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Clarke Previously on The 100...
Vincent Your bone marrow can get us back to the ground. They'll never stop.
Dante They'll never stop.
Cage She took the deal. We've won.
Clarke They're surrendering?
Emerson Not quite.
Lincoln What about the prisoners from the Ark?
Clarke They'll all be killed. But you don't care about that, do you?
Lexa The duty to protect my people comes first. [speaking Trigedasleng] Sound the retreat.
Lincoln Let me help them.
Lexa [speaking Trigedasleng] Sis em op. (Take him.)
Raven Please don't leave me here.
Clarke It can't be over.
Jaha Our ancestors used a missile to destroy the world. We're gonna use one to get back to it. Take this leap of faith with me, John Murphy. This is our destiny.
Murphy What the hell is that?
Jaha It's a drone. We're gonna follow it. The City of Light is out there, and we are gonna find it. Now get in the boat.
Scene 1 - The Boat
Murphy Yo, Ahab. Come back. Get some rest.
Jaha I'm fine.
Craig Oh, screw this. If you're not gonna sleep, you can row.
Jaha Get back on that oar, Craig.
Craig Or what? We don't even know if we're going in the right direction anymore. We followed that drone across the open ocean. Hell, we deserve to die out here.
Murphy It's okay, it's okay. I'm good to go. I can row.
Richards Land? Land!
[Richards laughing]
Murphy Yeah!
[all laughing]
Jaha How does an Island of Light sound to you, John, huh?
[there is a thud as something hits the bottom of the boat]
Richards Damn it!
Craig What was that?
Jaha Get that oar. Get that oar.
[Richards leans over the edge of the boat to retrieve the oar when another thud sends him over the edge into the water]
Craig Richards! There's something in the water!
Jaha The oar!
[Murphy tries to pull Richards back into the boat, but a creature surfaces, growling, and drags Richards under]
[Richards screams]
Murphy My arm. Oh, my arm.
Craig I don't see it. Where is it? Richards! Richards!
Murphy What the hell was that thing?
Jaha We need to row. Now.
[The creature once again slams into the bottom of the boat]
Jaha It's back. Hold on!
Craig Where is it?
Jaha Craig, row. Row, Craig!
Craig Where is it?
[Slam. The boat is filling with water.]
Jaha Craig, row!
Craig We're gonna sink. We're all gonna die. We're all gonna die.
Murphy I can do it. I can row.
Jaha Go! Go! Row!
[Craig screams as Jaha throws him overboard.]
Murphy Hey, what the hell is wrong with you? Get off of me! Get off of me!
[Craig continues to scream, struggling to stay above the surface but unable to swim. The monster emerges and swallows him whole, then retreats as Murphy and Jaha look on in horror.]
Murphy What the hell is-- What the hell is wrong with you?
Jaha Hold on. It's gone. Let's go.
Murphy Why?
Jaha So we could live. And because you can row.
Scene 2 - Mount Weather
[Alarm blaring]
Octavia It's about time.
[A bloody and battered body drops down from one of the chutes.]
Octavia Fox.
[Octavia hears someone coming down the tunnels and wields her sword, prepared to defend herself. But the only one who comes running around the corner is Clarke.]
Clarke Octavia. You stayed.
Octavia Screw you. Of course, I stayed. I know where my loyalties lie.
Clarke We have to get in there.
Octavia If that was possible, do you think I'd still be out here? Why did Lexa sound the retreat?
Clarke She made a deal with Mount Weather, freed the Grounders, and now we're on our own.
[Clarke bangs loudly on the metal intake door.]
Octavia Stop! They'll know we're here. What about Lincoln? There's no way he would have gone along with a plan like this.
Clarke He didn't. They took him.
[Clarke raises her gun, aiming at the keypad on the door, but Octavia stops her.]
Octavia What's wrong with you?
Clarke I am getting through that door.
Octavia And that's your plan? Bellamy's counting on you. Everyone's always counting on you.
