Blood Giant is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the ninety-seventh episode of the series overall.

BEST LAID PLANS – The red sun derails Clarke's plans.

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John Murphy: "Invisibility and ray guns I can accept. That needs some explaining though."
Clarke Griffin: "Tell me Madi's safe with Gaia."
Indra: "We thought Gaia was with you."
John Murphy: "Madi's safe for now."
Madi Griffin: "No offense, but if our lives really do depend on Murphy, we're screwed."
John Murphy (to Bellamy Blake): "Don't get me wrong, you look good - not as good as me - but I know a thing or two about pretending to be something you're not."
Raven Reyes: "So, Sheidheda's alive and Madi's in a nuclear reactor? You did good."
John Murphy: "All of our friends are missing and Bellamy is a sheep. So did you."
John Murphy: "So just to recap: the Shepherd over there is the same guy who built the bunker that saved humanity from Praimfaya... twice. And now he wants the Flame, broken, by you so he can start a war with... whoever built the Stones in order to turn all of us into... beings of light."
Raven Reyes: "Yep."
John Murphy: "Ah. Is it weird to me that the craziest part of all of this is Bellamy's robe?"
Raven Reyes: "Nope. Echo and Octavia are hostages and... look at him."
John Murphy: "Yeah, well. Not to point out the obvious, but we're hostages, too."
Raven Reyes: "Yeah, but something happened to him out there."
Trey: "You let the bugs in."
Emori: "Yeah. Two bugs with one stone. Let's just hope its not three."
Madi Griffin: "I don't think you should've given him that."
Clarke Griffin: "Why?"
Madi Griffin: "I remember things."
Clarke Griffin: "Your sketchbook? (Madi nods) Madi, don't tell anyone that, okay? Ever."
Josephine Lightbourne: "God, it's sexy when you get all sciency."
Gabriel Santiago: "Not now."
Josephine Lightbourne: "Why not now? Who cares about these people? Let them tear each other to pieces. All we need is the Flame. You're a Nightblood. We fix it, We put it in your head and save humanity. I know you're thinking it, or I wouldn't be. Becca Franko designed the Mind Drives and the Flame. They speak the same language. We can repair the code."
Gabriel Santiago: "Different connections."
Josephine Lightbourne: "Gabriel, you engineered Memory Drives to hold entire minds, consciousness. On Skyring, you used a damn etch a sketch to watch the Colin Benson Show. Surely you can rig some Eligius tech to pull data off the Flame. You can solve the mystery of the Stone, start the Last War-- the test, whatever."
Gabriel Santiago: "No. No. Not for Cadogan."
Josephine Lightbourne: "For you then. You've got the blood, not him. You take the test for all mankind. We level up because of you. What better way to make up for all the things, you did in this lab to conquer death, hmm? All the broken eggs it took to make this omelet. What do you say, my love? We came across the stars to save the human race. Now's your chance."
Sheidheda: "I saved your life, Indra. Surely that is worth something?"
Indra: "Yes it is. I don't need to kill you because you're already dead. (slashes Sheidheda's face) No one treats him."
Eric Jackson: "Wasn't planning on it."
Gabriel Santiago: "Me neither."
Indra: (in Trigedasleng) "Your fight is over."
Clarke Griffin: "I said that I wouldn't lose anyone else... but I have -- you. That doesn't matter to you, though, does it, Disciple Blake? So much for together. (to Cadogan and Indra) Let's go."
Sheidheda: "I can help you if you help me. My throne. The book."
Clarke Griffin: "Bellamy. (in Trigedasleng) Give it to me. Now. Or I'll kill them all. You know I will.
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke, Madi isn't in danger. I'll make sure of that."
Clarke Griffin (in Trigedasleng): "They will kill her to get what they want, and you know it. I won't let that happen."
Bellamy Blake: "I am trying to save us all, Clarke."
Clarke Griffin: "I'll kill Cadogan. Is that what you want? (in Trigedasleng) Give it to me!"
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke, this isn't about Cadogan! It's bigger than any of us."
Clarke Griffin: "Don't make me do this."
Bellamy Blake: "You're not gonna shoot me, Clarke. The bridge will close. You should go."
Clarke Griffin: "Not without that book."
Bellamy Blake: "Look at yourself, what you feel right now, the need to protect someone you love so badly you're willing to kill your closest friend, someone you trust who's telling you that the fate of the entire human race is at stake. All that suffering can end. Madi's suffering, too. I have no choice but to share this."
Clarke Griffin: "I can't let them hurt her."
Bellamy Blake: "This is how we do better. This is the only way. I'm sorry. (holds out the book to a Disciple) You need to keep this safe for the Shepherd."
Clarke Griffin: "Me, too." (shoots and kills Bellamy)

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  • A drawing by Madi of her memories in the Flame. Flamekeeper's dattoo in the background. Person with warpaint and Commander's armor in the foreground

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