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Emori: Previously on the 100.

Sheidheda: I ask only that you take a knee to show your loyalty.

Nikki: The killers and the thieves are at your service.

Emori: If you try to come in here, I blow the reactor.

Sheidheda: Stay here, wait them out. When the door opens, kill them all.

Cadogan: She has The Key.

Clarke: The Key's The Flame.

Cadogan: Is my daughter in The Key.

Bellamy: If I can get The Flame, you can find out.

Bellamy: My shepherd, Clarke doesn't have The Key.

Bellamy: All of you will die if I don't give him The Flame.

Clarke: I'll take you to it.

Clarke: What the hell happened here?

Scene 1 - Sanctum Palace

Gabriel: Russell. Heh. What the hell is this?

Sheidheda: Who the hell are you?

Gabriel: Heh.

Clarke: That's not Russell.

Sheidheda minion: That's Malachi kom Sangedakru, and you will kneel before him.

Raven: Well, I guess we found Sheidheda's code.

Sheidheda: Since my ascension, the protocol has become rather simple really. Kneel...or die.

Cadogan: Ordinarily, I would relish the opportunity to recruit your forces to the cause, but unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the patience to suffer your primitive tribalism.

[Sheidheda's minions are shot by lasers by invisible Disciple Soldiers at Cadogan's]

[Disciple Soldiers reveal themselves from invisibility]

Raven: Murphy!

[Clarke and Raven run over to Murphy to untie him]

Murphy: Invisibility and ray guns I can accept. That needs some explaining, though.

[Murphy notices Bellamy's uniform]

Clarke(To Indra): Tell me Madi's safe with Gaia.

Indra: We thought Gaia was with you.

Murphy: Madi's safe for now.

Cadogan: Restrain the soldier with him.

Clarke: No.

Murphy: Hey, hey.

Clarke: She's with us.

[Two Disciple Soldiers grab Indra]

Disciple Guard: Let's go.

Cadogan: She was standing unrestrained by the throne. The only reason she is not dead is because she was unarmed.

[Sheidheda yells as he runs to attack Sheidheda before being stabbed by an invisible Disciple Soldier]

[The Disciple Soldier reveals himself as he takes out his knife]

Sheidheda: Agh!

Cadogan(To Disciple Soldier): The microphone.

[The Disciple Soldier walks over to the microphone]

Cadogan(To Sheidheda): That wound is deep.

[The Disciple Soldier places the microphone in front of Cadogan]

Cadogan: I have no interest in removing you from your throne.

[Cadogan picks up the microphone before dropping it]

Cadogan: Here's my proposal. You give me undisturbed passage to get what I came for. That means I see not a single soul on our path, and I leave Dr. Santiago here to treat you. When we're gone, you're free to continue the debasement of our species until you're saved like the rest of humanity by the completion of my quest. Refuse this, and you die.

[Sheidheda groans]

Cadogan: Alright, then.

[Cadogan points to Clarke]

Cadogan: Onward to The Key.

Intro Music

Scene 2 - Sanctum Reactor

[Madi allows Luca to pet Picasso]

Boy: That's Russell Prime's dog, not yours. He wouldn't want a COG petting her.

[Luca tries to move his hand away but Madi lets him keep petting Picasso]

Madi(To the boy): Come on. You know you want to pet her.

[The boy goes over to pat Picasso with Madi and Luca]

Boy: I bet she's hungry, too.

Madi: I'll be right back.

[Madi goes into the room with Emori and the other Sanctumite refugees]

Madi: Everyone's hungry. How is Jackson gonna get our rations past that?

[Madi points to Sheidheda's minions on the camera]

Jeremiah: John Murphy will think of something. We're safe now because of him. I have faith.

[Trey scoffs and walks away]

Madi(To Emori): No offense, but if our lives really do depend on Murphy, we're screwed.

[Emori chuckles]

[One of Sheidheda's Minions tries entering the code for the reactor]

Scene 3 - Sanctum Neighborhood

Sheidheda(On Microphone): And I repeat, anyone...

