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I'm disappointed in all of you. According to our adjustment protocol, nonbelievers must be purified!
Russell Lightbourne

Adjustment Protocol is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of The 100. It is the eighty-third episode of the series overall.

CHANGES – A special Naming Day changes everything in Sanctum. Gabriel comes face to face with an old friend.


Clarke gets a Mind Drive implanted in her due to Russell thinking she's his daughter, while Madi is being subdued for a bone marrow sample. Although weakened from the loss of blood, Madi is still enraged and channels Sheidheda promising death to the Primes. Hearing her daughter speak those words, Clarke is forced to hide her sadness away. As Russell sews up Clarke’s neck, Abby, Jackson, and Raven walk in to tend to Madi. Abby is immediately heartbroken upon seeing 'Josie', but Russell has no time for her tears; he tells her to get more doses of bone marrow out of Madi.

Outside the walls, Gabriel and his crew approach the radiation barrier. Bellamy wants him to cross over and help Clarke, but Octavia tells him to have faith in her to get it done. Gabriel decides to practice patience until he hears a couple of nearby guards discussing that evening’s Naming Day. He won’t let Russell kill more people, so he drops the plan where they let people get out safely and rushes into the barrier. “I can’t sacrifice the few to save the many,” he yells back to them. 

He’s planning to resurrect all the Primes that evening, including Simone, who he’s eager to bring back. Trying to stall him, Clarke tells him to wait until she’s there to do it. 

Jackson, Abby & Raven are trying to come up with a solution not to kill Madi. Before they can discuss it,  Abby decides to make herself a nightblood so she can extract her own bone marrow rather than taking from Madi. Jackson tells her that the bone marrow will kill more innocent people, and she points out that they just have to do “better today than we did yesterday,” like Kane said. Abby then apologizes for calling Jackson a war criminal, and they have a tender moment together.

Just then, “Josie” walks in and hugs Abby, making everyone in the room, excluding Madi who is passed out, realize that it's really Clarke. They're ecstatic to see Clarke back in her own body and immediately ask her for help in getting Becca’s book for Madi, but Clarke says she needs Raven’s help with the shield. Despite Abby’s sacrifice, Madi still isn’t doing so good, so they decide that Ryker can help with the shield and Raven tends to the little nightblood while she finds an way to delete Sheidheda from the flame

When Clarke enters the machine shop, she finds Ryker dead, instantly realizing Echo killed him to escape. Improvising, she cuts the mind drive out of his head and plays it cool when Russell comes in and realizes Echo, who was to be Simone’s host is gone, but it doesn’t matter. He says they have enough hosts and bone marrow doses to resurrect everyone.

Clarke finds Priya in the tavern where Gaia, Echo, and Miller are hiding. Thinking that the two are going to wipe a host, the trio comes out to kill them, but when “Josie” takes out Priya herself, they realize it’s Clarke. She fills them in on the plan.

Removed from the lab, Abby, Raven, and Jackson wait in the hall of Prime bones. In a reflective moment, Abby tells Raven that it wasn’t worth it when she created a host for Marcus. She says she focused on what she lost, not on what she has. She apologizes “for all of it,” and finishes her speech, “You are my family, Raven." Russell comes in and ruins the moment. He has five hosts with him, but Abby points out she made six blood marrow doses. He then reveals to Abby that she will be the next host and injects her in the neck with a mind-wiping drug. As she falls, Abby's life literally flashes before her eyes. After watching Abby die, Raven and Jackson becomes heart-broken.

Gabriel walks into Sanctum and drops the red sun toxin into the water. Immediately after, a guard notices and Gabriel asks to be taken to Russell Prime. Face to face, the two foes argue about the meaning of life. Gabriel says, “Without death, life is meaningless.” He tells the leader of Sanctum to stop the killing, but Russell says the new hosts were honored to become one with the Primes...“most of them anyway.” Just then, an alarm goes off signaling the red sun toxin. Using the distraction, Gabriel grabs a guard’s gun and trains it on Russell. He tells him these will be the last resurrections, but in the end, he can’t shoot his old friend. Russell goes out and tells the gathering crowd that the sirens are a false alarm, the “demon Gabriel” has been captured, and they should prepare for all their gods to return that night.

Meanwhile, Clarke has convinced Priya to take down the shield. The Children of Gabriel are inside now, but since Russell told everyone about the false alarm, there’s no way to get people out of Sanctum. Echo has an idea: They use the truth. Approaching the crowd, Bellamy yells out that the Primes are not gods and they don’t become one with their hosts. “They kill them,” he says. They steal your bodies so they can live forever with Priya remorsefully confirming it.

