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Stop it Octavia, I know you're afraid. But fear is a demon. Close your eyes and tell yourself that you are not afraid. That is how you slay the demon.
— Aurora comforting Octavia. [src]

Aurora Blake was a recurring character in the first, fifth and seventh seasons. She was portrayed by Monique Ganderton and debuted in "His Sister's Keeper". She was the mother of both Bellamy and Octavia.

Aurora broke the one child law on the Ark by having a second child and was floated when Octavia was discovered. Before her death, Aurora was a seamstress.

After Octavia was born, Aurora resorted to prostitution with Ark Guard members to find out about surprise inspections ahead of time and to get a recommendation for Bellamy to join the guard. This helped prevent Octavia's discovery for sixteen years.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Aurora's early life. She was born on the Ark and during her adult life, she resided in sector B-17. At one point she had Bellamy under the one child law. Seven years later, Aurora had a daughter named Octavia, which was a crime punishable by death.

Aurora was forced to keep her second pregnancy and birth a secret. When her second child was born, she told Bellamy to name her and he named her Octavia after Emperor Augustus' sister. Aurora told Bellamy that Octavia was his responsibility.

Sixteen years later, Aurora was floated when Commander Shumway discovered Octavia at the Unity Day Masquerade Dance.

Throughout the Series[]

In His Sister's Keeper, in flashbacks Aurora was forced to keep her second pregnancy a secret because of the one child law on the Ark. A young Bellamy watched his mother give birth to his sister and even helped keep her quiet after the birth. After the child was born, Aurora told Bellamy to name her. He had learned about the Roman emperor, Augustus, and named his sister after the emperor's sister, Octavia. Aurora told Bellamy that Octavia was his responsibility. He told her he loves her very much and promises to keep her safe, no matter what may happen.

His Sister's Keeper 031 (Aurora, Bellamy, and Octavia)

Aurora sewing while Octavia and Bellamy play in their room

Because Octavia was an illegal second child, she had to be kept hidden in their room, never venturing out. Bellamy would tell her stories and play with her, telling her about the Ark. Their mother would also read them mythology, which Octavia loved. Octavia would also help Aurora, who was a seamstress on the Ark. In order to find out about the surprise inspections ahead of time, Aurora was sleeping with an Ark Guard named Grus and she was also trying to get Bellamy a position on the guard. During these inspections, Octavia was forced to hide under the floorboards and wait quietly until they were done. Bellamy told her to tell herself, "I am not afraid." Octavia was finally exposed a year before they were sent to earth. Bellamy had become an Ark Guard Cadet and was able to get duty during the Unity Day masquerade party. The party is disrupted by a solar flare alert, requiring everyone to show ID. Octavia tries to run but is easily captured. As a result, Octavia is locked away in the Skybox, Bellamy loses his chance to be an Ark guard and becomes a janitor, and Aurora is floated by Commander Shumway.

In Etherea, after praying to the Shepherd, Bellamy experiences a vision where Cadogan leads him into another room in the cave where Aurora greets her son. Aurora instructs Bellamy to look into the light given off by the nearby beings and the vision ends moments later.

In The Stranger, the vision of Aurora appears in a flashback when Bellamy explains his experience to Clarke and Octavia.


Aurora was shown to be a loving, devoted, and caring mother towards her children. Aurora can be considered selfish as well as selfless in her decision to keep her second child. Aurora knew she was breaking the rules but kept her child anyway, despite what that would mean for herself and what it would do to Bellamy's future. Aurora could also be stern, especially when her children acted out or became too loud.

Physical Appearance[]

Aurora had a slim build, pale complexion, long dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. She appeared to be in her late thirties or early forties. Aurora's children bear a similar resemblance to her.


Bellamy Blake[]

Bellamy is Aurora's first born. Aurora and Bellamy seemed to have a very close relationship when Bellamy was young. As Bellamy got older, he disapproved of his mother's prostitution. Aurora was willing to do anything to see Bellamy live a better life. This resulted in her using prostitution to get Bellamy a recommendation into the guard. Her death affected Bellamy greatly. On Earth, Bellamy blamed Octavia for Aurora's death. It was later mentioned that Bellamy did not mean it.

Octavia Blake[]

Octavia is Aurora's second child. Aurora and Octavia seemed to have a very close relationship. As Octavia got older, she often wished to leave the safety of her home. Sixteen years after Octavia's birth, Aurora was floated when she was discovered. Octavia was thrown into juvenile lockup and never saw her mother again. Aurora's death greatly affected Octavia. On Earth, at one point, Octavia blames Bellamy for Aurora's death in anger.

Inspector Grus[]

Inspector Grus was a member of the Ark Guard. It is implied that Aurora exchanged sexual favors with Inspector Grus in order to be alerted when a surprise inspection on their quarters was imminent. She also used the relationship to procure a recommendation for Bellamy to join the Ark Guard.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Earth SkillsAbsent
Earth KillsAbsent
Murphy's LawAbsent
Twilight's Last GleamingMentioned
His Sister's KeeperFlashback
Contents Under PressureAbsent
Day TripMentioned
Unity DayAbsent
I Am Become DeathAbsent
The CalmAbsent
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Absent
Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAbsent
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAbsent
Long Into an AbyssAbsent
Remember MeAbsent
Survival of the FittestMentioned
Coup de GrâceAbsent
Bodyguard of LiesAbsent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Absent
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent
Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Mentioned
Wanheda (Part 2)Absent
Ye Who Enter HereAbsent
Watch the ThronesAbsent
Bitter HarvestAbsent
Terms and ConditionsAbsent
Stealing FireAbsent
Join or DieAbsent
Red Sky at MorningAbsent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Absent
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Absent
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAbsent
The Four HorsemenAbsent
A Lie GuardedAbsent
The Tinder BoxAbsent
We Will RiseAbsent
Gimme ShelterMentioned
God ComplexAbsent
Die All, Die MerrilyMentioned
The Other SideAbsent
The ChosenMentioned
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
Red QueenMentioned
Sleeping GiantsAbsent
Pandora's BoxMentioned
Shifting SandsAbsent
Exit WoundsAbsent
Acceptable LossesAbsent
How We Get to PeaceMentioned
Sic Semper TyrannisAbsent
The Warriors WillFlashback
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Absent
Damocles (Part 2)Absent
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoFlashback
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerFlashback
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Assuming "Blake" is her birth last name and not a married name, Aurora Blake may be descended from The Grounder Tracy Blake.
    • Bellamy's great-great-grandfather Blake was an astronaut with 4 Ph.D.[1] Assuming he's from her side of the family, he would be her great-grandfather.
  • She was floated before "Pilot".
  • Aurora is referenced in a large number of episodes in Season One, however, she only appears in "His Sister's Keeper" during a flashback.
  • Aurora and Bellamy compared Emperor Augustus to the Chancellor at the time of Octavia's birth.
    • Aurora may have taught Bellamy some of Earth's history.
  • Aurora gave birth to her first child, Bellamy Blake, 23 years before "Pilot".
  • Aurora gave birth to her second child, Octavia, 17 years before "Pilot".
    • Bellamy was seven when Octavia was born.
  • Aurora managed to keep Octavia a secret for sixteen years, nearly a record on the Ark.
  • In the book series, Bellamy and Octavia's mother's name was Melinda. Other differences include her trying to kill Octavia and committing suicide.


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