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A Sort of Homecoming is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the ninety-eighth episode of the series overall.

JESSICA HARMON DIRECTS THE EPISODE – Clarke and her friends reckon with all that has happened only to find an unexpected threat looming.


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Guest Starring


  • Matt Reimer as Disciple A



Clarke Griffin: "Where are we?"
Indra: "The Second Dawn Bunker."
Eric Jackson: "Otherwise known as Hell."
Clarke Griffin: "Earth? How?"
Bill Cadogan: "This place is perfect for you. Nano-Tracking Program. (swallows a pill) What is it you say? May we meet again." (Cadogan vanishes)
Gaia: "Welcome home, mother."
Indra: "Gaia?"
Madi Griffin: "Seda! How are you here?!"
Gaia: "Good question. He turned off the Stone. Before the Bridge closed, we went through... landing here. (in flashback) No. How?"
Disciple (in flashback): "The closing Bridge defaults to the planetary origin of our DNA. Your journey ends here, too."
Gaia (voiceover): "He would not stop talking while we fought. Said when you're caught in a closing Bridge, it defaults to the planetary origin of your DNA. Earth."
Disciple (in flashback): "For all mankind."
Gaia (in flashback): "I'm no man."
John Murphy: "Where's the head?"
Gaia: "Buried with the rest of him."
Indra: "Until today, no one even knew you were missing. How long have you been alone here?"
Gaia: "A few days until the others arrived this morning. I thought it would be the rest of my life."
Indra: "We're together now."
Clarke Griffin: "Echo and Octavia... where are they?"
Madi Griffin: "It's so green."
John Murphy: "Earth is back."
Echo: "Where's Bellamy?"
Octavia Blake: "Clarke?"
Clarke Griffin: "Dead. He's dead."
John Murphy: "Bellamy? Clarke, he was fine when we left. I'm a little confu---."
Clarke Griffin: "I killed him. I had to."
Echo: "Why?"
Clarke Griffin: "Madi's sketchbook, he had it and he knew that she still has the memories of the Commander. She would never be safe. I begged him to stop. I tried to get the book back, but he... I tried everything, I promise. I tried. I'm so sorry."
Octavia Blake: "I understand. So would the old Bellamy. The one that would do anything for his baby sister and the people he loved."
Clarke Griffin: "You can hate me if you want to, god knows I do."
Echo: "We lost him a long time ago. He needed all this chaos to make sense, all the violence, all the people we've killed. He couldn't accept that it's all meaningless. Cadogan gave him meaning, and that meaning is what killed him... not you."
John Murphy: "That's it I'm out of here. Where's the funky ball with the green light?"
Sheidheda: "Pretty pictures, don't you think? These restraints won't do at all.
Bill Cadogan: "You're lucky my people brought you here, or you'd be dead right now.
Sheidheda: "I feel lucky."
Bill Cadogan: "Did you draw this?"
Sheidheda: "No... but I know who did. Oh. Incredible."
Bill Cadogan: "Yes. Our medicine is incredible. So is our ability to dig through your memories, but I'd rather save the time. What do you want?"
Sheidheda: "First, I'll need assurances. Sanctum is mine. We destroy the Stone. You people never come back."
Bill Cadogan: "The Stones are indestructible, but, yes, you can have Sanctum, not that it'll matter. I don't think you comprehend what this means."
Sheidheda: "It means someone has memories that are not their own, memories that you require in order to start a war with whoever made the Stones, a war I want no part of. One planet will be fine, thank you very much."
Bill Cadogan: "Not a war, the Last War, and you'll be part of it whether you like it or not."
Sheidheda: "How's that?"
Bill Cadogan: "If we win, we transcend, evolving beyond these meat sacks that age and die, becoming one with a universal consciousness."
Sheidheda: "I like this meat sack. It's new."
Bill Cadogan: "This will be better. And whether you fight with us or not, even you will transcend. Every member of the human family will."
Sheidheda: "Good luck with that. Do we have a deal or not?"
Bill Cadogan: "You fool. If we lose, it won't matter what planet you're on or whether you're fighting. Every member of the human family dies."
Sheidheda: "Clarke's child. Madi."
Bill Cadogan: "Of course. Bellamy knew. That's why she killed him. Thank you."
Sheidheda: "She'll never let you take her child."
Bill Cadogan: "I won't be asking."
Sheidheda: "Of course not. You'll send a strike team no doubt, they'll fight you, the child, as well. If she gets killed, you'll have nothing."
Bill Cadogan: "You have a better idea?"
Sheidheda: "Yes. Send me."
Bill Cadogan: "You? Who wants no part of this."
Sheidheda: "That was before I knew what was at stake. Although transcend or die has a nice ring to it, it really isn't much of a choice, is it? I've been in the child's head. I know her better than she knows herself. How well does your strike team know her? I'll get her back, but then our deal still stands."
Bill Cadogan: "Take him to the Bridge."
John Murphy: "Let me ask you something. When you let Hatch and his buddies die, was that just to save your friends?"
Raven Reyes: "We passed a workshop down here."
John Murphy: "6 years of watching Bellamy manipulate her on the Ring. Damn it."
Emori: "I know. I miss him, too."
John Murphy: "Yeah."
Gaia: "I used to resent when you would look at her like that."
Indra: "Gaia."
Gaia: "I don't anymore. I'm glad Octavia came to you. She was always more warrior than I. I am sorry that I wasn't."
Indra: "I'm the one who's sorry. My child, don't you know? You're my Seda."
Echo: "You're drunk."
Niylah: "And you said you were tired but you're still up so... Why are you still up, Echo?"
Echo: "Not Echo. Ash. My name is Ash. Don't worry, I never told Bellamy either. 6 years, I never told him my real name. Every day I'd wake up and think to myself today's the day. But no. When I finally told someone, it was to save my life. Echo was a coward."
Niylah: "No. Not a coward. Human."
Echo: "I wanted him to see me as this person I've become, not pity me for who I was or what I went through."
Niylah: "He did. He wouldn't have stayed with you that long if he couldn't see the real you, Echo. I mean Ash. You're not the only one with secrets. I was named for Queen Nia."
Echo: "What? But you're Trikru."
Niylah: "My father's side. My mother was Azgeda. That's why we lived so far out in the woods. So no one would see her scars. We are who we choose to be and we don't owe anyone our pain."
John Murphy: "What is taking you so long?"
Raven Reyes: "Miracles take time. Hero Murphy's kinda freaking me out."
Emori: "I know... but it's hot."
John Murphy: "I'm right here and also I'm not a hero, I just think the people on Sanctum deserve to live on a planet that doesn't eat them or occasionally drive them insane."
John Murphy: "Hey. We haven't, um, properly met, I am..."
Hope Diyoza: "John Murphy. I've heard stories."
John Murphy: "I tend to play well in stories."
Hope Diyoza: "Hmm. Not these."
John Murphy: "Those stories. Yes. You ok?"
Jordan Green: "Hey, Murphy? I... got this."
John Murphy: "Ok. I was his favorite though, wasn't I Jordan?"
Sheidheda: "Hello, Madi. It seems you're the key to the transcendence of the human race. They sent me to bring you back, but, you see, I don't want to transcend. I want to reign. They gave me a choice -- (holds up a vial of nano-tags) use these to bring you back peacefully or this... (holds up a locator tag knife) if you wouldn't go willingly. I prefer Option 3 -- (extends his suit's blade) to gut you like a pig."
Indra: "You."
Sheidheda: "Me. Us."
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "Your fight is over."
Sheidheda: "Not today."
Clarke Griffin: "Murphy, give it up, it's never gonna break."
John Murphy (Murphy breaks the window): "You were saying?"
Jordan Green: "Nice job, Murphy!"
John Murphy: "All in a day's work, my friends."
Octavia Blake: "In peace, may you leave this shore. In love..."
Hope Diyoza: "No!"
Octavia Blake: "May you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground."
Gabriel Santiago (in Spanish) "Death is life."
Octavia Blake: "May we meet again."
Jordan Green, Hope Diyoza, Clarke Griffin, John Murphy, Emori, Nathan Miller and Eric Jackson: "May we meet again."

