The 12 Nations are those countries which had established each space stations in Earth orbit, prior to 2052, when the nuclear exchange has devastated Earth. Those 12 national space stations form The Ark.

AustraliaBrazilCanadaChina (Shenzhen) • FranceIndiaJapanRussia (Mir-3) • United KingdomUnited StatesUgandaVenezuela


Australian Flag

The Commonwealth of Australia.

  • Australian Space Research Institute (ASRI)
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)


Brazilian Flag

The Federative Republic of Brazil.

  • Agência Espacial Brasileira (AEB)

Mecha Station

The Brazilian space station formed most of the Mecha Station, evidenced by the Brazilian flag painted on the hull in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)".


Canadian Flag


  • Canadian Space Agency, also known as agence spatiale canadienne (CSA, or ASC)


Chinese Flag

The People's Republic of China.

  • China National Space Administration (CNSA): (Traditional) 國家航天局; (Simplified) 国家航天局; pinyin: Guójiā Hángtiānjú.


Shenzhen (神镇; Shénzhèn, literally "divine-town") was a Chinese space station, and one of the 12 national space stations that The Grounders joined together to form the Ark. Shenzhen station is also known as the Arrow Station, proof of this is from "Spacewalker", when in the flashback it shows Chinese writing.


French Flag

The French Republic.

  • Centre national d'études spatiales (CNES)


Indian Flag

The Republic of India (Bharat Ganrajya).

  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO): Hindi भारतीय अंतरिक्ष अनुसंधान संगठन (Bhāratīya Antarikṣa Anusandhāna Saṅgaṭhana)


Japanese Flag

Japan (Japanese: 日本 (Nippon or Nihon); formally 日本国 (Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku, literally "[the] State of Japan").

  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA); Japanese: 独立行政法人 宇宙航空研究開発機構 (Dokuritsu-gyōsei-hōjin Uchū Kōkū Kenkyū Kaihatsu Kikō; literally: "Independent Administrative Institution Aerospace Research and Development")


The unnamed Japanese space station appears to form most of the Prison Station, because, during the Pilot episode, as the camera closes in to Clarke's cell, a Japanese flag can be seen briefly.


Russian Flag

Russia (Russian: Россия (Rossiya); officially the Russian Federation (Российская Федерация (Rossiyskaya Federatsiya)).

  • Федеральное космическое агентство России (ФКА); FKA (Federal'noye kosmicheskoye agentstvo Rossii); Russian Federal Space Agency, commonly called Roscosmos (Роскосмос; "Russpace")
  • Институт космических исследований Российской Академии Наук (ИКИ РАН); IKI RAN ("Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences")
  • Войска воздушно-космической обороны (ВКО)]]; VKO (Voyska Vozdushno-Kosmicheskoy Oborony; "Russian Aerospace Defense Forces")


Mir-3 (Russian: Мир-3; literally: "peace" or "world") was a Russian space station, and one of the 12 national space stations that the Grounders joined together to form the Ark. Mir-3 was launched 130 years prior to the 100 landing on Earth, and salvaged in 2102.

United Kingdom

UK Flag

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the United Kingdom (UK), or just Britain. The constituent countries of Great Britain were England, Scotland, and Wales.

  • United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA)

United States

US Flag

The United States of America (USA or U.S.A.), commonly referred to as the United States (US or U.S.), America, and sometimes the States.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)
  • National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
  • Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC)
  • United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
  • Department of the Air Force - Space Force Branch
  • United States Space Command (USSPACECOM or SPACECOM)
  • Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC)

Alpha Station

The Alpha Station belonged to the United States. It was lead station when the Ark was formed in 2054.

Government & Science Station

The Government & Science Station (Go-Sci for short or simply The Ring) is the large primary ring of the Ark. Go-Sci and the Ark's other ring stations rotate to create artificial gravity using centripetal force. The station has a United States flag on it, implying that much of Go-Sci was converted from the original United States national station. It may possibly imply that the Go-Sci station was merged with the Alpha Station, before the Nuclear Apocalypse in 2052.


Ugandan Flag

The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked nation in equatorial East Africa. Due to being on the equator, Uganda is ideally sited for a spaceport launching payloads into geostationary orbit. As of 2014, this had never been pursued because of political instability in the country, although Uganda was active in the development of Space Law.

By the time of the nuclear apocalypse, the Ugandan Space Initiative was large enough to support one of the worlds 13 manned national space stations.

  • Ugandan space initiatives (a group of small NGO's in 2014)


Venezuelan Flag

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

  • Agencia Bolivariana para Actividades Espaciales (ABAE)
  • Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC)

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