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Bellamy Previously on the "100"...
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) And what is this?
Russell This is how we make hosts.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Bone marrow?
Octavia You're stopping her heart?
Gabriel Death causes her mind to back up onto the drive. I take it out.
Bellamy We get Clarke back. Why isn't she waking up?
Clarke [Gasping]
Bellamy Clarke?
Gabriel The Red Sun toxin's everywhere.
Bellamy You weaponized it.
Gabriel Simone did. As part of her adjustment protocol. Releasing it in the water will trigger an evacuation without inducing a mass psychosis.
Clarke We'll need to be inside before it starts, which means...I go as Josephine.
Scene 1 - Sanctum - Lab
Russell After the execution, we found more graffiti. Who knows what poison those escaped prisoners are spreading. One of them already killed Simone. If this continues, they are going to come for us. Right now, their rebellion is at a tipping point. Must crush it tonight. Get everything back to normal.
[Sheidheda begins to wake up]
Russell When our people see all of us returned at once, they will fall to their knees.
Sheidheda We should've killed you first. Once we're free, you will burn.
[Clarke begins to cry]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Well, that's a little dramatic.
[Sheidheda begins to fight against her bonds]
Sheidheda Uhh! You will all burn! You will not get rid of us! We are eternal! [Grunting]
Russell Guards, bring the Doctors.
Sheidheda [Grunting]
[Clarke tries to look at Sheidheda]
Russell Stay still.
[Abby, Jackson, Raven, and the Guards enter. Abby freezes when she sees Clarke]
Jackson She'll tear out the IVs. We have to take her again.
Sheidheda I know what you're doing, Reyes. You think you're smart enough to get rid of me? If you don't stop, I will kill this child. [Grunting]
[Jackson drugs Sheidheda]
Russell That's better. Thank you. There. How do you feel?
[Abby sees Clarke's face and begins to cry]
Clarke Peachy keen Josephine. Oh, stop it. I'm not her.
Abby I will kill you for this.
Russell I once believed that I would never stray from the moral path, and then I killed my family in the first eclipse. I'd have done anything to bring them back. So I believe you. How many doses of the Serum do you have?
Jackson 4, including the one your people took to the machine shop for Simone.
Russell 6 Primes must be resurrected tonight. That's two more doses.
Abby Madi wouldn't survive that.
Russell If it's too hard for you to continue, my healers will take your place. They're already familiar with the process. It would be no trouble.
Abby No. I can do it.
Russell Good. Remember, this was the deal that saved you from the pyre. I'd hate for that to change.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Toodle-loo.
[Clarke, Russell, and the Guards leave]
Abby [Crying]
[Door closes]
Scene 2 - Woods outside of Sanctum
[Electric shield is still on, protecting Sanctum]
Layla What do we do now?
Gabriel Now we wait.
Octavia Clarke will get it down.
Bellamy You. You can go in and help her.
Octavia How, Bell? They know what he looks like from Jade. Besides, it's not the plan.
Gabriel Everyone, stand down. Stay low. Out of sight of the hourly patrols.
[Indistinct chatter]
Bellamy I left them.
Octavia And that's why they're still alive.
Bellamy You don't know that. You heard Murphy. Echo's in trouble.
Octavia Echo's strong. She'll be ok.
Bellamy Everybody always thinks that. Hell, I do it, too. The truth're fine until you're not.
Octavia And Murphy said he'd help.
Bellamy Real comforting.
Octavia Have some faith.
Scene 3 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
[Woman pulls a cover off of a plate filled with food]
Woman Enjoy.
Murphy Come on. You know you want some of this.
Emori They tied us to stakes, John. They were gonna burn us alive. And you still want to play house with them? What about our friends?
Murphy This is how we save them. Think about it. Everyone's just trying to survive, even Russell. We just need to make him see that it's in his best interest to keep all of us alive. In our case, forever.
[Door opens]
Russell You must be starving. Let's get you something to eat.
[Russell, Clarke, and Guards enter]
Russell After that, I need you to handle the naming day preparations.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) I'm not hungry and I just got back. Get Priya to do it.
[Door closes]
Russell She's an Engineer, not a party planner.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Have you been to one of my parties?
