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Scene 1 - Polis
[Open on Polis and Lexa’s skyscraper. Lexa is asleep on a couch and Clarke is drawing her in charcoal. Lexa jerks awake, gasping, and Clarke crosses to her.]
Clarke Hey, hey, it’s okay, you’re okay. What were you dreaming about?
Lexa Commanders before me, they speak to me in my sleep. I saw their deaths at war, at the hands of an assassin.
Clarke It was just a nightmare.
Lexa No. No, it’s a warning. They think I’m betraying their legacy. Jus drein jus daun has always, always been the way of our people.
Clarke Listen to me. A ceasefire is not a betrayal. What you did on that battlefield stopped a war. Your legacy will be peace.
[Lexa gets up to leave and sees the picture. She picks it up and Clarke, anxious, trails after her.]
Clarke Oh, um, that’s – it’s not finished yet.
[They stare deep into each other's eyes. There’s a knock at the door.]
Lexa Enter.
[Titus and two guards enter carrying a huge box.]
Titus Pardon me, Heda. I didn’t realize you were busy.
Lexa Are you going to tell me what’s in the box or not?
Titus Forgive me. This is a gift from King Roan of Azgeda for Wanheda. The messenger said this is both proof of Azgeda’s loyalty to the coalition and an answer to a yet unanswered question. May I? Open it.
[He steps around to the other side of the room. Two guards move to open it. Inside is Emerson.]
Clarke Emerson.
[Emerson, screeching, jumps out of the box and knocks her to the ground.]
Lexa Stop him! Get him out of here! Put him in a cage, now.
[She moves to help Clarke up.]
Clarke I’m fine.
[The guards grab hold of him and drag him backward out of the room.]
Scene 2 - Trikru Territory
[Open on Hannah, Gillmer, and another farm station guy on a river bank. They are collecting water and soil samples.]
Hannah We done here?
Gillmer Ten-meter draw and I’m good.
[Suddenly, we see Octavia crouching behind a log watching them. She touches her ear piece.]
Octavia Pike’s detail is still at it. Soil and water samples.
[We see Kane worrying in the Ark with a walkie-talkie.]
Kane Any idea what they’re up to?
Octavia No, but considering how heavily they’re armed, I don’t think they want anyone to find out.
[In the distance, she sees movement.]
Octavia Crap.
Kane What is it?
Octavia There’s a Grounder kid. Hang on.
[About this point, Gillmer and Hannah notice him.]
Hannah Hello there. Don’t be scared.
Gillmer We can’t let him go. He’ll tell his people he saw us.
Kane Octavia, please respond.
Gillmer Hannah!
[She turns and nods, Gavriel starts to run.]
Hannah Fan out, with me!
[Octavia, Hannah, Gillmer, and another Farm Station Guard all head off after him.]
Kane Octavia, you there?
Octavia They’re going after the kid. I’m trying to cut them off.
Hannah Split up.
[A Farm Station Guard goes off one direction, Gillmer, and Hannah go another. Gillmer catches up to within shooting distance of Gavriel and aims, but Gavriel jumps down an incline and the shot misses. He keeps running but Octavia grabs him and pulls him off the trail, shushing him with a hand over his mouth.]
Gillmer We lost him.
Hannah Double back towards the river. He can’t have gotten far.
[Gillmer heads back while Hannah continues to look around. A drop of sap dribbles from the tree and onto Octavia’s forehead and instantly starts to burn. She hisses but stays silent. Finally, Hannah leaves. Octavia lets go of Gavriel to wipe the sap from her forehead and he runs off.]
Octavia You’re welcome. Kane?
Kane I’m here. You okay?
Octavia You need to find out what Pike is up to. Right now. Whatever it is, they were willing to kill a kid to keep it quiet.
Kane We’re on it. You stay safe.
Scene 3 - Arkadia
[Open on Abby and Raven in the med-bay. Raven is sitting on a table with Abby examining her bad leg.]
