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Octavia: "I can't let these people die, Bell."

Bellamy: "Side by side, like it's meant to be."

— Bellamy and Octavia prepare to stand together. [src]

Bellamy and Octavia is the relationship between siblings Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake. They are portrayed by starring cast members Bob Morley and Marie Avgeropoulos and debut in the series premiere.

Because of the one child law on the Ark, Bellamy and Octavia are the only known siblings among the Sky People.

Ever since Bellamy sided with Pike in Season Three, their relationship has been strained. After Lincoln's death, Octavia disowned Bellamy, blaming him for Lincoln's death. However, through Season Four, events make Octavia overcome her own personal demons, making her realize that no matter what he is her big brother and she will always love him. In Season Five, their relationship is strained again due to Octavia's actions as Blodreina.


Bellamy's and Octavia's sibling relationship starts before the first episode of season one at Octavia's birth. After Octavia was discovered and locked up, Bellamy shot Chancellor Jaha in order to stow away on the Delinquents' drop ship so he could protect his sister on the ground. Throughout Season One, Bellamy is overly protective of Octavia to the point of them getting into numerous fights. Eventually, he acknowledges his sister is stronger than he thought and in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)", Bellamy says goodbye to Octavia and allows her to leave with Lincoln after she is injured in the war.

Bellamy and Octavia are reunited again in Season Two when Octavia saves him from Grounders in "Many Happy Returns". Bellamy then helps Octavia find Lincoln and treat him through his Reaper drug withdrawals in Long Into an Abyss. After Bellamy infiltrates Mount Weather with the help of Lincoln in "Survival of the Fittest", Octavia refuses to leave him behind, sacrificing her chance to be a Woods Clan warrior in "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)". Bellamy then saves her life by irradiating all of Mount Weather in "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)".

After the events of Season Five, their relationship becomes severely strained with Bellamy banishing Octavia. Bellamy later tells Octavia that while she is still his sister, she is no longer his responsibility. In "The Blood of Sanctum," after seeing Octavia's genuine change of heart, Bellamy agrees to stand with his sister "side by side, like it's meant to be." He is devastated when Octavia is stabbed and suddenly disappears with the anomaly.

Early Life

Young Bellamy keeping newborn Octavia quiet.

Aurora Blake, Bellamy's mother, was forced to keep her second pregnancy a secret because of the one child law on the Ark. A seven-year-old Bellamy watched his mother give birth to his sister and even helped keep her quiet after the birth. After the child was born, Aurora told Bellamy to name her. He had learned about the Roman emperor, Augustus, and named his sister after the emperor's sister, Octavia. Aurora told Bellamy that Octavia was his responsibility. He told her he loves her very much and promises to keep her safe, no matter what may happen.

Because Octavia was an illegal second child, she had to be kept hidden in their room, never venturing out. Bellamy would tell her stories and play with her, telling her about the Ark. Their mother would also read them mythology, which Octavia loved. Octavia would also help Aurora, who was a seamstress on the Ark. In order to find out about the surprise inspections ahead of time, Aurora was sleeping with an Ark Guard and she was also trying to get Bellamy a position on the guard. During these inspections, Octavia was forced to hide under the floorboards and wait quietly until they were done. Bellamy told her to tell herself, "I am not afraid."

Octavia was finally exposed a year before they were sent to earth. Bellamy had become an Ark Guard Cadet and was able to get duty during the Unity Day masquerade party. He sneaks Octavia out of their room so she could attend and promises her that he'll keep her safe and deliver her home before their mother even knows they're gone. The party is disrupted by a solar flare alert, requiring everyone to show ID. Since Octavia didn't have any ID, they knew they would be caught. Bellamy tells her to go straight back to their room and hide but Octavia admits to him that she doesn't know how to get back. Commander Shumway notices that Bellamy has his shock baton out and starts to question them. Bellamy begs Commander Shumway to let her go, but he refuses stating Bellamy is not a guardsman yet. Octavia tries to run but is easily captured. Bellamy suddenly loses his sister, his mother, and his chance to be an Ark guard and becomes a janitor.

A year later, Bellamy is approached by Commander Shumway who tells Bellamy that 100 prisoners are being sent to the ground, his sister among them. He offers Bellamy the chance to go to Earth and protect Octavia but only if he shoots and kills the Chancellor. Bellamy accepts the deal and stows away on the dropship.

Throughout the Series

Pilot 034.png
In Pilot, Octavia Blake is sent down to Earth with the other delinquents. When the drop ship lands, she is reunited with her brother, Bellamy. Because she is the only one with a sibling, the delinquents realize that she is the illegal second child who used to hide under the floor. Octavia doesn't take the comments well so Bellamy tells her she should give them something else to remember her by: she should be remembered as the first person to walk back on Earth. Bellamy holds back the other delinquents as she steps foot outside the drop ship and onto the ground, becoming the first "grounder" in 97 years. Later, Bellamy is reluctant to let Octavia go search for supplies in Mount Weather but she promises him that she will be fine, gives him a kiss on his cheek, and then leaves.

