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Clarke: Previously on the 100

Indra: Where the hell is my daughter?

Bellamy: We didn't know she was missing until today. Nobody did. We're gonna get everyone back.

Madi: I remember things.

Clarke: Your sketchbook? Madi, don't tell anyone that... ever. We need to get to our friends.

Cadogan: There's your bridge. Go.

Clarke: You're coming with us. Now move.

Cadogan: You should have more faith, Clarke.

Sheidheda: The throne. The book.

Clarke(in trig): Bellamy, give it to me. Don't make me do this.

Bellamy: The fate of the entire human race is at stake. I have no choice but to share this. I'm sorry.

Clarke: Me too [Sobbing]


[ Scene 1 - Second Dawn Bunker - Fighting Pits ]

Clarke: [Gasping and sobbing]

Madi: Clarke! What is it? What happened?

Clarke: Where are we?

Indra: The Second Dawn Bunker.

Jackson: Otherwise known as Hell.

Clarke: Earth? How?

Cadogan: This place is perfect for you.

[Cadogan pulls out a pill]

Cadogan: Nano-tracking program. What is it you say? May we meet again.

[Cadogan disappears]

Gaia: Welcome home, mother.

Indra: Gaia?

[Gaia enters the room, embracing Indra with a handshake]

Madi: Seda! How are you here?

[Gaia and Madi hug]

Gaia: Good question.


[Gaia is under Gabriel's Bunker with a Disciple, they start fighting]

Gaia: He turned off the stone. Before the bridge closed, we went through...

[Disciple pulls Gaia through the Bridge]

Disciple (in flashback): Uhh.

[Disciple and Gaia land in the Second Dawn Bunker]

Gaia: Landing here.

Gaia(in flashback): No. How?

Disciple: The closing bridge defaults to the planetary origin of our DNA. Your journey ends here too.

[Disciple pulls out a knife and starts fighting Gaia]

Gaia(in voice-over): He would not stop talking while we fought. He said when you're caught in a closing bridge, it defaults to the planetary origin of your DNA. Earth.

Disciple(in flashback): For all mankind.

Gaia(in flashback): I am no man.

[Gaia pulls a spear from the wall]

Disciple(in flashback): Unh! Unh! Ugh! Arr!

[Gaia slices his head off]

[Flashback ends]

[Murphy picks up the Disciple's helmet from the ground]

Murphy: Where's the head?

Gaia: Buried with the rest of him.

Indra: Until today, no one even knew you were missing. How long have you been alone here?

Gaia: A few days until the others arrived this morning. I thought it would be the rest of my life.

Indra: We're together now.

[Indra holds Gaia's hand]

Clarke: Echo and Octavia... Where are they?


[ Scene 2 - Forest above Second Dawn Bunker ]

[Clarke, Madi, and Jackson emerge from the Bunker]

Madi: It's so green.

[Murphy emerges from the Bunker]

Jackson: They're over here.

[Jackson runs over to them]

[Raven emerges from the Bunker]

Murphy: Earth is back.

[The rest of them walk over to them]

[Octavia and Miller are sleeping in a little encampment. Jackson shakes Miller's leg]

Jackson: Hey.

Miller: Jax!

Jackson: Hey, baby.

[Jackson and Miller hug]

Miller: Oh, it's good to see you.

Jackson: I missed you.

Raven: Hey.

Octavia: Hi.

[Raven and Octavia hug]

Madi: Hey!

Niylah: Hey.

[Madi and Niylah hug]

[Murphy and Jordan hug]

Madi: It's good to see you.

[Octavia and Emori hug]

Emori: Hi.

[Emori and Echo hug]

Madi: You weren't inside.

Echo: Hey.

Emori: Hey.

Echo: Where's Bellamy?

Octavia: Clarke?

Clarke: Dead. He's dead.

Murphy: Bellamy? Clarke, he was fine when we left. I'm a little confu-

Clarke: I killed him. [Clarke starts crying] I had to.

Echo: Why?

