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Bellamy Previously on "The 100"...
Octavia You're stopping her heart?
Gabriel Death causes her mind to back up into the Drive. I take it out...
Bellamy We get Clarke back.
Gabriel I need to restart her heart.
Bellamy Why isn't she waking up?
Gabriel 'Cause Josephine's still inside.
Octavia She's gone.
Bellamy No, she's not! Clarke?
Madi No one's gonna find out I'm a Nightblood.
Clarke Quiet.
[Madi's knife goes into the back of Miranda's head with a thud]
Russell Miranda's dead.
Ryker They're executing one of your people tonight.
Gaia Madi?
Ryker No. She's a host.
Sierra The child is spared, but the rest of you will burn at the stake for your crimes.
Echo Get me to a window with a view of the execution. Got him.
Ryker Sorry.
Murphy Russell listen to me, ok? You can still save your wife. We can still make Nightblood. Bone marrow.
Russell Take them down.
Scene 1 - Sanctum - Lab
[Monitor chirping]
Madi Dr. Jackson?
Jackson I'm here, Madi.
Madi I can't feel my hand. Something's wrong. Please help. I can't feel it. I can't breathe. [Labored breathing]
[Jackson takes the restraints off of Madi's hand]
Jackson Madi, it's ok.
[Madi grabs a knife from the side table with her free hand and cuts Jackson's shoulder]
Jackson Uh!
[Jackson grabs a an anesthesia stick and plunges it into Madi's leg]
Madi Unh!
[Madi falls back into the chair, beginning to lose consciousness]
Jackson Abby! Raven! Emori!
Sheidheda Why didn't you let me go for the throat-
[Transitions to Madi's mindscape]
Sheidheda -like we talked about? I thought you wanted revenge.
[Sheidheda moves a chess piece]
Sheidheda Your move. Because Jackson is innocent. He's one of us.
Sheidheda One of you? He's draining your marrow as we speak.
Madi Let's just play the game.
[Madi moves a piece and takes Sheidheda's piece]
Sheidheda Chess isn't a game. A lesson in strategy, and you're not paying attention.
[Sheidheda moves a piece]
Sheidheda Checkmate. Jackson is a pawn. If you had killed him, we'd be free right now and on our way to the Palace to kill the people who had murdered Clarke. Instead we'll now likely die with her, so well done.
[Madi knocks the chess pieces off of the table]
Madi What do you want from me?!
Sheidheda I want you to rule this world as I did the last. I want you to kill everyone who gets in your way. I want you to get revenge for Clarke.
Madi Tell me what I have to do.
Scene 2 - Forest outside Gabriel's Lab
[Octavia stands outside]
[Chiming, indistinct transmissions]
[Transitions to inside Gabriel's Lab]
[Clarke wakes up suddenly]
Clarke [Breathing heavily]
Bellamy Hey. You're ok. I'm still here.
Clarke Thanks to you. How long have I been asleep?
Bellamy A few hours. I'm so sorry, Clarke. I knew you were a target. I didn't protect you.
Clarke Bellamy, you saved me.
Bellamy So how do we save everyone that I left behind?
Clarke You know, if you didn't, I'd be dead. They all would - Echo, Madi. Josephine would've made sure of it. Your plan was good.
Bellamy My plan was to use Josephine's Mind Drive to bargain for peace, and now there's no mind on the drive.
Clarke We don't need the Mind Drive. We've got me.
Bellamy No, no way.
Clarke Bellamy, if we don't give Russell his daughter back-
Bellamy Clarke, as soon as he realizes you're not her, which will be the second you walk in the door and he checks the Drive, you're dead.
Gabriel So let's put it back in.
Bellamy That's not happening. We appreciate what you did for us, but these are our people. We'll take it from here.
Clarke This isn't just about our people, Bellamy.
Bellamy Well, it is for me, Clarke.
[Octavia enters]
Octavia Good. Everybody's awake. So what's the plan?
Scene 3 - Sanctum - Building
[Miller tries to unlock the lock of the door on the ceiling]
Murphy Let's play what's a bigger waste of time, shall we? Trying to pry off a lock with your bare hands or praying for a 12 year old psychopath to come to our rescue.
Gaia She's not a psychopath. She's a child under assault from a Demon. And the longer we wait...the more control he has over her.
