more about the time Sheidheda reigned. We know Inra saw him in her childhood. Assuming she is the same age as Marcus and Abby (so born in the late 2100s) that would place his reign in the late 2010s, right?

Do we know anything about how long he reigned? His actor is in his mid 20s and since Becca in the flame seems the same age as when she died I guess Sheidheda died in his mid 20s, right?

So lets say he died about 2120. (that would make him 18 when Indra was about 6 so that fits)

This would make Titus about 10 when Sheidheda was killed, meaning it's likely he was already being trained in Polis.

Since Lexa was born in 2128 or 29 she never met Sheidheda but she could still have been trained by the Flamekeeper who killed him.

Any more infos about this that I missed?

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