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Clarke Previously on "The 100"…
Raven Based on the new data, I'd say we have two months of survivability.
Clarke How many of us will the ship sustain?
Raven No more than a hundred. We just have to decide who gets to live here.
Clarke Arkadia is just Plan "B." It doesn't help the Grounders. I'm not stopping until we have a solution that saves everyone.
Bellamy If I'm on that list, you're on that list. Write it down, or I will.
Clarke Bellamy, I can't.
Bellamy Now we put it away and hope we never have to use it.
Clarke Nyko, what happened to them?
Nyko Sickness.
Raven We didn't treat her.
Abby Her body's rejecting the radiation on its own. There's only one variable that separates Luna from the others.
Clarke Nightblood.
[Jaha is lying on a raft]
Jasper Ha! He's awake! Hey, Jaha, it looks like you got floated.
Clarke So Jaha says we need police here and here.
[Hooting and applause]
Jaha Heh. Keeping yourself busy, Mr. Jordan.
Jasper Oh, I'm living it up, every last day.
Jaha Do I want to know how you managed to do this without waking me up?
Jasper Oh, probably not, but the effects are harmless, I promise, kind of.
Clarke All right. We've had our fun. Let's get back to work.
[Monty approaches Clarke]
Monty What's with the "we're all gonna die" face? I mean-
Clarke I know what you mean. Bellamy should be back by now.
Monty Hunting parties go radio-silent. It's nothing new. What else?
Clarke I just feel useless. I'm stuck here in case anyone needs a cut bandaged, supervising the backup plan when I should be going to the island to make Nightblood.
Monty Clarke, you're not a geneticist.
Clarke Neither is my mom.
Monty Yeah. Well, they have Raven. Genetic code, computer code. They'll figure it out.
Clarke Monty, I'm serious.
Monty So am I. If Jaha's right and Becca created Nightblood there, they'll find her records, and all they have to do is reverse-engineer it from Luna. Everyone lives.
Clarke If they can get it done before the radiation gets here.
Monty I guess we better finish the ship. Riley, how's it coming?
Riley We're on schedule here. We should have the radiation patch up before dark.
Monty See? One less thing to worry about.
[Thunder is heard overhead and rain begins falling]
Harper Black rain.
Clarke All right. Everyone inside, just like we practiced. Go.
Man Black rain! Sound the alarm! This is not a drill!
[The alarm is sounded]
Man Move, move, move!
[The Arkadians run into the ship]
Monty Jasper! Come on!
Clarke Jasper, what are you doing?
Jasper Can't live your life in fear.
Clarke Run!
[The rain begins falling and Jasper sticks out his tongue to catch it]
Harper Monty, you can't. You can't.
Monty Jasper! Let me go. No!
[Jasper fake gags]
Harper Clarke, what do we do?
Jasper The sky is… falling. The sky is falling. Whoo!
Clarke What is wrong with you?
Jasper It's just rain, not radioactive ash.
Monty Dude, not cool.
Jasper Come on. It's a joke. Don't be like that, guys. Guys! When did everyone around here lose their sense of humor?
[Opening credits]
On the Boat
[Kane is radioing Abby who is on Emori's boat preparing to depart for Becca's Lab]
Kane Abby, if you're right, then Luna's the miracle we need. I wish I were with you.
Abby [on radio] Me, too, but you have to be there. Once we create this Nightblood serum, we're gonna have to distribute it very quickly, and we need peace for that.
Kane I have to go. Stay safe, Abby. Be in touch when you find the lab.
Abby I will. You stay safe, too.
[Abby holds the radio to her heart]
[Octavia enters]
Kane Have a seat.
Octavia What did I do now?
[She takes the seat across from Kane]
Kane Rumors of the Flame's destruction are spreading. People on the street openly call for the king's head. Your choices have consequences.
Octavia Would you rather I killed Indra's daughter?
Kane I'd rather you didn't kill.
Octavia Our mission is to keep Roan on the throne, to buy time for the others to find a way to save us from the radiation. I'm doing that.
Kane By decapitating an innocent boy.
Octavia Everyone's guilty of something.
Kane There's a darkness in you, Octavia. I know you're still mourning.
[Octavia stands up to leave]
Kane Sit down.
[Octavia sits back down]
Kane You didn't have to kill that boy. You didn't have to kill Ambassador Rafel. You didn't have to kill Pike.