Murphy Just relax. Raven's on the case. I'm sure Madi will be fine as soon as Houdini Miller breaks us out of here and we get Becca's book of spells. That's from the Machine Shop, right?
[Miller jumps down from the table]
Miller Ah! It's no use, not without something to pick it.
Murphy Wow. What a surprise.
Miller You got a better idea, Murphy?
Murphy Nah. Help me get this out of the way.
[Miller and Murphy pick up the table and replace it in the center of the room]
Murphy Anyone want to take a guess as to what happened to Echo?
Gaia She would've saved us if she could.
Miller We have to assume they have her, too, now. Making them Nightblood bought us some time, but does anyone really believe they're just gonna let us walk once it's done?
Male Guard Open it up. Let's go.
[Door opens. Jade and Bryson enter]
Jade On your feet, Murphy. You're wanted in the Palace.
Scene 4 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
[Echo is on her knees with her wrists bound]
Russell You're guilty of attempting to assassinate a Prime and spreading blasphemous rumors. The punishment for this is death, but we can be merciful. Your friend Jordan saved the life of Priya VII. Hallowed be her name.
All but Echo Hallowed be her name.
Russell She's seen to his ongoing recovery personally. Because your crimes were committed to save your people, I will offer you a chance for mercy as well. But you have to earn it, starting by telling us who else you talked to other than Tai.
[Echo looks at Ryker]
Echo No one. It was just him. Too bad you can't ask him who he told.
Ryker The man murdered a Prime. Maybe you should take this a little more seriously.
Echo That wasn't murder. Simone Prime, hallowed be her name, will be back. The life taken to make that happen will be murder.
[[[Bryson]] and Jade pulling Murphy enter]
Russell The life taken to make that happen will be yours. Take her to the Machine Shop. Test Abby's bone marrow formula. If it words and turns you into a host, then it will be your great honor to become one with Simone Prime. Hallowed be her name.
All but Echo and Murphy Hallowed be her name.
Ryker I've never performed that procedure before. You know that.
Russell And I never asked you to, but I'm asking you now. You're trained for this. We all are. And we can no longer afford our moral equivocations, but this is how we get our family back.
[Ryker nods]
Russell Good. Call for me when it's done. I want to be there for the resurrection.
Ryker She comes with me.
[Two Guards pull Echo to her feet]
Murphy (Speaking Trigedasleng) We're going to the Machine get Becca's book.
Bryson Silence.
Murphy (Speaking Trigedasleng) Stay alive until we get there! Now act like you hate me!
Echo Murphy, you traitor! I'll kill you! You've always been a traitor. You've always been a filthy-
[Echo is dragged out. Door closes]
Murphy So who do I get to be?
Russell You're a slippery one, John, always playing both sides of the fence. I doubt you've ever done anything that didn't redound to your own benefit.
Murphy Come on. Now, that's just mean.
Russell Don't get me wrong. I like that about you.
Murphy Oh, you do, huh?
Russell It means I can trust you as long as what I'm asking has something in it for you.
Murphy And what are you asking?
Russell According to Jade, my daughter is still alive, or was last night. I need you to bring her home. If you can do this, then you and your girlfriend have your immortality after all.
Murphy And if I say no?
Russell You won't. If you fail, however, or do something that keeps my daughter from her place at my side, then I will be forced to take an eye for an eye.
Murphy Immortality or mortality. It seems fair.
Russell Not your eye, John. Emori's. You have till second moon.
[Russell and some Guards leave]
Scene 6 - Gabriel's Lab
Clarke You're a Nightblood. You could walk through the shield at any time and lower it. Why haven't you?
Octavia Because he doesn't want to kill the people inside. He wants to save them, and they'll die to protect the Primes.
Bellamy Then they die. I'm not letting our people get executed because theirs are delusional.
Gabriel I don't have the code. I couldn't lower the shield if I tried.
Bellamy What about Ryker? He built it, and he helped you escape. Go to him, you lower the shield, we do the rest.
Gabriel Ryker won't help us. He left my cell door open to stop Simone from burning me at the stake, but he wouldn't help me stop the resurrections.
Octavia They were gonna burn you?
Gabriel That's what you do to demons. I destroyed the embryos. We landed with a thousand. Genetically engineered with what you call Nightblood to protect against the solar radiation.