Clarke: Madi's sketchbook. He had it, and he knew that she still has the memories of the Commander. She would never be safe. I begged him to stop. I tried to get the book back, but he...I tried everything, I promise. I tried. I'm so sorry.

[Octavia hugs Clarke]

Octavia: I understand. So would the old Bellamy. The one that would do anything for his baby sister and the people he loved.

Clarke: You can hate me if you want to. God knows I do.

Echo: We lost him a long time ago. He needed all this chaos to make sense, all the violence, all the people we've killed. He couldn't accept that it's all meaningless. Cadogan gave him meaning, and that meaning is what killed him...not you.

[Echo hugs Clarke, Octavia joins the hug]


Intro Plays


[ Scene 3 - Second Dawn Bunker - Fighting Pits ]

Gaia: No one wants to live here, but it will do until we build our own shelter. There is a river close by, so there is plenty of drinking water.

Jackson: What about food? You check the hydrofarm?

Gaia: Nothing. That whole level was destroyed in the fire.

Miller: Where is Blodreina?

Hope: She didn't come back inside.

Indra: Avoiding her demons. I don't blame her.

Gabriel: Have you found another food source?

Gaia: we hear birds, insects, so there must-

Raven: What about power, hot water?

[Gaia shakes her head no]

Murphy: That's it. I'm out of here. Where's the funky ball with the green light?

Jordan: A way out is the first thing we looked for. There's no stone here.

Gabriel: No. There has to be. That's how Cadogan got his people out.

Niylah: We lived here for 6 years. I think we would have seen it.

Raven: One way to find out.

[Raven puts on the Disciple's helmet.

Jordan: Raven, we tried that. Our helmets showed no trace of the stone anywhere.

Raven: 100 feet straight down. They gave you trash helmets so you couldn't get out.

Murphy: Perfect. So we jump to Sanctum, have a hot shower, stock up on supplies.

Gabriel: Bring my people home.

[Murphy nods]

Clarke: Raven, can I?

Raven: Yeah.

[Raven hands the helmet to Clarke]

[Clarke slams the helmet into the wall]

Murphy: Hey!

Raven: No!

[Others shouting]

Murphy: What the hell are you doing? That's the only way out of here!

Clarke: Earth is our home. Everyone who is from here is here...everyone we care about, and I will not lose anyone else.

[Clarke nods at Madi]

Clarke: Let's choose a room.

[Clarke exits, Madi follows slowly]


[ Scene 4 - Bardo ]

[Cadogan reads Madi's book]

[Sheidheda is strapped to a chair]

Sheidheda: Pretty pictures, don't you think? These restraints won't do at all.

Cadogan: You're lucky my people brought you here, or you'd be dead right now.

Sheidheda: I feel lucky.

[Cadogan holds up a picture from Madi's book]

Cadogan: Did you draw this?

Sheidheda: No...but I know who did. Ohh. Incredible.

Cadogan: Yes. Our medicine is incredible. So is our ability to dig through your memories, but I'd rather save the time. What do you want?

Sheidheda: First, I'll need assurances. Sanctum is mine. We destroy the stone. You people never come back.

Cadogan: The stones are indestructible, but, yes, you can have Sanctum, not that it'll matter. I don't think you comprehend what this means.

Sheidheda: It means someone has memories that are not their own, memories that you require in order to start a war with whoever made the stones, a war I want no part of. One planet will be fine, thank you very much.

Cadogan: Not a war, the last war, and you'll be part of it whether you like it or not.

Sheidheda: How's that?

Cadogan: If we win, we transcend, evolving beyond these meat sacks that age and die, becoming one with a universal consciousness.

Sheidheda: I like this meat sack. It's new.

Cadogan: This will be better.

Sheidheda: Hmm.

Cadogan: And whether you fight with us or not, even you will transcend. Every member of the human family will.

Sheidheda: Good luck with that. Do we have a deal or not?

Cadogan: You fool. If we lose, it won't matter what planet you're on or whether you're fighting. Every member of the human family dies.