Abby How about now? Anything?
Raven Nope. All good. Pain’s gone.
[Abby stands up.]
Abby Hmm. Your leg-
Raven Still doesn’t work, I know, I just don’t hurt anymore.
[Raven starts to put back on her brace but Abby stops her with a hand to her chin.]
Abby Hey, hold on.
[She checks her eyes with a light.]
Abby Pupils aren’t dilated.
Raven Jaha gave me the key to the City of Light, Abby, not drugs.
Abby Yeah, let’s see what the blood tests say.
Raven I thought you’d be happy for me.
Abby I am. It’s just unusual for pain to subside this quickly.
Raven So, am I all clear?
Abby Apparently. Let Sinclair know that I said it was okay for you to go back to work, but you’re benched again if I find anything abnormal in those tests.
Raven You won’t. Thanks, doc.
[Raven leaves the med bay.]
[Open on Miller and Kane heading down a hallway together.]
Kane You step aside in case someone answers.
Miller I told you, no one’s home.
[They arrive at a door. Miller steps to the side and Kane knocks. Miller chuckles.]
Kane What?
Miller Bet you didn’t think we’d be breaking the law together when you arrested me on the Ark, huh?
[Kane grabs him by the front of his shirt.]
Kane This isn’t a game, Nate. If we don’t find out what Pike’s up to, more people will die.
Miller Then let’s not get caught.
[Kane puts in a key code and opens the door. In the distance, we hear:]
Man Chancellor Pike, good to see you.
[Kane turns to Miller and holds out a bug.]
Kane Hey, you put this somewhere smart, out of sight. I’ll buy you some time.
[Kane leaves. Miller takes it, enters the Chancellor’s office and closes the door behind him.]
[Open on Pike and Bellamy heading down the hall towards the Chancellor’s office while Kane comes up from the Chancellor’s office to meet them.]
Kane There you are. We need to talk about these things Jaha’s distributing.
[They all three stop in the hallway.]
Pike No we don’t. That’s Abby’s department. I have much more immediate concerns.
[Pike goes to step around him and Bellamy follows but Kane turns and starts speaking again before they can leave.]
Kane Like the imprisoned Grounders?
[Bellamy and Pike stop again. This is a dangerous tactic Kane is taking but it’s working.]
Pike Interned for their safety as well as ours.
Kane They came here for our help. If we’re not going to give it to them we should at least send them home.
Bellamy They’re a liability. Let them go, they’ll tell their people what they know about us – our defenses and capabilities.
Kane We’re talking about Lincoln here.
Pike No, we’re talking about the enemy.
Kane Not all Grounders are the enemy.
Pike Kane, we’ve been through this, alright. The election decided it.
[Miller comes down the hall and catches Kane’s eye.]
Kane Public opinion is a funny thing, Charles.
Pike My job is to keep us safe, not to be liked.
[Pike and Bellamy start to leave.]
Kane Then keep up the good work.
[Open on Jaha’s prayer circle. There is a line of people that he is giving the pills to communion style. Jasper is standing in the background, watching. Abby comes up beside him.]
Jasper They seem pretty happy.
Abby Yeah, they sure do. A lot more of them today, too. I know you’re tempted, but, let me figure out what it is first, okay?
[Jasper nods, Abby leaves.]
[Open on the Chancellor’s office in a war meeting. Notably present are Pike, Monty, Bellamy, Monroe, Bryan, and Hannah. Everyone’s standing around the table. While Pike speaks, we see Kane and Miller listening in while sitting around a table at the Ark and Octavia cutting through the foliage presumably listening in through her ear piece.]
Pike Okay, let’s get this meeting started. Welcome Farm Station’s own Monty Green and factory girl, Zoe Monroe, as we begin our next crucial phase: expansion and salvation. And this will lead the way.
[He holds up one of the soil samples.]
Monroe Dirt?
