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Previously on "The 100"...
Clarke I have a message for your leader. We're coming for him. 250 people died in that village. I know you felt for them, but you let them burn.
Lexa Not everyone.
Monty Some of them aren't wearing Hazmat suits.
Jasper Means they're cured. The marrow treatments worked.
Maya We're going to hide you. Not everyone here agrees with Cage.
Vincent Come with me. You're safe now.
Cage 44 people don't just vanish inside of a sealed bunker.
Emerson They could if they had enough help.
Bellamy Stay alive. Be ready to fight. War is coming.
[Indistinct chatter]
Scene 1
Bellamy Get up. It's time to go. I told you I'd come back for you. Come on out. Our people are marching on Mount Weather right now. Hey. It's ok. We're getting you out.
Echo Slow down. They just bled him.
Bellamy Listen to me. There's an army inside this room, and I need you to help me get them ready to fight. Can you do that? Good. Start with him.
[Others shouting]
Bellamy Too much noise.
Echo Ok. How do we do this?
Bellamy There's an army outside going for the main door. When they get it open, all hell will break loose. That is the signal for my friends to come here, and...
Cage [on P.A] My fellow citizens, this is your president speaking. I have news to share with you that will change all of our lives forever. For 97 years, Mount Weather has been our home. It's kept us alive, but it has also held us captive. Most of us have made peace with what we've had to do to survive. We've done these things for one reason... so that our people could someday return to the ground. That day is today.
Bellamy He's going public.
Cage Before my friend Lorelei Tsing was murdered by the outsiders still at large in this mountain, she found a cure. It was in their bone marrow.
Bellamy Here. I'll be back.
Echo Where are you going?
Bellamy He's trying to get his people to turn on each other. They'll find my friends. I have to bring them here now. I'll send them in groups. You get your people ready to go, but you wait for me to come back, do you understand?
Echo Wait! Thank you.
Bellamy You free your people. Protect mine when they get here. We can thank each other when we're all outside.
Cage This has been the dream of our people since the bombs, but to reach it now, I need your help. The 44 criminals that irradiated level 5, killing 15 of our people, are now keeping us from that dream. Although we've repaired our home, we can never replace the lives that were so viciously taken from us, and as hard as it is to believe, there are those among us who would help the people who did this, and I am speaking to you now. If you truly want to end the blood treatments once and for all, then the 44 murderers you're now hiding are the key to doing that. You have one hour to turn them in without punishment. After that, we'll be forced to consider you enemies of the state. I'm asking you, please do what's right for your people, our people, so that we can all take our rightful place on the ground. We're almost home. What are they doing?
Emerson Preparing to attack. They're too close for missiles, Sir, and without the veil, there is nothing we can do from the inside. All ground units are ready to engage on your command.
Cage Not yet.
Emerson Sir, the longer we wait...
Cage They came looking for a fight, Emerson. Doesn't mean we need to give them one. As long as we're behind the doors, they can't touch us. And what about the intruder?
Emerson He is still at large, Sir. We're doing everything we can...
Cage 45! Go door to door! Find them.
Scene 2
[Knock on a door]
Mr Peters Yes?
Soldier Step aside, please.
Mr Peters Why? What's wrong?
Soldier We'll just be a moment.
Mrs Peters If you tell us what you're looking for, maybe we can help you.
Solider You know what we're looking for.
Mr Peters Honestly, we don't know.
Soldier According to your neighbors, you've been bringing extra food home after meals.
Mr Peters That's not true.
Soldier Is it true that you've refused treatment 12 times in the past 15 years or that you've refused them 30 times? Do you deny that?
Mrs Peters We take the blood when we need it. We don't take extra food.
Soldier Then you've got nothing to worry about. Where are they? Just hold it! You have 5 seconds to cooperate! 1... 2... 3...
Mr Peters Please. Don't do this!
Soldier 4... 5!
Jasper Wait, wait! Wait. Please don't shoot. We're here, ok? Just leave them alone.
