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Diyoza: Like each of us, somehow this valley survived. It's the last sanctuary on Earth, and we are it's keepers. To build a life here, we all have responsibilites. You will too.

Kane: All of us left Polis for a better way and all of us must do our part to get it. 

Diyoza: I'll be sitting down with each of you to learn your stories, to hear what skills you can bring to the community, how you can be helpful, and to see if you can be trusted. Until you've been cleared, your pulse collars have been geotagged to this building. Welcome home. 

Kane: Abby? Abby? What the hell happened?

Abby: I got the bullet out, but there was too much internal damage. I did everything I could.

Kane: Was that before or after you took these?

Abby: She was shot, Marcus. Octavia Blake killed her, not me.

Kane: Karina came here for a second chance.

Abby: I did everything I could.

Kane: Hey! Hey, I put my life on the line for you, and you promised me that you would quit.

Abby: And I will.

KAne: Stop lying. It's getting worse. You take one pill to work and then another to sleep. Give me the bottle. This was supposed to be our second chance. That's why we're here.

Abby: Wrong. We're here because of me, because I serve a purpose, and I can only serve that purpose if I'm functioning. If I don't find a cure soon, people are gonna start dying.

Kane: People are already dying, and you call this functioning? You didn't even close her up.

Abby: I did everything I could!

Kane: It wasn't enough.


HARPER: Bellamy, you've been staring at that all night. Go. Get some sleep, okay? I got this.

Bellamy: It's been 8 hours. Raven could have built a cathedral by now.

Harper: They'll get it done.

Bellamy: I know. I just wish it was me over there.


Octavia: Well? Any word?

Harper: Look, we knew it would take some time. We can count on Echo.

Octavia: Wouldn't be the first time she betrayed us.

Indra: If your brother trusts her, maybe we should, too.

Octavia: You're still upset we shot the traitors. I get how that must look to you, but we're fighting for our lives here, Bellamy. The hydrofarm is on its last legs. Truth is, it's a miracle you showed up when you did. I haven't thanked you enough for that. If we can just get to Shallow Valley, things will be better, I promise.

Bellamy: Funny, that's the same thing we said about getting back down to the ground. Then we found you.

Harper: Your sister officially scares me.

Clarke: Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey. Canteen.

Madi: I'm pretty sure they're gonna have water there.

Clarke: Take it anyway.

Madi: Clarke, I'm not a baby anymore.

Clarke: I know, which is why people are more likely to notice how special you are, and that's why you're gonna suck today. You're not gonna stand out in any way. No one can think that you'd make a good Commander, not Gaia and especially not Octavia.

Madi: Clarke, I understand.

Clarke: Once Echo gets that camera in the sky down, we all get to go home to Shallow Valley.

Madi: Great. Maybe when we fight the war there, I won't have to suck.

Clarke: Harper told me I might find you down here.

Monty: I miss my algae farm. I thought being around all this might help.

Clarke: Does it?

Monty: Most of the crops are fallow. The equipment needs repair. I give it 3 weeks until this place is as dead as the wasteland.

Clarke: Oh. Uh, I've been meaning to give this to you. It just never really felt like the right time.

Monty: Jasper's handwriting.

Clarke: I found it at Arkadia not long after Praimfaya. I nearly read it a couple of times, but now I'm glad I didn't.


COOPER: Guard the door. I'll just be a minute.

MAN: okay. 


Clarke: Come on. Go. Go.


COOPER: Let's go.


Clarke: Monty, you can't pick a lock with pruning shears.

Monty: Ye of little faith. The keypad energizes the solenoid, pulls the coil and pin back. A magnet can do the same thing.


MONTY: Biocontainment lab? What the hell is that for?

CLARKE: Let's find out.

Monty: I don't like this.

Clarke: Oh, my God.

Monty: You said no one else was bitten.

Clarke: No. They weren't. I don't-I don't understand. Why would she- They're breeding them.

