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Emori: We've got another live one! I need you to stay still, ok? We're gonna get you out of here. 

Jeremiah: Take care of my son.

Murphy: You take care of him yourself, all right? I'm not letting you die.

Indra: Sheidheda-- where is he?

Emori: We rushed in to help the faithful. Before we knew it, he was gone. 

Indra: He escaped through the secret passage. We need to find him before he can reach Wonkru. 

Murphy: Well, might be a little late for that. Your buddy Knight's gone, too.

Indra: Sangedakru will follow him. He's one of their own. The other clans will take more convincing, but with no alternative-

Emori: There is an alternative. 

Murphy: Madi! 


Sheidheda: We meet again Madi kom Louwoda Kliron Kru. 

Madi: Russell? I-- I didn't know you spoke--

Sheidheda: Russell's dead. I killed him in the mindspace. Good thing I didn't kill you in yours. 

Madi: Sheidheda.

Sheidheda: In the flesh... again. You betrayed me, Madi. I offered you the world, and you chose weakness, love. I'd like to see you bleed. Unfortunately for me, Indra's reign has changed things. Yes. They follow her. Despite the redness of her blood. This free reign won't do at all. I'm in a quandry, Madi. As a fellow former commander, you have a claim to the throne, and while killing you solves that problem, it makes my Indra problem worse. She may be an imposter, but she does have followers, Trikru fools mostly, but Grounders just the same, my people just the same. I'll give them a chance to kneel just like I'm giving it to you. Kneel for me right now, Madi, and I'll let you live. Refuse to kneel... and I'll slice open the chests of every person you love and feed their hearts to your dog. Hmm? Hmm. Good girl. I'm so glad we've come to this understanding. 


Clarke: Let them go. 

Cadogan: They're not my prisoners, Clarke. 

Clarke: Great. Then here's the deal. I'll use the key to help you but only after you let my people return to Sanctum, all of them. 

Cadogan: You're free to go with her. 

Echo: We're not going anywhere. We have a war to fight. 

Diyoza: We're staying, too, sir. 

Clarke: What did you do to them?

Anders: We didn't do anything. They're simply committed to the cause, ready to serve mankind in the last war. 

Cadogan: A moment that will soon be upon us now that you're here with the help of the key. 

Clarke: So here's the new deal. We talk to our friends alone. I don't even want to see your men in the halls. You want my help? Earn it. 

Cadogan: First disciple Anders, have all nonessential personnel return to Livsec. 

Anders: Sir, I'm not sure if that's-- Yes, my Shepherd. 

Clarke: Good. Your shepherd stays here. The rest of you out. Now!

Miller: In other words, get the flock out of here. 

Cadogan: Go. I'll be fine. 

Clarke: Miller, put him against the wall. 

Miller: Let's go. 

Jordan: I have questions. 

Raven: Yeah. Get in line. Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza are with them now?

Clarke: Why the hell do they think I have the flame in my head? That was for one day over 100 years ago.

Gabriel: M-Cap, memory capture, a device that's able to pull select memories from one's mind. They put Octavia in it. 

Raven: And saw the flame going into her head in Polis. Amazing.

Jordan: Wait. If  they still think it's in Clarke's head, then Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza never told them it isn't, meaning-- 

Niylah: They're not with them.

Clarke: Ok. Niylah, Gabriel, Jordan, you stay here, watch Cadogan, and hold this room. If things go south, we're gonna need a way out. Let's go find out what the three most dangerous women on this or any planet are up to. 


Woman: Moving day. On your feet. 

Hope: You're really gonna let them send me to Penance?

Woman: Seeker Diyoza, you will never commit to the cause if you continue to--

Echo: What? You didn't really think I believe this garbage. We're gonna kill them, all of them. 

Hope: You have a plan. 

Echo: Took some convincing to get our friend Levitt to help me, but, yes, I have a plan. 

Hope: What can I do?

Echo: There's been a complication. Our people are here-- Clarke, Raven, Miller, Niylah, Jordan. The watches are synched. Put on the guard's uniform and take this. I'll give you exactly one hour to get everyone we care about off this planet.  One hour, Hope. 

Hope: What if I can't?

Echo: Can't isn't an option. You tell them if they're still here then they die, too. They'll want to know how I'm doing this. That's why I haven't told you. One hour. 


