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Filming ScheduleEdit

Below is more information on everything involving filming The 100.

Start of filming Season One

July 7th - Start of filming Season Two

  • July 7th (Eliza Taylor at the North Vancouver Woods)
  • July 28th (Eliza Taylor)
  • August 1st (Eliza Taylor)
  • August 2nd (Eliza Taylor)
  • August 7th (Ricky Whittle)
  • August 8th (Ricky Whittle & Eliza Taylor)
  • August 24th (Devon Bostick & Ray Barry)
  • August 26th (Devon Bostick)
  • August 27th (Ricky Whittle)
  • August 28th (Ricky Whittle)
  • September 4th (Ricky Whittle)
  • September 6th
  • The week of September 7th (Kass Morgan, the creator of The 100, visited the set of the show)
  • September 8th
  • November 20th (Devon Bostick & Christopher Larkin)
  • December 5th - Episode 2x13 wrap
  • December 8th - Episode 2x14 start
  • December 20th - Filming hiatus until January 5th/6th

  • January 5th - First day of work for writers in 2015 (2x15 & 2x16)
  • January 6th - Return to sets
  • January 23rd - Reportedly end of filming Season Two
End of filming Season Two
Start of filming Season Three
  • July 15th - First day of filming Season Three.
    • including Ricky, Bob, Katie, Chelsea and Christopher who were at hair and make-up) - they filmed a pretty big scene, according to Jason's twitter.
  • July 29th - Shawn Mendes was filming.
  • August 11th - Alycia's first day on set for Season Three. They're currently filming 3x02/3x03 based on episode filming durations.
  • August 25th - Mike Beach filming with Bob Morley
  • September 15th - Alycia returns to Vancouver to film (estimated around episode 3x07/3x08)
  • October 10th - (Bob & Ricky)
  • October 24th -
  • October 25th - (Ricky)
  • November 26th - Thanksgiving hiatus
  • December 2nd - Filming resumes (with Eliza)
  • December 17th - Start of two-week holiday break

  • January 3rd - Prep/Filming has started on the S3 finale
  • January 7th - Isaiah was filming at Surrey City Hall (location for City of Light)
  • January 8th - Episode 3x14 wrapped
  • January 21th - Shooting downtown Vancouver with Alycia and Eliza
  • January 22nd - Shotting downtown Vancouver with Alycia, Eliza and Devon
  • January 27th - Final day shooting S3 for Richard
  • January 28th - Final day of shooting on S3
End of filming Season Three
Start of filming Season Four
  • August 2nd - First day of filming Season Four.
  • August 6th - Scene filmed with Azgeda for 4x01
  • August 12th - (Eliza & Bob & Zach)
  • August 23rd - End of filming 4x02
  • September 6th - Start of filming the episode written by Kim Shumway
  • September 12th - Filming by a body of water (Jarod and others) estimated for episode 4x04
  • September 28th - Start of filming 4x06
  • October 8th - Finished filming 4x06
  • October 31st - Finished filming 4x08[3]
  • December 17th - Start of holiday hiatus (ending Jan. 3,2017)[4]

  • January 14th - Bob and Eliza both filmed this day, as reported at Unity Days 2017
  • January 15th - Lindsey filmed a scene, potentially for episode 4x11, as reported at Unity Days 2017
  • January 16th - Scheduled wrap up on filming Season Four
End of filming Season Four
Start of filming Season Five
  • August 14th - Started filming of Season Five

End of filming Season Five
Start of filming Season Six
  • August 27th - Started filming of Season Six

  • January 8th - Start of filming 6x11
  • January 18th - Finished filming 6x11
  • February 8th - End of filming Season Six
End of filming Season Six
Start of filming Season Seven

End of filming Season Seven

Filming TriviaEdit

  • At Dystopia2 2018, the cast revealed that when they start shooting Season 1, they didn’t think that they were gonna get the another season.[5]
  • Eliza Taylor got injured filming "Pilot".
  • Devon Bostick might have gotten injured filming "Resurrection".
  • Bob Morley suffered damage to his vocal chords after the hanging scene by Murphy at the end of Season One. His voice is a bit different during his speech in "We Are Grounders (Part 1)" as a result of this.
  • Bob Morley was apparently sick while filming the harvest-scenes in "Coup de Grâce".
  • There was an actual panther on set for "Wanheda (Part 1)", as well as a fake one. Eliza's stunt double had scenes with the real panther.
  • The Season Four sound stages for The 100 were right across from the sound stages for Supergirl, which had moved networks and filming locations to Vancouver for its second season.

Filming LocationsEdit

Following is a list of filming locations used for the production of The 100:

  • Aja Tan Studios, Second Narrow in Vancouver is often used to film studio scenes
  • Lynn Canyon Park, Vancouver
    • Twinn Falls are shown in the series on one occasion :
      • In Earth Skills Finn and Clarke stumble upon the waterfall while scavenging.
  • Upper Coquitlam River Park
    • This was a filming location on only one occasion :
      • In Twilight's Last Gleaming Bellamy throws the radio in this river and later the group searches for the radio there too.
  • Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area
  • Britannia Mine Museum
  • Lower Seymour Convervation reserve, Vancouver
    • Spur 7 Beach was used on several occasions :
      • In Earth Kills it was the place where Clarke, Finn and Wells collected plants for Jasper's wounds.
      • In The 48 it was the place where Lincoln applies first aid to Octavia's arrow wound.
      • In Reapercussions it was the place where Clarke washes ashore after jumping off the dam.
    • Spur 4 Bridge is an iconic filming location :
      • In Unity Day, Anya and Clarke meet here to have peace negotiations. Later a fight breaks out on and around the bridge.
    • Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint was the location of several scenes :
      • In Twilight's Last Gleaming Octavia falls down the hill and Lincoln finds her at the bottom of it.
      • In Remember Me Finn's body is taken to TonDC while Clarke and Bellamy discuss the consequences of Clarke's action.
    • Reclaimed Gravel Pit
  • Surrey City Hall (plaza) was used on several occasions :
  • Downtown Vancouver was used to film on several occasions :
    • Club on W Hasting. Circus on W Cordova (July 20-22)
      • In the Season Three premiere, there is a scene with Jaha and Murphy filmed here.
    • Outside on Burrard/West Hastings
      • In the Season Three Finale, there is a scene with Clarke filmed here.
    • Oceanic Plaza
      • In the Season Three finale, several scenes with Clarke and Lexa were filmed here.
    • Coal Harbour Seawall
      • In the Season Three finale, several scenes with Clarke and Lexa were filmed here.

Cast and Crew Edit

Below are some cast trivia facts from outside of the world of The 100:

  • Eliza is good friends with former castmate Rhys Ward.
  • Devon and Christopher reportedly lived together throughout filming S3.[6]
  • Eliza and Paige lived together throughout filming S4.
  • Sachin, Eliza, and Jarod matched costumes as they dressed up as WWE fighters for Halloween 2016.

The crew for The 100 includes directors, producers, writers, and many others, all the way to the craft services. Below is some trivia about them:

  • Writers Julie Benson and Shawna Benson are sisters.
  • The cast and crew had a finale party for Season Three on May 19, 2016 which is also the first day the writers returned to the writers room for S4.

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