[Sheidheda continues talking on the microphone]

Cadogan: A fire-burned castle surrounded by a city of garbage dumpsters.

[Sanctumites run into their houses covering their windows]

Sheidheda(On Microphone): Stay out of sight.

Cadogan: Everywhere human beings go is worse off for it, but thanks to us, we will transcend. Thanks to us, we will reach the promised land.

Clarke: For God's sake.

[Clarke and Raven walks ahead of the Disciples and Murphy as they walk down the stairs]

[Murphy walks over to Bellamy]

Murphy: Hey. So what's our play here?

Bellamy: Our play?

Murphy: Don't get me wrong, you look good. Not as good as me, but I know a thing or two about pretending to be something that you're not.

Bellamy: This isn't an act, Murphy. I'm trying to save us all. I don't expect you to understand. Just know that I am your friend, and I'm looking out for you.

Murphy: That's very reassuring. I'm just gonna...

[Murphy walks ahead of Bellamy and the other Disciples and up to Raven and Murphy]

Murphy: Tell me he's not serious.

Raven: Welcome to the party.

Murphy: Yeah. Not gonna lie, feeling a little out of the loop.

Clarke: Mutual. You said that Madi's safe for now. What does that even mean?

Murphy: She's safe. She's with the reactor.

[Clarke turns her head to Murphy]

Murphy: I know, I know, but believe it or not, it was the safest place on Sanctum.

Raven: What the hell's been going on here?

Cadogan: Hold.

[Everyone is forced to stop walking]

Clarke: Look, I'm in a hurry, you have our friends. I would like them back, then to see my daughter. If you wanna see yours, The Flame is this way.

Cadogan: New plan. You go, we'll stay here.

Bellamy: Sir, you heard her. As long as our friends are out there, she won't risk their lives.

Cadogan: That's why these two are staying with us.

[Cadogan points to Raven and Murphy]

Cadogan: Hurry along, Clarke. I don't want to be on this infernal moon a moment longer than I have to.

[Clarke walks off in search of The Flame]

Murphy: Well, what do you say we wait in the tavern instead?

[Two Disciple Soldiers pop out from invisibility in front of Murphy with guns pointed at him]

Murphy: Oy! Oh! What the hell?

Raven: You get used to it.

Murphy: Yeah?

[Raven nods]

Cadogan: Come.

[Cadogan walks off followed by Bellamy, Doucette, and a Disciple Soldier]

Cadogan: I like this spot, high ground.

Raven: So, Sheidheda's alive, and Madi's in a nuclear reactor? You did good.

[Raven pats Murphy on the back]

Murphy: All of our friends are missing, and Bellamy is a sheep. So did you.

Scene 4 - Sanctum Palace

[Gabriel is attempting to put pressure on the wound of Sheidheda, who is tied up to a pole along with Indra]

Man: Give me a hand.

Woman: Be happy you don't have to clean the blood.

Gabriel: You know, if the blade hit your kidney, there's not much that I can do for you, and something tells me they won't take you to Bardo.

Indra: Good. It's time we let him find out what death is like a second time.

Sheidheda(To Gabriel): She'll miss me when I'm gone.

Gabriel: Did he suffer?

Sheidheda: Who, Russell? No, it was quick.

Josephine: Oh, come on. Like you care.

[Gabriel turns around sees Josephine in a hallucination]

Jospehine: What's the matter Gabriel, you don't look happy to see me.

Gabriel: No. No, no, no, no. Not now.

Disciple Soldier: What's wrong?

Josephine: Don't tell them. Just say you need band-aids or something for whoever's wearing daddy's last body so we can be alone.

Gabriel(To Disciple Soldier): We need antitoxin. The suns are eclipsing.

Josephine: Oh, for Prime's sake.

Gabriel: When that happens, the trees release a toxin that--

Indra: That drives everyone mad. I'm aware

Sheidheda: Its nighttime, there are no suns. How can you be sure?

Gabriel: Because the red sun paints the planet we're orbiting. Because I'm already feel the effects.

