We call it the Anomaly Stone.
Gabriel Santiago [src]

The Anomaly Stones[1], also known as The Device, or simply the Stones, are mysterious alien artifacts of an extraterrestrial origin. These objects were originated from Bardo, and were created by the native Bardoans, an alien race that created the Stones.

Overview Edit

The Anomaly Stone is thousands of years old and has 744 symbols on it. It was presumably created by the Bardoans before their extinction. Gabriel thinks the stone is likely responsible for the radio signal disruption on the moon. This artifact is able to control the Temporal Anomaly and is present on each of the worlds the Anomaly exists on. By entering a specific code, the Anomaly can be targeted for a specific destination.

Hope explains that each mind has its own unique code, a biometric signature. By entering Hope's code, Octavia was able to pull her to Sanctum while Hope could send Octavia back through using a tag. As later revealed, Levitt used a device left behind by the native Bardoans to get the code and tattoo it on Octavia's back. The Bardoans had used this method to pull back people who got stuck in the Anomaly when they used it.

Gabriel suggests that the species that created the Anomaly Stones did so while looking for a new home too. Using the Stones and the Anomaly, they could search for a new planet without the need for years of space travel or cryosleep.

The Anomaly Stone has what Becca Franco calls "the final code" leading to Judgment Day, the end of humanity.

Known Planets Edit

This is a list of known planets/moons that have Stones.

The Symbols Edit

In the series Edit

Gabriel studied the Anomaly and its symbols for over 150 years. He stored all that information in the outpost located above the Anomaly Stone.

Known Symbols
Symbol Letter Name
AnomalySymbol Alpha
A Alpha
AnomalySymbol Aleph
N Aleph
AnomalySymbol Theta
E Theta
AnomalySymbol Epsilon
 ? Epsilon
AnomalySymbol Notequal
G Ineqality
AnomalySymbol Congruence
L Congruence
AnomalySymbol Odal
O Odal
AnomalySymbol Grequal
O Greater or Equal
AnomalySymbol Sigma
 ? Sigma
AnomalySymbol Obelus
 ? Obelus
AnomalySymbol Resh
 ? Resh
AnomalySymbol Infinity
 ? Infinity
AnomalySymbol Phi
 ? Phi

Behind the series Edit

During the Title Sequence, the anomaly symbols appear transitioning from original latin letters:

History Edit

The Anomaly Stones were first created on Bardo by an extraterrestrial race of giants, known as the Bardoans. The Bardoans used the Stones to travel to different planets in order to find a new home. The Anomaly Stones were left abandoned on six different worlds, after the Bardoans went extinct.

The artifact was first discovered by Mission Team Alpha. Gabriel Santiago has been studying the Anomaly Stone for 150 years.

708 Machu Picchu 1

The Anomaly Stone was discovered in South America's Machu Picchu, on Earth.

Bill Cadogan, the leader of the Second Dawn, had discovered the Anomaly Stone on Earth, in the South American country of Peru, where he found it in a secret observatory beneath the Temple of the Sun in Machu Picchu. Cadogan spent ten years before the Nuclear Apocalypse and two years after it trying to get the Stone to work without success. However, Becca Franko was able to figure out the code for Bardo using the Flame and Cadogan eventually led the Disciples through the Anomaly to there.

On Bardo, the Disciples found logs left behind by the native Bardoans describing their history and use of the Anomaly Stone. After centuries of work, the Disciples were able to translate the Bardoan language and discovered a log discussing activating the Stone and it becoming a bright star leading leading to judgment and transcendence, the same effect that Becca experienced when she discovered what Becca called "the final code" using the Flame. The Disciples translation suggested that there would be a last war fought when this code was entered, something that they based their whole mythology and effort around. However, the Bardoans did not record what this code was forcing the Disciples to search for it on their own.

Throughout the Series Edit

In The Blood of Sanctum, the Anomaly Stone makes its first appearance, as Gabriel shows Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo the artifact. Octavia activates a code tattooed on her back, causing the Anomaly to expand and release Hope Diyoza who stabs Octavia. As the Anomaly returns to normal, Octavia vanishes as Hope collapses.

In The Garden, Hope Diyoza leads Gabriel Santiago and Echo to a second Anomaly Stone hidden underground on Skyring. Though Hope has the code to open the Anomaly to Bardo from "a friend on the inside," she discovers that it has been washed away. Though Gabriel tries to replicate the symbols with a charcoal rubbing he fails. Hope subsequently explains that Octavia had entered Hope's unique biometric code into the Anomaly Stone which is what brought her to Sanctum.

Gabriel later discovers the Memory Drive of Doctor Colin Benson, a quantum physicist from Mission Team Beta who studied the Stone. Colin eventually figured out the code on his own, causing the Anomaly to expand to the shore, but Gabriel's computer is destroyed before they can record the code.

In Hesperides, Raven is able to use the HUD on a Disciple's armor to learn the codes for the Anomaly Stone to direct the Anomaly to one of six planets in the network. Raven chooses Nakara however while trying to get to Skyring. After the departure of Raven, Clarke Griffin, Jordan Green, Niylah and Nathan Miller, a previously-unseen Disciple enters a code into the Anomaly Stone to deactivate it. As the Disciple retreats through the closing Anomaly, pulling Gaia through with him, the Anomaly Stone falls to the ground, inert and deactivated.

