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Bellamy Blake is a major character in The 100 book series. His TV series equivalent is Bellamy Blake.

Early life

Bellamy is the son of Melinda Blake and Chancellor Jaha. However, Bellamy grew up on Walden, one of the poorest stations of the Colony, without knowing who his father was. When Bellamy was still young, Melinda had an illegal second child, Octavia Blake. Later, when Melinda committed suicide, he and Octavia were placed in the Care Center.

Octavia Blake is his maternal half-sister and Wells Jaha is his paternal half-brother.

In The 100

Bellamy was introduced to the series waiting to hear news about his sister Octavia, by bribing a guard for information. When he heard about the Earth mission he stole a guard's uniform and held the Chancellor hostage, in order to get on the dropship and join his sister. In the act, he had accidentally shot the Chancellor.


Bellamy is fearless, reckless, and caring. He also appears to be a bit of a playboy, seen especially in his early reactions with Clarke or his inner monologues. Knowing about the Earth trip he schooled himself as much as he could about Earth so he could protect himself and Octavia. He is good with a bow and often takes solitary hunting trips out in the woods. He feels very comfortable in the woods. He also is described to do whatever he needs to do to keep Octavia alive through out the book series.

Physical Appearance

Bellamy has a long, narrow face and long hair. He is described to be well - built and physically fit.


Bellamy has a romantic relationship with Clarke Griffin. At the end of Rebellion, Bellamy took Clarke out to place in the forest and told her that was where he wanted to build their home. He then proposed to Clarke and they get engaged.

Bellamy previously dated Lilly Marsh, a girl he met in the care center.


Notes and Trivia

  • In Day 21, his father is revealed to be the Chancellor, making him Wells Jaha's half-brother.

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