Octavia Pike got what he deserved.
Kane Justice and vengeance are not the same thing.
Octavia To me, they are.
Kane Your decision-making has grown increasingly questionable, and I can't have my people going rogue.
Octavia "Rogue." I'm a warrior.
Kane No. A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten. You're right that we have a job to do here, and right now, you're making it more difficult.
Grounder Chancellor Kane, the king would like to see you.
Kane You're no longer part of my security detail. I had Helios saddled for you. The ride home will do you good.
Octavia I'm not going anywhere before I talk to Indra.
Kane Suit yourself. She'll be here soon enough. After you.
ALIE's Island
[Abby, Jackson, Murphy, Emori, Raven, Miller, Nyko, and Luna arrive on ALIE's Island]
Murphy Where are the boats?
Emori Without A.L.I.E., there's no reason to be here.
Abby According to Thelonious' map, the lab is in the middle of the island, 5 miles straight ahead.
Jackson You ok for that hike?
Raven Try to keep up with me.
Murphy Never thought I'd be here again.
Raven Ah, you shouldn't have come. You're not fooling anyone, Murphy. You're still a dick.
Nyko [in Trigedasleng] You're doing the right thing.
Luna [in Trigedasleng] They didn't give me a choice.
Nyko [in Trigedasleng] These are good people Luna. I trust them. And you trust me.
Miller Luna, Nyko, time to move.
Luna [in Trigedasleng] They think my blood will save them, Nyko.
Nyko [in Trigedasleng] Save us all.
Luna [in Trigedasleng] What do you think would happen if I said they couldn't have it?
Miller I said, let's go.
[The group reaches a line on the island]
Abby What's wrong?
Emori A.L.I.E.'s rule-- no frikdreina past this line. I've never crossed it.
Jackson Frikdreina?
Emori Mutants.
Murphy I never met a line I wouldn't cross.
[Murphy steps over the line and offers his hand to Emori. She takes it and crosses the line]
Abby All right, everyone. Let's go. We have a long walk ahead of us.
Guard Let's move. No time.
Miller What is that?
Murphy Drone?
Emori We should run.
Raven Why? What's the penalty for crossing the line?
[The drone begins shooting at them killing a guard]
All Run! Run!
Murphy I thought you said A.L.I.E. was down.
Raven She is. It's probably automated.
Murphy Raven.
Raven I can't keep up.
Murphy I got you. Cover Luna! Cover Luna! Get down. Emori, are you ok?
Nyko Luna, watch it.
[Nyko defends Luna from the bullets but is shot and killed]
Abby Nyko, no!
Jackson You can't help him.
Abby Nyko. Nyko!
Jackson It's too late.
Luna No. Nyko.
Miller Luna, take cover!
Luna Nyko. No! No!
[Miller shoots the drone out of the sky]
Murphy Well, that took you 10 shots. A.L.I.E.'s got dozens of drones. Who do you think's gonna run out of bullets first, huh?
Miller Could we talk about why they're still in the sky?
Abby No. Where the hell's Luna?
Jackson They're back!
Miller We can see that, Jackson. Here's the deal. If we don't find Luna, everybody we know is gonna die in a wave of fire. So we split up. Murphy, Emori, Abby, go west. Wilson, Taggart. You got east. Jackson and I take north, Raven…
Raven I like the beach.
Miller Stay under the trees. You're safe here. The rest of you do the same. We check in every 10.
Raven It's still active.
Miller One problem at a time, Raven. Let's move out.
Murphy I'll take up the back.
Emori We shouldn't be in this forest, John. We need to cut our losses.
Murphy Why? Hey, what are you not telling me?
Emori Just trust me. There are worst things on this island than drones. We're safer at your bunker.
Murphy It's not stocked. I told you, I ate everything.
Emori So we restock it. You said it was big enough for two.
Abby Is everything okay? We need to keep moving.
Kane Is there a reason we're meeting in the embassy? I would have thought –
Roan Tell me the plan.
Kane The plan?
Roan It's been 3 weeks since Clarke told me Praimfaya would once again destroy our world. Skaikru asked for time to find a solution. What do you have to show for it?
Kane We're still working on it. Hopefully, with more time –
Roan Enough. Echo.