Russell Fine. I'll get Priya to do it.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Good. Now, if I spend one more minute like this, I will spontaneously combust from the shame.
Russell Go get cleaned up. I'll resurrect your Mother.
Emori Wait. Does that mean Echo's still alive?
Murphy What she's saying is now that anyone can be a nightblood, maybe you use someone else?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Oh, stop your whining. Do you want to be immortal or not? Because if you become Primes and this revolution spreads, they're coming for you, too. Hey, I want to be there when Mom comes back. Wait for me?
Russell Of course, sweetheart. Be quick.
[Clarke exits]
Russell I admire your loyalty to your friends, but I need to know if you're still with us.
Murphy Of course we are.
Emori Absolutely. [Exhales]
[Murphy smiles and nods at Emori]
Russell Still, you should know if anything happens to me or my family, my Guards have orders-
Murphy Enough said. We're in.
Russell Good. Now let me tell you about your new identities.
[Woman bring food out for Russell]
Russell Thank you.
Scene 4 - Sanctum - Lab
Jackson She's too weak for another bone marrow extraction. How close are you to removing Sheidheda?
Raven I'm trying, but without the notebook, I-I can't get past that AI.
Jackson She said if you don't stop, the child will die.
Raven I heard her.
Jackson So either he kills her, or Russell does?
Abby I'll worry about Russell.
Jackson Abby!
[Abby injects herself with a Nighblood Dose]
Abby We'll take the doses from me.
[The syringe clatters as Abby replaces it on the table]
Abby Raven, keep trying.
[Raven clacks on a keyboard]
Abby Jackson, we can do this. I'll be fine.
Jackson None of this is fine.
Abby Look at me. I know it's hard. We don't have a choice.
Jackson Said by every war criminal ever.
Abby I shouldn't have said that to you. You're a good man, Eric.
Jackson Am I? This bone marrow lets them kill more innocent people so that our people can live.
Abby Like Marcus said..."We turn the page. We do better today than we did yesterday."
[Door opens] [Clarke enters] [Clarke approaches Abby, Abby begins to back away. Clarke pulls Abby into a hug. Abby hugs her back]
Abby Clarke?
[Clarke nods]
Clarke [Crying] [Sniffles]
Abby Ha ha! What happened? I
Clarke [Panting] It's a long story. But I'm ok.
[Clarke turns to look at Madi]
Raven It's the flame.
Clarke Sheidheda.
Raven I'm working the problem, but I need Becca's book.
Clarke Ok. That can wait. We don't have much time. I need you to come with me. We have to lower the shield. Bellamy and Octavia are waiting with the Children of Gabriel.
Raven Clarke, I can't go with you. If she wakes up again, Sheidheda will kill her.
Clarke Ok. I'll use Ryker. The Reactor's beneath the Machine Shop anyway.
Raven No. Ryker turned Echo in. He won't help you.
Clarke No, but Josephine can be very persuasive. Until then, promise me you won't take any more bone marrow.
Jackson That's not a problem now. There's another nightblood in the family.
Clarke Mom.
Abby Shh. I won't let them take her.
Jackson Like Mother, like Daughter.
Clarke I love you.
Abby I love you, too, Clarke. Now go save us all...again.
[Clarke exits]
Scene 5 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
[Clarke enters the Machine Shop and sees Ryker laying in a pool of his own blood on the floor]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Ryker? [Panting]
[Clarke cuts the Mind Drive out of the back of Ryker's head]
Clarke If you can't help me, maybe your Mom will.
[Someone tries to open the door] [Clarke hides the Mind Drive in her clothing]
Russell Open it up.
Man Yes, sir.
[Door opens. Russell and Guards enter]
Russell There you are. Jade said you'd fallen asleep.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) I would never miss Mom's resurrection. Unfortunately, Echo had other plans.
[Russell checks for the Mind Drive in Ryker, he realizes that it is gone]
Russell There are 3 escaped killers in this compound now. Your orders are to shoot to kill. Is that clear?
Bethany Yes, Holiness.
Russell They took his drive. We have to get it back before tonight so we can bring Ryker back with the others.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) I'll handle it. You've got enough on your plate. Get the body out of here, and clean up this mess. I'll get Priya to help me. Lord knows she'll be motivated to save her son.