Pike Soil. Fertile, arable soil. Vastly more rich than anything we’ve found since landing. We’ll clear the trees and plant within the month.
Hannah We start with soybeans and corn. They grow the fastest.
[Monty walks away towards the map.]
Bryan What’s wrong, Monty? Don’t like corn?
Monty I’ve never had corn, actually.
[He points to a spot on the map.]
Monty Is this where we’re going?
Pike That’s right.
Monty There’s a village here. What about the people who live here?
Bellamy Sector four. We talked about this. The people there are not a threat.
[Monty comes back to the table.]
Pike We need that land. With the loss of Mt. Weather’s resources, Arkadia will be starving in less than a year.
Bellamy With all due respect sir, you still haven’t answered Monty’s question.
Pike You know the answer. Every field must be cleared of stones before it’s tilled.
Hannah We were spotted by a child so they’ll be expecting us. But they lost their fighters when we took out the army. We don’t expect resistance.
Monty They’re Grounders. They’ll resist.
Bellamy Even if they don’t, the Commander’s message was clear. Blood must not have blood, that doesn’t mean we can start taking-
Pike What would you prefer, die fighting for your home or starve to death? Will you do what needs to be done for your people to survive or not?
Bellamy We’ll do what needs to be done.
[Octavia sets off at a run.]
Scene 4 - Polis
[Clarke enters the throne room where Titus and Lexa are arguing, muffled, by her throne.]
Titus You are letting her cloud your judgment-
Lexa I thought you were supposed to be loyal!
Titus I am, but you are too personally in-
[Titus suddenly notices Clarke and turns to her.]
Titus Here she is.
Clarke You wanted to see me, Commander.
[Lexa steps down to Clarke.]
Lexa Yes. I need to discuss the fate of the last Mountain Man.
Titus I believe he deserves death.
Lexa She can speak for herself, Titus.
[Lexa turns back to Clarke, clearly expecting the peaceful version of Clarke.]
Clarke Titus is right.
[Lexa is visibly taken aback. Titus comes down to stand beside Lexa.]
Titus You see? It is human nature to need vengeance. Only once satiated, can there be peace. That is our way.
Lexa That was our way. Clarke. So, blood must not have blood applies only when it is my people who bleed?
Clarke That was about stopping a war. This is about finishing one. I’m sorry, but if you want my advice, I agree with Titus. He deserves to die for what he did.
Lexa I’m not looking for advice. I’m looking for a decision.
Titus He was gifted to you. The crime he stands charged with is against your people.
Lexa So what will it be then, Clarke? Banishment from our land forever? Or death by 49 cuts from your hand? You have until sundown to decide.
[Lexa and her guards leave Titus and Clarke in the throne room.]
Scene 5 - The Cave
[Open on Octavia sharpening her blade. She hears footsteps and sees Miller enter the cave.]
Octavia Finally. Where’s my horse?
Miller Outside. Nice to see you, too.
[Octavia goes running off.]
Miller Octavia, wait a second. You actually think that a bunch of Grounders are gonna give up their home because you asked them too?
Octavia If it’s that or be wiped out, maybe.
Miller Okay, then what if they don’t leave. Then we’re leading our people into an ambush. Maybe if you just talked to your brother-
Octavia My brother is on the wrong side.
Miller So what, then we don’t even try?
Octavia What do you think happens when Lexa finds out that Skaikru massacred another Grounder village?
Miller War. More dead friends.
Octavia Stop the attack. Stop a war.
[She runs off leaving Miller in the cave.]
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Open on Raven smiling peacefully. She wipes a tear, stands, and grabs a bag. Suddenly, Jaha and A.L.I.E. are there.]
Jaha Feeling better?
Raven Better? I feel incredible. Thank you, both of you.
A.L.I.E. Thank you, Raven. More are joining the City of Light because of you.
Raven Anything I can do to help. What?
Jaha Now that you’re back on the engineering core, thanks to A.L.I.E., we’d like you to do a job for us.