[Josephine smiles at Gabriel]

Scene 5 - Sanctum Neighborhood

[Murphy and Raven sit by a fire they built]

Murphy: So just to recap. The Shepherd over there is the same guy who built the bunker that saved humanity from Praimfaya twice, and now he wants The Flame, broken by you, so he can start a war with...whoever built the stones in order to turn us all into...beings of light.

Raven: Yep.

Murphy: Huh. Is it weird that to me the craziest part of all of this is Bellamy's robe?

Raven: Nope. Octavia and Echo are hostages, and...look at him.

Murphy: Yea. Well not to point out the obvious but we're hostages too.

Raven: Yeah, but something happened to him out there.

[Cadogan, Bellamy and Docuette wait for Clarke]

Cadogan: What's taking her so long?

Bellamy: She'll be here.

Cadogan: I know how hard this is on you, son, believing in something with all your heart, that the people you love don't understand. You remind me of myself when I was young.

Cadogan(To Doucette): Would you excuse us, please?

Doucette: Of course, My Shepherd.

[Doucette walks away]

Cadogan: Doucette's a good man. He'll make a fine replacement for Anders...but he's not like us.

Bellamy: Sir?

Cadogan: The Disciples are taught our ways from birth. They know nothing else. Makes faith easy. We, on the other hand, know the pull of love between individuals, what it makes us do, the highs and lows of it, how it leads to hatred of the other, tribalism. I've spent generations dedicating my life to something greater.

Bellamy: Transcendence.

Cadogan: Now you know the weight of that, too. The path of the prophet is always hard, your friends will understand eventually.

Bellamy: You had a family. How did you manage it? I feel like I'm failing both you and them

Cadogan: You're not failing me, Bellamy, far from it. You're special. You were given a glimpse of what comes next just as I was.

Bellamy: They all think I'm crazy.

Cadogan: And so we ignore their judgements and we save them anyway.

Bellamy: For all mankind.

Cadogan: For all mankind.

[An alarm goes off]

[A man speaks on the microphone]

Man: Attention, Sanctum.

Cadogan: What is this?

Man: Red Sun Toxin has been detected. Make your way to your assigned location for evacuation.

[Murphy and Bellamy walk to the Disciples]

Murphy: Time to play another round of "Who wants to murder your friends?"

Bellamy(To Cadogan): Sir, we should get you back to Bardo.

Cadogan: I'm not going anywhere without The Flame, and for all we know, this is just another one of Clarke's tricks.

Raven: If it is, then it's a good one.

[The Disciples, Cadogan, Murphy, and Raven look up at the Red Sun and notice bugs coming from above]

Man(On Microphone): Attention, Sanctum. Red Sun Toxin has been detected.

Murphy: Bugs.

Scene 6 - Sanctum Reactor

Man(On Microphone): ...Location for evacuation. This is not a test. Go now.

Emori: It's ok. We're safe. The reactor's airtight. Toxin can't get in here.

[A loud noise is made outside the reactor]

[Picasso barks]

[Sheidheda's minions try to break down the door using a pole]

Trey: Won't be airtight for long.

Jeremiah: They're calling our bluff. They know we won't detonate the reactor.

[Sheidheda's minion continue to ram the door down]

Emori: Trey, Jeremiah, get everyone into secondary and seal the door. Go!

Emori: You, too. We've only got one gun.

[Jeremiah enters the code for secondary]

[Nikki comes out to everyone's surprise]

Nikki: Surprise!

[Nikki punches Jeremiah in the face and holds a knife to his throat]

Boy: Dad!

Nikki: It's been swell, but I think I'll be going now.

Nikki(To Boy): You're cute, but I'll kill your daddy if you don't step aside.

Jeremiah: He knows we can't let you open the door.

[Emori points a gun at Nikki]

Emori: Nikki, it's true. Look. If those men open the door, Red Sun Toxin will spill into this reactor.

Madi: Human shields only work when you're not willing to let the other person die.

Emori: The shield. Here

[Emori gives her gun to Trey]

[Emori presses buttons on the control pad]

Nikki: What the hell are you doing?