As people start to murmur and take in the truth, Russell puts an end to it with a red sun bomb. “Non-believers must be purified,” he says as he throws it into the crowd. The Children of Gabriel have masks, but everyone else starts fighting. Delilah’s mom kills Priya for taking her daughter. Things are getting ugly, so Bellamy, Echo, Octavia, Miller, and the Children of Gabriel close themselves into a room to take cover.

Clarke and Gaia (posing as Josie’s guard) head back into the palace just in time. And before she knows it, Abby walks in however it's Simone. Still pretending to be Josie, Clarke can’t even react to the loss of her mother, passing off her grief as anger over Gabriel's betrayal. Russell says that they need to get away and Simone holds a gun to Madi’s face to force Raven to pilot the dropship to take them back to Eligius.

As they’re fleeing, Russell notices Gaia and tries to stop her, but Clarke says they need her to get onto the ship. The loss of Abby proves to be the final straw for Murphy and Emori and they decide to remain behind to save their friends rather than joining the Primes. Clarke tearfully tells Murphy that she's proud of him, causing Murphy to realize that it's Clarke when she calls him Murphy and not John.

The final shot is the ship’s blast doors opening with Niylah, Indra, and other Wonkru members holding guns on Simone, Russell, and Clarke/Josie, who have their guns on Madi, Raven, and Gaia.



Guest Starring


  • Kat Ruston as Sierra Royal Guard and Miranda Mason IX
  • Sean Kuling as Cassius
  • Megan Danso as Layla
  • Ian Butcher as Bryson and Caleb Mason VIII
  • Karen Holness as Blythe Ann
  • Dean Marshall as Jae
  • Arpad Balogh as Shield Guard Patrol #1
  • Jay Clift as Shield Guard Patrol #2
  • Lisa Chandler as Observant Guard
  • Christina Lewall as Armed Guard
  • Cassandra Ebner as Klara (credited as Woman)
  • Andrew Chin as Null Man



Sheidheda (possessing Madi Griffin): "I know what you are doing Reyes. You think you are smart enough to get rid of me? If you don't stop I'll kill this child!"
Russell Lightbourne: "I'm sorry it has to be this way, Abby, but I took your daughter. As you said, you would never be able to get past that. I know I wouldn't."
Gabriel Santiago: "Russell, this body, this man, he was someone's son, someone's brother, and he was killed for me."
Russell Lightbourne: "All the man who conquered death wants is to die. Tonight, you'll get your wish."
Abby Griffin (to Raven Reyes): "I may not be your mother, but, you are my family, Raven."
Gabriel Santiago: "Your mother murdered her mother. Ironic, don't you think?"
Clarke (as Josephine): "Don't speak to me! How could I have ever loved such a traitor?"
Simone Lightbourne: "Oh, sweetheart. At least you have closure."
Clarke Griffin: "You're not coming?"
John Murphy: "You killed her. All she did was help and you killed her!"
Emori: "We're staying."
John Murphy: "We're gonna save our people."
Clarke Griffin: "I'm proud of you, Murphy."
John Murphy: "Just so you know, Josephine called me John."

Notes and Trivia

  • The title refers to Simone's Adjustment Protocol which involves releasing a massive amount of Red Sun toxin to make the Sanctum citizens go mad and attack each other, believers fighting non-believers. At the end of the episode, Russell enacts this protocol.
  • Four Primes are resurrected this episode. Miranda, Caleb, and Jasmine Mason are resurrected in new hosts using three Sanctum guards: Sierra, Bryson and Jade. Abigail Griffin becomes the new host for Simone Lightbourne.
  • Murphy and Emori become Nightbloods off-screen due to their joining the Primes. To deceive the people of Sanctum, Russell identifies them as the new Daniel and Kaylee Lee. They received Mind Drives as part of this.
    • Murphy and Emori becoming Nightbloods is confirmed in "False Gods."
  • Russell asked Gabriel Santiago if this was his fifth or sixth host, but Gabriel doesn't answer.
  • The plaque for Caleb Mason reveals that he went through six hosts (plus his initial body) before his current resurrection.
  • Clarke receives a Mind Drive due to posing as Josephine who lost hers. At the end of "Ashes to Ashes," Clarke, posing as Josephine, had asked Russell for a new Mind Drive since Gabriel had removed hers.

Body Count

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