In Earth Skills, Octavia returns injured from their failed trip to Mount Weather. Bellamy helps clean her leg wound and bandages it. She winces with pain while he is cleaning it but she bares through it. When Clarke says they need to go after Jasper, she quickly volunteers to do so but is shot down by Clarke (who thinks her leg will slow them down) and Bellamy (who doesn't want her to get hurt again). Bellamy leaves Atom to watch over her and keep her from getting into trouble. Octavia quickly begins taunting Atom, saying how he can't not follow orders. Atom gets fed up and locks her in the drop ship with Monty. When Atom eventually lets her out of the drop ship, Monty asks how someone who was raised under the floor isn't a basket case. Atom tells her it's because she was loved by her brother. Octavia then wanders off following a butterfly and discovers a field full of them. Atom follows after her and Octavia kisses him. When Bellamy returns to camp, he catches Atom with Octavia. Bellamy punishes Atom by tying him up in a tree and tells him he will not be disobeyed before leaving him there for the rest of the night.

In Earth Kills, Bellamy orders a search for Trina and Pascal who have been missing for a while. He is confronted by Octavia because he punished Atom for kissing her. Bellamy leaves camp with a group of [{Delinquents]] to search for the two missing kids while Octavia remains behind and watches over Jasper as he recovers from his wounds. During the acidic fog storm, Octavia expresses concern for her brother because he's out in the woods. Bellamy manages to rescue another delinquent, Charlotte, and they make it inside a cave before the fog reaches them, however, Atom isn't with them. While in the cave, Charlotte has a nightmare and starts to scream. Bellamy tells her the same things he had told Octavia while growing up and that she can't be afraid because fear is death. He gives her a knife, telling her to "slay her own demons" as well as telling her to repeat the phrase, "Screw you. I'm not afraid," whenever she's afraid. Once the fog passes they set out in search of a missing Atom. They find him dying; his eyes are a pale, gray color and his skin is destroyed from where the fog touched it. Atom begs Bellamy to kill him and Charlotte hands Bellamy the knife he gave to her, telling him not to be afraid. He sends everyone back to camp and tries to bring himself to kill Atom. Clarke arrives and realizes there is no hope for Atom. Bellamy watches as she takes the knife from him and humanely kills Atom. Once back at camp, he tries to protect Octavia from seeing Atom but she does anyway and becomes upset.

In Murphy's Law, Octavia tries to take Jasper out into the forest as he had fully recovered from his wounds but John Mbege grabs her from behind, frightening Jasper who trips and inadvertently discovers Wells' amputated fingers and a knife with the initials "J.M." They take these to Bellamy and Clarke with the latter confronting John Murphy about it.

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Octavia watches the Mir-3 escape pod crash to earth with the other delinquents and Bellamy tells them that they will search for it in the morning. Bellamy instead goes out searching for it in the night and Octavia follows him, eventually confronting him about his lies. Bellamy reveals that the reason he wants to find the ship is because he shot Chancellor Jaha in order to get on the drop ship with Octavia. Octavia is furious with him, claiming that she didn't ask him to do that for her, and storms off. While heading back to camp, she trips down a hill and is knocked unconscious. Later, when she awakens, she discovers a Grounder watching her.

Young Octavia and young Bellamy

In His Sister's Keeper, their early life is revealed through flashbacks. In their present Timeline, Bellamy realizes that Octavia has gone missing and forms a search party in an effort to find her. They soon see a spectacular meteor shower, which Clarke realizes is actually a funeral for 320 people from the Ark. Bellamy brushes off Raven's accusations that it is all Bellamy's fault and he quickly takes off with a group of delinquents in search of Octavia. Once Bellamy and the rest of the search party are in the Grounder's territory, they are quickly under attack.

Octavia awakens in a cave belonging to a Grounder, the same Grounder she saw earlier. He enters the room she's being held in and seals her leg wound shut. After the Grounder exits the room, Octavia proceeds to crawl out of the cave through a small opening and manages to run away, heading back to camp. She is quickly recaptured by the same Grounder, however, and is held captive while she watches Roma die at the hands of the Grounder traps and realizes the Grounder had saved her life. As he carries Octavia back to his cave, she pleads with him to save her brother. When they get back to the cave, he chains her up and leaves her again.

After Mbege, Diggs, and Roma are killed by grounders, Bellamy, Finn, Jasper, and Monroe soon find themselves surrounded. A horn is heard in the distance and Finn, believing it to be Acid Fog, quickly sets up a tent and they take shelter under it. After a few minutes, Bellamy looks outside and finds no acid fog. They spot a Grounder running through the forest and they follow him back to his cave.