Raven Name it.
A.L.I.E.: I’ve been looking for something for a long time. Searching for it in scavenged technology. It’s one of the reasons we came to Arkadia first. I believe that version two of my code is somewhere in the computer system of the Ark.
Raven Why did there need to be a version two? Is there something wrong with you?
Jaha Nothing’s wrong.
Raven No offense, I’m just saying programmers and engineers generally don’t go to a version two unless there’s-
Jaha Raven.
Raven Of course. Of course, I’ll help you. But I gotta say I’m fairly certain if there was an AI on the Ark, I would know.
A.L.I.E.: It will likely be a dormant program. That or an unfinished one. If you can gain me access to the mainframe, I can search for and download any residual code.
Raven Sounds like a plan, red. See you on the other side.
[She takes the backpack from Jaha and walks away.]
A.L.I.E.: Why would you not tell her the truth about me?
Jaha John Murphy knew the truth and we lost him, remember?
A.L.I.E. John Murphy never saw the City of Light.
Jaha Call it an abundance of caution, then. But we are, after all, asking her to find an upgrade for a computer program that ended the world.
[Open on Bellamy, Hannah, Monroe, Monty, and Bryan setting up the rover for war. Kane walks up to where Bellamy is working at a table.]
Kane That’s a lot of firepower.
Bellamy Let’s hope we don’t need it.
Kane What’s the mission?
Bellamy Planning for our future.
Kane You know, that looks a lot like our past.
Bellamy We are building a life here. Not trying to make peace with people who only understand war.
Hannah Damn right.
[Bellamy walks away, and Kane steps up to Hannah.]
Kane Hannah, you just got your son back. Don’t send him out there to die.
Hannah No one’s dying today.
[She walks away and smiles at Monty.]
Bellamy Let’s move out.
[Everyone starts to load up into the rover. Miller comes up on Bryan.]
Bryan Hey, where the hell have you been?
Miller I lost the damn horse. Well, actually the horse lost me, but-
[Bryan claps Miller on the back of the neck.]
Bryan I’m glad you’re OK.
Miller I wish you didn’t have to go with them.
[Bellamy pokes his head out of the rover.]
Bellamy Today, Bryan.
Bryan Duty calls.
Miller Yeah. Hey, be careful, please. Alright.
[They hug, and Bryan loads up into the rover. Bellamy shuts the door and Miller and Kane make ominous eye contact as Kane watches the rover drive away.]
Scene 7 - Trikru Village
[Open on Octavia riding Helios through the forest. She comes upon the village in question, hands raised. The Grounders are unimpressed.]
Octavia I mean you no harm. I mean you no harm. I mean you no harm.
[She dismounts. Semet steps forward.]
Semet Liar! I’ve seen your face. You were at the Battle of the Mountain. She’s Skaikru. Your guns killed our brothers and sisters, warriors, sent by the commander to keep you safe.
[They are encircling her and she’s backing away.]
Octavia I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m here to warn you that the soldiers who did that are coming here now. They want your land and they will kill all of you to get it. You need to leave this place right now.
Semet Are you threatening us?
[Not waiting for an answer, he knocks her leg out from underneath her with his cane and then kicks her in the mouth. He goes to bash her head in with the cane but she rolls away. She jerks the cane away from him and rises again, wielding it. She turns it on him like a spear, but holds up her hand.]
Octavia I’m trying to help.
Semet Why should we believe you?
[Gavriel pushes his way through the crowd.]
Gavriel Because she helped me, Semet.
Semet You’re the one who saved Gavriel?
[Octavia wordlessly tosses him his cane.]
Semet Don’t leave.
[He walks away. Panting, Octavia bends over and glares up at Gavriel.]
Octavia You couldn’t have said something before I got kicked in the face?
[She spits blood as Gavriel walks away.]
Scene 8 - Arkadia
[Open on Abby and Jackson in the med bay.]