Clarke That's why hosts are so rare - why Josephine started oblation.
Gabriel I didn't think she would take it that far, but-
Bellamy So your nonviolent revolution made things worse.
Octavia Bellamy, he doesn't want to kill his own people.
Bellamy Why not? You did.
Clarke Bellamy.
Bellamy I don't need a lecture on moral relativity from the Queen of Cannibals.
Octavia Can I talk to you outside?
Bellamy No. No. You know what? For once, O, you're not my biggest problem.
Octavia Please?
[Octavia goes outside]
Clarke Go. We'll keep thinking.
Gabriel Your sister's special.
Bellamy Well, that's one word for it.
Gabriel I'm serious, Bellamy. She went into the Anomaly and came back. No one's ever done that before.
Clarke The Anomaly?
[Indistinct transmissions, buzzing]
Gabriel That sound you hear, the great mystery of Sanctum. Look, she didn't remember anything, so I gave her Red Sun Toxin to help her see. She chose to look inward instead.
Clarke But there was no eclipse.
Gabriel The toxin's everywhere - in every leaf, in every tree, the soil, the rocks. Over time, we found other ways to harness its power.
Bellamy You weaponized it, didn't you?
Gabriel Simone did as part of her adjustment protocol. My research was focused on an antitoxin. The discovery that intravenous use produced a waking dream was a happy accident.
Octavia Uh, Gabriel, your friends are here.
[Bellamy goes outside. Child of Gabriel speaking indistinctly. Octavia is kneeling with her hands in the air, 8 Children of Gabriel surround her with their guns raised. Bellamy points his gun at them]
Octavia Don't shoot. We're on the same side. Bellamy, gun down.
[Bellamy nods. He removes his finger from the trigger and starts to place it on the ground]
Bellamy Same side, huh?
Child of Gabriel #1 He was with Josephine in the cave.
[Clarke goes outside]
Child of Gabriel #1 Hey, hey.
Child of Gabriel #2 It's her - Josephine Prime.
Bellamy No, no, no.
Child of Gabriel #1 Raise your weapons
Child of Gabriel #2 Take her down!
Bellamy It's not her.
Octavia Gabriel, we could use a little help.
[Gabriel goes outside]
Layla Xavier?
[All of the Children of Gabriel take off their masks]
Layla Xavier, baby brother, get out of the way.
Gabriel Layla, it's ok. Nelson, put the weapon down. All of you, weapons down. That's an order.
Nelson You don't give orders. Where's the old man? Layla, search the tent.
Gabriel The old man is dead. So is Xavier.
Nelson On your knees.
[Gabriel kneels with his hands in the air. Nelson walks behind Gabriel and looks at his neck. A faint scar from the Mind Drive is visible on Gabriel's neck]
Nelson Gabriel.
[Gabriel nods. Layla punches Gabriel in the face with her gun]
Layla Traitor!
[Layla kicks Gabriel in the stomach]
Gabriel Aah!
[Nelson pulls Layla back]
Nelson Get back! Come on. Layla, easy! Easy.
Gabriel [Coughs]
[Transitions to Gabriel's Lab]
Nelson Explain.
Gabriel I didn't want this. I loved Xavier like a son. You know that.
Layla Don't say his name.
Nelson Layla, if you can't handle this, maybe you should wait outside.
Layla I'm fine. I need to hear this.
Gabriel Eduardo Brought me back without my consent.
Nelson Eduardo's been dead for 10 years, killed by Sanctum Guards around the time the old man disappeared.
Gabriel It wasn't the Sanctum Guards.
Layla Ten years? He's been lying to us for 10 years, letting me call him brother?
Nelson He's still our leader.
Layla No. He's a traitor and a Prime. He could've told us the truth, but instead, he let us think we were abandoned. Now, give me back the gun and let me end this once and for all.
[Nelson hands his gun to Layla]
Bellamy Wait. If this is what you really want, at least wait until he delivers the bomb.
Clarke What are you talking about?
Layla Shut up.
Bellamy I'm talking about weaponized Red Sun toxin. Gabriel's a Nightblood. He can walk it right through the shield and deploy it. Once it's in the air, he finds our friend Raven. She'll bring the shield down for the rest of us. We use the chaos of the evacuation to rescue our people. You kill the Primes. That's how this ends.
Nelson It's a good plan.
