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For Monty.
Clarke and Bellamy vow to stop the Primes

Ashes to Ashes is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of The 100. It is the eighty-second episode of the series overall.

EPISODE WAS DIRECTED BY BOB MORLEY – Bellamy and Octavia must work together to save their friends. Echo is forced to face her past.


Inside the palace, Madi is strapped to an operating table and getting her bone marrow extracted. She may be weak physically, but she is seething with rage and Sheidheda inside her. He wants her to kill everyone who gets in their way in order to get revenge for Clarke, but Madi only wants to kill Primes. However that still doesn't stop her from lashing out at Dr. Jackson, who Sheidheda wants dead regardless. 

In Gabriel's tent after Clarke wakes up, she assuages Bellamy's fears that he did the wrong thing in saving her. She thinks his plan was good, but there's the small problem that Josephine's mind drive is now a blank slate. Gabriel thinks they should put the mind drive back into Clarke and let Russell think it's his daughter. Bellamy thinks this is too dangerous, even though the mind drive doesn't have Josie in it.

Still in Sanctum prison, Miller and Gaia are trying to escape. Murphy is standing around offering no help when Jade comes in and says that he’s wanted in the palace. He’s taken in where Russell is interrogating Echo to learn who else knows “the truth” aside from Tai. She doesn't give up anything, so Russell tells Ryker to take her to the machine shop and test Abby's bone marrow on her. As she's being dragged out, Murphy tells her in Trigedasleng that they're sneaking out to the machine shop to get Becca's book, and she needs to stay alive until then. And because Echo spits back venom at Murphy, Russell believes he's still on the Primes' side. He wants him to go with Jade and bring back Josie. If he doesn't succeed, Russell will kill Emori.

Clarke suggests that since Gabriel built the shields and is a Nightblood, he could walk through the radiation barrier at any point and lower the shields, but Gabriel doesn't want to since he believes the innocents inside the city are savable. The only reason he fled in the first place is because he was going to be burned at the stake until Ryker saved him. When asked what his crime was, Gabriel tells them it was destroying a stash of genetically engineered embryos that Primes had kept to be used for their future Nightblood hosts.

After continued aggression from Bellamy, Octavia finally asks to talk to him outside the tent. When she exits, Gabriel explains that Octavia has changed. She went through the anomaly, “the greatest mystery of Sanctum,” and came back out. Bellamy ponders Gabriel's words, but doesn't get the chance to act upon them as the tent is surrounded by the remaining members of the Children of Gabriel.

Gabriel exits the tent and tells his followers the truth after a decade, “The old man is dead, so is Xavier.” At first they're in disbelief as he tells them that his anger over his resurrection led him to kill Eduardo, which was pinned on a Sanctum guard. Xavier's sister Layla takes this the hardest and is ready to kill him as 'revenge', but Bellamy says she needs to keep him alive to deliver the bomb.

He says that Gabriel can make a bomb with the red sun toxin, walk through the radiation shield, and release it on Sanctum. Then they can find Raven, have her take down the shields, and use the chaos of evacuation to kill the Primes and rescue his people. However Layla still believes Clarke is Josie and orders Gabriel to kill her. After he shows her that Josie's mind drive is out of Clarke's head, Layla and the men agree not to harm her for now. Bellamy and Octavia go on a toxin hunting mission.

In the machine shop, Echo asks Ryker to stop and get back on the right side of this fight. However he refuses believing Echo's promise will not save his mother or him and leaves. 

Back at the tent, Gabriel tells Clarke one of the reasons he was disillusioned with the Primes is that they were making a bomb just like this. They found that the aggression from the bomb made the people faithful to the Primes go after those who weren’t, thereby cementing their godlike status. That’s when Clarke realizes she’s facing Mount Weather all over again. She doesn’t want people to die, and she has a new plan: Use just enough of the toxin to make the insects freak out so the people will flee, but no one actually ingests it. Without the craze of the toxin though, they’ll have less time and will need the shield to be down beforehand; she will have to imitate Josie for this plan to work.

