• Tub200

    Okay, I don’t know why I was complaining about Bellamy’s death last night. I actually don’t really cares about the tv show, it just a tv show, I don’t EVEN care who Jason are, who Bob are, who Eliza are, who Marie are, who the rest of the cast are. Yeah, this season not that good as we expecting and it not my favorite either. But I don’t need to say negative or complaining about the show that was totally fiction. All I want is to enjoying the show.

    The reason why I was mad about Bellamy being dead, because it actually make no sense and wasteful, because I want see more of Bellamy in the final season.

    It not like I would stop watching the show that only have 3 more left after this episode. I don’t really cares. I know you guys wouldn’t care a…

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  • Mashizaq

    Space Nation

    August 26, 2020 by Mashizaq

    Just learnt of the Russian owned space nation called Asgerdia. I'm I confused or does THE 100 also have this Asgerdia as one of its clans if not a nation?

    I have a feeling I might have heard of that name somewhere between  Season 1 and 4.

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  • Joejoe948

    Show Ending

    August 3, 2020 by Joejoe948

    Title says it all. It feels weird having come this far. I think for me specifically, this is a strange time because this is my first ever long running show that I've been around for since the beginning, always followed it week to week, almost never missing an episode on the night it would first. Every year time the show is on I feel so invested in it. I don't really know what else to say other than I'm defintitely going to miss it all once it's all said and done, I plan on going into film/tv and seeing this show in it's ups and downs has been very rewarding and huge learning experience. I just hope by the end it can stick the landing, and hit on this secret final theme they've been hiding from us. (even with all of the issues going on bts,…

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  • Rainasharma

    Like he was sooooooooo hot but with a stache he went from 27 to 47. LMK :))

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  • Skai engineer

    I write this just before s7x07 where I expect Bill Cardogan as 'the shepherd' to appear and to explain about his 2nd dawn cult.

    There are total 4 posters haning in the 2nd dawn cult bunker

    1st 'your fight is over' 2nd 'blood must have blood' 3rd 'from the ashes we will rise' 4th 'together we share the burden'

    I like to describe what I can see in:

    'your fight is over':  a red blod arm shakes a black 'nightblood' arm in front of the 2nd dawn cult

    'blood must have blood': - upper half:3 blood stream representing the current generation of grounders (parents) - lower half: 4 blood stream representing next generation (children) with possible blood types - the scale show to keep the 'balance of blood types' 

    Now my interpreatation: 'your fight is over'…

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  • Skai engineer

    Hello THE100 community,

    I start to understand how ALL that works!

    It is important to know at which year the real Ash (called Echo) is born?

    We know a part of the story about Ash from two episodes, in 6x04 The Face Behind the Glass Ash tells about her young years.

    Here Ash tells how she became Echo in 6x11 Ashes_to_Ashes  Ash/Echo says an important sentence (you will understand soon).  Ash/ Echo says "I've been wiped before" - to express that the life of 'real Ash' gets wiped and 'Echo' is born. This sentence opens a big door - does Ash/Echo tell us the truth?

    Thanks for hints & answers Skai Engineer

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  • Skai engineer

    In From the Ashes (s7e01) we see how Trey  speakt to Nelson and calls him a "Null".

    What is the difference in the people status to make them:

    a believer

    a non-believer and still live in Sanctum

    a null and live in the woods?

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  • Bruno861

    Check it out

    May 25, 2020 by Bruno861 (I posted it in spanish)

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  • DanStephens2001

    Unpopular Opinion: 

    I will admit it. I just don't believe that Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are a good match. He has gone against her too often. He was against her from Season 1 Episode 1. Then there is the Pike situation where Bellamy goes against EVERYTHING Clarke works for the entire season! They just don't fit together! I hope that the writers and producers can see it!

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  • DanStephens2001

    I have been thinking recently aout Abby's Parenting of Clarke. Clarke has commited countless acts of violence and possible murder:

    1. Burning THREE HUNDRED Grounders
    2. Killing Finn Collins
    3. Allowing Tondc to be destroyed bya missile killing TWO HUNDRED Grounders and Sky People.
    4. Irradiating Level 5 of Mount Weather causing the Death of THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY inhabitants

    and more!

