Bellamy: Why are you here?
Murphy: I'm just trying to survive... You're not the only one here trying to save someone you care about.
— Perverse Instantiation, Part One

Bellamy and Murphy is the relationship between Bellamy Blake and John Murphy. They are portrayed by starring cast member Bob Morley and starring cast member Richard Harmon and début in the first episode of Season One.

Originally a friendship turned enemy relationship, as season 2 starts, Murphy begins to redeem himself in the eyes of Bellamy and the two become friends once again with Murphy even saving Bellamy's life at one point.

They do not interact in Season Three until Perverse Instantiation (Part 1) where Bellamy and Murphy are reunited in Polis. After Murphy saves Bellamy's life, they team up to save Clarke and stop A.L.I.E..

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Bellamy and Murphy first meet in Pilot when Bellamy recruits Murphy and John Mbege to help him get the Delinquents to remove their wristbands. Bellamy trusts Murphy enough to leave him in charge of The Camp while he goes hunting in Earth Kills. In Murphy's Law, when Murphy is accused of killing Wells (he was also seen attempting to kill Jasper) and the crowd tries to lynch him, Bellamy kicks the stool out from under him. After Charlotte is revealed to be the murderer and commits suicide due to Murphy's attempt at revenge, Bellamy and Clarke banish him. A tortured Murphy returns to the Camp in I Am Become Death, carrying hemorrhagic fever with him. After Murphy helps tend the sick and with the Grounders set to attack the Camp, Bellamy allows Murphy to stay, giving Murphy the opportunity to murder the two people who hanged him before (Connor and Myles). He takes Bellamy hostage in We Are Grounders (Part 1) and forces Bellamy to tie his own noose and hang it around his neck. Murphy is interrupted and flees the Camp before Bellamy can get to him.

At the start of Season Two Bellamy and Murphy are reunited in The 48 when Bellamy brings Kane to the drop ship where Murphy is holed up with an injured Raven. When Bellamy sees Murphy, he tries to beat him to death for hanging him and shooting Raven but Kane stops Bellamy and arrests them both. They are then locked up together in the Camp Jaha stockade in Inclement Weather. Murphy relates to Bellamy how he was tortured by the Grounders for three days as they listen to Raven's screams while she undergoes surgery without anesthesia. When Finn frees Bellamy to go after the missing Delinquents, Bellamy frees Murphy to take with them because Murphy knows where a Grounder camp is at. Murphy leads them to the Grounder camp in Reapercussions and helps Bellamy capture Delano for information on the missing Delinquents. In Many Happy Returns, they come across Mel, a girl from Factory Station, and Bellamy goes down to save her after Sterling's failed attempt. Murphy saves Bellamy's life at one point when the rope breaks. When Bellamy heads back to camp with Octavia, he is trusting enough of Murphy to give him a gun as Murphy goes off with Finn. In Spacewalker, when Raven wants to give Murphy up to the Grounders instead of Finn, Bellamy defends him. Murphy and Bellamy both leave Camp Jaha in Survival of the Fittest and go their separate ways with Murphy headed to the City of Light and Bellamy headed to Mount Weather.

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In Pilot, Murphy carves: "FIRST SON FIRST TO DYE" on the side of the drop ship for Wells to see. Bellamy tells Murphy if he plans to kill someone not to announce it. Bellamy convinces both Murphy and John Mbege to remove their wristbands by hinting that they will help him run the place. Later that night, Murphy and Mbege help Bellamy ambush Wells and forcibly remove his wristband.


Murphy and another delinquent

In Earth Skills, Murphy's sadistic streak begins to show when he forcibly holds Delinquents' heads over a fire as he removes their wristbands in order to trick those on the Ark that they are dying from radiation. Murphy and Wells begin fighting again when Wells tries to stop him. When Murphy pulls out a knife, Bellamy stops Murphy to give Wells a blade wanting a "fair fight." The fight is then interrupted by Clarke and the others returning who tell them that Jasper was wounded and taken by Grounders.