Flashback of Bellamy and Octavia on the Ark.

Octavia "freaks out" about being chained up and when the Grounder returns, she hits him over the head, knocking him out. As she's scrambling to free herself, Bellamy, Jasper, Monroe, and Finn enter the cave. Bellamy quickly frees Octavia and threatens to kill the grounder but Octavia tells him that the Grounder had saved her life. While they argue, Finn notices the Grounder's horn and reaches for it. The Grounder stabs Finn in mistaken self-defense and a fight ensues with the Grounder pinning Bellamy down. Octavia begs the Grounder to not kill her brother right before Jasper knocks him out. Bellamy then hugs Octavia and they carry Finn back to The Camp. Once back at camp, Octavia tries to leave again, but Bellamy stops her. They get into a heated argument, blaming each other for their troubled past. Octavia walks off and Bellamy notices that a storm is coming.
In Contents Under Pressure, Octavia is assisting Clarke with Finn's stabbing when Bellamy, Miller, and Drew drag the Grounder that saved Octavia into the drop ship. She follows them up to the third level where they tie up the Grounder but Bellamy makes Octavia leave when she protests the treatment of him. Bellamy beats the Grounder, trying to get information about the other Grounders. He looks through the Grounder's bag and they find a tin full of vials and a journal. In the journal, Bellamy sees a drawing of Octavia and is not pleased. He then sees a drawing of the drop ship and tally marks representing the number of delinquents with ten crossed out for the ten deaths that had already occurred. When Clarke discovers the blade that stabbed Finn was poisoned, she heads up to see the prisoner and Octavia follows her. Bellamy tells Clarke she doesn't have to be there while he tortures Lincoln to find the antidote, but Clarke stays. Octavia begs him to stop, telling him the Grounder had saved their lives even though Finn was dying downstairs. Bellamy brutally tortures the Grounder, whipping him with a seatbelt and putting a spike through his hand, yet the Grounder still will not speak. Raven comes into the room after Finn almost dies again and begins to electrocute the Grounder. Octavia makes her stop when she slices open her own forearm with the poisoned blade, saying that the Grounder wouldn't let her die. The Grounder finally reveals the antidote in order to save Octavia's life. Bellamy tries to comfort his sister but she rejects him.

Bellamy contemplates leaving Octavia behind

In Day Trip, Bellamy is unsure what to do with Lincoln but has decided against killing him. Bellamy still won't let Octavia see Lincoln and leaves Miller in charge on the pretext of going on a scavenging mission with Clarke. In reality, he is planning on running away and leaving Octavia behind because he knows it is just a matter of time before he is punished for shooting Jaha. While he is gone, Octavia helps Lincoln escape. After Bellamy returns from his trip with Clarke, he asks Octavia about Lincoln escaping. She replies by lying, saying she had nothing to do with it. Bellamy wraps a blanket around her and promises her that he's not going anywhere.

Bellamy spots Octavia with Lincoln

In Unity Day, Bellamy recruits Raven and Jasper to accompany him as Clarke's backup to the meeting on the bridge with the grounders. When the meeting begins, Bellamy witnesses Octavia hugging Lincoln and is not pleased to realize his sister lied to him and freed the Grounder. Soon after, Jasper spots grounders in the trees and opens fire. Bellamy witnesses Lincoln taking an arrow for Octavia and they all flee back to The Camp.
I Am Become Death 028 (Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia).png
In I Am Become Death, Octavia, Connor, and Derek discover Murphy outside The Camp walls and bring him inside. He has been severely tortured by the Grounders and managed to escape when they "forgot" to lock his cage. As the delinquents start getting very sick, they realize Murphy is carrying hemorrhagic fever. Bellamy is worried about Octavia because she was the first one to find Murphy so he goes to check on her and catches her reading Lincoln's journal. He brings her to Clarke and Clarke tells Bellamy that she needs to quarantine Octavia. Once Bellamy leaves, Clarke sends Octavia back out to go talk to Lincoln and get a cure. When Octavia arrives at Lincoln's cave, he is happy to see that she is unaffected, calling her strong. He states there is no cure and that Anya uses the virus to weaken their opponents and she's planning to attack the delinquents at dawn. He also asks Octavia to run away with him across the sea to another clan that would take them both in. His people think he's a traitor because of Octavia. Octavia decides to go with him but first she needs to warn her people of the impending attack. Octavia returns to the camp and tells them there is no cure and that the Grounders are attacking at dawn. Bellamy works with Raven and Finn to come up with a plan to give the delinquents some more time against the grounders by blowing up the bridge. Bellamy becomes infected and begins coughing up blood, having to pass his job in the mission on to Jasper. Octavia takes care of Bellamy throughout the night, making the same promises to Bellamy that he made to her when she was first born. She spends the night tending to the sick as she is immune. At first light, Octavia sneaks back to Lincoln and tells him that she can't go with him because she's decided to stay and help her people.

