We call it the Anomaly Stone.
Gabriel Santiago [src]

The Anomaly Stone[1] is a mysterious alien artifact of an extraterrestrial origin.

Overview Edit

The Anomaly Stone is thousands of years old and has many symbols on it. It is unknown who made the Anomaly Stone or what generates the magnetic field that holds it. Gabriel thinks the stone is likely responsible for the radio signal disruption on the moon. This artifact may be the source of the Anomaly, as it was controlled by the Anomaly Stone.

The Symbols Edit

In the series Edit

Gabriel studied the Anomaly and its symbols for over 150 years. He stored all that information in the outpost located above the Anomaly Stone.

Known Symbols
Symbol Letter Name
AnomalySymbol Alpha
A Alpha
AnomalySymbol Aleph
N Aleph
AnomalySymbol Theta
E Theta
AnomalySymbol Epsilon
 ? Epsilon
AnomalySymbol Notequal
G Ineqality
AnomalySymbol Congruence
L Congruence
AnomalySymbol Odal
O Odal
AnomalySymbol Grequal
O Greater or Equal
AnomalySymbol Sigma
 ? Sigma
AnomalySymbol Obelus
 ? Obelus
AnomalySymbol Resh
 ? Resh
AnomalySymbol Infinity
 ? Infinity
AnomalySymbol Phi
 ? Phi

Behind the series Edit

During the Title Sequence, the anomaly symbols appear transitioning from original latin letters:

History Edit

The artifact was first discovered by Mission Team Alpha. Gabriel Santiago has been studying the Anomaly Stone for 150 years.

Throughout the Series Edit

In The Blood of Sanctum, the Anomaly Stone makes its first appearance, as Gabriel shows Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo the artifact.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Anomaly Stone may be focused on in Season Seven.
  • The Anomaly Stone has a mysterious symbol known as an Octanion taking the form of a simple letter O. Gabriel Santiago believes that it may be connected to Octavia Blake in some manner due to her time in the Anomaly and her having the Anomaly Stone combination on her back.
    • One of Octavia's nicknames is "O."

Gallery Edit

  • The Anomaly Stone drawing

  • The tattoo on Octavia's back
  • The Symbol from Octavia's tattoo
  • The Symbols
  • The Symbols

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