Clarke: Hey. Hey! Hey! Hey! Dov'è Monty? Che cosa avete fatto a Monty?

Maya: Ah! Che stai facendo? Sarò contaminata.

Clarke: Dove sta il mio amico?

Maya: Sta bene. Tu non puoi capire, okay? Lui sta-- Uhh!

Clarke: Portami da lui.

Maya: Uhh! Clarke, stai sanguinando.

Clarke: Come sai il mio nome?

Maya: Era sulla cartella.

Clarke: Come sanno il mio nome?

Maya: Non lo so. Ti prego non farmi del male.

Clarke: Vuoi vivere? (Prova ad aprire una porta) Fa quello che ti dico. Oh no, non ti conviene.

Maya: La chiave. Ho bisogno della chiave. [Singhiozza]

Clarke: Quale livello? Chi siete? Dimmelo. Rispondimi. Quanti di noi sono qui? Dove sono? Dì qualcosa!

Donna dall'ascensore: Arrivati. Livello 5. [suono di un Piano] [Chiacchericcio indistinto]

Donna: E' stato violato l'isolamento. E' stato violato! [La gente urla]

Uomini: Ferma! Non ti muovere!

Clarke: Ma dove mi trovo?


Monroe: Bellamy?

Bellamy: State giù.

Monroe: Ti hanno seguito?

Bellamy: Zitta. Hai visto Finn?

Monroe: Finn è vivo?

Bellamy: Era vivo. Ci hanno separati. Prima dell'esplosione siamo scappati, ma ci hanno seguiti. Come siete usciti?

Sterling: Abbiamo visto l'Arca che precipitava e siamo corsi a chiedere aiuto. Una parte è caduta in quest'area. Monroe pensa che sia la stazione Mecha, ma io credo- [Voci]

Bellamy: Seguitemi. State giù e non parlate.

Ragazzo: Non ce la faccio più.

Tristan: Alzati.

Ragazzo: Non ce la faccio.

Finn: Non ce la fa più.

Tristan: Ho detto alzati. Alzati. [Taglia la gola del delinquente]

Finn: Uhh! No! Uhh! No!

Tristan: E' uno. Io ne ho persi 300.

Finn: Uhh.

Tristan: Bevi. Sei fortunato. Devo tenere vivo uno di voi per parlare con il comandante. In piedi.


Octavia: Ai laik Okteivia kom skai kru en ai gaf gouthru klin.

Lincoln: Klir, non klin. Gouthru klir. Da capo. Sono Octavia dal popolo dello spazio e cerco un passaggio sicuro.

Octavia: Perchè la devo imparare? Tu parli la mia lingua.

Lincoln: Solo i guerrieri parlano la vostra lingua. Quando arriveremo al mare dovrai sembrare una di noi.

Octavia: Allora abbiamo tempo. Parlami di questo.

Lincoln: E' una statua vicino al mio villaggio. Dove andiamo a risolvere le dispute.

Octavia: Basta aspettare, tirala fuori. [Annaspa] Perchè non mi hai avvisata? E' stato meglio. Non avvisarmi. Ahh. Oh, mio Dio.

Lincoln: [Assaggia] [Sputa] Veleno.

Octavia: Questo vuol dire che non hai l'antidoto.

Lincoln: No. L'ho dato a Finn per salvare Raven.

Octavia: Torniamo indietro.

Lincoln: E' troppo lontano.

Octavia: Il mare è più lontano.

Lincoln: Maledizione.

Octavia: Lincoln, non possiamo permetterci di tornare al villaggio. Lo sai cosa fanno ai traditori.

Lincoln: Octavia.

Octavia: Morte per mille colpi di coltello. Ogni singolo membro del tuo clan ti pugnalerà uno a uno, a turno, e poi ti lasceranno in pasto agli insetti. Me l'hai detto tu.

Lincoln: Prendi questo. Tieni. Hey. Tornerò presto.

Octavia: Lincoln, dove stai andando?

Lincoln: L'antidoto si fa con gli scarabei del muschio del fiume. Mangerai gli scarabei. Funzionerà.


Murphy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sono io. Buona, Raven, non, non sparare. Ti prego.

Raven: Perché no? Tu l'hai fatto.

Murphy: Sì, anch'io avrei sparato.


Dr Tsing: Ciao, Clarke. Come va il braccio?