Layla Come on. You trust them just like that?
Nelson No. But I will...when he kills Josephine Prime.
[Nelson holds out his sword for Gabriel]
Clarke I'm not Josephine.
Gabriel It's true. Josephine's gone. I took the Mind Drive out myself.
Layla He's protecting her. How much more proof that he's a traitor do we need?
Gabriel No.
[Nelson moves toward Clarke with his sword]
Gabriel If you kill her yourself, I won't build you the bomb.
[Nelson reluctantly lowers his sword]
Gabriel Good. First, we gather the toxin. There's a cave on the way to the Anomaly.
Layla You're not going anywhere. Neither is your long-lost friend.
Octavia We can do it. Just tell us what to look for.
Scene 7 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
[Ryker injects Nightblood serum into Echo's arm with a click and hiss]
Echo [Groaning]
[Two Guards hold Echo down in a chair]
Ryker You can let her go now.
Male Guard So that's it, then? One shot, and she's a host?
Ryker Yes. According to their doctor, we have some time. I'll be in my room.
Echo The truth spreads like that, too. Of course, more than one person knows the truth. Don't they?
Ryker You guys can wait outside. No need to listen to her lies.
[Guards leave]
Echo How long before Russell finds out you were the one who sparked the revolution?
Ryker One dead Janitor isn't a revolution.
Echo We told at least a dozen others, but you let him believe it was just Tai. That tells me you're still torn.
Ryker You're right. I am. The only thing worse than my people being burned alive is it happening to my family.
Echo Ryker, wait. The truth is out. It's too late to stop this. If you let me go, I'll still honor our deal. You and your Mother will be fine.
Ryker No, we won't. It won't matter that we do the right thing. The people will need blood. The Guards will die defending us. Tell me something. If you could prevent all those deaths by taking one life, would you do it? That's what I thought. I'm sorry, Echo. I truly am.
[Door opens. Ryker leaves]
Echo Damn it!
[Door shuts]
Echo Where the hell are they?
Scene 8 - Sanctum - Building
Miller You didn't follow orders when the Commander banished you. How come?
Gaia Sometimes we have to disobey in order to transcend.
Miller Did you think about that when we were following Blodreina?
Gaia Mistakes are forgivable. Not learning from them isn't.
[Door opens. Bryson and two other Guards enter]
Bryson Meal time. You know the drill. Hands on the wall.
[Gaia places her hands on the wall. Miller stares at Bryson]
Bryson Hands on the wall.
Gaia What are you doing?
Bryson I said, hands on the wall.
Miller Transcending.
[Miller moves toward Bryson. Bryson grabs Miller and punches him several times in the stomach]
Miller [Groaning]
Bryson Let 'em starve.
[All Guards leave]
Miller [Gasping]
Gaia What were you thinking?
Miller That's the best life I've made...
[Miller pulls out Bryson's knife from under his arm]
Miller ...since the Ark.
Gaia Impressive. Hide the blade. I'll get them to come back.
Miller Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
Gaia What?
[Miller unwinds the wire from the knife's handle]
Miller I didn't steal it for the blade.
[Gaia and Miller look at the lock on the door on the room] [Gaia and Miller escape through the roof]
Miller Machine Shop's this way. Come on.
Scene 9 - Gabriel's Lab
[Indistinct transmissions, buzzing]
Gabriel A device like this was one of the reasons I left.
[Gabriel blows into the holes of the bomb containers]
Gabriel I wouldn't build Russell his bomb-
[Layla enters]
Gabriel -and here I am building one for you. [Chuckles softly] Never mind me. I'm rambling.
[Metal objects clank]
Gabriel Your friends should be at the cave by now. You know, it's too bad they took an antitoxin. That is one sibling relationship that could use a good guided hallucination.
Layla Yeah. Be a shame if one of them was murdered before they worked it out.
Gabriel Layla, I'm-
Layla No. Don't you dare apologize. This bomb. If the Primes have one, then why haven't they used it on us?
Gabriel I don't know. Probably because turning us into raging killers isn't in their best interest.
Layla Then what's it for?
Gabriel Josephine and Simone were intrigued by a pattern in the visions of those who survived being caught out in the Eclipse. Despite my best efforts to stop them, they started leaving test subjects outside to study it. Now, not surprisingly, believers in the divinity of the Primes invariably reported seeing us as Gods or as Angels. What interested the Lightbournes more was that the aggression response of the faithful was almost always aimed at the less devout.