Murphy accompanies Bellamy, Wells, Finn, and Clarke as they search for Jasper. While walking through the woods, Murphy asks Bellamy how they got into the rescuing business. Bellamy explains that he's here only for Clarke's wristband. Bellamy then states he'll do anything to get it, even if he has to cut her hand off himself. This makes Murphy smile. The group eventually finds Jasper being used as live bait. When the group tries to help him, Clarke falls into an animal pit when she rushes toward Jasper and Bellamy grabs her hand to keep her from falling to her death. Wells, Finn, and Murphy help Bellamy pull Clarke out of the hole. Murphy and Finn then cut Jasper down and bring him back to camp. At the Camp, Murphy and Bellamy use the panther meat to trade for the Delinquents' wristbands. When Finn tries to take the food without giving up his wristband, Murphy tries to stop him, however, Finn rebuffs Murphy by saying, "I thought there were no rules." Murphy lets Finn take the food. Another Delinquent tries to take food without giving up their wristband and Bellamy stops him and roughs him up. Later, after Bellamy catches Atom with Octavia, Murphy watches as Bellamy strings Atom up to a tree for the night as punishment for disobeying his orders.


Murphy and Bellamy

In Earth Kills, Murphy practices knife throwing with Bellamy until Atom and Jones return from searching for the missing Delinquents, Trina and Pascal. Murphy insists the two are probably in "pound town." Murphy starts teasing Atom with the reminder of what happened to him the night before for kissing Octavia. Bellamy tells the group to keep an eye out for Trina and Pascal while hunting, leaving Murphy to take care of the camp. Once Bellamy and the others return to the camp the next day, Murphy gets Bellamy angry at him for calling Octavia psychotic. Murphy apologizes.

In Murphy's Law, Jasper and Octavia find a knife with initials "J.M." on it near the recently murdered Well's disembodied fingers. Bellamy argues with Clarke because Clarke wants to find the real killer but Bellamy tells her it's not a good idea. She ignores him and soon everyone believes Murphy killed Wells. Connor and the other Delinquents decide to "float" Murphy. Murphy is almost beaten and hanged to death, with Bellamy kicking the stool out from under him at the urging of the crowd. Bellamy tells Clarke it is her fault for revealing to the Delinquents that one of them killed Wells. Charlotte steps forward as the real murderer and Clarke grabs Bellamy's ax and cuts Murphy down.


Murphy After Being Hanged By Bellamy

Murphy demands that Charlotte is punished the same way he was but Bellamy disagrees. Murphy knocks Bellamy down with a log and leads a group including John Mbege after Charlotte who had escaped with the help of Finn and Clarke. Bellamy is ahead of Murphy and his mob and runs into Charlotte, who is trying to turn herself in after running away from Clarke and Finn. They stop at a cliff and are cornered by the others. Murphy holds Clarke hostage in exchange for Charlotte. Charlotte kills herself by jumping off the cliff, much to Bellamy's horror. Bellamy goes after Murphy and begins beating him but Clarke stops him from killing him. They agree to banish Murphy from the camp instead. Bellamy orders the angry Delinquents to follow him back to camp or join Murphy. They desert Murphy and return to camp with Bellamy.

1x10-Bellamy & Clarke inside the dropship

Clarke Stops Bellamy From Killing Murphy

In I Am Become Death, Murphy gets tangled in the tripwire outside of the camp while supposedly running away from the Grounders and is found by Octavia, Connor, and Derek. He tells them he was captured and severely tortured by the Grounders but managed to escape when they "forgot" to lock his cage. When Bellamy finds out Murphy is back, he decides to kill him but Clarke stops Bellamy and tells him Murphy could have useful information on the Grounders. Murphy soon begins violently throwing up blood and it is revealed he is carrying a virus.

Clarke and many of the Delinquents fall ill as Murphy starts to get better. Murphy helps the sick Delinquents and even tries to help Bellamy when Bellamy falls ill. When mostly everyone has recovered from the virus, Clarke manages to convince Bellamy to allow Murphy to stay because Murphy was right about the bridge to prevent the Grounder attack and they need all the people they can get. In the drop ship, Murphy checks on a sleeping Raven and then smothers Connor with a wet rag while he sleeps, killing him in revenge for hanging him.