Murphy: Madi! Madi, are you here?

Emori: Are we sure this is where she went?

Indra: It's the last place she was seen. Go search the perimeters. I'll take the kitchen. Emori, the basement. Murphy. 

Murphy: I got upstairs. Madi, Madi, Madi. Stop. It's ok. It's ok. It's me.

Madi: Murphy? Thank God. 

Murphy: You're ok. You're ok. Guys, I got her! 

Madi: Sheidheda-- he-- he's alive. He's here. 

Murphy: Hey. Look at me. You are safe now, ok? Just sit down, sit down, sit down. Look at me, look at me and breathe in through your nose, all right, with me like this. One more time. There you go. 

Emori: Madi. See? We won't let anything happen to you.

​​​​​​​Sheidheda (Over speakers): Friends of the Twelve Clans...

Indra: He's broadcasting from the palace.

Murphy: Madi, come with us. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: I have something important to tell you. You have been lied to. The one you have chosen to follow...

Indra: Let's move. We know where he is. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: Indra kom Trikru told you the time of the Commanders is over...

Indra: I gave you an order! 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: She lied to you. All this time, she knew that a true Commander was among us. 

Indra: Keep Madi safe. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: She kept me in chains. But no more. 

Murphy: Go get the bastard. 


Niylah: This is awkward. 

Cadogan: She must have been important, my Callie, for her language to survive all this time. 

Niylah: Kalliope Pramfleimkepa. They say she was brave, strong. Legend has it when she died, even her enemies wept. 

Cadogan: What does Pram... you know what? It doesn't matter. 

Gabriel: Funny. I remember you differently. How are you still alive?

Cadogan: Cryogenics. Plus a well-balanced diet. Ah. Yes. Gabriel, right? Anders said you were like me-- immortal, from Earth, worshipped by his people.

Gabriel: Uh, no. No. Not like you. I lost my way for a time, but I never actually believed I was a god. 

Cadogan: We're all gods, doctor, and we're all on a journey to transcendence even if we took different paths. 

Gabriel: Now that sounds like you. 

Cadogan: I must say... it is nice to talk to someone from that time, and, yes, I was different then, but a man learns a lot as the centuries tick past, wouldn't you agree, Doctor?

Gabriel: Hmm. So what have you learned?

Cadogan: Ah. We found these logs when we arrived, remnants from the civilization that lived here before-- the Bardoans. It took centuries. We finally translated the characters. It's a story not unlike our own, but this is the part I find most intriguing. 

Jordan: 'The orb becomes like a star, challenging all we have done and all that we are.'

Cadogan: Beautiful, don't you think?

Jordan: 'Only then will the last war begin. Make it past and cease to be fallible. Transcend into greatness. Evolve into more.'

Niylah: I like the rhyming part better. 

Gabriel: The Bardoans didn't record the code?

Cadogan: Oh, I wish it were that easy. 

Niylah: That's why you need Clarke. 

Cadogan: Yes. The AI knows the code. We enter it, and our last war begins. 

Jordan: Ridiculous. We evolve to a higher level through our lowest behavior? The answer to all this violence isn't just more violence. 

Cadogan: The end of violence, the last war. 

Niylah: Every war seems like the last one until the next.

Cadogan: You don't believe me? Have at it. It's all there. In the meantime, I'm famished. 

Niylah: Stop. What are you doing?

Cadogan: Having lunch. You're all welcome to join me. 

Gabriel: No, no, no. If we shoot him, we lose our leverage. 

Jordan: What do we do? We can't leave here. 

Gabriel: I'll bring him back after lunch. 


Diyoza: What the hell is she thinking? Oh, I get playing good, little soldier to stay alive, but when somebody hands you a one-way ticket out of here, you take it. 

Octavia: Will you stop pacing? We'll get to Hope before they take her to Penance. 

Diyoza: How?

Octavia: Whoa. 

Clarke: I'm so sorry, Octavia. 

Octavia: I know. So am I. 

Diyoza: No guards?

Raven: Clarke threatened not to help with the flame if they got in her way. Thanks for playing that one cards down, by the way. 

Octavia: I thought it was good leverage, knowing you would eventually show up. We're glad you did. Just hug me back, Miller. 

Diyoza: Wait! She's not one of them. 

Hope: Clarke. Raven. Miller. You described them well. 