Clarke Believers killing nonbelievers.
Gabriel Uh-huh.
Layla I swear on my brother's memory, if you betray us, I will kill you.
[Gabriel nods. Layla leaves. Gabriel sniffles]
Clarke Josephine was right. This is Mount Weather all over again. That bomb won't just cause chaos. It'll cause a massacre. There has to be a better way than using a massacre as a distraction to get the shield down.
Gabriel Look, if you're worried about your people, they'll be fine. Put in wall restraints to fend for themselves as soon as the early warning system is triggered and evacuation begins.
Clarke I told you, I'm not just worried about- The early warning system. The insects are affected by the toxin first. That's why they're in tanks all over Sanctum.
Gabriel I'm aware. It was my idea. What's your point?
Clarke We use less of the toxin - enough to affect the bugs but not the people. Just enough to trigger the evacuation. Can you do that?
Gabriel Yes. But without the chaos, I won't have time to take the shield down. Your people will still be prisoners, and the Primes will still be Primes. We will kill some bugs, though.
Clarke So we take down the shield first.
Gabriel First, as in before the evacuation, while everyone's still at home? Look, Clarke, I don't mean to be rude, but-
Clarke Josephine could do it. Think you can get your Children to let me go with you?
Gabriel It's doubtful. They're not gonna like it. Neither is Bellamy.
Clarke We got this, Gabriel.
Scene 10 - Cave
Octavia Careful. Gabriel said these things have the highest concentration of Red Sun toxin they've ever found. Trust me, they're a hell of a lot stronger than Jobi Nuts.
Bellamy So tell me about this Anomaly. Gabriel says that you went in and you came back, you were special.
Octavia I'm not special. I went in after Diyoza, but I couldn't catch her.
Bellamy Diyoza's dead?
Octavia Yeah. The light swallowed her, but it spit me out. I didn't know why. But now I do. It was for you.
Bellamy For me? Right.
Octavia What do you say when "I'm sorry" isn't good enough?
[Octavia stops cutting the Red Sun toxin Mushrooms and turns toward Bellamy]
Bellamy Hey. Don't stop.
Octavia You were right for leaving me behind. I know how hard that must have been for you, but you were right. I was a mess-a danger to you, to myself, and everyone we care about.
Bellamy Yeah? Well, what's changed?
Octavia [Exhales] Everything.
Bellamy That much, huh? Ah, the mushrooms must be strong.
Octavia I need you in my life, Bell.
Bellamy Look, I don't know what happened to you out here, but now is not the time. We need to fill these bags and get back to camp before the antitoxin wears off.
Octavia You were my rock. Without you as my compass, I was lost. I couldn't find my way out of the dark. I did things...things I can't take back...things that will haunt me until the day I die. I'm not asking you for forgiveness. I know I have to earn that along with your trust.
Bellamy What do you want me to say, O?
Octavia Say I'm your sister.
Bellamy You're my sister...but you're not my responsibility. Not anymore. Go on. We got enough. I'll be right behind you.
[Octavia reluctantly leaves]
Scene 11 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
[Black blood bleeds from Echo's hand. Ryker enters]
Ryker Look at that.
Ryker It worked.
[Ryker sets his bag on the counter and begins to leave]
Echo Wait. Where are you going?
Ryker Tell Russell we've solved our host problem.
Echo Hoping he'll kill me for you, huh? He won't, you know. It's a loyalty test. Trust me. I've been there. I know what you're going through.
Ryker You know nothing. You're a killer, an assassin. I'm an engineer.
Echo You won't be just that after today.
Ryker Fine. If he wants me to do it myself, I'll do it myself.
Echo Actually, I was hoping you'd let me go.
Ryker It's not gonna happen. I've made my choice. It's too late to change that now.
Echo No, it isn't. At least...let me tell you what happened to me - something I've never told anyone else.
Ryker You're stalling.
[Echo slowly nods]
Ryker Ok. Tell me your story. Quickly.
Scene 12 - Flashback - Azgeda Woods
[Echo shoots a bow and arrow at a target. Echo gets a bullseye]
Echo Top that.
Ash You know I can't.
