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Miller: J--Jordan, Niylah, hold the room.

Clarke: Watch the door. We do this for him. Echo and Octavia are in trouble. We do this for our family.

Raven: You're right.

Bill: I'm coming in alone... unarmed.

Raven: Who are you?

Bill: They call me the shepherd, but you can call me Bill. You have me. Now let my people go.

Clarke: It's ok.

Cadogen's people leave the room.

I've seen you before.

Bill: Then you must be Clarke.

Clarke: I know why the Second Dawn logo was on that burial shroud.

Bill: Burial shroud. Then you were on Nakara. That explains the smell.

Clarke: How the hell are you here?

Bill: That's a very long story.

Niylah: Clarke, who is he?

Clarke: The bunker you lived in for six years, this is the crazy cult leader who built it.

Bill: We weren't a cult. We were a collective of great minds dedicated to the continuation of our species.

Niylah: How did you understand that?

Bill: Slower, please. Um... it's been so long. It sounds different. My god. If her language survived, then that must mean... is my daughter in the key?

Jordan: Is your daughter in where?

Gabriel: The AI in Clarke's head. What you call the flame, they call the key.

Bill: Becca said that it would merge with a human mind.

Raven: Becca?

Clarke: Yes. He burned her at the stake.

Bill: Did Callie tell you that? You recognized my face, you know things that you couldn't know. You speak a language that she made up as a child. Calliope?


Callie: Extreme? What a joke. We were there peacefully. They're the extreme ones.

Lucy: Will you please concentrate? I'd rather not be scarred for life.

Callie: Don't worry. Almost done. There. Right as rain. Oh, no. Mr. Wiggles is hit. 

Lucy: Maybe your dad's training wasn't worthless after all.

Callie: Actually, my mom taught me that. Dad's training opened wounds.

Lucy: Made you a badass, though.

Callie: Hold on. I want to watch this.

Reporter: The billionaire and owner of this network made her last public appearance. She is rumored to be aboard her space station Polaris, working on a project that her legion of devotees...

Lucy: TV, volume off. Music on. Hey. I didn't mean to make you talk about it. Let me see those arms. Bastards. Don't they know they're defending a system that hurts people like them?

Callie: People want to believe their leaders are telling the truth, which is why we need to get back there and continue exposing their lies. How many fingers?

Lucy: Four.

Callie: Perfect. Get cleaned up. Let's go. Just a sec! Come in.

Callie's mom enters Callie's bedroom.

Grace: Your father's on the holo. Time to face the music, kiddo.

Callie: With who-- Dad? You don't even talk to Dad. 

Grace: We talk about you and your... brother. Nice work.

Callie: Thanks. I'm not gonna change my mind about school.

Grace: Take the call.

Callie: No. He hasn't called in weeks. Besides, I wouldn't listen to you. What makes you think I'll listen to him?

Grace: Same reason you're not taking the call. Habitual fear response. 

Callie: Mom, I love you, but save it for your patients. Gear up. Tree Crew needs us. 


Grace: Play nice.

Reese: Hey, Calamity. Dad, I got her. 

Callie: Hey, Grease. Good sparring session?

Reese: Why? You miss me kicking your butt in the basement? Heard you're dropping out. Quitting's kind of your thing now, huh?

Callie: Refusing to take part in fascistic regimes is my thing. 

Reese: Oh, come on. MIT is not fascist, and neither is the Second Dawn. 

Bill: What's wrong with Fascism? Explain.

Callie: Ok. I'm 18. I know it's frustrating for you, but I get to make my own choices now, even if they're bad.

Bill: Calling dropping out of MIT to join a protest movement dedicated to solving an unsolvable problem a bad choice is an insult to bad choices. 

Callie: Coming from the vulture capitalist who traded his precious credibility to become a prophet of doom, I'll take that as a compliment. 

Bill: It wasn't. I raised you to think for yourself, not join the latest cultural mood swing. 

Callie: You raised me to think like you. I'm sorry you can't handle that I don't. 

Bill: I didn't call to fight.

Callie: No. You called because Mom made you feel guilty for being a lousy father, so you figured you'd play concerned parent for a few minutes. 

Guard: We have a situation.

Bill: What is it?

Callie: Dad, is everything--

Bill: Get your mother. 

Grace: I'm right here. What's wrong?

Callie: I don't know. 

Grace: Hello, Bill. 

Bill: Anaconda. 

Grace: Bill, if this isn't real--

Bill: It is. You have twenty minutes. I've already sent the chopper. It'll be there in five. I pray that you're both on it.