Diyoza: This is Hope, my daughter. Time dilation's a bitch. How'd you get out?

Hope: Doesn't matter. Right now, we need to get ourselves to the stone room and get out of Bardo. We can get acquainted later. Let's go.  

Raven: Hey. Where's Echo?

Hope: She'll catch up. 

Diyoza: She will, huh? What's going on? Hope.

Octavia: She's getting revenge for Bellamy. 

Diyoza: Talk now. 

Hope: All I know is that we have... 45 minutes to get you off this planet. 

Miller: What happens in 45 minutes?

Hope: I don't know. Really. Levitt helped her with something, and she didn't tell me what it was because she knew you'd get it out of me and try and stop her. 

Octavia: Levitt wouldn't help her. What did she do to him?

Hope: He's alive, ok?

Octavia: Let's move. 

Hope: Aunty O, where are you going?

Octavia: To find Levitt.

Diyoza: Hope. 

Hope: Shh. Someone could hear us. 

Diyoza: How could you let her do this?

Hope: Because I want her to. They took everything from me. 

Diyoza: I know what it's like to kill innocent people for a cause, and I promise you, it's not gonna fill that hole in your heart. Only we can do that. 

Hope: There are no innocent people here. 


Murphy: Look at their eyes. They hate us. 

Emori: At least they're alive to hate us. 

Murphy: Yeah. Sure. At least until ​​​​​​​Sheidheda and his army come back to finish what he started. 

Emori: No. Indra won't let that happen.

Murphy: No? Look. You saw the faces of her guards when he was speaking. They were Trikru, loyal to her, and he was still getting to them. 

Emori: Well, John, even if he does take control, these people aren't a threat to him.

Murphy: They will be. When we were playing chess, he made sure to take my pawns so they couldn't move across the board to get promoted. Taking out the Faithful before they can get revenge will be right below Madi on his list of priorities, all right? I'm telling you, these people are in danger. 

Emori: If you're right and we help them, then so are we. 

Murphy: Yeah. I'm aware. 


Cadogan: Come, sit. I think you'll enjoy this. It's some things from our time. 

Gabriel: Not my time. My, uh-- my mother's maybe. 

Cadogan: That was just mean. It's hard to make me feel older than I am, but, uh, go ahead. Just take a sip. 

Gabriel: Kombucha. 

Cadogan: It's wonderful, isn't it? It's good for the gut, too. It reminds you of something. 

Gabriel: Yeah. My grandmother in Colombia. She made her own right before they cut off her drinking water so the rich could water their lawns. 

Cadogan: Then you are self-made. Me, too. My first job was flipping burgers, dreaming of the day I'd escape. 

Gabriel: Well, you certainly did that. 

Cadogan: That I did. I knew there had to be something more than politics, the dying ecosystem, the memes. 

Gabriel: Earth was pretty terrible. 

Cadogan: It got worse after you left. 

Gabriel: Good for the cult business, though,  am I right?

Cadogan: Hmm. We weren't a cult... but being right is always good for business. 

Gabriel: Look. I don't mean to be rude, but, uh, as I said, I have some experience with people claiming to be Gods. 

Cadogan: Hmm. I don't claim that. In fact, I don't even believe in God. I do, however, believe that I was chosen. 

Gabriel: Mm-hmm. By whom if not God?

Cadogan: We'll find out when we win the war. 

Gabriel: What if you lose?

Cadogan: We... won't. 

Gabriel: 'For all mankind.' Is that it?

Cadogan: Damn right. You can thank me when we save you, or you can join us. 

Gabriel: Join your war to save the human race by renouncing everything that makes me human? Love, family-- those are the things that connect us. We're not just DNA. We're emotion. Without that, what are you fighting for?

Cadogan: Let me ask you something, Doctor. Have you ever done anything you regret in the name of love? I'll take that as a yes. The point is, we all have. We all fight for our families, our countries. We do whatever we have to so that our side can survive, and when someone you love... betrays you... well, that is the worst pain there is. We have none of that here. 

Gabriel: With all-- ahem-- due respect, you can't fight a war for the soul of the human race with an inhuman army. 

Cadogan: Who says we can't? I mean, this life, it doesn't matter, even lives as long as ours. What matters is... what comes next. We're about to find out what that is. The answers that we've both been seeking for so long, they're finally within our grasp. Isn't that worth a little sacrifice?