Clarke Well, what do you want from me?
Octavia You trusted Lexa. You let a bomb drop on Tondc. You let all those people--
Clarke I am doing the best I can!
Octavia Yeah? Well, it's not good enough.
[The door keypad beeps, and Clarke raises her gun again as the door opens and Bellamy emerges.]
Octavia Oh, Bellamy.
[Octavia hugs Bellamy, and he wraps his arms around her but keeps his gaze focused on Clarke. Jasper and Monty also come through the door.]
Octavia I knew it. You two are too scrawny to drill.
[Octavia hugs the other two as well.]
Octavia Hey.
[Maya enters, wearing a hazmat suit.]
Jasper It's all right. She's with us.
Bellamy [speaking to Clarke] Where's your army?
Clarke Gone just like yours. Say you have a plan.
Bellamy Not really. We need to talk to Dante. Maya says he's in quarantine.
Jasper Clarke!
[Jasper rushes forward, hugging Clarke, and Monty quickly joins in.]
Clarke [Mouths the words Thank you to Maya]
[Beeping comes from Maya's oxygen tanks.]
Jasper Thirty minutes. And we just changed it. That can't be right. Uh, shh-- um... It's her last tank.
Clarke Hey. Uh, we'll find you another one.
Maya All the supplemental oxygen is on level five.
Jasper Then we have to get you to level five.
Maya Five isn't safe for any of us.
Jasper We'll take the trash chute again. It will work.
Bellamy To get in, maybe. Maya's right. Every soldier in this mountain is there. We'll never make it out.
Jasper We can do this. We'll split up.
Octavia Okay. You guys go for Dante. We'll help Maya.
[Octavia enters, unsheathing her sword, and the group follows, closing the door tightly behind them.]
Scene 3 - Trikru Land
Indra [speaking Trigedasleng] I'll watch the prisoner. Get some sleep.
Lincoln How could you do this?
Indra I swore loyalty to this commander.
Lincoln She left our allies to be slaughtered. She dishonors us all.
Indra And your disobedience dishonors you.
Lincoln Why are you here, Indra?
Indra Because you are also Trikru.
Lincoln I can't just let her die.
Indra Under the terms of the truce, the lands surrounding the mountain are forbidden. If you violate this, Lexa will never take you back. Octavia made her choice. Now you make yours.
[Indra walks away from Lincoln, bound to a tree, but leaves a knife behind. It is close enough to him that he is able to grab it and cut himself free.]
Scene 4 - Mount Weather Mess Hall
[Piano plays Chopin's "Minute Waltz" and chatter fills the room. Children play with a soccer ball, kicking it towards Cage. He picks it up and returns it.]
Cage You?
Child Thank you.
Guard Sir, Lieutenant Emerson is back. You're needed in the dorm.
Cage Okay.
[A drill whirs as it drills into an Arker's flesh. He screams. Lieutenant Emerson enters with multiple guards and hooded prisoners.]
Emerson On their knees
Guard Down.
[Cage enters.]
Cage We take any losses?
Emerson Not as many as they did, sir. I'm afraid I'm the only one left who's been cured. Some of the kids are still missing. If you'd like, I'll take a team in hazmats and sweep the other levels.
Cage No. No more wasted lives. In forty-eight hours, we will all be on the ground. [to the guards] Take off their hoods.
[the prisoners' hoods are removed to reveal Monroe and David Miller.]
Miller Dad?
David Miller Nate!
[He tries to stand, but is struck down by a guard]
Miller No! You bastards!
[The remaining two prisoners are revealed to be Kane and Abby.]
Kane What is wrong with you people?
Abby Where's my daughter?
Emerson She's talking about Clarke.
Cage I'm sorry it had to come to this.
Doctor He's dead.
Doctor That's okay. We've already got all of the marrow. Guards, we need another one.
Guard [looking to Raven] She's next.
Wick No. No. Take me. Don't touch her! Don't touch her!