Bill hangs up.

Callie: Anaconda?

Grace: Come with me. 

Callie: What? No. I'm not going anywhere until--

Grace: Do what I say! 

Callie: The Doomsday packs? Oh, come on.

Grace: Here. Put on your key. 

Callie: But what about Lucy?

Grace: Lucy's not in the Second Dawn.

Callie: Mom, neither are we. We left. What the hell is going on?

Grace: Anaconda is code for 'the missiles are in the air'. Now put on the damn pack.

Callie: He's lying. This is just another way to get us back. How would he know before anyone else?

Grace: He doesn't. As we speak, there are people with connections all over the world scrambling for bunkers. 

Callie: Is he telling the truth.

Grace: Cal, your father is a lot of things, but he is not a liar. 

Lucy enters.

Lucy: Hey. Everything ok?

Callie: Fine. Yeah. 

Lucy: Are you sure because--

Grace stabs Lucy with a tranquilizer. 

Callie: Mom! Mom! What the hell?

Grace: I know, I know, Baby, but it will be so much easier for her this way. 

Callie: So, what, that's it? I just drop everything, my whole life, my best friend?

Grace: Yes! That's how it works. Listen to me. Do you want to live or not? If you don't, tell me now, and I'll stay too, because I am not going back there without you. 


Reese: That's right. Quickly now. There's room for everyone. If you brought a bag, you'll have to leave it here to be searched, but don't worry. We have everything you'll need. Hey. You'll get approved items back. Excuse me, excuse me. Thank you. Callie, Mom. 

Grace: Reese! 

Reese: Oh, thank God. 

Callie: Son of a bitch was right. 

Reese: Hy, careful, Cal. They love him. 

Grace: He did just save them all. 

Callie: I can't believe this is the rest of my life. I think I'm gonna be sick. 

Woman: She just said for the rest of her life. You said just a few years. 

August: No, she's not a level 12. 

Guard: Then she can't go in.

August: Alright. Neither will I. 

Guard: Sir, stop! 

August: Get off of me! She's outside! Come on!

Reese: Code 4. Tristain, he's all yours. 

Tristan: Hey, bro! Hey. It's okay. You're safe. 

August: I'm not your bro. I don't care about me. My girlfriend's outside. 

Tristan: Take him.

Callie: Your fight is over. 


Bill: Just in time. Only two symbols to go.

Reese: You identified the code?

Callie: Hear that, Mom? Only two symbols to go. Who cares that 11 billion people are on fire as we speak?

Grace: He cares. He's just a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. 

Bill: That's the nicest thing you've said to me in two years. You were always mean when you got scared, you know that, but fear not. We're about to knock the apocalypse off the front page. 

Callie: Machu Picchu?

Bill: A hidden observatory beneath the temple of the sun 200 feet from where I found the device. 

Callie: Stole it, you mean. 

Bill: You can't steal something that belongs to all of us. It was sent here to save the human race. There are seven symbols on that wall, and we know that it takes seven points to chart a course through space. 

Reese: Enter the last two symbols.

Callie: Space ball, two million and two. Cultural artifact thief, nothing. 

Grace: Now that that's done, Bill, you need you to get out there. These people believe in you, but they're afraid. 

Reese: We saved them. They'll be fine.

Callie: How can you say that? They've lost everything.

Reese: Not their lives.

Grace: Enough. This family cannot be seen fighting. We need to set an example, especially now. The first few months will be the hardest. 

Bill: When she's right, she's right. Reese, thank you for handling the intake. What are the numbers?

Reese: We did well. 92% of all level 12s made it here in time. That's 1,104. I've already factored in how that affects our resource allocation.

Grace: It doesn't. 

Bill: Your mother's smart. Stockpile the 8%, insurance if anything goes wrong.

Reese: Where's Callie?


August: Hey. Don't make a sound. Open the hatch, and don't try to tell me that you don't have the code. I know who you are.

Callie: I've got a better idea. First, we put on radiation suits. Then we get Tristan back inside before opening the hatch.

August: We?

Callie: I left my best friend to die when there's room in this bunker. I say we fill it up. Sound good?

August: Hate to see the other guy.

Callie: The other guy was a riot cop with a baton. 

August: Yeah. Mine shot a bean bag. 

Callie: You were there, too?

August: OG Tree Crew. Seems like a waste of time now.

Callie: Tristan, what are you doing?

Tristan: Your father says we're not allowed to leave, even in suits, for at least a year, you know that.

Callie: And you know there's still room in this bunker for more people. Now put down the gun.