Russell Good. Bring the drive to the Lab when you get it. I'll start the other resurrections. You will take guards.
[Clarke nods and exits with Guards following]
Scene 6 - Sanctum - Lab
[Keys on Keyboard clacking]
Raven Damn it! Flame booted me again. [Sighs] It's weird. It's almost like the AI is protecting Sheidheda.
[Door opens]
Jackson Someone's coming.
[Raven unplugs Madi from the computer] [Door opens] [Russell, Murphy, Emori, and Guards enter]
Russell That's enough.
Abby What is this?
Raven These are the hosts.
[Russell sees the blood draining tube from Madi is disconnected]
Russell You defied me.
Abby I got you your doses. What difference does it make who they came from?
Russell You're right. It doesn't. Get these people out of the Lab. I have work to do.
Scene 7 - Sanctum
[Motor whirring] [Someone rides a motorcycle through the field towards the Shield]
Man #1 [Indistinct] Sector D is all clear. You're free to head back to Sanctum with the Primes.
Man #2 I thought I was gonna miss the namings. Check Sector H when we get back. We can't take any chance today.
Nelson Naming day?
Layla They said "namings". Plural.
[Engine revving] [Man #2 drives his Motorcycle away] [Gabriel jumps out of hiding]
Bellamy Gabriel?
[Gabriel breaks through the shield into Sanctum]
Gabriel [Cries out]
Man #1 Crazy suiciders.
[Gabriel takes out Man #1 's legs, disarms him, and points his gun at him] [Bellamy, Octavia, and the Children of Gabriel jump out of hiding to the edge of the Shield]
Octavia Gabriel, what the hell are you doing?
Man #1 Gabriel?
Gabriel You said "namings". How many? Who's coming back?
Man #1 I don't know. All of them, I think.
[Gabriel stomps on Man #1's face]
Man #1 Aah!
Gabriel I can't have Russell murder more innocent people.
Bellamy I know it's hard but we have to stick to the plan! Clarke gets the shield down and we use the toxin as a distraction to save our people.
Gabriel Yeah, well, I have a new plan: Use our distraction to stop Naming Day. Look, I'm sorry, but unlike you, I can't sacrifice the few to save the many.
[Gabriel drags Man #1 unconscious body]
Gabriel [Grunts]
[Gabriel gets on the Motorcycle. Engine revving. Gabriel drives back into Sanctum]
Scene 8 - Sanctum
Priya What is taking so long? Should've been delivered to the Palace already. Oh, my favorite.
Jae Are you sure you don't want a Jo Berry Pie?
[Echo, Gaia, and Miller are seen hiding in the room]
Priya I hate Jo Berry Pie.
Jae It was Delilah's favorite.
Blythe Ann Try these, fresh out of the oven.
Priya You've done Delilah proud.
[Door opens] [Clarke and Guards enter]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Priya. There you are. I've been looking all over.
Priya Josie. I heard you had quite the adventure.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) You have no idea, and I'll tell you all about it, but first I need your help with something in the Machine Shop.
Priya What did Ryker do now?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) More like what didn't he do. Dad asked him to wipe one of the prisoners, but he's completely lost his nerve. It's embarrassing.
Priya He's never wanted to face the reality of our situation. Let's go.
Echo We can't let them leave.
[Echo jumps out of the hiding place]
Echo Aah!
[Echo takes out a Guard] [Grunting, shouting] [Gaia and Miller start taking out Guards] [Blythe Ann takes out a Guard]
Guard Ohh!
Priya Josephine, come on.
[Clarke stiff arms Priya]
Clarke and Priya Uhh!
Echo I knew it. Ryker didn't lose his nerve, he lost his life.
[Echo hugs Clarke]
Miller Clarke.
[Miller and Clarke hug] [Clarke and Gaia's hands embrace]
Gaia Have you seen Madi?
[Clarke nods]
Gaia How-How are you here?
Clarke Look, I'll explain later. First we need to lower the shield.
Echo Bellamy's out there.
Clarke With the cavalry. I'll get Priya to help me take down the Reactor, and then we go after Madi.