Roan [Echo enters with two hostages]
Kane Stephens, Bellamy, are you all right? What is this?
Roan Echo saw your people rebuilding your ship. She captured these two hunting in my woods. This one says it's a shelter from the radiation.
Kane It's a backup plan, nothing more.
Roan He said that, too, just before he told us that you have a Nightblood. It's a good thing the Flame's been destroyed, or I'd be worried you're planning an ascension.
Kane You have to trust me. We discovered that Nightblood helps metabolize radiation. We're investigating ways to create it for everyone, turn everyone into Nightbloods so we can all survive.
Echo Blasphemy. Nothing they tell us is true.
Kane This is. It's not blasphemy. It's…it's science. If Nightblood can save lives, we should use it.
[Echo kills Stephens on Roan's order]
Kane No! No! No.
Echo Warriors don't reveal their secrets.
Kane No.
Roan Truth is the first causality of war. If your motives were pure, you would've shared your plan with me. Our alliance is broken.
Roan [in Trigedasleng] Skaikru and Trikru are the enemy.
Azgeda warrior [in Trigedasleng] What about them sire?
Roan [in Trigedasleng] Hostages. Find Indra and Octavia.
Kane No.
Roan [in Trigedasleng] Kill everyone else.
Kane No! Listen to me. No! No! No! No! No!
Monty I can't believe you talked me into this.
Jasper Come on. You saw Clarke. She needs to chill out. We're doing her a favor.
Monty Fire-suppression foam is almost gone, but there should be enough left in the pipes for one shot.
Jasper It's gonna be epic.
Monty I need something to pry the keypad open.
Jasper Uh… oh. Hmm?
[Jasper throws him a pen]
Monty Oh. Nice. I already wrote the program. It should only take a second. Heh, remember the time we welded your dad's furniture to the ceiling? Now that was a prank.
Jasper Uh, why does Clarke have a list of 100 names?
Monty Let's go. She's gonna be back any second.
Jasper What is this?
Monty Just put it away.
Jasper Monty, talk to me.
Monty Give it to me.
Jasper Hey, what-- what's going on? I know you know something.
Monty The ship will only save 100 people. Guess Clarke made a list.
Jasper You didn't tell me?
Monty Clarke has a plan.
Jasper Clarke lied to our faces. She didn't… even tell you she was making a list. Now you're defending her?
Monty What do you care? You've made it clear you're planning to die, planning to leave me alone.
Jasper Which is my choice, not Clarke's. She put herself on this list, by the way. You still think it's all good?
Monty Look, I'm sure she has a reason.
Jasper Ohh, Clarke's deciding who's worth saving. That… that is just great. Guess what, Monty. You're not.
Monty What?
Jasper See for yourself. Clarke thinks you're expendable.
[Clarke enters]
Monty Clarke, wait.
[Clarke is covered in fire-suppression foam]
Clarke Really?
Jasper I found your list. I guess we know who really matters to you.
Clarke J… Jasper…
Jasper You're not God, Clarke. You don't get to decide who lives or dies.
Clarke The list is a backup. We have a--
Jasper Well, I guess you don't mind if I tell everyone, then, right?
[Jasper reaches for intercom]
Monty Jasper, no.
Clarke Please.
Jasper People have a right to know that they're working for nothing.
David Is there a fire? Everything all right?
Jasper Not for you. You're not on the list.
David What list?
[Jasper shoves Monty aside and picks up the intercom]
Jasper Attention, Arkadia. I have an announcement that could affect everyone…
[Clarke shock lashes Jasper]
Monty Jasper, you okay? Jasper.
Clarke He broke into the Chancellor's office. Lock him up. I'm acting on the authority of Chancellor Kane. Take him into custody.
David Get him out of here.
Soldier Let's go.
Clarke Monty, it--
Monty Don't. Just… don't.
Octavia Indra. No. Indra. Indr…
Octavia [in Trigedasleng] What happened?
Trikru warrior [in Trigedasleng] Skairipa… They'll be back for you. You should run. Ice Nation is attacking Trikru and Skaikru. Their army marches on your camp tonight.
Octavia [in Trigedasleng] Where's Indra?
Trikru warrior [in Trigedasleng] Warning our people. You should warn yours. The alliance is broken. It's war.
Voice in the distance [in Trigedasleng] They spotted her this way.