Sheidheda: Clarke's child. Madi.

Cadogan: Of course. Bellamy knew. That's why she killed him. Thank you.

[Cadogan gets up to leave, door chimes, door opens]

Sheidheda: She'll never let you take her child.

Cadogan: I won't be asking.

Sheidheda: Of course not. You'll send a strike team no doubt, they'll fight you, the child, as well. If she gets killed, you'll have nothing.

Cadogan: You have a better idea?

Sheidheda: Yes. Send me.

[Cadogan turns back and approaches Sheidheda. Door closes]

Cadogan: You?

Sheidheda: Mmm.

Cadogan: Who wants no part of this.

Sheidheda: That was before I knew what was at stake. Although transcend or die has a nice ring to it, it really isn't much of a choice, is it?

[Cadogan shakes his head no]

Sheidheda: I've been in the child's head. I know her better than she knows herself. How well does your strike team know her? I'll get her back, but then our deal still stands.

[Cadogan raises the book in a motion]

[Sheidheda's restraints loosen]

[Cadogan turns to leave]

Cadogan: Take him to the Bridge.

[Door chimes. Door opens]


[ Scene 5 - Second Dawn Bunker - Bunk Room #1 ]

Jackson: I don't want to take inventory.

Miller: So don't.

Jackson: We took everything we could carry when we marched for the valley. Do you remember our first night in our desert tent? Hey. You ok?

Miller: I told Bellamy I'd forgive him. Now I can't.

Jackson: Talk to me.

Miller: He forgave me for everything I did here. I wonder if my Father would do that. I don't think he would.

Jackson: Your father wanted you to live, Nate. That's why he gave up his spot in this bunker, and you have. You are. Clarke's right. Everyone we care about that's left is here. We thought Sanctum was our second chance...but I think this is.

[Jackson kisses Miller]


[ Scene 6 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

Niylah: Welcome to Niylah's rec room. No cursing, no spitting, no killing.

Gabriel: Huh. No way. A piano. I used to tickle the ivories.

Niylah: Jordan, hold this.

Gabriel: It's been over 200 years, but, uh...

[Gabriel plays low notes on the piano]

Gabriel: Out of tune.

[Niylah takes a grate off a vent]

Jordan: What are you doing?

[Niylah crawls into the vent]

Niylah: Ohh. There were too many rules when we lived here. I found my way around most of them. [Grunts]

[Niylah reemerges with an alcohol bottle]

Niylah: The bar's open.

Jordan: Ahh. Is it safe?

[Niylah opens the bottle]

Niylah: It was never safe.

[Gabriel tuning the piano]

[Niylah drinks from the bottle]

Niylah: God, that's awful. It was your Dad's recipe.

[Jordan takes the bottle and drinks from it]

Jordan: [Gagging] Smooth.

[Niylah takes the bottle back and walks away]

Niylah: Echo.

Echo: [Sighs]

[Gabriel continues to tune the piano]

Echo: I'm tired.

[Gabriel stops playing the piano]

Gabriel: I'll go with you.

Echo: No.

[Echo leaves]

Gabriel: I'm gonna.

Niylah: She needs space.

Jordan: And we need to drink.

[Jordan takes the bottle from Niylah]

Hope: Oh. No, no, thank you. I'm tired, too.

Jordan: My Dad made it.

Hope: Ok. Hmm.

[Hope takes the bottle and drinks from it]

Hope: Oh, my-

Jordan: Ha ha ha!

Hope: [Coughing]

Jordan: It's good, right?

[Jordan takes the bottle back from Hope and drinks from it]

Hope: No. That's awful. Mmm. Oh, man.


[ Scene 7 - Second Dawn Bunker - Bunk Room #2 ]

Clarke: This'll do until we can rebuild above ground. Pick a bed. You'll be less mad at me in the morning.

Madi: All these beds should be filled with people.

Clarke: Oh, Madi, I'm really not in the mood to argue.

Madi: You decided for me...again.