In The Calm, Octavia is working in the Smokehouse with Murphy when Del brings in more wood for the fire. Octavia warns Del that they have too much wood but he ignores her warning. The Smokehouse catches on fire and there is a fight going on between Murphy and Del. Bellamy breaks up the fight, and is told by Octavia that all of the food was in that shed and it was Del's fault. Bellamy and Clarke decide that to survive, they must go hunting. Later, Bellamy, Monty, Octavia, and Raven are searching through the forest for Clarke and Finn, both of whom never returned from hunting. They find an injured Myles and bring him back to camp, giving up on finding Finn and Clarke.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), When a delinquent misfires and accidentally wastes a bullet, Bellamy freaks out and shakes him and Octavia tells him that he is scaring people. Later, when Murphy begins to threaten Jasper, Bellamy overhears on the radio and runs to the closed doors of the drop ship and uses the walkie-talkie to talk with Murphy inside. Octavia challenges Bellamy to do something about it, which he was already doing when he sent Raven under the drop ship to figure out a way to open the door. After Bellamy trades places with Jasper, Octavia stays on the radio with Bellamy the whole time he and Murphy are locked in the drop ship together. Murphy tells Bellamy to tie a noose and Bellamy apologizes for kicking the crate out from under Murphy for Wells' murder. Murphy says he wants Bellamy to feel what he felt and he makes Bellamy put the noose around his neck and tightens it. He then kicks the crate out from under Bellamy. Raven gets the drop ship door open just in time and Octavia is able to save Bellamy and encourages him to breathe.

Octavia and Lincoln leave Bellamy behind

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Octavia is in the midst of fighting in the war when she saves Bellamy's life after a Grounder attacks him. She is hit in the leg with an arrow and Bellamy is unable to get her back to the drop ship. Lincoln appears and Octavia is glad to see that he is still alive. Lincoln tells Bellamy that he can save her if they leave right away. Bellamy gives Lincoln his blessing to save Octavia. Octavia is deeply upset that she has to leave her brother and they exchange goodbyes before Lincoln carries her away.

Octavia and Bellamy reunite

In Many Happy Returns, Bellamy and several of the Delinquents are saved when Octavia uses Lincoln's Acid Fog horn to call off a Grounder attack against them.

In Human Trials, Octavia returns to Camp Jaha with Bellamy where they meet up with Clarke. The three of them then head back out to go find Finn and Murphy with Octavia leading the way since she knows how to get to Lincoln's village. On the way there, Octavia makes Clarke and Bellamy promise to include Lincoln in their rescue mission of the remaining Delinquents from Mount Weather. When they reach the Abraham Lincoln statue near the village, Octavia tells Bellamy about how she wasn't able to save Lincoln from the Reapers and Bellamy comforts her as she cries. They soon hear gunfire and come across the aftermath of Finn's massacre in Tondc.

Bellamy and Octavia hide from a Reaper Lincoln

In Fog of War, Bellamy and Octavia witness Lincoln feasting on the body of Sgt. Scott. Lincoln attacks Octavia and the two fight him off with Octavia eventually shooting Lincoln in the leg. They hide in a car as they realize that Lincoln has been turned into a Reaper. Bellamy promises Octavia that they'll get Lincoln back and they come up with a plan to use Octavia as bait. It works and Bellamy is able to knock Lincoln out with an Ark Guard's shock baton. Bellamy tells Octavia that they're taking Lincoln home.
Bell and o2 2x07.png
In Long Into an Abyss, Bellamy gets Clarke from Camp Jaha to go with him back to the drop ship where he and Octavia have chained Lincoln up. Lincoln breaks free and starts attacking them, leading Octavia to knock him out again. They chain him back up and Octavia tries to give Lincoln some water but he gets violent toward her, upsetting her. Bellamy tries to comfort Octavia but she tells him that he can't protect her from this. Later, when Octavia believes Lincoln is dead, Bellamy tries to comfort her.

In Remember Me, Lincoln offers to help Bellamy get through the tunnels to Mount Weather in order to face what he had done as a Reaper. Octavia wants to join them but Lincoln tells her that she needs to stay behind to make sure the Grounder-Sky People alliance doesn't fail since she has knowledge of both worlds now.

In Survival of the Fittest, Bellamy and Lincoln are disguised as Reapers as they head toward the Mount Weather mines.

Bellamy tells Lincoln that Octavia loved being read mythology

Bellamy mentions that his mom read mythology to him and Octavia all the time and that Octavia loved it, causing Lincoln to smile. Bellamy asks Lincoln why he protected Octavia before he even knew her and Lincoln tells Bellamy how when he was a boy, a Sky Person dropped from the Ark and onto Earth. For three days, Lincoln tended to the man, eventually telling his father. His father made Lincoln kill the man and the world has been trying to turn him into a monster for as long as he can remember.