    All through the show Abby is aware of everything her daughter did yet does NOTHING. Sure, some people could look at it and say she did what she had to do to save her people but it is still MURDER and in some cases MASSACRE!

    Abby shold still have done something  about her daughter's sins.

    What do you all think about this?

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  • OpheliaJane3

    Ophelia Ramiro

    December 29, 2019 by OpheliaJane3
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  • Andy198611

    The 100

    December 1, 2019 by Andy198611

    Grounders and sky people are amreicans, the ice nation is canadaians

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  • Slfinkey

    For What It's Worth

    September 25, 2019 by Slfinkey

    Found this series because I like sci fi.  It's clever.  It's well done, enticing, but take care::

    1)   It's a  primer on how to foment a revolution to remove the privileged ones that hog power..

    2)  The  most important principle of leadership is "The end justifies the means."

    3)  God and religion  are man made, a contrivance, a delusion, a false hope, an "opiate of the masses."

    4) It espouses class warfare on every level.

    It's old communist doctrine, all dressed up looking  brand new in post apocolyptic America.   The concepts it carries are a poison pill, not to be swallowed.

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  • Ragnarstark7

    Antagonists category

    August 12, 2019 by Ragnarstark7

    Who agree that we need a antagonist category? And why this category was deleted?

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  • Panda22Q


    August 9, 2019 by Panda22Q

    Characters like Echo or Niylah who don't have a gallery page should have the kind of gallery they have now or the slideshow kind ? (Example: Josephine's or Simone's galleries)

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  • Klau001
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  • Skai engineer

    'till 2nd moon'

    August 2, 2019 by Skai engineer

    Now more then once the people of Sanctum, most Primes or guards says "you have till 2nd moon!"

    Is there any information or any idea what time-duration this means?

    I simple guess it means 'till the 2nd moon becomes visible on the sky' - still as non-Sanctum member how much time is that?

    Thanks for your thoughts......

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  • Skai engineer

    Hello community,

    well Kane (the body) and Kane II (mind & body) died recently in season 6.

    What you think - is there some truth that another hero will be dead by end of season 6?

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  • MalXXxX

    Is s4 worth watching?

    July 15, 2019 by MalXXxX

    Okay so I started season 1 and I was hooked, then I watched season 2 and it was just amazing but just as a lot of other shows, season 3 ruined it. 

    I watched all of it though because I wanted to give it a chance but I was just, not interested. 

    Now I finished the first episode of season 4, and I still don't like it.

    Then, I searched Google to see if this show is worth it.

    Many people say season 5 is amazing but their least fav is season 4.

    I wanna keep watching this show but is it okay if I skip season 4? Is it that important?

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  • Ldoe Master


    May 30, 2019 by Ldoe Master

    Hey, remember when Russell stated that a dog killed his sister? Was that Picasso or another dog?

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  • Jako9907

    I was rewatching the series and came to season twos close. Maya died with the rest of the Mount Weather population, except for a few people. However, one thing I don’t understand is, why didn’t The 100 or the people from The Ark think of donating some of their bone marrow to her, and the other people who tried to help them? I understand that it might have been difficult to do at the time, but why did that solution not occur to anybody?

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  • Emilieanne.verhaegen

    I did some math. Shaw said his mining mission with Eligius IV  was supposed to be 24-years long. That's 12 years to get there and 12 to get back. Unfortunally, one of the engines broke because of the explosion and they arrived in 2156, six years after Praimfaya II. We know Diyoza took the ship in 2047 from the captain's log so they started their way back to Earth in that year. That means it took them 109 years with the broken engine, for a journey that was supposed to be 12 years. That's about 9 times slower. Let's assume now that Eligius III and Eligius IV are very similar ships with about the same speed. It took Eligius IV 75 years to get to Sanctum. That means it took Eligius III like 8 years (75 years divided by 9). Did they go into cr…

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  • Ldoe Master

    Ever since we put in a page for Blythe Ann, we had the same picture for it.