Clarke Monty…
Monty Jasper's fine, in case you care.
Clarke I do care. Can we talk in private, please? It wasn't easy making that list. I only had so many slots for engineers. You're an apprentice. Jaha's more knowledgeable about the ship. He's more experienced, and Raven Is--
Monty That's what you think this is about? Clarke, I get why you didn't put me on the list. I may have even agreed with it. It's just, who are you? When did you become this person?
Clarke I haven't become anyone.
Monty The Clarke I know wouldn't be arresting her friends.
Clarke Kane agreed that we needed to keep this quiet.
Monty Kane isn't here. That's just an excuse. You're the one saying, you live and Harper dies. You're the one shock-batoning Jasper, then arresting him. You're the one going too far and using the same old justification--it's all for my people.
Clarke It is.
Monty I know you think people will freak out, but if you just tell everyone the truth, maybe they'll surprise you.
Clarke Monty, it's too risky.
Monty Jasper was right. You're not God.
[Monty picks up the intercom in the rover]
Monty I have an announcement to make. Clarke Griffin has been lying to you.
Clarke No.
Monty Arkadia will only save 100 people. Who thinks they made the list? "Abby Griffin, Eric Jackson…”
Arkadian Are you hearing this?
Monty “Thelonious Jaha, Raven Reyes, Octavia Blake…"
Arkadian I can't believe that.
Monty “Jim Bruder, Heather David…"
Arkadian No way!
Monty "Grazia Watson, Danny Vertue, Sarah Soderquist, Susan Crawford, Shelley Skerritt…"
ALIE's Island
Raven You can't fly, but you can talk.
Miller Raven, report. Are you okay?
Raven All good here. Worry about your damn self.
[Luna walks by, heading for the beach]
Raven Luna no! You'll get killed! Luna's here. She's heading for the boat.
Miller Copy that, Raven. Do whatever you can to stop her. We're on our way.
Raven Screw it.
[Raven runs for the beach, points a gun at Luna]
Raven I can't let you leave. We need you.
Luna I've heard that before.
[Raven fires at Luna's feet]
Luna So I am a prisoner.
Raven Your blood can save us, everyone.
Luna Do you really think you deserve to be saved?
Raven I know how you feel, okay? I get it, but it won't always be like this. You just have to keep fighting.
Luna What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we're more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it's a lie.
Raven What about the child--Adria? Was she more than that?
Luna Adria's gone. They're all gone.
Raven But she was good, wasn't she? There are others like her out there. Don't you want to give them a chance?
[Raven lowers her gun]
Raven You're not a prisoner, Luna. You have a choice.
[Shots in the distance]
Miller Raven, we can't get to the beach. Taking fire in the north woods. Jackson's hit. I'm low on ammo.
Jackson Put pressure on it.
Abby What do you mean, Jackson's hit? Is he okay?
Miller I think so. He took one in the arm, and we're pinned down.
Abby We're on our way.
Miller Luna's the priority! Nothing's more important than her.
Raven We need to help them. Luna, please. I know what to do, but my leg… Okay? Look, I can't do it myself.
Luna What do I need to do?
Luna Are you sure about this?
Raven I'm sure. If you can get it, I can hack it. Run. Luna! Use the trees! Run, Luna! Go! Go, go, go!
Luna You're up.
Miller Still taking fire.
Abby We're almost there.
Luna Save your friends.
Raven I just need to access its core programming. The drones are protecting A.L.I.E.'s facilities like guard dogs.
Luna Can you stop them?
Miller We need you, Abby.
Abby All right. We can see you.
Murphy I can't see it.
Abby I'll draw its fire.
Emori What the hell are you doing?
Murphy You're gonna get yourself killed.
Abby When they come for me, shoot them. Hey!
Jackson Abby!
Abby Over here!
Jackson Abby, run!
Abby The drones just fell out of the sky. What happened?
Raven I happened. Now get your asses back to the boat. Luna's here. Over. Luna. It's not your blood that defines you. It's your heart.
Riley I didn't survive the Ice Nation just to die because you think I'm not good enough.
Clarke Riley, you're smart, but you were training to be a guard on the Ark. We only need so many soldiers.
Riley You're telling me that Darcy is more qualified than me? She's a trainee, too, and I'm a hell of a lot better shot, no offense.
