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What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we're more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it's a lie.

A Lie Guarded is the fourth episode of the fourth season of The 100. It is the forty-ninth episode of the series overall.

Continued struggles with leadership and trust in Arkadia and Polis take violent turns while Abby leads a team to a distant location hoping to find answers.


The episode starts with Jaha laying on a mattress floating in a river. We see Jasper looking at Jaha and screaming to everyone that he's awake. He jokes that it looks like Jaha got "floated." Jaha takes the joke pretty well. Clarke wants everyone to get back to work.

Monty looks at Clarke and approaches her. He asks her about the look on her face since it reads, "everyone is going to die." Clarke explains that she feel useless, and Monty says that she's not a geneticist. He feels confident that her mom can find a radiation cure. Suddenly a cloud approaches and everyone fears that it's "black rain." Everyone in Arkadia evacuates into Alpha Station while Jasper is seen walking and says, "You can't live your life in fear." He swallows some of the rain and begins to choke. However, he starts to joke that the "sky is falling." He then says that everyone doesn't have a sense of humor.

Next, we see Kane talking to Abigail over the two-way radio. She is on a journey to find a Nightblood serum while Kane is in Polis with Roan and Octavia. Kane tells Octavia to have a seat and explains to her that people are calling for Roan's head. This is because rumors are spreading after the flame chip's alleged destruction. He explains that Octavia didn't have to kill a little boy, Rafel or even Pike. She disagrees, and Kane expresses concern about her increasing violence.

Suddenly a guard comes inside and tells him that Roan wants to speak with him. Kane orders Octavia to leave Polis, but she doesn't want to until she speaks with Indra. Kane tells her that the choice is hers and leaves. Octavia then leaves in a clearly frustrated state.

Meanwhile, on Abigail's expedition, she and the crew arrive at a dock. Luna gets in a discussion with Nyko about needing more trust for Skaikru, but they agree to disagree. They approach a marker shaped like the Washington monument, and Emori pauses. She remembers that A.L.I.E. had a rule about not crossing a line there, but Murphy doesn't care. They all decide to walk past the line, when suddenly a drone shows up and shoots one of the crew members in the head. It begins to chase the rest of them, shooting at every moving target. We then see Nyko protect Luna from getting shot only to die in the process. One of them finally shoots down the drone and begins to question about why they're there. However, Abigail wants to know where Luna is. It's apparent that she's no longer in their presence.

They all decide to split up to search for Luna. However, Raven gets ordered to stay under cover by the trees. She mentions that the drone is still active, but her observation immediately meets dismissal. Soon after, we see Emori talking to Murphy, and she explains that there are more dangerous things on the island other than the drone. She keeps telling Murphy they need to find a place to hide away, but Abby interrupts them saying they need to keep moving.

Back in Polis, Roan asks Kane what the plan is to solve the radiation. He then summons Echo, and she brings in Bellamy and another Skaikru member tied up. Roan says that he knows about the Alpha Station repairs and that they have a Nightblood with them. Kane explains that turning everyone into a Nightblood can solve everything, but Echo finds his claims to be blasphemous. Suddenly, she slits the throat of the other Skaikru member and Roan proclaims that their alliance is over. He feels betrayed because he wasn't informed about Alpha Station. Now he says that Skaikru and Trikru are enemies of Ice Nation. He also wants Echo to find Octavia and Indra but kill everyone else.

Back in Arkadia, we see Monty and Jasper sneak into the chancellor's quarters looking for something. Jasper then discovers Clarke's list of 100 designated survivors. Monty wants them to leave, and Jasper questions him about it. Monty tells him that Alpha Station can only save 100 people, and he assures Jasper that Clarke has a plan. Jasper clearly doesn't like it and even calls out the fact that Monty isn't on the list. Suddenly, Clarke walks in and Jasper approaches her about the list. She explains that the list is a backup before security comes in. During the commotion, Clarke tasers Jasper and orders the guards to take Jasper away as she is acting in the place of Chancellor Kane. Once they take Jasper away, she attempts to explain herself to Monty, but he's hearing none of it.

Next, we see Octavia walk into a room where many Trikru members are slaughtered. She finds a guard that's barely alive, and he explains that Ice Nation is declaring war on Skaikru and Trikru. When she inquires about where Indra is, he informs her that she's out warning others. Octavia quickly leaves to take action.

Clarke begins to explain to Monty why he's not on the list. He questions her about who she's become and how she can lock up one of her friends. Monty feels that she's going too far, but she feels that it's all for the sake of her people. He feels that she should tell the truth to everyone, but she feels that it's too risky. Monty ends the conversation by telling her that she's not God. He suddenly gets on the loud speaker and tells everyone that Clarke's been lying. Monty informs everyone that Alpha Station can only save 100 people, then starts reading off all of the names on the list while everyone in Arkadia starts to surround her in disbelief.