Monty: The cold must slow them down. Clarke, if Octavia can deliver these worms in a defector-


CLARKE: He's alive.


Echo: Hey, Spacewalker.

Raven: Finally. Tell me this is a rescue op.

Echo: It won't be anything if we can't get out of this church. I'm betting, by now, my girl's figured out how to slip her collar. They're watching us, but there's something I need you to see. Let's go get some water. Monty said I need to insert it into any console connected to the transport ship's primary server.

Raven: It's essentially a keylogger, auto-installs and opens a back door to their surveillance system that only Monty can see. Heh. It's brilliant. Too bad we can't get to the bridge without our heads exploding.

Echo: What about Kane? Maybe he-

Raven: You saw him. He's with Diyoza. I don't know what happened to him in that bunker, but he's different.

Echo: You haven't seen them, Raven. They're all different. Murphy said you had someone inside their camp. Can we trust him?

Raven: I hope so. He's our only shot. Hey, can we talk?

Shaw: You and me have nothing to discuss.


Kane: I have some unfortunate news. Karina's dead. She was Louwoda Kliron Kru, so the rites will be performed this afternoon. Together, we can make sure that her death will not be in vain.

BELLAMY: My sister never approved of human testing. I don't care how crazy it's become down here.

Clarke: Desperation has a way of making the unimaginable a necessity.

Bellamy: Still, if she weaponizes those things and sends them into the valley, then Echo, Raven, Murphy, Kane, your mom--

Monty: Not just them. All of us. Unleashing an invasive species on the last arable land on earth is a monumentally bad idea.

Bellamy: Even if Octavia does know, she won't listen to me. We need help.

Clarke: Be diplomatic.

Bellamy: Yeah.

Monty: Clarke, he was there when Pike shot her and killed 300 of her people.

Clarke: I'll go with him.

Monty: Yeah. I'll relieve Harper.

Bellamy: Can I talk to you privately?

Clarke: Hey, we need to talk to Indra. Get out. 

Bellamy: Real diplomatic. Indra, would Cooper do something without my sister's approval?

Indra: Only if she got mine first, but since I don't know what the hell you're talking about, it's hard to say.

Clarke: She brought back the worms.

Bellamy: She's breeding them, experimenting on defectors. One of them is still alive.

Indra: Why would she do that?

Clarke: My guess trying to find a way to keep them dormant long enough to deliver them in the next defection.

Indra: Good plan. Show me.


Raven: I'm alone. Told them I don't do funerals.

Shaw: What the hell do you want? Letting Murphy go bit me in the ass. McCreary and two of our people are missing, and now Diyoza's starting to question my loyalty, so make it quick, or I'm leaving.

Raven: I want to be useful here. I can't be locked up anymore.

Shaw: Useful how?

Raven: When I was on your mothership, I saw the hythylodium tanks. They're almost full, thousands of tons. Just one drop, and I can power up this entire village. If you fly me up there--

Shaw: Hythylodium is killing everyone it came into contact with, so bringing it down here just may be the worst idea I've ever heard.

Raven: So what if Diyoza questions your loyalty? How could you be loyal to someone who collars people like animals, tortures them, someone who killed your crew? I saw her file. She murdered hundreds of innocent people, blew up government buildings just because she didn't like their policies. Shaw, you're good. I can see it in your eyes.

Shaw: When I was a kid after the battle of San Francisco, I watched the evacuation on tv, thousands of refugees being packed into aircraft carriers. I remember seeing soldiers pushing helicopters overboard just to make more room, and Diyoza was there. She was the one giving the orders. The machines were expendable, but the people weren't, but up in space when we reported that the miners were getting sick, Eligius saw it differently. Order Eleven came down "bring home the hythylodium. Leave the prisoners," like they were garbage. Captain Stevens agreed, and I didn't.

Raven: You deactivated the shock collars.

Shaw: So, you see, Diyoza's not as bad as you think, and I'm not as good as you hoped.