    Then when Simone Lightbourne came out, we switched the picture, and things went crazy, so now I'm real confused.

    Who is Russel's real wife and what is the (Other?)



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  • AdaLightbourne


    May 20, 2019 by AdaLightbourne

    Actually I was born in Poland... My favourite series is The 100(obssesed lol) and uhh idk XD (srry lol)

    and i cant wait for season 7, you too?

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  • Panda22Q

    Season 6

    May 17, 2019 by Panda22Q

    I am so Happy The 100 got renewed because this season has been amazing so far and it feels very fresh next to previous seasons. New Planet, New Characters, New traditions... i think The 100 really needed this "Chapter 2".

    So to sum up i hope our heroes get to explore this new planet and learn many things about it inhabitants 😄 Thanks Monty and Harper for finding Planet Alpha and giving us this cool storyline ✌🏽

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  • Ldoe Master

    Season 6

    May 11, 2019 by Ldoe Master

    Goodjob to everyone who has helped with the starting of season 6.

    Articles that include, Eligius III, the exploration team and other characters introduced in Sanctum and Red Sun Rising

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  • Fangirlisafan


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  • Koda..Username033

    hidden blog bahah

    November 25, 2018 by Koda..Username033


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  • Janus100

    This is a test announcement post. We're trying to see if we can bring attention to various discussions and other happenings on the wiki without having to highlight everything.

    If you have suggestions for next weeks post, please let me know in comments below, thanks!

    • Weekly episode discussion – Discussing episode 511, "The Dark Year".
    • Main page poll – Who should be in charge of Shallow Valley? After six days, Clarke has taken the lead, Bellamy second, and Madi third. Others in the running: Kane, Octavia, Diyoza, and McCreary.
    • Chatter – Join us in the forums, discussions, and chat!

    This wiki is entirely volunteer made. If you're already a wiki editor, thank you! If you aren't, please join us!

    • Season 5 episodes: "Quotes" section – Many season 5 episod…

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  • Toasterwafflez183


    June 30, 2018 by Toasterwafflez183

    So...apparently, the guy Madi was fighting in How We Get To Peace was Ethan Hardy? How did a cute soft-hearted five year old turn into a twelve year jerk? I’m so mad. I loved him so much.

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  • GarnMcGaughn

    Soo I’m curious, I finally watched the trailer for s05 and glad I waited but that one scene in it just makes me think of the Alien franchise. I’m looking forward to how they will spin everything. Bunker comes out last scene this week I’m calling it.

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  • BlueArcher21

    The 100's been renewed through Season Six and will premiere during The CW's 2018-19 season. [1] I'm not really surprised about it because if it were to end after a fifth season it would have been announced before the cast/crew finished filming. I predict that it will have 13 episodes and that it will possibly be the final season.

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  • Janus100

    In the last few episodes of season 4, several population numbers are given:

    • The bunker can hold 1,200 people.
    • Each clan gets to save 100 people.
    • Sky People has to cull 364 people.

    Each of those numbers is repeated several times and no alternative numbers are ever given. However, various details create confusion in the counts.

    Based on the above, there were a total of 464 people vying for the 100 Sky People spots during episode "The Chosen".

    • 464 likely includes Raven since the Sky People's leaders (Kane, Jaha, Abby, Clarke, and Bellamy) were already planning to bring her to the bunker when they were speaking about the need to cull 364 people.
    • 464 may exclude Monty and Harper. It is unclear that they knew that Monty was still coming from Arkadia. …

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  • PrimmKomTrikru

      Is anyone else waiting for Season 5 of Jason Rothenberg's "The 100"? From what we know, the show's producers have been releasing a few stills from Season 5. They're giving us a small sneak peek at what Clarke and the rest of everyone have been up to. In addition to that, there's been an introduction of the cast in season 5, with the usual cast and some new faces. We have Mike Dopud as a serial killer named Vinson, Lola Flanery as Madi (Clarke's apparent daughter), Jordan Bolger as a space explorer named Zeke, Ivana Milicevic as a military strategist named Charmaine, and William Miller as the show's new "Big Bad". As stated by the cast at San Diego Comic Con, "Praimfaya" destroyed the world, and sent the show 6 years into the future. It s…

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  • Deatheda

    Season 5

    September 30, 2017 by Deatheda

    Does anyone know when Season 5 comes out? 