In Coup de Grâce, Octavia tells Clarke that she is worried about Lincoln because he should be back from the mines by now. Clarke calms her by telling her that he and Bellamy are going to be all right. Soon after that, Octavia along with Clarke and Indra get the prisoner out of the airlock so he can deliver to Mount Weather a message from Clarke. After he takes off, Octavia asks Clarke how this is going to help Clarke and Bellamy tells her she wants Mount Weather to look at the army outside so they won't discover Bellamy inside. Octavia then walks away with Clarke and Indra.

In Rubicon, Bellamy is worried that Octavia might be in Tondc where the missile from Mount Weather is aimed. Clarke lies and says she's back at Camp Jaha and is safe. Later, Bellamy finds out from Raven that Octavia was still in Tondc. Raven tells him that even though he's worried about Octavia, he needs to focus on the task at hand.

In Bodyguard of Lies, Octavia tells Clarke that she figured out that Clarke knew about the missile and that Bellamy would have never done what she did and would have found another way.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Octavia travels into the mines with Indra, Jackson, several Grounders, and several Sky People to clear the mines of Reapers so Bellamy can get the delinquents and the imprisoned grounders safely out of Mount Weather. They soon they hear the horn sounding retreat and Indra commands Octavia to leave the mines with them but Octavia tells her she is not leaving without her brother. Indra tells her she is no longer her Second and symbolically cuts her. After Indra and the Grounders leave, Jackson asks Octavia to come home with the Sky People. Octavia tells him she has no home and Jackson leaves with the others while Octavia stays in the mines.

Oct bell 2x16.png
In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Octavia is waiting by the mine entrance to Mount Weather when Clarke appears. She and Clarke get in a fight because Clarke is desperate to get into Mount Weather and will bring unwanted attention on them. Suddenly, the door opens and Bellamy appears with Monty, Jasper, and Maya. They split up with Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty going after Dante and Octavia going with Jasper and Maya to get her to Level 5 before Maya runs out of oxygen. Eventually, Octavia and Maya become trapped by the Mountain Men and Bellamy sees that they're about to die. Bellamy repeats the phrase his mother had long ago told him, "My sister, my responsibility," before assisting Clarke in pulling the lever to irradiate Mount Weather and save his sister.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Bellamy and Octavia both go on a tracking mission to Sector 7. When they encounter Ice Nation scouts, Bellamy tells Octavia to tell them that [they] observe the commander's truce. They later split up when Octavia goes back to Arkadia with an injured Jasper and Bellamy goes to meet Kane in Sector 4.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Octavia tells Bellamy she doesn't fit in at Arkadia. Bellamy tells her he understands if she needs to leave but she will always fit in with him. Later, Octavia tells Bellamy he didn't need to kill the Polis guards when they were heading to warn the summit but Bellamy disagrees.

In Hakeldama, Octavia asks a clearly disturbed Bellamy how he is as he returns from killing the grounder army but he waves her off. Later, concerned about how some Arkadians are watching her and his ability to protect her, Bellamy tells Octavia to stop "playing grounder" which infuriates her. She later brings Bellamy and Clarke together, then helps Clarke escape his custody.

In Bitter Harvest, Octavia warns the grounder village about Pike's force coming in to clear them out for farmland. The grounders light a pyre of poisoned wood on fire, killing Monroe. Pike immediately knows Octavia was responsible for warning the grounders but knows that he would lose Bellamy's support and influence if he attempts to punish her so he merely gives Bellamy a warning to get her under control.

In Stealing Fire, Bellamy attempts to help Octavia and the rebellion save Lincoln. Meeting at the dropship, Octavia goes to hug him but instead sedates him and chains him up in Lincoln's cave. He begs her to set him free and let him help her but she refuses, blaming him for everything that's happening in Arkadia. When she heads for Arkadia she leaves him chained in the cave, unable to help anyone.

In Fallen, the resistance arrives in the cave and Bellamy asks where Lincoln is. A devastated Octavia tells Bellamy Pike executed him proceeds to brutally beat him. Miller and Kane try to intervene but Bellamy, clearly grieving, refuses their intervention and allows Octavia to vent her grief on him. She then tells him he's dead to her. Later when Monty radios, Kane tells him to meet them at the dropship and Octavia insists on tagging along and bringing Bellamy as a hostage. However, when they arrive Pike is already there and Kane and Octavia are forced to surrender. Pike tells Bellamy he needs to convince him he's still with him and he pretends he does, agreeing to lead Pike to the cave where the rest of the resistance is hiding. Octavia is furious and goes to attack Bellamy but she is shock battoned before she can hurt him again.

Pike tries to makes a deal with Bellamy, again offering Octavia immunity for her crimes as long as she doesn't screw up again. Bellamy turns on Pike instead, giving him up to the grounders of the blockade. Once Pike's guards have been taken out and Kane and Octavia are free Kane asks Bellamy if he turned in Pike for his sister or because he knew it was the right thing to do. Bellamy doesn't answer.