Mr Peters I'm so sorry.
Soldier This is Tilling. Just found two more. We're bringing them in now.
Mr Peters Aah!
Lexa Welcome, Sky Crew. Join us.
Mr Miller A package from Raven. Hydrazine. She said it would do the job.
Clarke Good.
Mr Miller And, uh, your mother wanted to be here, too.
Clarke I know, but the wounded in Tondc need her more.
Lexa Field commanders, today's the day we get our people back. The enemy thinks it's safe behind its doors, but it's not. When it realizes that, it will fight back... Hard. We need to be ready.
Clarke This is a rescue mission. We are not here to wipe them out. There are people inside that mountain that have helped us, children who have nothing to do with this war. We kill their soldiers, their leadership if we have to, but we are there to rescue our people. Is that clear? [Indistinct chatter] Then let's begin. There are 4 teams. Two of them... at the dam and in the mine... are moving into position already. The third... inside the mountain... is freeing the Grounder prisoners as we speak. It is our job as the fourth team to keep the eyes of the enemy off of them for as long as possible. To do that, we have to be in position here at the main door with our entire army. The mountain men believe the door can't be opened from the outside, so they leave it unguarded. Only it can be, and thanks to our source on the inside, now we know how. According to Maya, the electromagnetic locking system has one flaw. When the power goes out, it disengages. That's where Raven's team comes in. The mountain's electricity is generated at Philpott Dam. By now, they've taken the turbine room.
Raven Go cover the door.
Wick You sure he's alone?
Clarke It's their job to blow the power. Once they do, we blow the lock. There is a catch, a backup generator inside the mountain. If the lock is still functioning when that backup power kicks in, we'll never get that door open, we'll never get our people back.
Mr Miller How much time do we have until the backup power kicks in?
Clarke One minute. That's the window.
Mr Miller Small window. Why don't we just take out the backup generator, too? Bellamy's inside. Have him do it.
Clarke Leaving them without power that long would kill them all, and as I said, that's not the mission. Besides, we lost contact with Bellamy.
Monroe What? We did? When?
Clarke After he took out the acid fog.
Lexa Bellamy's a warrior. He'll be fine.
Clarke As the commander said, once the door is open, the shooting will start, and they'll throw everything they have at us, but that's what we want. We want them looking at us because while we're fighting at the front door, Indra's team will be escorting the prisoners out the back, right through the reaper tunnels. Once all our people are free, they'll sound the retreat. We'll be back home before Mount Weather even knows they're gone, and that's it. That's the plan.
[Indistinct chatter]
Lexa The mountain has cast a shadow over these woods for too long. They've hunted us, controlled us, turned us into monsters. That ends today. Thanks to our alliance with the Sky People, the mountain will fall. As Clarke said, we spare the innocent. As for the guilty... Jus dren just daun
[Grounders chants] Jus dren jus daun! Jus dren jus daun!
Scene 3
Soldier Out of the way, Vincent.
Vincent That's my daughter.
Maya Dad, don't.
Soldier Quiet. She's been aiding and abetting the outsiders. You need to get out of our way.
Vincent I won't let you take her, Paul.
Soldier Listen carefully. We've got orders. She knows where they're hiding. Now step aside. I'm not gonna ask you again.
Vincent If you want her, you got to go through me.
Maya Dad, please. They'll kill you.
Soldier Don't make me do this, Vincent.
Vincent Sorry, Paul.
[Maya crying] [Gunshot]
Bellamy Hey. Good job.
Vincent Thank you.
Bellamy Miller, you ok?
Miller Better than him.
Bellamy Need to get everyone into the harvest chamber. You'll be safer there.
Jasper Safe in the harvest chamber?
Bellamy Just trust me.
Jasper Are the others there?
Bellamy Not yet.
Jasper Monty?
Vincent Monty's with the other group on level 3. Don't worry. We moved him after the last sweep. You should go there next.