    I also really hope that Harper / Chelsey Reist gets on the main cast she's honestly really underrated.

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  • Sairaajthe100

    There could have been a bigger story around it. I mean when Octavia said she would kill all of them, she couldn't. They were the only ones that could keep the bunker running. If they stood their ground, they could've won the fight. After all, they did find it themselves, and their ancestors built it.

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  • Tacoman999

    Tacoman999 (talk) 00:18, July 7, 2017 (UTC)These are all of my personal opinions but, feel free to comment your opinion below.

    It is offical that Thelonious Jaha will no longer be a main character in The 100 in Season 5. As of this moment it is unclear whether he will become a recurring character or not. However, many people have speculated that this means that Jaha will die. But, in my opinion I don't think he should die.

    Now I know Jaha's actor Isaiah Washington may be on another schedule but, I feel like Jaha could have great potential in Season 5. If he were to die, the only way I would accept his death is if he died trying to protect his people or dieing heroically. If he died up on The Ark I would have accepted it since it would have b…

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  • Raeslewolhn

    Hi Fellow Fanpeoples,

    With ths sharp separation of the Grounders, Mountain Men and for most seasons the people of the Ark, what do these different groups represent to you? What social dynamics or groups in our real world do you think of, when you consider the different cultures in the Hundred? 

    What do the Grounders represent to you? The Mountain Men? Azgeda? 

    I have notions of my own but I don't want to prime anyone...

    Please discuss!

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  • Tub200

    (This is my first time create blog! I just want to try it!)

    Season finale of season four got me shocked by the end, because I was confusing because Clarke seem doesn't thrust those prisoners on the ship that Clarke and Madi saw.

    I think Clarke and Madi will try to have a good relentonship those people, but since Jason Rothenberg mention that people on the ship will be antagonists for next season.

    I feel like there will be bad leader that try to keep and control the land. When the 100 sent to ground, they seem innocent kids for while until killing grounders.

    I think Indra and other grounders will have bad thought this season because remember when Anya and grounders thought that Clarke and other deliquents are try to attack them but they didn't.…

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  • Tacoman999

     From now on, each week I will be posting on my blog top tens on various subjects concering "The 100."

    This week I'll be ranking my personal top ten favorite episode titles. This has nothing to do with the plot, characters, or, events within the episode and I am only basing this top ten on my personal episode titles.

    Something about the name "Hakeldama" made me like the way it sounds. Meaning: Hakeldama (Aramaic: חקל דמא; field of blood) is the Aramaic name for a place in Jerusalem associated with Judas Iscariot, one of the followers of Jesus. 

    Spacewalker to me will always remind me of Finn and how great of a character he was. Spacewalker sounds cool too. Meaning: a person who manoeuvres in space while outside but attached to a spacecraft.


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  • Nocte Noctua

    Eligius Company

    June 4, 2017 by Nocte Noctua

    What if the Eligius Spaceship that we saw on the Finale is like the Dropship for the Deliquents? What if the Eligius Company has a real Space Colony on other planets of the Solar System? 

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  • Dr. Legendary

    If the directors, writers, and producers decide that they want to make a spin-off series (or several) to the show, what would you want the story to focus on?

    Here are my ideas:

    • Lexa uniting the clans (set in the 2140s)
    • First Grounders learning how to survive (set in the 2060s)
    • First Sky People learning how to survive
    • First Mountain Men learning how to survive
    • Mountain Men discover the Outsiders and start doing tests on them (set in the 2090s)
    • One of the Ark Stations on Earth far away from the others trying to survive (possibly in Plains Riders territory)
    • Before Praimfaya 1 (set in the 2040s and 2050s)
    • Becca doing her Becca things

    Let my know what you think of these and what other spin-offs you would like to see.