Clarke: I decided for everyone. That's what I do.

Madi: Just like you decided to kill Bellamy.

Clarke: I did that to save you.

Madi: I didn't ask you to, and now you have to live with that! I don't want that for you!

Clarke: I know you're mad that I stranded us here, but remember Shallow Valley, when it was just us and all we wanted was our friends-

Madi: Your friends. What about mine? I was starting to build my own life. I have friends in Sanctum. Picasso is there, Luca. You think you're protecting me, but you're not. You ruined my life. Just like you ruined your own.

[Madi starts to head for the door]

Clarke: Madi, wait.

[Madi stops and turns back to Clarke]

Clarke: This place is huge. You can't just wander off in the dark.

[All of the lights turn on with a thump]

Madi: I won't. Don't follow me.

[Madi leaves]


[ Scene 8 - Second Dawn Bunker - Hallway ]

Murphy: Oh, let there be light.

Emori: That's my girl. Ha.

[Door opens. Raven enters]

Raven: Well, thanks for your help.

[Murphy holds the Disciple's Helmet to Raven]

Murphy: Now we find the stone, assuming you can fix this.

Raven: You're kidding, right? I'm not a miracle worker, Murphy.

Emori: I beg to differ.

Murphy: Come on. You know we can't leave all those people on Sanctum now that we know it's survivable here.

Raven: The people on Sanctum are better off without us.

Murphy: Until the next eclipse maybe. Clarke is wrong. Some of those people are from here, Raven, Wonkru, Eligius Prisoners. Earth is their home, too. Let me ask you something. When you let Hatch and his buddies die, was that just to save your friends?

[Raven takes the Disciple's Helmet from Murphy and walks away]

Raven: We passed a workshop down here.

Murphy: 6 years of watching Bellamy manipulate her on the Ring. [Sighs] Damn it.

Emori: I know. I miss him, too.

Murphy: Yeah.


[ Scene 9 - Forest above the Second Dawn Bunker ]

Octavia: [speaking Trigedasleng] May the Earth and ash become one. Body and spirit...

[Indra approaches Octavia]

Octavia: [speaking Trigedasleng] ...old life and new. From the Earth, we will grow...From the ashes, we will rise.

Indra: Did Lincoln teach you that?

Octavia: You weren't my only teacher.

Indra: No. Just the best. It's your watch in the rotunda.

Octavia: No way. I'm not going back down there.

Indra: Fine. Then neither am I.

[Indra sits beside Octavia]

Indra: I told you once we mourn the dead when the war is over.

Octavia: So is it over?

Indra: I hope so. I saw you days ago, but for you, it's been 10 years on another planet, yet still you haven't made peace with what happened here.

Octavia: I thought I did. And then seeing the Fighting Pits again, I don't know.

Indra: We did what we had to do to survive, but if it is your penance to sit here-

[Indra wraps a coat around Octavia]

Indra: -in the freezing cold, then it is my penance, too. Because I am equally guilty about what happened down there. We were all Blodreina.

[Indra stands]

Indra: Now come on. We'll face your demons together.

[Indra helps Octavia stand]

Octavia: You win.

[Octavia walks toward the Bunker, Indra follows her]

[Octavia enters the Bunker]


Octavia: Conclave rules. Conclave rules.


[People fight in the Fighting Pits]

Octavia: Win the fight, save your life.

[Crowd shouting]

[Weapons clattering]

Crowd: [Chanting] [speaking Trigedasleng] Omon gon oson!

[Flashback ends]

[Indra enters the Bunker and walks toward Gaia in the center of the Fighting Pit]

Gaia: I used to resent when you would look at her like that.

Indra: Gaia.

Gaia: I don't anymore. I am glad Octavia came to you. She was always more warrior than I. I am sorry that I wasn't.

Indra: I'm the one who's sorry. My child, don't you know? You're my Seda.

[Bridge opening]

Indra: Here they come!

[Octavia down the ramp to the Fighting Pits]

Indra: On me!

