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...The goal isn't everything, A.L.I.E. How you reach the goal matters, too. I'm sorry that I didn't teach you that.
— Becca, to A.L.I.E. [src]

Becca Franko,[2] also known as Bekka Pramheda in Trigedasleng, was a recurring character in the third, fourth, fifth and seventh seasons. She is portrayed by Erica Cerra, who also portrayed A.L.I.E., and debuted in "Wanheda (Part 1)".

Becca was a scientist who in 2051 created A.L.I.E.. Fearing A.L.I.E. would be a threat, Becca decided to continue her research in space on her space station, Polaris. In addition to A.L.I.E., she created the Nightblood serum and a second version of the AI. Later, Becca escaped Polaris just before it was destroyed and descended to Earth, where she encounters the survivors in Hazmat suits.

In Season Five, it was revealed that Becca was burned at the stake by the Second Dawn cult on the orders of Bill Cadogan. In Season Seven, it is revealed that she was killed in order to get the Flame as Cadogan believed that it was the key to finding the secrets of the Anomaly's true power. However, before her death, Becca discovered that it can lead to a Judgment Day which she calls the end of the human race. After her death, she became a martyr, posthumously known as the First Commander, among the Grounders. Like the other Commanders, her consciousness survived in the Flame until Raven activated the kill code and Gabriel Santiago physically destroyed the AI.

Despite the Flame's destruction, many of Becca's memories survived inside of Madi Griffin, the last Commander and the person who had the Flame when the kill code was activated. Using Becca's memories that were left behind in Madi, Cadogan succeeded in finally getting the code that Becca had hidden from him. Cadogan began the test that Becca refused to take to determine the fate of the human race, ultimately culminating in humanity's Transcendence.

Early Life

She was a genius as a child and went to Harvard University when she was ten years old. At 18 years old, she and her company began work for the Eligius Corporation and did coding and tech for them. She also developed Nightblood for the corporation and created the Eligius III's Memory Drives to act as recorders in case something happened to the colonization teams. After implanting one such Memory Drive into quantum physicist Doctor Colin Benson, Becca expressed envy for the adventure he would be going on and a preference for Planet Beta over Russell Lightbourne's choice of Planet Alpha. During this time, Gabriel Santiago met Becca and developed a crush on her.

At one point during her work for Eligius, she watched the Eligius IV launch and this was the first time that Miles Shaw met her.

At age 26, she found a pathway to access a human mind, so she and Chris began working on the A.I. known as A.L.I.E. That same year, in 2051, she had to lock up A.L.I.E. because her answer for what was wrong with the world was "too many people". She subsequently disappeared from public view for over a year according to a news anchor on Becca's news network Infinity News.

A year later, on May 10, 2052, Becca was aboard Polaris, trying to perfect A.L.I.E. 2.0, when A.L.I.E. caused the Nuclear Apocalypse. Two years later, on October 1, 2054, the thirteen surviving space stations were coming together to form the Ark. However, when Commander Cole McAdams found out about A.L.I.E. 2.0, he ordered Becca to destroy it. Becca refused and instead implanted the AI within herself after giving herself Nightblood in order to survive on the radioactive Earth. Moments before Alpha Station blows up Polaris, Becca uses an escape pod to descend to Earth.

Becca landed not far from the Second Dawn Bunker in the rubble of a city which would later become Polis. She was met by several cult members wearing hazmat suits. Becca subsequently used A.L.I.E. 2.0, which she renamed the Flame, to activate the Temporal Anomaly to Bardo for Bill Cadogan, but discovered "the final code" which led to what Becca called Judgment Day, the true end of the human race. Unwilling to give up the code, Becca was burned at the stake by the cult on the orders of Cadogan to get the Flame, but she revealed the Flame's power to Callie Cadogan. Having gathered a following of her own and taken Becca's Nightblood, Callie retrieved the Flame and led her people back into the world to continue Becca's work to save the human race. After her death turned her into a martyr, Becca's legacy would live on posthumously as the First Commander with her Nightblood serum passing down through the Grounders, enabling future Grounders to wield the Flame and lead their people.

Throughout the Series

In Wanheda (Part 1), Murphy is watching some old videos while stuck in the lighthouse bunker. In one of those videos, from 2051, Chris brings Becca to meet A.L.I.E., who'd chosen her avatar to be the likeness of Becca, her creator. Becca proceeds to question A.L.I.E., learning that A.L.I.E. believes that root problem to be "too many people".

