Earth Kills 039 (Acid Fog)

Acidic fog bursting out from a tornado-like storm.

The Acid Fog officially known as The Veil is a virulent weapon utilized by the Mountain Men. When deployed the toxic fog spread through an area paralyzing, burning and killing those caught within.


The Veil system was created by the Mountain Men. Located within the Mountain, its chemical containment and dispersal units allowed them to create a billowing mass of the lethal fog like vapors shrouding large areas of the outside, which could be used as a defensive weapon against outside threats.

The acid fog can be avoided by sheltering in caves higher than their entrance, by getting within an enclosed space, or more surely, by fleeing the area.

Observed occurrences:

  • Fog-like occurrence - Acts much like regular fog does in areas.
  • Radiation Storm - Occurs like a tornado/rainstorm and sweeps areas very quickly.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

It is first shown in Earth Kills. The Grounders have a warning system where they blow a horn to alert others of the fog in time to get undercover.

In Fog of War, while listening to a radio transmission from the Mountain Men, Raven Reyes and Chancellor Griffin discover that the Mountain Men have been deploying the fog as a weapon, which they refer to as the Veil.

During the Mount Weather War the system protected Mount Weather from the Coalition/Sky People force keeping them at bay until Bodyguard of Lies, when Bellamy Blake destroys the control room for the fog, rendering it useless/unusable.

Effects Edit

Mild exposure results in blistering skin and causes coughing. Exposure lasting more than a minute or two, however, causes extreme pain, blindness, paralysis, and eventually death.

According to Raven Reyes's notes, the Acid Fog is assumed to be part nerve part sulfur mustard vesicant (military chemical warfare agents). Exposure to these chemicals can cause paralysis, skin blisters and burns, and respiratory effects.

Symptoms may include loss of consciousness, convulsions, cessation of respiration, Flaccid, Paralysis copious nasal and oral secretions. Intense bronchoconstriction. Decontaminate within 2min to prevent tissue damage.


The acid fog has killed numerous outsiders. Known victims include:


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