Anders: Sir, I need a moment.

Cadogan: Thank you for your company. Please escort Dr. Santiago back to his friends. What is it?

Anders: We have a problem.


Octavia: Levitt. Hey. What happened?

Levitt: I failed. She killed two people in front of me, and... I broke.

Clarke: Wait. Not yet. We need to find out what Echo's planning. 

Levitt: The key has landed. 

Octavia: What did Echo make you do?

Levitt: I helped her get it. GEM9. 

Miller: GEM9?

Diyoza: A bioweapon. It's the reason the species that was here before they arrived isn't here now. How's she deploying it?

Levitt: Central humidification system, the machine level. I told her how. I'm so sorry. 

Raven: So I'm guessing it spreads through water. Humidification would make it airborne. 

Levitt: Raven Reyes. Of course you'd know that. 

Clarke: Airborne means it's a suicide mission. 

Raven: No, no, not necessarily. It will take time for the compound to go from its entry point to the vents. Echo will make a run for the stone room. 

Hope: Which is what we should do. She gave me an hour to get you all out. We still got time. 

Levitt: That means we can still stop her. Untie me, please, so I can get help. 

Hope: Aunty O, they will kill her. 

Levitt: She'll kill us all. No.

Octavia: I'm sorry. 

Levitt: Octavia! Octavia, no! Help!


Niylah: What are the odds everything works out and we just walk out of here? That's what I thought. 

Jordan: Oh, my God. 

Niylah: What?

Jordan: Maybe it's structured like Korean. 

Niylah: What?

Jordan: My dad's father was Korean. He taught me the language, what he knew of it, anyway. I didn't want to learn it at first. It looked like there would be thousands of characters to study. 

Niylah: But there weren't?

Jordan: No. That's not how Korean works. It uses an alphabet, same as english, just with the letters stacked into blocks of syllables, blocks that are easy to mistake as characters. 

Niylah: You think Cadogan didn't decode the text right?

Jordan: I think it's possible. Look. What if each of these strokes is just a letter?

Niylah: They could have the whole language completely wrong. 

Jordan: Well, maybe not the whole thing but multiple word phrases like 'last war'. 

Niylah: Now it just sounds like you're trying to find proof to support what you want to believe. 

Jordan: How is that any different than what they're doing? We all see what we want to see. If you're looking for the wrong answer, it's easy to miss the right one. Come on. Look at what's written about unlocking the stone. There's no mention about violence or pain, just... preparation, judgment. 

Niylah: Like a test.

Jordan: Exactly. Like a test. It would make sense. 

Niylah: Where's Cadogan or the gun you took?

Gabriel: Yeah. The look on Ander's face made it clear that neither would be coming back with me. What did I miss?

Jordan: Not much. Just... that I'm a genius. 

Niylah: Jordan has a theory. 

Jordan: That they got it wrong. The last war isn't a war at all. If I'm right...

Nyiahl: And that's a big if. 

Jordan: Then it's a test. Now, I'm just guessing here but probably to be taken by whoever enters the code. 

Gabriel: One individual representing a whole species. 

Niylah: No pressure there. 

Jordan: You got to admit it makes more sense than a war. Should we tell them?

Gabriel: No. No, no, no. No way. If there is a test to decide the fate of the human race, Bill Cadogan should not be the one to take it. Come. Show me what you-- what you mean. 

Jordan: Ok. My father's side of the family was Korean. Now, if you look at these...

______________________________________________________ ​​​ 

Man: He's not here, either. We should enlist the help of the other clans. 

Indra: We can't trust the other clans. Now move out. There are other rooms to--

​​​​​​​Sheidheda (over the speaker): Maffei kom Boudalankru, Kemji kom Trishanakru--

Indra: He's reciting the lineage. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: Leksa kom Trikru, and finally, despite not winning a Conclave, Madi kom Louwoda Kliron Kru. Now that that's out of the way, I Malachi kom Sangedakru, the last true commander-- vow to honor and defend our traditions and my people, but first, you must prove that you are my people by bending the knee. It's quite simple, really. If you don't kneel, you die. 

Indra:  Open it! We will not kneel to you! Not now! Not ever! On your feet! On your feet! Your path to the throne leads through me. You say you honor our traditions, so honor this one. SINGLE COMBAT!