Bellamy All right. Go on. Vincent will take you. I won't be long.
Jasper Hey! I'm coming with you.
Bellamy Jasper.
Jasper I promised I'd protect them. That's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Bellamy Let's go.
Vincent Maya.
Maya I'll be ok.
Vincent Your mother would be so proud. See you soon. Be careful.
Maya You, too.
Jasper Let's go.
Miller Come on, come on, come on.
Scene 4
Octavia According to Lincoln's map, we're getting close. It's a maze. Lincoln should be here to show us the way.
Indra He wasn't ready. Even he knew that. He'll do well fighting with the commander.
Octavia It meant a lot that you forgave him.
Indra He earned that. I have known Lincoln since he was a boy. He always questioned our ways, but if he ever chooses sides against the clan again, not even his bravery can save him.
Octavia Stop shooting!
Indra Reapers are not the enemy!
Octavia We don't kill them unless we...
[Reapers shouting]
Jackson Now!
[Playing high-pitched tone]
Jackson Tranquilize them. Go for the jugular!
Octavia Secure their hands and feet.
Jackson Well done. They'll be out for a while.
[Tone stops]
Jackson We'll come back for them.
Octavia You know him? He'll be ok now. Abby will help him.
Indra Let's go. We have to find that door.
Scene 5
Monroe That should do it. Bombs away.
Clarke Be careful.
Lexa Archers, watch the trees.
Lincoln Hey. You can do this.
Mr Miller What if we're too late?
Lincoln What if we're not? Draw strength from your son.
Mr Miller This mountain has taken too much from both of us, hasn't it?
Scene 6
Raven 3 down, 2 to go. As soon as I'm done, you set the detonator.
Wick I know the plan, Raven. It's my plan.
Raven Fine. Jeez. You can tell me a damn joke already. Get it? "Dam" joke?
Wick I got it. Your jokes are terrible.
Raven They are not.
Wick They are. Now concentrate. We don't have all day.
Raven I think I liked you better before we had s*x.
Wick Right back at you. They can't leave if you push them away first, right? How's that working out for you so far? I'll get started on number 5.
[Woman on radio] 402, please report. Over.
Raven Where did that come from? Whose is it?
[Woman on radio] 402, please report. Over.
Raven Wick, watch out!
Man This is 402. We got intruders in the dam!
[Woman on radio] Come again, 402. Did you say intruders? 402, are you there? Backup is on the way.
Raven They know we're here. Wick, they're sending backup. We have to do this fast. Welcome to the ground. Give me the last bomb.
Wick What happens if we only blow up 4 of the 5?
Raven The power stays on, door stays locked, everyone we care about dies.
Scene 7
[Door opens]
Cage I had them prepare your favorite. Come on, Dad. They tell me you haven't eaten in two days.
Dante How bad is it? We both know you aren't here to bring me dinner.
Cage It's bad. They're going after our power. I sent a team out to the dam, but there is an army outside of our main door, and they're drilling into it. They must know that there's a delay. I underestimated the commander. Is that what you need me to say?
Dante It wasn't the commander. It was Clarke.
Cage Dad.
Dante You've killed us. One week in office, and you've managed to turn neighbor against neighbor, you've made the outsiders hate us more than they already did, you've lost our outer defenses, and now a door that hasn't been breached in 97 years is going to fall, and an army of savages is going to flood these halls, killing every last one of us.
Cage Tell me how to stop it. Please. I need your help. Your people need your help. They'll destroy everything.
Dante You already have. Wait.
Scene 8
Raven Wick, stop.
Wick I'm not doing anything.
Raven Exactly.
Wick Hey. I'm not the one that didn't make enough bombs.
Raven 5 turbines, 5 bombs. Maybe if you didn't drop the last one...
Wick Oh, any engineer worth his salt knows to plan for failure. Two is one, one is none. It's called...
Wick and Raven Redundancy.
Raven That's it. Redundancy. That... that... that's it!
Wick Whoa! What is? What are you doing?