Abby Chronic pain just doesn’t go away overnight.
Jackson The data says it does. Elevated levels of serotonin and dopamine in Raven’s blood are consistent with her claims, and since it’s within normal limits I’d say it’s not drug induced. You look disappointed.
Abby No. Surprised.
Jackson We’ve all been through so much that it’s hard to recognize hope.
[Kane enters.]
Jackson Even when it’s right in front of us.
Abby Jackson, can you go check on the Grounder patients in lock up and report back to me, OK?
[Jackson looks knowingly at Kane, pats Abby on the back, and leaves. Kane steps towards her.]
Kane Octavia should be at the village by now. But if she can’t convince them to evacuate-
Abby You have done everything you can.
Kane No. No, I haven’t. I let this happen.
[He sits.]
Kane I demanded an election, and now we have Chancellor Pike. We’re on the brink of a war we can’t win. And all I can do to stop it is send kids into harm’s way.
[Abby crosses to him.]
Abby Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, they’re not kids anymore.
Kane With Clarke gone, Bellamy’s the key. I’ve been trying to reach him, but Pike’s influence is strong. He really believes he’s doing the right thing.
Abby Everybody always does.
[She kisses him on the cheek.]
Kane What was that?
Abby Let’s call it hope.
Scene 9 - Trikru Village
[Open on the Grounder village, Semet, a female Grounder and another Grounder are talking. Octavia is in the out of earshot tending to Helios.]
Female Grounder So it’s agreed.
Male Grounder I’ll tell the others, you handle the girl.
[Gavriel nervously walks up to Octavia.]
Octavia You can pet him if you want.
[Gavriel steps forward with a smile and Octavia helps him to pet Helios’ nose. Semet steps up.]
Semet Gavriel, go pack your things. Go on.
[Gavriel runs off and Semet steps closer to Octavia.]
Semet His parents were warriors. Both killed by Skaikru guns.
Octavia You decided to leave.
Semet As you say, we’re no match for Skaikru.
Octavia What you’re doing is as brave as going to battle, Semet.
[Men are shouting and Octavia looks. They are standing over wood and wiping goo off their hands. Octavia walks over and quickly puts it together. They are wiping acid onto wood to set it on fire.]
Octavia What is this?
Semet You think you know us? You know nothing, girl.
[A Grounder blindsides her and knocks her out cold.]
Scene 10 - Arkadia
[Open on Raven somewhere in the depths of the Ark.]
Raven All set. We just gotta patch you in.
[She rounds the corner and A.L.I.E. is there.]
Raven Can I ask you a question? Why would the second AI be in space?
A.L.I.E. My creator thought she needed a more secure work environment.
[Raven is fiddling with wires and doing various techy stuff.]
Raven So did you go, too?
A.L.I.E. No. I was the reason she wanted a more secure environment.
[Raven punches a couple buttons and lights flicker on. A.L.I.E. disappears.]
Raven She’s in.
[Jasper comes around the corner.]
Jasper Who’s in?
Raven Jasper, you don’t have access to be down here.
Jasper Like that’s ever stopped me. Is that Jaha’s backpack?
[Raven closes it.]
Raven What do you want, Jasper?
Jasper Came to apologize. I might have stolen Finn’s ashes. Spread them at the dropship.
[Raven continues to smile blankly at him.]
Jasper You’re not pissed?
Raven I’m not pissed.
Jasper Okay. What are you on and how do I get some?
Raven Simple. I just decided I’d suffered long enough. So have you, Jasper. If you’re ready, Jaha has the key.
Scene 11 - Polis
[Open on Clarke walking into Lexa’s throne room. There are several guards and, in the center of the room, Emerson tied up and blindfolded.]
Clarke Give us a minute.
[The guards leave as Clarke comes up to Emerson and removes the blindfold.]
Clarke Carl Emerson, Mount Weather security detail.