Clarke I know this is hard to take in, but to ensure the survival of the human race, the list had to be weighted towards young women who can have children.
Hayes Wait. What? It's because she can have kids? How's that fair?
Clarke It's not fair. It's smart.
Monty Yeah? What about Harper?
Clarke There's a chance she could be a drain on medical resources.
Harper Well, I'm not sick.
Clarke Not yet.
Monty Your dad. You went into her medical records?
Harper You're condemning me for an illness that I might have someday?
Clarke I had to consider all variables.
Harper That's rich for a person who put herself on the list.
Arkadian And Bellamy Blake? Come on.
Jaha Of course Clarke and Bellamy should be included. Strong leadership is essential for survival. All right. You don't like the list. Consider it shredded. Now, we can keep fighting each other and die, or we can work together and give everyone a shot at survival, your choice.
Monty Meaning what?
Jaha We hold a lottery, randomly choose the 100 people to survive, but you have to work for it every day. You don't show up for your assignments, you can't be in the lottery, and when the time comes, we'll collect the names, and we draw. Good? Good? Then it's settled. Now, that radiation shield is ready. Who's gonna help me put it in place? Let's get it done.
Clarke Hey, wait. What are you doing?
Jaha Helping. I'm not trying to undermine you, Clarke.
Clarke You have to know that a random lottery is risky. We could end up with no doctors, no engineers.
Jaha You saw that we have to give them something to fight for. We can't tell people they have no value.
Clarke That's not what I said.
Jaha That's what they heard. The list was pragmatic, but the people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.
Clarke I hope you're right.
Jaha Heh.
In the Forest
Echo [in Trigedasleng] There she is!
Octavia Faster, Helios!
Echo [in Trigedasleng] This way, we'll cut her off!
Octavia Yah. Yah.
Echo Stop her! It's over, Octavia. Don't fight it. Roan wants you alive. Come quietly.
Octavia That'll happen.
Echo [in Trigedasleng] One in the leg.
Echo Doesn't have to be this way.
Octavia It does. You made sure of that.
[They fight]
Echo I said, I wanted you alive.
[Echo stabs Octavia in the stomach and she fall backwards from a cliff]
Echo [in Trigedasleng] Your fight is over, Octavia of the Sky People.
Arkadia, Prison
Clarke I shouldn't have locked you up. I thought it was the only choice I had.
Jasper It was the only choice you gave yourself. If you think you have the best idea, you have to convince people, not lie to them or lock them up.
Clarke That doesn't matter now. Monty read the list over the radio. Everyone knows everything.
Jasper What a shame. I thought you were giving Jaha a run for his money there, Jaha lite.
Clarke You know, he used to be everything that I hated. Maybe he was keeping us together.
Jasper When Jaha's looking reasonable, it's time to reassess.
Clarke You can go.
Jasper You know, someday when all this is over, you're gonna realize that foam bit was funny.
ALIE's Island
Miller We getting close, Dr. Griffin?
Abby It's just through there.
Miller Let's go.
Murphy Yep.
Abby Luna, I'm sorry about Nyko.
Luna Me, too.
Raven Hey, about, uh, what happened at the beach, thank you.
Murphy Careful, Reyes. Emori's already got dibs on me.
Murphy Uh, small question. A.L.I.E. had a security system to protect this thing, right? Any idea what she was protecting it from?
Abby Let's hope we don't find out. Just in case, Raven, get the drones back into the sky.
[They enter Becca's lab]
Computer Auxiliary power initiated.
Raven Not bad, Becca.
Bellamy Doesn't matter what we do. We'll always end up here--on the brink of war.
Kane Abby's on the island. She'll find a cure. I know she will. Hey… We will get through this.
Echo On your feet.
Kane What are you doing?
Roan We're bringing you home. Your ship is shelter from Praimfaya, so I intend to take it.
Kane You don't have to do this. We can find a solution together.
Roan That time has passed. Get them ready to march.
Bellamy Octavia will get there first. She'll warn them you're coming. You'll lose.
[Echo drops Octavia's blade at Bellamy's feet]
Roan She wouldn't be taken alive.
Bellamy No. No, no.
Roan I am sorry.
Echo It was a good death.
Roan [In Trigedasleng] Bring the prisoners.
Bellamy Oh, my… no! No! No! No! No! No!
At the River
Octavia Helios. Home, Helios. Take me home.