Raven The built more turbines than they needed. We blow the other 4, this won't take a load. Surge protectors will ramp it down to keep it running...
Wick To keep it from blowing up.
Raven Yeah. We need to shut down this turbine, Wick.
Wick Catastrophic failure? That's your plan?
Raven Ok. When you say it like that, it doesn't sound like such a good idea.
Wick I'll set the detonators.
Scene 9
Clarke It's taking too long.
Lexa It takes as long as it takes. What will you do when it's over?
Clarke I have no idea.
Lexa Well, what do you want?
Clarke Nothing. My people back. I can't think past today.
Lexa You should come with me to the capital. Polis will change the way you think about us.
Clarke You already have.
Lincoln It's coming from the dam.
Clarke They know we're going for the power.
Lexa They know we're going for the door.
[Lincoln speaking Trigedasleng]
Monroe Raven will get it done. She's one of us.
David As soon as those lights go off, you push that button.
Lincoln We'll do the rest.
Scene 11
Raven Today, Wick!
Wick I'm moving as fast as I...
[men shouting]
Wick Actually, I can go faster.
Raven Did you get it done?
Raven Push the damn button, Raven!
Wick It's working!
Raven We're too close. Wick!
Man Freeze! Hands up! Don't move! Show me your hands!
Wick Just keep backing up.
Man Stop moving right now.
Raven We're still too close.
Wick Not as close as they are.
[Turbine whirring faster, thumping]
Wick Get down!
Cage Ok, Emerson. They got the power. Start the clock. One minute.
Emerson Copy that. Don't worry, Sir. They're not getting anywhere near that door.
[Indistinct chatter]
Clarke She did it.
Mr Miller One minute starting now.
Clarke For those we've lost...
Lexa And those we'll soon find. What's wrong? Why isn't it working?
Clarke They're jamming us. I have to get closer.
Lincoln Clarke!
Mr Miller 45 seconds! If I can get there, I can trigger it manually.
Clarke No. You can't get there. For Nate, I have to try.
Lexa speaking Grounder:
Clarke 30 seconds!
Grounders Aah!
Lexa We'll find another way in.
Clarke There is no other way in. You know that.
Lincoln We don't need one.
Clarke 10 seconds. 5 seconds. 4, 3, 2, 1. Ha ha! It worked!
Lexa We need to get to that ridge and take out the shooters.
Lincoln No! You stay with Clarke. When the shooting stops, you get that door open.
Scene 12
Bellamy We don't have much time. The last 12 are on this level.
Jasper Including Monty. Which way?
Maya This way.
Man on P.A. Attention. Class one quarantine protocols are now in effect. All citizens must report to level 5 immediately. Hard seal lockdown in T-minus 30 minutes and counting.
Jasper Listen to me. It's gonna be ok. All right? You're gonna be ok. We're not gonna let anything happen to you, will we?
Maya Jasper, in 30 minutes, all backup power gets diverted for species continuity. That means level 5 for life support and security. Radiation will seep in everywhere else. I can't go to level 5 without being shot in the head.
Bellamy Guys, we need to keep moving.
Jasper We'll get you your Hazmat suit, extra oxygen, enough to last until the engineers get the power back on.
Maya And then what? You think Cage Wallace is gonna let me live here after that?
Man on P.A. Attention. Class one quarantine protocols are now...
Jasper Then we kill him.
Man on P.A. All citizens must report to level 5 immediately. Hard seal lockdown in T-minus...
[Gunshot] [Woman screams]
Jasper Monty.
Man Move! You heard him. Let's go.
Bellamy Slow, slow. Be ready for anything.
Maya It's Mrs. Ryan.
Bellamy She was hiding the last 12.
Jasper Where'd they take them?
Maya It's got to be level 5.
Bellamy No.
Jasper Get out of my way.
Bellamy Every person inside this mountain is on level 5, every soldier. Tell him.
Maya Jasper's right. After the lockdown, it'll be almost impossible to get them out. It's now or never.