Scene 9 - Room Outside of Lab
Raven They keep the bones of all their hosts like trophies. They're serial killers in royal robes and we're helping them.
Abby I helped them create a host for Marcus. It wasn't worth it. You asked me that on the ship. I thought it was. I couldn't see past getting Marcus back. I couldn't see you were right. And then I got Clarke back. I was focusing on what I lost and not what I have. I don't want to do that anymore. I'm sorry for all of it. For the drugs. For disappointing you. Truly.
Raven I'm sorry things have been between us. It wasn't always fair how I judged you. You're human. And sometimes, being a human sucks.
Abby I deserve to be judged for what I did to you. And I will never hurt you that way again. I may not be your Mother, but you are my family, Raven.
[Raven and Abby hug] [Door opens] [Russell, Murphy, Emori, and Guards enter]
Russell May I present our fourth and fifth miracles of the day. Welcome back Daniel Prime and Kaylee Prime. Hallowed be their names.
All Guards Hallowed be their names.
[Murphy and Emori start to leave. Abby stops Murphy]
Abby I know how afraid you are. But betraying your friends is not the answer.
Murphy Believe it or not, this is good for you, too.
Russell I think you two should get changed for the ceremony. Guards will show you to your suites.
[Murphy, Emori, and some Guards exit]
Russell Abby...can I get your help with something?
Abby Wait.
Russell Something wrong?
Abby You've only resurrected 5 Primes, but I gave you 6 doses.
Russell We have all the hosts we need. I'm sorry it has to be this way, Abby, but I took your daughter. As you said, you would never be able to get past that. I know I wouldn't
[Guards grab Abby]
Raven No, leave her alone!
Abby Raven, stop!
[Guard grabs Raven]
Raven No!
Abby They'll kill you! Don't!
Jackson Don't do this!
[Guard grabs Jackson. Jackson punches Guard in the face]
Guard Uhh!
Abby Jackson!
[Another Guard punches Jackson in the stomach]
Jackson Uhh!
[Russell stabs a needle in Abby's neck that erases her conscious, slowly killing her consciousness]
Raven No!
Jackson No!
Raven [Crying]
[Abby falls] [Abby's life flashes by with Jake, Marcus, and Clarke in it]
Raven [Crying]
Scene 10 - Sancutm
Woman #1 (On PA) [Singing indistinctly]
Woman #2 (On PA) At the sun's set, please join us on the palace level to bear witness to the miracle of Sanctum.
[Gabriel walks into Sanctum with his hood up, covering his face. Gabriel sees a man cleaning graffiti off the side of the building reading "FALSE GODS"]
Woman #1

(On PA) ♪ Priya ♪

♪ Oh, eternal life ♪
[Gabriel bends down near the pond, pretending to tie his shoes. Gabriel pulls out the toxin and places it in the water]
Woman #1 (On PA) ♪ Hallowed be her name ♪
[Gabriel stands and walks toward the Guards. Gabriel takes off his hood, revealing his face]
Woman #1 (On PA) ♪ Oh, rejoice and... ♪
Female Guard It's him!
[Gabriel raises his arms in surrender]
Male Guard #1 Don't move!
[Guards guns cocking]
Female Guard Guards, surround him now.
[Gabriel pulls out a gun strapped to his hip]
Male Guard #2 On your knees
[Gabriel tosses his gun away from him and kneels. Male Guard #3 tackles Gabriel]
Male Guard #3 Eat dirt!
Female Guard Get him out of here before the crowd arrives for the naming. Take him to Russell Prime.
[Two Male Guards restrain Gabriel and force him to his feet]
Male Guard #3 Let's go.
[Gabriel and the Guards exit] [The toxin in the water starts to bubble]
Woman (On PA) ♪ Hallowed be thy ♪
Scene 11 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
[Door opens] [Russell enters] [Russell sees Gabriel restrained and two Guards beside him] [Door closes]
Russell Gabriel.
Gabriel Hello, Russell.
Russell 70 years in the wilderness, and today, you just waltz right in. I supposed you're here to kill me.
Gabriel It's never been about that. I'm here to stop the killing. Please. Just cancel the namings. You don't have to keep doing this. Surely by now, you can see that without death, life is meaningless.