[Octavia grabs two swords from the wall]

Octavia: Gaia!

[Octavia tosses a sword to Gaia]

[Octavia, Gaia, and Indra stand at the ready]

[The bridge closes]

[Someone stares at them through a Disciple Helmet, invisible]

Octavia: What was that? Why open the Bridge and not use it?

[Sheidheda is in the suit]

Indra: They used it. Someone's here. I can feel it.

Gaia: They're here for Madi. Go warn Clarke. I'll stay and make sure no one else comes through.

Indra: I'm not leaving you again.

Octavia: I'll go.

[Octavia starts to leave, Indra stops her and hands her a gun. Octavia takes the gun and leaves]

Sheidheda: [Breathing]

[Sheidheda follows Octavia]

Sheidheda: Ahh.


[ Scene 10 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

[Madi walks through the halls]

[Piano playing Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata']

[Madi follows the sound]

[Gabriel plays the piano while Hope and Jordan dance slowly together]


[ Scene 11 - Second Dawn Bunker - Bunk Room #2 ]

Clarke: They're here for Madi.

[Sheidheda stares at them in his invisible suit]

Octavia: Where is she?

Clarke: We had a fight. I have to find her.

[Clarke leaves]

Sheidheda: Hmm.

[Octavia follows her. Sheidheda follows them]

Clarke: [Echoing] Madi!


[ Scene 12 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

[Piano plays]

Madi: Hey. I like that song.


[ Scene 13 - Second Dawn Bunker - Hallway ]

[Clarke and Octavia desperately search for Madi]


[ Scene 14 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

Hope: Ha ha ha!

[Jordan tries to spin Hope]

Hope: What? No. Ha ha ha! Um... I'm-I'm sorry. I...

[Hope leaves]

Gabriel: This is the part where you go after her, mi hermano.

Jordan: Hi, Madi.

[Jordan leaves]

Niylah: Madi's here?

[Niylah comes out of the vent with another bottle of alcohol]

Niylah: Ohh. There she is.

[Madi looks at the alcohol in Niylah's hand. Niylah sheepishly hides it behind her back. Madi laughs]

Madi: It's ok, Niylah. You can drink in front of me.

Gabriel: Uh, she's had enough anyway.

Niylah: What? I'm fine.


[ Scene 15 - Second Dawn Bunker - Hallway ]

Clarke: Madi? If you can hear me...

Octavia: She wasn't on level 6 either. There's 4 more levels. We'll find her.

[Sheidheda continues to follow them]

Clarke: Ok.

[Door opens. Clarke and Octavia enter to the stairwell. Sheidheda follows]


[ Scene 16 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

[Niylah vomits]

Niylah: [Coughing] The party's over.

Gabriel: Grownups.

[Niylah leaves]

Madi: Will you play something else?

Gabriel: Ahh. I'll do better than that. Have a seat. I'll teach you.

Madi: Really?

Gabriel: Yeah. It's easy. It's only taken me 200 years to figure out. Heh.


[ Scene 17 - Second Dawn Bunker - Hallway ]

Clarke: Madi? Answer me!


[ Scene 18 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

Gabriel: Hands like this. Ok.


[ Scene 19 - Second Dawn Bunker - Hallway ]

Sheidheda: [Breathing]


[ Scene 20 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

Gabriel: We're gonna play a C.

[Madi plays a C on the piano]


[ Scene 21 - Second Dawn Bunker - Hallway ]

Clarke: Madi!


[ Scene 22 - Second Dawn Bunker - Bunk Room #3]

[Echo sits on a bunk]

[Door opens]

Niylah: [Belches]

Echo: You're drunk.

Niylah: And you said you were tired, but you're still up, so... [Sighs] Why are you still up, Echo?

Echo: Not Echo. Ash. My name is Ash. Don't worry. I never told Bellamy either. 6 years, and I never told him my real name. Every day, I'd wake up and think to myself "today's the day." But no. When I finally told someone, it was to save my life. Echo was a coward.

Niylah: No. Not a coward. Human.