Bellamy hunts for mushrooms covered in the toxin while Octavia tries to explain herself and her time in the anomaly. She says she knows why the thing spit her out: “It was for you.” She explains that she knows he was right to leave her behind, and she sees the damage she did — but part of the reason she was so lost was that he wasn't by her side. “Without you as my compass, I was lost,” she explains. “I couldn’t find my way out of the dark.” Bellamy takes this in and says he knows she's his sister, “but you’re not my responsibility, not anymore."

Ryker grants Echo her last request to tell him something from her past that she hasn't even told Bellamy. In a flashback, we learn that Echo's birth name is Ash and she had an friend named Echo until they were forced to fight each other to the death to prove worth to Queen Nia. Through tears, the real Echo tells her friend to fight back so maybe Queen Nia will see value in her, too, and stop this. Echo is able to tackle her friend, but she can't take her out before Ash pushes an arrow through her stomach and kills her. The queen says Sangedakru is expecting a girl named Echo, so Ash becomes Echo.

In the present day Echo says she was already wiped as an person when she took on her friend's identity; however, even though he's sympathetic, Ryker can't let her go. Gaia and Miller, who escaped from Sanctum jail, burst in in search of Becca's notebook. The two release Echo who kills Ryker, telling him "hesitation is death," quoting Queen Nia's words to her. 

Back at Gabriel's tent, Bellamy is learning the plan to use Clarke pretending to be Josie and he's not pleased. He wants to do it the way that probably kills lots of people and doesn't put Clarke in danger. “What would Monty do?” Clarke says. He still doesn't like this plan, but Octavia says, "If we can spare innocent lives, we should." 

Outside, there's a commotion. Murphy and Jade are there to collect Josephine as the guards battle the Children of Gabriel. After collecting “Josie”, Jade wants to shoot Layla, but Clarke says, "This one is mine." Jade exits the tent and Clarke shoots the ground. Before untying Bellamy, Clarke escapes with her Sanctum guard. Bellamy agrees to go along with Clarke's plan for Monty's sake. Layla is clearly very confused, but gets that Clarke isn't Josephine after witnessing Clarke save her life and Clarke's interaction with Bellamy.

Clarke is brought before Russell and succeeds in tricking him into believing that she is Josephine, claiming that she has no Mind Drive as she hung on through the neural mesh and killed Clarke in the Mindspace. Clarke questions where Simone is, and Russell shows Clarke her Mind Drive and mentions his plan to bring her back through Echo. However, Josephine's supposed return causes Russell to put this plan off to bring Clarke to Madi instead. Clarke sees Madi and acts like Josie in front of her causing Madi to go berserk, leading Clarke to sedate her. Still keeping her cover though secretly disturbed, Clarke asks Russell "how many doses can we get out of her before she dies?"



Guest Starring


  • Dakota Daulby as Sheidheda
  • Kat Ruston as Sierra Royal Guard
  • Sean Kuling as Cassius Royal Guard
  • Megan Danso as Layla
  • Ian Butcher as Bryson
  • Milli Wilkinson as Echo
  • Kai Dolmans as Young Ash
  • Mark Tyler Krysko as Azgeda Speaking Warrior
  • Thomas Nicholson as Sanctum Prime Guard #1