Emerson I’ve heard what they call you now. Wanheda, commander of death.
Clarke I should’ve known it was you who told them how to destroy the Mountain.
Emerson I didn’t destroy Mount Weather. You did. 381 people. 182 men. 173 women 26 children. Two of them were mine.
Clarke Your president gave us no choice.
[Emerson screams and Clarke flinches.]
Emerson What’s the matter? You don’t like to be faced with your demons?
Clarke If you want mercy, you’re gonna have to ask me for it.
[Emerson laughs.]
Emerson I don’t want mercy. I want revenge. I want you to suffer the same way that I’ve suffered.
[Clarke turns and walks away.]
Emerson You can kill me, Clarke, but you can never escape what you did. My pain ends today. Yours has just begun.
[Clarke closes the door to her room and turns to see Titus.]
Clarke Titus. What are you doing in my room?
Titus You spend so much time talking about peace. I think that it’s time we made peace with each other, don’t you?
Clarke Alright.
[They sit.]
Titus I appreciate the predicament you’re in, Clarke. I do. After convincing Lexa not to avenge the massacre of our army, it must be hard for you to choose to take your own revenge. Perhaps now you realize how difficult this new policy will be for our people to accept.
Clarke This has nothing to do with what happened to your army. Emerson is guilty. Wiping out my people for the crimes of a few is not justice.
Titus Did you not wipe out his people for what a few of them did to yours? You’re a leader, Clarke. Lexa listens to you. Help me to protect her. Blood must not have blood is folly. Our people will not accept it and I fear – I fear it will get her killed.
Clarke I can’t help you do something that leads to war against my people.
[Titus nods and stands.]
Titus Then we are at an impasse.
[Titus nods again and walks away.]
Scene 12 - Arkadia
[Open on Jasper holding the pill at a table with Jaha.]
Jasper Does it hurt?
A.L.I.E. He’s ready.
Jaha It takes away pain, it doesn’t cause it.
Jasper What if – what if you don’t have physical pain. What if it’s more – it’s more in your head?
A.L.I.E. Pain is pain.
Jaha Pain is pain. Your scars run deep, Jasper.
Jasper You only get scars once you’ve healed. See you on the other side.
[He lifts the pill to his mouth, but Abby appears and catches his hand.]
Abby Am I interrupting?
Jaha Not at all. Please, join us.
[She sits.]
Abby May I?
[She holds out her hand for the pill and Jasper grudgingly gives it to her.]
Abby You seem to be working miracles with these. What is it? And I don’t want to hear that it’s a key. Give me the science.
A.L.I.E. It’s alright. Tell her.
Jaha It’s a silicon based device. Once ingested, the filaments reconstitute in the brain stem and interrupt pain receptors, inhibiting certain neural pathways from firing.
Jasper Should’ve stuck with key.
Abby Would you mind if I run some trials on it? I just want to make sure that there aren’t any side effects. Would you have given it to Wells without testing it first?
Jaha Wells?
[Abby is instantly horrified.]
A.L.I.E. Your son.
Jaha Yes. Yes. Of course.
[Jasper looks unsettled.]
Abby Jasper, I need a minute, please.
Jasper Can I have that back?
Abby Now, please.
[Jasper leaves.]
Abby I’m shutting you down.
[She reaches out and takes the bag from his hand.]
Jaha That’s not necessary, please, Abby. It’s been so long since I’ve thought of my son.
Abby I’m sorry, I’m not going to let you give this to anyone else until I get a chance to look at it.
[She gets up to leave but Jaha gets up and stands in front of her.]
Jaha I am only trying to help eliminate pain. Same as you.
Abby Whatever it is, it’s eliminating more than just pain.
[She leaves. Jaha looks to A.L.I.E.]
Jaha We cannot let her stop us.
A.L.I.E. Don’t worry, Thelonius.
[Jackson steps up behind her.]
Jackson I’ll keep an eye on her.