Echo: I wanted him to see me as this person I've become, not pity me for who I was or what I went through or-

Niylah: He did. He wouldn't have stayed with you that long if he couldn't see the real you, Echo.

[Niylah hands her bottle to Echo, Echo takes it]

Niylah: I mean Ash.

[Echo drinks from the bottle]

Niylah: You're not the only one with secrets. I was named for Queen Nia.

Echo: What? But you're Trikru.

Niylah: My Father's side. My Mother was Azgeda. That's why we lived so far out in the woods. So no one would see her scars. We are who we choose to be, and we don't owe anyone our pain.


[ Scene 23 - Second Dawn Bunker - Tech Room ]

Murphy: [Sighs] What is taking you so long?

Raven: Miracles take time. Hero Murphy's kind of freaking me out.

Emori: I know...but it's hot.

Murphy: I'm right here, and also I'm not a hero. I just think the people on Sanctum deserve to live on a planet that doesn't eat them or occasionally drive them insane.

Hope: [Sobbing]

[Murphy follows the sound. Murphy exits the room and goes into the hallway finding Hope sitting on the ground, crying]

Murphy: Hey. We haven't, uh, properly met. I am-

Hope: John Murphy. I've heard stories.

Murphy: I tend to play well in stories.

Hope: Hmm. Not these.

Murphy: Those stories. Yes. You ok?

Jordan: Hey, Murphy.

[Jordan enters the hall]

Jordan: this.

Murphy: Ok. I was his favorite, though, wasn't I, Jordan?

[Murphy leaves]

Jordan: I am sorry I upset you. I haven't spent a lot of time with people, and...sometimes I just misread things.

Hope: Yeah. Me, too. Heh.

Jordan: I was having fun dancing, and I thought you-

Hope: I was. I just started to feel guilty.

Jordan: I know. I felt the same when I woke from Cryo and my parents were gone. It takes time, but it does get easier. We should get back. You don't have to dance if you-

Hope: Let's dance here.

Jordan: There's no music.

Hope: Mmm.

[Hope stands and offers Jordan her hand]

Jordan: Ok.

[Jordan takes Hope's hand]

Hope: Ha ha! Ok.

[Jordan and Hope start to dance]

[Door opens]

Clarke: Madi, where are you?

[Jordan and Hope separate and go towards Clarke's voice]

[Clarke and Octavia enter the hallway]

Clarke: Madi! Madi!

Hope: Clarke?

[Murphy enters the hallway]

Murphy: Hey, hey. What? Whoa, whoa. What happened?

[Sheidheda stares]

[Clarke enters the room with Raven and Emori]

Clarke: Is Madi with you?

[Murphy, Octavia, Jordan, and Hope follow Clarke]

Clarke: Did you fix it? I need to find the stone.

Murphy: Oh, now you want to find the stone?

Clarke: I'm sorry, Murphy. You were right. We need to leave.

Raven: Why? What happened?

Clarke: Disciples are after Madi. Has anyone seen her?

Hope: She's in the Rec Room.

Clarke: You're sure?

Hope: Yeah.

[Sheidheda shoves Octavia into the room]

Sheidheda: Unh!

Octavia: Ohh!

[Sheidheda closes and locks the room]

Clarke: No, no, no. No, no! Madi! Madi!


[ Scene 24 - Rec Room ]

Gabriel: E, E, F, G.

[Madi replicates the notes on the piano]

Gabriel: Yeah. It's that easy.

Madi: It's only 5 notes, but...yeah, it almost feels...familiar.

Gabriel: Hmm. That is the beauty of Mr. Beethoven. Ok. Try again, but this time, I want-

[A knife plunges through Gabriel's back and through his chest]

Gabriel: [Groans]

[Gabriel falls forward onto the piano. Gabriel hits the keys of the piano]

[A glass falls off the piano and breaks on the floor]

Sheidheda: [Breathing]

[Sheidheda knocks over a lamp and it falls. Sheidheda knocks over a table and it flips onto the floor. Madi runs for the vent. Sheidheda pulls her back into the room]

Madi: Aah!