[Emori continues pressing buttons]

Nikki: Stop, or in 3 seconds this kid is fatherless. 1...2...

[The machine finishes loading]

[Emori presses the button to turn of all of lights in Sanctum]

Nikki: Turn no the damn lights, or I cut this guy--

[In the dark, Nikki is knocked unconscious with a wrench by Luca]

Trey(To Emori): You let the bugs in.

Emori: Yeah. Two bugs with one stone.

[Sheidheda's minions continue trying to ram the door down]

Emori: I just hope it's not three.

Scene 7 - Sanctum Neighborhood

Man: Alright, let's go. Come on. Follow me. Let's Go! Everybody move!

Murphy: We should be going with them to Ryker's keep. Or maybe you'd like to drown me again in the pond.

Raven: Power's out. that means the shield's down.

[Raven notices the bugs from in the sky]

Raven: Guys. We should run.

Bellamy: She's right. We should go right now.

Cadogan: Not without The Key.

Doucette: I agree with Bellamy. We should execute the hostages and get you home.

Murphy: Well, Bellamy never said that.

Bellamy: Clarke heard the alarm to, she'll go for Madi.

Murphy: Yes, right, good, the reactor.

Raven: Perfect. I'll get the power back on and kill the bugs.

Bellamy: Before they kill us.

Man: Everyone, grab a torch!

[Bellamy takes a torch stick and lights it]

Bellamy: Sir, stay with me.

[Cadogan, Doucette, Bellamy, Murphy, and Raven walk towards the reactor]

Scene 8 - Skeleton Room and Lab

[Jackson cares for someone as people evacuate the room]

[Two men enter the room]

Jackson: He's the last one. I sent the saline ahead to Ryker's. Just make sure the IV stays in.

Man: Will do.

[Gabriel runs into the room]

Man: Hey, where do you think you're going?

Man: Hey, wrong way. We're evacuating

Jackson: It's ok. Go.

[Josephine appears in Gabriel's mind again]

Josephine: Ah. It's good to be back. Not sure how I feel about all the old mes being turned into a chair, but, hey, I do believe in recycling.

[Gabriel wanders around the room]

Jackson: Dr. Santiago? Dr. Santiago, right? You ok?

Gabriel: Antitoxin.

Jackson(To the two men): Get him to the keep. I'll be right behind you.

[Gabriel walks into the lab]

[Gabriel remembers Josephine II falling onto the floor during her resurrection and crawling away from her doctors]

Josephine: Hm. Josephine II. I liked that body.

[Jackson follows behind Gabriel]

Jackson: Where are the others? They went looking for you.

Gabriel: Right. Yeah. That's a--That's a long story, and we don't have much time.

[Gabriel looks through medical supplies with a flashlight]

Jackson: Just tell me if Nate's ok.

Josephine: You have no idea who that is, do you?

Gabriel: Nate?

Jackson: Miller.

Gabriel: Of course. Yeah. Nate's fine.

Jackson: Is he here?

Gabriel: No, but he's safe.

Gabriel: Ah, there you are.

[Gabriel grabs a small bottle of antitoxin from the cabinet]

Gabriel: Almost empty.

Jackson: The Primes used it to get to space after Russell threw the bomb.

Gabriel: All the ingredients are here. We can make more.

[Gabriel offers the antitoxin to Jackson]

Gabriel: This one's yours.

Jackson: It's the only dose, and I don't know how to make more. You take it.

Josephine: Yeah, Gabriel. You take it.

Gabriel: I'm used to working under the influence of the toxin. You're not and I...really need your help.

Josephine: Aww, I missed you, too.

Gabriel: Be quiet.

Jackson: Excuse me?

Gabriel: Nothing.

[Jackson inhales the antitoxin]

Gabriel: First, we steam distill the actual toxin into a supersaturated solution. Three grams per milliliter to start.

Jackson: Copy that.

[Jackson goes over to distill the toxin]

Josephine: God, it's sexy when you get all sciency.

[Gabriel points at Josephine]

Gabriel: Not now.