In Nevermore, Bellamy asks Octavia what he needs to do to convince her he's on her side and she angrily replies, "bring Lincoln back."

In Join or Die, Bellamy asks how long Octavia is going to remain angry at him and she says that she can't even look at him without thinking about Lincoln's death. Bellamy brings up for the first time that he did not kill Lincoln, but Octavia is unwilling to talk about it, lost in grief and still blaming him. Bellamy noticeably watches the stick Octavia is holding, appearing to expect more violence from her. Bellamy walks away believing he has lost her forever. Later Clarke goes to comfort him, telling him Octavia will forgive him eventually.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Bellamy can tell Octavia is still very angry and grieving, and begs her not to try and fix the hole in her heart through revenge, to not make the same mistakes he made. Octavia barely speaks or looks at him. Bellamy is shocked and heartbroken when Octavia kills Pike after everyone is free from the City of Light and walks away.


Bellamy: "Look how big you are."
Octavia: "What the hell are you wearing? A guard's uniform?"
Bellamy: "I borrowed it to get on the drop ship. Someone has got to keep an eye on you."
Clarke Griffin: "Where's your wristband?"
Octavia: "Do you mind? I haven't seen my brother in a year."
Delinquent: "No one has a brother."
Delinquent: "That's Octavia Blake, the girl they found hidden in the floor."
Bellamy: "Octavia, Octavia, no. Let's give them something else to remember you by."
Octavia: "Yeah? Like what?"
Bellamy: "Like being the first person on the ground in 100 years."
Octavia (stepping foot on earth for the first time): "We're back, bitches!"
Octavia: "What? He's cute!"
Bellamy: "He's a criminal."
Octavia: "They're all criminals!"
Commander Shumway: "Excuse me, sir. You asked to be notified if there was news. The Chancellor is still in surgery, but we have IDed the shooter. Bellamy Blake is the only person on the Ark unaccounted for."
Marcus Kane: "Who is he?"
Commander Shumway: "He's no one, a janitor. We're still working up a profile, but his motive for going to Earth is clear."
Marcus Kane: "Sister. I remember. Her mother kept her hidden for almost 16 years, nearly a record."
Bellamy (to Octavia): "Look, O. I came down here to protect you."
-- Pilot

Bellamy (to Atom about Octavia): "If anybody touches her, they answer to me."
Octavia: "Hey, Monty? Jasper would understand why you stayed."
Monty: "How is someone raised beneath the floor not a total basket case?"
Octavia: "Who says I'm not?"
Atom: "It's because he loves you. Your brother? You're not a basket case because you were loved."
-- Earth Skills

Octavia: "Monty, my brother's out there!"
-- about the Acid Fog in Earth Kills
Bellamy: "Jasper?"
John Murphy: "Still breathing. Barely. I tried to take him out, but your psycho little sister--"
Bellamy (grabbing hold of John Murphy): "My what? My what?!"
John Murphy: "Your little sister."
Bellamy: "Yeah, that's right. My little sister.Got anything else you want to say about her?"
John Murphy]: "Nothing. Sorry."
Bellamy: "Get him out of here."
-- Earth Kills

Octavia: "You always want to play the big brother, huh? Well, guess what? Joke's on me. You're just a selfish dick."
Bellamy: "I did this for you, to protect you."
Octavia: "You killed the chancellor?"
Bellamy: "He floated our mother. He locked you up. He deserved it."
Octavia: "I didn't ask you to do that."
Bellamy: "You're right. I made the choice. This is on me. Whatever they send down, I'll take care of it."
Octavia: "I didn't ask for any of this."
-- Twilight's Last Gleaming

Aurora Blake: "Your sister. Your responsibility."
-- to Bellamy after giving birth to Octavia in a flashback
Bellamy: "It's okay. I won't let anything bad happen to you, Octavia. I promise."
-- to a newborn Octavia in a flashback
Octavia: "Sometimes I wish I was never even born."
Aurora Blake: "Stop it, Octavia. I know you're afraid, but fear is a demon. Close your eyes and tell yourself that you are not afraid. That is how you slay the demon. Say it."
Octavia: "I'm not afraid."
Octavia: "Please, Bell, I don't want to hear about another amazing moonrise when I'm never gonna be able to see one."
Bellamy: "You're going to see one right now. The Unity Day masquerade dance starts in 10 minutes. Now, I didn't want to say anything until I was sure my cadet unit was working security. I'm gonna be there watching you the entire time."
Bellamy: "Listen to me. Whatever happens, you get back home and get under the floor. You'll be safe there from the flare, like always."
Octavia: "What are you gonna do?"
Bellamy: "Create a distraction. Go on."
Octavia: "Bell, how do I get home?"
Bellamy: "Hey, everybody, gather around and grab a weapon. My sister's been out there alone for 12 hours. Arm up. We're not coming back without her."
Bellamy: "Go back if you want. My sister, my responsibility."
Octavia (to Lincoln): "That girl back there, I knew her, so, if she's here, then so is my brother. Please, you have to help him, too. They'll kill him."
Bellamy: "They killed 3 of our people today. And if you would've let me kill him when I had the chance, Finn wouldn't be in there dying right now."
Octavia: "Stop blaming me for your mistakes. What happened to Finn is not my fault. I wanted to leave, so if Finn dies in there, that's on you. Everything that's gone wrong is because of you. You got me locked up on the Ark. You wanted me to go to that stupid dance. You got Mom killed!"
Bellamy: "Me? Mom was floated for having you. She's dead because you're alive. That was her choice. I didn't have a choice. My life ended the day you were born."
-- His Sister's Keeper