Back on the island, we see Raven attempt to run for the damaged drone. However, she starts getting shot at by another drone and needs a new plan. She then sees Luna walk out and head for the boat. Raven says that she can't allow her to leave, then fires a warning shot. She begins to have a debate with Raven about fighting the good fight. Raven then puts down her gun and tells Luna that she has a choice.

Suddenly we see that Jackson is shot and pinned down by the active drone. Even though he's accompanied by Nate, they're out of ammunition and need help. This is where Luna decides to help by acting as a decoy for the drone while Raven shoots at it. Luna runs into the forest after picking up the damaged drone. Raven begins to access the drone's system in order to alter its programming. We then see Abby run out and try to be a decoy as the active drone approaches her. Just as the drone attempts to shoot her, it deactivates and falls to the ground. Raven saved them by finding a way to hack the drones' systems.

Everyone in Arkadia is asking Clarke about the list. Jaha then comes to her defense saying that it's natural for Clarke and Bellamy to be on the list. He then asks for the list and tells everyone to consider it shredded. Jaha then proposes that everyone needs to earn their way on the list. When the time comes, everyone will attend a random drawing for the final 100. He then tells everyone that there's more work to be done. Afterwards, Jaha explains to Clarke that the random lottery idea is better than having people think they have no value. Clarke hopes that he's correct.

In the forest, we see Octavia being chased by Echo and two Ice Nation soldiers. She approaches a cliff where it looks like she's at the end of the road. Octavia gets off the horse and is told by Echo that Roan wants her alive. She kills one of the soldiers, then starts fighting the other two. The final fight is between her and Echo. Octavia won't give up fighting and ends up getting stabbed through her stomach. We then see Octavia fall off the edge to her apparent death.

Clarke approaches Jasper in his cell. He explains that if she feels she has the best idea, then she needs to convince people instead of lying. She then explains how she used to hate Jaha, but now understands that he may have been keeping them together. Clarke allows Jasper to leave his cell.

On the island, the crew approaches a temple-like structure and heads inside, where they find Becca’s state-of-the-art laboratory that lights up from motion sensors, which they need to try and create Nightblood serum.

Back in Polis, we see Bellamy and Kane in a prison cell. Kane assures him that they'll get through it as Echo and Roan enter their cell. Roan says that he's taking them home and to continue his war against Skaikru. Bellamy warns that Octavia will find them. Echo then turns around and shows Bellamy the broken sword of Octavia. Roan said that she wouldn't be taken alive. Bellamy looks stunned while Echo confirms that “it was a good death”. This scene ends with Bellamy grieving the loss of his sister.

However, in the final scene, we see a horse sniff around the water where Octavia fell. She's still alive and climbs onto the horse and tells the horse to take her home.



Guest Starring


  • Chris Shields as David Miller
  • Ben Sullivan as Riley
  • Alex Pangburn as Hayes
  • Brad Bergeron as Stevens
  • Jarett John as Seiku (credited as Ice Nation Warrior)
  • Charles Zuckermann as Grizzled Warrior
  • Craig Erickson as Arker Man
  • Will McDonald as Wilson
  • Joseph John Coleman as Taggart


Octavia: "'Rogue'. I'm a warrior."
Kane: "No. A warrior knows when not to kill."

Luna: "What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we're more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it's a lie."

Raven (to Luna): "It's not your blood that defines you. It's your heart."

Clarke: "You have to know that a random lottery is risky. We could end up with no doctors, no engineers."
Jaha: "You saw that we have to give them something to fight for. We can't tell people they have no value."
Clarke: "That's not what I said."
Jaha: "That's what they heard. The list was pragmatic, but the people need to feel like they have a say in their fate."

Bellamy: "Doesn't matter what we do. We'll always end up here – in the brink of war."

Bellamy: "Octavia will get there first. She'll warn them you're coming. You'll lose."
(Echo tosses Octavia's broken sword to the ground.)
Roan: "She wouldn't be taken alive."
Bellamy: "No."
Roan: "I am sorry."
Echo: "It was a good death."

Notes and Trivia

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • In the initial drafts, this episode started with an assassination attempt on King Roan, but it was cut for space.[2]
  • There was a scene with all the Sky People lifting the radiation shield into place. It was filmed but later cut.[3]
    • This scene would've included the last appearance of Bryan.
  • To make Octavia's horse (Helios) lick her hand in the final scene, the crew used molasses.[4]
  • Bryan was originally going to appear, but his scenes were cut.[5]
  • The title has two meanings:
    • It's from the quote, "An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded."[6] This might be a reference to Clarke hiding the truth about Alpha Station only being able to support 100 people out of the 500 Sky People.
    • It is also a visual pun: "A Lie Guarded" → "ALIE Guarded", referencing the drones guarding Becca's Island.[7]



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Alie and the City of Light TREE ADAMS Purchase



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