Dante: Not much of a talker, is she? Skill picked up from the savages, no doubt. That's fine. Maya has something to say first anyway.

Maya: You were the next one to be cleared through quarantine. Another ten minutes and you would've-

Dante: Ahem.

Maya: I'm not pressing charges.

Dante: Thank you, Maya. You can get your treatment now.

Dr Tsing: Okay. Let's go. Bed three.

Dante: Restraints aren't necessary.

Dr Tsing: Yes, Mister President.

Dante: Dante Wallace. Oil paint. That's right. You're an artist, too.

Clarke: Who told you that?

Dante: Your people did. They also said you were their leader. Looks like you and I have a lot in common, kiddo.

Clarke: Where's my watch?

Dante: I'm sorry, but we can't let contaminated items inside Mount Weather. We couldn't risk it. Our protocol is very strict, Clarke. We prioritise safety over sentimentality.

Clarke: How many of us did you capture?

Dante: But, Clarke, you've got it wrong. You're not prisoners. We saved you.

Clarke: Well, in that case, you won't mind if we leave. If there are forty eight of us here, we still have people out there.

Dante: The patrol brought in everyone they could find.

Clarke: What about the Ark? It came down last-

Dante: We saw it. There were multiple crash sites over a hundred square miles. If there were survivors, we will bring them in, too. You have my word.

Clarke: I want to see my people.

Dante: Of course you do. I would, too. Change and meet me in the hall. Come on. Let's go. Let's give Clarke some privacy. [Door closes]


[Machine whirring]

Dante: Okay. Just take care of it. Sorry about the noise. Hydroelectric power from Philpott Dam. Fresh water from our own underground reservoir. Fresh food from our hydroponic farm.

Clarke: I don't understand. You're on the ground. You know it's survivable. Why would you stay here?

Dante: It's not survivable for us.

Clarke: The Grounders seem to have managed.

Dante: Natural selection works. The Grounders who couldn't survive in the radiation didn't. Those who could passed on their DNA. For better or for worse, we never went through that process.

Clarke: Well, neither did we. We've been on the ground now for- Solar radiation.

Dante: Very good. Your DNA ran through the same gauntlet as the Grounders. Only because radiation levels in space are even higher, your ability to metabolize that radiation is even stronger. Truth be told, our scientists were blown away by the efficiency of your systems. If not for that, your friends would still be upstairs in quarantine. Please. First give me the heel. You're not fighting for your life anymore, Clarke. You've made it. Welcome to Mount Weather.


Woman on recording: Arrived. Level 5.

Keenan: Your packet contains everything you need to know about Mount Weather, which I promise is not as confusing as the map on page one makes it up to look. You came from level three, which houses our medical facility.

Jasper: Clarke. [hugs Clarke] [sigh] Hi. You're okay.

Monty: Hey.

Clarke: Hi. Finn and Bellamy?

Jasper: Clarke, they- they didn't make it.

Clarke: We don't know that. What about Raven?

Keenan: Welcome, Clarke. If you have any questions, I'm Keenan.


Raven: [Sigh] What are you doing here, Murphy?

Murphy: Dying. Same as you.

Raven: Speak for yourself. How many more are out there?

Murphy: None. You fried them all. The only reason this one survived is because they left him behind to guard me. [Raven coughs up blood] Raven. Lie on your side. Lie on your side. Come on. [Raven pushes him away] Fine, then just roll over yourself. Get down on your side. You're okay. It's all good.

Raven: Why are you helping me?

Murphy: Non voglio morire da solo.


Bellamy: Lo so che avete paura, ma ricordate, noi siamo guerrieri. Ce la possiamo fare.

Monroe: How?

Bellamy: We attack as a team. When he goes for me, Monroe goes for Finn. Once he's free, it's four on one.

Sterling: What do I do?

Bellamy: Try not to die. Ready? One, two, three. Hey!

Finn: Bellamy, get out of here!


[Octavia screams]

Lincoln: Octavia. Octavia. What is it? Hey. What- what's wrong? What- Wait, wait, wait. Hey!

Octavia: I saw a man. It was- it was a- a monster.

Lincoln: It's the poison. You're burning up. We have to hurry. I know what we have to do.

Octavia: What are you doing? Where are we going?

Lincoln: Just hold on.


Jasper: You have to try this pie.

Monty: Oh, my God. What is it?

Jasper: I don't know, but it's great. Mm. My turn.