In Bitter Harvest, A.L.I.E. mentions that Becca went up to space to work on version two of her AI code. Becca believed "she needed a more secure work environment", removed from A.L.I.E, her first AI.

In Thirteen, Becca appears in a series of flashbacks from 2052 and 2054. In 2052, Becca is working in her lab on Polaris. She and her assistant, Peri Gordon, are working on her second AI, a chip with tentacle-like appendages, but it continues to malfunction. She then gets an emergency call from Chris, informing her that A.L.I.E. got loose and is hacking nuclear launch codes. He informs her that the poison pill virus that was supposed to kill A.L.I.E. failed and Becca tells him to take shelter in the lighthouse bunker. She then watches with Peri and Commander Cole McAdams as nuclear missiles fly across the planet.

Two years later, Becca is seen injecting herself with a black fluid. In her briefcase, it is seen that there are many more vials of the black fluid. Then McAdams walks in to confront Becca on her research after learning from Peri that it was Becca's artificial intelligence program that caused the nuclear apocalypse. The commander is preparing to dock with the other twelve stations to create the Ark, but he fears the AI will infect all 12 stations if it remains on board. Becca pleads that the AI will save them on the Ark and can help human scientists giving them calculations to ensure their survival. However, the Commander is not convinced and goes with Peri to find something to float the research in. Becca locks herself in the lab and inserts the AI chip into her neck. She then takes an escape pod. She lands on Earth, but her suit is breached and the radiation levels spike. However, she was able to take off her helmet and breathe safely. She then sees humans approaching in the distance, wearing hazmat suits, and tells them that she is here to help.

In 2150, Murphy analyzes an old escape pod and Grounder cave paintings. From them, he theorizes, that the First Commander came from Polaris. Combined with the fact that A.L.I.E.'s pills have the same symbol as the Commanders, he realizes the AI is somehow related.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Becca is the one that sends a sign to Clarke for her to follow all the way to the kill switch when she enters the City of Light. Lexa thanks Becca out loud when she sees a little girl on a bicycle with the sacred symbol on her back, the sign they must follow.

When Clarke reaches the kill switch, she meets Becca who is there to assist her. Becca explains that A.L.I.E. 2.0 has merged with Clarke’s mind and only the mind that’s in control can operate the kill switch. But before Clarke can get her hands on the switch, A.L.I.E. appears and tells Clarke that she will be killing everyone if she pulls the lever. Becca intervenes by telling Clarke that A.L.I.E. is stalling so that the update can be completed and as soon as it happens, A.L.I.E. will delete the kill switch. Becca then asks A.L.I.E. the definition of “perverse instantiation”. Becca realizes that she never taught A.L.I.E. that the goal isn’t everything and that how you reach the goal matters also. She apologizes to A.L.I.E. As Clarke hesitates to pull the kill switch, Becca tells her that it’s now or never and that once A.L.I.E. is upgraded, she won’t be able to help her anymore. When Clarke asks A.L.I.E. to let the people decide whether they want to stay in the City of Light or not, Becca answers that A.L.I.E. cannot do that because her core command is to make life better for mankind and that she still thinks she’s doing that. Becca’s last words of encouragement to Clarke are: “Yes, Clarke. There’s still hope.” A.L.I.E. replies that there is not and says to Clarke that she can ease everyone's pain and save the human race together, but Clarke says to A.L.I.E. that: "You don't ease pain, you overcome it." She then turns to Becca and says "And we will." Becca and Clarke both smile, as Clarke pulls the kill switch and destroys A.L.I.E., ending her once and for all.

In DNR, Raven Reyes sees Becca. Becca attempts to "help" Raven by tricking her to go the Government & Science Ring.

In The Other Side, Raven is still hallucinating Becca and she's still trying to "help" Raven by convincing her to go to space. However, Raven starts hallucinating Jacapo Sinclair as she passes out and when Raven wakes up, Becca is tied to a chair and gagged. Sinclair convinces Raven not to give up so easily and helps her to devise a plan to purge A.L.I.E.'s residual code from her mind by "rebooting" her brain through a temporary death. Becca argues that Raven will need to be dead for 15 minutes and if her plan succeeds, Raven will lose the increased intelligence. Sinclair argues with Becca who compares Raven with A.L.I.E.'s code to famous geniuses, but Sinclair states that he would take the regular Raven over any of them. Sinclair convinces Raven to go with their plan and she subsequently ignores Becca's attempts to talk her out of it. As Raven flatlines, Becca and Sinclair walk away together. When Raven is revived, both of her hallucinations are gone, signaling that Raven's plan succeeded.