[Jackson turns around then turns around again]

Josephine: Why not now? Who cares about these people? Let them tear each other to pieces. All we need is the Flame. You're a nightblood. We fix it, we put it in your head, and save humanity.

[Josephine reappears on the other side of the room]

Josephine: I know you're thinking it, or I wouldn't be. Becca Franko designed the mind drive and the Flame. They speak the same language. We can repair the code.

Gabriel: Different connections.

Josephine: Gabriel, you engineered memory drives to hold entire minds, consciousness.

[Gabriel opens a case]

Josephine: On Skyring, you used a damn Etch A Sketch to watch the Colin Benson Show. Surely you can rig some Eligius tech to pull data off the Flame. You can solve the mystery of the stone, start the Last War--the test, whatever.

Gabriel: No, no.

[Gabriel closes the case]

Gabriel: Not for Cadogan.

Josephine: For you then. You've got the blood, not him. You take the test for all mankind. We level up because of you. What better way to make up for all the things you did in this lab to conquer death, hmm? All the broken eggs it took to make this omelet. What do you say, my love? We came across the stars to save the human race. Now's your chance.

Scene 9 - Sanctum Refuge Area

[Sheidheda's minions continue trying to ram down the door while the refugees hide in another room in the reactor]

[The bugs from the Red Sun Toxin enter the outer room and slowly kills the three minions as they scream]

Sheidheda minion: Get them off!

Jeremiah: It stopped.

[Cadogan, the Disciples, Raven, and Murphy enter the refuge area covering their faces and with torches]

[The bugs are scattered by the torches]

Murphy: We don't have much time before the bugs come back.

Bellamy: Scatter them.

Disciple: Let's get the door open.

Bellamy: Seal the windows. The swarm's still outside.

[Clarke comes in with a torch, a bag, and her face protected]

Clarke: Wait. Hold the door.

[Everyone takes off their face protection]

Raven: Clarke.

[Raven turns on a light in the room]

Cadogan: What's in the bag?

Clarke: Antitoxin from the farmhouse.

Cadogan: For your daughter.

Clarke: Enough, for all of us, but, yes, I was thinking of Madi before you.

[Clarke gives Bellamy the bag]

Cadogan: Another lesson in the destructiveness of familial love.

[Bellamy gives Cadogan the antitoxin]

[Cadogan inhales the antitoxin]

[Bellamy tosses the antitoxin to Murphy and Raven before they inhale it]

[Clarke knocks on the reactor door]

Man: It didn't work.

Cadogan(To Clarke): Do you have the Flame or not?

Clarke: If you open this door, I'll give it to you without a fight.

Cadogan: Alright. Disciple Kelly, open the door.

Kelly: Yes, sir.

[Kelly shoots a hole through the door with a laser]

Emori: Here they come! Stay behind me! Go, go!

[The refugees go into another small room in the reactor]

[Emori holds up a gun when Murphy comes in]

Murphy: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey. Good guy, good guy, remember?

Emori: Hey.

[Emori runs over to hug Murphy]

[Clarke enters the room behind Murphy and sees Madi]

[Clarke runs over to hug Madi]

[Raven walks in and flashes back to when Hatch died of radiation]

Emori: Hey.

[Emori and Raven hug]

Murphy(To Refugees): Don't worry. We have enough antitoxin for everyone upstairs.

Raven: You took down the shield?

Emori: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Raven: No, it worked. I'll get the power back on, hopefully without killing anyone this time.

[The Disciples enter the room]

[Cadogan holds his hand out for the Flame]

[Clarke takes the Flame out of her pocket and gives it to Cadogan]

Cadogan: For all mankind.

Scene 10 - Sanctum Palace

[A Disciple Soldier feels the effects of the toxin]

Disciple Soldier 1: It's been too long. I can hear the bugs.

Disciple Soldier 2: Control, Disciple.

[Indra hears a strange voice under the influence of the toxin]

Unknown Voice(In Trigedasleng): Tree people, you are defeated. You who have survived, come forward and kneel before me.

Disciple Soldier 2: I told you our orders are to guard the stone and the prisoner.

Disciple Soldier 1: We don't need the prisoner.