Tristan: I won't shoot a Cadogan, but I will shoot him. Get out of the airlock, both of you, now.

August: No. Go ahead, tough guy. Do it.

Callie: There's someone out there.

August: It's her. Janie! Hey, Janie!

Tristan: Hey, hey! Get down!

Callie: Both of you, wait! Tristan, you know my brother would want us--

Reese: Your brother would what? 

Callie: Reese, there's someone out there.

Reese: Whoever it is isn't a level 12, or they'd have a key.

August: You can't be serious. 

Reese: Get him out of here. 

August: No. No. Get away from me! Janie! 

Tristan: Get him out, get him out, get him out!

August: Janie! No, Janie! Janie!

Tristan: Get him out now!

Reese: I'm sorry about Lucy, Cal, but you can't save her. 

Callie: Yeah. No kidding. I'll have to live with that. Reese, the human being on the other side of that door is dying. What the hell is the matter with you?

Reese: Dad says we're the second dawn of man, that only--

Callie: Screw what Dad says! 

Reese: Easy for you to say. No matter what you do, he always looks at you like you can do no wrong.

Callie: I'm sorry about that... but this won't make him love you any more. Let's do what's right together like when we were kids. 

Reese: I am. 



Reese: We're almost home ground team. How's your air?

Tristan: Low. 

Callie: We all are. 

Tristan: We wouldn't be if you didn't spend an hour scavenging at the mall for the mental patients. 

Callie: They don't call me psych ward santa for nothing, and don't call them that.

Reese: Home, sweet, home. This is our last trip topside for a while, so enjoy the view before...

Callie: We should signal them.

Reese: No. We can't let them know we're here. 

Callie: Dad had friends on more than one space station. They already know we're here. 

Reese: All ground teams, ghost and wait for orders.

Tristan: It looks like it's just one person. 

Reese: Not for long without a helmet. 

Callie: I don't believe it. That's Becca Franko. She's breathing the air. 

Reese: Control, it's Reese. Get my father. Ground teams 2 and 3, move in. 

Becca: I'm here to help.  


Reese: Are you sure we shouldn't take you to medical first, Dr. Franko?

Becca: Becca, please. And, yes, I'm sure.

Callie: Becca Franko wants us to call her Becca. 

Reese: Don't mind my sister. She actually once dressed as you for Halloween. 

Callie: So not true. Ok. It is. 

Becca: Where is everyone? I was really hoping to start with a larger sample size. 

Callie: Compound-wide lockdown. Our father didn't want anyone to know you're here. I'm guessing it's because you're an incredible genius who it appears can survive on the surface, thus threatening his underground dictatorship or something. 

Reese: Tristan? Tristan!

Callie: He's seizing! Get help!

Becca: He's been exposed?

Callie: There must have been a leak in his suit. Tristan, I'm here. 

Becca: Radiation immunity. You guessed right. Hold him steady.

Reese: Come this way. Tristan's been exposed. Hurry!

Callie: Keep it between us. Don't tell my brother.

Reese: Come on. They'll know what to do for him in medical. Dad's waiting.

Becca: Ugh. That sound. What is it? You don't hear anything?

Callie: She's hearing things.

Grace: Radiation can damage the vestibulocochlear nerve. Let's get you to medical. Your blood is--

Becca: Side effect of the serum. It's coming from there. 

Reese: That's none of your business.

Callie: She hears the space ball. Remember Mynx, the dog you made us get rid of because she wouldn't stop whining? Now we know why. 

Bill: She was suffering. Reese, let her pass. Tell me what you hear, please. 

Becca: It's harmonic. Music as mathematics. So much power. There. That's better. Becca Franko.

Bill: Call me Bill. 


Bill: I must have tried a million combinations. 

Becca: I'm not surprised. 744 symbols with no instruction manual. That means infinite possible combinations.

Grace: Becca, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk about your blood--

Bill: I mind. 7 symbols, 7 points. Grace, we're standing before a bridge to another world. 

Becca: But is that world habitable? There are a million ways to die the moment you reach the other side. 

Callie: If you reach the other side. Our bodies may not be designed for the journey. 

Bill: Then let's do the science.  

Becca: Ok. Let's do the science, but that could take years. In the meantime, I can alter the blood of everybody here. Your people won't need to live in a bunker anymore.

Bill: Absolutely not.

Callie: Wha--

Bill: I said no, Calliope.