In Praimfaya, as they make preparations to survive the Second Nuclear Apocalypse on the Ark's Go-Sci Ring, Monty Green tells John Murphy that Becca was brilliant and her company designed most of the technology that was sent to the space stations that made up the Ark. Murphy comments that it means that habitability won't be an issue.

In The Warriors Will, via the Flame, Madi sees a memory of Becca's death in which the Second Dawn cult, led by Reese Cadogan, burn Becca at the stake. She pleads with Cadogan not to kill her and tells the members of the cult before she dies that Cadogan isn't saving them, he's killing them.

In Nevermind, Becca is seen on a magazine cover, in Josephine Lightbourne's memory flashback by Clarke Griffin and Monty Green.

In The Blood of Sanctum, Raven is forced to delete the Flame to save Madi, though Sheidheda is uploaded to an unknown location. It is left unknown if Becca and the other Commanders were uploaded as well or if their minds were deleted with the Flame.

In The Garden, Gabriel Santiago accesses the Memory Drive of Doctor Colin Benson of the Eligius III mission team and is surprised that Becca is in the first memory that the drive displays. Gabriel comments that he used to have a huge crush on Becca who tells Colin that if he dies, her face will be the first that the follow team sees. Becca admits to envying Colin for "going on the greatest adventure in the history of history." While Russell Lightbourne believes Alpha to be the world they are searching for, Becca thinks that "time dilation is sexy as hell" and "you get to the future faster" so Beta is a better choice. Gabriel continues watching the recording of Becca, fascinated by her. Gabriel also realizes from Becca's comments that a black hole is responsible for the time dilation on Skyring that they are experiencing.

In Anaconda, on the night of the Nuclear Apocalypse, news reports mention that Becca hasn't been seen in exactly a year and is speculated to be on her space station Polaris.

Two years later, Becca lands in Polis and is greeted by a Second Dawn ground team scavenging in the area that includes Reese and Callie Cadogan and Tristan. Callie recognizes Becca and is shocked to see her unharmed while breathing the highly-radioactive air. Spotting the team, Becca calls out to them that she is there to help. Callie and Reese lead Becca into the Second Dawn Bunker which Bill Cadogan has locked down so that no one knows she is there. Becca is disappointed by the lockdown, having hoped that she could start with a larger sample size for her Nightblood injections. As Callie gushes over Becca, Tristan collapses, having been exposed to the lethal radiation. While Reese runs for help, Becca injects Tristan with Nightblood, explaining to Callie that it's radiation immunity and Callie orders Becca to keep it a secret from her brother as he arrives.

As Reese opens the door to Cadogan's lab, Becca is suddenly overwhelmed with noise coming from the room which gives her a nosebleed. When Grace notices that Becca's blood is black, Becca brushes it off as a side-effect of the serum and recognizes that the sound is coming from the Anomaly Stone. Realizing what Becca is hearing, Cadogan allows her access to the Stone and stating that "music is mathematics," Becca enters a code into the Stone, causing the Temporal Anomaly to open, though Callie notices the scar on her neck from the Flame when Becca has to move her hair to see what she is doing. Becca admits that she's not surprised that Cadogan couldn't figure it out with infinite possible combinations and argues for using Nightblood to resettle the surface rather than traveling to another world. However, Cadogan refuses to be swayed while Callie is more interested in Becca's plan, especially after Tristan recovers from the radiation due to Becca's Nightblood injection.

Becca is later sketching the Anomaly Stone in her notebook when Callie returns. Quickly hiding the notebook, Becca pretends to have been reading another book and Callie notes that Becca has closed the Anomaly. Becca states that she didn't want to risk Cadogan throwing her into it and asks how they get him to change his mind. Callie states that they can't change his mind, but she believes in Becca's plan rather than her father's. Callie has been following Becca's work since she was a child, but always felt inadequate in comparison. Callie says that she wants to save everyone's lives the same way that Becca saved Tristan's while her father is too busy with Becca and the Anomaly Stone.