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): This won't go well for us...

Indra(In Trigedasleng): So we're friends now?

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): My enemy's enemy is my friend, isn't that right?

Indra: First, I kill my enemy's enemy. Then, I kill my enemy.

Scene 11 - Sanctum Reactor

[The bugs continue to surround Sanctum]

[Cadogan holds the Flame]

Madi: I don't think you should've given him that.

Clarke: Why?

Madi: I remember things.

Clarke: Your sketchbook?

[Madi nods]

Clarke: Madi, don't tell anyone that, ok? Ever.

Cadogan: How much longer do we have to stay here?

Bellamy: Once the power's back on, the bugs will kill each other and the shield will prevent more from coming in. Until then, it's not worth the risk.

Emori: Hey, finally, stranger.

[Emori hugs Bellamy]

Emori: It's good to see you, Bellamy.

Bellamy: It's good to see you, too.

Emori: Well, those are the clothes of a man with a story.

Murphy: Yeah, Bellamy. why don't you tell us a story?

[A hatch opens in the reactor]

Bellamy: Another time.

Bellamy(To Cadogan): Not long now, my Shepherd.

Scene 12 - Sanctum Reactor

[Raven works to turn the lights back on]

Computer: Power restart all sectors

Raven: And the crowd goes wild.

[A gas leaks and makes a noise in the secondary containment room]

Raven: Seriously?

[Raven grabs a tool kit and enters the code to enter the room]

Computer: Secondary containment clear.

[As Raven walks in the room, she flashes back to Hatch's death]

[Raven goes over to the leak with and tries fixing it with a wrench]

[The gas stops leaking]

[Raven turns around and finds Nikki causing her to drop her wrench]

Nikki: Hatch used to say returning to the scene of a crime is like a fish that was caught and released biting on another hook. "Only fools and fish do that," he'd say.

[Nikki pushes Raven against the machine with a knife to her throat]

Nikki: But he's dead now because of you, so it really doesn't matter what he'd say now, does it?

Raven: Nikki, wait.

Nikki: I've waited long enough. You're going to die today in the same place that he did. There's poetry in that, coming full circle and all, but first, I want to hear you say what you did.

[Raven sheds a tear]

Nikki: Here it is. Yeah. Cry while you confess your sins. The grim reaper will wait.

Raven: I killed him. I knew radiation was leaking, and...I sent them in. Then things got really bad, and I--I locked him in here--because I was afraid he was as much of a coward as I am. He wasn't. He was brave. I chose to let them all die and save myself instead. It should've been me. It should've been me. If it'll bring you peace, do it, Nikki. Please.

Nikki: I have a better idea. You love with what you've done.

[Nikki drops the knife]

[Raven breaks down in tears]

[Nikki leaves the secondary containment room]

[Clarke, Murphy and Emori run to the secondary containment room and find a crying Raven]

Clarke: Raven?

[Emori, Clarke and Murphy go over to comfort Raven]

Clarke: Hey, hey. It's ok, it's ok. You're ok.

[The four hold hands together]

Scene 13 - Sanctum Palace

[Disciple Soldier 1 continues to feel the effects of the Red Sun Toxin]

[Indra tries cutting the rope tying her to the pole]

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): Tree People are funny.

Indra(In Trigedasleng): How so?

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): Every time I'd take a prisoner...they'd die trying to escape. Every time. It was uncanny. One would think they'd be better at it with so much practice.

Disciple 1: I'm going after the Shepherd

Disciple 2: You'll do no such thing. You'll follow my orders.

Shiedheda: The natives are getting restless. You should hurry.

Indra: I'm going as fast as I can

Sheidheda: For God's sake. before I bleed out, please.

Disciple 2: Is there a problem over there?

Indra: No, no problem.

[Disciple 1 puts his arm around Disciple 2's neck after plunging a knife in her back]

Disciple 1: I am his shield and his sword. Those are my orders.

[Disciple 1 takes the knife out before Disciple 2 dies]

Indra(In Trigedasleng): Buy me some time.