Echo Do you want her to think you're useless? Do it like I showed you.
[Echo hands Ash the bow]
Echo And picture Queen Nia's face at the center.
Ash Ha ha! Ok.
[Hoofbeats of horses approach. Queen Nia on a horse and warriors by her side enter]
Nia Is that your secret, then?
Echo Your highness, forgive-
Nia Quiet. I don't care why your aim is true - just that it is.
[Nia gets off her horse]
Nia Unh. It's time, Echo. Sangedakru is expecting you in 3 days. You've mastered their dialect, studied their customs, but are you ready to kill for your Queen?
Echo Yes, Highness.
Nia Prove it. This piece of filth is a Sangedakru spy.
[A man with a hood pulled over his head is pushed over to Echo by Azgeda warriors. A warrior takes off the hood]
Nia If he gets away, your mission will fail. Ash, hand her the bow.
[Ash hands the bow back to Echo. Nia cuts the bonds restraining the Sangedakru spy]
Nia Run, you fool!
[The Sangedakru spy runs away]
Nia What are you wait for? Imagine my face on his back. Hesitation is death. Take the shot.
[Echo releases the arrow and misses]
Nia Weakness!
[Nia takes the bow from Echo and shoots the arrow through the Sangedakru Spy's back]
Sangedakru Spy Uh!
Nia Since I can't send an assassin who's afraid to kill, I'll give you one last chance. Kill her.
[Nia takes one of her knives and throws it on the ground]
Nia If she doesn't take the knife and attack in 3 seconds, kill both.
[An Azgeda Warrior loads his bow with an arrow and aims it at Echo. Echo picks up the knife and starts circling Ash]
Nia 1... 2...
[Echo swipes at Ash with the knife, cutting Ash's forearm. Echo throws her right arm at Ash's head, Ash catches her arm with her hands]
Echo Fight back. Show her she needs you, too.
[Ash shakes her head no. Echo pushes Ash on the ground and then punches Ash in the face]
Nia Finish her, or you're finished.
Echo I'm sorry.
[Echo prepares to plunge the knife into Ash's chest. Ash takes an arrow from the ground and stabs it through Echo's stomach. Echo drops the knife]
Ash I'm sorry, too.
[Echo falls to her side. Echo dies]
Azgeda Warrior Sangedakru is expecting a girl named Echo.
Nia Congratulations, Echo. Don't let me down. Get her ready.
[Nia picks up her knife from the ground and leaves]
Scene 13 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
Echo I guess you could say I've been wiped before.
Ryker I'm sorry that happened.
Echo I didn't tell you that just so you don't kill me. I told you to spare you from what happens if you do.
Ryker I'm sure you're right...Ash. Killing you would haunt me, but so would not killing you. We both know what would happen to Sanctum If I let you go. I'm sorry.
Echo No. No.
[Clanking on door]
Echo Aah!
Ryker Fine.
[Ryker opens the door]
Ryker Guards, come in. Close the door. I need your help holding her down.
Echo [Breathing heavily]
[Gaid and Miller enter. Miller points a gun at Ryker]
Miller You die.
[Gaia unties the bonds around Echo]
Echo Took you long enough.
Gaia We came for the notebook. We didn't know, or we would've-
[Gaia sees the black blood bleeding from Echo's wrist]
Gaia (Speaking Trigedasleng) You're a Nightblood...
[Echo gets out of the chair, grabs a knife from Ryker's bag, and stabs it through his stomach]
Echo Hesitation is death.
[Echo slices the knife through Ryker again. Ryker falls and dies. Echo drops the knife]
Scene 14 - Gabriel's Lab
Bellamy What do you mean, you're not building a bomb?
Gabriel Releasing it in the water will cause it to aerosolize at a lower concentration. We'll trigger an evacuation without inducing a mass psychosis.
Clarke In other words, no innocent people will die.
Octavia How long until they realize there's no eclipse and turn around?
Clarke Not long enough. We'll need to be inside before it starts, which means-
Bellamy Which means the shield needs to be down before it starts.
Octavia Can you do that without a distraction?
Bellamy It wouldn't be him.
Clarke Bellamy, it's the only way.
Octavia What is?
Clarke I go as Josephine.
Bellamy It's not the only way. We use the bomb as planned. Risking your life when we don't have to is just-
Clarke Is how we do better. What would Monty do?