In The Calm After a fire burns down the smokehouse where Murphy was working with Octavia, and Del, Murphy gets into a fight with Del that is quickly broken up by Bellamy. Octavia tells Bellamy that all of the food was in that shed and it was Del's fault.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Murphy continues on his quest for vengeance by killing Myles, who also helped tie Murphy up before he was hanged. Jasper witnesses it and Murphy begins to threaten Jasper, which Bellamy overhears on the radio and runs to the closed doors of the drop ship. Bellamy exchanges himself for Jasper's release while Raven crawls underneath it to find a way to open the drop ship door. Murphy fires a few shots into the floor when he hears Raven below, thinking it's Octavia. He tells Bellamy to tie a noose and Bellamy apologizes for before, for kicking the crate out from under Murphy. Murphy says he wants Bellamy to feel what he felt and he makes Bellamy put the noose around his neck and tightens it. He then kicks the crate out from under Bellamy. Raven gets the drop ship door open just in time and Octavia is able to save Bellamy as Murphy flees to the upper level of the drop ship. As Bellamy tries to get through the hatch, Murphy uses the Delinquents' gunpowder to blast a hole through the wall and he escapes through the hole with one of Raven's walkie-talkies. Bellamy decides not to go after Murphy when Clarke, Finn, and Monty are missing and the Grounders are getting ready to attack.

In The 48, Bellamy and Finn lead Marcus Kane, Abigail Griffin, and the Ark Guards back to The Camp and they discover almost everyone is gone. The only two people who remain are a gravely injured Raven and Murphy. Bellamy tries killing Murphy by almost beating him to death but is quickly arrested by Kane who tells him they're not animals and are no longer in control.

In Inclement Weather, the Ark Guards bring Murphy into the stockade at Camp Jaha and tie him up across from Bellamy. They are both interrogated by Kane, but this is quickly interrupted by gunshots outside and they are left alone. They soon hear Raven screaming as Abby performs surgery on her without anesthesia. Murphy comments that is how he sounded when the Grounders tortured him for three days before he gave up information on the Delinquents and he doubts Bellamy would have done much better. Later, Finn frees Bellamy and tells him they are going after the missing Delinquents. Bellamy decides to take Murphy with them because he knows where the Grounder camp is at. As the group leaves Camp Jaha they are greeted by Abby and David Miller who give them weapons and tell them to find their children and bring them home.

MonroeBellamyMurphyFinn 2x03

Bellamy with Monroe, Murphy and Finn spying on Grounders

In Reapercussions, Murphy leads Bellamy, Finn, Sterling, and Monroe to where he was kept prisoner by the Grounders. At a distance, they look through their rifle scopes for the missing Delinquents but do not see them. Finn notices one of the Grounders, Delano, is wearing Clarke's father's watch around his neck.They come up with a plan to lure the Grounder out and capture him for information. Murphy is given two rocks to bang together to attract the attention of the Grounder with Clarke's watch. It works and as Delano approaches, Bellamy sneaks up behind him and knocks the Grounder out. They then take the Grounder back to Finn's bunker to interrogate him. After Delano draws them a map to the alleged location of the Delinquents, Murphy wants to kill him but Bellamy disagrees and says that since Delano is unarmed, it would be an execution. As they are arguing, Finn executes the Grounder and says they need to continue their mission.

MurphyRopeSnaps 2x04

Murphy saving Bellamy

In Many Happy Returns, Bellamy, Murphy, Finn, Monroe and Sterling are following Delano's map to get the missing Delinquents back from the Grounders. They come across the massive debris field of the Factory Station that crashed into the side of a cliff and it doesn't appear there are any survivors. As they are about to leave, they hear a lone survivor, Mel, calling for help from down below. Sterling recognizes her and decides to go after her while Bellamy and Finn argue about whether or not to leave her. As Sterling is trying to rescue Mel from the side of the cliff, none of the others are doing much to help him. The rope comes undone and Sterling plunges to his death, shocking Monroe and Murphy. Finn wants to leave Mel behind but Monroe protests and Bellamy tells everyone to make a new rope. Finn, Murphy, and Monroe then hold onto a rope made of belt straps as Bellamy climbs down to save Mel. As they're trying to pull Bellamy and Mel back up, they suddenly come under attack by Grounders. The rope breaks with Murphy being the only thing stopping them from falling to their deaths like Sterling. Monroe starts shooting at the Grounders and is hit in the leg with an arrow. Finn and Murphy continue struggling as they try to pull Bellamy and Mel up. A foghorn is heard, warning of an Acid Fog attack, and the Grounders flee. When Bellamy is pulled up, he realizes that Murphy had saved their lives. As they're about to take cover from the incoming Acid Fog, Octavia appears and they realize she had blown Lincoln's horn that saved their lives. Bellamy helps Mel tie up her injured arm while Octavia bandages Monroe's wounded leg. Murphy asks her about Lincoln and she tells them he is gone. Because of Monroe's and Mel's injuries, Bellamy and Octavia decide to take them back to Camp Jaha while Finn continues on to the village where the Delinquents are allegedly being kept. Bellamy allows Murphy to go with Finn and tosses him a gun. Murphy and Finn head off to save their friends.