Raven Get off!
[Raven struggles against the guards and they zap her with an electric baton, making her go limp.]
Wick Don't touch her! Don't touch her!
[Wick is struck with the electric baton as well. Raven is lifted onto the operating table. Other Arkers cry out.]
Doctor All right. Get a strap. Let's go.
[As they strap her down Raven regains her strength and locks eyes with Wick. As the doctor tries to put on the strap around her neck Raven sits up, screaming, and bites down into the doctor's neck. She spits out a large piece of flesh and kicks out with her good leg]
Doctor Hold her! Hold her down!
Raven No! Get off me!
[She is hit with the electric baton again, draining her of any remaining strength and she goes limp. The doctors finish strapping her down, even tighter than before. Her pant leg is torn off and the doctor begins drilling. Raven tries to keep from yelling out, but the pain becomes too much and she screams.]
Scene 5 - Mount Weather Quarantine Ward
[Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty enter Dante's room in quarantine.]
Dante Hello, Clarke.
Bellamy Sir, we need your help again.
Monty It's okay. I took out the camera from the junction box in the hall. We can talk freely.
Dante No one's watching, anyway. Thanks to you, they're all on level five.
Clarke You're not.
Dante No. I'm not.
Bellamy Please. We don't have much time. We need a way to get our people out of this mountain without killing everyone.
Clarke He's not gonna help us.
Dante You cut the power, risking the lives of everyone in this mountain-- my people, even the ones who helped you.
Clarke We knew they'd be safe on level five. We made sure not to destroy the turbines so you could repair them. We're the good guys here, not you.
Dante Tell me, if we released your people and theirs, what would've happened to mine?
Clarke [to Monty] Can you get us into the command center? We need to see what's happening on level five.
Monty No problem.
Bellamy Let's go. You're gonna help us, whether you like it or not.
Scene 6 - ALIE’s Island
[Jaha and Murphy panting while they row up to the island and Jaha drags the boat ashore.]
Jaha John, let me help you.
Murphy I don't want anything from you.
Jaha Come on. You're a survivor. We both are.
Murphy Whatever you have to tell yourself to feel better, Chancellor.
Jaha Our destiny is out there, John.
Murphy And what about Craig's destiny?
Jaha We sacrificed a few to save the many.
Murphy You know, you're right. I am a survivor... Which is exactly why I am done following you. I'll go my own way. You can go whichever the hell way you want.
Jaha John.
[Murphy falls to the ground, clutching his bleeding arm and Jaha rushes to help him up.]
Jaha John!
Murphy Get the hell away from me.
Jaha You lost too much blood. Be still!
Jaha Did you hear that?
[A drone appears and flies above their heads]
Jaha Please, whoever you are, we need your help. Wait! Wait! John...
Murphy I can't make it. Just go, all right? We both know you want to.
Jaha I'll come back for you, John.
[Jaha leaves Murphy lying on the beach and runs after the drone.]
Murphy Your promised land sucks!
Scene 7 - Mount Weather
Dante I told you, there's no one here.
Bellamy Sorry if we don't take your word for it.
Clarke Why aren't you with your people on level five?
Dante After what I've done, they can be free. I can't. Deliverance comes at a cost. I bear it so they don't have to.
Bellamy It wasn't Cage. It was your idea to make the deal with the Grounders.
[Dante nods.]
Monty We're in. Got it.
Bellamy It's clear. He's telling the truth.
Clarke Let's get the monitors up.
Jasper Come on. We have to hurry. She's out of air.
Maya First, you need to close the door.
[The trash chute is closed and Maya removes her suit, gasping for air.]
Maya Time to spare.
Octavia She's safe. Could we go now?
Maya I'll be okay.
Jasper Look. I'm not leaving you.
Octavia Jasper.
Jasper She's alive, but she's not safe.
Maya Cage knows I helped you guys. He's on level five.
Octavia So what do we do?