Russell Lightbourne: "You're guilty of attempting to assassinate a Prime and spreading blasphemous rumors. The punishment for this is death, but we can be merciful. Your friend Jordan saved the life of Priya VII. Hallowed by her name."
Sanctumites: "Hallowed be her name."
Russell Lightbourne: "She's seen to his ongoing recovery personally. Because your crimes were committed to save your people, I will offer you a chance for mercy as well. But you have to earn it, starting by telling us who else you talked to other than Tai."
Echo: "No one. It was just him. Too bad you can't ask him who he told."
Ryker Desai: "The man murdered a Prime. Maybe you should take this a little more seriously."
Echo: "That wasn't murder. Simone Prime, hallowed be her name, will be back. The life taken to make that happen will be murder."
Russell Lightbourne: "The life taken to make that happen will be yours. (to Ryker) Take her to the machine shop. Test Abby's bone marrow formula. (to Echo) If it works and turns you into a host, then it will be your great honor to become one with Simone Prime. Hallowed be her name."
All but Echo and John Murphy: "Hallowed be her name."
Ryker Desai: "I've never performed that procedure before. You know that."
Russell Lightbourne: "And I never asked you to, but I'm asking you now. You're trained for this. We all are. And we can no longer afford our moral equivocations, but this is how we get our family back. (Ryker nods reluctantly) Good. Call for me when it's done. I wanna be there for the resurrection."
John Murphy (to Echo in Trigedasleng): "We're going to the machine shop... to get Becca's book. Stay alive until we get there! Now act like you hate me!"
Echo (as she's getting dragged away): "Murphy, you traitor! I'll kill you! You've always been a traitor. You've always been a filthy --"
John Murphy: "So who do I get to be?"
Russell Lightbourne: "You're a slippery one, John. Always playing both sides of the fence. I doubt you've ever done anything that didn't redound to your own benefit."
John Murphy: "Come on. Now, that's just mean."
Russell Lightbourne: "Don't get me wrong. I like that about you."
John Murphy: "Oh, you do, huh?"
Russell Lightbourne: "It means I can trust you as long as what I'm asking has something in it for you."
John Murphy: "And what are you asking?"
Russell Lightbourne: "According to Jade, my daughter is still alive, or was last night. I need you to bring her home. If you can do this, then you and your girlfriend have your immortality after all."
John Murphy: "And if I say no?"
Russell Lightbourne: "You won't. If you fail, however, or do something that keeps my daughter from her place at my side, then I will be forced to take an eye for an eye."
John Murphy: "Immortality or mortality. It seems fair."
Russell Lightbourne: "Not your eye, John. Emori's. You have till second moon."
Octavia Blake: "Uh, Gabriel, your friends are here. Don't shoot. We're on the same side. Bellamy, gun down."
Nelson: "Same side, huh? He was with Josephine in the cave. (Clarke emerges) Hey, hey. It's her -- Josephine Prime. Raise your weapons."
Bellamy Blake: "No, no, no."
Nelson: "Take her down."
Octavia Blake: "Gabriel, we could use a little help." (Gabriel emerges)
Layla (removing her mask): "Xavier? (Gabriel moves into the line of fire) Xavier, brother, get out of the way."
Gabriel Santiago: "Layla, it's ok. Nelson, put the weapon down. All of you, weapons down. That's an order."
Nelson: "You don't give orders. Where's the Old Man? Layla, search the tent."
Gabriel Santiago: "The Old Man is dead. So is Xavier."
Nelson: "On your knees. (Gabriel complies and Nelson sees the Mind Drive scar) Gabriel." (Gabriel nods)
Nelson: "Explain."
Gabriel Santiago: "I didn't want this. I loved Xavier like a son. You know that."
Layla: "Don't say his name."
Nelson: "Layla, if you can't handle this, maybe you should wait outside."
Layla: "I'm fine. I need to hear this."
Gabriel Santiago: "Eduardo brought me back without my consent."
Nelson: "Eduardo's been dead for ten years, killed by Sanctum Guards around the time the Old Man disappeared."
Gabriel Santiago: "It wasn't the Sanctum Guards."
Layla: "Ten years? He's been lying to us for ten years, letting me call him brother?"
Nelson: "He's still our leader."
Layla: "No. He's a traitor and a Prime. He could've told us the truth, but instead, he let us think we were abandoned. Now, give me back the gun and let me end this once and for all."