Callie: I'm not 10, William. Using my full name won't stop me. In case you haven't noticed, your flock is dying. 20 suicides in the last six months, twice that many attempts, friends of mine, none of who had any say in whether they wanted to spend the rest of their lives underground.

Bill: Are you through?

Callie: I don't know. Did I convince you?

Bill: Yes. That a bridge to another world is the answer to our prayers. 

Reese: I agree with Dad. 

Callie: Shocking coming from you. 

Grace: Your father's right, Cal. Look at it. He saw the end of the world and that this was our way out, and now it's here. God knows I had my doubts along the way, but if your father says that that portal is the way home, then I believe him.

Bill: I've never been more sure of anything in my life. 


Callie: It worked. 

Woman: Gifts for the kids?

Callie: How is he?

Woman: Not bad considering he should be dead. Lungs are clear, no fever. Are you sure he was exposed?

Callie: Pretty sure. 


Callie: You closed the portal.

Becca: Yeah. I didn't want your father to throw me in it. How do we get him to change his mind?

Callie: We don't. He was always stubborn, but now after being worshipped for two years, he believes he can walk on water. 

Becca: And you don't?

Callie: I believe in you.

Becca: You just met me. 

Callie: It doesn't feel like that. I've been following your work since I was a child. Ironically, it was my dad who was the one that first told me about you. I think he thought I'd be inspired by a girl who went to Harvard when she was 10. Instead, it made me feel inadequate. 

Becca: Something tells me that you are not that. 

Callie: You saved Tristan's life. I'd like to do that for everyone. 

Becca: And your father?

Callie: My father won't know because he'll be too busy with you in here.  Come on. You know you want to.

Becca: Do I? Enlighten me. 

Callie: Ok. The scar on your neck. My guess, it's from a neural implant. Knowing your work with machine intelligence, I'd say there's an AI on it. Somehow, it heightens your senses, allowing you to hear the space ball, doing in 10 seconds something my dad couldn't do in 12 years. How am I doing so far?

Becca: More than adequate. The, uh, AI is my penance. 

Callie: Penance? For what?

Becca: In time. The program's name is ALIE-2, but I like to call it the flame. It's, uh, an homage to--

Callie: Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods? Cool. We both know there's no way you're satisfied just turning it on. I bet you were working on it when you came in. 

Becca: Yes. The silence was really nice. It's not just silence. I was listening to the symbols, cataloging them based on the frequency of the sound, but 7 of them have no sound. I thought maybe they'd been damaged, but now I think...

Callie: What is it? What's happening?

Becca: I don't know.

Callie: What are you doing?

Becca: It's cool. So much for doing the science.


Bill: My god. What did you do? You're shivering. Where did you go?

Becca: We're not ready. I have to shut it down.

Bill: What are you talking about?

Becca: If you saw what I saw, you would let me shut it down.

Bill: Tell me what you saw, and I might. 

Becca: Judgment day. 

Bill: Judgment day came and went, and we're still here. 

Becca: Because that wasn't judgment day. Please you have to trust me and know that none of us is ready for this.

Bill: I am.

Becca: Especially not you.

Bill: Don't let her touch the device. 

Becca: Please. 

Bill: Put her in the box until she changes her mind. 

Becca: No. No, Bill...

Callie: Dad, no! She-- 

Becca: You're making a mistake. 

Callie: No. She--

Becca: You have to listen to me!

Bill: Tell me what you saw. 

Callie: Nothing. She was gone when I got here. Dad, I think she came to you for a reason. It wasn't to open a bridge to another world. It was to help us remake this one.

Bill: I will save us, not her. Now get out!


Tristan: 5 days. You want a drink of water? You got some powerful people upset with you. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for what you did--

Callie: I tried to get in sooner, but they're watching everything. Keys, keys. Where are they? Damn it. Reese must have the keys. 

Becca: What's going on? What is it?

Callie: My brother found your notebook. He knows about the flame.

Becca: Then they're gonna kill me. 

Callie: No way. I'm gonna get you out of here. Without nightblood, they can't come after us. 

Becca: Nightblood?

Callie: It's a good name, don't you think? My friend August came up with it. Half the kids in the bunker are with us now, some of their parents, too. I need more time to get that key. 

Becca: There is no more time. Callie, listen to me. Your father can't have the flame. He'll use it to find the final code, and once he has it, whatever's left of the human race will be wiped out. I can't tell you any more. You're going to have to trust me. 

Callie: I do. 

Becca: Good. Then help me take it out. 

Callie: What? No. No. The notebook said you have to die first. The AI will protect itself. If you drown, It'll swim. If you burn, it'll crawl out of the flames. You wrote that. 