Bellamy Clarke, if you fail, if Russell figures out that his daughter is dead, all our people are dead, too.
Clarke So I won't fail.
Octavia Bellamy, if we can spare innocent lives, we should.
[Motorcycle sounds]
Child of Gabriel #1 Hey, what's that?
Child of Gabriel #2 Got Raiders coming!
Child of Gabriel #3 Sanctum Raiders!
Bellamy Wait here.
Child of Gabriel #1 Everybody spread out!
[Bellamy and Octavia go outside]
Nelson Get them back inside. I want them tied up and gagged with the Primes. Layla, you're with them. Kill anyone who resists.
[Bellamy and Octavia are dragged back inside by the Children of Gabriel. Nelson hands Layla his gun and Layla follow them back inside]
Nelson Move to intercept! Elijah, Logan, get to high ground! I need eyes up top. The rest of you, spread out.
[Children of Gabriel run to their positions]
Nelson Cut them off on the other side!
Child of Gabriel #2 Sanctum Raiders!
Nelson Retreat!
[Gunfire] [Indistinct shouting] [Layla goes to the door to look out at the raid] [Knife slashes fabric on the side of the Lab's wall. Murphy and Jade enter]
Murphy Hey there.
[Layla points her gun at Murphy. Jade slams the butt of her gun into Layla's head]
Jade Josephine?
[Clarke nods]
[Gunfire continues outside]
[Jade takes the gag off of Clarke]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Well done, Jade. You just can't pick a side, can you, John?
[Jade begins cutting the bonds on Clarke]
Murphy The only reason I'm doing this is because Emori dies if I don't. Echo's in trouble, too. I promise I'll do what I can for her.
Jade Give us two seconds to make sure it's clear, then follow.
[Layla begins to regain consciousness and stirs. Jade aims her gun at her]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) No.
[Clarke grabs a gun from the table and aims it at Layla]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) This one's mine. Go. Make sure it's clear.
[Jade leaves]
Murphy Is she really gone this time?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Yes. Boo-hoo. Now, as soon as I pull this trigger, your little decoy trick will fail. You better run.
Murphy Hmm.
[Murphy leaves. Clarke points at the ground and fires the gun. Clarke takes the gag off of Bellamy]
Clarke I can do this.
Bellamy Get that shield down. I'll bring the cavalry.
Clarke For Monty.
Bellamy For Monty.
[Clarke leaves]
Layla She isn't Josephine.
Bellamy No, she's not.
Scene 15 - Sanctum
Murphy You mind walking a little faster?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Relax.
[Murphy, Clarke, Jade, and Guards come into view of Russell and his Guards]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) If they were gonna kill us, we'd be dead by now. They know that we're here. What? No hug?
Russell Josephine.
[Russell and Clarke hug]
Russell How is this possible?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) It's a long story. Suffice to say, I'm awesome. What I'm not, however, is immortal. Gabriel took out my drive.
Murphy I really do hate to interrupt, but...
Russell I'm a man of my word. You earned your place here. Take him to Emori, and clear the Doctor and the rest of her people from the Lab.
[Murphy and some Guards leave]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Where's Mom?
[Russell holds out Simone's Mind Drive]
Russell There was an incident, but it's ok. I was just on my way to resurrect her, but that can wait.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Resurrect her in who? Abby did it. We can make hosts.
Russell Yes, but not how you think. Come on. Let's get you checked out.
[Russell, Clarke, and Guards walk towards Sanctum's Lab] [Transitions to Lab]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) So I used Clarke's neural mesh to stay in her brain. Turnabout's fair play. Am I right? Anyway, I killed her in the Mindspace. Now here we are.
[Monitor beeping]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) How about next time, we choose a less crowded host? What do you say?
[Clarke sees Madi strapped to a chair having her blood drained]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) And what is this?
Russell This is how we make hosts.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Bone marrow?
[Russell nods]
Madi Clarke, is that you?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) No. It's not. She put up a good fight, though, kid. Can't win them all.
Madi We're gonna kill you! We're gonna kill all of you and everything you love! [Groaning]
[Clarke stabs an anesthesia stick into Madi's arm. Madi loses consciousness]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Hmm. How many doses can we get out of her before she dies? You know what? Never mind. It's time for my new Drive. Being mortal sucks.