Bellamy Blake: "Wait. If this is what you really want, at least wait until he delivers the bomb."
Clarke Griffin: "What are you talking about?"
Layla: "Shut up."
Bellamy Blake: "I'm talking about weaponized Red Sun toxin. Gabriel's a Nightblood. He can walk it right through the shield and deploy it. Once it's in the air, he finds our friend Raven. She'll bring the shield down for the rest of us. We use the chaos of the evacuation to rescue our people. You kill the Primes. That's how this ends."
Nelson: "It's a good plan."
Layla: "Oh, come on. You trust them just like that?"
Nelson: "No. But I will... (draws his sword) when he kills Josephine Prime."
Clarke Griffin: "I'm not Josephine."
Gabriel Santiago: "It's true. Josephine's gone. I took the Mind Drive out myself."
Layla: "He's protecting her. How much more proof that he's a traitor do we need?"
Gabriel Santiago: "No. (Nelson turns to Clarke) If you kill her yourself, I won't build you the bomb. (Nelson concedes) Good. First, we gather the toxin. There's a cave on the way to the Anomaly."
Layla: "You're not going anywhere. Neither is your long-lost friend."
Octavia Blake: "We can do it. Just tell us what to look for."
Gaia: "Sometimes we have to disobey in order to transcend."
Gaia: "Mistakes are forgivable. Not learning from them is not."
Gaia: "What were you thinking?"
Nathan Miller: "That's the best lift I've made since the Ark."
Gabriel Santiago: "A device like this was one of the reasons I left. I wouldn't build Russell his bomb, and here I am building one for you. Never mind me. I'm rambling. Your friends should be at the cave by now. You know, it's too bad they took an anti-toxin. That is one sibling relationship that could use a good guided hallucination."
Layla: "Yeah. Be a shame if one of them was murdered before they worked it out."
Gabriel Santiago: "Layla, I'm --"
Layla: "Don't you dare apologize. This bomb. If the Primes have one, then why haven't they used it on us?"
Gabriel Santiago: "I don't know. Probably because turning us into raging killers isn't in their best interest."
Layla: "Then what's it for?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Josephine and Simone were intrigued by a pattern in the visions of those who survived being caught out in the eclipse. Despite my best efforts to stop them, they started leaving test subjects outside to study it. Now, not surprisingly, believers in the divinity of the Primes invariably reported seeing us as gods or as angels. What interested the Lightbournes more was that the aggression response of the faithful was almost always aimed at the less devout."
Clarke Griffin: "Believers killing nonbelievers."
Gabriel Santiago: "Uh-huh."
Layla: "I swear on my brother's memory, if you betray us, I will kill you." (Gabriel nods in sad acceptance)
Clarke Griffin: "Josephine was right. This is Mount Weather all over again. That bomb won't just cause chaos. It'll cause a massacre. There has to be a better way than using a massacre as a distraction to get the shield down."
Gabriel Santiago: "Look, if you're worried about your people, they'll be fine. Put in wall restraints to fend for themselves as soon as the early warning system is triggered and evacuation begins."
Clarke Griffin: "I told you, I'm not just worried about -- the early warning system. The insects are affected by the toxin first. That's why they're in tanks all over Sanctum."
Gabriel Santiago: "I'm aware. It was my idea. What's your point?"
Clarke Griffin: "We use less of the toxin -- enough to affect the bugs but not the people. Just enough to trigger the evacuation. Can you do that?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Yes. But without the chaos, I won't have time to take the shield down. Your people will still be prisoners, and the Primes will still be Primes. We will kill some bugs, though."
Clarke Griffin: "So we take down the shield first."
Gabriel Santiago: "First, as in before the evacuation, while everyone's still at home? Look, Clarke, I don't mean to be rude, but --"
Clarke Griffin: "Josephine could do it. Think you can get your Children to let me go with you?"
Gabriel Santiago: "It's doubtful. They're not gonna like it. Neither is Bellamy."
Clarke Griffin: "We got this, Gabriel."
Bellamy Blake: "What do you want me to say, O?"