Octavia: "I told you he was protecting me. You didn't have to do this."
Bellamy: "This isn't about you. I'm doing this for all of us.
Octavia: "You did that for all of us?"
Bellamy: "I did that for Finn and Jasper and Diggs and John and Roma."
Octavia: "It wasn't even him."
Octavia: "Bellamy, no."
Bellamy: "He wants Finn to die. Why can't you see that? Do you want him to live or not?"
Octavia: "Clarke, you even said it yourself. This is not who we are! He was protecting me. He saved my life."
-- Contents Under Pressure

Bellamy: "I don't expect you to forgive me, but you'll have to find a way to live with me because I'm not going anywhere. ...Grounder escaping, was that you?"
Octavia: "I had nothing to do with it. Thanks for the blanket."
-- Day Trip

Bellamy (to Clarke about Octavia): "If anything happens to her, you and me are gonna have a problem."
-- I Am Become Death
Octavia: "I won't let anything happen to you, I promise."
Bellamy: "That's what I said to you the day you were born."
Octavia: "I know. You told me that, like a thousand times."
Bellamy: "I'm glad you're here."
-- I Am Become Death

John Murphy: Your brother couldn't get you a better job? Would think anything would be better than working in the meat furnace.
Octavia: "Oh, probably. That just means someone else would have to do it."
-- The Calm

Bellamy: "I am doing what I think is right for the group."
Jasper: "It's funny, you didn't think that way when Octavia went missing."
Bellamy: "Octavia, I got this."
Octavia: "Really? Because it doesn't look like you're doing anything about it."
Octavia: "Bellamy, if you do this, he'll kill you."
Bellamy: "If I don't, he'll kill Jasper."
-- We Are Grounders (Part 1)

Bellamy (stopping Octavia as she's leaving the camp): "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not a gunner."
Octavia: "No, I'm not. Like you said, I'm a grounder."
Bellamy: "Where's Octavia?"
Miller: "She left 5 minutes ago. Didn't say where to. She thinks she's a damn samurai."
Bellamy: [smiles]
Octavia: "We'll never make it. Leave me. I'll find another way."
Bellamy: "I'm not going anywhere without you."
Bellamy: "O, O, listen to me. I told you my life ended the day you were born. The truth is it didn't start until then. Go with him. I need you to live. Besides I got this."
Octavia: "I love you, big brother."
Bellamy: "May we meet again."
Octavia: "May we meet again."
Bellamy (to Lincoln): "Keep her safe."
-- We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Bellamy: "I can't get them home without you."
Octavia: "Of course you can't."
-- Many Happy Returns

Octavia: "I'm not letting you leave here without me. Finn and Murphy are headed for Lincoln's village. I've been there. Have you? Has she?"
Bellamy: "You done?"
Octavia: "What's this?"
Bellamy: "Your pack. Lead the way."
-- Human Trials

Octavia (about Lincoln): "He's a Reaper? How is it even possible? He just looked right through me. Did he see us?"
Bellamy: "I don't know. Shh. Just listen to me. We'll get him back. I promise."
-- Fog of War

Bellamy (about Lincoln): "O, once the drug is out of his system, he'll be okay."
Octavia: "You can't protect me from this one, big brother."
-- Long Into an Abyss

Bellamy (about Gustus): "He'd do anything for her. To protect her. It just makes sense."
Octavia: "Look at the thanks he got."
-- Remember Me

Bellamy (about Octavia): "You made her strong."
Lincoln: "She was already strong."
-- Survival of the Fittest

Clarke: "Bellamy is the key to everything, Octavia. If he dies, we die."
-- Coup de Grâce

Octavia: "Is Bellamy ready? Did he get the acid fog down?"
Clarke: "He's working on it."
-- Rubicon