Notes and Trivia

  • This is first episode directed by cast member Jessica Harmon.
  • This episode picks up immediately after "Blood Giant."
  • It's revealed that the group was sent to Earth, the Second Dawn Bunker to be exact.
  • Gaia is revealed to have been sent to Earth with the Disciple that had abducted her. She was only there for a few days and the others since that morning.
  • Earth is revealed to have regenerated from the Second Nuclear Apocalypse. A massive forest stands where Polis used to be with the only sign remaining of the former Grounder capital being a few fallen rocks over the bunker entrance and the overgrown base of the Polis tower nearby, visible briefly when Clarke's group emerges from the bunker.
  • It appears that Earth and Sanctum run on the same time as Gaia was only there for a few days and the others since that morning, matching when they went through the Anomaly.
  • Earth's Anomaly Stone is revealed to be hidden in the bunker, but Clarke destroys the Disciple helmet that can lead them to it. Though they now have Sheidheda's it is damaged and unable to display the Stone's location.
  • This episode marks the first time that Octavia and Indra have interacted since "Damocles (Part 2)."
  • Echo reveals her real name to Niylah and that she never told Bellamy her real name, something that she regrets.
  • With the death of Gabriel Santiago, all of the Primes are now dead or dormant and Luca is the only surviving member of the Children of Gabriel.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode was filmed as 7x15, but is airing as 7x14.
  • This episode marks JR Bourne's 20th episode on The 100.



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