Jasper We kill Cage.
Octavia I'm in.
Monty The command center is live.
[The monitors show a camera feed from the dorms, where Raven is still being drilled into for bone marrow.]
Clarke Oh, my god.
Bellamy Is that Raven?
[Clarke approaches the monitors, scanning the faces of the other Ark prisoners, and she sees her mother among them.]
Clarke Mom.
[Bellamy grabs one of the radios in the control room, then turns to Dante.]
Bellamy Tell them to stop. Now.
I won't do that.
[Clarke now looks at a video feed of all the mountain men gathered on level five.]
Clarke Emerson.
[Clarke moves to take the radio from Bellamy.]
Clarke [into radio] "Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail, come in.
Emerson Who is this?
Clarke You know who it is. Give the radio to the president.
Bellamy They're moving.
Monty Not a problem. I'll bring it on the main monitor.
Cage This is President Wallace.
Clarke I have your father. If you don't let my people go, I'll kill him.
Cage How do I know you have him?
Dante Stay the course, Cage.
Cage You won't do it.
Clarke You don't know me very well. This ends now. Release my people.
Cage I can't do that.
Dante It would mean the end of our people, Clarke.
[Clarke turns on Dante and points her gun at him.]
Bellamy Clarke, we need him.
Clarke And I need his son to believe me. [into radio] "Don't make me do this.
[Cage considers his options, and looks behind him into level five where all of his people are.]
Cage Dad... I'll take care of our people.
Dante None of us has a choice here, Clarke.
Clarke I didn't want this.
Dante Neither did I.
[Holding down the button for the radio, making sure Cage hears, Clarke pulls the trigger, killing Dante. He moans in pain, then falls to the floor as Clarke lowers her gun.]
Clarke [into radio] Listen to me very carefully. I will not stop until my people are free. If you don't let them go... I will irradiate level five.
Clarke Cage, listen to me. I don't want anyone else to die. Stop the drilling, and we can talk. There must be a way to get us all out of this.
Cage Emerson.
Emerson Sir.
Cage They're watching us from the command center. Go kill them all.
Emerson Yes, sir.
Clarke Emerson is coming for us.
Bellamy They deactivated my key card. Can you do that to his?
Monty That one's easy.
Bellamy Where's he going?
Clarke The dorm. Monty, can you do it? Can you irradiate the level?
Monty I can do it.
Bellamy Wait a second, Clarke. We need to think about this. There are kids in there...
Clarke I know.
Bellamy And people who helped us.
Clarke Then please give me a better idea.
Cage Take that one off the table.
Doctor Sir, we're not done.
Cage Now! [pointing to Abby] Put her on it.
Abby No.
Kane No. Please. Hey! You don't have to do this.
Abby Stop!
Kane There has to be another way.
Cage There isn't.
Abby No.
Clarke What have I done?
Kane No one has to die for bone marrow. We can donate it. We can donate it.
Doctor Get her legs. Strap her down.
Abby No.
Kane Hey, we can donate it!
Cage That'll never happen.
Kane I can. I can make it happen with her help. We can all survive.
Cage We can't. Proceed with the drilling.
Doctor Steady.
[Abby screams and the drill pierces her flesh.]
Bellamy Clarke, if we do this, there is no going back.
Clarke Figure it out.
Jasper This is taking too long. I mean, what if she got caught?
Octavia We'd have heard something.
Jasper Then what if she couldn't find Sergeant Lee or-- I don't know-- the protocol changed? What if he got caught?
Octavia Jasper, a warrior doesn't worry about what he can't control.
[The door in front of them opens, and Maya and Sergeant Lee enter.]
Maya Come on, in here.
Jasper Oh, thank god.
[Jasper hugs Maya.]
Jasper Anyone see you?
[Sergeant Lee sees Octavia dressed as a Grounder and raises his gun at her.]
Maya Lee, put down the gun.
Lee You didn't say there was an outsider with you.