Monty: What, this? Nah. You won't like it. The pie's way better.

Jasper: Really? Okay. Oh.

Clarke: Hey.

Jasper: Clarke.

Clarke: Sit down and pretend you're happy to see me.

Jasper: We are happy to see you.

Monty: You have to try the chocolate cake.

Jasper: Oh, it is so on.

Clarke: I'm not eating their food. Look. They gave us a map with no exits. I need you to tell me everything you've seen. Every room, every hallway, every way out.

Jasper: Way out? Look around you, Clarke. There's no one hunting us here. First time in our lives we're not hungry. Why would we want to leave?

Clarke: Because we have friends out there who need our help.

Jasper: They're looking for survivors, and they're way better equipped to find them than we are.

Clarke: This place is too good to be true.

Jasper: You're bumming me out. I'm gonna get more cake.

Maya: Take mine.

Jasper: Thanks. Jasper.

Maya: Maya.

Jasper: Cold hands.

Maya: Low vitamin D. Unlike yours, which is off the charts, by the way.

Jasper: Well. All right. I was excited. Mm. Oh.

Maya: No chocolate in space, huh?

Jasper: Space sucked. What's the deal with all this stuff, anyway?

Maya: This is nothing. There's an entire warehouse with just paintings. President Wallace is the first to hang them up. Guess he figured just because we don't have windows doesn't mean we can't have a view.

Clarke: Hey. It's Maya, right? I just wanted to say sorry for this morning. I was scared and worried about my friends. I hope you can understand that.

Jasper: I know she's intense, but Clarke's the only reason we survived.

Maya: She took my key card.


Woman on PA: Alert. Code Five.

Clarke: Not a prisoner, huh?

Guard: Get that door open. Now stand clear.

Woman on PA: Unauthorised access. Unauthorised access. Unauthorised access. Unauthorised access.

Jasper: Clarke, no! If you pull that lever, these people will die. Even a little radiation can kill them.

Woman on PA: Unauthorised access.

Maya: Don't make me shoot you.

Jasper: Wait. Wait. Clarke. Don't do this.

Clarke: I don't believe them.

Jasper: Why would they lie? Listen to me. We are safe here because of you. We're safe.

Clarke: Not all of us.

Jasper: I'm the one that fired the rockets. Should I not have done that? Clarke, when you pulled that lever, you saved lives. Don't throw that away by pulling this one.

Guard: There she is! Hold it right there! Get your hands up.


Raven: Come fai ad essere così stronzo, Murphy?

Murphy: Mi dispiace di averti sparato, okay? E' questo che vuoi sentire?

Raven: Fammi indovinare. Mamma e papà non ti volevano bene?

Murphy: No, mi volevano bene.

Raven: Stai piangendo, Murphy?

Murphy: Vaffanculo, Raven.

Raven: Raccontami. Voglio sapere. Come fa un ragazzo amato dai genitori a trasformarsi in un assassino psicopatico?

Murphy: Ha l'influenza. Suo padre ruba le medicine che comunque non sarebbero servite a niente. Viene giustiziato per questo e sua madre comincia a bere, a bere pesantemente dopo questo, e le ultime parole che gli dice prima che lui trovi il suo corpo in una pozza di vomito sono state che lui ha ucciso suo padre.

Raven: Non dev'essere facile.


Finn: Devi restare in piedi. Altrimenti ti uccide.

Monroe: Siamo guerrieri. Siamo guerrieri. Siamo guerrieri. Siamo guerrieri.

[Both Monroe and Sterling shout indistinctly] [Shouting stops]

Kane: We're here now. Everything's gonna be okay.

Bellamy: Don't stand up.

Finn: I'm fine. We need to get back to the Dropship.

Abby: Hey. Where's Clarke? Is she all right?

Bellamy: She was when we left. We'll take you to her.

Kane: Wait. Slow down. Sinclair. We're splitting up. One guard detail comes with me to the Dropship. Everyone else here goes with you to Alpha Station. You have the coordinates. We'll follow - as soon as we can.

Sinclair: Yes, sir.

Kane: Anything more from Jaha?

Sinclair: No. Nothing in the past hour.

Kane: Okay. You six with me. You two, lead the way.

Sinclair: All right, let's go. Come on. We're on the move.

Kane: Let's go. You're almost there, Abby.


Octavia: Ai laik okteivia kom skai kru en ai gaf gouthru klir.