[Jackson walks away and Jaha smiles.]
Scene 13 - Trikru Village
[Open on the Grounder village. Octavia is tied up and slowly regaining consciousness on the ground. Semet and another Grounder come up behind her talking and she quickly plays dead.]
Semet The trap is set. As soon as it’s done, we leave for Polis.
Female Grounder We should just kill her.
Semet No, the Commander needs to hear about this from Sky People themselves.
[The sound of the rover rips through the air.]
Semet There! They come!
[They run to hide and Octavia resumes struggling to get up. The rover pulls up and Bellamy, Bryan, Monroe, Monty, Gillmer, Hannah, and a redshirt jump out with guns drawn.]
Monroe I don’t hear anything. Maybe no one’s home.
Bellamy Hello? Anyone here?
[They make a formation around the rover.]
Hannah Maybe they saw our lights and left.
[Bellamy motions them forward and they start to move into the village. Octavia undoes her bonds with her teeth and runs off towards Helios.]
Semet Stop her! She’ll warn them!
[A Grounder runs after her but she makes it up and onto Helios and kicks the Grounder in the face and Helios starts to gallop away. The Grounders are lighting the ends of their arrows in a small fire.]
Semet Light ‘em up. Wait till they’re in position.
[The Grounder archers ready themselves on the edge of a hill overlooking the village. Skaikru is completely inside the village now with Monroe at the front. Helios whinnies in the distance and Bellamy hears it and jumps into action.]
Bellamy Contact. Two o’clock.
[The Skaikru start running towards the noise, this time with Monroe bringing up the rear. Octavia has brought Helios around on a ridge and screams downs towards Bellamy.]
Octavia Bellamy, get them out of there! It’s a trap!
Semet Get ready! Fire!
[The Grounders draw their bows and fire into the piles of wood covered in the radioactive sap.]
Bellamy Incoming! Take cover!
Octavia The smoke is poison.
Bellamy Fall back, fall back. Stay away from the smoke. Get back to the rover.
[Monroe, caught in the middle, stumbles and falls, choking.]
Monroe Monty! Help!
[Monty is being dragged away by Gillmer and the redshirt. He struggles and breaks away and runs back into the smoke towards Monroe.]
Monty Let me go! Monroe!
Monroe Please! Help me! Please
Monty I have to save her! Monroe!
[Hannah comes back running towards the smoke.]
Hannah Monty!
Bellamy Stand down! Fall back!
[Gillmer grabs Hannah and starts dragging her away.]
Gillmer Hannah, come on! Come on!
[The camera stays on Bellamy, Gillmer, and Hannah staring anxiously into the smoke as we hear Monty shout for Monroe.]
Monty Monroe! Monroe!
[Finally, Monty drags Monroe out of the haze, both wheezing. Everyone lets out a collective breath.]
Hannah Monty!
[Bellamy runs forward to help Monty support Monroe.]
Bellamy Monty, come on. We got to get her away from the smoke.
[They carry her away and lay her down. She gasps for life as Monty and Bellamy lean over her.]
Bryan How the hell did they know?
Bellamy Monroe?
[She breathes her last.]
Bellamy Monroe!
Monty No.
Hannah Your sister did this.
Bryan How the hell did she know?
Hannah We have traitors in our camp.
[Octavia is watching on from atop Helios. Suddenly, she is knocked off the horse. A Grounder has a knife to her throat and Semet stands over her.]
Scene 14 - Polis
[Open on Lexa’s throne room. People are playing drums. Emerson stands half-naked, still chained in the middle of the room, and Clarke watches from off to the side. Lexa enters surrounded by guards and crosses to stand in front of her throne. She raises her hand and the drums stop.]
Lexa We come together tonight as we have countless times before to watch a man die. Wanheda.
[She hands a knife to a guard who moves to stand in front of Emerson holding it out for Clarke.]
Lexa Vengeance is yours.