Jasper She's not an outsider.
Octavia Yes, she is.
Maya She's with us. Cage is in the dorms. They brought another group in from the Ark, more marrow. They're not even trying to fix the dam.
Jasper How many soldiers are with Cage?
Lee Uh, six. Why?
Jasper Just get me close. They'll be happy you found another eight doses. I need a--
[Octavia hands him a knife.]
Octavia Aim for the throat. Slash. Don't stab. Make it deep.
[Lee puts handcuffs on Jasper]
Lee I hope you know what you're doing.
Jasper Me too.
Maya You got this.
Jasper Yeah.
[Maya and Jasper kiss.]
I love you.
Scene 8 - ALIE’S Island
[Murphy wakes up on the beach and gets up to try and explore the island. He steps on something covered in sand that makes a dull thudding noise. Wiping the sand off he uncovers a solar panel that starts whirring once the sun hits it.]
[muffled music plays] ("Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon)
[Following the music Murphy comes to a large metal door, bangs on it, then pries it open. After entering he comes to a staircase and follows it down.]
♪ If you hear him howling around your kitchen door ♪
♪ Better not let him in ♪
♪ Little, old lady got mutilated late last night ♪
♪ Werewolves of London again ♪
♪ Ah-hoo werewolves of London ah-hoo ♪
♪ Ah-hoo werewolves of London ah-hoo hey ♪
♪ He's a hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent♪
♪ Lately, he's been over in Mayfair ♪
Murphy Promised land.
♪ You better stay away from him he'll rip your lungs out, Jim ♪
♪ Ha! I'd like to meet his tailor ♪
♪ Ah-hoo werewolves of London ah-hoo ♪
♪ Ah-hoo werewolves of London ah-hoo ♪
Scene 9 - Mount Weather
Maya Long way from the Ark, huh?
Octavia Not my Ark. I didn't have a view, either.
Maya Still, I wish I could see it.
Octavia Maybe you can. There's an airlock. We used it to hold Emerson. All we have to do is get you there, and--
Maya So I could live in a cell?
Octavia At least you could live.
[A door opens behind them and two teenagers enter, kissing, completely oblivious to the fact the room isn't empty. Until they do realize and rush from the room calling for help.]
Man Outsiders!
Maya No, Octavia! Don't!
[Octavia runs out into the hall with Maya on her heels. In the command center Bellamy sees the scene unfolding.]
Bellamy No.
Man Outsiders! Behind us.
[The guards approach, but Octavia unsheathes her sword and throws it, hitting one guard square in the stomach. She slides into the second, knocking him to the ground then pulls the sword out of the first and uses it to kill the second.]
Man Move! Go, go!
Bellamy They got to get out of there.
Guard Maya Vie, stop!
Maya Run!
[Emerson reaches the command center door and pounds on it, trying to get in.]
Clarke He's here.
Monty Jasper. They caught him.
[On the screen showing the dorm Lee is seen leading Jasper in.]
Lee We got another one.
Guard Response team to the mess hall. Spread out!
[Octavia and Maya enter the mess hall, but so do the guards. They are trapped.]
Guard Stop. Hands up.
[Monty continues working on the computers, trying to get them ready to irradiate the level, then suddenly stops.]
Clarke Why are you stopping?
Monty Because I did it. All we have to do... is pull this. Hatches and vents will open, and the scrubbers reverse, pulling in outside air.
[The hall camera shows Emerson preparing to blow open the command center door.]
Bellamy He's gonna blow the door.
Monty Clarke, we're out of time.
[Clarke places her hand on the lever, preparing herself to irradiate level five. She glances to the screen showing the footage from the dorms. Her mother is still being drilled into. Jasper has been locked up with the other prisoners and Octavia and Maya are being overtaken by guards.]
Bellamy My sister. My responsibility.
Clarke I have to save them.
[Bellamy places his hand over Clarke's where it is still resting on the lever.]