Becca: Yes, but what didn't I write?

Callie: There's a backdoor. 

Becca: Do you speak Latin?

Callie: Yes. I learned it when I was 10 to help me create my own language. 

Becca: Good. Then all you have to do is speak the phrase 'Good-bye for now' in Latin.

Callie: Good-bye for now. That's, uh, quia--

Becca: No, no. Not yet. There's more you need to know. Ok. Without the blood alterations, the flame will liquefy the nervous system of the host rather than merge with it. 

Callie: That would be bad.

Becca: Not as bad as what happens if it merges with the wrong nervous system. That's why you must choose wisely. 

Callie: I must?

Becca: Yes. I designed it to amplify what is already there, and in the right mind, I believe with all my heart that it can save the world, but with all that power in the wrong mind--

Reese: Where the hell is Tristan?

Becca: You can't tell them the passphrase. 

Callie: If I don't, they'll kill you.

Becca: I will be in the flame. Get it back. Keep it safe. Promise me. 

Callie: Reese, please don't do this. 

Becca: Callie, there's nothing you can do. 

Reese: One last chance. Tell us the code. 

Becca: Never. Good-bye for now. 

Reese: You can't stop this. If you try, this cage will be yours. Keep her here till we're outside.

Callie: Reese! Please! No, Reese! Reese!


Becca: No! Wait, stop! You think that he's saving you. He's killing you!


Grace: Reese, stand down. Callie, no, not like this.

Callie: You let this happen!

Reese: You shouldn't be here.

Callie: Give it to me!

Reese: No. The AI's ours now.

Grace: Reese, no. 

Reese: Mom, stay out of this. Callie, you have 3 seconds to lead them back to their rooms. 

August: Or what? You gonna shoot us?

Callie: August, I can handle this. 

Grace: Reese, put that gun away now. That's an order. 

Reese: Disciples, escort them down. Anyone resists, force is authorized. 

August: Good to know. 

Grace: Enough! I said no! Stand down!

Callie: How about we settle this like we were in the basement?

Reese: Hold. No one leaves.

Callie: You tap, I get the flame. I tap, you do. Sound like a plan?

Reese: You know, in the basement, I always took it easy on you. Not today.

Callie: In that case...

Grace: Callie!

Reese: You shot me. I'm your brother!

Callie: That was for Becca. 

Grace: Reese, you're gonna be ok, baby. It's just your shoulder. 

Callie: Let them pass, or you're next. 

Grace: I need something to stop the bleeding.

Callie: I've got you, Becca. The serum now. He'll be a nightblood in an hour. If he comes to his senses, we'll be headed West. One more. Roll up your sleeve. 

Grace: There's not enough of you to survive on the ground.

Callie: There will be. We've got enough doses for 2,000 more. If they're out there, we'll find them.

August: We've got company. It's your dad and the rest of the disciples. It won't take them long to override my keypad hack.

Callie: He'll never let us leave. Now, Mom, please. 

Grace: You need to hurry. Go. I'll handle your father. 

August: Callie. 

Callie: Go on. I'm right behind you.

August: Move out.

Grace: It's ok. I've been to Earth. I'd rather see what's behind door number two. I love you. 

Callie: I love you so much.

Grace: Go. 

August: Everybody inside. I don't care if there's not enough room. Go. Come on!

Bill: Stop them! Stop them! Grace, what are you doing?

August: Callie, run! 

Bill: The hatch only opens when the inner door is sealed. Don't let them close it!

August: Open the hatch.

Reese: I'm fine. It went right through.

Bill: Did you get the AI? Let me see it. 

Reese: Callie took it, but I can get it back. She gave me the blood treatment. I will get it back.

Tristan: Sir, I'll go with him. 

Grace: We have to let her go, Bill. Bill, no! What, are-- what, are you crazy? I don't have the blood treatment. Bill! Bill! 

Bill: Get me that AI. I don't care what you have to do. 


August: You're not worried the fire's gonna draw attention?

Callie: I am. I'm also counting on it. 


Bill: Please answer me. Is she in there?

Clarke: Yes. Calliope is in here. But that's not how it works. 

Bill: How does it work? Tell me. 

Clarke: Well, you killed my best friend, so I'm not sure I want to help you. 

Bill: Please. I'll do anything.

Clarke: Our other friends, bring them here now. 

Bill: I want to help you, Clarke, but I can't give orders to men who are not here. 

Clarke: Gabriel, open the door. 

Bill: Weapons down, all of you. Send in their friends.