DIYOZA: Why did you choose to defect?

ECHO: I didn't defect. I fled. I'm not Wonkru, but you already knew that.

KANE: So you survived in space with Bellamy and the others.

Echo: Yes, but now that we're back, Octavia's banishment still stands.

Kane: I'm surprised she let you live.

Echo: As you saw, she almost didn't. Octavia's taken everything from me. My clan no longer exists. I'm coming to you for safe harbor because I have nowhere else to go.

Diyoza: Your story's our story, Echo, so how can you be useful in my camp?

Echo: I'm a spy. You knew that, too.

Diyoza: Mm-hmm, and an honest spy is either incompetent or working an angle. Which are you?

Echo: Time will tell.

Diyoza: Thank you, Echo. You're not your usual chatty self today, Kane. Is it Karina? It's not your fault that girl died.

Kane: No. It's yours. I saw the Eligius logo on Abby's pills. Karina died because her doctor was too high to operate.

Diyoza: Really? Here, I thought it was the bullet.

Kane: You need to cut her supply.

Diyoza: Why would I do that?

Kane: Because she'll be a better doctor.

Diyoza: Maybe if she survives detox. Of course, if we force her, then we wind up with a clean junkie who's just thinking about her next fix and not how to find a cure for my people.

Kane: So what? Are you sick? If not, I think it's a great way to get rid of some of these--

Diyoza: What, Kane, undesirables? Kind of like sending 100 juvenile delinquents to die on the ground or abandoning 300 prisoners on an asteroid?

Kane: Are you sick? Abby said you wouldn't let her examine you.

Diyoza: I'm not sick.

Kane: Because, you know, I'm just saying, if you are, you can trust her to keep it quiet.

Diyoza: Trust her? She's a drug addict. Ha ha! Too soon? Go get the next defector.

GAIA: Strike high. Defend. Strike low. Focus. Strong stances. Again. Strike high. Defend. Strike low. Defend. Hold. Ethan...Why did you do that?

Ethan: Because she gave me the opening, teacher...and she's not Wonkru. 


GAIA: Enough. I expect more from Wonkru warriors -- honor, strength, and unity. We'll be at war soon, and there's nothing funny about that. Get to class. Not you, Madi.


Gaia: That did not look like a girl with 3 kills in battle.

Madi: Sorry, Seda. I'll try harder.

Gaia: No. Don't. Clarke told you to hold back, didn't she? You are wise to listen to her. Unfortunately, it was far too obvious. From your first advance, it was clear that you were hiding something. You'll have to do a much better job of it tomorrow when we drill for Octavia.

Madi: I don't understand. You want me to fail, too?

Gaia: I want you to live. Can I show you something? Madi, it's okay. Most of Wonkru believes the time of the Commanders is over. I believed it, too. Then I met you. You don't have to be afraid. As I told Clarke, I would never force you to accept this. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Madi: Yes. Does Octavia know you have it?

Gaia: Yes, and as long as Blodreina reigns, I will serve her faithfully, but I can't just forget my faith or my oath to protect the Flame and ensure its succession. The blood of the first Commander Becca Pramheda is your blood, and I will never let anyone harm you.


INDRA: Your fight is over Tarik from Shallow Valley Clan. Let's get this over with.

COOPER: What the hell are they doing here, Indra?

Octavia: You wanted to see me?

Indra: You knew about this.

Octavia: Of course I knew about this. It was my idea. We're up against an army with superior firepower and every geographic advantage. This is how we overcome that.

Clarke: What happens when your secret weapon destroys the valley you're fighting for?

Kara: I ran some tests. The worms can't survive in a green environment for more than a few days, long enough to kill everyone they come in contact with before we get there.

Bellamy: Are we really having this conversation? Our friends are there, people we love.

Octavia: Acceptable losses. Cooper, check on the worms. Come on, big brother. How many innocent lives have you sacrificed, or you, Wanheda? This is no different. You were just trying to save your people. So am I.