Russell Save your philosophy lessons, Dr. Santiago. You're too late. The resurrections are done. The hosts were honored to become one with their Primes. Most of them, anyway.
Gabriel Only because we lied to them. That's over now. I saw the graffiti on my way in. It's just a matter of time. There is nothing more powerful than the truth.
Russell You're wrong. Faith is. When their Gods return en masse, they'll get back in line, and those who don't, well, there's always the adjustment protocol.
Gabriel Your answer to murder is more murder.
Russell Says the old man in the young body. Dr. Gabriel Santiago the what? The fifth or sixth of his line?
Gabriel I didn't want this. I was ready to die.
Russell So die.
Gabriel Russell, this body, this man, he was someone's son, someone's brother, and he was killed for me.
Russell All the man who conquered death wants is to die. Tonight, you'll get your wish.
[Alarm blaring] [Gabriel begins to fight against his Guards]
Woman (On PA) Attention. Red Sun Toxin detected.
[Gabriel successfully takes out both of the Guards and disarms them. He takes one of their guns and aims it at Russell]
Woman (On PA) Make your way to your assigned location.
Gabriel My itinerary didn't mention that.
Woman (On PA) Attention...
Russell The Red Sun alarm on the day you return.
Woman (On PA) ...your assigned location for evacuation.
Russell And without an eclipse, no less. You forget I know how to manipulate the Red Sun Toxin, too.
Scene 12 - Sanctum
[Alarm blaring] [Indistinct chatter]
Scene 13 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
Clarke It's too soon. We have to get that shield down. Wake her up.
[Gaia starts shaking and tapping an unconscious Priya]
Gaia Priya. Priya.
[Priya wakes up]
Clarke We need your help.
Scene 14 - Woods outside Sanctum
[Alarm blaring]
Bellamy Damn it, Gabriel.
Scene 15 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
Gabriel I may not be able to stop these resurrections, but I can make sure they're the last by destroying the Mind Drives, starting with yours.
Scene 16 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
Clarke We'll make this very simple. Take down the Reactor and you get Ryker back. If you don't...
[Clarke places Ryker's Mind Drive on the table with a clatter. She picks up a mallet and holds it over Ryker's Mind Drive]
Clarke Are we clear?
[Clarke prepares to strike Ryker's Mind Drive]
Priya No, wait!
Scene 17 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
Russell If you want my drive, you're going to have to shoot me. In a few seconds, the Guards are going to evacuate us to Ryker's Keep, You have enough bullets to kill them, too. The question is, will you?
[Door opens]
Female Guard Sir, we need to evacuate.
[Guards enter]
Female Guard Drop it!
Gabriel Get out right now.
Russell Don't move. Let him kill me. Then open fire and get my wife. She'll know what to do.
Gabriel [Grunts]
[Russell helps Gabriel lower his gun]
Russell You never had the stomach to be a God.
[Russell takes the gun away from Gabriel]
Russell I am sorry, my friend. Tie him up. Gather the rest of the Primes. Turn off that damn alarm!
[Russell exits] [Guards grab and restrain Gabriel]
Scene 18 - Sanctum
[Indistinct chatter] [Russell exits the Palace and goes to the microphone at the edge of the Palace's balcony]
Russell My children, calm yourselves. Calm. There is no eclipse. The namings will go on as planned. All of your Gods will return tonight. And I have more good news. The demon Gabriel has been captured.
[Indistinct chatter]
Russell Tonight, we will vanquish his evil once and for all and user in a new era of wonder for the glory and grace of Sanctum.
Crowd For the glory and grace of Sanctum.
[Russell goes back inside the Palace]
Scene 19 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
[Door opens] [Murphy, Emori, and Guards enter] [Murphy holds Emori's hand and kisses it]
Russell Daniel, Kaylee, meet your new old friends. This is Caleb and Jasmine, and this is Miranda.
Gabriel They're brother and sister. You know that, right?
[Murphy and Emori let go of each other's hands awkwardly]
Gabriel Tell me. Did you even hesitate to betray your friends?
Russell Ignore him. In a century or two, you won't even remember these petty concerns.
Gabriel And to forget, all you have to do is give up your soul.