Monty All right, but how do we even get...
Jasper Monty.
Bellamy What is it? What's wrong?
Monty They know about the Grounders. That's why I hid. I... I didn't do anything to save the others. I let them kill Mrs. Ryan.
Bellamy What do you mean they know about the Grounders?
Monty It was on a soldier's walkie. They're going for the harvest chamber.
Bellamy If they take it, we lose everyone.
Man on P.A. Attention. Class one quarantine...
Jasper Come on!
Scene 13
Octavia We found it.
Indra You found it. It appears we didn't need Lincoln after all.
Octavia Thank you.
Indra You've done well, Octavia [in Trigedaseng] of the Tree People.
Octavia What does that mean?
Indra What do you think it means?
Octavia I think I want to hear you say it.
Indra You're one of us now.
Scene 14
Clarke Lincoln.
Lincoln Lexa did it.
Monroe Clarke, look.
Clarke Make sure he's ok.
Monroe Sergeant Miller!
Clarke They'll be waiting just inside the door.
Lincoln Good.
Clarke Train your fire on the door.
Lincoln Pull! Pull! Again! Pull!
Clarke Attack now!
Lexa Stand Down
Clarke What is this?
Man Hey, look! They're coming out!
Clarke They're surrendering?
Emerson Not quite.
Clarke What did you do?
Lexa What you would have done. Saved my people.
Clarke Where are my people?
Lexa I'm sorry, Clarke. They weren't part of the deal.
Emerson You made the right choice, Commander.
Lincoln What is this?
Clarke Your commander's made a deal.
Lincoln What about prisoners from the Ark?
Clarke They'll all be killed... But you don't care about that, do you?
Lexa I do care, Clarke, but I made this choice with my head and not my heart. The duty to protect my people comes first.
Clarke Please don't do this.
Lexa I'm sorry, Clarke.
Lincoln Commander, not like this. Let us fight.
Lexa No. The deal is done.
Lexa You, too. All our people withdraw. Those are the terms.
Lincoln They'll be slaughtered. Let me help them.
Lexa We will meet again.
Scene 15
[Horn blowing]
Indra We're retreating.
Octavia That can't be right.
Indra We have to go. Now!
Octavia Indra, wait! They're still in there.
Indra And our commander's out there, under attack for all we know.
Octavia I don't trust her, not after Tondc, and neither should you.
Indra I gave you a direct order.
Octavia Please. This was the plan. If we're not here with the tone generators when they come out, Reapers will kill...
Indra Plans change.
Caris Octavia, let's go.
Octavia I'm not going anywhere without my brother.
Indra You are no longer my second.
Jackson Octavia, please. Come home with us.
Octavia I have no home.
Jackson You'll need this. Come on.
Scene 16
Maya No! [Crying]
Wick [coughing] Raven? Raven. Hey. Ugh! My arm. Ow. [Coughs] Hey. I'm just saying, my brace would have held. [Coughing] Come on. Let's get out of here.
Raven Agh. [Coughing] Kyle...
Wick No. No way. Don't even say it. I'm not going anywhere without you.
Raven What I was gonna say is... Please don't leave me.
Wick Not a chance.
[Man shouting indistinctly]
Man There you are. TAC team 5. Tell the president the turbines are down.
Scene 17
Cage Dad? You were right. She took the deal. You're a hero to your people. We've won.
Dante No, we haven't. Not yet. Peace with the savages isn't enough to make the ground safe for us.
Cage I know. The Ark.
Dante They'll never stop. No parent ever would.
Cage You're right. 20 minutes ago, we picked up a small group on radar. I already have a team on the way. Looks like we're gonna have more bone marrow. We'll be on level 5 until the turbines are fixed. Come down when you're ready.
Mr Miller, distant Clarke, let's go. We'll come back with reinforcements.
Monroe Clarke. Clarke, come on. It's over. I'm sorry.
Clarke It can't be over.