Octavia: "You let all those people die. You were gonna let me die."
Clarke: "I did it to save Bellamy so that we could win this war. Don't you see that? If we'd evacuated Tondc, Mount Weather would've known that someone tipped us off. They would have found your brother."
Octavia: "No. Bellamy would have never told you to do that. He would've found another way."
-- Bodyguard of Lies
Clarke (to Lexa): "Her brother is more important to her than anyone. She would never endanger his life."
-- Bodyguard of Lies

Octavia (to Indra): "I'm not going anywhere without my brother."
-- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)

Bellamy: "My sister, my responsibility."
-- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Octavia: "I'm sorry, Bell, but I don't fit in here."
Bellamy: "If you need to leave, I get that, but you'll always fit in with me."
-- Ye Who Enter Here

Bellamy: "You need to be careful, O. If you keep this up, I won't be able to protect you."
Octavia: "Thanks for the warning."
Bellamy: "I'm serious. Look at yourself. It's time to stop playing Grounder before you get yourself hurt."
Octavia: "I'm not playing anything. This is who I am. You're my brother; I shouldn't have to tell you that."
-- Hakeldama

Bellamy: "We can save them, but we have to work together."
Octavia: "You're the reason they need saving."
Bellamy: "Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that you need me."
Octavia: "For the first time in my life, that's not true."
-- Stealing Fire

Bellamy: "My sister, my responsibility."
Bellamy: "Where's Lincoln?"
Octavia: "Pike put a bullet in his brain".
-- Fallen

Bellamy: "What more do I have to do to prove that I am on your side?"
Octavia: "Bring Lincoln back."
-- Nevermore

Bellamy: "Come on, O. How long?"
Octavia: "I don't know. I can't even look at you! Because every time I do I see Pike putting that gun to Lincoln's head. I hear the gunshot, I see him fall."
Bellamy: "I didn't kill Lincoln."
Octavia: "No, but he is dead because of you!
- Join or Die

Bellamy (to Octavia): "O.? O., listen to me. I know how you feel. I let my need for revenge put me on the wrong side. I don't want that for you."
- Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)

Octavia: "If you've come here to beg, just do it."
Bellamy: "I didn't come here to beg. I came here to tell you that I love you. Very much. No matter what happens. I hope you'll believe me."
- How We Get to Peace
Octavia (to Bellamy): "My brother, my responsibility."
- Damocles (Part 1)

Octavia: "Bell, it's okay. I can't let you die to save me. Jump through. I'll be okay."
Bellamy: "No way. Not without you."
-- Welcome to Bardo
Octavia (about Bellamy's death): "I understand. So would the old Bellamy. The one that would do anything for his baby sister and the people he loved."
-- A Sort of Homecoming
Clarke (about Bellamy): "You were everything to him."
Octavia: "That's how I'll remember him."
-- The Dying of the Light

Notes and Trivia

  • Bellamy and Octavia may be descended from The Grounder Tracy Blake.
  • Kass Morgan named both characters after American science fiction authors: Octavia E. Butler and Edward Bellamy.[1]
  • Bellamy's nickname for Octavia is "O", while she calls him "Bell".
  • Octavia was a second child, and hidden under the floor to prevent authorities from finding her.
  • While Octavia and Bellamy share the same mother, it was confirmed they have different fathers.[2]
  • Bellamy helped deliver her, as shown in "His Sister's Keeper". He also named her. She was named after Octavia the Younger, Augustus (the first Roman Emperor's) sister.
  • Bellamy tells Lincoln to takes Octavia to safety, both believing they will never see the other again in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)".
  • Bellamy helps Octavia get Lincoln back in "Fog of War" and "Long Into an Abyss".
  • Indra tells Octavia she is no longer her Second or one of the Woods Clan after refusing to leave her brother behind in "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)".
  • According to Jason Rothenberg, if Bellamy had to choose between saving Clarke or saving Octavia, he would choose to save Octavia.[3] But due to Octavia changing, he ends up saving Clarke instead of her in season 5.
  • Octavia and Bellamy were the only siblings on the Ark.
  • For a short period of time, Bellamy thinks Octavia is dead after Echo informs him that Octavia was killed in battle which Bellamy didn’t know that Echo is was the one who stabbed her.
  • In season 3, after Pike killed Lincoln, Octavia was devastated and didn't speak to Bellamy for a long time since she partly blamed him.
  • In end of season four, Bellamy and Octavia get separated from each other for six years, due to the second Praimfaya. Bellamy goes to the Ark, while Octavia stayed in the bunker.
  • In Season Six, Bellamy and Octavia are the only main characters that appear in every episode in this season.
  • In Season Six, their relationship is all but severed. Bellamy later acknowledges that Octavia is still his sister, but she is no longer his responsibility. Instead, his comment about them working "side by side, like it's meant to be" suggests that he now sees them on a more equal footing with each other instead of Bellamy being his sister's protector.
  • In "The Last War", when humanity achieves transcendence, a tearful Octavia happily says, "Bellamy was right." This indicates that Octavia now finally forgives her brother and now loves Bellamy.


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