In Human Trials, while Murphy and Finn arrive at Tondc, Bellamy and Clarke discover The Council is not planning on sending anyone after them now that they know the Delinquents were captured by the Mountain Men and not the Grounders. Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke set out after them.

Meanwhile, in Tondc, Murphy is trying to get Finn to leave because the Delinquents are not there. As it seems like they are about to leave, however, an old man panics and leaps out of the pen, fleeing in fear. Finn reacts quickly, shooting him dead and causing more panic among the villagers. Murphy desperately tries to calm him down, trying to grab hold of him and shouting at him to stop, but Finn won't let up. Finn eventually stops when Clarke and the others arrive. Murphy, Bellamy, and the others stand and stare in disbelief at what Finn has done.

In Fog of War, two days after the massacre at Lincoln's village, Clarke and Bellamy are discussing an action plan to get the Delinquents out of Mount Weather. Finn and Murphy approach and Clarke admits she hasn't talked to Finn since they got back. Bellamy leaves to get drinks as Murphy tells Clarke they were pardoned by The Council. Clarke tells him that she still does not trust him.

In Spacewalker, at Camp Jaha, security has been increased and Major Byrne even gave Murphy a gun. Clarke and Bellamy approach and Finn offers to help with the perimeter security but Bellamy takes him inside. Clarke then blames Murphy for what happened at Tondc even though Murphy had tried to stop Finn. He tells Clarke to blame herself since Finn was looking for her.

Later, Bellamy, Raven, and Murphy (by Raven's invitation) arrive at the drop ship and wait for Finn and Clarke. Finn arrives at the drop ship, carrying an unconscious Clarke. Bellamy and Murphy take care of Clarke while Raven tries to comfort Finn. Clarke wakes up and Finn tells her he thought she was dead because of him. Bellamy shouts a warning to them that the Grounders have arrived and they're surrounded. Raven wants to give up Murphy to the Grounders instead of Finn because Murphy was also in the village. Finn steps between Raven and Murphy and tells them they need to stay and defend the drop ship. He instructs Murphy to go upstairs and watch the back while he takes the lower level of the drop shop and Bellamy, Raven, and Clarke will take the front gate. Finn then steps out in front of them and surrenders himself to the Grounders.

In Survival of the Fittest, Murphy joins Jaha on his journey to the City of Light, leaving Bellamy and Camp Jaha behind.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Murphy and Bellamy meet again in Polis, having not seen each other in over a season and a half. Murphy, with Pike and Indra, saves Bellamy from being taken to be tortured by A.L.I.E. and her minions. Murphy plans to flee Polis but Bellamy manages to convince him to stay and help him save Clarke. Together, they get on an elevator that leads to the Commander's throne room where Clarke is. In the elevator, Bellamy asks why Murphy is in Polis to which Murphy responds that Bellamy is not the only one there to try to save someone he cares about. During their trip to the throne room, they fight off chipped Grounders and Sky People. They arrive just in time to shoot Jaha, stopping from causing more harm to Ontari and saving Abby from hanging herself. After freeing Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy learn that Ontari is brain dead and that she is no longer useful to take the Flame.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Bellamy and Murphy work alongside to assist Clarke into entering the City of Light and fighting off the A.L.I.E's chipped minions from getting to Clarke. While Murphy assists Abby in making sure that Clarke's journey into the City of Light is safe, Bellamy works to keep the throne room safe from A.L.I.E. and her minions.

In Blood Giant, Murphy is confused by Bellamy having joined the Disciples and thinks that his friend is pretending. However, Bellamy reveals to Murphy that he isn't, upsetting Murphy. When Clarke orders Bellamy left behind on Sanctum, Murphy tells Bellamy that he hopes that Bellamy's new beliefs that caused Bellamy to betray his friends was worth it. Bellamy assures Murphy that it is and Murphy leaves without another word to his former friend.

In A Sort of Homecoming, Murphy is devastated to hear of Bellamy's death. After using the technique he saw Bellamy use to manipulate Raven on the Ark, Murphy saddens at the memory of his lost friend. Both Murphy and Emori admit that they miss him.

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