After arriving on Nakara, Raven realizes that they are stranded as there is no sign of an Anomaly Stone to set a new destination.

In Welcome to Bardo, in a flashback after rescuing Octavia, Hope attempts to use the star map in the Disciples' armor to open the Anomaly to Sanctum but fails. Levitt instead types the code into the Stone for her and tattoos Octavia with Hope's biometric code so that she can use the Stone on Sanctum to pull Hope through at a later time. In another flashback, after Octavia offers information in exchange for Bellamy being allowed to return to Sanctum, Anders uses the Stone to reopen the Anomaly to Sanctum. However, a fallen Disciple sets off a grenade, apparently killing Bellamy.

In the present after listening to one of Anders' sermons, Gabriel realizes that Earth had an Anomaly Stone which is how the Disciples reached Bardo, not Eligius III.

In Nakara, after rescuing Diyoza, Echo, Hope, Gabriel and Octavia intend to return through the Anomaly to Sanctum but are warned off by Levitt due to the Stone room being too heavily guarded. Instead, he directs them to head for the surface.

On Nakara, Clarke's group uses the HUD on Raven's armor to track down the Anomaly Stone inside of what turns out to be an organic creature. Under attack by smaller creatures, Raven uses the symbol found on a Disciple corpse to locate the correct planet on the star map. After entering the code into the Anomaly Stone, the Anomaly appears nearby and the group enters it to rescue their friends on Bardo.

In The Queen's Gambit, Gabriel joins the team studying the Anomaly Stone and learns that it has been decades since a new code has been found for it.

In Anaconda, in a flashback, as the Nuclear Apocalypse rages overhead, Bill Cadogan works on deciphering Earth's Anomaly Stone which he discovered a decade before in a secret observatory hidden beneath the Temple of the Sun in Machu Pichu. However, Cadogan has no luck, continuing his work for the next two years.

After arriving on Earth, Becca Franco finds herself drawn to the Stone. Using the enhanced senses granted to her by the Flame, Becca is able to figure out the code for Bardo, opening the Anomaly. However, she argues for using her Nightblood instead of the Anomaly. Becca later studies the Stone, sketching the symbols in her notebook.

While talking with Callie Cadogan, Becca realizes that the 7 symbols she believed were damaged as they made no noise is actually a code. When Becca enters it, the Stone spins wildly before becoming a bright ball of light that Becca disappears into when she touches it. When Becca returns and the Stone returns to normal, she reveals that "the final code" led to Judgment Day, the end of humanity and insists on shutting it down. However, Cadogan refuses to listen and locks Becca up to get the code. When that fails and learning of the Flame, Cadogan burns Becca at the stake to get the Flame and thus the code for himself.

After Callie steals the Flame and escapes, Cadogan uses the Stone to lead his people through the Anomaly to Bardo to start over.

In A Little Sacrifice, Cadogan shows Gabriel, Niylah and Jordan Green the logs the Bardoans left behind regarding their use of the final code. Cadogan explains that they need the Flame to find this code as the Bardoans didn't record it. After Cadogan leaves to have lunch, Jordan goes through the logs and believes that the Disciples mistranslated the language. Instead of a last war, Jordan believes that the logs speak of a test, presumably one individual who enters the code into the Stone representing their species to determine that species' future. Gabriel decides not to share this information, knowing that if Jordan is right, Bill Cadogan is the wrong man to represent humanity in such a test.

Appearances Edit

Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAbsent
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAppears
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAppears
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAppears
The Queen's GambitAppears
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAppears
The StrangerTBD

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Anomaly Stone has a mysterious symbol known as an Octonion taking the form of a simple letter O. Gabriel Santiago believes that it may be connected to Octavia Blake in some manner due to her time in the Anomaly and her having the Anomaly Stone combination on her back.
    • One of Octavia's nicknames is "O". If the O symbol does indeed stand for Octavia, a B symbol could stand for either Bellamy or Bardo, as the people who kidnapped Bellamy were from Bardo, according to the HUD in their helmets, and they also had Anomaly markings similar to Hope and Octavia.

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  • The first Anomaly Stone on Alpha.
  • The first Anomaly Stone on Alpha.
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  • The second Anomaly Stone on Skyring.
  • The second Anomaly Stone on Skyring.
  • The second Anomaly Stone on Skyring.
  • The second Anomaly Stone on Skyring.
  • The second Anomaly Stone on Skyring.
  • The second Anomaly Stone is seen in the Memory Viewer.
  • The second Anomaly Stone is seen in the Memory Viewer.
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  • The Drawing of the Anomaly Stone.
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  • The Anomaly Stone becomes a glowing orb.
  • The Anomaly Stone becomes a glowing orb.
  • The Anomaly Stone becomes a glowing orb.
  • Bill Cadogan is next to the Anomaly Stone.

  • The tattoo on Octavia's back
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  • The Symbols
  • The Symbols
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  • Anomaly symbols
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  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • Anomaly symbols on the Stone.
  • The Bardoan letters and alphabet
  • The Bardoan letters and alphabet
  • Translation
  • The Bardoan letters and alphabet on screen.
  • The Bardoan letters and alphabet
  • The Bardoan letters and alphabet
  • The Bardoan letters and alphabet

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