Becca is hesitant at the idea, but Callie knows that she wants to do it. Based on what she knows of Becca, Callie has deduced that the scar on her neck is from a neural implant containing an AI that heightened Becca's senses, allowing her to deduce the code for the Stone in 10 seconds which Cadogan couldn't do in 12 years. Becca admits that she's right and states that the AI is her penance, alluding to her role in A.L.I.E. destroying the world which she promises to explain in time. Becca tells Callie that the AI is called A.L.I.E. 2, but Becca prefers to call it the Flame as an homage to Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. Callie gets Becca to admit that she was working on the Stone when Callie came in with Becca commenting on how nice the silence was.

Becca suddenly realizes something and approaches the Stone, stating that its not just silence. Before Callie entered, Becca had been cataloguing the symbols based on the frequency of the sound, but 7 of them have no sound. Though Becca originally thought that maybe the symbols had been damaged, she realizes that there might be another explanation and enters the code. The Stone turns into a giant ball of light that Becca touches and vanishes into. As Cadogan arrives with Reese, Becca reappears, obviously shaken by what she has seen. Becca insists that she needs to shut down the Stone, stating that she has seen Judgment Day, the end of the human race. Though Cadogan states that they just experienced Judgment Day and survived, Becca states that what they survived wasn't Judgment Day and if Cadogan had seen what Becca saw, he would agree with her. Cadogan believes that he is ready for it, but Becca states that none of them are, especially not Cadogan. As Becca moves towards the Stone, Cadogan has Reese lock a protesting Becca up until she is ready to reveal what she has learned.

Sometime later, Tristan visits Becca in her cell, only to be tranquilized by Callie who gives a thirsty Becca water and discovers that Tristan doesn't have the keys. Callie warns Becca that Reese has found her notebook and knows about the Flame. Becca realizes that this means that she will be killed so that the cult can get the Flame. However, Callie promises to get Becca out, stating that without Nightblood, her father can't come after them. Becca is confused by the reference to Nightblood and Callie explains that her friend August came up with it and half of the kids in the bunker and some of their parents have already taken the serum but Callie needs more time to get the keys to free Becca.

Knowing that there is no more time, Becca tells Callie that her father can't have the Flame as he will use it to find "the final code" "and once he has it, whatever's left of the human race will be wiped out." Becca can't tell Callie anymore and states that Callie is just going to have to trust her. After Callie confirms that she does, Becca orders her friend to help take out the Flame. Callie is horrified as the notebook says that Becca will have to die first, but Becca reveals that she programmed a backdoor into the Flame. After confirming that Callie knows Latin, Becca tells her that the passphrase is "goodbye for now" in Latin, but stops Callie from saying it as she needs to know more. Becca warns that the Flame will liquify the nervous system of any host without Nightblood, but it is far worse for the Flame to merge with the mind of the wrong person. As a result, Callie must choose wisely. Becca designed the Flame to amplify what is already there and she believes that with the right mind, the Flame is the key to saving the world. However, all of that power can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong mind and Becca implores Callie not to tell the others the passphrase as Reese approaches with the guards. Though they both know Becca will be killed otherwise, Becca reassures Callie that she will still be in the Flame and urges Callie to get the Flame back and to keep it safe.

With Becca refusing a last chance to reveal the code, she is dragged outside of the bunker and burned at the stake by Reese and several cultists led by Reese. As she is burned alive, Becca screams at the cultists that they think Cadogan is saving them, but he is really killing them.

After Becca's death, Reese is able to get the Flame but it is stolen from him by Callie who shoots Reese in the arm, telling him that it was for Becca. Now a Nightblood and honoring Becca's wishes, Callie takes the Flame and the people she had gathered to leave the bunker and save the human race on Earth. The group takes with them Becca's Nightblood serum of which they have enough to save 2,000 more people.

In Blood Giant, a hallucination of Josephine Lightbourne suggests that since both the Flame and the Memory Drives were created by Becca, Gabriel can use a computer meant to fix corrupted Memory Drives to repair the code on the Flame. Later, as Gabriel begins repairing the Flame, he tells Cadogan that if Becca's memories are still inside, the device will find them. However, Gabriel changes his mind before the process can be finished and shoots the Flame, destroying it completely along with the minds of the Commanders stored within.

