A.L.I.E.'s Cult is the term used to define the collective comprising of all members connected to the City of Light, led by A.L.I.E.

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Formed by A.L.I.E., initially, the group offered a better existence in the City of Light. The promise of eternal life in this beautiful place free of pain, suffering, and loss attracted many adherents among the outcasts of society, who risked their lives traveling the Dead Zone in search for it, and joined voluntary by taking the Key.

In the advent of a second apocalypse, once A.L.I.E. gained the means to leave the island, she then began forceful recruitment building an army dedicated to controlling all human life on Earth in hopes of saving it.

During the War Against A.L.I.E., the artificial intelligence was able to control the minds of a large amount of people within the Arkadia-Polis area in Eastern North America. A.L.I.E., along with her main associate Thelonious Jaha, convinced hundreds of Sky People, along with thousands of Grounders from the Coalition to swallow the Key to the City of Light and have their minds linked to one another, as well as be able to access the City of Light, a virtual reality utopian city. These brainwashed individuals were mainly from Arkadia and Polis, but there were also some who inhabited the Floukru oil rig.

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During their campaign, A.L.I.E. and her followers took over a large amount of land otherwise belonging to non-brainwashed peoples. The original location of the cult was the island near the Dead Zone on which A.L.I.E. resided for 97 years until Thelonious Jaha discovered her and helped her relocate. The first place to be taken over by the followers of A.L.I.E. was the Skaikru settlement of Arkadia, thanks to the help of Doctor and Former Chancellor, Abigail Griffin, who allowed the sharing of the chips to almost every resident within Arkadia's walls.

A.L.I.E.'s new army of chipped Arkadians soon made their way to the Coalition capital of Polis, where they recruited thousands of Grounders to their cause and those who resisted the takeover were either imprisoned or crucified.

In Season Four, it is revealed that A.L.I.E. also gained influence and territory in the Trishanakru clan, with Ilian torturing one of his loved ones so they would take the chip. This means that A.L.I.E. and her cult took control of the clans Skaikru, Trikru, Trishanakru, Azgeda and possibly others.

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