Lincoln: Once more. Come on, say it. Come on.

Octavia: Ai laik okteivia kom skai- you know, you still haven't even told me where we're going.

Lincoln: Can't you smell it? We're almost to the sea.

Octavia: No, I can't smell anything. Lincoln, I'm scared.


Officer: It's too quiet. We'll take it from here. Banks, Scanlon, you stay with them. We'll signal once we're sure it's safe.

Murphy: Help her.

Abby: Raven. Raven. Raven. Raven, honey, it's Abby.

Raven: Clarke's not here. I don't know where she is.

Abby: What happened to you?

Raven: I got shot. I got shot.

Officer 1: We need a stretcher!

Officer 2: Sir. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Officer 1: Hey, hold it right there!

Officer 2: Get back here!

Bellamy: Where is everyone?

Murphy: It was awful. There was hundreds of them and if it wasn't for Raven uhh- I don't know what happened. Bellamy. You're- you're alive. Aah!

Bellamy: You murdering son of a bitch!

Officer 1: Stop! [strikes Bellamy with electric baton] [Bellamy gasps]

Kane: Place him under arrest.

Finn: Wait. You don't understand. Murphy murdered two of our people. He shot another one. He tried to hang Bellamy.

Kane: I don't care. You are not animals. There are rules. Laws. You are not in control here anymore.

Finn: Raven.

Abby: She's lost a lot of blood. It's a miracle that she's still alive. There's no one else in there. Come on. Put her down over here.


Lincoln: Now sleep. Be back with the antidote as soon as I can.

Octavia: You brought me to your village?

Lincoln: I won't let you die.

Octavia: Lincoln, Lincoln!

Lincoln: Hey, hey.

Octavia: They'll kill you.

Lincoln: Hey. Only if they catch me. Stay alive. And stay quiet.


Dante: Lose the handcuffs. There's a blank canvas if you'd like. I used to paint the ground, too. It's not just the ground. It's a memory.

Clarke: You've been outside?

Dante: Yes. Fifty-six years ago. For five minutes. I was seven when the first of what we call the outsiders appeared. Before that, we thought we were all there was. Imagine our surprise.

Clarke: I don't have to imagine.

Dante: My father, this was his office at the time, believed it meant that the Earth was survivable again, and so, he opened the doors. Within a week, fifty-four people were dead from the exposure. My mother and sister among them. Loss, pain, regret. Time eases these things, Clarke, but the only time it's ever truly gone is when I'm painting.

Clarke: You didn't bring me here to talk about painting. Did you?

Dante: I'm afraid I have bad news. Our patrols have swept the area and found no evidence of survivors, either at your camp or from the Ark.

Clarke: How can they be sure?

Dante: They can't. I've ordered them to keep searching.

Clarke: I need to see for myself.

Dante: I'm sorry. I can't allow that. I'm doing this for your own good, Clarke. It's not safe out there.

Clarke: Radiation has no effect on us.

Dante: It's not the radiation I'm concerned about. You need time to grieve. These men will show you to your room.

Clarke: And if I try to leave?

Dante: Please don't test me, Clarke.


Bellamy: We're leaving.

Finn: What? This is where they'll come back.

Bellamy: I don't think they're coming back. The Grounders took them and you know that. Look- we go with Kane to Alpha Station, we get reinforcements, weapons, then we find our friends.

Finn: One question. How many more of us will be dead by then? Abby says Raven needs surgery or she's gonna die.

Kane: It's time to go. Abby? Let's get ready to move out. We gotta get there before dark.


Dante: For the past and the future we serve.

All: We give thanks.

Dante: Good health, good food and good company. And the blessing of new friends.

All: We give thanks.


Kane: Abby.

Abby: Feed the first. Everyone else can wait.

Kane: Was that your idea?

Sinclair: Yes, sir.

Kane: It's a good idea. Have we heard from him?

Sinclair: No, sir. Still radio silence.

Kane: Well, you're gonna brief me, then.

Sinclair: Yes, sir. Mister Chancellor.


Jaha: Sinclair, if you can hear me and can't respond. It has been twelve hours since our last contact. The air up here is holding up better than I am. Time for me to face the fact that I can't help you anymore. My job is done. I am so tired. Tell Kane and Abby they're on their own now. As long as they work together, everything will be okay. You remind them of that. You tell them to keep our people safe. Jaha out. May we meet again.

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