[Clarke crosses down to in front of Emerson and looks at the knife before turning to the rest of the room.]
Clarke No.
[There are murmurs throughout the crowd. The guard with the knife returns to Lexa and Clarke turns to Emerson.]
Clarke I don’t know if your death would bring me peace. I just know I don’t deserve it.
[Titus crosses down to Clarke, furious.]
Titus This man must die. If Skaikru will not take his life then Heda will!
Lexa Heda will speak for herself. Enough, Titus.
Emerson What the hell is this?
Clarke I wouldn’t be killing you for what you’ve done. I’d be killing you for what I’ve done. I give this man his life. Blood must not have blood.
[Emerson screams and the crowd begins to murmur.]
Lexa Silence! The crimes of the Mountain cannot be answered by one man. Wanheda knows this. Her actions show us a promise for a new future. A world in which violence does not always answer violence. A world in which our children can flourish without the shadow of death. This prisoner is banished from my land. He will live, but he will live with the ghosts of those he has lost. Haunted until the end of his days by the knowledge that he is the last of his kind.
[Clarke steps closer to Emerson while Titus watches.]
Clarke May you live forever.
Scene 15 - Arkadia
[Open on the Chancellor’s office where Pike is looking over his maps. Bellamy enters and walks up to him.]
Bellamy You wanted to see me, sir?
Pike How you holding up?
Bellamy I’ve been better.
Pike Yeah, we all have. We need to talk about your sister. Two of our people died today because of her. Not to mention the ash-poisoned soil making the land useless.
Bellamy Grounders did that. Octavia tried to warn us.
Pike Yes, after she warned them. Someone in this camp is giving her information. I need to know who.
Bellamy We both know who.
Pike Kane. We have no proof. You need to find me some.
Bellamy Yes, sir.
Pike You’re dismissed.
[Bellamy turns and walks out the door.]
Scene 16 - Polis
[Open on John Murphy. He’s blood and bruised and swollen and also tied to a chair in Titus’ lair while Titus beats him.]
Murphy Please. listen to me, OK? I don’t know anything more about Clarke, alright? Listen, I don’t know anything.
Titus Forget about Clarke.
[He holds up the pill that had been taken out of Murphy’s bag.]
Titus Tell me about this.
Scene 17 - Arkadia
[Open on Jaha, Raven, and A.L.I.E. in the depths of the Ark.]
Jaha We have some willing converts but no keys. That’s gonna be a problem.
Raven One problem at a time. There’s no trace of A.L.I.E.'s code or anything like it on the Ark.
Jaha You were sure.
A.L.I.E. I remain certain that Becca went into space. Unfortunately, it appears that she wasn’t on any of the 12 stations that made up the Ark.
[Jaha looks away, thinking.]
Raven I’m sorry. I know how important it is to you to find that AI.
Jaha 13.
A.L.I.E. 13?
[Cut back to Titus holding up the pill with Jaha’s lines as a voice over, Murphy looks at the pill, silent.]
Jaha The Ark was made up of 12 stations. That’s true. But there was supposed to be 13.
[Cut back to the Ark.]
A.L.I.E. I didn’t find that on any of the data.
Raven That’s because it was scrubbed.
Jaha Blowing a space station out of the sky to get others to join isn’t exactly an inspirational Unity Day story.
[Cut back to Titus. He drops the pill and reels back with the whip.]
Murphy No, hold on, wait, wait, just listen to me, OK, listen-
[Titus connect twice as Murphy screams. Cut back to the Ark.]
A.L.I.E. Tell me more.
Jaha I wish I could. All I know is that it happened.
[Cut back to Titus’ lair, where Titus connects twice more as Murphy screams. The camera pans out to reveal a space pod in the corner. The side of the pod reads POLIS, but with spaces between the letters big enough for it to read POLARIS.]
Jaha And that it was called Polaris.
[Titus continues to beat Murphy as he screams.]
Murphy Stop it!