[The power goes out]
Scene 20 - Sanctum
[Crowd murmuring]
Scene 21 - Woods outside Sanctum
[Electric shield protecting Sanctum goes out]
Scene 22 - Sanctum - Palace - Great Hall
Russell The shield.
Scene 23 - Woods outside Sanctum
Bellamy Told you she'd do it.
Nelson Death to Primes!
Children of Gabriel Death to Primes!
Nelson [Screaming indistinctly]
Children of Gabriel [Screaming indistinctly]
Woman #1 Death to Primes!
[Bellamy, Octavia, and the Children of Gabriel emerge from the trees and run towards Sanctum]
Woman #2 Death!
[Bellamy, Octavia, and the Children of Gabriel run towards Clarke, Echo, Miller, Gaia, and Priya on the outskirts of Sanctum] [Bellamy and Echo hug]
Clarke What took you so long? I hate to cut the moment short, but Russell told the people that it was a false alarm. They're not evacuating. We have no distraction.
Echo The rest of our friends are still in trouble, and we don't have the people to fight our way through.
Bellamy We're not here to fight. We're here to liberate.
Layla Bellamy's right, and the only weapon we need for that is truth.
Nelson You sound like Gabriel.
Clarke Where is Gabriel? And why did he set off the alarm so soon?
Echo Hold on. They won't believe us just because we tell them the truth.
Bellamy What are you thinking?
Echo I'm thinking Ryker helped us start this. His Mother will finish it.
Clarke They think I'm Josephine, so it can't be me.
[Clarke gives Ryker's Mind Drive to Bellamy]
Scene 24 - Sanctum
[Indistinct chatter] [Clarke, Octavia, Miller, Echo, Gaia, and the Children of Gabriel run to hiding places along the outskirts of the crowd in front of the Palace] [Two people emerge in the distance, walking towards the crowd]
Woman Guard We've got movement up the far stairs.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Through a Guard's scope, it shows Bellamy leading Priya towards the crowd]
Woman Guard Priya Prime! Don't shoot!
[Indistinct chatter]
Bellamy The power is out, the shield is down, but we are not here to fight. I have something to tell you that will e hard to hear, but it's the truth. The Primes told you that we're your enemy. They lied. They lied about everything. They're not Gods. They don't become one with their hosts. They kill them.
Crowd [Murmuring]
Bellamy They steal your bodies so they can live forever.
Crowd [Murmuring]
Bellamy Tell them.
Crowd [Murmuring]
Priya It's true.
Crowd [Murmuring]
Priya We're not devine.
Russell Open it.
Priya We survive because we have technology. But we need your bodies to do it. Delilah's not one with me. She's dead, killed so that I could return. It's all a lie.
Crowd [Murmuring]
[Russell walks out of the castle, out onto the balcony over the crowd]
Man All lies.
Woman Liars!
[Bellamy gives Priya Ryker's Mind Drive]
Russell I am disappointed in you, Priya. I'm disappointed in all of you. According to our adjustment protocol...nonbelievers must be purified!
[Russell tosses a bomb filled with Red Sun Toxin into the crowd]
Crowd [Screaming indistinctly]
Man Aah! I feel it! Ee! We're all gonna die!
Layla Everybody, antitoxin, now.
[Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, Echo, Miller, Gaia, and the Children of Gabriel pull out their antitoxin]
Man from the Children of Gabriel Breathe deeply. You're good for two hours.
Clarke [Inhaling]
Russell Unlock the processing room for the adjusters. Tell them to use it all. Move the prisoners from the Lab to the Great Hall.
Man Disbelievers!
[Indistinct shouting]
[Priya is caught at the crowd, scared] [Bellamy joins the rest of the group]
Layla Where the hell is Priya?
Bellamy The toxin separated us. The crowd got between us.
[Bellamy breathes in the antitoxin]
Woman Die, nonbeliever! Uhh!
[The crowd start to attack each other]
Man and Woman [Shouting indistinctly]
Priya Help them, please, for Delilah.
Blythe Ann Murderer!
[Blythe Ann stabs Priya in the stomach with a knife] [Priya dies]
Blythe Ann and Jae [Crying]
[Indistinct shouting]
Guard All of you, get back! I will kill you all!