Bellamy Together.
[Clarke nods, and together they pull the lever that will irradiate level five, killing every citizen present. In the dorm Jasper removes his handcuffs.]
Cage Restrain him.
Guard Yes, sir. Don't move!
[The guards aim their weapons at Jasper as he removes the knife Octavia gave him from his pocket. The alarms that signal a contamination breach begin sounding.]
Man What is it? What is this?
[The outside air starts filtering in, and every guard in the dorm breaks out into blistering wounds, coughing, choking, dying.]
Cage No.
Jasper Maya.
Harper Jasper, come back!
Kane Hey, set us free!
[Jasper rushes from the room leaving the prisoners still in chains. In the command center Clarke and Bellamy watch through the monitors as the citizens of Mount Weather perish in the mess hall. People groan in pain as Jasper enters, searching frantically for Maya.]
Jasper No, no, no, no!
Maya Jasper...
Jasper I'm here. She was innocent.
Maya None of us is innocent.
[Maya takes in one last gasping breath and dies in Jasper's arms as he cries.]
Jasper No. No. No. Oh, god . No.
[Outside the command center Emerson realizes what has happened and retreats.]
Clarke Let's go get our people.
[Octavia bursts into the dorms to find the Arkers still chained up. They call out to her.]
Various Arkers Octavia. Octavia, hurry!
Kane Hey, get the keys from the guard. Come on.
Octavia Hang on.
[After retrieving the keys Octavia unlocks Kane's cuffs. He rushes to unstrap Abby from the operating table.]
Kane Okay.
Abby Where's Clarke?
[Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty enter the mess hall to see the destruction they've caused. After surveying the room they approach Jasper, who is still crying over Maya's lifeless body.]
Jasper What did you do?
Clarke We had no choice.
Jasper I was gonna kill Cage. If you'd just given me one more minute, it would've been over.
Bellamy Jasper, they never would've stopped.
Clarke We have to go to the dorm.
[Clarke and Bellamy exit, leaving only Monty and Jasper in the room full of corpses.]
Jasper How could you let this happen?
Monty I'm sorry.
Jasper Sorry? You're sorry?
[Jasper sobs and Monty leaves to join Clarke and Bellamy in the dorm. As they enter they see the Arkers working together to free one another. Kane is helping Abby up off the extraction table.]
Clarke Mom.
[Clarke rushes forward and hugs her mother tightly. They both cry.]
Clarke I tried. I tried to be the good guy.
Abby Maybe there are no good guys.
[Clarke nods, still crying, and hugs her mother again. Wick lifts Raven into his arms as she is too weak to stand.]
Monty Harper!
[Monty hugs Harper and Miller helps his father out of his cuffs. They too share a hug. Kane approaches Bellamy as reunions happen all around them.]
Kane You did good. [Kane places a reassuring hand on Bellamy's shoulder.] Now let's get these people home.
Bellamy Yes, sir.
Octavia Where's Cage?
Scene 10 - The Woods
[Cage emerges from the Reaper tunnels, flashlight in hand. He is alone on the ground. A sudden rustling startles him.]
Cage Who's there? Show yourself.
[A figure comes crashing through the bushes. Lincoln, roaring, and unsheathing his sword. But Cage is prepared and activates a tone generator sending Lincoln to his knees. Cage removes his pack from his shoulder and pulls out a needle full of Red.]
Cage I got something for you. This is for you.
[Lincoln struggles to right himself, reaching for his sword on the ground. He swings and cuts Cage's left hand clean off, and the tone ceases. Cage screams in pain and drops to his knees, letting go of the needle as he does. Lincoln does not hesitate to pick it up.]
Cage No.
[Lincoln stabs the needle into Cage's neck and pulls the trigger. Cage falls forward, choking and gagging.]
Lincoln The first dose is the worst.
[Cage continues to gasp, shaking on the ground. Then his movements cease and he dies. Lincoln drops the now empty needle and runs into the tunnels.]