Kara: You killed him.

Indra: No. You did.

Octavia: Cooper?

Kara: One of the defectors survived.

Bellamy: Looks like we found something that's not acceptable.

Kara: Blodreina I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but the results were remarkable. The worms reproduced 3 times faster in a live body, and we need quantity as well as control. I found that-- 

Clarke: Octavia, you don't want to do this.

Octavia: Spare me, your hypocrisy, Clarke. Miller told me about the man that you irradiated in Becca's lab...and just how long did your test subject survive?

Kara: Long enough for a defector to board their ship and fly to the valley.

Bellamy: Octavia, please, don't do this.

Octavia: I don't want anything to happen to your friends, Bellamy, not even Echo-- please believe that--but this is war. Once we control the eye in the sky, we send the worms. Cooper, choose one of the elite guards to deliver it. It's time for Wonkru to go home.

Raven: No way. Shaw's an ally.

Echo: There are times in war where you have to do the wrong things for the right reasons. This is one of those times. Besides, you said yourself, they can't kill him because they need him to fly.

Raven: We are not betraying the one friend that we have here. He will take me to the bridge. I just need more time.

Bellamy: Let's go over this again. As soon as Echo and Raven get the Eye down, we take the Rover. We drive across the wasteland. We break out our people before Wonkru attacks with the worms.

Clarke: Octavia will expect us to do something like that. She'll post sentries.

Bellamy: That's too bad for the sentries.

Monty: This, this was supposed to be Jasper's suicide note after we pulled him out of the City of Light. He was gonna put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger.

Clarke: Monty, now's not the time.

Monty: Now is the perfect time. 'Monty, I know you're an optimist. You think better days are ahead, but that's not true. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There's only the tunnel, another enemy to fight, another war. I've come to the conclusion that we're the problem human beings, all of us. The cycle can't be broken as long as we're here. That's why I won't be here. That's why.'

Harper: Monty...It's okay.

Monty: Yeah. Jasper was smarter than all of us. It doesn't matter what we do. Coming back to the ground, opening the bunker, all we've done is made things worse. If a war is the only way to have the last survivable land on earth, then maybe we don't deserve it.


Diyoza: Thanks for waking me. Wait outside. What's so important?

Echo: You said you couldn't trust a spy. Does that mean, even if my information is good, it won't help me get out of this collar?

Diyoza: Trust can be earned. 

Echo: I've been here a day, and already I know there's a traitor in your camp-- your pilot.

Diyoza: Shaw's conscience can get in the way of his duties, but having a soft side hardly makes him a traitor.

Echo: How about disobeying orders or giving comfort to the enemy? When he told you Raven locked you out of the missile system, he was lying. He did it himself, and I can prove it.

Indra: You need to sleep.

Octavia: I'll sleep when the war is won. Why are you here?

Indra: You know why.

Octavia: No more lectures, Indra. I didn't sanction human testing, but that doesn't mean I won't use what Cooper learned to help save my people.

Indra: What if the worms destroy the valley?

Octavia: You're the head of my army. Give me a better idea.

Indra: Am I the head of your army?

Octavia: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Indra: When were you going to tell me about this weapons plan?

Octavia: When were you going to tell me you helped Kane escape? If we lose, that'll be why. How does that make you feel?

Indra: Awful, and I'd do it again.

Octavia: Not if I throw you in the pit first.

Indra: I won't apologize for protecting you from yourself.

Octavia: Get out. I said go!

MAN: Blodreina.

Octavia: Now.

Indra: Be careful of the dark, Octavia, too easy to lose your way.


Diyoza: Echo says you accused my pilot of sabotage, that he, not you, locked me out of my missile system.

Echo: Tell the colonel what you told me.

Diyoza: No more words. I need proof.

Echo: Show her.

Raven: Okay. 


Raven: First, I have to access the backlogs for the missile systems. Logs can be tampered with on the surface. See? Right here. The first layer tells you that the system was shut down manually.