In The Dying of the Light, Cadogan uses M-Cap to go through the memories of the Commanders left behind in Madi's mind, Becca's memories in particular. After seeing some of Becca's memories, Madi refuses to continue to cooperate, stating that Becca went to "the other side" and that Cadogan isn't ready. Cadogan admits that he and Becca had a disagreement about it at one time and that Becca might've been right at that point. However, after all of the training and preparations that the Disciples have undergone, Cadogan is convinced that they are now ready. Later, Levitt discovers that Cadogan found Becca's memory of entering the code into the Anomaly Stone and as a result, he now has what he needs to start the Last War or, as Jordan Green believes, a test to determine the future of mankind.

In The Last War, the Judge explains to Cadogan that when Becca entered the Stone, she had refused to take the test to determine humanity's future.


Becca was very intelligent, creating two A.I. One of which was a neural implant, as well as the Nightblood serum. Monty Green also noted her intelligence, stating that Becca's company had designed much of the technology on the Ark.

She appeared to be kind and understanding. When A.L.I.E. ended the world, Becca was guilt-ridden. She believed her A.L.I.E. 2.0 research was necessary for human survival and was even willing to risk everyone's lives on Polaris to protect the AI. Becca subsequently told Callie Cadogan that she believed with all of her heart that the AI was the key to saving the world in the right hands but feared what it could do if it ended up in the wrong hands. Becca also appeared to be incredibly humble, reassuring Callie that the young woman seemed "more than adequate" after Callie put herself down in comparison to Becca before Becca even really knew her. Becca seemed to prefer being called by her first name rather than having any of her titles used, telling Clarke Griffin that "Becca's fine" when Clarke called her Becca Pramheda and telling the Second Dawn to call her by her first name rather than Doctor Franko.

In a Memory Drive recording, a younger Becca is shown to be fascinated by Skyring's proximity to a black hole and how it could effectively put someone in the future quickly. She was also envious of the Eligius III team's ability to experience this and thought little of Russell Lightbourne and his opinion of Alpha, calling Russell a pompous ass.

Following her return to Earth after the first Nuclear Apocalypse, Becca was shown to believe that the Flame as she dubbed A.L.I.E. 2.0 was her penance for Becca's role in destroying the world. Though Becca helped Bill Cadogan find a way to another world, she believed that Nightblood was the answer as it allowed them the chance to save humanity on Earth rather than abandoning the planet for an untested new one. Becca was smart enough to hide the Flame from Cadogan and to shut off the Temporal Anomaly out of fear that he would toss her through it though Cadogan later stated that he had learned some things about how the AI worked from Becca or possibly her notebook.

After seeing Judgment Day on the other side of "the final code," Becca was visibly shaken and terrified by what she had witnessed and was willing to die rather than give Cadogan the information that he wanted. Having befriended Callie Cadogan, Becca instructed her on how to use the AI and the potential power it contained, thus ensuring that it was both in safe hands and out of dangerous hands while being used to complete her work. To the end, Becca attempted to convince the Second Dawn cultists that they were making a mistake by trusting Cadogan's plan over hers and burning her at the stake, not really begging for her life as she knew it was futile but to try to convince them of the error of their ways. Its later revealed that Becca was offered the chance to take a test to determine if the human race would Transcend or be annihilated, but refused to take it.

Physical Appearance

Becca is slender with an average build. She has a tan complexion, dark brown eyes, and black hair.


Callie Cadogan

Despite only knowing her for a very short time, Becca trusted Callie quickly after landing on earth in 2054 after finding out that Callie had been a fan of hers before the apocalypse. She let Callie witness her saving Tristan from the radiation by giving him the Nightblood serum but quickly told her to keep it a secret, especially from her brother. Becca recognized Callie's intellect and potential during their conversations in Bill's lab and later, when she knew she was going to be killed, entrusted her with taking care of the Flame, telling her the Latin phrase she needed to control it, thereby making Callie the first Fleimkepa.