[Disciple 1 goes over to Indra and Sheidheda]

Sheidheda: Smart move killing the other one. You got the others on your side? Now if only you could get the antitoxin for the Shepherd, you'd all be heroes. I can take you to the lab where--

[Indra breaks free of the rope and kills Disciple 1]

[Indra fights and kills the other Disciple Soldiers except for one]

[The last Disciple Soldier puts on his helmet and makes himself invisible]

[Indra notices a sword on the ground]

[The invisible Disciple Soldier fires lasers at Indra]

[Indra avoids the lasers, picks up the sword, attacks and misses]

[Sheidheda notices the invisible Disciple's bloody footsteps]

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): Indra! Behind you! Now!

[Indra swings the sword behind her and cuts the Disciple's head off]

[Indra begins to feel the effects of the Red Sun Toxin again]

Unknown Voice 1(In Trigedasleng): So many dead.

[Indra sees her younger self kneeling]

Unknown Voice 1(In Trigedasleng):Your husband. Your people. It's a pity you didn't kneel sooner.

Unknown Voice 2(In Trigedasleng): As long as you spare my daughter...

Unknown Voice 3: Mother?

Unknown Voice(In Trigedasleng): A commander takes care of its people. And Trikru is mine.

[Gabriel and Jackson run into the palace and notices the dead bodies on the floor]

[Josephine appears again in Gabriel's head]

Josephine: Looks like we missed all the fun.

Jackson: Indra?

[Jackson gives Indra the antitoxin to inhale]

Unknown Voice 1(In Trigedasleng): Trikru has fallen...but breaking you has been nearly as sweet.

[Indra inhales the antitoxin]

Unknown Voice 4(In Trigedasleng): Yes, commander.

[Indra goes over to Sheidheda]

Sheidheda: I saved your life, Indra. Surely that is worth something.

Indra: Yes, it is.

[Indra yells as she swings her sword towards Sheidheda's neck, without landing the attack]

Indra: I don't need to kill you, because you're already dead.

[Indra slowly puts the sword against Sheidheda's face and leaves a cut on it.]

Indra(To Jackson and Miller): No one treats him.

Jackson: Wasn't planning on it.

Gabriel: Me neither

Indra(To Sheidheda in Trigedasleng): Your fight is over.

Scene 14 - Sanctum Palace

[Disciple Soldiers, Disciples, Clarke, Madi, Bellamy, Raven, Murphy and Emori enter the palace to Indra holding a gun at them]

[The Disciple Soldiers hold up their guns as well]

Disciple Soldier: Report Position.

Kelly: Entering the great hall with the Shepherd.

Indra: Where the hell is my daughter?

Cadogan: Who the hell is your daughter?

Bellamy: Indra, hold on. We didn't know she was missing till today. Nobody did. We're gonna get everyone back. Put down the gun.

Clarke: It's ok, Indra. He's gonna help us.

[Indra puts her gun down]

Gabriel: Does that mean you have the Flame?

Cadogan: I do.

Josephine: Now is the time. Tell him.

Gabriel(To Cadogan): I believe I can restore the damaged code with this.

[Gabriel points to a memory drive repair machine]

[Cadogan walks over to the machine]

Gabriel: It's used to repair memory drives, stitching together broken strings of code, code that like the Flame itself was created by--

Cadogan: Becca Franko.

[Cadogan hands the Flame to Gabriel]

Cadogan: Show me.

[Gabriel takes the Flame]

Josephine: It's ok. You can do it.

Gabriel: If Becca's memories are still in here...

[Gabriel attaches the Flame to the machine]

Gabriel: This will find them.

[The machine is turned on]

Doucette: Now we can start the Last War.

[The extraction progress bar loads]

Cadogan: It's working.

Josephine: I'm so proud of you, baby. Now volunteer, he needs a nightblood. What is it? What's wrong?

Gabriel: We are. I'm sorry.

[Gabriel pulls out a gun and destroys the Flame and the machine, then points the gun at Cadogan]

Gabriel: Helmets off and weapons down, all of you. Right now!