Diyoza: But it doesn't say who did it. How do I know it wasn't you?

Raven: Getting there. He covered his tracks, but if you look deep enough, there's always a trail. Just watch. It's buried under layers of rote object code. See? There it is, the ghost trail.

Clarke: Bellamy, something's happening. We're in. Echo did it.

Bellamy: Okay.

Clarke: Wait, Bellamy. As soon as we tell her, she marches to war and unleashes those worms.

Bellamy: That's why we got to get there first. We take the Rover. We get our people out. Then we worry about stopping the war, okay? Good. I'll get Monty and Harper. You get Madi. We leave tonight.


Bellamy: Monty, come on. Echo got it done. Time to program the loop so we can go.

Monty: No.

Bellamy: What? I miss him, too. Jasper should have been with us on the ring, but he wasn't because he gave up, and if he hung on a little longer and-

Monty: And what? We're doing it again.

Bellamy: Doing what, saving our friends?

Monty: We save our friends by stopping this war, not by facilitating it.

Bellamy: Yeah. That sounds great, but unless you have an idea- What? 'Make algae, not war.' That's cute.

Monty: Wonkru's about to fight for that valley because they don't think they can survive here, but with this, they can.

Bellamy: Yeah, if the early batches don't kill them like they nearly did us.

Monty: That-that's before I got the recipe right, and you know it.

Bellamy: Look. I'm sorry, okay? It is a good idea. And I know you wanted to avoid all this.

Monty: But our friends come first?

Bellamy: Yeah.

Monty: God, I miss space.

Bellamy: Yep. Come on.

ABBY: I'm sorry. I'm still looking for a cure, but in the meantime, this might help with the pain.

KANE: I, um-- I wanted to apologize.

Abby: Does that mean that you believe I did all I could to save that girl?

Kane: Under the circumstances, yes. Abby...I love you, and--and I want to take care of you through detox. I-I'd walk through fire for you. I'd die for you, but I won't watch you kill yourself, not anymore...So we need to choose-- me or the pills.

Abby: Marcus, I- Please, I need for you to trust me. I am making headway on a cure-- and as soon as I do...

Kane: Choose.

Diyoza: I could come back.

Kane: I'll leave you to it, then.

Abby: Take a seat. I'll be right with you.

Diyoza: Anything good to report, Doc?

Abby: Good? 75% of your people are dying.

Diyoza: That's good... for Octavia.

Abby: I'm still working on a treatment, but with your antiquated equipment, you're basically screwed.

Diyoza: Is that your professional diagnosis?

Abby: So am I right in assuming that you haven't come to get tested before now because you're already having symptoms?

Diyoza: Something like that, yeah.

Gaia: Jonas, you're next.

Octavia: Wait. Madi, you're up. Fight.

Gaia: Blodreina, she's not ready.

Gaia: Be the last. Enough!

Octavia: Gaia, fit her for armor and get her a real sword. Madi, we're about to fight a war on your, land for your land, and I could really use a second who knows the terrain when we get there. What do you say, Madi kom Wonkru? All right, then. We march as soon as the Eye's down. I need to borrow her for a strategy session. You don't mind, do you, Clarke?

Clarke: No. It's fine.

Bellamy: Where's Madi?

Clarke: With your sister.

Bellamy: Clarke, we don't have time for this. We have to leave now. As soon as Diyoza realizes what Echo did, she's dead. We have no choice.

Clarke: You're wrong. We have one.

Harper: Wait. What are you doing?

Clarke: Stopping the cycle. This is Clarke Griffin. I have a question for Colonel Diyoza.

DIYOZA, ON RADIO: Hello, Clarke. It's been too long. What the hell do you want?

Clarke: What would it take for you to share the valley?

DIYOZA: Share it? Well, let me see. Short of an unconditional surrender, nothing.

Monty: Octavia will never surrender. T

Clarke: That's why we're gonna take her out.