[Guards pull Madi, Raven, and Jackson out of the Palace]
Clarke No.
Miller Jax? Jax!
[Miller starts running towards Jackson. Octavia holds him back]
Octavia You can't.
Miller I do not take order from you anymore!
Bellamy Miller, she's right. You'll never make it past the Guards.
Clarke No, but I can.
Gaia I'm going with you.
Clarke Gaia.
Gaia They'll think I'm Josephine's Guard. It's Madi. I'm going.
Clarke Ok. Miller, stay here and protect the others. I'll get him back. Trust me.
Man Blasphemers. [Indistinct]
Octavia Uh, guys? We've got a problem.
Man Kill the invaders! Aah!
[The crowd starts rushing the group] [Bellamy punches the first man in the face]
Bellamy Go.
Clarke What will you do?
Bellamy Look, I'm still working on that part. Just go!
[Clarke and Gaia go towards where Madi, Jackson, Raven, and the Guards went]
Bellamy Miller, weapons down. We don't want to kill them, ok?
Layla They want to kill us.
Man Move in!
Echo If we start fighting, it will turn into a bloodbath. We need to take cover and wait it out. Follow me!
[Indistinct shouting] [The group starts running away from the Crowd, while the Crowd runs after them] [The group lock themselves successfully into a building] [The crowd bangs on the building]
[Indistinct shouting]
Scene 25 - Sanctum - Palace
[Clarke and Gaia enter the Palace into the Great Hall] [Murphy inhales the antitoxin]
Russell Thank God. Where have you been?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) I was looking for Priya. But then I was blocked by a bunch of Gabriel's lunatic Children. She's dead, by the way. What the hell is going on?
Simone We're leaving Sanctum until it's purified.
[Simone in Abby's body enters]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Mom.
Gabriel Your Mother murdered her Mother. Ironic, don't you think?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Don't you speak to me.
[Clarke slaps Gabriel]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Uhh! How could I have ever loved such a traitor?
Simone Oh, sweetheart. At least you have closure.
Russell That's enough. Now that we're all accounted for, it's time to go. Have you all taken the antitoxin?
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Go? Where?
Simone To space, of course. Sanctum has lost us. For now, anyway.
Miranda We have no pilot. Priya's dead. Maybe if you didn't kill the Lees.
Simone That won't be a problem. We don't need the Lees. do we, Raven?
Raven Go float yourself, murderer.
[Simone grabs a Guard's gun and points it a Madi. Simone cocks the gun]
Simone How about now? You have 3 seconds.
[Raven looks to Clarke]
Simone 1...
[Clarke nods at Raven]
Simone 2...
Raven Ok.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Good choice.
Russell Excellent. Guards, take the prisoners.
Guard Yes, sir.
Russell We're using the tunnel, but be prepared for anything.
[Madi, Raven, Jackson, Miranda, Caleb, Jasmine, and some Guards exit]
Russell Good-bye, old friend. Sanctum is yours, though I suspect you won't last very long.
[Russell and Simone exit]
[Murphy and Emori head towards the door back into Sanctum]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) You're not coming?
Murphy You killed her. All she did was help and you killed her.
Emori We're staying.
Murphy We're gonna save our people.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) I'm proud of you, Murphy.
Murphy Just so you know, Josephine called me "John".
Russell Josie, Daniel, Kaylee, is there a problem?
[Russell enters]
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) They changed their minds. Cowards.
Russell The Mind Drive is a terrible thing to waste. Josie, bring your Guards and let's go.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) Guards, move out.
[Gaia moves forwards with the other Guards]
Russell Wait. She's one of them.
[Guards point their guns at Gaia. Gaia raises her hands in surrender]
Russell Throw her to the wolves.
Clarke (Impersonating Josephine) No. I saw her in Clarke's mind. Threatening the child may work on Raven, but if I'm right, we need her to get on that ship.
[Russell, Clarke, and Gaia exit]
Scene 26 - Eligius IV Ship
[Indra and other Grounder stand in front of the airlock door. Guns raised.
Computer Voice Transport ship is secure. Airlock engaged. Airlock secure.
[Door hissing as it opens] [Raven, Madi, and Gaia are kneeling with Simone, Russell, and Clarke holding guns to their heads]