[Madi crawls across the floor trying to get away]

Madi: Ohh, ohh, help! Get away from me!

[Sheidheda grabs her from the floor by her hair]

Madi: Unh! Aah! Aah!

[Sheidheda throws Madi against a table]

Sheidheda: Huh! Ahh.

[Sheidheda becomes visible and takes off his helmet]

Sheidheda: Hello, Madi. It seems you're the key to the transcendence of the human race. They sent me to bring you back, but, you see, I don't want to transcend. I want to reign. They gave me a choice-

[Sheidheda holds up some pills and sets them on the table behind Madi]

Sheidheda: -use these to bring you back peacefully or this...

[Sheidheda holds up a knife]

Sheidheda: If you wouldn't go willingly. [Inhales] I prefer option 3-

[Sheidheda pulls out another knife]

Sheidheda: -to gut you like a pig.

[Sheidheda prepares to impale Madi. Gabriel tackles Sheidheda to the ground from the side]

Sheiheda: [Grunting]

Gabriel: [Grunting]

[Sheidheda and Gabriel begin fighting on the ground]

Gabriel: Go! Indra's in the Rotunda. Get help!

[Sheidheda stabs Gabriel several times in the chest]

[Madi runs out]

Madi: Help! Clarke!

[Sheidheda walks after her. Leaving Gabriel on the ground]

Madi: Help! Gaia, Indra!


[ Scene 25 - Second Dawn Bunker - Fighting Pits]

Gaia: Do you hear that?

Madi: Help!

Gaia: It sounds like Madi.

Indra: We let them in. On me.

Madi: Gabriel needs help!

[Madi enters]

Madi: He's here!

Gaia: Madi? Madi, what is it?

Madi: Help! No!

[Sheidheda enters]

Indra: You.

Sheidheda: Me. Us.

Gaia: Madi, clear out.

[Madi goes to the edge of the Fighting Pit opposite Sheidheda]

[Sheidheda attack Gaia, Gaia fights back]

Sheidheda: Yaah!

[Indra joins in the attack]

Gaia: [Grunting]

Sheidheda: [Grunting]

Indra: [Grunting]

[Madi jumps on Sheidheda's back, Sheidheda throws her off to the ground. Sheidheda prepares to strike his spear through Madi]

Sheidheda: Raah!

[Indra kicks Sheidheda in the side]

Sheidheda: Agh!

[Gaia disarms Sheidheda. Indra slams Sheidheda into the ground]

Indra: [speaking Trigedasleng] Your fight is over.

[Sheidheda takes the Disciple's knife and stabs it into his stomach. Sheidheda drops the knife on the floor]

Sheidheda: Agh! Unh. Not today.

[Indra swings her sword toward Sheidheda]

Indra: Aah!

[Sheidheda disappears, leaving only green smoke behind. Indra slams her sword on the floor that was underneath Sheidheda]


[ Scene 26 - Second Dawn Bunker - Tech Room ]

[Murphy slams a crowbard against the window of the door, to no avail]

Clarke: Murphy, give it up. It's never gonna break.

[Murphy hits the window and smashes through it]

Murphy: You were saying?

Jordan: Nice job, Murphy.

[Murphy reaches his hand through the broken window and unlocks the door from the other side]

Murphy: All in a day's work, my friends.

Clarke: Thanks, Murphy. All right. Let's go.

[Clarke, Hope, Jordan, Emori, Raven, and Murphy leave the room and run down the hallway]


[ Scene 27 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

Gabriel: [Groans]

[Octavia enters, gun raised. Octavia sees Gabriel and lowers it]

[Clarke, Hope, and Jordan enter]

Octavia: Gabriel.

[Emori enters]

Hope: No, no, no, no.

[Raven and Murphy enter]

Gabriel: [Grunting] friend.

Hope: I'm right here. I'm with you.

Clarke: Where is she?