[The Disciple Soldiers take off their helmets and put their guns down]

Gabriel(To Jackson): Antitoxin.

Josephine: No, Gabriel. You need me.

[Gabriel inhales the antitoxin]

Josephine: Gabriel, please don't!

[Josephine vanishes from Gabriel's head]

Bellamy: Gabriel? Gabriel, we need him to get our friends back, your friends. Echo and Hope, too. Now put down the gun.

Doucette: Take him!

[Doucette runs towards Gabriel but is shot by Clarke]

Bellamy: No!

[Doucette falls on the floor]

Doucette: Don't lose faith.

[Doucette bleeds out and dies]

Clarke: Raven, fire it up. We need to get to our friends.

[Raven puts her helmet on while Clarke points a gun at Bellamy]

[Raven enters the code for the Anomaly]

Raven: Which planet? Where are they?

Cadogan: It's offline. Only I know the code.

[Raven's helmet shows "Planet Offline"]

Raven: He's telling the truth.

[Raven takes off her helmet]

Raven: There's one planet we can't get to.

Clarke(To Cadogan): Enter the code, and you get to live.

[Cadogan enters the code and successfully opens the Anomaly]

Cadogan: There's your bridge. Go.

Clarke: You're coming with us. Now move

Cadogan: You should have more faith, Clarke.

[Bellamy walks over]

Clarke(To Bellamy): Not you, you've made your choice.

Murphy: I really hope this new thing you believe in is worth it.

Bellamy: It is.

Raven: Come on. Let's go.

[Raven, Madi, Emori, and Murphy enter the Anomaly]

Clarke: Indra, watch him.

[Clarke puts her gun down and walks past Cadogan and over to Bellamy]

Clarke: I said I wouldn't lose anyone else...but I have. You. That doesn't matter to you, though, does it, Disciple Blake? So much for together.

Clarke(To Indra): Let's go.

[Indra pushes Cadogan toward the Anomaly]

Sheidheda: I can help you, if you help me.

[Bellamy looks over at Sheidheda]

Sheidheda: My throne. The book.

[Indra and Cadogan go through the Anomaly]

[Bellamy picks up Madi's sketchbook from the throne and looks at the drawings in it]

Clarke(In Trigedasleng): Bellamy, give it to me.

[Clarke points her gun at the unmasked Disciple Soldiers, then at at Bellamy]

Clarke(In Trigedasleng): Now.

[Bellamy continues going through the drawings]

Clarke(In Trigedasleng): Or I'll kill them all. You know I will.

Bellamy: Clarke, Madi isn't in any danger. I'll make sure of that.

Clarke: (In Trigedasleng) They will kill her to get what they want, and you know it, I won't let that happen.

Bellamy: I'm trying to save us all, Clarke.

Clarke: I'll kill Cadogan. Is that what you want?

Clarke(In Trigedasleng): Give it to me.

[A Disciple Soldier gets shot while running towards Clarke]

Bellamy: Hold, hold.

Bellamy(To Clarke): This isn't about Cadogan. It's bigger than any of us.

[Clarke points her gun back at Bellamy]

Clarke: Don't make me do this.

Bellamy: You're not gonna shoot me, Clarke. The bridge will close. You should go.

Clarke: Not without that book.

Bellamy: Look at yourself, what you feel right now, the need to protect someone you love so badly you're willing to kill your closest friend., someone you trust who's telling you that the fate of the entire human race is at stake.

[Clarke starts to sob]

Bellamy: All that suffering can end. Madi's suffering too. I have no choice but to share this.

Clarke: I can't let them hurt her.

Bellamy: This is how we do better. This is the only way. I'm sorry.

Bellamy(To Disciple Soldier): You need to keep this safe for the Shepherd.

Clarke: Me, too

[Clarke shoots Bellamy in the heart resulting in his death]

Disciple Soldier: The bridge is closing! Get--

[Clarke shoots one of the remaining Disciple Soldiers running out of bullets]

[Clarke runs into the Anomaly before it closes, leaving Madi's book behind]

[Clarke sobs as she goes exits from other side of the Anomaly]

End Credits