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: I was hoping you'd say that.


​​​​​​​Sheidheda: New look for me. I'm flattered. Mine's nice, too, don't you think? Thank you, Indra, for giving me exactly what I wanted-- a chance to return to the old ways, my ways. 

Indra: We'll see. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: You looking for this?

Indra: Get out of the way! Get out of the way! 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: Kneel or die. 

Indra: I won't let you take my people. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: Die it is. 

Indra: Stop! Spare her life. I will kneel. 

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: I am your Commander! And you will kneel to me. Or you will join those who made the same mistakes... in death. What happened to the girl? Find her, and kill her. Wait. Half of you come with me. We've got other unfinished business to attend to. 


Knight: Heda, there's no one here.

​​​​​​​​​​​Sheidheda: I see that. They left the dead. Find out their names, then kill everyone in their families. 

Knight: The children, too?

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: Children grow up to get revenge. These won't. Neither will Madi. Do you have a problem with that, Knight?

Knight: 'No, Heda.

​​​​​​​Sheidheda: Good. Tell me when it's done. 


Jeremiah: You were right, then. ​​​​​​​Sheidheda won. 

Murphy: We're safe in here, all right? The reactor door is sealed. No one can get to us. 

Emori: So, what now?

Murphy: That's tomorrow's problem. Today, we survive, all of us.

Emori: Don't look now, John, but I think you just might be someone worth believing in. 


Raven: Echo, no! Stop!  

Echo: You were supposed to get them out. 

Octavia: It's not her fault. We wouldn't leave without you, Echo. You don't have to do this. I get it. Everything they took from you they took from me, too, but there are good people here. 

Echo: Who? Levitt? The man who stole your memories and gave them to the enemy? All of this happened because of him. Way to honor your brother's memory. 

Clarke: Echo, this is not who you are. I know you think this is the right thing to do, but-- trust me-- it's not. There's always another way. Grief is something we can learn to live with, but once you make a choice like this, it stays with you. 

Echo: This is nothing like the choices you make, Clarke. You take lives to save the people you love. This is vengeance pure and simple. 

Clarke: Echo, stop. This is not what Bellamy would have wanted. 

Echo: You have no idea what Bellamy wanted! If they killed me or you or you, Octavia, he would be standing right where I am. 

Raven: I don't think so. 

Echo: Stay back! 

Raven: The Bellamy who helped massacre a sleeping army that was sent to protect us maybe he might be there, but not the man we spent six years on the ring with, not the man you fell in love with. Echo, you're my sister, and my sister wouldn't do this. 

Echo: You're wrong. 

Raven: I'm not leaving, Echo. If you drop that, I am staying right here. You will have to kill me, too. It's ok. It's ok. We're here now. Come on. Let's take you home, ok? We're gonna go home. 

Anders: Good choice. 

Clarke: We had a deal. I told Cadogan if I saw any of you, I wouldn't help him. 

Anders: That was before we knew that one of you killed three more of us, torturing another just to get him to give you a weapon with which to commit genocide. 

Diyoza: The man makes a good point. Let's call it even. 

Anders: Even? I just told you three Disciples are dead. You people disgust me. Look at yourselves. Raised in the wild. You're nothing but primal beasts utterely in thrall to your feelings, prioritizing the want of self over the need of all others. You don't deserve the Shepherd's mercy. 

Miller: Brave words coming from a man standing alone in front of a pack of armed beasts. 

Diyoza: He's not alone. 

Anders: Smart girl. 

Diyoza: Probably not a good idea to fire lasers in a room with a WMD. Let's get back to the Shepherd's mercy. 

Anders: Echo will be sent to Penance for 20 years, but she'll be back before you know it unless by then the code hasn't been entered to begin the last war in which case, she dies there.

Hope: I have a better idea. You die here. 

Diyoza: Hope, no! 

Hope: No, mom! 

Diyoza: Get her out of here! 

Hope: No! No!

Octavia: Hope, it's too late! 

Hope: No. No, mom! No! 

Diyoza: What are you all waiting for? Move! Go! 

Hope: Mom, I'm sorry!

Octavia: Hope, we have no choice! 

Hope: I cannot lose her, not-- not again! 

Diyoza: Don't waste this, little one! Be better than me. 

Octavia: Get the door! 

Hope: Mom! Mom!  ​​​​​