Gabriel: Madi. [Breathing heavily] Sheidheda. I tried. Unh.

[Madi enters]

Madi: I'm right here.

[Clarke hugs Madi]

Clarke: Thank God. Are you hurt?

[Madi breaks away from the hug and goes to Gabriel's side]

Madi: He saved my life. Sheidheda got away. He stabbed himself in the gut and...disappeared.

Octavia: I know how that works. Cadogan will send more Disciples.

Clarke: We have to get back to Sanctum now.

Gabriel: The stone. Find the stone.

Raven: I couldn't fix the helmet.

Gabriel: Sheidheda's. He left it.

[Raven picks up Sheidheda's helmet from the floor and puts it on]

Raven: It's damaged. It can't pinpoint the exact location.

[Raven takes off the helmet]

Raven: The stone's here.

Miller: What'd we miss?

[Miller and Jackson enter. Jackson sees Gabriel and runs to his side]

Jackson: Tell me what happened.

Hope: I don't know.

Gabriel: No. No, no, no, no. I'm ready.

Murphy: What do you mean the stone's here? Where?

Raven: I don't know.

Clarke: We find it, we go back to Sanctum, we get our army.

Madi: Clarke, you're not going to war over me.

Clarke: If they try to take you, I am.

Murphy: All of us are.

Gabriel: [Grunting]

Madi: No one else is getting killed trying to protect me.

[Madi walks over to the pills that Sheidheda left. She picks it up from the table]

Clarke: Madi!

Madi: Maybe I should just-

[Clarke takes the pills away]

Clarke: Absolutely not.

Gabriel: Unh! [Coughing]

Hope: Do something.

Gabriel: Hope, I want this. It's ok.

Octavia: In peace, may you leave this shore. In love...

Hope: No.

Octavia: May you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground.

Gabriel: [Speaking Spanish] Death is life.

Octavia: May we meet again.

Others: May we meet again.

Gabriel: [Gasps]

[Gabriel dies]

Hope: God! [Crying]

[Clarke turns to look at Madi, but she is gone]

Clarke: Madi? Madi?!

Jordan: The vent.

Clarke: What? Raven, Murphy, find that stone!

[Clarke runs out]


[ Scene 28 - Second Dawn Bunker - Fighting Pits ]

[Madi holds Sheidheda's knife to her stomach]

Gaia: Madi...

Clarke: Put that knife down.

[Clarke, Octavia, Hope, Jordan, and Miller enter]

Madi: Don't take another step.

Indra: I'm am sorry. I did not know what she wanted until it was too late.

Madi: Octavia said Cadogan would just keep sending more people until he gets me. No one will ever be safe.

Gaia: Madi, please don't do this.

Madi: I told you no one else is dying to save me.

Clarke: Madi...please.

Madi: I love you, Clarke.

Clarke: No!

[Clarke runs toward Madi. Madi stabs the knife into her stomach]

Madi: Unh!

[Madi disappears, leaving green smoke behind. Clarke hugs the air where Madi was]

[The Bridge opens]

Indra: (Speaking Trigedasleng) Take up arms!

Hope: Be prepared! They'll be invisible.

[An object comes through. The object starts beeping. The Bridge closes]

Miller: Bomb!

[Miller grabs the bomb]

Miller: Hyah!

[Beeping accelerates]

[Miller places the bomb in a room and closes the door]


[Everyone falls to the ground]


[ Scene 29 - Second Dawn Bunker - Bunk Room #3 ]

[Walls rumble]

[Niylah and Echo look at the lights swinging on the ceiling


[ Scene 30 - Second Dawn Bunker - Rec Room ]

[Objects shake throughout the room]

Emori: What the hell was that?

[Emori leaves, Murphy follows her]

[Emori stares at a crack in the wall]

Murphy: Emori, it was nothing. Come back.

Emori: Quiet. Listen.

[Metal bending]


[Cement cracking]

[Murphy runs toward Emori and Emori runs toward Murphy]

[The ceiling collapses on top of them before they can reach each other]