Season Three
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Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
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The Tinder BoxMentioned
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The Dying of the LightFlashback
The Last WarMentioned


A.L.I.E.: "As you know, I didn't think I needed an avatar; you did. Why not my creator?"
Becca: "Please state your core command."
A.L.I.E.: "My core command is to make life better."
Becca: "How would you do that?"
A.L.I.E.: "By fixing the root problem."
Becca: "What is the root problem, A.L.I.E.?"
A.L.I.E.: "Too many people."
-- on a 2051 video in Wanheda (Part 1)

Becca: Define "perverse instantiation."
A.L.I.E.: Perverse instantiation... the implementation of a benign final goal through deleterious methods unforeseen by a human programmer.
Becca: Like killing 6.5 billion people to solve overpopulation. The goal isn't everything, A.L.I.E. How you reach the goal matters, too. I'm sorry that I didn't teach you that.
-- Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)

Becca: Raven!
Raven: Becca?
Becca: You can tell me it's none of my business, but why live in a hole in the ground, when you've a perfectly good rocket?
-- 'DNR'

Becca: Cadogan please! You're making a mistake. I can save you! I can save all of you! With my serum, you don't have to live in the bunker anymore! The Flame can change everything! You think he's saving you, but he's killing you!
-- The Warriors Will

Becca: I envy you. You are going on the greatest adventure in the history of history. Lightbourne, that pompous ass, thinks that Alpha is the one. He's afraid that Beta is too far from the black hole relative to the others, but if you ask me, time dilation is sexy as hell. You'll get to the future faster. Don't go anywhere.
Gabriel Santiago: The black hole. Of course. That's why time is so accelerated here.
-- The Garden
Newscaster on TV: Today marks the one-year anniversary of the vanishing of tech tycoon Becca Franko after creating the world's first sentient artificially intelligent program. The reclusive billionaire and owner of this network made her last public appearance. She is rumored to be aboard her space station Polaris, working on a project that her legion of devotees could view as.... (Lucy tells the television to turn volume off)
-- '"Anaconda

Killed Victims

  • Approx. 10.9 billion people (unintentionally and indirectly through the Nuclear Apocalypse caused by A.L.I.E.)
    • Janie
    • Lucy
    • Emily and Sarah McAdams

Notes and Trivia

  • She was a neurosciencist and had a doctorate degree in the field.
  • She was 26 years old when she found a pathway to the human mind and 27 when the Earth was destroyed.
  • The infinity sign is the corporate logo of Becca's company that created both A.L.I.E. and A.L.I.E. 2.0. It was adopted as the "sacred symbol" of the Grounders.
    • The avatar adopted by A.L.I.E. was made in the image of its creator.
  • Her genetic treatment turned the blood black and was the genesis of the Nightblood.
  • She was posthumously the first Nightblood Commander and a martyr.
  • The code in her journal is in the programming language Julia, according to two of Julia's co-founders.[3][4]
  • At some point, she conducted research in her lab with a radiation chamber in an effort to find a cure for cancer.
  • She created A.L.I.E. but realized that there was a fault in the coding. A.L.I.E. scared Becca when the AI stated that it intended to fix the "root problem" which was "too many people".
  • Gaia mentions that Becca is buried in the Second Dawn Bunker, implying that her ashes are kept in there after she was burned alive at the stake, but A.L.I.E. 2.0 managed to "crawl out of the flames", like it said in the notebook.
  • Her company designed most of the technology on the space stations that made up the Ark. Subsequently, most of the technology that the Sky People and the people of Alpha have, originates from Becca.
  • She owned a news network called "Infinity News".
  • Her last name is only given three times: once spelled with a 'c' ("Franco" on a book spine in "Sanctum") and the other time with a 'k' ("Franko" on magazine cover seen in "Nevermind"). Gabriel Santiago mentions it in "The Garden" when talking about the Memory Drives though closed captioning for the episode spells it with a 'k' instead of a 'c' like in the magazine cover. It was later confirmed that it is spelled with a 'k' by The 100 Writers Room" script to screen.[5]
    • The last name "Franco" on a book spine in the episode "Sanctum", could be a Pen name for Becca Franko.
  • In "The Garden," Becca has a different more punk hairstyle than she is usually seen with in Doctor Colin Benson's Memory Drive recording.
  • Gabriel Santiago had a massive crush on her.
  • She has connections to many of the characters in the series:
  • Callie Cadogan was a fan of her.
  • She was the first human being to encounter the Judge when she stepped into its realm via the Anomaly Stone on Earth. She declined to take Judge's test, deeming that humanity was not yet ready for it.


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