Scene 11 - Camp Jahan
[music plays] ("Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Raign)
Mama take this badge from me ♪
♪ I can't use it anymore
♪ It's gettin' dark too dark to see ♪
♪ I feel I'm knocking on heaven's door ♪
[The Arkers arrive back and Camp Jaha.]
[Abby is carried in on a stretcher and is tightly grasping Kane's hand.]
Jackson Abby!
[Miller and his father enter the camp side by side followed by Octavia in Lincoln, hand in hand. Jasper and Monroe enter with Wick carrying Raven right behind them.]
Raven Wait. Jasper.
[Raven reaches into Wick's backpack and pulls out Jasper's old goggles, then hands them to Jasper.]
Raven I almost forgot.
Jasper My goggles. Thank you.
[The only people left outside Camp Jaha's gates at this point are Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty. Clarke and Monty hug, then he enters the camp, leaving Clarke and Bellamy outside alone.]
Bellamy I think we deserve a drink.
Clarke Have one for me.
Bellamy Hey. We'll get through this.
Clarke I'm not going in.
Bellamy Look. If you need forgiveness, I'll give that to you. You're forgiven. Please come inside.
Clarke Take care of them for me.
Bellamy Clarke.--
Clarke No. Seeing their faces every day is just gonna remind me of what I did to get them here.
Bellamy What we did. You don't have to do this alone.
[Clarke looks back into the camp. At her people, her mother being tended to.]
Clarke I bear it so they don't have to.
Bellamy Where you gonna go?
Clarke I don't know.
[Clarke leans in, placing a kiss on Bellamy's cheek, then wraps her arms around him.]
Clarke May we meet again.
[Clarke lingers a moment longer than separates herself from Bellamy then walks off towards the forest, away from camp.]
Bellamy May we meet again.
[Clarke continues on her way and Bellamy turns, entering Camp Jaha.]
♪ Mama, tell me ♪
♪ Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door ♪
♪ Feel's like I'm knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door ♪
Scene 12 - Lighthouse Bunker
[Rock music plays. Murphy is still in his newly found bunker. He hits a button on the remote he's holding, stopping the music, and starting a video of a man sitting on a couch in the very same bunker.]
Man on Screen I tried to stop her... But I lost control. She got the launch codes. It was her. She did it... But it was my fault.
[The man in the video reaches to his side and picks up a gun.]
Man on Screen I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
[The man raises the gun to his chest and fires. The video stops. Back on the surface Jaha is still following the drone he first saw upon arriving on the island. It leads him to a mansion that has other drones flying around above it.]
Jaha Curiouser and curiouser.
[Jaha enters the house, and it appears to be empty.]
A.L.I.E. Welcome, Thelonious. I'm glad you made it. I've been waiting.
Jaha Who are you?
A.L.I.E. My name is A.L.I.E.
Jaha How do you know my name?
A.L.I.E. Thelonious. It's a good name. It has a double meaning. To the Greeks, Thelonious meant lord or ruler. To the Germans, it meant tiller of the earth. Which are you, I wonder.
Jaha You said you were waiting for me.
A.L.I.E. For ages, or so it seems. Time passes differently for me.
[Jaha walks past her and swipes an arm through her middle without hitting anything. She is a hologram.]
A.L.I.E. Very good, Thelonious. You're as perceptive as I had hoped.
Jaha You're not real.
A.L.I.E. Define "real." Your vessel is carbon-based. Mine is silicon. Your thoughts are chemical. Mine are digital.
Jaha And I thought this was my destination.
A.L.I.E. It is, Thelonious. Follow me. You were meant to come here. I realized it when I received your gift.
Jaha My gift?
[A.L.I.E leads Jaha to a room behind frosted glass doors. She passes through them without them opening. Behind the doors is the missile Jaha rode down to Earth in from the Ark.]
A.L.I.E. Thank you for bringing it down for me, Thelonious. We have work to do.