Octavia Blake: "Say I'm your sister."
Bellamy Blake: "You're my sister. But you're not my responsibility. Not anymore."
Azgeda warrior: "Sangedakru is expecting a girl named Echo."
Queen Nia (to Ash): "Congratulations, Echo. Don't let me down. Get her ready."
Echo: "I guess you could say I've been wiped before."
Ryker Desai: "I'm sorry that happened to you."
Echo: "I didn't tell you that just so you don't kill me. I told you to spare you from what happens if you do."
Ryker Desai: "I'm sure you're right... Ash. Killing you would haunt me, but so would not killing you. We both know what would happen to Sanctum if I let you go. I'm sorry."
Echo: "Took you long enough."
Gaia: "We came for the notebook. We didn't know or we would've -- (in Trigedasleng after seeing Echo's bleeding wrists) You're a Nightblood..."
Echo (killing Ryker): "Hesitation is death."
Bellamy Blake: "What do you mean you're not building a bomb?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Releasing it in the water will cause it to aerosolize at a lower concentration. We'll trigger an evacuation without inducing a mass psychosis."
Clarke Griffin: "In other words, no innocent people die."
Octavia Blake: "How long until they realize there's no eclipse and turn around?"
Clarke Griffin: "Not long enough. We'll need to be inside before it starts, which means --"
Bellamy Blake: "Which means the shield needs to be down before it starts."
Octavia Blake: "Can you do that without a distraction?"
Bellamy Blake: "It wouldn't be him."
Clarke Griffin: "Bellamy, it's the only way."
Octavia Blake: "What is?"
Clarke Griffin: "I go as Josephine."
Bellamy Blake: "It's not the only way. We use the bomb as planned. Risking your life when we don't have to is just --"
Clarke Griffin: "Is how we do better. What would Monty do?"
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke, if you fail, if Russell figures out that his daughter is dead, all our people are dead, too."
Clarke Griffin: "So I won't fail."
Octavia Blake: "Bellamy, if we can spare innocent lives, we should."
Jade: "Josephine?" (Clarke nods and Jade cuts her free)
Clarke Griffin: "Well done, Jade. You just can't pick a side, can you, John?"
John Murphy: "The only reason I'm doing this is because Emori dies if I don't. (to Bellamy) Echo's in trouble, too. I promise I'll do what I can for her."
Jade: "Give us two seconds to make sure it's clear, then follow." (turns on an awakening Layla)
Clarke Griffin: "No. This one's mine. Go. Make sure it's clear."
John Murphy: "Is she really gone this time?"
Clarke Griffin: "Yes. Boo-hoo. Now, as soon as I pull this trigger, your little decoy trick will fail. You better run."
Clarke Griffin: "I can do this."
Bellamy Blake: "Get that shield down. I'll bring the cavalry."
Clarke Griffin: "For Monty."
Bellamy Blake: "For Monty."
Layla: "She isn't Josephine."
Bellamy Blake: "No, she's not."

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the third episode of the series to be directed by a member of the main cast.
  • This is the last episode to be written by Charmaine DeGraté.
  • It's revealed that Gabriel has been posing as Xavier for ten years.
  • Jordan Green is confirmed to have survived his injuries after he was stabbed by Madi in "The Old Man and the Anomaly."
  • Though never discussed in the episode, Echo most likely would've survived the mind wipe if she hadn't been rescued by Miller and Gaia. Like Clarke, Echo also took the Key to the City of Light and would thus also have the neural mesh that protected Clarke.
    • Although at the time Echo didn't know at the time what was protecting Clarke from becoming Josie. As well, as mentioned in "The Blood of Sanctum," Russell probably would've checked Echo for a neural mesh before implanting Simone as he did with Abby.

Body Count

  • Sangedarkru spy (shot in the back with an arrow by Queen Nia)
  • The real Echo (stabbed with an arrow by Ash)
  • Ryker Desai IX (stabbed by Echo)

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode marks Richard Harmon's 60th episode on The 100.
  • It's named after Echo's birth name Ash.
    • Prior to the airing there were rumors that Echo would finally die in this episode however that turned out not to be the case because only Milli Wilkinson's version of Echo was killed off in the flashback. 



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