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  • Nocte Noctua

    " She's a Nightblood named Madi, and she's been with her ( Clarke ) for five years. They are, for all intents and purposes, bonded the way a mother and daughter would be. So Clarke loves her, and her decision making process has chanced, just as it does for anyone who has a child. We'll tell the story of how they've been surviving as the only two people on the planet - until that ship shows up" 

    Madi is a pre-teen girl that Clarke raised for five long years. Clarke's foster daughter. When Clarke lost 'her people' and her leadership when she as left alone on Earth, she found Madi. If she has been living with Clarke for five years, Madi was five or six years old when Clarke found her. 

    But Clarke is not the only character that will have a pre-t…

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  • Nocte Noctua

    I'm so excited to see Clarke being a real mom. Yes, a mom. I wonder how people keep saying that Madi is not her daughter because Clarke didn't gave birth to her. Guys, love is not made by blood. It's made by caring, loving and raising a child. It doesn't matter if you are related by blood or not. Clarke is mom and that doesn't change if she is only 11 or 12 years older than Madi. Jason said the two of them have a mother-daughter figurative bond. Guys, Clarke raised that girl. She is responsable for Madi and the girl is dependable on Clarke. If this is not motherhood, I don't know what it is. 

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  • Nocte Noctua

    The Griffins

    May 28, 2017 by Nocte Noctua

    I can't stop wondering how Clarke met Madi AND everything that I've got is a MadMax-ish Clarke Griffin driving her rover through deserts and burned forests.

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  • Noctosphere

    As we have seen in the Season 4 finale, a space ship with the label "Prison Ship" on it has landed on Earth

    Who do you think is in it?

    Personally, I think it's part of the Second Dawn organisation who inhabited Mars during the apocalyps.

    what do you think of this theory?

    too crazy for you?

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  • Gashworthc15

    My First Day

    May 24, 2017 by Gashworthc15

    Yey I Has Begun My Long Journey On The 100 Wiki!!!!!!


    (what i know you all felt like this after begginning the 100...

    or is that just me?

    anyway i enjoy many tv shows like;

    The big bang theory

    the 100

    haikyuu!! (IK technically an anime but oh well.)

    Brothers conflict (same as above.)


    See You Later!!


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  • Tacoman999


    May 22, 2017 by Tacoman999

    wanted to earn some points so I wrote this blog post.

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  • Thzar

    Character Signatures

    May 11, 2017 by Thzar

    Raven has her awesome red jacket and Jasper had his goggles. Also, Octavia used to have her sword, but Echo broke it for her. I just wanna know what happened to the signatures, the writers could have done so much with that, Murphy takes Raven’s jacket as he leaves in DNR, or Monty takes Jasper’s goggles before leaving with Harper to go to the bunker in The Other Side. I miss those signatures, I want to see them again and they can be used in so many symbolic ways, Sinclair (as a hallucination) could have gave Raven her jacket or something. Jasper could have gave Monty his goggles before he died, that would have made it so much more sad and touching.

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  • Janus100

    Final Conclave

    April 28, 2017 by Janus100

    The Final Conclave takes place in "Die All, Die Merrily".

    • Each clan has one champion.
    • Champions are to fight to the death until only one is left alive.
    • The entire city is the battlefield and there is no time limit. Guns are not allowed.
    • If a clan breaks the rules, their champion is executed and they lose.
    • Each of the champions wears a sigil (dog tag) with their clan's symbol.
    • To win, the champion must collect all the sigils from the other champions and bring them to the Flamekeeper, Gaia.
    • The winning champion will tell who gets to use the Crypt of Bekka Pramheda.

    Champions in the order killed:

    During the opening ceremony:

    • back row: Podakru, Broadleaf, Boudalan, Sankru, Shallow Valley
    • front row: Delphi, Trikru, Blue Cliff, Plains Riders, Azgeda, Skaikru, Trisha…

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